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tv   Al Jazeera Investigations The Labour Files - The Purge  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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and the impact of climate change, the need for international cooperation has never been more vital. as leaders from a 193 member states gathered that the united nations general assembly will we see any breakthroughs on al jazeera reporting in the field means i often get to witness not just news as it's breaking, but also history as it's unfolding. dropping from serbia hungry to rep monday i might be covering politics. and then actually i might be covering photos. but what's most important to me is talking to people, understanding what they're going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. here at al jazeera, we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. ah,
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helena clock in to hold the top stories here on al jazeera and ukrainian officials are alleging that armed soldiers had been going door to door, getting people to vote on whether for moscow controlled regions of eastern and saw the crime should join. russia keeps as a vote or a sham and an unlawful land grab. carol is under reports now from the ukrainian capital in the den esque region of ukraine, a russian appointed election official tours, a polling station. this is one of 4 regents where people are voting to join the russian federation, the young program or so it's young. we grant the right to vote to all citizens of a donita people's republic as well as abroad. becky is, are you in a nearby park? people under the watchful eye of the russian state, say they welcome the referendum for sierra. russia has always been our mother lead . without it, we have no one left. you crane abandoned us long ago. languishing, yes, you must have us. there no international lecture monitors only those invited by russia
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media have been tightly controlled. many western analysts say it's nothing more than an exercise by the kremlin to shape how people think about russian occupied parts of ukraine. look, this is no referendum. this is no expression of will do, but at the same time, they want to say face a meaning, getting observers, meaning, filming stories of work when voting of pulling stations, the protocols being written and so on. this is kind of an invitational democracy bottle where pictures are important goodness. in some areas, russian installed officials said they would be going door to door with police to invite residents to vote. critic say it's clear intimidation. under international law, it is illegal to hold referendums during conflict and where people are under threat . most countries, as well as international body, such as the european union and united nations, have said they won't recognize the results. the head of ukraine's election
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commission has told us the vote violates the constitution or, or she live with us as a whip. there are no legal mechanics in the ukranian constitution to give up territories. this is completely unconstitutional under martial law that we live under. now, it is prohibited by ukrainian laws to organize any referendum on our lands. in 2014, russia held a referendum in crimea, in which it alleged 96 per cent to the people voted to join the federation. 5 days later, the annexation of crimea was signed into law. it now appears that same process is happening again. but in a much larger area, in the middle of a war, and with more at stake for both ukraine and russia. gabriel, as hondo al jazeera keith. you investigated, say they found evidence of russia committed war crimes and territories did occupied
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in ukraine earlier this year. investigate has visited 27 sites around keith journey . if koch even sumi and interviewed a $150.00 victims witnesses, the team says it found crimes of rape, torture and children being detained. at least 77 people trying to migrate to europe, have died after that boat capsized off the coast of syria rescue as managed to save more than 20 people, but many more still missing. ron's army is awarding that it will confront what it calls enemies is. protest continue after the death of the 22 year old women in police custody masa. mimi died last week. i've been arrested by the so called morality police for allegedly violating the countries headscarf policy. around state tv is reporting that at least 26 people have been killed during the unrest. the british pound of sunk to a 37 year low against a dollar of the u. k. government announced major budget changes. emergency plan
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involves sweeping tax cuts and huge borrowing increases that are designed to lower the cost of living. roger federer has played his final competitive tennis match before retire. the 20 time grand slam tramp was unable to finish his career on a high listen to the team. well, pairing with a neighbor in the 41 year old has struggled with injuries in the past 3 yards. double headlines, one use coming up right after al jazeera investigations. ah hey, al jazeera has obtained the largest leak of documents in british political history . my god, this is unbelievable is absolutely shocking. hundreds of thousands of in town or
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communications. expose how operative secretly take control of britain's labor party . labor party is a criminal conspiracy against his members. free speech was shut down. they tell the inside story of house i kiss, darma, who could be britton's. next prime minister leads a lawless party. i've whitefish separate, finn bob, throw it in front of you in this hole as live all right, rod confidential documents, exposed tactics to discredit and expel rivals in the party. people are actually quite dangerous. who room and the labor policy they were playing with people's lives here. they reveal how storm as predecessor was undermined by a smear campaign from within disabled. there was a politician as a potential prime minister, really nice to senior. why?
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how british democracy, known as the mother of parliament's, is being undermined by spying and dirty tricks. no one would expect that a political party would associate themselves with a whole scale. hacking of the press. is look like somebody is course, currently monitoring fear i'm going and where my car is bob, to live, my children is going, it just stinks to high heaven. what the gym. and in the background we speak to people that these voices have been silenced, including those who support palestinian rights. if they paid as palestinians, there was no mean 1st wednesday to pay and that's how it's designed to pay. and the files were, oh, how a hierarchy of racism exists, understand leadership. i faced more racism in the labor party and i have in the rest of my life combined. in episode one of the labor files, they don't care about the truth. they want control,
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how unelected party officials suspend and expel opponents in the party. they was sabotaging the democratic will of the party. people will be absolutely sure this when it gets out into the public to me. and i love the city of little even though we've not been as rich as, as i says, financially. they've been very rich in terms of all perceptions of each other and our aspirations for this to say that is fed, unequal and democratic. anna rothery is active and local politics. she has represented labor, one of the 2 parties of government in britain, thousands of trade unionist searched and i still tank along with loan to be posted
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. the brad for the minus in the doctor's liverpool is a bastion of labor, a party borne from trade unions and the working class. the city stands in contrast to southern counties of england, which overwhelmingly favor the right wing. conservative party included was known as a fight back. so say, you know, we are fairly steadfast and sam's a fight against injustice. we don't question. we continue to fight until we see the movement in the to say, well, right? not wall. in 2015 labor party members, across britain elect, a new leader. he has a radical vision that challenges britain's establishment. the wonderful campaign that i was involved with, i was so proud to leave, brought a lot of people back into politics because they believed there was something on
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offer. but the membership of the labor party doubles the files tell the story of how the hopes of many new party supporters are crushed . how a stablish politicians and party bureaucrats use the media to destroy a movement that sought to change british society. ah, is no secret, but quite a lot of papers. i didn't for coke, they were open. they want you to hear colbin was a fog oil supporters with fox. and so i didn't probably investigate these claims with the professionalism. which way i'm including myself in this should have done. this is obviously a very disappointing night for the labor party with the resolve and loses to elections. i will not lead the party in any future general election campaign.
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the labor falls tell the inside story of what happened to corben. when he is elected 4 years earlier, he has no control over the party bureaucracy. as leader of the opposition party in british politics, corbin has his own office. the general secretary in mcnichol is in charge of the party staff at his headquarters. it includes a legal unit, then headed by john stall a day below him on teams that deal with complaints and suspensions from the party. from the moment, jeremy cogan was elected. he faced complete opposition and resistance from the party. stop. people are paid to do the work of the party. the party headquarters is at a central london building called south side. the senior staff of the local
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scene were operating a different strategy from that which the leadership did democratically elected leadership and had decided upon. so they were sabotaging if he liked the democratic will of the party. in liverpool, the files tell the story of a city deprived of its voice. they close trunks a month, we don't want any party is got announced the time for chatter. michel, the labor foul show how behind the scenes party, bureaucrats, or vent, rather in seeking higher office. she has a jacqueline high character, some one who can be right, quite rational. and then in seconds turns into a screen. and banshee, it's a vile comment to make such a horrible comment to make about a woman. it m exclaim and banshee, ah,
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when you get to the point where you think the little cabal like this completed chairman, the direction of travel of an entire movement with an inner, unchartered waters. it's a story that starts across the mozy river in the summer of 2016 to the policy labor party was a really friendly organization with no hostile, etc, no argument. that was the occasional debate about things where we differ. but there is a mood of crisis in the party. jeremy corbin's labor leadership is in crisis. as he loses 9, i told early colvin last night, and i no longer had confidence in the policy, is in terms with members of he shut a contest field, a 40 needs leadership and direct vision. disastrous. we came to level policy will be mass resignations by 11 shadow amenities for the sake of our party leave. the allow needs to step aside. it becomes known as the chicken coo in want to see
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labor party members hold their annual meeting a year earlier. they had nominated corbin as party leader. the member of parliament for wanna see is angela eagle. she is unable to attend the meeting. our m k angela regal had been very supportive of jeremy in the meetings. wish she would come along to constituency meetings and give a report about what been going on. according to runs wic, the meeting ends without incident. a week later, a prominent opponent to corbin claims that eagle, who was openly lesbian, is the victim of abuse. i got a phone call saying that was a television program where tessa gyle was saying that angel had been subjected on the phobic abuse at the meeting. i'm and i talked to unsure about her meeting. she
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faced homophobic abuse at that meeting. angela was not the meeting, but the inference was that she was she was activists as members of parliament and their staff a facing day and day out harassment. and in some cases, intimidation i rambled people to that meeting, which was just a complete shock. we didn't know anything about it. no one had this in a listen to people. we all, we don't use language like that. there was no homophobia or intimidation at the meeting. very small rems, i would be very easy to have what was being said by other people. the national media sees on the story who's articles and television
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interviews, saying that the bean, people shouting the angela was at night that an to was homophobic gestures, made repeated, homophobic comments. then over the days and weeks to follow, the allegations grew into festival. it was widespread homophobia. what happened in want to see is to become the playbook of corbin's opponents in the party. the labor hours reveal the series of complaints filed by eagle support as to the party limp risk gestures were made to t i l g b t officer. a nasty, homophobic comments were made about a m p ah, i did not say any interest gestures and there were no homophobic comments made about them pay i had no of abuse at an early what i
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did. and there was no other abuse. i've never seen such caution all my life the room was full of trade unionists who are well aware that their jobs were on the line. if any sledge about homophobia, aero massage, nay, were found to be trip. i just was stunned. it didn't happen. and yes, i did repeatedly say that these thing didn't happen because they didn't simple as that. i'll fade after ever. my daughter got married the day after the anita and she married a woman. i wasn't alone on the top table with a relative who i identifies as i sexual. so it just seems strange that anybody would think that we would allow that to go on. and here you
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have people who seem palpably decent men and women in order to damage the local labor party. a real horrible hatchet job is being done on the local members. eagle then reveals her intention not to support corbin, but to challenge him. today i am announcing my decision to stand for the leadership of the labor parking hm. the needed to be a distraction from the fact that wallace, the constituency, were not supporting their m p. 's leadership bit, ah, angela, regal. and i stopped started to become paranoid. that she was gonna be d selected
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as in the local members would say, well, we don't want you to, to be, are unpaid next time this in a general election. and, and so that was something which they, they were very automated about. i'm looking forward to having a debate with jeremy colbin about the things that really matter to our country. a counselor pull stewart to compose a dossier of complaints from 17 people claiming they heard homophobic comments. i must have had very loudly are there 17 people had other people in the room, but also heard that it didn't hurt because it also said stu, it's sends the dossier to party had caught is i have also attached a slip of paper that was handed to me previously by momentum member momentum was an organization, sets out in 2015 to give some kind of organizational form to the the movement that
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supported jeremy corbin steward claims the note is evidence of a plot i momentum hope to take control of labor party meetings. it's not the kind of night i've ever seen any one sec lighting seriously. this is a night caricaturing what the militant tendency was accused during enlightened ages . and this is lay become rice militants, and its supporters seem to have had as high profile as ever. the militant tendency was a radical left faction that was accused of secretly plotting to take over the labor party. at that time, it controlled liverpool, the local government for the rights of the labor party. the battle against militant in a large night is, is, is kind of biblical, is the foundation of their politics. a think tank from the right of the party publishes a review of
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a book about the militant tendency. it claims to describe militant strategy for taking over party meetings in the 1980s. the note from countless to it is copied directly from the book review. ah, i don't know, somebody passed a note like that, i totally bonkers if they have find it hard to believe that a document like that would be impressed around the i wouldn't have got to hear about personally somebody was said to listen as tom watson, corbin's, deputy but privately a critic obtain stewart's note. watson then writes to colbin. there is no denying that tightly organized factions organizing within momentum and the party. at the end of watson's letter, he says,
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and i attach a document that i am reliably informed, is being shared between momentum members with links to far left parties which summarizes the methods used by militant in the 1980s. i hope this note helps to dispel any remaining notion that entry ism is a conspiracy theory. whole stewart's note ends up in the national media. as tom watson says, are you allowing truck scarce than the hard left in the drive label? this is how you make that are created in the political media space. you have something which is reportable, and it can always be referred back to. and it becomes one of these funds, to course isn't a fact. and that's how a large number of these, these stories can come about
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brighton is a progressive city in the u. k. it's kind of known for being progressive is known for being a liberal, left leaning. and obviously the movement behind jeremy cogan was very strong brought actually in other places on the south coast, the local branch becomes the largest in the country with over 6000 members. the party organizes its 1st general meeting since corbin became leader the atmosphere the labor punch in the jeremy colbin was one of optimism was one of cheer, was one of fully doroty. we organized a raleigh before the annual meeting of the city party. any one was invited and we had about 7800 people that a week before the meeting, the leader of the labor group in the brighten city council, sends an email to his supporters. i'm emailing to ask you
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a favor. next saturday, al city labor party faces a takeover by a group of individuals for momentum and other fringe left. when groups this party, his face down militant before i'm asking you to help do that again. i was a member of my mention at that time and we decided we would run no less freight which we gate. we went into that meeting. i pen on a trans spouton to make speeches out when we really said we were very pleased. we all had 65 percent of the vote. 2 in 3 people attending a, a reco turn out. a record majority had one. fantastic. but actually
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in retrospect, we went into that meeting like lambs to the slaughter. we had no idea a 3rd level of caption and conspiracy and de la miss on a business that would follow as a consequence for democratic election within brighton montreal, cole. about 1030. i think that night i was just outside of the theater. it was a call from someone in jeremy corbin's office. some one i knew and she said, i thought she was ringing to congratulate me as i got text and phone calls, but now she rang me said yes, we've boys got to do something about spitting. we got to be able to rebut the spitting, i said why, what spitting the following day, morgan sends
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a complaint to labors regional office. venue staff were legit lease spat at others were verbally intimidated. i'll organize it was assaulted and abused. i've no hesitation in saying that this is a hostile takeover of the party. these fake accusations were shooting around the world before truth cuz his boots on. they took me 48 hours to piece together what anybody could have pieced together. and danny's lies had been told they'd been told repeatedly, over 2 or 3 days with repeated opportunities. they lied, they lied, lied and lied again. i took some che statements 23000 words named people who attended. and every single person said, there was nothing wrong. when i got the c c t,
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v footage proven there was no spitting the allegations disappeared. ah, despite having no evidence that spitting of aggression took place, the fall show that labors legal unit is intent on over tanning, the victory of the pro colbin faction. catherine buckingham from the disputes unit rights to her boss. what's your feeling on brighton? the head of the legal unit replies exactly what you proposed overturned the annual general meeting deal with individuals. while we worry about applying the rules correctly and legal niceties. buckingham feels confident that the rules don't matter. it's soon about to come to a head. i'm not worried about any of those things. i say, act now and worry about those things later. days later,
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the results of the election are overturned and the constituency is suspended. the biggest mistake i've made apart from joining the light punch in the 1st place was winning an election in the labor party and the constant. so we have no democracy if you have an in a cool 68 or 10 people nationally, with the tentacle spreading out the vanish regions. saying who can be a candidate saying, who can be a member, the new controller body policy, one of the major parties in this country. and i found up is on democratic basically a qu by group of people to take over one of the magic little parties in britain in part 2 of the labor files, how abusive messaging is used to discredit party rivals my dad to read those broken comments. and he was upset
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about and he tight diploma to that ah, there was a time when the aka banga river flowed were enough to sustain lies in the northern callahan deserts all year round. but that's changing. least one or 3 men in different parts of the alcove and go down as they faced drought, wild animals and man made threat in their constant fight for survival. risk in it all. but swan on al jazeera, how coverage of africa is what i'm most proud of. every time i travel there, whether it's east or west africa, people stop me and tell me how much they appreciate coverage. and our focus is not
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just on their suffering, but also on the more capitalistic and inspiring story. people trust on to, to tell them what's happening in their communities in a clear and unbiased way. and as an african, i couldn't be more proud to be part of it all out is the real world tells the story of the british italian man experiencing life in a palestinian refugee camp. and they were coming face to face with the daily lives of its residence. some of whom have lived here for more than 70 years has been a refugee almost all his life. it's not my normal life for sure. for decades after the supper and to telemachus, 7 days in bay, which on al jazeera, ah
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11 o'clock and how the top stories here in al jazeera and ukrainians are reporting that armed soldiers have been going door to door, getting people to vote on whether for occupied regions of eastern and southern ukraine should join russia. keep says the votes are a sham and an unlawful land, graf order. abdul hamid has more from a pork roast in great. this is a process that started back in 2014 and a separate has started making day planes back then they have been calling for days ever since back then. no, but it took several steps. the 1st step was the 1st they declared their self proclaimed republics of done yes and new dance. that wasn't very long for a while. a long while 8 year is not recognized by anyone, including russia. then just 2 days before the war president vladimir putin gave a speech in which he recognized these 2 are republics. and then after that,
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this is the 3rd step. you investigators say they found evidence of russia committed war crimes and territories it occupied in ukraine earlier. this year investigates, visited $27.00 sites around keith chaney iv khaki and to me and it's viewed a $150.00 victims and witnesses and seems to say it found crimes of rate torture in children being detained. at least 77 people trying to migrate to europe who died after the boat capsized off the coast of syria. rescues managed to save more than 20 people that many more. still, missy aaron's army is warning that it will confront what it calls enemies is. protest continue after the death of a 22 year old women in police custody plaza really died last week of to be arrested by the so called morality police for allegedly violating the countries. it's got you and talk to general attorney terrace is requested an urgent report into allegations of abuse carried up by 8 workers at a you and run camp and south to don investigation bio to 0. the non profit use
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agency, the new humanitarian has expose years of widespread sexual abuse counseling. mr. display, people in my little british pound a sunk to a 37 year loan gate, see dollars after the u. k. government announced major, but it changes my to supplant vol. sweeping tax cuts and a huge borrowing increases, and they designed to lower the cost of living for the british people jumpstart headlines. one use carry up here or not 0 right after we go to alta 0. investigation the labor files reveal that a number of m p 's are involved in the purging of members of their own constituency parties. the m p for her is peter kyle. he sends an email to the governance and legal unit. rebecca massey, i would like to direct you in the strongest terms to investigate and to remove the member from the party. you will see a pattern of behavior online,
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which is also replicated in person. she is regularly aggressive to my staff and myself at meetings. i think it's very important that abusive under comradely behavior is dealt with by the party. astonishing that at that time. and then pay would be ne king. that was the same shanice in all day to get me expelled from the late the party. a man, i will say, i've hunted my own house for me, things i'm not an aggressive person. rebecca massey avoid disciplinary measures and is elected as chair of a local branch,
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a former m p. i. the kaplan is in the same branch, he complains to the regional office. i must immediately request that this person's membership is suspended and subject to further investigation. kaplan sends a link to an article by a group known as a campaign against anti semitism. massey's tweets describe her view of the influence of the pro israel lobby in britain. the article states that massey is dedicated to the demon isaiah sion of israel. it also alleges that a problem of anti semitism in the labor party rests squarely in the black hearts of individuals. like ha, there is a whole lot ill about how i was and i see st. might. i began to be changed. phoebe the 3rd 20 some
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t was the day the anti semitism was used for the 1st time in brighton and hove as a weapon against pro coven candidate because it was on the 3rd of february that the campaign against anti semitism published a shocking article about banking immediately amplified re tweeted and drawn to the attention of media. from that initial one story, there have been sick, she is of abuse. following, always referring back to the initial story that's going on 66. she is now a month earlier,
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al jazeera broadcast an investigation into israel's attempts to influence british politics. using an undercover reporter, al jazeera investigative unit exposes israel's clandestine activities in london, a city that's become a major battle ground. one of his rules main targets is the labor party for the 1st time, its leader is a champion of palestinian civil rights. would be very happy to teach every colbin no longer a leader of the labor political insur covert action that penetrates the heart of britain's democracy. a senior political officer at the israeli embassy discusses with a british civil servant, how to deal with m. p. 's, who are critical of israel. i think the investigation forces, the israeli ambassador to apologize to the british government. and the diplomat is sent home, the diplomatic question no longer seems to be a functionary of the embassy in london. i answer whatever,
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whatever he may exactly have been doing here. his cover can be said to be well and truly blown the on the cover operation also shows how a former employee at the israeli embassy becomes leader of the jewish labor movement. hiv i taught been introduced. i'm hello, william jennings, barbecue angie with shy is the name of the disgraced is rainy operative elements, discuss his method. she favors to deal with rivals within the party. jackie walker is a pro colbin activist who supports civil rights, the palestinians. oh joshua, i want my point to on there
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on something wrong with. well, it is interesting to see that again, policy, i have seen it before, and just the sort of smugness of the woman talking about not only a fellow june, a fellow les the party members, jackie says, but a woman. and it is extraordinary. naomi when born tracy is one of several party members who complain. so few of us women in the labor party who would jewish got together and we sent in an official complaint and we wrote to him that nickle, who is tennis actually at the time. and we said obviously is completely inappropriate for a, a party member to be talking about another another party members in this way. and what did he intend to do without it? the labor files revealed that party officials treat rose very differently to
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members who criticize israel rose e mails, sam matthews, then head of disputes. and i would very much like to volunteer to come and meet with you and all relevant members of the disputes team next week. in order to clear this matter up at the earliest opportunity, 4 days later rose meets matthews. i had i known that how private meeting had been covertly recorded with the intention to broadcast our conversation on an international network. i would have never made those comments. days later, matthews writes to rose. at interview you said that she won the stood the language you used was ugly and in retrospect you wished you had not used those words. you noted that that isn't, nor will there ever be any public record of you using such language. for the reasons outlined above the labor party will be taking no further action on this
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matter and the labor movement stands for decency and filess. i'm looking at the yellow rose disciplinary case. it's, it's, it's sort of chummy, i know this very rapid exchange of e mails. the personal meeting, the declaration of the case is closed. am ah, in north west london, pamela fitzpatrick becomes labeled parliamentary candidate in harrow, east. the constituency debates whether to affiliate to jewish voice, a label or j, v l j v l represents jewish members who are critical towards the state of israel. the jewish labor movement or jail em supports israel. there was a debate which was
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a very civilized babes, a very balancing they voted overwhelmingly to support jewish voice for labor. fitzpatrick suddenly receives a flurry of aggressive tweets the next day. there were some comments on social media attacking me for a caraway east having affiliated to jewish voice flavor. now asking me to contend jewish voice flavor, it just came worse worse, and then it was. while your silence means she know you support your silence. mean, she support holocaust deniers, and then it turns into you are a holocaust deniers. one of the accounts attacking fitzpatrick belongs to a labor party activist, luke stang counselor fitzpatrick. selection has already caused alarm to some in the
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jewish community, is stirring things up and creating this perception that somehow i'm and she symmetric as really upsetting for me. really, really upsetting, ah stang contacts and employee, a fitzpatrick on facebook. i have been asked by a moderate counselor in harrow to help build up a social media dossier on her, which can then be leaked out and will hopefully result in the suspension of her candidacy. she seems the nasty, sectarian mouthpiece for the hard left. i did some research then found that the rather people that he attacked and one of many women and he's been on the receiving end no stung as abuse over the years. he started pretty much kind of comp constantly and relentlessly writing abusive tweets and about me,
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he used his words like crazed deranged repellant ran sit grandma, this kind of language, not. this isn't the language of political discourse and nobody could argue that it is. but that's the kind of language that you stand. i think you said, oh, oh god. oh oh, after multiple complaints i filed the labor party suspense dang of the party sent stang a questioner inviting him to respond to the allegations. stang, or rejects the accusation that he has broken any of the parties rules or codes of conduct matter data in the labor files or bills that steiner didn't write the letter himself.
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oh, okay, so this shows that the author. oh, what i've been looking that by luc steiger is another luke, luke ikourst. luke a cast is an influential figure in the labor party, and now sits on the parties national executive committee. he's also a key figure and the pro israel lobby, a director of we believe in israel. i would say the author of those don't. she wouldn't surprise. surprise is luke 8, there's luc acres though to be the i'm t cold minister of all i'm she coping next this well, this makes me feel is i had the sentence all along that this was organized. now
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luke, i cursed, is behaving like this. it, it's, it's quite shocking. rarely in liverpool, anna, rather it's selected as one of 3 potential labor candidates for maya. i was fatty surprised in terms of the way people rally drowned to support me. rather, it was backed by one of britain's largest trade unions. i was endorsed by united. i was so sent us by manny empties. i was o 7 just by jeremy colbin. i'm absolutely delight you this for anna rather read as our candidate to be liberals, man. it's great to have. you know, there's endorsements by public figures, but the most meaningful endorsements came from the people of liverpool. as far as i was the way it was then down, so the people have little to choose who they want to be. there comes
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a day when something unexpected happens. the next thing i got an e mail saying, we're gonna have to hold off and terms of the elections. the panel wants to invite the 3 con states back to another interview. i didn't really understand what was behind a i just force it was just maybe they wanted the checks and fax. a letter arrives in the inbox of the new labor party general secretary, david evans. it comes from alan dean, a former labor counselor in liverpool. did david, i've been asked to contact you in relation to counselor, anna rothery, unheard on cease ability to stand as late as candidate for the position of elected mayor of liverpool and family of the opinion that she would be as
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a disaster. a disaster for the city and the labor party, if she were to become the elected man. it went on her sudden conversion to an support from various senior kobinie. sir m p's is of huge concern for the direction she would take. well, either it, it's all beginning to slots in a place, you know, the more am read and i'm thinking this was a cafe of after 5. any say, any of people to, you know, to disparage, you know, may as a, as an individual. dean's letter contains a condemnation of rather a she has proven herself to be untrustworthy, dishonest, past someone who is solely motivated by her ego status and financial gain. the labor files do not establish who osteen to write the letter to the party
4:49 am
general secretary. and it's obviously designed to orchestrated you know, to feed into something much bigger house at my control and in terms of what they're trying to do. brother, he goes to her 2nd interview with a selection panel, but this time it's a very different thing i knew within the 1st couple seconds of so not quite right about that. and because that to me and it had changed in terms of the panel. damian mccarthy was a labor activist based in brighton. he is accused of anti semitism. i'm at home with my family and i start seeing these things. a film on my phone about me being a volunteer somewhat ah, and completely disgraceful bmw on these vile for renders allegations are being made against me. i am not an anti
4:50 am
semite. i absolutely detest that allegation. it is completely and utterly untruthful. i'm an anti racist. i'm proud to be an anti racist. luke stunner is one of those responsible. my workplace was telephoned by luke stangler and the reception took a message and they said they wanted to speak because there was a da sir on me. and i, i saw what the hell is going on here. then the da say was sent through to my pause, my stepdad, my pause. private e mail address. i'm at da sir, was horrendous reading. it was awful. it was and interactions of me was someone on line where
4:51 am
i had person said they wanted to have behind my family. ah, because they wanted to bed me and my family and they said the whole number things. i said, if i can repay them, i call repeatedly about my mother. ah, in liverpool, anna rather decides to seek legal redress after she was removed from the short list to the mayoral election. our client will seek an emergency interim injunction to enable her name to go forward on the ballot to labor members in liverpool. and so
4:52 am
we decided that we would ask them to help the profess intensive, the voucher, et cetera. and to give them time to put a case for which as to why i couldn't stand rather his lawyer reminds the labor party that it has a legal duty to preserve all relevant documents in your control, including any documents passing between you and the other panel. members, the panel decided to exclude rather worry and both of the candidates from the short list. we were basically told that they would reopen and the contest i'm in need not apply. the party tells her that the decision was taken after giving careful consideration to the additional information presented to it. oh, brother, his lawyer seeks an injunction. he has says,
4:53 am
the legal right to view evidence piece, disclose all additional information presented about our client. the party's lawyers respond to rather his request for disclosure of documents. we decline to provide the disclosure requested. none of the documents you seek from the labor party appears to be relevant to the decision to remove your client from the shortlist. alan deans letter is never presented to rather his lawyer or to the court. i wish they were time and effort has gone into this on their behalf. so the judge wasn't given the full picture. now, there is a problem here. if that's the way the labor policy is conducting itself. it
4:54 am
opposition under, let's remember his thumb of the format, the wrecks of public prosecutions is it's a kiss darma law again to behave like that empower the injunction is refused, and rather a order to pay 90000 dollars in cost to the party. i think i was literally hunger to try buy a policy that i've been loyal to for many years. the active as luke sanger is seeking to overturn his suspension from the party. he is represented by an expensive city of london nor fam. mm mesh condra, a high end to challenge stang as suspension. the labor files revealed the support that stung enjoys among senior politicians for right of the party when he
4:55 am
receives character references from 14 m. p. 's, 30 counselors, and dozens of party activists. garrath thomas labor m. p for harry west. i was very sad to hear of loosed anger, reason suspension from the labor party. i hope his case can be concluded soon, and he can continue to be a good friend to harrow labor in future years to come. i think that people are actually quite dangerous. who room and the labor party, the way that they're behaving it's, it's quite astonishing. really. the labor party now welcomes apartheid supporting racists and abuses of women. and how that could possibly have happened is beyond me . the highest disciplinary body in the party votes to expel steiner. but his expulsion is never carried out. the former head of the governance and legal
4:56 am
unit johnston, the de voices his support. luke is a gentle giant who gives his all to his progressive political beliefs and his deep commitment to equality and above all, getting labor, elected my dad to read those 2 comments. and he was upset and he tied to close to that sir. that evil that will put into our lives ah, caused my power to die. i am sure that was a central part for island and the lack of safety for me and my
4:57 am
family awful words are used by my mother. oh i'm still in the state of shock. i don't think i'll ever get home for out with oh ah ah.
4:58 am
in the 2nd episode of the labour files, the true story behind the party's anti semitism crisis. i feel so ashamed right now that it comes with. why do you all right? i've been looking for may. how truth was subverted and, and reality turned on its head? that's an absolute lie. i didn't say that the media was not interested in the reality of the story. oh ah
4:59 am
ah hello there, let's look to north america and we're watching a hurricane. fiona, as it works, its way north, out to sea, across the east coast of the us aiming for east and canada. now before we look at that, let's have a look across the u. s. and things looking at much calm and clear across most sensual areas. temperatures have been yo yoing down and back up again for the likes of kansas city. much of the wet to whether it can be found from the cold front, working its way across the great lakes and joining up with that system. now this could become the worst storm to hit this region of canada. since records began, we're talking hurricane force winds,
5:00 am
as well as very rough seas and large amounts of rain. we are expecting damage and we have got warnings out here that's system weakening, but still bringing those conditions to newfoundland and labrador. certainly by sunday. now elsewhere we are seeing a lot of heats across more southern states, places like houston and new orleans seen attempts just continue to pick up as we move to central america, it's getting wet for the likes of jamaica. thanks to a wet and wendy system. that swirling its way towards the north north bringing heavy rain here and likely to work its way towards cuba that to weather update. ah ah ah.


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