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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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trying to keep or they are disappearing. had gemini, using diploma prohibited means. diplomacy. constant is being replaced by illegal sanctions against competitors in economic, sports, and formation area of culture. and generally in context with people lead a turn to the id to the problem with the visas for delegates for international meetings in new york, geneva, vienna, and paris. there also, we see the desire to remove competition, make sure that alternative viewpoints do not comment multilateral discussions. i am convinced that we need to protect the un and does scrape everything that confrontational and superficial from there, and give it back as reputation and an honest platform to a siege for balance, for old member states. and this is the approach that we're guided up when we put forward our national initiatives. it is of principal importance to make sure that we have a comparative homesafe, comprehensive ban on the deployment of weapons in space. and this says,
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the reason for the russia, china draft international treaty considered by the conference on to some of them is particularly important to protect our cyber space with in the open ended working group of the general assemblies assembly on the agreement on how to protect international security, and to use a special committee for universal convention on how to counter i the use of i c t for criminal, for a purposes we continue supporting office on counterterrorism, and neither antiterrorist entities within the us. and we go to continue to develop relationships between the, the u. n. c, as d, o, a european, eurasian economic union, c s. so as to pool our efforts in the greater eurasia, we call for a pounds to work on overcoming regional conflicts. we think that the priority here
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is to overcome the impasse in creating an independent palestinian state, the restoring em, which was whom you restore the state of rock and libya destroyed by nato aggression, neutralize the threats to syria. i am having a sustainable process of natural solution conciliation in yemen, overcoming the heavy burden of the native presence in afghanistan, and we are working on restoring the original j. c, p. o, a on a run, a nuclear program ensuring the comprehensive settlement on the korean peninsula. many complex situation in africa require a bed. we reject the temptation to play a 0 sum game, then come down that outside players consolidate on the around the initiatives by a f road, an african union. we're concerned by situation in kosovo, bosnia herzegovina where the united states and the u. s. stubbornly leading to the
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destruction of the international legal basis as we hot currently habit in resolution. 1244 and the date and min more peaceful agreement. madam president, at times alike of ease, it's natural to seek wisdom from our predecessors. so in the coffee expression of the former secretary general dugger dog ha machine who remembered their oars or world war he said, and i quote, the un wasn't created to take mankind to paradise, but rather to save humanity from hell. these are very topical words. they call upon us to understand our individual and collective responsibility for creating conditions for a peaceful and harmonious development for our future generation. good generations and every one need to show political will. for that one, we are ready for such honest work and we are convinced that the stability of the world order she can be insured is could exclusively,
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through or returning to the origins of the you on diplomacy. basing ourselves on the key principle of true democracy, the respect for the sovereign equality of states. i thank you. i know we've been listening to the russian for him and says 2nd level, but speaking at the united nations general assembly, let's bring in that christian slew me. she's also at the united nations and was listening in chris. there was a very hostile speech, wasn't it? it is accusing the west of gross grotesque, russia phobia absolutely . a great majority of the speech was directed at the united states, whom he called the self proclaimed master of the world. he talked about ukraine quite a bit, of course, and has accused ukraine of threatening russia, security and the united states of using ukraine to essentially get to russia. he
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had a long list of grievances against the united states. and whether it's referring to their refusal to listen to russia's concerns about what was happening in former soviet countries that he claimed russia had been trying to work with to the use of sanctions when he called a illegal use of sanctions as being a threat to development and countries around the world, he talked about the grain deal that was negotiated by secretary general, antonio gutierrez, and also to kiya as a way to get food and fertilizer out of ukraine and russia. he thank the secretary general for that, but accused the west of continuing to block russian fertilizer from getting out to market so that farmers around the world can plant crops. this is
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a concern that the united nations has. of course, western countries would argue that there sanctions are not blocking russia that the sanctions have been removed and that they have done their part to reassure business so that they can in fact deal with russia on this front. so a long list, as i said, of grievances from survey live rob here. ah, no mention of the referendum that russia is planning to hold in. parts of you came that it claimed that it controls and hopes to make part of russia. that's something that the united nations has condemned. also, just an angry attack at u. s. i. efforts here on the national international stage. what he calls a, giving up on multilateralism and i called for return to multilateralism. i'm good, good. so how much support, if any, has russia been getting at the un this week?
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a, well, there was a security council meeting earlier this week and with the possible exception of beller roofs, we heard time and again, concerns about russia's aggression in ukraine. the united nations is called it and a legal legal attack on ukraine, a violation not only of ukraine sovereignty, but also of international law. so it's not a lot of support for russia, but we have seen countries increasingly worried about the fallout from this conflict from getting caught in the middle and what africa, in particular, a lot of countries worried about and mentioning in speeches from senegal to nigeria, about another cold war or rotting in africa, african countries having to pay the price for that. we've heard from. 2 south africa in particular that they really want to take
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a neutral stand in this conflict. they did not support attempts to isolate russia in the general assembly back in february when a vote was taken to deplore the war there. so there is increasing concern that as this war, wages on it will have impacts negative impacts on the rest of the globe. or even if people are not in support of what russia is doing. christians, jamie join, is that from the united nations, thanks very much. now rushes push to annex for regions in ukraine has moved into a new phase a 2nd day of voting is underway and full occupied regions of ukraine. the ballot also where the areas should be annexed to russia, cave and as international allies have condemned the boats as a sham. they say the results are pre determined by moscow armed been reported to going to door to door to get people to participate. while the votes are taking
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place in the hands don't ask zappa richer and ker suddenly cover around 15 percent of ukraine territory. you're kind west and allies have condemned the ballots as a sham and appears to be a step towards russian annexation and internally displaced people from the port city of mary. a poll have been protesting and key against the ballot. my poll is in the don't that region where one of the votes is taking place as waves, ukrainian flags and held posts as reading. my a poll is ukraine, but even after leaves monthly, stormy bridge and cry. and we still cannot believe that all this happened and is still happening in the city. that is why we are here now. we want to support our city and prove to the whole world that money poll is ukraine. we are ukrainians, and we want to live on our ukrainian land in o hometown. heroes under has more from case what we're hearing from various telegram channels and from social media. what we're hearing from you craniums that
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live in that area, talking to families that are outside of the area where voting is happening is that we are seeing evidence. russian appointed officials with military going door to door. and some instances in apartment buildings knocking on doors, allegedly coercing people to vote, or the way they want them to vote. we're also hearing about ukrainians and some of those areas as well. maybe. busy closing their windows and their homes, shutting their gates, trying to pretty much keep a low profile and fear of having to be forced to vote in a way that perhaps they don't want to. we're also seeing other images put out by russian sources that appear to show pretty normal and organized voting happening in some areas as well as is a huge area courses for different regions. and all the voting is happening in a slightly different ways throughout the whole area. we are also hearing that some
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people that are being asked to vote if they show they have rush and passports. they are immediately given their papers to join the russian military. so this is the scene that we're starting to get a picture we're starting get painted here. on the 2nd day of voting, russia said the plan for this voting to end on monday. when we expect, at that point, the russian election commission in moscow will presume if we start to release some sort of what they say will be results. more than 700 people across russia have been detained in protest against the criminal mobilization of military reservists. police of crackdown on demonstrates of the posing the army called call ups in petersburg and moscow. on wednesday, the criminal down 300000 of us will be sent to fight in ukraine. dozens of people protesting the mobilization of also been arrested in siberia. small protests were
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held in several northern cities demonstrates as held up placards with slogans including we are not meets. and russia has appointed a new deputy defense minister, mom at val has more on that story from moscow. statement by the minister of defense announced that the deputy minister of defense for logistics in the russian army has been replaced and the new man is called his kennel colonel general. me. hi, mrs. session. little was known about me. hi, ms. it said before 2015 when he reports that he had a role in the russian operation in syria, particularly the bombing of ali po. after that, he became much more known for his role in the seat of mario paul in april. and for that reason, the bridge for an officer placed him under sanctions accusing him of atrocities against the police during that operation right now,
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or he has been appointed on logistics. and thus, because people say that logistics might be the weakest link in the russian operation in ukraine. and that has been of his, from the one when hundreds of tanks and ammunition were and soldiers were sent into ukraine without a proper arrangements to continue to send supplies to those, to those troops. and also now russia is on the verge of sending, and it has already started sending for $300000.00 new recruits to support its operation. and ukraine has mostella had hair on his knees, our, including a far right politician, look sent to become italy's 1st women prime minister will have more on george maloney and waiting to bury their loved ones, palestinian say israel is withholding remains of family members as
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a form of punishment. and later in sport and baseball legend joins the lucy class, 700 home run. with ah, more bodies of migrants have been recovered in syria days after a boat, carrying them from lebanon, sank off the coast. 94 people are now confirmed dead whilst others remained missing . most of those on board were trying to escape 11th economic crisis. they had their reports from berries. wow, they're being laid to rest. victims of lebanon's, worst migrant bo tragedy in years. many of those who died were palestinian refugees said been here for decades, but lived with little or no right at all. the situation was made worse by 11 on academic collapse that began 3 years ago. i know that i saw them on a bit of
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a 100 that we lost 30 people from not help. i read come the palestinian leadership should shoulder responsibility guarantee good living conditions. so we can live in dignity or open the border so we can go back to palestine. bodies that have been identified are being brought back to lebanon. but that takes time. some have started to decompose. the boat said sail on tuesday, but sank off the coast of neighboring syria. 2 days later, families are desperate for any news. i didn't promise us anything. they said we should go identify the bodies 1st as we have no idea. if they are still alive or dead, we still don't know anything. in recent years, the north lebanon coast has become a migrant to, to europe. an increasing number of lebanon have joined palestinian and syrian refugees attempting to make the dangerous journey. we have seen the number of
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people attempting to depart, and the number of the party doubled from 21 to 20 to 20. and that's not the typical . if you computed from january to september 2022, that shows how desperate these people are in order to protect the families and to provide for them. it's believed that up to a 150 people could have been on board the overcrowded boat, nearly 50 of the bodies found are reported to have been of children. 11 tommy says it arrested a man who's confessed to being behind the attempt to smuggle the boat to europe. it wasn't the 1st, the rest of its kind. neither was the tragedy. in april, a migrant boat sank some 6 kilometers off the coast of lebanon, and dozens of people were never found. few expect the dangers and the security cracked down in lebanon to stop the exodus as long as living conditions were sent. a few days before the boat sank off,
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the syrian coast migrants on board. another vessel that left lebanon shores were rescued by turkish coast guards, but not before. 6 of them had died, including 2 babies, sent their al jazeera, they wrote her own present. abraham racy says, protest against the government must be confronted decisively. days of demonstrations were triggered by the death of a 22 year old woman in police custody. iran has restricted the internet services to try and crack down on dissent, rhetoric, ace, and the reports. the, the 8 consecutive nights people into iran have defied authorities to protest. david, the death of massa, meaning the 22 year old, died in custody last week after being arrested by so called morality police sheed allegedly violated the country's policy on head scarves. ah, similar protest to spreading across iran in the northwest in city of ocean of a demonstrators defied
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a warning by the reigning army that it would confront what it cooled enemies of the state. similar protests were held in the western city of kurama, but he ran his limited internet services to climb down on the growing descent. the problem is if they switch off, they're the access to international networks or to their global internet. then with the national internet or the national internet, it's really hard to use those vpn services and saves a messenger apps such as signal the u. s. government has eased export restrictions on software and some technology to iran to widen online access. but analysts say it's unlikely to have an immediate impact ah, several demonstrations in support of the government of also taking place in iran. president abraham, where he see says, immediate death must be investigated. but it's called the protests acts of chaos. behind celebration. they want to ride a wave and create riots and disturbances. they think with such moves,
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they can stop the nation. we've announced many times that of any one has a fair comment and we will listen to it. but anarchy disturbing national security is the security of people. no one i succumb to this so far though, the protest show no sign of dying down. oh, victoria gate and be al jazeera, china's foreign minister has reiterated his country's territorial claim to the island of taiwan. while he was addressing united nations general assembly, he told the audience that china and taiwan were inseparable on the job with judge on to mr. president and colleagues. since ancient times taiwan has been an inseparable part of china's territory. china's sovereignty and territorial integrity have never been severed, and the fact that the mainland and ty one have belonged to woman, same china has never changed. all chinese have never ceased in our efforts to
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realised reunification on it's explicitly stated in the cairo declaration and the potsdam proclamation 77 years ago. that all the territories that japan has stolen from the chinese, including taiwan, shall be restored to china. campaigning as heating up and the brazilian presidential election with people set to head to the polls for the 1st round in just over a week left as candidates and full. a president lewis and i see a little de silva has increased. his polling lead over incumbent president jebel sanara rosario has been trying to bridge the gap campaigning at rallies across the country. he is wrapped up and event and camp in us near sal palo, our latin america as to lucy newman. when was at the rally and said this report giant border. so not all he is. a president of course, is both either hated, loathed by his opponent, to see him as the reincarnation of satan or adored by those who i would say nearly worship him and they see him as this country savior. as you noble sonata is
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a hard line conservative. he represents family values, he's against abortion. he is against the left wing ideals. he says, socialism, he's telling his borders that this country is at risk of becoming a communist state than the people we spoke. do certainly seem to believe it. now, as you mentioned, he is lagging behind in the polls, especially here in the state of how bol, as how fowler is the largest state in all of brazil that has the largest number of voters as well. and that means that it's key to try to up his support in this state is going to be another part of our baldo. throughout the day we understand and he will be having a debate on television, on one of the television stations or networks of brazil. but his rival, who was certainly a forced to be dealt with lewis the now sooner that's seen by the former social as president, will not be taking place part in that debate. however, just a short while ago, he held his own rally here in sal bower, and it also drew very,
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very large crowds. indeed, another very interesting part about this is how the people, when i asked them, why is president bush or not or lagging behind in the polls, and he is the savior of this country. they say that the polls have all been rig they simply don't believe it. they also don't believe that there's any way at all that will. so now don't good moves the selection despite what as again, with opposed to saying final rallies are being held in. it's lee head of a general election on sunday for the prime minister just epic on tape, told the crowd in room. the vote is a historic one opinion polls show. he's trailing a fall right coalition that by georgia, maloney indicate she could become the country's 1st female prime minister. stephanie decker is in rome. next is what's going on. ah, this is what italy's next government could look like if the poles are accurate. but it's really all about ga maloney thinkin only go through them all. we will build
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a solid, cohesive government with a strong popular mandate which will remain in power for 5 years. ah, her right wing party brothers of italy is ahead in the polls indicating she could well become italy's 1st fema prime minister. and the 1st far right leader since benito mussolini is rise to power here. 100 years ago. maloney supporters gathered in rome's piazza than popular for the last rally before the elections deal. i given my support to this party because i love my country and judge maloney it will protect it. she will make laws to protect our youth, our ports, and the quality of life of italians who do deserve this finally, had been granted. we let me go. first of all, we need to regain a national identity that has been set aside for the good of europe. but this is not a real europe because we have lost our own identity. the on the center left, the democratic party led by the former prime minister and that he collector is
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pulling 2nd. but italy's coalition focus politics means the numbers are not in his favor of arguing of abu bucker's to morrow is part of that coalition. he came to italy as a student from the ivory coast in 1999 and is now running as a candidate to home. and it won't often damage alcorda dark wallabies on the 1st thing to worry about are the high bulls and that all italian families ever hotmail on the table. this is why we will bring the values of antithesis, um and, and theresa somewhat not to protect italian loan placeholder, but to project it towards the europe of rights and dignity. not particularly darla glass. if a chris a good answer for the snap election follows the resignation of technocrat prime minister mining draggy in july, internal politics put an end to his unity government that spot from left to right. one that maloney and her party never joined. successive governments have collapsed . elections are not the solution. elections are the confirmation of a deep crisis of the political system with these are key collections because
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i think they are going to close a season, mid season in which the left over all government. italy may think what will the far right victory mean for relations with europe for immigration policies for the economy? italy is struggling with storing energy bills, inflation, and an all round increase cost of living that will need to be addressed immediately . asylums of sundays, alexson and by the early hours of monday morning, italians could go what their next government may look like. here 60 and 76 years japanese acknowledges their off road. hundreds of families in the occupied westbank say they've been forced to wait to bury the remains of their loved ones. they say that family members bodies are being held by israel. dasheka name reports with her
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6 year old to laugh speaks to her mother every day. she talks to her at her grave site and she talks to her photos at home. good, her act that he, i missed her body. i missed her face most and i miss all of her loud grey. i passed my offend 8 was killed by israeli soldiers in 2021. the day the ph. d student died . her family says she was talking on the phone and her car veered as she approached a checkpoint. the israeli military says she attempted to ram into and stab soldiers . it took 14 months for the military to return her body to her family and had without the seller. ah, if, if my old ahead sula, knew the remains had been returned. if i didn't give her that chance to see her mother one last time she would have blamed me for ever, we made a wreath of flowers and used a scarf to cover most of my face sula, saw it, and got emotional. but in the end, she accepted it. the national campaign for retrieving the bodies of martyrs says
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since the 19 sixty's, the israeli military has withheld the bodies of 350 palestinians killed by israeli soldiers. they were suspected of carrying out attacks. the campaign says that's a violation of international law and the geneva conventions. the bodies are held in morgues or in secret numbered graves. the israeli military says it withholds the bodies of quote terrorists in accordance with government policy up held by the supreme court. the military won't divulge the number of bodies it's withholding or the location of cemeteries citing security reasons. but says the bodies are buried with dignity. the family of mohammed sha ham is still waiting to bury him after he was killed during a raid last month. her that drama, that villain woodrum, this is an arrogant and criminal occupation if they could chop his body and feed it
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to the dogs, they would. they hate us. so laughs, father hussain says, since her mother's death, the family has done its best to support her. and then mang ha, i want to be by her side and love her galen albany or him who said, says the families waiting for the bodies of their loved ones need support too. he's calling for protests so that all palestinians can be buried in the soil of their homeland. natasha name l. jazeera abu dease in the occupied west bank. sarah had hair on out us era. sally africa goes soda, a high tech and low cost solution to cut to electricity cuts shines a light on green energy and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. is roger federer retires we'll have from his long time rival and friend ruffin. adel matrons fort. ah,
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i always say exactly on time with the autumnal equinox, the seasonal winds have kicked in there from the clay point of view. that's a change of season coming through the black sea hawkess's with temperature dropping in northern iraq and took many stand quite dramatically over the next day or so. look, ask about it from 40 to about 28, but the winds. i was talking about it down here and their strength thing over sunday and monday you probably call it sure mark is lasting 2 or 3 days. that's usually a dusty strong when the comes out of iraq does your q a to saudi arabia, but rain and keta bringing dusty weather with it. there was the change of temperature. did you notice? so that's a cold dish with down to 2 minutes time. but the well that comes with it for a few showers in dolton around. nothing more to it. so sunshine still the dominant scene apart from the winds in this part of the world. now, as for africa,
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you know about the drive that still affected the whole of african apart if you like, showers, it's good to remain that way. unfortunately, there are shouts further west, but the biggest claims tend to drift western mil, ethiopia through sudan, central africa, public and towards nigeria. nat geo is had a wet season and the next day or so it doesn't improve. things are still big showers there on the whole, attending to be for the staff. ah ah
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ah save that. mm hm. and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero. oh a and i again you what's your algebra? his reminder of our top stories that our funerals have been held in 11
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a city of tripoli for people who died off the migrant thing called the coast of syria 11. these army says it's arrest the man believes was behind the suspect of smuggling operation to italy. the 2nd day of a referendum is underway on the annexation of full regions in ukraine, held by moscow on soldiers reported to have been going door to door to get people to vote a more than 700 people across russia been detained after protests against the crime is mobilization of military with basic cracked out on demonstrated opposing the army call up and several cities including moscow and some petersburg post tropical psycho fiona has made landfill in eastern canada, hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. and now without electricity, trees and power lines have been down in nova scotia and prince edward island. and authorities in some regions are telling people to evacuate and speak now to mike
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savage. he's the mayor of halifax, and that's where he joined us from. thanks very much. take the time to be with us. what's the situation there? are you still feeling the effects of storm fiona? were we in our own area of halifax, the capital of nova scotia? we. the storm has pretty much patched through it was a wild night and morning here in halifax with a lot of destruction of trees, an apartment building with roof collapse. we had a lot of damage so far. we don't think there's been a lot of loss of life for injury, but there is close to facts north of us, really being his ard, and they're still assessing the damage and knew from the land north of nova scotia houses up and swept into the sea. so it's a very damaging store. there were evacuations, did everyone who needed to evacuate? do so in our area, everybody that needed to move out as moved out. where, of course, asking people to check on neighbors. still, you know, most,
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most places don't have power. my own house doesn't have power but it's becoming more manageable and the folks who are restoring power. ready working hard at it and so i think in halifax, perhaps the worst is fast, but in other parts of atlantic canada, the east coast, the storm continues against. what is the path, what is the trajectory as far as you know? well, you know, these storms traditionally come up from the caribbean, along eastern seaboard or united states. and traditionally they have stalled out as they hit colder weather and don't get regenerated this hurricanes. but with climate change in particular, and the volatility of weather these days, we've been getting more of these hurricane. so the, at this time was, it came up from the atlantic ocean disruptive, cross northern nova scotia, which leaded into printed with island, which is an island which has been hit hard cape breton island, which is part of mobile, social, and newfoundland, and labrador. so it's kind of,
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it's really had a direct shift on some, on some municipalities. and i was the biggest threat that these rooms that they pose while and east coast and really any coast, a coastal community storm search with, with a storm like this is amazing. you know, when you have winds up 150 kilometers on our end up, you get incredible storm surge on the coast. it does a lot of damage to coastal communities, to coastal infrastructure. that's a big deal. and of course, the other big damage you can do is to most vulnerable populations, people who maybe on house under house haven't been able to prepare for them. the storm fully. and the results can be quite. and is you saying that you be seeing more of these storms that the climate change is making these storms? what? how can we better protect against them from mitigation and adaptation. making sure that cities like ours are building and the proper places are not right on the
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ocean. making sure that we have nature based solutions, things like trees and bio swells and all that stuff which is very important. we, for example, in halifax, which is a city of both just under $500000.00. we have a very good climate action plan which looks at all the different things that we can do to prevent damage to the climate. and also to make sure that. ready we protect our natural surroundings as well so that there are things that communities can do. but at the end of the day, cities, in our case, provinces of the national government all have to work together on these things. recognize. ready problems understand what we can do about it, but also recognize that we are going to have to recover. there are going to be storms that are going to be going to be damage. and we're pretty resilient people on, on this in this part of the world and we will survive this. i'm sure you will, mike savage and halifax. thanks very much. thank you for now,
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al jazeera is releasing the 2nd tranche of documents from the labor files, a substantial leak of internal papers from britain's main opposition party. documents reveal that a concerted campaign to undermine then lead a jeremy corbin, as based on misleading accusations from within his own party, fell race from our investigative unit reports. when jeremy corbin was elected leader of the labor party in 2015, he promised to shift in policy on the middle east. the continuing occupation. big mansion of illegal settlement on the imprisonment of palestinian children are an outrage. we will recognize a palestinian state as soon as we take open winter, amy corbin and the team leader we will so overdrawn. at last we have a western politician who actually sympathizes with the palestinians. oh said soon allegations emerged that he was
9:38 pm
a racist. the very existence of my party, the labor party, is out stay every races, anti same out out of the labor party. it's time for jeremy kobus that the labor files contain the entire contents of the parties disciplinary folders since 2014. we can see re all anti semitism, but then there is also a lot of information in these disciplinary files where there is clearly no anti semitism whatsoever. the files show the claims of anti semitism were repeatedly used to suspend corbin supporters, harrison. an example that says, we demand that international criminal court and the un chance benjamin netanyahu in israel for war crimes against humanity. to suggest that this is somehow anti semitic, is simply trying to avoid israel in called out for its appalling
9:39 pm
abuses in the occupied territories for the 1st 2 and a half years of his leadership. it was the party general secretary who corbin inherited in mcnichol, who was ultimately in charge of dealing with anti semitism cases. in 2018, corbin replaced mcnichol with an ally. jenny form be analysis of the data in the files tells a remarkable story. this graph shows the number of suspensions, investigations and expulsions from the labor party on grounds of anti semitism, all through the corban era. and vase is the moment when jenny form b becomes general. secretary of the labor party enabling jeremy colbin to take control of the bureaucracy of her labor works. after they took control, the number of investigations, suspensions and expulsions went up exponentially. under intense pressure,
9:40 pm
corbin then accepted a definition of anti semitism. that includes criticism of israel, pressure from pro israel support is continued until he was defeated in a general election in 2019 soon after new liter, secure, stormy, takes over his t meet with leading pro israel groups in britain. the files include minutes of the meeting which included the board of deputies of british jews, the board of deputies, a keen to counter suppositions from labor m. p 's. that because they're nominally committed to combating anti semitism that it gives them carte blanche to say what they like about israel. steve read a senior opposition minister replies that the labor party will never accept attempts to exception allies and de, legitimize israel. phil reese, al jazeera london, lesbian patch at diamond, his professor and public policy at queen mary university of london and former
9:41 pm
advised the labor party government, and attorney blay joins us now from london. get to have you with us until the content of these lakes surprise you in any way will it doesn't because it reveals just one mass, the labor costs you was in the period when jeremy corbin was leader. i mean, objectively you'd have to say that it sounds like a very difficult situation with rounds of expulsions, investigations, and party members. you just on the lines were difficult position may be, was in, in that period. but there was a concerted effort as appears to oust corbin and why was that while much there was a concerted efforts. it asked jeremy corbett in the sense that jeremy corbin stood in as late a leader in 2 general actions did quite well in 2017. but was then heavily defeated 2019 general election. that was the reason why he stood down as leader ultimately. um, so i'm not sure the ousting is necessarily the appropriate way of understanding it
9:42 pm
. except we have had reports in our investigations that there is. and when the deep state part, labor party officials, who really did not like labor and worked very hard to discredit him and his supporters well, in the periods of jeremy kobus leadership, there was a very fractious atmosphere in the labor party. i haven't seen the detailed cases being put forward in your investigation. what i do know is that in this period, the labor party seems to be in a mass which translated into a very poor performance in the opinion polls and subsequently in the 2019 election more seriously than that the labor party was no longer regard to the safe space, the jewish members, and not really impacted on the image and reputation of the party with the public and talk which historically had seen itself as the party. the quality was seen as a party afflicted by accusations bounty, semitism, that situation was untenable. so it's not surprising that were certainly criticisms
9:43 pm
of jeremy coping leadership, but do you believe that labor did have an anti anti semitism problem under corbin? well, it did because what happened was that the membership of the party had expanded enormously in that period. as you know, and this meant an influx fact this came in the party, some of them only some of them, but some of them from left organizations have historical links to causes and positions that certainly spinal county semitism. so as he is on the one in your report, perhaps be clear, clear up and has to be interventions including point the general secretary, the party, huge army corban, personally selected. but after a while we we dealt with it. it was or else with while there was an attempt to deal with it, how effective that was. obviously the investigations are still ongoing. i mean the party's in golf on these accusations, not to say, is greatly damaged. it's reputation with the public. i guess the question will keep
9:44 pm
coming back to is why with it's in gulf by these accusations of whether they were federal knows of course. and that was the process applying were cases heard, detailed investigations were on the way of the say, the big picture here is the labor party in this period was in turmoil. it was afflicted by accusations of anti semitism. there was a feeling that the jewish member's labor party was no longer se space. and for a party the found as a policy, this is just more tenable commission. so it's no surprise. and i think that you saw this fractious that we ought to know what was it that that made it so fracture because it wasn't just anti semitism that we've been hearing about. it was all sorts of policies that jeremy kobus stood for the really favored by many others in the party. i think to understand that question and it's
9:45 pm
a big question that you pose, you have to go back to the original lake, the leadership contest which army copeland was selected in 2015. and because of the electoral college system, labor party used him and the only very small minority of labor, i'm actually support jeremy corpus. and around 35 actually nominated him. so although he won support with a party members and therefore became leader, he never have the support of the parliamentary labor party. and i think that's one major reason why you saw this period of time on fractions missing conflicts. simply because a leadership party was not rec, consult with his parliamentary wing federico and wants to come back of the labor and page. i think he will well, that remains to be seen. he wants to be the candidate. think as things stand, he won't be. there's no question about that, so i think it's going to be very difficult for him. i think the like the ponies, me don't, is moved away from the coban era in terms of its policies in its programming style, optimal needs all. now, that seems bright, clear as for the parties concerned,
9:46 pm
patrick diamond could speak to him. thanks joining us for london. thank he. well, you can, what's a full investigation called the labor files at the crisis which investigates allegations of racism in the labor party at 20 g m t here on out as era as africa is in the middle of an electricity crisis. the country is facing unprecedented blackouts with the state power company, cussing of electricity for up to 8 hours a day. for the problem is aging and neglected infrastructure. but there may be a glimmer of hope as hermitage or reports. so, you know, turning off, there is no electricity again, but this time poor motto has a back up plan, a solar charging unit that makes with the light, stay on and some plugs in her house work. my mother, she's been cheap since she's using they injections too
9:47 pm
lazy. so i had to put it in their fruit. so in the powers of usefulness because it has no caller id. i mean, you could please employees as a pay, as you go innovation that's providing off grid solar power to low income households . people pay an initial deposit of about $30.00 that balance. less than $60.00 is paid off in installments. it's giving south africans access to technology, they wouldn't usually be able to afford frequent pay payments that will ensure that you have a profile that was there. okay. you, you are a payer and you, you actually follow through with your payments. with that being said, over a number of time, you will, you will get to your deposit amount and then when the deposit amount is reached, you will be able to receive the unit. the state owned power company, s. com is struggling to meet demand, aging and poorly maintained infrastructure is partly to blame,
9:48 pm
but these kind of solutions of, of the good, these, the only way to go currency as we are we that our infrastructure solutions currently in terms of what we have in south africa would not be able to handle handle hybrid solutions like been on the grid and off the grid. planned outages had been implemented countrywide, known as locating it's when the state power company switches off electricity at certain times of the day to take pressure off the national grid. south africa used to generate surplus electricity even selling to neighboring countries. now people are being told to use power sparingly until a long term a viable solution is found. energy sake to analissa, generating sufficient supplies of electricity for or south africans, or take time, possibly years. getting as many households as possible, connected to alternative and affordable energy sources could be a bitter and faster solution. hardware task out there, dennisville. at least 36 people have died in northern india as it was battered by
9:49 pm
heavy rains on friday and saturday. 12 was struck by lightning, others were killed when their homes collapse, authority say more heavy downpours of our forecasts in the coming days. the white house has criticized a near complete ban on abortion in arizona, calling catastrophic dangerous and unacceptable clinics have begun to close. after a judge ruled the state can enforce the ban. it means a woman can only terminate a pregnancy if her life is in jeopardy. states have been deciding whether to change their laws governing the medical procedure. in june, the u. s. supreme court overturned a ruling that protected a woman's rights to abortion. american actress louise fletcher has died at the age of 88. she was the most most famous for the role that one her, an oscar in 1976, as the villainous nurse rochard. that was in the screen adaptation of one flew over the cuckoos nest, in which she costar with jack nicholson for to went on to have
9:50 pm
a television and film career that spans 6 decades and earned emmy nominations for her performance as in picket fences and joan of arcadia before the like, all the sport coming up after the break and cruising tennis with a big helping of tears. and gem has got more on that. yes, laura, there wasn't a dry eye in the house for roger federer as the 20 time a grandson champion hung up his racket following his last match in london. but have the emotional good bye when we come back. ah! from breaking down the headlines to exposing the power was attempting to silence reporting the listening post doesn't just cover the news. it covers the way the news is covered on al jazeera. october on out is iraq in an election set to define a nation. brazilians will choose between the radically different current hard line, conservative president and the former socialist president. a sense of community
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delves into full unique communities revealing how they're adapting to the 21st century. china holds its national congress of communist party members with president t likely to be re elected as its head. what does this mean for china and the world? only with dreams takes you beyond the glitz and glamour, revealing the stories of those seeking famous 14 in the world's largest film industry, bosnia goes to the poles in an election that will be what closely bible to you and russia. october on al jazeera lou. hey
9:52 pm
roger federer saying good bye. after 24 years of professional tennis, we played alongside a great rival and close friend at ross found a down in doubles at the labor cup and there was barely a dry eye in the house on a very emotional nights in london. it's been a been a perfect journey. i will do it all over again. with so many people jeremy on and you guys hear tonight's means the world
9:53 pm
my wife's been so supportive good is not very long time ago. she didn't. she got me going and allowed me to plug in, so it's amazing how as you just saw that lots of tears from both of cetera and the tao, the spanish has since withdrawn from the event for personal reasons. but before he went, the 2 sat down and reflected on a special evening. it feels good to cry sometimes you know. and it was obvious and emotional on many levels, but all on the happy side, this is exactly what i hoped for it to be totally just content at the end of my career and i am so in peace with everything. well,
9:54 pm
the vs sharing, i think, very important things for, for our lives. at some point when roger lives, i am losing an important part of my life. you know, well important part of my life it's, it's living with him so difficult to, to hold emotions in that moment. i'm happy to be the 1st to go. i deserve to be the 1st to go, because i'm also the oldest. but it's also, i would feel very empty if some of the guys would have retired before me. at a respect to veteran tennis broadcast, a crate. gabriel, he told us that the atmosphere at the arena was like nothing he'd experienced before. it was ridiculous. i n a was dep beyond deafening really. and it was an amazing atmosphere that the arena was totally sold out,
9:55 pm
not even standing room. and you know, i don't know how they actually played the match without getting teary and emotional between points. but i have never seen rough the like that i really have. and i mean, i know he shed a tear on a couple of type of like the more recent french opens. but i have never seen rather as emotional as he was last night with the attributes on the fair well, and i thought what he said after about roger leaving the game as part of his life leaving i thought that was just beautiful and so well. busy said and thought of by rougher but you know, just shows how human these players are. people think, oh, you know, they're out there and they giving it everything and then you trap mines, et cetera. but they are human and they feel these emotions. and we really saw that in spades last night here in london, organizes had one final surprise at best leaves for federal they brought,
9:56 pm
i have at the t shirt, wiring, super fun from the u. s. hyphen. i thinking that but as i arrive safely, you are gonna be able to show it will be nominal with luckily he didn't go that far, but he did reveal that he was wearing around 8 roger federer t shirts and the other sites i to seem to appreciate one and i was away from federal retirement major league baseball style. that new house is become just a full play in history to reach 700 hangman's needed to hi miss mackenzie and i got to reach the mock jump done by the any right. oh,
9:57 pm
the 43 year old joins barry bonds. hank are in babe ruth in that very exclusive club in may. so g p 6 time world champion, mark mark as brought his 1st pole position in 3 is off to qualify fastest for sunday's, a japanese brown. pre responded and you returned to action last week, office 3 and a half months out following surgery on his arm, you through that the support position is only about position is in what conditions, but there are the moment where do we call my are coming from? why did you go mormon or the morning we have an hour with the by guy with all the team here with me. it is really important to have a this is more and motivations on the is more achievement new zealand to fund the rugby championship for a record extending 19th time. the all blacks ran in 5 tries to hammer australia, 4014 oakland in the right match south africa. these argentine at 3821. it was not enough to prevent the keys from once again. he's willing to southern hemisphere
9:58 pm
competition. and finally, a dutch is cycling legend. the enemy blossom has the under rivals by winning the women's road race at the ball championships in australia with a fractured l. by the 39 year old. suffer the injury when she fell at during the time trial and bless her, snatched victory with a late attack about 60 meters from the finish. very impressive, that is all your support from me for now. i'll have enough updates later. robert, thanks very much and that's it. for me, laura kyle, for best use our from doha. lauren taylor in london will begin just a moment with more of the days. ah ah ah, i want
9:59 pm
you so much as it is of evil under a labor government, it will not be tolerated in any form. what? so f beneath the surface lies a dog. aside in british politics, the labor files are on al jazeera the u. s. is always of interest to people over the world. this has been going on for a number of hours with a gap in use of the whole story from an international perspective. we try to explain to our global audience how this could impact the life. this is an important part of the world and our view is very good at bringing the news to the world from here. ah
10:00 pm
ah. safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat now for your hero. ah.


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