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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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investigate is enough, been done to help find missing appalachians. on al jazeera talk to al jazeera, we ask for the rebound you speak off is clearly coming, get a high cost for airlines and the industry. what's going wrong? we listen, you were part of the, i'm struggling in the 19 seventy's. do you have any regrets? no, we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera . ah, knowledge is here. with every oh a this is al jazeera
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ah hello of lauren taylor. this is down here. news i live from london coming up with defying moscow's mobilization push. hundreds of people arrested in protests across russia. wow. lebanon's migrant vote tragedy. the 1st funerals who scores killed trying to sail to europe. another night of anti government demonstrations in tehran, president royce, he says, the protest is, must be confronted decisively and an officer investigation. treat surrounding claims of anti semitism within the u. k. is labor party and in sports, an emotional good bytes of roger federer, the 20 time grandson champion has paid his final match of the 24 years of professional tennis. and there was no shortage of tears.
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ah, saturday, so bold display of defiance and resistance in russia. angry protest as publicly challenged president vladimir putin, military mobilization order. despite laws banning on the sanction rallies, demonstrations were held in dozens of cities across the country. the law russian security forces moved quickly to arrest the anti war demonstrators in central moscow and saint petersburg. right group, say more than 730 people were detained across 32 cities. last week, put in and out plans to mobilize, 300000 reservists to boast. his troops fighting in ukraine and move immediately, condemnation from ukraine and its western backers. well,
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that mobilize asian order has seen a mass exodus from russia. borders remain open for now, whether a phase pigeon could impose restrictions to prevent the further flow of men from the country. fried through moscow skyrocketed in price and selling out to destination and such as to kia dubai and former soviet republics, including georgia and armenia. several land crossings, but long traffic jams forming, entering neighboring countries, usually quite grows into context on mongolia, have been overwhelmed by the sudden influx of russians looking for a way out. and the eastern road crossing from st. petersburg to finland, cuz the restriction soon. with a finished government announcing ban russia, tourists in the coming days, whole race reports from the valley, my track point in finland, where some russians trying to escape the draft of being sent back. it was a successful trip across the border for these russians arriving in finland as they continued their journey by bus and car to helsinki and beyond. but not all was so
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fortunate. i've left saint petersburg on saturday morning by the afternoon. he was being sent back his stay in the european union after just 2 hours, as he had the wrong visa to travel onwards to germany, to try and claim asylum. yeah, i can prepare for that to put you go to put the most money up. i am in the priority category for being called up to fight in ukraine under the mobilization order. because i have discharge papers from the army. people just like me going to be taken in the 1st wave of it. i would choose to go to prison rather than fight in ukraine, even though they will torture me or shoot me. i'm 2nd. so if you can let me know what you said, but cardinal split mason yet still the only thing which brings me piece is that until the moment i'm caught, i'm going to be with my family saturday was relatively quiet here in contrast to
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packed crossings from russia. to georgia, finland's foreign minister peca, how they started said on friday that the government plans to stop russians entering the country on shanghai tourist visas. the longest line of calls here was queueing in the other direction. we heard it was funny, i was insane on holiday, so i'm going back to russia as far as i know, people who are eligible for the military on being struck from leaving russia. but if i was asked to go to war, i don't think i would go. the number of russians entering finland daily had doubled ahead of saturday and more arrived as the day wore on. the restrictions being proposed by finland should mean that in most cases, russians will only be allowed across the border to visit family or go to work. but with that yet to come into effect the cues on the road from some petersburg starting to build again. polaris aldi's era volume are finland savvy is one of the just a few countries to which russians can travel without a visa. go to hollins,
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this report from the capital belgrade the no to war. they chant russia without putin, it isn't clear exactly who their protest is. aimed at the russians in self imposed exile against the war in ukraine. their presence tolerated by staunch kremlin ally, serbia one have only a few countries to which russians can travel. now these are free, my voice might be a drop in the ocean and maybe it won't be heard, but i have to speak out to anyway. alexi, no vehicle is among an estimated 50000 russians who landed in belgrade since war broke out in february. many on one way tickets. the pace of arrivals is thought to have escalated in recent days. with young men in particular escaping president fled the me a putins partial mobilization of reservists. we like them
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. i don't want to take part in the war against the ukrainian people, some vague objectives and probably very soon they will try to mobilize and rush on mass. and they will take anyone that they can catch and send them to the front line to be used as cannon fodder. so called brother nations, their fellow orthodox slobs in serbia, offer the russians familiarity, and a warm reception. but given the political ties between belgrade and the kremlin, it's an unlikely harbour for descent, feels that people are against the war. they really feel the rush is equal and i was really against the war. no one is suggesting that small ex patrick populations like this one. however, the vocal are about to turn public opinion in russia against president putin or the war. one think it's highly unlikely that even be seen or heard by most russians on
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state run media. but many people here do feel that the recently and mobilization of color of reservists is likely to bring a new awareness of the war to rushing home and russian society. and that in turn is a step closer towards a possible tipping point. i've no idea what he did, and it is one thing to sit on a couch and contemplate how we are conquering ukraine and quite another to be in a trench with the machine done. so i think that the dissatisfaction of the people is already quite strong with because those citizens who support hootin and the war have started to express that satisfaction with what is happening in ukraine. and the mobilize ation now will push people to protest against young, from a place of relative safety. now, having left their old lives behind, these russian dissenters are determined to play their part. jonah whole al jazeera belgrade roches pushed to annex for regions in ukraine, has moved into
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a new phase. a secondary voting has been held in occupied areas. the ballot asks whether the regions should join russia. ukraine and its international allies have condemned the votes as a sham. they say the results are predetermined by russia. armed men reportedly going door to door to get people to participate were taking place over 5 days in your hands don't yet. as apparition and her song, they cover about 15 percent of ukraine's territory, internally displaced people from the 40 to maria, pico held a silent protest and ukraine's capital keys are hopeful is in need to net screech and protest as waves. ukrainian flags and helper says, readings, marsupial is ukraine depression. but even after all these months, we stormy bridge and cry. and we still cannot believe that all this happened and is still happening in the city. that is why we are here now. we want to support our city and prove to the whole world that money poll is ukraine. we are ukrainians,
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and we want to live on our ukrainian land in o. hometown. went into harring is the deputy director of the atlantic council eurasia center. she joins us from washington, d. c by scott, thanks very much for being with us. when to come back to the referendums in a moment, but 1st, how significant would you say is the exit is from russia at the moment? good evening, thanks for having me. it's not that significant, so it's very easy to go on to these things and get very hopeful about change in russia. but this is not the 2nd big accidents this year. there was a larger exodus in february when the war started. the best estimate that i have is between 300-0023 point 8000000 left at the beginning of the year when the war started. we don't know how many of return, but we do know that quite a few have return. this was the creative class. they were approximately 32 years old, 80 percent of them had higher education. now this group, it's probably a couple if we don't have a good estimate now,
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it's probably somewhere between 50100000. but again, these numbers are very easy, we will see a spike, but i don't think it's going to be the same kind of spike we saw in february who is under pressure, but don't read too much into it. i mean, will that depends in part or how countries react to it won't because of that because various countries, different policies and what they going to do with these people coming in. that's right. so russians have limited numbers of countries that they can move to in february, the top 3 locations they went to were, is still ball year of on armenia and to please see georgia. there were other other countries they went to as well. but as the european union cuts off, access russians have fewer and fewer countries to, to be able to go to. there's other things that, that, that you have to bear in mind as well. they're not going to able to bring that much cash with them. that credit class is already left in the kind of russians that are still in russia don't have as much flexibility. they're not gonna be able to take their work with them as well. so that's going to limit mobility. and most russians
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have their money in their apartments. that's also gonna limit mobility, as well as the kind of obligations that people have for their parents as well. and in terms of what's happening in russia, now the protests we've seen out what is the momentum behind those? when do you see them doing so far? about 1500 people have been arrested. this is a country of a 140000000 people. it's good that that russians are out on the streets, but again, it's not that significant. what's more significant is what changed on russian television in the last week. so this war has been going on for 7 months. and for the 1st part of the war, there is a little bit more openness on russian state t v. then there was a period, a long period of silence, where you could not criticize the war. and indeed it's done in the cold awards a special military operation. but in the past week or so, since the counter offensive in her song really made progress in ukraine and russian forces really fell behind. there was more outspoken criticism on russian state television. that's more significant, i think, than
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a couple of 1000 people out on the streets, protesting tennyson now though about those referendums in, in held, in areas of you credit occupied by russian troops. if those are made part of russia, how big a deal is that? it's a huge deal, so most people are focusing right now on mobilization and we see these emotional images of people being force under buses and it's, it's terrible. but annexation is actually more important. geopolitically. so here's what happens. so ukrainians are being forced to check vote and vote in favor of annexation 4 provinces of ukraine will likely be annexed and it will be over 90 percent. if it's fake, though, this is what they did in crimea in 2014. what this means though, is that those 4 provinces will be under moscow's nuclear umbrella. what i expect to happen is that key of will say, heck, no, that is our sovereign territory, vladimir putin. so when ukraine tries to retake those 4 provinces, as they said they will let of your booting, may call joe biden and say,
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tell ukrainian president zalinski to stand down. or we're going to use a nuclear weapon on one of ukraine cities. that's, you know, the most extreme example, but that's a lot of that's, that's what i'm really worried about in the sort of analytical community. and the government is worried about this as well. and what about the international position now? i mean, we've obviously countries like china and tu, tu, tu, kiya and india have sort of not criticized the warn you credit so far. but there was a they did, they weren't exactly supportive today at the u. n. and also at the some icon, some it, they didn't stand behind russia. how much difference will those plans make can what happens next in the will? that's a great question. so international sentiment is changing out of the indian spoke out against the war. and the chinese have shown that they are not happy with it as well. so whether putin has fewer and fewer allies and i will, it, will it change something? no, but it makes him feel increasingly more vulnerable. so he is,
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i think he's more likely to do something that we in the west may not consider to be rational and it looks more emotional. he has fewer and fewer options. i don't see how he can get out of ukraine now, and the ukrainians are unwilling to negotiate and moscow seems unwilling to negotiate to so unfortunately, the situation in ukraine is getting more and more serious and i think pollutant has fewer options to, to pull back as well, and the harris thank you very much indeed for to hunter. thank you. you're welcome rushes for mr. told you in general, somebody that his country had no choice but to invade ukraine. so again, ralph criticized western nations for what he called a grotesque fear of russia. you don't want, especially incapacity of western countries to negotiate. and the continued war by the key regime against their own people, left us with no choice but to recognise the independence of the desk and the people's republic and start a special military operation to protect the russian and other people in dunbar. and
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so we acted to remove the threats against our security, which nato had been consistently creating in ukraine at our borders. alfred jones, as live from the united nations in new york. so no sign of any kind of changes, mood, music coming from lover off at very much naught . it is so gay, lover of repeating the narrative that has come out of moscow since february the 24th, when vladimir putin announced the special military operation in ukraine. what was interesting is that the euclidean seat of the united nations was empty during the speech. the americans left one diplomat who looked as if she would much rather be anywhere else. that lover of said that essentially a russia was forced to go in to ukraine because of that, the way that ethnic russians were being treated in the country and said this goes way back to the united states and other western nations meddling in ukrainian politics. going back to 2012, so they said essentially they were left with
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a new option at the also insisted that the u. s. was commonly undermining the international order. the claim that was standing up for the united nations by forcing countries to speak out against russia, not allowing them to have a new or neutral view. essentially invoking with george bush said after the attacks and $911.00, you're either with us or against us. and he seemed to suggest that is how at the united states was approaching this crisis. he also talked about the referenda that is underway in the voting. they're essentially seeing that western nations were throwing a fit because people in those areas would been given the right to self determination . and you remember, the antony blinking said just a few days ago the, he believes that the russians are going to declare their that those areas a russian territory and any attempt by the ukrainians to take back. that territory will be seen as an attack on russia itself. and as your guest was explaining that would then give russia in their view at the, in the green light to use
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a nuclear weapons against ukraine. now as far as the referenda is concerned, the ukrainians have written to the un security council. here's the letter here, demanding a debate on those referenda and the un security council says is, is going to have that debate on tuesday. what is also interesting, of course, that after so gay loves comments. there will be a right of reply in the un general assembly that will be given both to the united states and to the ukrainians themselves. our vision, thank you very national. coming up on the news out from london. the new face of italian politics was less than 24 hours to go post pointed to the country's 1st female prime minister evacuation orders in parts of eastern canada stone. piano brings hurricane force winds and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. as roger federer retired, would hear from his wrong time arrival in friend profile. not
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arg shingles are being held for some of the victims of a boat accident off the coast of syria. more bodies are being recovered. days after the vessel from lebanon went down. these 90 people and now confirmed dead and others are still missing. most of those on board were trying to escape evidence economic crisis, and a 100 reports from bay ridge. wow, they're being laid to rest. victims of lebanon's, worst migrant bo tragedy in years. many of those who died were palestinian refugees, they've been here for decades, but lives with little or no rights at all. the situation was made worse by 11 and i can only collapse that began 3 years ago. i know that i saw them on a bit of a 100 that we lost 30 people from not help. all right. come to the palestinian
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leadership, should shoulder responsibility guarantee. good living conditions. so we can live in dignity or open the border so we can go back to palestine. bodies that have been identified are being brought back to lebanon. but that takes time. some have started to decompose. the boat said sail on tuesday, but sank off the coast of neighboring syria. 2 days later, families are desperate for any news. didn't promise us anything. they said we should go identify the bodies 1st as we have no idea. if there still alive or dead, we still don't know anything. in recent years, the north lebanon coast has become a migrant way to europe. an increasing number of 11 have joined palestinian and syrian refugees attempting to make the dangerous journey. we have seen the number of people attempting to depart and the number of both parties doubled from 21 to 20
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to 20. and that's not the typical. if you compute it from january to september, 2022. that shows how desperate these people are in order to protect it and to provide for its believe that up to a 150 people could have been on board the overcrowded boat. nearly 50 of the bodies found are reported to have been of children. 11 years army says it arrested, a man whose confess, to being behind the attempt to smuggle the boat to europe. it wasn't the 1st the rest of its kind. neither was the tragedy. in april, a migrant boat sank from 6 kilometers off the coast of lebanon. and dozens of people were never found. few expect the dangers and the security cracked on 11 on to stop the exodus as long as living conditions were sent. a few days before the boat sank off, the syrian coast migrants on board. another vessel that left lebanon shores were
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rescued by turkish coast guards, but not before. 6 of them had died, including 2 babies, sent their elders ita. they wrote iranian president, every racy says protests against the government must be confronted decisively widespread demonstrations. we're triggered by the death of a 22 year old women in police custody last week. terran has limited internet services in an attempt to quality unrest. dozens of demonstrators have been killed, rhetoric, gate and b has more 8 consecutive nights, people into run have to fight authorities to protest over the death of master armine. the 22 year old died in custody last week after being arrested by so called morality police sheed allegedly violated the country's policy on head scarves ah, similar protest to spreading across iran in the northwest in city of ocean of a demonstrators defied a warning by the reigning army that it would confront what it cooled enemies of the
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state. similar protests were held in the western city of kurama, but he ran his limited internet services to climb down on the growing descent. the problem is if they switch off, they're the access to international networks or to their global internet. then we're the national internets or the national internet. it's really hard to use those vpn services and saves a messenger apps such as signal the u. s. government has eased export restrictions on software and some technology to iran to widen online access. but analysts say it's unlikely to have an immediate impact ah, several demonstrations in support of the government of all say taken place in iran . president abraham, where he see says a meet his death must be investigated, but is called the protests acts of chaos. relying subtle division. they want to ride a wave and create riots and disturbances. they think with such moves,
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they can stop the nation. we have announced many times that of any one has a fair comment and we will listen to it, but anarchy disturbing national security, the security of people, no one will succumb to this so far though, the protests show no sign of dying down. wow. victoria gate and be al jazeera, hundreds of people have demonstrated in london denouncing the iranian government. and in baba was there. with some of these protests to stuart, mainly iranian or of iranian background, actually started the demonstration down the road. the iranian embassy here in london, now they've been challenging things like death to the dictator and denouncing these on the republic. but they're putting the emphasis on things like say, her name, referencing boss, a armine, who died after being detained in the rainy and capitol. the way she was wearing her job. we don't want anyone deciding for us what to lad
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with my time and she's the final school. but anyway in women, to have that freedom of speech, freedom of freedom to walk in our street, i'm feeling safe. i think a public pressure on the self occasion of young people on restrict states. i think people not just have, you know, they're also worried about what's being, what's been happening with those protests around the country, around or on, in terms of people being detained, including journalists, making it harder for people to get the clear message out. a clear picture of what's been happening in terms of that crack down. and so many a very determined that vate, with the freedom that they can use here, it places like london, continue to keep. the issue in the public i out is releasing the 2nd chance of
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documents from the labor files, a substantial league of internal papers from britain's main opposition party documents reveal that a concerted campaign to undermine the parties. then leader jeremy corbin, claiming that he failed to tackle a sharp rise in anti semitism, was based on misleading accusations within his own party. phil reece, my investigative unit report. when jeremy corbin was elected leader of the labor party in 2015, he promised to shift in policy on the middle east. the continuing occupation, big cranston of illegal settlement on the imprisonment of palestinian children ah, an outrage. we will recognize a palestinian state as soon as we take open winter, amy corbin and the team leader we will so overdrawn. at last we have a western politician who actually sympathizes with the palestinians. oh said soon allegations emerged that he was
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a racist. the very existence of my party, the labor party, is at stake. every race says i'm to say mouths out of the labor party. it's time for jeremy kobus thought. the labor files contain the entire contents of the parties, disciplinary folders since 2014. we can see real anti semitism, but then there is also a lot of information in these disciplinary files where there is clearly no anti semitism whatsoever. the files show the claims of anti semitism were repeatedly used to suspend corbin supporters. here's an example that says we demand that international criminal court. ready and the un chance benjamin netanyahu in israel for war crimes against humanity to suggest that this is somehow anti semitic,
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is simply trying to avoid israel being called out for its appalling abuses in the occupied territories for the 1st 2 and a half years of his leadership it was the party general secretary who corbin inherited in mcnichol, who was ultimately in charge of dealing with anti semitism cases. in 2018, corbin replace mechanical with an ally. jenny form be analysis of the data in the files tells a remarkable story. this graph shows the number of suspensions, investigations and expulsions from the labor party on grounds of anti semitism all through the corbin era. and this is the moment when jenny form b becomes general. secretary of the labor party enabling jeremy colbin to take control of the bureaucracy of her labor works. after they took control, the number of investigations, suspensions and expulsions went up exponentially. under intense pressure,
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corbin then accepted the definition of anti semitism. that includes criticism of israel, pressure from pro israel support is continued until he was defeated in a general election in 2019 soon after new liter, secure, stormy, takes over his t meet with leading pro israel groups in britain. the files include minutes of the meeting which included the board of deputies of british jews. the board of deputy is a keen to counter suppositions from labor m. p 's. that because they're normally committed to combating anti semitism. that it gives them cop blum's to say what they like about israel. steve read as senior opposition minister replies that the labor party will never accept attempts to exception allies and diligence demise. israel phil reese, al jazeera london. kevin craig is the chief executive officer of p. eleanor leading
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political communications agency in the united kingdom and a former labor party donor joins us live from london. thanks so much for being with us. so if you want to go back to that graph that we saw there, and in that report, why do you think the number of investigations suspensions expulsions in trying to semitism in the labor party when top during jeremy kobus tenure on the or particular when his ally took over it, jenny form b, was it, do you think it's a sign that the party was taking it from serious your son that the there were more complaints. what, what do you, how do you explain that that i think lower and it was a mixture of both. there was a lot of pressure around the time for the labor party to jeremy kobus lee to ship $2.00 to $2.00 routes out the problem of anti semitism. and you know, the fact is i've met jeremy kobus, a number of occasions i carried on giving to the policy under his leadership. even though i had reservations about a lot of areas of activity under his leadership. but whatever this report says,
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you know, the fact is there are many in the labor party currently who do not accept its, its validity, who haven't commented on it, they, they're not happy with the content. but i think it's supposed fairness to say, and i, you know, jeremy kobus person is a very decent man, but he didn't lose his job as labor party leader or a general election because of issues around labor policy, bureaucracy, or anti semitism, or, or the, the suffering of the palestinian people, he lost it because he was no way near good enough to be prime minister. and that's what led labor to his biggest election to faith since the 19th thirty's. and he lost it for reasons of not being perceived to be a strong enough leader. not doing enough to i think help keep us in the european union. he didn't have, it wasn't trusted with the national security. then i to kingdom so much there
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remains division in the labor party as they're all, as there isn't many policies on the edge of government fairness. i think it's important say this report is very disputed. there were many attempts eventually to deal with anti semitism, but, but there was a feeling amongst the jewish community, britain generally with exceptions, of course, that it had become a problem for the labor policy. i mean, that would be my opinion so. so you didn't think so they, they had a problem with and from didn't, but it was amplified. you think perhaps to, to try discredit people. i don't, i don't really, i can't accept that said the same beforehand. i'm not going to come on somebody to take a view on the report one way or the other. i would say is disputed, and i would say somebody who did stay loyal to the, the labor part sounds, jeremy kobus leadership for purposes of unity to, to give it a chance that regretfully we need to bear in mind that he's not leader of the labor party and he's not prime minister because he fell short, not this report, however,
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you look at it and tell me this, okay, the elite care of internal workings, how much has changed in terms of how the party runs itself. and that puts itself at risk of damaging episode. how much has changed on the, under the current there has been a huge transformation in the way that the labor party runs itself. so case darma who again i think shows the radical values that brought jeremy kobus to the to ship but is as i think, a very different person he is really professionalized and modernized the organization of the policy, the general secretaries, a guy called david evans, he's done a fantastic job, you know the proof of the pudding for how to do reviews and listeners is that the labor party is closer to government that it has been since when at last the, the general election in 2010 when labor left office. that's the difference case tama heat. there was
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a problem with the perception of how the labor party dealt with anti semitism and caste alma has finished the discussion in the u. k. whilst i may add, still remaining passionately committed to the issue of the struggles of the palestinian people in the middle east. kevin cray. thank you very much. nice coming on to talk to thank you. that's more so to come this hour, including campaigning, heat south in brazil's presidential election with julia. both scenario playing catch up in the polls. and later in sport baseball legend joins exclusive club of 700 home runs. a hello there, things of turn, cooler and wet across europe over the past few days and that trend is set to
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continue. over the next year, we're going to see some heavy rain across more central parts, as well as some wintery weather in places like switzerland. but down in the south and continues to be a pretty wet picture and it's a similar story for the islands without warnings out as that tropical system swings out to the west. we are likely to sophie some rain here, but certainly for it's really more central areas. we're expecting the heavier down ports here. we could see some flooding. we saw some fighting in the north east of spain, catalonia seeing some roads flooded after those downpours, but it's mainly the valley. eric islands on sunday that have got the warnings out as we go into monday. a lot of that wet weather is going to shift its way further east into the balkans. you can see that happen. it's going to monday is what a lot about what weather rolling out through austria and onwards to poland and russia. wow. seen some very heavy rain certainly on sunday in some monday it gets cooler up in the north west for britain island gales expected in the far north of
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scotland. we are going to see things cool down. thanks to that strong northerly wind. we have a look at the 3 day for london. some improvement, however, sunshine on tuesday. ah, ah, i saw i lead your company on to the pitch is a special moment for any football to do it as a policy. the woman is a remarkable achievement. football league legend added continental introduces honey
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fog, who broke through social and political barrios to expire a generation of female players across the middle east. football rebels. let's do it. on al jazeera lou. ah, i'm on the top stories here now to 0 rights group say more than 730 people who have been detained at anti war protests across russia. security forces moved quickly to break up demonstrations in moscow, st. petersburg and several other cities. activists are angry over president putin's partial mobilization, older funerals are being held for some of the victims of
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a boat accident off the coast of syria, who bodies are being recovered. days after the migrant vessel from lebanon went down, at least 90 people, not confirmed debt. and iranian president, brain rice, he says, protest against the government must be confronted decisively. widespread demonstrations were triggered by the death of a 22 year old woman in police custody last week about john's foreign minister says it's time to work towards the normalization of relations between his country and armenia. jay, who byrom off, made the comment during his address to the un general assembly arminius prime minister, addressed the assembly earlier this week, condemning what he called as a by john's unprovoked aggression. hundreds of soldiers were killed in fighting this month. 2 days ago, we listened to the statement delivered by the prime minister of armenia. regretfully, this was yet another evidence. you must rating that the armenian site seems focused on, continued the confrontation instead of normalization, inevitable. john,
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we believe that our region has seen enough confrontation, destruction, and suffering. it is high time for both our nations to engage fully and wholeheartedly in the post conflict generalization. so we can finally turn over the tragic page of our history and start building a better future for our children. the commitment officer by any site, is there. the hope that i mean you will find the lease of redgate constructively and engage generally into the negotiations. a right wing coalition as tip to rise to power in italy, has wrapped up its campaign to pat square, and rome parliamentary elections will be held on sunday. they were triggered by the collapse of prime minister mario dragging government in july. stephanie deca has more from him. ah, this is what italy's next government could look like if the polls are accurate. but
12:40 am
it's really all about george or maloney thinkin only got 3. they will, we will build a solid, cohesive government with a strong popular mandate, which will remain in power for 5 years. ah, right. when party brothers of italy is ahead in the polls indicating she could well become italy's 1st female prime minister. and the 1st far right leader since benito mussolini is rise to power here. 100 years ago. maloney supporter is gathered in rome's piazza than popular for the last rally before the elections yield. i give my support to this party because i love my country and judge maloney it will protect it. she will make laws to protect our youth, our ports, and the quality of life of italians who do deserve this. finally, have anybody. if we let me go, 1st of all, we need to regain a national identity that has been set aside for the good of europe. but this is not a real europe because we have lost our own identity. the on the center left,
12:41 am
the democratic party led by the former prime minister and that he collector is pulling 2nd. but italy's coalition focus politics means the numbers are not in his favor of abu bucker's to morrow is part of that coalition. he came to italy as a student from the ivory coast in 1999 and is now running as a candidate to women. it won't often damage alcorda duck wallabies on the 1st thing to worry about are the high bulls and that all italian families ever. harper, me, on the table. this is why we will bring the values of antique dresser from an anti racism not to protect italy alone. or to project italy towards the europe of rights and dignity. not particularly darya grass. if a chris, a glance at the snap election follows the resignation of technocrat prime minister minute draggy in july, internal politics put an end to his unity government that spanned from left to right, one that maloney and her party never joined. successive governments have collapsed . elections are not the solution. elections are the confirmation of
12:42 am
a deep crisis of the political system with these are key collections because i think they are going to close a season this season, which the left overall government, italy, this what will the far right victory mean for relations with europe for immigration policies for the economy, italy is struggling with soaring energy bills, inflation and an all round increase. cost of living that will need to be addressed immediately. of silence i had gone was sunday's election, and by the early hours of monday morning, italians could go what their next government may look like. here. 68 and 76 years japanese i called you there. all right. campaigning is heating up in the brazilian presidential election. were the 1st round of voting should yield in just over a week. leftist candidate louis ignacio new la desilva has increased his potent
12:43 am
lead over president julia botero. but boston, our supporters say there's no way he will lose our latin america. to lucio newman reports from campaign us. ah, a sea of yellowing green, the colors of brazil's flag needed president j. brewster murder. on his latest campaign stop. he reminded voters that he's recently cut the price of petrol by half, and increased handouts to the needy. but it's something else that makes most supporters worship him. we will want a few goals like govern, gina, all their goal, greece. we want them to feel very smooth body with it hub. oh god. oh campaign. this is the 2nd largest city of brazil's largest and most populous state. so power and winning it on october. second, selections is vital to both scenarios. chances for a 2nd term. bailey is not difficult to convince you. you just need to
12:44 am
look at other countries that adopted communist ideology and show how much brazil was robbed between 2003 or 2015. he's referring to the administration of his formidable rival for the left wing president, and we see now sure, let the silver was when i was logan in this next in, in brazil, a mob. all else and god above everyone, most or not, or is, and he's on his role, conservative family value, and the nationalistic, a nation that resonates with millions of brazilians like these. nevertheless, the latest polls show him trailing behind lula in 2 of brazil's 3 large estates. and in a dead heat in rio de janeiro, which is supposed to be both sonata stronghold many here can't believe it. express givea so me to the poles lie and the pollsters have been bought off.
12:45 am
people here tell us they're fighting for the so brazil. but should bull so now to lose to his ideological nemesis in the 1st round, as polls suggest he may, the president has hinted, he won't take defeat line down. to see a newman al jazeera can venus brazil. cannon's prime minister just intruder says storm fiona has caused significant damage to the countries east. a storm made landfill on saturday, bringing hurricane force winds. thousands of people in nova scotia and prince edward island, or without power authority say several homes were dragged out to sea storm fear, no battered puerto rico and other parts of the caribbean, nearly a week ago killing at least 8 people. a storm is weakening as it travels north, and officials and parts of canada. so ordering people to leave the area. so anybody that's being told to leave their homes, you need to leave. there's no ifs,
12:46 am
ands or buts. you need to leave what we have crews out and we'll soon won't be able to have our crews out in some areas it's just becoming unsafe for our cruise. we need you to stay home. if your home is a safe place, baby, or if your home is not a safe place, let's try to get you out. and let's try to get on a move and go. thousands of people have died in northern india is heavy, rain flooded hundreds of homes, knocked out power and collapsed structures. officials say more heavy downpours. a forecast monsoon rains in south asia typically begin in june, but this year torrential rain hit northeast in india and bangladesh. in march triggering floods as early as april the monsoon season, which ends in october, usually kills hundreds of people and leaves tens of thousands homeless every year. a typhoon in central japan killed at least 2 people and left tens of thousands without power. strong winds and heavy rain caused floods and mud slides in she's
12:47 am
working city southwest of to kill. officials say further flooding in the region is possible. as the storm news off the coast, japan is in typhoon season, which brings about 20 heavy storms each year, often causing flooding and landside. a communist, all parade is taking place in hong kong. the 1st such display since china took over the territory in 1997. the parade began with offices in uniform, marching with hong kong and chinese flags. the territories discipline service, police and some other government agencies took part. chief executive john lee was among those watching, trying to government imposed a tough national security law on hong kong in 2019 seeking to stamp out public descent. following months of anti government protests by a 2 day strike by traffic controllers in western central africa has been suspended . hundreds of passengers were stranded across the region on saturday when the national carriers cancel flight. because hack is incentive goals, capital deca,
12:48 am
where he says the unions of pushing for better pay. we're outside an airport in downtown decor and the air traffic control tower that you see right behind me is being man by the military. it's going to be handed over to civilian air traffic controllers because they've brought to an end their strike. they've been on strike for the last 2 days in 17 countries throughout west africa region of the size of the united states. several countries where commercial flights were grounded and no traffic up above. now, the air traffic controllers were angry because of their pay and working conditions . and there was still angry while they suspended their action. they say they will go back in action striking and in 10 days time they're angry about their pay conditions and their working conditions. now, air traffic controllers here earned around $300.00 a month, 1200 dollars a year,
12:49 am
compare that to their counterparts in europe. that earn a $100000.00 a year. now there's also the issue of the working conditions. many of these powers and their electronics are aging and there's an increase of traffic up into the air . recently, some of these air traffic control towers were hacked and so they're asking for more means to deal with increased traffic and new technology to do their job better. now the heads of state that are currently at the un general assembly, the african heads of state work got involved to try to bring an end to the strike action and have succeeded in doing so. but there's still a lot of issues that remain unresolved. what happened is for the last few days, millions of people were not able to fly out of this country to be able to go to europe to go to lisbon, to, to fly in the region to,
12:50 am
out to me was impossible. also people that are abroad that wanted to fly within west africa, were unable to do so. but there's a temper resolve the issue. but there's a lot more work to be done in order to, to solve the grievances of the regions, air traffic controllers, award winning american actor, louise fletcher, who died at the age of $88.00. she was best known for the roll at one her oscar 976, as the villainous nurse, wretched in the screen. screen it up taishan of one flew over to cook, whose nest, former colleagues and fans paid tribute to the actor. calling here in absolute great. so i had this news out, we have sport with gemma and not even affected elbow. good, stop this, i can change ah . a new year, new lessons and murals. this is the time when you get to choose. your english
12:51 am
teacher is for the next 2 years meet the teacher is empowering best students. my tech and my course are all about freedom. we're gonna be looking at respect is i want you to develop the skill with which you speak by letting them choose and lessons they learn. ready revocation, democratic schooling, united kingdom on al jazeera, examining today's headlines. we cannot live in a good is good at this hop flight. the titanic heading for the iceberg. setting the discussions the fall of afghanistan is going to stay with every single ask and for the rest of their life sharing personal stories with the global audience. it's about our body autonomy. it is about our own. all right, programs that open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today. on al jazeera lou
12:52 am
ah, jemerson doha with the sports news. thank you, lauren. this was a roger federer saying goodbye after 24 years of professional tennis. he played alongside a great rival and close friend at raphael, his aetna doll in the doubles and the labor cup, and there was barely a dry eye in the house on a very emotional night in london. it's been a been a perfect journey. i will do it all over again.
12:53 am
with so many people, jr. me on. and you guys here tonight means the world. my wife's been so supportive. mm hm. good is not very long time ago. she didn't, she got me going and allowed me to plug rosenberg through. ha, as he just saw that, lots of tears from both the federal and the dallas bonnet hasn't withdrawn from the event for personal reasons. but before he went, the 2 sat down and reflected on a special evening. it feels good to cry sometimes you know. and it was
12:54 am
obvious and emotional on many levels, but on the happy side, this is exactly what i hoped for it to be totally just content at the end of my career and i am and so in peace with everything. well, the vs sharing, i think, very important things for, for our lives. at some point, when roger lives, i am losing an important part of my life in mail in bottom of my life it's, it's living with him so difficult to, to hold emotions in that moment. i'm happy to be the 1st to go. i deserve to be the 1st to go because i'm also the oldest, but it's also i would feel very empty if some of the guys would retire before
12:55 am
me. as we speak to veteran tennis broadcast at craig, gabriel, he told us the atmosphere, the arena was like nothing he'd experienced before. it was ridiculous. i n a was debt beyond deafening really. and it was an amazing atmosphere that the arena was totally sold out. not even standing room and you know, i don't know how they actually played the match without getting teary and emotional between points. but i have never seen rough the like that i really have. and i mean, i know he shed a tear on a couple of titles like the more recent french opens. but i have never seen rather as emotional as he was last night with the attributes on the fair. well. and i thought what he said after about roger leaving the game as part of his life leaving i thought that was just beautiful and so well. busy said and thought of by rougher but you know, just shows how human these players are. people think, oh, you know,
12:56 am
they're out there and then they giving it everything and then you trap mines, et cetera. but they are human and they feel these emotions. and we really saw that in spades last night here in london, as cetera, conic lance novak joke of it might as return to competition on day 2 of the tournament. the sub in was playing for the 1st time and since winning wimbledon in july, i was up against a recent usa from semi finalist francis t. f. i joke of it with a comfortable, straight sense victory to secure the points the sooner it afterwards. his thoughts turned back to federal and the celebrations from the night before on about the resume, where i think we would all agree that this was one of the most beautiful moments that everyone has experienced live or on the tv on the tennis courts. worldwide of all time and we look, we all knew that he's going to be a different emotional farewell for roger. but you know, i think we were,
12:57 am
we were all people taken away by, by the moment away from federer's retirement major league baseball style. albert, who halls is become just a 4th play in history to reach 700. i'm runs. we needed to homer's against the la dodgers to reach the mock job done by the 4th inning. for the 42 year old joins of barry bonds at hank aaron and babe ruth in that very exclusive club. new zealand have won the rugby championship for a record extending 19th time. the all blacks ran in 5 tries to ham australia. 4014 in oakland in the late march to south africa apiece,
12:58 am
argentina 3821 and finally a duchess cycling legend. alameda random lesson has stunned her rivals by winning the women's road race of the world championships with a fractured elbow. the 39 year old has suffered the injury when she fell at during the time of trial, she snatched victory with a late attack about 600 meters from the finish. that is all your sport is back to laura jayma. thank you very much. indeed. that's it. for me on taylor for snoozer, i'll be back in a minute with another for one of the days news. thanks for watching. ah ah
12:59 am
ah, ah ah . october on al jazeera, in an election set to define a nation brazilians would choose between the radically different currents hard line, conservative president and the former socialist president. a sense of community delve into full unique communities revealing how they're adapting to the 21st century. china holds its national congress of communist party members with president
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t likely to be re elected as its head. what does this mean for china and the world? only with dreams takes you beyond the glitz and glamour, revealing the stories of those seeking, failing 14 in the world's largest film industry, bosnia goes to the poles in an election that will be what closely by both you and russia. october on al jazeera, this was a media moment, the likes of which we've never seen. this is important. this is the story from breaking down the headlines to expose in the powers attempting to silence reporting . we're seeing media freedom being threatened and attacked is basically criminalizing journalism. the listening post doesn't cover the news. it covers the way the news is covered. people have no idea when the source of uses that the game that rolled. and that brought the evidence on algebra ah, i.


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