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tv   earthrise Driving Change  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2022 4:30am-5:01am AST

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beneath the surface lies the dark, aside in british politics, the labor files park to on al jazeera the u. s. is always of interest to people. all right, the world people pay attention to what we thought here. now does either very good. they're bringing the news to the world. from here, i am very delighted to speak to the all african works. they are the continents brightest legal students, putting our minds against the missed mains in africa would really be interesting to see how we miss are gathered together for tournament. unlike any other concepts, from what is up in the linux letting me override the ad we can cut on human and people's rise is now in face in witness african knit on al jazeera lou, dominic clerk, and all the top stories here on al jazeera and more than 700 people across russia
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have been detained off to protest against criminals, mobilization and military reservists, police of cry down on demonstrators opposing the army call ups and several switches including moscow and st. petersburg well voting as continuing and referendum seen as part of moscow's push to annex for regions in ukraine. armed men are reported to have gone door to door to get people to vote. carroll over thunder has more now from keith. and there are some regions where videos we're seeing of a clearly showing what appear to be russian appointed election officials. walking through the hallways of apartment buildings knocking on doors, accompanied by would appear to be russian soldiers asking people to vote. clearly assigned, critic say would be of voter intimidation. we're also seeing and hearing reports of ukrainians that do not want to vote to join the russian federation. fearful closing
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their windows and doors, shuttering their blinds as, as election officials walked through neighborhoods as well. the rainy president says, protest against government must be confronted decisively as i have been widespread demonstrations after the death of a 22 year old woman in custody. last week. masa mini was detained by the so called morality police for allegedly violating headscarf rules. dozens of demonstrators have been killed so far. south korea and japan say north korea has fired a short range, ballistic missile towards the sea of japan. south bridge military says the missile was fought from the tight young area. it comes 2 days after a nuclear power us aircraft carrier, arrived in south griffith joint drills. hundreds of thousands of canadians have be left without power of to storm fear to hit these coasts. homes were washed away by the storm on saturday. the trees have been blown down, puts in new foundland to be evacuated in a state of emergency has been declared,
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funerals have been hell for some of the 94 people who died when that boat sank off the coast of syria. it was carrying them from lebanon to europe. liberties army says it's arrested. the suspects linked to the smuggling operation to his final campaign rallies had been held in italy before sunday. the election opinion polls suggest a fought right coalition, led by georgia. as headlines. one is coming up right after address ah, with climate change intensifying, the stability of the planet is at stake. by 2015 greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by 80 percent. if we are to have a chance of tackling this crisis,
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environmental leadership is needed more urgently than ever. in november, 2015 hopes were raised when world leaders committed to reducing emissions with the pirate climate agreement. but in june 2017 president trump pulled the united states out of the code. the united states will withdraw the reaction against the decision was widespread and immediate. china stepped into the role of global environment leda. and with the european union, we affirmed its commitment to taps and climate change. it is now the biggest super power in the world wide allies, the people fighting to protect the planet. i'm russellville, in washington dc to find out how much people po, to make a difference in pricing climate change. and i'm stephanie long and since in southern china, which is leading the world in the low carbon transport initiative, even before he became president,
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it was clear that trump's environmental policies were going to fly in the face of much of the progress made over the previous decade. only a few months into office and this approach threatens normally global security. also that as the united states itself, where the effects of climate change are already keenly felt, president trump has started the process of rolling back the clean water rule which conserves the nation's waterways. threatening the distance of the environmental protection agency, the national organization set up to protect the environment and communities. and these revive government support for fossil fuels. my administration is putting an end to the war on call for trumps environmental legacy. might have a surprising twist. i'm in the usa to see how communities are coming together to bypass the white house, forming a global network of grass roots resistance a come to the people's climate march here in washington, dc. it's one of 300 marches across the country, calling for
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a change in environmental policy with we're dealing with climate change right now, is that a situation where, you know, it'll be coming to us in the future? it is wrapping right now, my community. and so i, i came all the way here to be safe to say that enough is enough. ah, but 81 percent the united states energy still coming from oil, coal, and natural gas. many a here to oppose the trump administration. so the fossil fuel industry a come across with gillion from new york state and outspoken activities for renewable energy. oil and gas industry is try, it has a serious onslaught the us into the infrastructure that's going to keep us addicted
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to fossil fuels for the next 50 years. the people that are here walking today, they had the opposite methods. we had new forms of energy, alternative energy, renewable energy, with the environment where a bank here would have been saved by now. i could just stand here for ages, look into this wonderful and a slogan. ah, jump up the front is michael, he's from an organization called says bronchi night. they're facing some significant challenges with appellation in their community. how are you? i'm good. how are you with? i've come here to represent my coalition as how we can work together nationally. all to combat climate change while. busy borman employees, the power of this kind of protest with no real true changes ever happened without this type of engagement from the civil rights movement to, to the right for women, so foe to so gay rights to you name it all change we
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see to have happen to our community, our society that's been momentous as come through this type of engagement. 5 hours later the official count comes in. it's a passive, everyone's expectations. over 200000 people showed up double the expect to turn it fast, the march coins down the still one person who went to meet i am the stuff i. li, quit his job as a senior advisor of the environmental protection agency's environmental justice team. 2 months after president trump came into poa, i want to know why he's here today as an individual, sometimes it can be overwhelming and you feel disconnected. we're connecting folks . so it is a global movement. there is a global connection that is happening and we want to utilize that power to make change, not only for today, but for future generations as well. give us a sense of how you and the rest of the people here. i've worked with christy at
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long the administration, so this is not just a moment. this is a movement. and that means that once folks are done marching, we're breaking down silos. people are coming together in authentic ways and creating collaboration. folks are going to go back to their respective communities . they're going to take the information that they got here, but they are also going to get engaged. and that means that they're going to get engaged on the local level and the state level. i talking to the marches here, there's a real sense that people ppo can create change for how can and local grounds will stand up to federal policies. with killing him, who i met on the march, invite me back to his bomb and the catskill mountains north new york state to show me how to do just that former teacher westlakes and a small holding farm using a 100 percent renewable energy. so this is our electric charge. it goes to the ground to the ground. and then this is a portable yeah, well,
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a generator. yeah, it's, i mean one person can move it from one place, the other as we move, move the fans around. but west is in your average pharma. he led the charge on one of the most powerful environmental says in campaigns in new york state history. in 2009, he built a local to edition that site stepped federal policy by claiming that fracking and the states waterways using local state legal obligation to guarantee clean water. 2 citizens west and his colleagues managed band fracking atrocity entire estate. today he has his site set on a new bill to transition new york state into a 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. it's a huge left to to this, but we need to mandate it and then, and come up with how to do it. and labor is involved too, because we are, as right now, there's more jobs in the renewable sector than there is in the fossil fuel cell.
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and new york state has the, the political inertia to do that. now, partly coming out of the fracking fight, we have a highly educated population in the state because of that tracking fight. so that's why we're going to albany a new york state to, to green future, treating thousands of jobs in the process to push forward with heading to the state capitol building in albany every tuesday. and pointed to lo be a whole presentation on gun violence. whatever legislation they're pushing and people come from all over the state to follow. and then, you know, some of these folks are probably going off and having meetings with their elected officials from their community. this is genuine kind of bottom of politics is happening right here. this is it how it works in this country. there's a lot of interesting ironies that happened on tuesdays in albany. i might be here
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pushing for something to stop a pipeline. and i get on an elevator with someone from the oil and gas association of america who's got a paid lobbyist there. and you know, trying to do the exact opposite, put pipelines all over the place. i follow with this, he meets with this local legislature to put food, the plan for 100 percent renewable energy in new york state weren't allowed to fill in the meeting. 2 hours later with emerges with wingman eddie battista, it's a climate emergency. the governor needs to show some urgency and so we need, we don't know yet if he's going to step up and take the kind of bowl leadership that we need in the age of trump. but we have about 4 and a half weeks to make it happen and i like our chances. what are you and what's going to you ask, what's going to happen next? i mean we've got another meeting with the folks in the center. the other thing that's going to happens is going to go back down to brooklyn. i'm going to go to the catskills and we're going to get everybody in those places on board and push
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for it. and then they can ignore it and the folk. so the organizations that function out of albany, they're going to be doing the same thing here in albany with all those electrons. ah, they told us 10 years ago, there's no way that you could stop fracking. it's going to happen, you know, and after a 70 or fight governor announced that there's a ban on friday. we stopped it. so doesn't really matter. what president trump says about the e p a or where we're going to make that transition despite. and that would be ah, we don't know if they're going to succeed. but what we do know is after being in dc and seeing all these community groups working together is the climate change is not one problem with one silver bullet solution is made up of many little problems to interact and intersect in every aspect of our lives. what that means is that we all have an opportunity to get involved is actually the getting involved and being
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together. that's the people ppo. that's the solution. a month after filming continued efforts by west and other campaigners who validated when the governor of new york state andrew cuomo signed an executive order, pushing old agencies to develop plans for 80 percent renewable energy, a every community in the state. let's do it now. throughout the united states coalition facility from united by the commitment to meeting the piracy can toggle the group climate mass as over 300 members of 1200 governance mass colleges. universities and businesses have joined a public campaign pulled. we are still in a union of 12 states class. puerto rico has been founded by the government of
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washington, new york and california. the united states climate alliance is a coalition of states that have reacted to president trump's decision to withdraw the united states from them a climate treaty. and the state stepped up, taking it upon themselves to do the things that would be necessary if in either states we're still at the table. this is a coalition that can get as big as there are jurisdictions that are willing to work with us. i think there's real hope that as states see other states joining and getting some benefit out of it, that they'll decide that they want to be part of it to california is also working internationally and june 2017 governor cherry brown, signed a deal to work on climate change with china, china looks to us now as a representative of the united states. they want to see not just california, other states coming to china. they want to send people here to learn from some of
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our techniques that we've used over the years to bring down the levels of small, which not that long ago were as bad as what you now see today in beijing. seeing countries or states or cities that are cutting their emissions and doing well economically, is what everybody needs to be doing. and we all can learn from each other because there is no one place that has a monopoly of all the good ideas. china is the world's biggest c o 2 emitter and urban air pollution here has reached crisis level. and i guess that it's like changing our now harnessing the power on both the government in the private sector to well, i mean low carbon transport initiatives that are blazing a trail not just for other cities in china, for the rest of the world. mm aah. change in
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a booming metropolis in china's southeastern manufacturing belts until the eighty's just a farming community. ginger was chosen as a testing ground for communist china's experiment with capitalism. now it's china's answer to silicon valley. with over 11000000 inhabitants, a 150 skyscrapers and 3000000 cars. but china's boom has come at a price. the world health organization has estimated that air pollution kills $1000000.00 people in the country each year. it's a crisis that desperately needs a solution. and part of that solution is hopefully about to pick me up from your home. so i've just hopped into one of changes electric taxes and they say that by 2020, all of the taxes are changing are going to be fully electric,
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which is amazing. so i'm up to find out how that's going to be done. i'm visiting b y d or build your dreams, which produced the 5500 electric tax. these currently on change and st. richard lee is going to show me around a while ago. you good morning, how are you going to be? are they welcome? so for people who don't know too much about feel id, what can you tell us about it? while you are the stars in 1995 as the battery manufacturer. but now you are the saturated, the war a large is new energy vehicle manufacturer. so this is the view of the 6 and this is the 1st and then mostly says will be why the production of vehicle was, is fully charged. the 0 gives you 400 kilometers. dr. rich are we maybe deliver those to taste fleet. again, china and the world b y div reflects the global shift in the industry towards china, which last year sold around $400000.00 new energy vehicles. more than 2 waste,
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as many as the us that's been made possible by the billions of us dollars worth of subsidies. the chinese government has used to build the industry. if you buy a vehicle. okay, you're in title, this are subsidies. for example, you sion, janet, you go up by a top like this. so yeah, you can in title around $40000.00 r and b total subsidies. that's about 15 percent off the price of this car, their best selling plug in hybrid which uses a chargeable battery and gasoline engine. so because this is a plug in a hybrid car, so if interest to drive most, so now we operating this e v mode. so that is a pure electrify written try. no, no, no, you have mtv over there. yeah. we also have mtv there because if you switch to actually the inside of the engine and started it. yeah. okay, right. you feel it so that would give you other power for them,
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but it's not just cars. b, y d is making electric buses, trucks and service vehicles report, airports, and even mine and electric monorail runs through their campus. the goal is to fully electrify every transportation sector inch and jen, that's already becoming a reality. it's an electrical doctor about what's going on. so it's pretty amazing to think that by september, all of the both of the children are going to be fully electric like this home. mm. mm. all this means that within a few years, the cities entire public transportation system will be fossil fuel free. but what about the roughly 3000000 private drivers. yeah. anyhow. anyhow, i love it. i'm taking a ride with lou, don't. he recently became
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a father and also bought his 2nd electric cars. just also sold his whole woman, the shipment that he was you. one was on there cuz it's the younger color dodge. i love the song tank. generational po jacqueline just, bridget was your what anyway? doesn't lou saw so much potential in the electric car market that he opened his own dealership and repair shop in july 2016. the id a honda engine has restricted new license plates for fuel cars while dishing them out liberally for new electric vehicles or any bees for short. lu has seen monthly sales, almost double, and the last 6 months, placing a curve and come away. unless a chance i'd again don't china are suitable. y'all has any worse and this is sim. hi. how's war for my finance for the hot out the balance. honda? civic santa maria hi shows on how can yonah hawkinson with semi dental,
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so i'll be abo, you, i knew it was housing, ohio, and valuable violence. visiting my, my over i'm, are you so it seems that consumer perceptions have already shifted. so i spy a customer. let's see what she thinks. oh, did i get on to the high school lunch with olivia? hm. yeah. you you, what is your session and the bill is on terms of their future. beula for the ha ha, goes out the future. move to the one good. are you sure? who are you the yo yo, we are in a home or even jaw to lay them. of course, all the seller trinity has to come from somewhere. inch and jen running. an electric car generally produces less than a 3rd of the c o 2 of a gasoline car, but it's still not carbon 0. luckily, there's an even cleaner way to get around. one that runs on nothing but good old fashioned leg work. i need to china douglas, that he cycle in little more than
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a year. legions of these smart bikes have flooded the country. city, operated by 2 dozen competing companies, each with a distinct color and design. by the end of 2017, china will have 20000000 of them. i'm meeting up with cycle enthusiasts juncture jan and jan she went to learn how to use mo bike. one of the leading companies. mccain's was a made on those are kind of came by many ah, ah, ah, ah, the other, i just certain kinds of any monthly job on a 2000 is on those in was on. no, just, oh, no matter. i go to the now the application uses gps to find a bike near you. oh does. the white glove has a long oh,
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you pay with mobile payment, which is now widely used across china and up you go. so i'm testing out this mo, like in this part right now before i elise myself in the world, 9 to the street, the changing. and it was pretty good right now. how many men push alcove away on what, why so no one left. i was your one set of saw join until now home in the tissue, melbourne sometimes on a shawl as acronyms are so kind to help you on that matter. so i found a hot, i found my boma guy some since i know your little sometimes all your mental guys, he's an answer not those old hosting guy. so i also just over a year since their launch mo, bike has $200000.00 bikes and shinji alone. now they could be coming to
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a city near you. mobic is already up and running and singapore and a chinese competitor is launching in the us this year. but being able to lead them anywhere does create problems. i'm meeting with some mo bike boys, as they're known to find out how they stop the city from being overtaken by discarded bikes. oh, creating virtually when i when, when, how and fun? jin chang use g. p. s to search for faulty bikes, reported by users. and the us, oh oh my god, it was our focus is on our hunt has brought us to one of shinji and dense neighborhoods known as urban villages. shin i am okay. them off those off. oh, wow. okay. oh wow.
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really stuck together. they're literally like you have one handle that's just stuck in this boat. oh wait, it's got free. okay. oh okay. so somebody has locked these bikes together. well, that complicate thing. elijah young, alam and joe yell funds actually i think one of those cycles that make it out alive get fixed up and redistributed to official parking spot. local transport authorities had set these up to accommodate a new bike and to try to regulate the system. so now this private initiative has been incorporated into the public transport system. ah, no, it's a on hi. can i? yeah. intend to. yeah. they are stuff you guys get in, you know, old boa python with number jill. and people find all way, was alba,
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or 3 or the without us in a film hold, i was will do faith. i've been feeling hold many of matthew, they'd be bought through, i'm po, box it up order out of chaos. the cycle system is still far from perfect, but it shows how willing the government is to let private businesses solve environmental problems. and overall, the approach is working, harmful small particulate matter inch engines. air has almost have in the last 40 if the trend continues. ginger will succeed in meeting e u air quality standards by 2020. it would be the 1st major chinese city to do that. encouraging cities like shanghai in beijing that are also investing and low carbon transport. china is still the world's biggest polluter, but there's no doubt it's moving forward a fast. and that's at least one reason to be optimistic.
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ah, environmental crisis facing our planet is great to know than ever before. but as we've seen in the series of arthritis, it's in the face of the biggest challenge is that some of the most effective solutions can emerge. some depend on coaching at science, whilst others can be simple. o spearheaded by people who are determined to make a difference. it's when local initiatives get wide, a political and financial support that they can really make a difference globally. despite the current u. s. administration, people and governments around the world, a coming together in the back to combat climate change is can only be encouraging when there is so much urgent work. do news.
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news, news. news, news. hello there. we've got another tropical storm strengthening in the caribbean, but before we get there, let's look to north america. it's a divided picture from the west to the east is looking much clearer and calm in the west. lots of sunshine and warms, coming in. that's certainly not the story in the east. we've got this cold front pulling its way across the midwest and the great great lakes bringing some heavy rain and knocking temperatures down. and if we take a closer look at eastern canada, now fiona worked its way very quickly, up north taking some very wet and windy conditions here it has weakened. however, but behind it, it will be
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a brief pause before we get more wet and when do have the answer storm sweeping through new england on woods to places like car back and following closely behind where fiona has passed. now i'll swear across the us, it is looking much fine at why in the south, lots of heat coming through for texas for florida. however, we are likely to see some storms with some possible flooding. and we are expecting a flooding from tropical storm in. it's likely to strengthen into a hurricane as it passes over the cayman islands, just missing jamaica. it'll work its way through the west of cuba, heading to florida, and it may strengthen. we'll keep an eye on that system. and that to whether updates ah, ah .


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