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committee to combating anti semitism as it gives them carte blanche to say what they like about israel. steve reed, a senior opposition minister replies that belabor party will never accept attempts to exception allies and de, legitimize israel. phil reese, al jazeera london, and you can watch the full investigation called the labor files, the crisis which investigates allegations of racism in the labor party in less than 2 hours from now it's oh, $600.00 g m t right here. now jazeera protestors have gathered outside a spanish bull ring in madrid, demanding an end to bull fighting. spain recently introduced laws that recognize animal rights, but politicians excluded bulls to allow the traditional practice to continue. the protesters want the law changed. ah,
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and let's take you through some of the headlines. more than 700 people across russia have been detained after protests against the kremlin mobilization of military reservists. police have cracked down on demonstrators opposing the army call. our voting is continuing and referendums in east, in ukraine, seen as part of moscow's push to annex for regions. their armed men have reported to have gone door to door to get people to vote russian foreign minister. so gay lab, rob defended the referendums at the un general assembly, lithium vollmer, bro, woodson, the ref french are being conducted based on decisions by local administrations. flavio, through the conditions of daughter friend m. c, have been published for you and following the referendum seal rush. of course i will respect expression of the will of those people who for many long years have been suffering abuses, often unity regime. the iranian president says protests against the government must
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be confronted decisively. there have been widespread demonstrations after the death of a 22 year old woman in custody last week. i mean, he was detained by the so called morality police for allegedly violating headscarf rules doesn't have died in the south korea and japan say north korea is 5. the short range ballistic missiles was the sea of japan. it comes 2 days after a nuclear power. the us aircraft carrier arrived in south korea for joint drills. italians are due to start voting in a general election in the next. now opinion polls suggest the right thing coalition led by georgia, maloney will win. if that happens, it'll be the 1st time since the end of the 2nd world war. the country has had a far right leader funerals have been held for some of the 94 people who died when the boat sank off the coast of syria. it was carrying them from level into europe.
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11 eas, army says it's arrested, a suspected link, a suspect rather linked to the people smuggling operation. the white house is criticized and almost total ban on abortion. the state of arizona calling it catastrophic, dangerous, and unacceptable. means a woman can only terminate the pregnancy if life is in danger. o the headlights, the stream now. now, anti semitism is of evil under a labor government, it will not be tolerated in any form. what so ever. beneath the surface lies the dark aside in british politics, the labour files are too on al jazeera i i am from the okay on today's upset and string when looking ahead to the october
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the 2nd connections in brazil. there are 12 presidential candidates, but we're going to be looking at the leading to present i am while scenario and also u. s. and asio new la da silva. here they are debating. on august the 29th for you food, the shade, waste, the country i left is a country that the people mess. it was a country of employment. it was a country where people had the rights to live with. dignity with their heads up in this country will come back. you can buy, you ever go to. so there was corruption, president lula. you want to come back. what for you to keep doing the same thing. and petro, battle rice get little bit there for the workers party, the worse off the people are the poor, the better for them to do politics off those. it will, if you so much. so you have to very different candidates that what would you like to know about them on today show we are going to be exploring key campaign issues and what's at stake for presenting. and so you can do an conversation right here in the comment section on you chip. ah,
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o i x ray expert panel, hello elona. i deanna cecilia. it's so lovely to have all 3 of you here. we are going to unpack the upcoming elections. what's at stake? what's going on in brazil right now in know, know, welcome, please say hello to our audience around the world. thank your family, my name is elena zabel. i'm the co founder president of they got to get to have you adriano. welcome. please say hello. to audience, thank you for having me. i me, i'm of the, on the market. my manager asked students for liberty, brazil. that to happen. and cecilia, nice to see, please say i like mazda c a to thank you so much for inviting me. i'm cecilia carnegie. i'm managing editor at americas quarterly. all right, very good. i am going to get you guess, to build a picture of what these 2 candidates are like. let's put up the candidate who's currently present at the moment. cecilia,
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tell me 2 things about almost an hour that would be helpful for him to natural audience. to know. both narrow came and from left field, even though his on the right. he just surprised everybody when he got elected. he is a long time politician who was in congress for almost 30 years as a french character who just exploded in 2018 as the leading candidate with a discourse and a rhetoric of supporting families. freedom which to him equates a right to have guns and against abortion, and for family and specially religion. all right. i hello did cecilia. any of you anything more to add to pulse now. so we get this instant picture of how he's campaigning. what is he's like, what did he style like? cecilia just put them in the right place, but i would say that these in a far life are right. candidates like very much like trump and the week there are
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been populous. authoritarian leaders that are trying to undermine democracy from within. and that's an important feature for it is election because it to them, it's an election about democracy. we have so it feels that we've got to polar opposites as leading candidates. let's have a look at louise in mass lead to silva, put his candidate, caught up, and this time a known if you start with 2 things that would be helpful for us to know before we get deep into our conversation. to her so little is pregnant that came from the people he had the to context of mandates and was responsible for include the most number, the populations in let's say the lower and middle middle class. so he comes with a flag of we're going to be happy again. he last also with the corruption gambles. the processes that you are facing were notified by the justice system because they
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were not respecting the due process according to our supreme court. so he wants to come back to just try another another time to show what he's far too had to do for the brazilian. people see that? yeah, and this is sort of a playback this election should have been in 2018. so in 2018 hoola was ahead in the polls when he was arrested and taken to jail on the legation that the, that you learned just mentioned. so he was taken out of that run of right, a few months before the election. so now we're actually sort of re read the re living a 2018 election, but yes, lula has a banner of poverty fighting against poverty. he was a poor man himself. he came from a very, very poor family that migrated from the northeast almost on foot. and had, you know, very little education and sort of like pulled himself out from the bootstrap's and
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became a new union leader. very well known love to global that he is a relatively well spoken man. i mean, he really has the power of words and resonates with people. but so does both in are completely different narrative. but he's also incredibly powerful in his speech id and i'm wondering what the atmosphere is like in brazil right now, fema weeks to go before the elections. what is at stake for sale at this point in terms of social conditions, living conditions, what might be possible depending on what happens on october? the 2nd? well, actually we are facing a very polarized environment right now where dance are like all over the place. actually, i just hope that whoever gets elected, we have a little more space to debate peacefully because i see maybe there, there is a, arise of violent speeches,
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etc. so i'm kind of worried that this may get worse depending on who gets elected. can you give me an example when you say there's a rise of violet speeches say you've got a better view of that than we have. what does that mean? what have you had basically on social media? i think ilana, will agree with me that something that we see every day actually on where people are attacking each other, you know, you know, very hostile wait, actually. and it seems like we can debate politics in the city more. i need you start. and then cecilia, you pick out of that because i know that these are the very important the so i think i hate speech. this information was information is not new, but it has been with us in the last elections. but just to say that there is a different thing now, which is a rhetoric, especially from been gone,
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but in terms of political violence that people should respond to any result which is not the result of he winnie with violence. take the guns that he allowed people to buy and then just in his speech, protect democracy, which is which of course i would argue that it's against them all proceed, but that's, that's what that's take. i believe a political violence. silica had it. yeah, i was just going to add another ever address actually throwing another question to to a loaner because via we're, we're seeing just today in the news. again, another person who was killed by another one by an a political discussion and the man just in killing each other. that was another men celebrating his birthday party was killed because he had lula banners around his birthday party. so this is trans ladies, it's moving out of social media and we had this push for more guns on the streets. and that to me is those scariest part of this moment in, in my country, is this push for more weapons and elona?
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that's what i would say because of the rise was what, like some 300 percent more guns in the hands of civilians since 2018. something like that. right? i'm absolutely. cecilia. so this to say, you know, i worked for over 20 years in civil society and like with a non partisan independent organization. but we're here really facing tracks. sure . the more graphic system watha down abroad in terms of a lack of dialogue. we had the closure of facing this country that was unprecedented since the dictatorship time. so what they're facing now is really the, the intent of not accepting their was the results of the election. and of course, society and institutions are pushing back against that. but we're having to restate every day our support for democracy, the ground 3 and my organization has been leading the gun control. i say, initiative with another organization called the school to. so the last 2 to be able
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to have on, let's say, a evidence base dialogue of what it means to leave in a democrat state. or people have to like accept the rule of the law and cannot pick justice into their own hands. i to on and let me share with you some headlines that we picked out their international headlines. i some concerns from outside of brazil, on my laptop here, brazil's presidential campaign kicks off had made fears of violence. facebook i would, i matter is failing to prevent repeat of january the 6th in brazil report warns than imminent election crisis in brazil are these over wrought with these accurate i think it's accurate actually, because like i said, we are facing a very polarized campaign, political campaign and, and since the beginning of the campaign, i feel that things are getting a little bit worse in this sense. um, because like i told you before, you go and social media and to see people are taking each other. like,
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it seems like we are not able to more to talk as individuals will have to respect each other's views. and that's something that really worries me because i, like helena said, it's democracy who is at stake. so it's important to us to learn how to talk to each other again with respect and peacefully. let's talk about issues that are impacting voters. and sometimes what some of the campaign child is not what really is needed for the country. i'm wondering if there's a disconnect there, but for you to see that what is one of the most critical issues that will be important when people go to vote and they make that decision hunger. i think for, you know, if you have 33000000 people hungry and a country it's, you know, when he gets to the vote, it's one vote one person. it doesn't matter what your bank account is like. so right now we do have several cohorts of society that support one or the other, but
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a large one that they are hungry, they need food on the table. so i think that for a very large bit of the population, because the 33000000 that are going hungry, then you can add easily several other 1000000 people who are just scraping by. so once you have this scenario, i think that's what it's going to count the most at the moment of voting. i would agree just that the cost of living in general has increased the many as in many other parts of the world. but brazil faces an economic crisis. people are like with difficulty the pain, their b. o. so unemployment. i also see people worried about health and education. so the public goods provision and of course so violence, acute is always also in the order of the day. so it's a, it's a jobs economics and public goods election. what about indigenous vote is because often may all pushed out of the thinking of what,
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where is brazil going next? something that luna is always been thinking about. but both scenario has changed that trend in the last few years. climate save me amazon. who is that important to the voters? that's very interesting question i cuz i asked myself like, you know, you see the world looking at the brazil and thinking of brazil as, as, as a big amazon and to the issues there. but you go into the amazon and you see a population that needs jobs and who is employing them, who is giving them jobs, illegal loggers, illegal miners, and people who are pushing deforestation. so these are jobs and you know, the larger groups that are behind this push are not the ones actually doing the cutting of the trees. so you have a real issue that we're both in our support in the north despite his a b. let's say a weird environmental a policies it's,
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it's very strong because these are their jobs. so i think that there is a great disconnect there. but if i may say, so given the indigenous, i think that one thing that happened since 2018 is that the indigenous groups got a lot more voice and guts and are getting a lot stronger. so i think if there is any benefit to the old is the, you know, insanity that it's happening on their situation. it's that even though it's the because it got worse to them, i think they got more of a voice and they're getting heard more and more active and more organized. even, you know, indigenous women are organizing and several other groups. so i think that there is strength in numbers and they are still need support from the outside, but i think they are getting stronger. let me just now weekly. sure. um yeah, and i think i should have asked no, i think that was a very important teacher because it on the one hand cecilia thoughtfully. right to say they got more voice and they're coming bigger numbers. i think it's the highest number since we started recording the number of candidates that self declare
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indigenous. but it's also because they are under threat your toward the territory or under threat. so they feel they need to mobilize politically. so you see a pushback and it's a good the push back in the presentation and we hope you know, many of them get elected. i want to just play a little bite from luna to silva talking about the indigenous people for sale on why they are important to him and also to brazil. of course, as having listened this country cannot continue to be governed by someone who doesn't like indigenous people who doesn't like black people, who doesn't like women who doesn't like union leaders, who doesn't like the amazon, who doesn't like serrato catania. the amazon rain forest who doesn't like it's people so we wouldn't be completely about talk about election without talking about misinformation. was the information out there. i think that that's now typical for every election that has any digital input i do on what's going on. you're what sat
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messages recently on one sec. yeah, actually i know there's a lot of fake news. we have a lot of groups today so you can go around, you know, in a what is dangerous about it is that information spreads really quickly. so i get something like, i don't know at 4 o'clock in than 430, everybody knows the same thing. and sometimes it's a misleading information to ask, i'm happy half about asking what kind of misleading information. because then we've set it on al jazeera, but give me an idea of saying that is obviously so ludicrous that everybody is not going to believe it. um, basically formation about the 2 candidates leading candidates, both scenario and lola and a misleading formation about both of them. that's what i see the most. actually like, like i said before, it seems like people can talk i'm, i'm on a peaceful level. so they have to attack each other and most of the time using lice
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to do it. so, oh, i don't actually know how we're going to to when to fight this, because everybody is free to share whatever they want. but, but it's not, it's a problem. we are facing right now because many people don't go after information to try to find the truth before themselves. and they believe in the 1st thing they see. yes, this thing is now going on as i was just commenting, that is one of the scariest thing. yeah, and i would say one of the most of the mental one is the ones at the into question, our electoral voting system, which is a very modern $11.00 that elected including a current president. and you know that he and his group a tried the whole time to discredit the system, saying there is a secret room that would control and the fraud brazil's elections. and i think this is a very, very dangerous message. because unfortunately,
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when we've seen the poles, the presence 2 or 3, i do believe that the election sir can be further than that war fraud. even if he was elected. yeah, i yeah. he said that he wanted a 1st round. he didn't lose, he didn't win and 2nd, ready for them, right? not one, but example actually of the, you know, yes it run you if i don't when the election has been stolen? absolutely. let me, i, this is, it's so interesting. and you know, we spoke to maria, who is the director of human rights watch in brazil, and this is what she told us. it's almost a warning for what may happen post october. the 2nd does have a look president wilson, that who is running for reelection has sought to, in their mind trust in the electoral system, alleging without providing any proof that it is a reliable, in addition to be attacking, being dependent me to attacking the judiciary. there had been no proof in cases of fraud in brazil feast. we adopted the electronic electoral system more than 20
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years ago. it's crucial that international community act in their way that support free and fair elections in brazil. and then the clear cut method to wilson, that, that any attempt to not respect, then we will proceed, voters will not be tolerated. so that's an issue that we don't know if it's gonna happen yet. there's some concern, but we don't know quite yet. i want to give our viewers watching this, or a little snippet of boss, an arrow to see his confidence at this stage in the campaign. and then i'm gonna open up our conversation. we have so many questions for you guess on youtube. we're going to do a speed round and see how many of them we can answer and address. but 1st his pastor parson, are it said good, good, good. we know that we have a fight between good and evil ahead of us. the evil that lasted for 14 years in our country that almost broke our homeland about now wants to come back to the crime scene. they won't. the people are by our side. the people are on the good side. the
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people know what they, what? oh, all right, so let's go to youtube. we got so many questions and comments. renato, for instance, says president boss, narrow refuse to buy pfizer vaccines. there were so many avoidable deaf c also not people dying without breath. it's clearly a death for our democracy. that is when our toes perspective, but it's interesting that for this home 20 minutes or so, nobody mentioned covered a loaner. why? well, i would say because we're dealing with the threat of the day, but that was a huge issue in brazil, 700 people, almost dad, there's a resort that shows that for out of 5 of these that could be preventable if the government had acted the president was denied himself as a denial for climate change, for instance, but he was against masks. he was against buying rights,
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him like vaccines. so our governors actually did a great job in providing motivation as brazil has like a very high records of immunizing our population. but as far as the now the on to back to the movement also real in the come through. so that was absolutely failure and a lot of like a suffering that should be prevented. all right, and you mentioned this earlier on how divided resilience right now. how youtube comments are completely divided as well. edwardo new ella was the biggest thief in our country. mo, bosa narrow is i want to be trump. what do we get out of that situation? if we've got one group saying your candidate is wrong, another group saying your candidate is well, who suffers or who benefits? arianna? and i think who suffers the most, is this the more prosy itself. because like i said, a democracy is to democracy, to be strengthened. we need
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a scenario where people can dial, you know, and that's why i'm, i'm not seen happening. so this is my main concern about the elections. and as you can see, we are facing a very paralyzed scenario. so, so i is just like a little microcosm of what is happening, i'm sure, in brazil, i've got this really interesting comment here to see. i'd love to unpack it and, and maybe add to it if you can. the brazilian people want most narrow, but the leads one new law. that's one person's take. can you? yeah, it's interesting. it's so interesting that you know, and then if you ask that will be someone else who would say the opposite. really, zachary 40 both in our lives. that, that's the we got that to the situation where it's not an election which policy we want, it's an election of which, which met though,
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which idol we have. so it's really a right now we're having this dispute of like mike and it is better than yours. and this is the good versus evil on election in not an election on issues and what brazil needs coming forward. and i don't know how we get out of this, but this comment just paints. to me brings a exactly this idea that some people will say what he said, right? the rich and the port, the are, you know, a seminar commentary would just interested in that. but it's neither. you have supporters for both in both areas. you have, you know, real elite supporting both scenario and you have real, you know, india have the poor electing a supporting lula as well. so it's, it's, that's definitely not the issue. but if you get, you know, a comment from one side or the other that you were going to get this thing that is just like we are in a stalemate, right now. we're not discussing issues. we're discussing who i like and who i don't
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to sit at that me is such a way to getting to petros question. we've only got a minute to onset, but say dates i creep quickly if you can. but i want to know what are the main points and plans of each government. a new la government and a continued bo sanara carpet isn't really clear to the voters that they got different plans. i think the public debate, it's less clear. i think when you read the programs, you see that that one candidates or not, or is, is more of the same in terms of what he planned to do before. but he didn't deliver onto corruption. but there are many corruption scandals in his government and the most secretive governments, since the faith are shipping. brazil don't know much, i think many things will come later. he also promotes the liber economy, but didn't believer that he broke on, that the liberals wanted the either in brazil. so lola comes back with a lexi closed people. let's also put a mas on back amazon forest back into the, you know, priorities was over the country. let's have a education and health as
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a priority for, for all. so i think it's a more inclusive set of proposals, but i want the decision to to see a mention. we don't have enough theater to look at in that. yeah, we're at the very end of the shows that i'm glad that you are able to say that very briefly. and that i have time to say thank you and lona: adiana yessenia. i don't have your excellent questions on you cheap. i feel like on a little bit of the election bonds right here in the comment section. and so watching, i see you next time, take everybody ah october on al jazeera, in an election set to define a nation. brazilians would choose between the radically different current hard line, conservative president and the former socialist president. a sense of community delves into full unique communities revealing how they're adapting to the 21st
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century. china holds its national congress of communist party members with president t likely to be re elected as its head. what does this mean for china? the world, only with dreams takes you beyond the glitz and glamour, revealing the stories of those seeking favorite 14 in the world's largest film industry, bosnia goes to the poles in the election that will be what closely by both you and russia. october on al jazeera. in australia, indigenous women, they're missing that disproportionately high rates. one to one east investigate is enough being done to help find missing appalachian on al jazeera. we are all christmas, even people far away are so helping with the environment. problems in the amazon because they are consumers. i teach kids about the oceans are facing today. i've been working in earnest, trying to find ways to get this language up to them. kids went away do as why and
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what are you going to do to keep out the language that keeps the red blood women, right? they have one bathroom. i applied for a while. if you got them, eric, i was told the thing that was texting, women were made a challenge in the region. i will not being thrown why i want to sleep. we don't have read them in study these evacuation now. i say 3 days journey to a show on the west of your grade. so one destroys our country. someone needs to rebuild oh.


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