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all right, that we can cod anew men and people's right is now in fest, in witness africa on al jazeera, a diverse range of stories from across the globe. from the perspective of and networks journalists on al jazeera and anti semitism is of evil under a labor government. it will not be tolerated in any form. what. so beneath the surface lies the darker side in british politics. the labour files hot 3 on al jazeera. ah italians decide their political future with holes suggesting it could lie in the hands of the far right candidate, georgia, maloney. ah
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. lauren taylor. this is al jazeera, alive from london, also coming up lebanon's migrant boat tragedy survivors tele, their grief not being able to save others. at least 97 people are now feared dead. dozens of people are killed in bangladesh when a boat carrying hindu pilgrims, tips over and sinks and mass evacuations and major flood warnings as the philippines is pounded by. super typhoon north ah hello pose in italy due to close and about 2 hours in what will be an historic general election. as the expectation the country will elect its most right when government since the 2nd world war. the most recent polls forecast victory for an alliance said by the brothers eventually party that would pay the way for its far
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right leader, georgia, maloney to become the 1st female prime minister. but there's been a 2 week polled blackout leaving scope for surprise. that could come from the center left democratic party of former prime minister in the letter, the voters taking place against the background of widespread virtue, disillusionment, and economic issues, compounded by an energy crisis. most of italy's party leaders voted already had of the far right need material. saline told reporters he was quote, playing to win, not just to take part 5 star movement leader and former prime minister injures if the content and for se talia leader to be vendors. connie has also voted georgia maloney has yet to be seen. she twisted today. you can participate in writing history. of course not to stephan decker whose live person roman stephanie. when will we know? while the poles, as you said, there are 2 hours to go, there will be
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a preliminary exit poll. but this is more of a survey done by one of the companies where they simply ask voters who they voted for. and then in about 2 hours off to that's around $23.00, g m t. i believe there will be the 1st exit polls. i think we will in the early hours of monday morning, certainly have a very good idea as to how this boat has gone. as you mentioned, there's been a 2 week blackout when it comes to the polling, but they were always in the favor of the right wing coalition, particularly headed by georgia maloney's party, the brothers of italy, and se party. and also bert is go to the 3 of them forming that coalition because of course politics here, favor coalition politics. if you will, the numbers that then we're showing that they could really have a majority in both houses of parliament that the chamber and the senate. we're going to have to wait and see whether that comes to fruition that would give them the power theoretically to change the constitution. again,
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today we've been talking to voters has been a steady stream. the latest turn out figures that we have as of 2 hours go 51 percent. that's a little lower than it was in 2018. the last elections here, abstaining or people not showing up. analysts will tell you will work in the favor of the right and, and the people we've been speaking to interestingly enough, people quite reluctant to give their opinions on camera. but they do have strong opinions, certainly not really telling us who they voted for. but one woman calling the situation, italy is in a swamp and that she said, you know, italians hardly have any rights. left voting is one of them and she wanted things to change. and another woman referring to the potential change that is happening here as an italy shifting to the right saying it was terrifying and calling it an earthquake. so you do have people very passionate about what is happening here. i suppose different in the path that you have such a punter, i zation, if you will, in terms of the politics. but again,
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we're gonna have to wait and see if there are any surprises you mentioned there because of his to we black out of polling. it, he has had surprises when it came to politics in the past, but certainly i think, you know, everyone, you speak to the unless the media still pretty much thinking that it is going to be ga moloney and her party and that right wing coalition that will come out on top and you will potentially see her as this country is next. prime minister stephanie dec. i thank you very much. indeed. the number of people who died when their boat sank off the coast of syria has risen to 97. most of them were palestinian refugees fleeing poverty in lebanon, and trying to get to italy. santa ha, to reports from northern lebanon, near the border with syria. abraham on sore was among 20 people rescued in lebanon's worst migrant boat tragedy. in years. he reached the coast of syria on thursday night. he says he can't forgive himself for not saving others. because
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i cry all the time. i'm in shock. i saw bodies and horrible images. my heart hurt. i tried to help children and another man abbot. i tried to keep their spirits alive, but i couldn't see him. this is hurting me, especially because of the child who was holding onto me before i lost him. they told me he died last scanner. thought neil must have been dozens of palestinian refugees were on the boat attempting to reach italy like others. it is poverty that push it for him to risk his life. misery is everywhere in lebanon's palestinian caps tells us how he now collects scrap and plastics to feed his children. he is a university graduate, but authorities here deny this community basic rights and bars members for many professions, so as not to encourage them to stay there. dire situation was made worse by lebanon's economic collapse that began by 3 years ago. many of the families are
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still waiting for the bodies of their relatives. some have been identified and brought back for burials. others are still in syria awaiting the results of d. n. a tests until they're received, it won't be known how many and who remain missing at c, survivors and bodies of lebanese and palestinian refugees are arriving home. but syrian refugees who were among the passengers have not returned. neither have their budget. their families who escaped the rule of president sharp, i said, will be afraid to cross the border to identify their loved ones. the so i was concerning the syrians on the thought to no one on the side of the board. i came to us to ask for help to find a missing fill in either or even on the red cross has been taking names of those missing, but there's only so much it can do. officials here tell us their faith is in the
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hands of security agencies, and it's not clear if the serial nationals who survived will return. but those who have blamed the smuggler for leaving them to die at sea. when the engine of the boat stopped, we called abu allie, the smuggler told us there will be a boat to get us in 5 minutes. we also called 112 to seek help from lebanese, with hardy's. but nobody came the animal mos, among those. as more details of what happened, emerge international organizations say conditions for forcibly displaced people and hosted communities must improve. and while lebanon's instability and financial meltdown continued to push people to the brink, this camp come soon enough. then their elders, either northern lebanon, or lebanon, his home met to more than $459.00 found palestinian refugees were registered with
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a un refugee agency. then a half of them live in one of 12 camps, but overcrowded and unemployment and poverty arrive. the civil war in syria has forced many palestinians on the syrians to flee to lebanon. allison in refugees in the country don't have basic rights and they can't work in dozens of professions or own property. tomorrow re fi is director, external relations, and a spokeswoman for the you an agency that looks off to the welfare of palestinian refugees. she explains further why so many people are trying to leave lebanon. the situation of plan refugees 11 is reaching such at that level that they are willing to risk their lives along these perilous routes. if there is hope on the other side and the other side always looks better than what many of them the side as hell. most of them living on live in 12 across the country and viewing their marginalized, disenfranchised bars from bullying from bars,
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form professions, and the economic and financial collapse. the lead on typically the last year has hit as the most valuable for the palestinian refugee are amongst the vulnerable the most hon. more so because i'm like, of their communities are groups in lebanon a part for under the u. n. g agency. they have new ones here for them, whereas usually community leaders are suggestive. leaders also have to spend money on their community. nobody friends, money balance by refugees except for others, which itself is facing immense financial challenges. at least 25 people have drowned off their boat capsized in a river in bangladesh. the boat was carrying more than 100 people along nikoto river to a hindu temple in the north. dozens are still missing. it's believed the boat was
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carrying too many passengers. time to chandry has more from deca. at least dozens of people died in a tragic brought accident in northern bangladesh and the best pick up on our guardian car to our neighbor. the passenger abroad was carrying more than its capacity. witnesses and administration. people said that there was more than 100 people in it when it collapsed in the middle of the river. the search and rescue operation and still on the number of days they could go up, people are still missing. there were among the victims or female as well as children. now go back to the common environment for country with hundreds of river criss cross, at least 30 percent of the people defined on the river. i'm transfer and lack of enforcement, lack of manpower, negligence, and also the bad where there is some of the reasons, right? district when brought accident happened several different district days. but most of the time we get done after the accident is the committee, the investigation. sometimes they don't even see the end of the tunnel before this
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instrument again happened the following year. both accidents can be prevented if it's in 4 months or registered. and that the, those who apply the vote are trained properly and there's more passengers are enough in the country to come on out 0, making their mark in occupied territory, ukrainians vote on their future national identity. and i'm emily anglin, in south africa where conservation is using innovative ways to control and protect the growing elephant population. ah, how well the hurricane or what was hurricane fiona has now swept across at east side of kind of the as the strongest don't to hit canada on
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a record. so that was really quite impressive. but just like to point the northerly track of the storm. so moving in a normally direction picks suddenly push on those winds things quietly down over the next couple of days, a few showers just coming back in behind. now the effect of that normally track is engage with the jet stream and around the top of the jet stream that amplifies the weather systems out in the atlanta. so they say high pressure that gets amplified. and then we get a keen normally down the cold side of the stall, and that is making its way towards the brit charles and the on the island, so really will fill notes to be fresher, as we go one through the next couple days. monday, temperature in london, entity paris, struggling to get around 15 degrees celsius, some rain, they're coming into central parts of france through the low countries across jeremy . sinking further south was readily turned to snow. i with the outs, live the storms down towards that central side of europe, which was east as well. and if anything, it will be cold still on tuesday, across the north west of europe,
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some showers wrapping the way down across the good parts of france. los you drive from out to spain, showers to the north. ah, ah, with ah,
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ah, my to the top stories, you'll notice 0. polls are due to close soon in italy's elections, which could see the country with its most right when leader, since the 2nd world war, voter turnout is so far lower than the previous election. the number of people who died when their boat sank off the coast of syria has risen to 97. most of them were palestinian refugees fleeing poverty in lebanon. and trying to get to a city at least 25 people drowned when their boat capsized in a river in bangladesh. the boat was carrying more than 100 people along the quarter river to a hindu temple. in the north, dozens were still missing. shipped, i fear nora who has made landfill in northern philippines. it will sweep through the main island of news on, on sunday night. the eye of the storm is expected to pass between 40 and 50 kilometers north of the capital manila,
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nor rule make its way to the south china sea, heading towards vietnam. later in the week. officials hope that evacuating people from their homes early will save lives. want to below has more from manila my lap. it's like rapid explosive intensification. these are to words to state whether bureau with the philippines used to describe a strengthening type or normal. as it approached the island nation on sunday, it was a category 5 when it hit land, sending waves crashing on to shores and bringing with it powerful winds and torrential rains. in a matter of 24 hours, the fiercest winds increased by nearly a 100 kilometers an hour. one of the fastest acceleration on record the most vulnerable people, those along the coast in low lying communities and in areas prone to lance lights had only hours to scramble to safety. 13 years ago,
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scores of people night in the village where this school is located. after typhoid can sana created last month? so now many go need to be told if already evacuated their homes, the memory is fresh on their minds. many of their neighbors drowned and their bodies were never found less for now, and when they won't get santa heat. our house went under water, we weren't able to salvage any of our belongings soon. i mean, we've been afraid of type innocence, hannah. and especially now that i've had a baby. laurel is the most powerful storm to fatter. the philippines, this year, terraces were quickly drawn to get santa several cycles that followed. government officials pledge to save as many lives as possible and to fight who bro, position personnel and the group, and i had the time, they've got rescue c emerge. inflatable boat, they burse and medical units. erin, see travel,
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as well as government work is school classes. have been suspended until monday, at least when noro is expected to be the country. partner below al jazeera manila. or whether present a car lag has more on that typhoon and other serious storms expected. super typhoon narrow is a significant storm. it remains extremely powerful. as it works its way west, across lose on in northern areas of the philippines. it said to be the most powerful typhoon to strike the philippines this year. and now a head of that land for it intensified a very quickly over 24 hour period from a tropical storm to a super typhoon. we had extreme emergency alerts issued people were evacuated, and when it made landfall on those eastern islands, we had sustained winds of a 195 kilometers per hour. what we saw gusts of 240. now the inter rancho rain that's coming with the storm is likely to cause catastrophic flooding as well as
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landslide, non smoothing a pretty quickly across mouzon. by monday, it's going to be sitting in the south china sea where it could intensify. again, making its way towards indo china, vietnam expectancy. the worst of that, as we go in to, to say up to 200 millimeters to 300 millimeters of rain falling by the time we get to choose they. so that could cause flooding as i move you now across to america, the other side of the world will actually the caribbean sea. we've got another storm brewing here. tropical storm ian. that set to become a hurricane in 24 hours. we have got hurricane warnings out for the cayman islands . it's set to bring the worth of those conditions though to west in cuba, where it's likely to reach major hurricane status. here, you can see the stats on this one. we are expecting a lot of rain and of course that's likely to cause a landslide. then moving on to eastern areas of the gulf of mexico. we have got a state of emergency in florida as that loops its way up to the florida panhandle.
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referendums are being held for a 3rd day and for russian occupied areas of ukraine. some people in mario, poland, the internet's region of voting and the pose organized by moscow back separatists voting is also taking place in new hands separation and has song, ukraine and it's western allies say they wouldn't recognize what they call a sham referendums. saying the vote is an attempt to annex more ukrainian territory . my advantage in moscow, and has more on those votes in eastern ukraine when russia is saying that this is a, this is a democratic process whereby the people in those regions who have for a long time, been oppressed with ukraine, felt alien to the place felt always russian, they speak the russian language, their hearts and minds are with russia. and this is an automated to give them the chance to choose where to belong. and they say that the initiative came from those communities and it has been granted president, let me put in
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a promise to accept the results of this offer on them. and the media saying that it is going on smoothly except for attacks by ukraine. army in attempt to disrupt the operation. on the 29th at the duma, the 2 chambers of the russian parliament are expected to meet and immediately endorse the results of the votes. president, florida, may put in, is also expected to deliver a speech on the 30th of the month to officially enough. the annexation of these 4 regions into the russian federation. russia, missiles had buildings on saturday night and forced a palace substation in separation to shut down. ukrainian officials say what it calls russian come cause you drones. also damaged buildings in central desa on sunday. cha, stratford has more from the ukrainian capital, keith, certainly,
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according to the ukrainians, at least a lot of moving parts. a lot of fighting along the front lines, both in the east and the south to day as these referendums continue in those occupied russian occupied areas. the crane in all sorts is saying that there were at least $35.00 what they describe as settlements that were hit by russian missiles and artillery strikes over round about the last 24 hours. were also hearing reports from russian. all sorts is they saying that sir, the ukraine is they are accusing the ukrainians of hitting a hotel in the occupied city of care of sawn. they're saying that at least 2 people were killed in that strike, including one former pro russian ukrainian law maker. as i say, all these reports very difficult, if not impossible, to verify both sides constantly saying that they are avoiding trying to hit certainly civilian targets. south korea says north korea's launch of a short range,
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ballistic missile was an act of grave provocation. and as i was launched from tayshaun and came down of the east coast in the sea of japan. so lillia said it had detected signs that north korea could be preparing for launch 2 days earlier nuclear powered us at croft carry arrived in the south korean city of bu, son to take part in joint drills. yes, vice president coming harris is shad you'll to visit south korea this week. we're all at kelly is a professor of international relations at prison. national university explains why north korea is putting all of its military strength interest miss our program from north korean, obviously have a pretty large missile arsenal at this point and regularly testing because this is not really the backbone of north korea military capabilities. conventional military is pretty out of date and it's very large for us. but a lot of that technology dates are really kind of turning into a great big missile force, quite honestly. and so they're going to test on a regular basis. putting them on submarines also is something they kicked around
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for the future. i do think that's probably coming at some point. and then of course, you know that i should be things off periodically sort of set up when some kind of diplomatic thing is occurring in the region or the us aircraft, carrier and software right? now for exam one, you mentioned that the vice president is coming. so this is kind of in line with their behavior. and the big advantages, of course, your summary is that you know, it's under water and you can basically go wherever you want, right? harder to much harder to track them. you know, land based missiles, there's only so many places in north korea that they can go north is not that large, right? so we have pretty good us. and you can have pretty good satellite coverage over north korea and we can track stuff reasonably well. right before things went around, you can build, you know, defense around that you harden it. but still that's pretty difficult because the opponent knows where it is. dsl beyond the submarine is great, because basically if you can slip out, you can really go anywhere you want, which will make it much easier for the north korean straight targets in the united states are really anywhere on the planet with ease. and so there's actually a fair amount of anxiety we might, we might really build these things and they certainly discussed that 30 palestinian
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prisoners who started a hunger strike to protest against their detention in israeli jails without having been charged or $760.00 people are being held on the so called administrative detention, it's a policy that allows palestinians to be held without trial indefinitely. it abraham reports. and what also her husband you have is missing out on life and death. he wasn't in his really jade when his 4 month old daughter meta was born and he was also in prison when unwonted lost her twin babies born prematurely. in 2020, the 48 year old has spent nearly half of his life in israeli military jails. lately, israel has been detaining him without a chart or trial. i am as effective, he led up to the hey, i think he has often jokingly tells me that i need to build a life around him being with us only for 23 months. as he spends the rest of the time in jail under israel's policy of administrative detention palestinians can't
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be held in jails indefinitely. and now we have and $29.00 other palestinian prisoners have started the hunger strike demanding israel released them. the palestinians attorneys commission says most of those on hunger strike would move to offer military prison in the occupied west bank and outside it, palestinian families tend to show support for their loved ones. i sat near a large bypass out of my sank. hassan has been 14 years in prison. he was charged and sentenced to 5 of them, only. he barely spent 3 to 4 months outside of prison. before israeli forces reached him. he usually spends more than 2 years in administrative detention when this is unjust. asked her about it is the beginning of this year, israel has issued more than $1500.00 orders to hold. palestinians without charge is rarely military prosecutors off in say they hold secret evidence related to the prisoners. but human rights organizations say israel is using this policy as a punishment to prevent palestinians leading a normal life alert. you call it darcy. this is an arbitrary irosia,
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and it's considered a war crime for which is thrill should be held accountable. the lack of accountability is what forces palestinian prisoners to carry out individual and collective hunger strikes. unfortunately, there is no real pressure on a threat to end. it'll policy of administrative detention got him through his rules decades long occupation. hunger strikes have been one of the main tools used by prisoners achieved demand. in the past decade, more than 400 have staged individual hunger strikes to protest against israeli prison policy. prisoners hope a collective strike would mobilize support among people on the street as there are few palestinian families who haven't had a member or friend or relative get arrested since 1967. need that, but he al jazeera the occupied westbank elephant populations across africa. generally a plummeting but south africa is backing the trend. 2 thirds of its roughly $30000.00 elephant, or in the kruger,
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national park and surrounding areas the growing herds, opposing an economic threat to community is bordering the reserve emily on when travel there and has this report these elephants being targeted, the breeding females attract down then shot, but not with a bullet with a vaccine. i think for me, the biggest thing is that it's a proactive, humane way of controlling elephant populations. jason, all tonight is part of a team from humane society, international africa, administering immunity contraception. it's an approach often used by private reserves in this part of south africa to stop the elephants from breeding. the vaccine causes the immune system to produce anti bodies that prevent fertilization . when we started, everybody was like, you know, contraception. wow, that's very controversial. you will never get to work to weigh in 2008 that was
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included in our national normal standards. while the number of elephants is promising across the continent, populations in southern africa are expanding. well, i think the perception is our theory is that elephants are endangered and that they, you know, we're going to lose them. they gotta go extinct. if you're not the case. and it's not just private reserves that have to navigate this problem. elephants can consume up to 400 kilograms of vegetation in a day while foraging. they routinely destroy crops and from infrastructure threatening the livelihoods of entire communities. with that, i 1000000 with elephants time and again, now we crying because the elephants are damaging their crops. but you never know in the near future. what kind of incident are we going to get? thompson and kamani grows. malins, peanuts and mays in a small village, north of krogan, national park. one of our or this isn't the elephants come in here, the damage, everything. almost every amended. the put them on the ground.
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conservation is say, it's important to find sustainable ways to mitigate conflict between wild animals and people over lemon grass. one solution, according to michelle henley, who's been studying elephants for 25 years, is growing aromatic herbs, such as chilly or lemon grass. so if you plant those crops in abroad, barrier around your, your palatable crops, if you want to use as a food source, that's another way to, to, to elephants and to get income. another is installing hives, these giant animals escape of bathes. later bay will continue about how best to manage the growing numbers of these beautiful elephants. what is in dispute though, is protecting these animals and preserving vine diversity in the area. emily anglin, al jazeera kruger, national park, south africa. ah.


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