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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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ah, how to see with indonesia, your investment destination, the world's 10 largest economy is busy transforming, ready to beat your business. partner with a robust talent pool, politically and economically stable and strong policies being the powerhouse indonesia is confirmed by the g. 20 presidency. bringing opportunities for you. invest indonesia. no. ah. returned to the past exit polls say georgia maloney could lead it's least most right when government since world war 2.
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ah. hello money inside this is out. is there a lie from day ha! also coming up. super typhoon nori slammed into the philippines, bringing heavy rain and winds, and close to 200 kilometers per hour. tragedy up the coast of lebanon survive is flying this severe economic crisis. tell a fair grief of leaving others behind la. i'm emily anglin, in south africa where conservation is using innovative ways to control and protect the growing elephant population. ah, and i welcome exit polls in italy say the right wing alliance led by georgia, maloney is on course for majority in parliament. the block which includes parties
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of mateus, albini and silvio berlusconi could when at least 43 percent of the votes, maloney could become asleep fast, female prime minister. i'm the 1st fall right leader since well bore to go straight to our correspondence. stephanie deca, who's at the italian parliament. so fusty talk through the latest numbers. stephanie? yes, just in the last hour. more exit polls. you mentioned. they're 43 percent of the right wing coalition, 26 percent through the sort of center left coalition, a party that was 2nd to below are these brothers at 80. but of course it's all about coalition building when it comes to ty and politics. and this is why you see the majority that maloney holds together with my 2 s on beneath the league. and sylvia bernasconi, a man who needs no introduction now for the italia. so this is where it does look.
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now that those predictions of 2 weeks ago that the right wing coalition would be winning by a large majority is coming to fruition. that means let see the exact numbers come tomorrow, perhaps what they would probably hold and majority in both houses of parliament. it's been a day and quite emotional for italians on different sides. you speech of those you support, maloney, and this coalition feel that this is a day that's long time coming. one woman said it, i can finally say what i want to say. that's the 1st time we hear that it's also something that georgia maloney has mentioned in her rallies that it's time for the people who felt that they couldn't have their voices heard and to be able to speak up the. but of course, a lot of concern from those who don't support those who are more of the laughed about what policies this means for each of the one woman telling us at the polling station that she was terrified of what change could common. she calls it an earthquake, another young girl telling us that well, if the right wing comes to bow, she'd consider escaping italy's what she said because of its policies. things
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concerned about, you know, it's migration rules, maloney talking about a naval blockade. how it is going to present itself abroad. i mean so many questions, but also about you know, what it is to be italian, who is italian. i'm maloney campaigning on a platform of god to homeland and family, very traditional values. so again, many, many questions at this, but what does seem to be clear is the way that this vote went just briefly turned out 64 percent from what we understand the latest figures that's lower than the last elections in 2018. but yes, all in all, i think moving forward rather than any big surprises. we will be seeing a right wing coalition government and you probably will be seeing georgia maloney as it's 1st prime minister. what that means for italy, what her italy is going to look like. we'll have to wait and see. very interesting, a good to speak to stephanie tucker. they are the italian parliament we are
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expecting to hear from georgia, maloney in the next hour or so. we will of course, bring her live to you when indeed she does speak. but let's take a look at what a fall. right. victory could indeed mean for italy. the coalition wants to curb immigration and focused on traditional christian family values in is looking to cut income, tax and levies on essential goods and services. it plans to create more jobs and overhaul the welfare system. the alliance will continue to support sanctions against russia and not put your zone membership at stake. george maloney says her party won't blow up the debt or put the e recovery funds at risk, but it does want to re negotiate the rules. let's go to valero board, the nato. he is a political analyst. he joins us now from palermo in italy, and he, thanks for joining the program. let's start with these numbers. i mean, what, what do you make of them? i mean, if the polls are accurate, this would be italy's fast, far right?
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lead a sense, mussolini. and of course it's fast. female prime minister, momentous change for italy and potentially europe. well yes. and something, something new is on the scene. we'll see ga maloney, how she will translate her political messages into reality. and of course, we still have to see our numbers. we will translate into real life. what is the police? the political fact that we can acknowledge is that the center right, managed to create the coalition and in this collision there's a king made there. but in georgia, maloney on the other side, the center left police should be managed to get into a coalition. so we have to go and bypass our movement that could be a ruder position to the, to the new center, right rover man. but we will see we will be the main government and who will
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be even the opportunity to create a new government. of course, all the polls said georgia mentally, but we will easily as democrat the mechanism graphic mechanism that can try to slow down this new star indeed. and it will take a while for the dust to settle. but let's, let's focus on her. i mean, why her, what brought about the rise of maloney and the rise at the far right to miss lee? how did we get to this point? well, we can see that from 2011, 2000 and. 8 the beginning of the financial crisis, and then into colvin. and now the war again to go the war in russia. you, prince. ethan is developing not the system. move the changes from time to time. then we can see that in 2013, it was the piper movement was interpreting days and then it was the legal saline.
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and now is ga maloney. we can really see another system movement that doesn't trust establishment as a sort of connection with the people that really don't get anymore. so it shows them alone is totally in this flow. is the flow that starts with the 5 star movements that believe they're leaving. and then just below ok, establishment movement. right. so what will a right wing alliance government led by georgia, maloney looked like and more importantly, real, a coalition whole given when we already have fractions that we between maloney and allies on many issues. like, for example, the outlooks on russia. yes. so i think, i think the collision will survive as georgia mate, the way biggest power in the solution. and we will see what's going to happen in the european arena. because there is
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a part of the european of the p p. that is for a thought that can guarantee for you to be an alliance for the allies that the government is still reliable. and georgia maloney is a reliable partner. and this is something that we will see in the names of the government. the major will be the minister of finance, will be the minister for an affair. what will be the minister for you to be an effect? these are crucial moments that we will see in the next stage, and this will give the real image of this new set the right over a briefly, i mean, europe will be worried by this when they, i mean i've had one, i will describe it. it's really potentially on the, on the maloney as putin's trojan horse in europe. i mean, is that a fair analysis? yeah, this is a fair analysis, but still i want to do i like to begin, but it is a big country, is a big democratic country with a history of power. so there's
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a democratic mechanism that will, together with the rules of the european union, will mitigate impact of the political will of georgia on it. so you're about to be worried of course, because we've already seen you. there are countries that are not totally in line with what we interpret the rule of blow or democracy. but this war doesn't have to be too much because a strong strong country bass mechanism to react. and we will see, we will see the question will stay together. maybe we need to be a little bit of a danger for them and only because he has like beaten lion at the moment and we will see what, how it will react. this will be the 1st danger for the government. really interesting to talk to valencia bought the nato and it's got unless speaking to us
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from palermo. initially the o, a partial mobilization order announced by president vladimir putin continues to spawn, protest across russia. this was the scene in douglas down in the north caucus where more than a 100 people blocks a highway, at least, reportedly tried to break up the protest by firing warning shops into the air. at another demonstration, people shouted no to war and blame the russian government assaulting the conflict of fighting, meanwhile, continues in the east of ukraine where russia has kept up strikes against civilian infrastructure. these areas shown in red are under russian and separatist control and russian missiles of head buildings overnight on saturday, enforced a power some station to shut down ins. operation came says what it cause russian
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kamikaze drones damage buildings in central odessa. on sunday morning, char strafford has the latest from keith. certainly according to the ukrainians, at least a lot of moving parts. a lot of fighting along the front lines, both in the east and the south to day as these referendums continue in those occupied russian occupied areas. the crane in all sorts is saying that there were at least $35.00 what they describe as settlements that were hit by russian missiles and artillery strikes over round about the last 24 hours. were also hearing reports from murray, russian, all sorts. is they saying that sir, the ukraine is they are accusing the ukrainians of hitting a hotel in the occupied city of care of sawn. they're saying that at least 2 people were killed in that strike, including one former pro russian ukrainian law maker. as i say,
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all these reports very difficult if not impossible, to verify both sides constantly saying that they're avoiding trying to hit certainly civilian targets. now referendums to being held for 3rd day and for rational control areas of east and ukraine. people in modern palm, they're done, it's gretchen cast their ballots. the pole has been organized by moscow, back separatists voting is also taking place in lou hansa, patricia and cast san keven. as western allies have dismissed the referendums as a sham see that i say no one who has made land full in the philippines. the category 5 storms threatens to inflict catastrophic damage to a large part of the country's main island of luzon. officials, hope evacuating people from their homes. alley will save lives on a be low, has moved from manila, our malachi, to rapid explosive intensification. that these are the words to state weather
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bureau in the philippines used to describe a strengthening type for normal direction as it approached the island nation on sunday. i mean, it was a category 5 when it hit land, sending waves crashing on to shores and bringing with it powerful winds and torrential rains. in a matter of 24 hours, the fiercest winds increased by nearly a 100 kilometers an hour. one of the fastest acceleration on record the most vulnerable people, those along the coast in low lying communities and in areas prone to lance lights had only hours to scramble to safety. 13 years ago, scores of people died in the village where this school is located. after typhoid could sana created last month. so now many go need to be told if already evacuated their homes, the memories fresh on their minds. many of their neighbors drowned and their bodies were never found less. i mean, when they put kids on a heap,
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our house with under water, we weren't able to salvage any of our belongings. and we've been afraid of type innocence. huh. and especially now that i've had a baby. laurel is the most powerful storm to fatter. the philippines, this year, terraces were quickly drawn to get santa several cycles that followed. government crucial sledge to save as many lives as possible. it looked like we propositional personnel and the group, and i had uptime. they've got rescue, simmers inflatable boat, diapers and medical units. aaron, see travel as well as government work is school classes have been suspended until monday, at least when noro is expected to be the country. partner below al jazeera manila fill ahead on al jazeera hundreds of thousands of people without power and canada. amounts of repairs on the horizon. the storm fiona hits, the east coast,
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plus least $25.00 hindu pilgrims have drowned and dozens more still missing out of riverdale capsizes in bangladesh. ah, i, when i'm pleased to say the weather was now quietly down somewhat across at a society of north america. we have got this well active area refer, low pressure swirling through just running across the lakes. it will bring more wet weather into that east. the side of canada, cloud and re mess. we ping across a good part of new england into the canadian maritime once again. so some more rating the forecast to follow that line of cloud. and right, we're right down into southern parts of florida. cassie some nasty wet by the coming in here over the next couple of days. and we do have
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a developing hurricane. this is ian that's going to push its way towards the panhandle as we make away into the middle part of the week. ahead of that generally drive across much of the us, much of canada got a few showers just around the rockies pushing a which was that eastern side of california. so let's live further south was and a check on in this, sir. it is a tropical storm at the moment, it's going to swing its way round past jamaica. we are going to see some more big ways coming through here running up to the western side of the cayman islands as well. and eventually as we go through monday on into tuesday, we'll see cloud and rain as a system major hurricane now slamming into that western side of cuba with damaging winds. ah, al jazeera well tells the story of the british italian man experiencing night in a palestinian refugee camp with coming face to face with the daily lives of
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its residence. some of whom have lived here for more than 70 years. he's been a refugee almost all his life. it's not a normal life for decades after the 7 kilometers, 7 days in a week on al jazeera. oh the me you're watching out, is there a mind if i top stories this our exit polls and it's lee say the right wing alliance lead by georgia. maloney is on cause a majority in parliament, and it confirms maloney will become its female prime minister on the 1st fall right
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needed in world war 2. apostle liberalization order nouns, 5 precedent, black men, patient continues to fall as the cross russia hold on 100 people highway and coke, and another people shout notion worn blame the russian government to stop in the context see photography nori has made land for the northern philippines. as for heavy rain and wind up to 195, hello mrs. power and is the strongest point to hit the country this year. the canadian government says it will take months to repair the damage off to the most powerful storm and decades left trail of unprecedented destruction. hurricane fiona was downgraded to a post tropical cyclone before it hit the province of nova scotia on the east coast . hardy joe castle reports holmes swept into the sea,
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others pummeled to pieces fiona and left a swath of destruction and debris across eastern canada. no deaths were reported were residence, recall a sleepless night hoping their homes would hold up against hurricane force winds. were said sandwich. i've ever seen here. never seen so many trees that rooted and a damage stay downstairs because the whole house was taken and watched the window and listened to the fast bang here. bang there and wondering what, what it was crews are rushing to 6 roads and restore power, which may take days in some areas. canada's prime minister deployed the military to help. this isn't all hands on deck efforts, and i know that our canadian armed forces will rise to the challenge as they always do. the canadian hurricane center says it recorded the country's lowest, bare a metric pressure on record during fiona. we know that the climate is changing for
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sure. we're seeing you look at around the world, you're seeing fires. storms. certainly this is a historic storm for this province. meanwhile, life continued in the middle of the storm. this couple still went through with their wedding reception. we got it done because we had, we had the people here that we wanted here. so we just cited, we're just going to do it. it will take days to calculate the full scale of the owners damage and weeks more for life to return to normal. hydro castro al jazeera, at least 25 people have drowned out to their boat capsized on the river in bangladesh. the base is carrying more than 100 people up the quarter toy river to a hindu temple in the north. doesn't still missing. to have a child who has moved from deca, at least dozens of people died in a tragic boat accident in northern bangladesh. and that this pick up on to our guardian car to our neighbor. the passenger abroad was carrying more than its
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capacity. witnesses and administration, people said that there was more than 100 people in it when it collapsed in the middle of the river. the search and rescue operation and still on the number of casualties really could go up. people are still missing. there were among the victims or female as well as children. now go back to the common environment that's it's a country with hundreds of rewards, crisscross at least 30 percent of the people defined on number and transfer and lack of negligence, enforcement, lack of manpower, and also the bad where there is some of the reason why the district board accident happens several different district for days, but most of the time we've given up for the accident is the committee. there's investigation. sometimes they don't even see the end of the tunnel before this. and so again, happened the following year. both accidents can be prevented if it's and for what are registered and that the those who play the board are trained properly and
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there's more passengers awareness in the country. supporters of the iranian government have held their own demonstrations into her on their announcement, what they call foreign intervention in iran affairs, especially by the united states, is passed vanessa by reigning authorities to push back off the days of anti government purchase. the death, the 22 year old women in police custody last week. the nations were high at the funeral of the iranian man who was killed in a police crackdown at those protests. javan haines had been an anti government demonstration in, has been during his funeral. his sister kept her head and asked to sola darcy with
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the princess. meanwhile, in london, wyvil. iranian groups of class, the death of master, many wrongs embassy. crowds have been gathering in the past week to protest iranian authorities. many died off to being detained by the morality police allegedly violate. they had gone families own. busy morning northern leather no loved at least 97 people trying to migrate to europe died when the sign of the case to syria and hold spoken with survivors at the 11 on the stereo border. they told her they were trying to escape poverty and seeking a better life. abraham on sore was among 20 people rescued in lebanon's worst migrants, both tragedy in years. he reached the coast of syria on thursday night. he says he can't forgive himself for not saving others. because
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i cry all the time. i'm in shock. i saw bodies and horrible images. my heart hurt. i tried to help children and another man abbot. i tried to keep their spirits alive, but i couldn't. this is hurting me, especially because of the child who was holding onto me before i lost him. they told me he died last scanner. meal much, jason. dozens of palestinian refugees were on the boat, attempting to reach italy like others. it is poverty that push ibrahim to risk his life. misery is everywhere in lebanon's palestinian caps tells us how he now collects scrap and plastic to feed his children. he is a university graduate, but authorities here deny this community. basic rights and bars. members for many professions, so as not to encourage them to stay there dire situation was made worse by
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lebanon's economic collapse that began 3 years ago. and many of the families are still waiting for the bodies of their relatives. some have been identified and brought back for burials. others are still in syria, awaiting the results of the tests until they're received. it won't be known how many and who remain missing at c, survivors and bodies of lebanese and palestinian refugees are arriving home. the syrian refugees who were among the passengers have not returned. neither have their budget. their families who escaped the rule of president bashar and i said, will be afraid to cross the border to identify their loved ones. the soon as i was concerning the syrians on the thought to no one on the side of the board, i came to us to ask for help to find me sincerely. and i don't really being on the red cross has been taking names of those missing. but there's only so much it can
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do. officials here tell us their faith is in the hands of security agencies. and it's not clear if the serial nationals who survived will return. but those who have blamed the smuggler for leaving them to die at sea panel. when the engine of the boat stopped, we called abu allie, the smuggler told us, there will be a boat to get us in 5 minutes. we also called 112 to seek help from lebanese authorities. but nobody came, the animal mos them on those. as more details of what happened, emerge international organizations say conditions for forcibly displaced people and hosted communities must improve. and while lebanon's instability and financial meltdown continued to push people to the brink, this can't come soon enough. then they're always either northern lebanon, elephant populations, across africa, a plumber thing. but south africa is bucking the trend. 2 thirds of its roughly
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$30000.00 elephants and b kruger, national park, and surrounding areas the growing heads opposing an economic threat to communities bordering the reserves. anglin has story these elephants being targeted, the breeding females attract down then shot, but not with a bullet with a vaccine. i think for me, the biggest thing is that it's a proactive, humane way of controlling elephant populations. jason, all tonight is part of a team from humane society, international africa administering immunity contraception. it's an approach often used by private reserves in this part of south africa to stop the elephants from breeding. the vaccine causes the immune system to produce anti bodies that prevent fertilization. when we started, everybody was like, and you know, contraception. wow, that's very controversial. you will never get to work to way in 2008. it was
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included in our national norms standards, while the number of elephants is plummeting across the continent. populations in southern africa are expanding. well, i think the perception is our theory is, elephants are endangered and that they, you know, we're going to lose them. they gotta go extinct if you're not the case. and it's not just private reserves that have to navigate this problem. elephants can consume up to 400 kilograms of vegetation in a day. while foraging, they routinely destroy crops and from infrastructure threatening the livelihoods of entire communities. with that, i'm willing with elephants time and again. now we crying because the elephants are damaging their crops, but you never know in the near future. what kind of incident are we going to get? thompson and kamani grows. malins, peanuts and mays in a small village, north of krogan, national park. or this isn't where the elephants come in here,
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the damage, everything. they eat almost everything and manly the, the put them and them everywhere on the ground conservation is say, it's important to find sustainable ways to mitigate conflict between wild animals and people. lemongrass. one solution, according to michelle henley, who's been studying elephants for 25 years, is growing aromatic herbs, such as chilly or lemon grass. so if you plant those crops in abroad, buria around your, your palatable crops, if you want to use as a food source, that's another way to, to, to elephants and to get income. another is installing, hives these giant animals escape of bees. the debate will continue about how best to manage the growing numbers of these beautiful elephants. what is in dispute though, is protecting these animals and preserving by diversity in the area. emily anglin, al jazeera kruger, national park, south africa.


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