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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2022 11:00am-11:31am AST

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uses that's the game, the trolls and that frogs walked for the abilene fire on al jazeera. both jen and you say the police violently dispersing protest this, these are some of good tens of thousands of people try to flee, cobble inspired to program making. welcome to generation change on rifles broadcasting. white people did not want black children in the schools. we have to fight for algebra english proud recipient at the new york festivals broadcaster, if the year award for this 6 year running, ah, the british pound hits and all time low against the dollar, raising concerns in the markets about the case of biggest tax cut in half
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a century. aah! on kerry johnson, this is alex, is there a law firm? doha also coming up. italy's far right leader george maloney promises a government for all of the initial results from sunday's election predict a clear majority for her right when coalition typhoon nora triggers flash floods and knocks south power in the northern philippines. and it's been 8 years since 43 students disappeared in mexico. growing evidence suggests the military police are to blame and thoughts for the people who had come here outside of the old attorney general's building. together with these posters, the disappeared students are hoping will be different. this time. there will be a real, a time to get justice. ah,
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the british pound has fallen to an all time low against the u. s. dollar before partly recovering. it plunged 95 percent of markets opened in asia on monday. the dive comes as concerns of growing over the u. k. economy offer its new government unveiled, major tax cuts. investors have been unnerved on a huge amount of money, the government borrowing to funds that package. but let's go live now to need bach, who joins us from outside the london stock exchange. so need this look so very much like a massive economic gamble. yeah, good morning. carrie, it's a hugely worrying for the investment climate here in the united kingdom because all of this means that the money in people's pockets and starts to, to dwindle. and it means that faith and trust of the british economy dwindles with it as well. just to give you the latest figures on the pound. so the dollar, it appears as if the pound has rallied quite significantly from the low seen the
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asian markets over 9. so it currently stands at $1.07 a foul to about $1.00. and $0.04 and the asian markets as a sat overnight for that, still slightly low lower from what it was late on friday. so the numbers all going in the right direction. but given how low they were, they asia mark is the big concern is that before the year is out, we may well see piracy are between the dollar and the pound. and that of course has a massive impact on the british economy. this hugely dependent upon imports, though we may see companies having to pass all the, the costs of production to consumers, pushing up inflation in the country left off again that inflation here. the u. k. is already at a 40 year high. it's of the highest amongst g 7 countries and that obviously is going to have a negative impact on consumers and how fall that money essentially go. well,
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going to deeply into this. so whenever inflation searches, as it has done the cost of goods of services over time, just to clarify that the bank of england responds, the bank of england being separate for government is to increase interest rate of the cost of boring to try and dump and down the surgeon prices, but of course if you want to borrow, for instance, if you want to get a mortgage to buy a house and the cost of doing that goes up as well. very, very briefly. or when the government made us announcement of massive tax cuts on friday, it said that he wanted to ramp up boring to pay for these tax cuts and to, to stimulate the economy. but in order to do that, the government's going to have to borrow money on the international markets by selling things called sovereign bonds. and the interest rates for those, so from bonds are going up as well. they left by about 4 percent over the course of the past few days. the single largest jumped in a 24 hour period since the 1990. so it's got long story short. the costs are boring
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to fund this tax cut is going through the roof and economy the completely confused as to what the long term strategy of the government is. the moment i try to throw an economist on friday, he said the, the quasi quotes on the finance minister, the chance of his deka is an absolute genius or he's completely mad. okay, we'll see. neither. thanks sir. from outside london, stock exchange for that. no hand tan is the chief market analyst that exinity group . he explains how the bank of england has been responding to the sluggish british economy. beyond the bank of england's apparent reluctance last week to keep pace with its more aggressive central banking piers. you know how the bank of in then only where with a 50 base is going hike wells. like the light from the said i had gone by 25 basis points. so then you shift your attention to the fiscal side, the government side,
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whereby these tax cuts really highlight the growing twin deficit for the u. k. economy. so i think overall there is that built a shore of confidence in not just the pound by u. k. s. at the hands of this stunning decline that we're seeing over the past couple of treating sessions. the idea for those bank of england rate hikes is to again try to destroy some of that demand in order to rein inflationary pressures most already hovering around those double digit levels. then now you have the incoming administration of this new administration. actually looking to support ensure. busy up and boost demand levels, which ultimately as economics textbooks would tell, this would fan the very inflationary pressures that the bank of england is trying to quell it. so i think until that fundamental head lot, so to speak between what the fiscal side is doing and the central bank is trying to do. i think ones that equation is resolved, that only we get more clarity on whether you k economy and a u. k. s. s,
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a headed italy appears to be on course for its 1st fall right. prime minister since the 2nd world war. right. when coalition lead by george maloney's projected to take a majority of seats in parliament turn out was at a record low at 64 percent. stephanie decor reports from room oh has predicted the night when to the right. ga maloney wasted no time in addressing her supporters and italy with when this night is over, we will remember that this is a new beginning from tomorrow on. we will have to show what our values are worth. if we are called to govern and lead this nation, we will do it for every single italian with the goal to unite these people. because our biggest goal in life is to make sure that italians are finally proud again to fly our flag high. pulls opened at 7, a. m,
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all in all 16 hours of voting. there's been a steady stream of people coming to vote throughout the day despite the rain. and even though most people are not telling us who they voted for, what is clear is that opinions are very strong on both sides. i mean, we'll do it sooner. i'm facing because it's a g t n, a writes that we finally can express. we don't have many rights left, so i will vote in the hope that italy will come out of this swamp, which we are stuck. i'm hoping for change for a really big change because we really need it. i think i'm terrified that there will be changes because what's happening is really an earthquake in my opinion. it's been a divisive election, not only raising questions of what will change inside italy, but how italy will present itself abroad. the main challenge of angela ford maloney asked by minnes, i would, would be to be accepted by the main european countries as a credible and reliable partner. otherwise, if things will go wrong,
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go if maloney were pushed to ard on a her far i the agenda. what that might be, of course, very soon of some problems for italian political stability, italian economy, and as well. yeah. really? she really, you might be traveling. there will be weeks for political consultations and appointments before the italian president sergio matter. ela appoints a prime minister, but that seems to be all but a formality. georgia maloney is set to be italy's 1st fema prime minister. the question then, what will her italy look like? stephanie decker, al jazeera rome. let's bring in albert her tourney. he's a little unless done professor at florence university. he joins us from florence. nick leah, good to have you with us, sir. it's what extent is this less about a vote for the rights and more about a protest vote about the administration that was in power before? well,
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what you mation is correct in terms of these appointment and produce to take into account that the maloney's party is that only party that was not in more were in the last to governments and in the larger formation. supporting drug is government . the so her party benefits are all the is a situation of this position in a position as an opponent of the. ready ready former governments and so she was very keen and that is marked in. ready getting a benefit from these the situation and now she wore and large vote from the italian boats. and what was this really about? and what about inflation energy prices? what kind of factors have fed into this? i me some days i would say and according to manny and lisa, this is mainly for them to have
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a change in politics. are these generally speaking, italian voters are usually these are pointed and very critical with the government in charge and they usually always think of that the new government there should be better than the old one. and so they look. ready for some new leaders and in this case most of many of them and choose your german on it as a newly. ready the she never was a leader in any government that she was a member. i was a minister in the past governments, but the she never was leading the leader of any government in italy. and so in the situation, she benefit from being considered as a new leader possibly can change italian politics and in
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a wider sense. then how would the european union be viewing this? well, this is a really good point that we need to know as a italian, as he does answer that some other european governments. and the union is looking with attention to that governments in the italian politics, in my personal opinion, the new government will have to deal with the european union, can not ignore the fact that it really is deeply involved in deeply rooted in the european politics and european damages, so whoever is going to be the next prime minister, the confrontation with the european union is absolutely necessary. and so i think i can say that the italian standard, these are be the european union is not going to change us so much. and the same,
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i think, would be the approach by the other european governments with a way to find a convergence and to find a corporation to keep on with the cooperation and the european level of attorney at florence university. thank you for your insights today. thank you. at least 5 at rescue workers have been killed in the philippines after super typhoon oreo hit, its northern regions is not been downgraded to a standard typhoon, but some areas have suffered widespread flooding. thousands of people are sheltering in evacuation centers. there's no electricity in many areas. officials have been forced to suspend school classes and work in the government offices. barnaby low reports from the philippines, capital manila, the flood waters have now subsided. so we're in a small village in a manila suburb. and this area is considered a river basin just next to the street. is the river. and last night,
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during the onslaught of super typhoon normal, the river did spill over. and so the flood water here, they told me, was waist deep to about the height of a small person. but that's not out of the ordinary here again because they're beside the river. so whenever there is a storm, there's flooding here. and actually the expected words from a category 5 storm bought that did not happen as it is he, there fat now to living their normal lives. they're cleaning up their back in their homes. the floods subsided pretty quickly, and this is really the extent of the damage, the aftermath of super type lenore roof on the philippine capital. much of the damage is in the island of polio. and in the provinces up aurora had castle on where super typhoon normally made. to land falls and just as quickly as it
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intensified into a super typhoon, it was downgraded to a typhoon as it was sweeping through the main island, the verizon. now it is out of the philippine lad mass out on the sea, on the way to vietnam. the u. s. has warned russia that using nuclear weapons and ukraine would have catastrophic consequences. us off to russia's foreign minister pledged regions annexed in separatist referendums in crane wood, half at most guns, for protection. the boats are being held in fort ukrainian regions occupied by russian forces. keith, on its western ally, say the referendums are a sham that they will never recognize protests against christians, not in that hooton's hostile military mobilization order or continue to cross russia. docket stone. more than a 100 people locked road, these try to break up the protest by firing new shops. not a head, hair analysis,
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era, checkmates for cheating. root tell you about the allegations causing chaos. and the chess world. and a nasa satellites is about to crash into a rock in space exactly as it's supposed to do. but explain what this experiment means for us here. ah, judy has begun the faithful world. coffee is on its way to the castle route your travel package today. hello there, the cool trend is set to continue for europe over the next few days. we've got another front pulling down the northwest, enhanced by activity in the atlantic. that's going to bring some blustery winds and scattered showers to the likes of britain and islands and stronger winds in the north of scotland, temperatures in scotland in some areas depaulo freezing at night,
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and we are going to see temperatures come down across the board as that cooler, whether it works its way south, some heavier rain, affecting northern areas of france on monday, across the low countries into germany and denmark. a bit of a wintry mix blowing into western areas of norway. now we are expecting some snow on the alps longest, both of rain across more central areas working their way further east. and some of those storms that have rumbled across central areas of it's if you pull across into the balkans, we could see some flooding as that. heavy rain works its way into places like albania, much of that rain, no affecting ukraine, moving on to western areas of russia on tuesday, across to iberia in the south west. we are thinks it's got to shower, to northern areas of spain, temperatures coming down in madrid. but if we looked at that southeast corner, there's still a lot of wounds coming through for greece and turkey. athens, seeing the temperature, pick up to 30 clear skies on thursday. official
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outline of the journey, debating the issues of the day produce as always, den, criminalized around the boundaries of rights. these are just numbered. there people are families and our friends and our community member on our online. i, jewel, voice this minute to we don't believe in dialogue of political crisis must be off with a political solution as climate change progresses. there are some people who are in places that they're just going to have to made. there is no recognition about what we're ready facing. the street. oh no, just 0. we're the me watching out just a reminder of our top stores now. the pound has fallen to reco know against the us
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dollar for the fridays announcement of major taxes by the u. k. government. the last 5 percent of the study was markets open in asia on monday. it's really appears on course for the 1st far right, prime minister since world war 2. right. when coalition lead by george and the nice project to to take most seats in parliament. thank you. had the most likely candidate to lead the country. at least 5 people who died in the philippines off the ty tomorrow, its northern regions causing widespread clothing. thousands of people who fled. power is out a large part of the country. a group of right wing israeli ultra nationalists has entered the aisle accent must compound in occupied east jerusalem. it comes on the 1st full day of the jewish new year celebrations, accompanied by israeli security forces who beat 3 worshippers. 5 others were arrested. the site has been the frequent flash point between palestinian muslims
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and israeli jews, which all engine joins us from occupied eastern jerusalem or what more can you tell us about what's happening? well, there are limited hours when non muslims can visit the most complex. and because it is rashana today, there were a number of orthodox jews who entered the site, protected by israeli security. and those security guards can get rough. there's video circulating of them pushing, kicking, and knocking down an elderly man. blood visible on the stones of the ground as he's lying there, women are yelling, and it's the kind of conflict that can circulate on social media and start conflict between israeli police and palestinians here in jerusalem. although the kind of conflict that we saw today is the kind of thing that happens here on a regular basis, hours in the morning when foreigners, when rather non muslims are allowed to visit the site had just ended,
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although there will be another hour and a half this afternoon, so tensions are high. and you can see from the video that it was violent, seemingly unnecessary and hard to watch. what's the situation going forward then is as far as you can tell, well, these are the high holy days in the jewish calendar. this is russia shawna next week, there is young kapoor the holiest day on the julie and the jewish calendar, the dave atonement. and so we can expect more visits to the mosque. jews are off during these days and they will use it to visit the site. they know as the temple on the mouth that is the sight of solomon's temple, which collapsed then was rebuilt as a 2nd temple knocked down by the romans. and it is now they believe under the dome of the rock, that gold domed building behind me. and so the conflict lives and the fact that the site they go to worship is on the oxer, must compound,
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under an agreement with jordan, which overseas of that site, they're not allowed to pray. they're not allowed to chant carry out religious rituals, although that has been known to happen. and those events combined with the aggressiveness of the israeli police and sometimes rocks throwing palestinian uses. that's what creates conflicts here that can resonate throughout israel and kick off a larger conflict. so that kind of thing that people are worried about. that's why the israeli police have not allowed people under 40 this morning to enter that more complex. and that may be why you saw some of those young men being dragged away because they were not supposed to be there. according to his railey police. again, it is jordan, which overseas, that site officially. and that's part of the conflict here. john engine, thanks very much. for that, update a vote sabean counted in cuba after landmark referendum that could legalize same sex marriages and adoption. the proposals would also allow
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sagat pregnancies and give more rights to none are logical herron's. president miguel diaz canal says the changes are necessary to guarantee the rights of all families. while some breaking news now out of russia where at least 6 people have been shot in a school in the russian city of shifts. that's according to russian state media at least 20 have been heard. we'll have more on that as we get it. a monday marks 8 years since 43 students were kidnapped in mexico. their parents and human rights activists have been campaigning for justice ever since from home and reports from mexico city. oh, it's a case that for the last 8 years is reverberated across mexico. in the rainy night in the country, southwest 43 students were hold of buses taken away and never seen a guy with me of this. my then attorney general sort of gang killed them in league
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with local police. he called that the historical truth yet. it wasn't startling. regularities was soon found in the investigation. top. officials suspected of involvement remained untouched mexican impunity, and apparently struck again. the student's parents and tens of thousands of others march outraged with a case to went nowhere now was the anniversary of the disappearance. his comes around again. things seem to finally be moving little 20 for the 1st time this past august. the government back truth commission said this was a crime of the state with military police and government officials, all involved in the disappearances. benito, the ex attorney general, zeus murray. your crime was arrested, put in prison and is waiting tro, those complaining for justice. hope it's just the start. was your name of albany. well, he's a high level official, but in the end we know who was responsible for this,
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which in this case was former president enrique pin anita opinion is does not been charged. but his administration's been accused by investigators of a cover up than this month for former army general was arrested met cuz human rights under secretary said that he allegedly overseas, the killing and disappearance of the bodies of sick students with the needles thus huge. the armies long thought to have been involved in the crime, but before it seemed untouchable. now the question is, how much further is the government willing to go public? prosecutors of issued arrest warrants for $44.00 police officers and in total 20 military personnel in connection to the case law. will those warrants be served a lot? depends on that, especially as the army is a strong ally of the current mexican president under his manual lopez over the door . what's happened in previous administrations, in cases like this one, is that they've arrested a couple of former officials, but it's been more political posturing. point scoring than an attempt to really get
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to the bottom of things. and that's what the people who can't hear outside of the old attorney general's building together with these posters of the disappeared students are hoping will be different. this time there will be a real attempt to get justice. the test of this government's commitment to justice is just beginning. officials have the arrest warrants, will they finish what they started? john homan out, is it a metzger city? and well, that chest champion, magnus cousenage, calling out cheating in the game and is hinting, he'll say more and a scandal that's rocked the sport. madness often just resign. got up and laughed switched off his camera. and that's all we know right now. wow. speech left them. well that was the dramatic moment the norwegian. well, number one walked away from a match against hans neiman carlson has implied that name and is
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a cheater ever since the 19 year old beaten in a match area this month from the mon admits he's cheated on the line in the past, but never in person kenneth reagan is professor of computer science. he says he has no evidence of foul play in the latest match. i was screening the tournament officially for the chief arbiter and they, we made a press release saying, so one of the main things during the pandemic that i've been involved in has been tracking the growth rate of young players while their official ratings have been frozen. and i had 2 inquiries in the past 4 days of people. ready misunderstanding that the young players. ready had advanced quite a lot, then their official rating showed and i was screening. i was in daily communication with the organizers of the tournament. now there are 2 other factors. one carlson may have suspected that is pre match preparation was leaked because nemo,
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or hacked me mart himself, referred to the ridiculous miracle that he had been able to preview the 1st 13 moves of the game an hour before the match. the 2nd factor is that carlson's recent action which you opened your program with may be a way of trying to sell, said the chest community. we need to arrive at uniform standards of how we regard people who have confessed to cheating on line or have been caught. and didn't neiman's case on multiple occasions. about now to are breaking news story out of russia, where at least 6 people have been killed at a school shooting in the russian city of jeff's well now, mohammed vall joins us now from moscow. i mean, what more do we know or yes sir, what we know from the or russian, the sources, official sources is dr. 6,
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people were killed. one of them is the god of the school. but also we know that the, the year should a killed himself in the operation at the identity of this should. the hasn't yet been established. and lots of investigation and you know, police and all for it is at the place and families of the victims or so. this is a school in the town of is jeff scott, the city of is just in the republic of old, moot yar. this is a russian federal republic, and it is about a 1000 kilometers east of moscow. not, nothing is known about the motivations behind this shooting and russia hasn't been seen much of these incidents. but they happen, i'm told i saw that there will be time before we. we know the details on why this man committed this act. as you say, is not the 1st school shooting in russia. in recent times it does cause deep shock
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and concern across society that doesn't it of course any shooting at a school is or is or is a is a cause of deep concern for, for it is and for families and for the nation in general. we have seen that in the u. s. in many other countries, but russians here are saying that this is not a frequent, incidental russia. and most of the time, i mean, it's difficult to establish the motives behind it. this man has killed himself. nobody knows whether he really realised what he wanted. what, why did he do this? you know, was his purpose just to kill 5 or 6 children and a god of the school. so it's, it's very difficult to link it also to a, any terrorism motivation or anything else. so it's very early, it's very early to have the, the course. ok for now mohammed fall in moscow. thank you.


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