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tv   Al Jazeera World Seven Days In Beirut  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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there still man who believe women a property witness award winning voice is telling groundbreaking stories witness on al jazeera. this was a movie or movement, the likes of which we've never seen. this is important. this is your story from breaking down the headlines to exposing the power is attempting to silence reporting. we're seeing your freedom with being threatened and attacked is basically criminalizing journalism. the listening post doesn't cover the news. it published the way the news is covered. people have no idea what the source of use is. that is the game, the role, and that role quote for the avenues. why on al jazeera, ah, i'm sammy's a van endow with a look at the headlines here now to sierra japan is. busy having a stay funeral for former prime minister sions obey who was assassinated in july.
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you're looking at live pictures of the ceremony happening in toto right now. abe's ashes were carried in by his widow i key and prime minister for mucus. she'd have paid tribute to his former mentor in the speech or that as she, after the war, you showed the seats to bring substantial changes to japan to bring out its unique side. you were the one who set out our nation's concept of in the pacific policies . and these are things that we must continue as we have laid the groundwork for us to continue. meanwhile, some people have taken to the streets of terror in protest. they say they're angry over the cost of hosting the event and the leaders, controversial legacy. the japanese government says it's spending nearly $12000000.00 on the venue security, transportation, and accommodation for gas. let's bring in robert dr. his inter care. so how is that funeral unfolding?
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that's right, it is a day of both a member ation, but also protests food meo casita. the prime minister has led to the condolences offering his own tribute to sions, or ave it was his controversial decision to go ahead with this state funeral. and it has proved to be extremely unpopular. and a lot of polling that has been taken up and he paid tribute, titian's bay, saying that he should have lived a lot longer saying that he was a compass for both japan and the world. he reminded the gathering and there are well over 4000 people, including many dignitaries and the ip from around the world that they had actually entered parliament together as young m p. 's. and he said that not to seeing him ever again was both. he said, regrettable and heartbreaking. he spoke about sessions are, are based achievements both domestically and also internationally. he is possibly the best known. he was the best known a political face for the international community. and how he forwards links with
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other countries, including the united states, that history will remember him not necessarily for being the longest serving prime minister, which he was, but for his achievements, and quoted as saying how he had stated the courage is doing what is right and concluding his attributes by saying thank you for your service and may you rest in peace. all right, thanks so much. that's from mcbride from tokyo now and nasa has crushed one of its space crossed into an asteroid analysis space on purpose. it was a test to see if humans might be able to stop home jacks from hitting us by slightly changing the trajectory. nasa scientists will now be watching to see if the crash had any impact on the asteroid. scientists around the world are ready to get study the what did we did it the more photos. but more importantly, what does that mean for potentially applying this in the future?
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i mean dark really is just the start. it's just the 1st planetary defense test mission. it was spectacular, and it's accomplished and we'll figure out how effective it was. that's really what we're going to learn in the next weeks to come. all right, we hit this asteroid now. how effective was that at deflecting it? and what would that mean for using it? strong winds and heavy rain from hurricane in have arrived in cuba. officials have evacuated thousands of people. the working to protect homes wins about 255 kilometers per hour, are expected along with a storm surge of over 4 meters. tens of thousands of people have rallied in mexico city to mount the 8th anniversary of the disappearance of 43 students. the group was kidnapped in 2014 vesta gates is say, the students were handed over to a drug cartel by corrupt police. the border between columbia and venezuela has officially reopened after being shot for 7 years. the 2 sides caught diplomatic ties in 2019 if the 17 people, including 11 children,
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have been killed and several injured after a gunman opened fire at the school in russia. the shooting happened in the central city of is shifts show those headlines. the news continues here now to sierra after algae 0 world stay with us. ah. ready ah ah,
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my name is k through stephanie, and this is my job. i have begun at the city university of london hearing the words apartheid colonization. oppression may have begun with my readings and study of the policy and struggle words from china about their dispossession and loss. so i know a lot of settings. yes. yes, an ongoing process discussion i vision and ethnic cleansing. but my journey actually begins with it is acme, towards the hit on a, a, a, a,
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a, a, another is environment, possibly, mr. anthony, the young me hello. hello. hello. yeah. hello. so i bought a box and i'm in the law life. a lot of the ones about
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a people always asked you will tell you 1st impressions. i don't know perhaps some too nervous to take anything in the place. i would hurry to leave electrical wise and re mixing. i remember that i don't watch. i don't know about that. yeah, i don't mind how my huh. and i keep an eye at him. the law. i'm a peer through. i'll battle almost not much had room. nick, we get shut off the me sarah. you that shadow? yeah,
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but the little crime. but i went back and i wish i hadn't unless i hello. a silent hold on a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a call. i mean,
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i was in with the with well, i'm not here this morning. i'm not going to school and he has, you know, i know with hockey, i'm the policy and what is it a policy and oh, oh fine. she's telling me that some people are asleep, one, some of them maybe they are free or. busy children's or them to leave it on your bill. okay. i'm here. my girlfriend. yeah. she's
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a scared of the with yeah. yeah. no, need to with long as you let them know the family stay long enough to make me feel welcome. i still am. is a small place to have his home, but it is a home and had shopped online, says to give him his room to sleep, him and i was i learned, i learned how what of duck on it now lawn. yeah. but i thought like a laugh. mad. matthew margaret. yeah, yeah. now matthew. oh mark. oh, but i believe. oh, but the horn and girl lots of people coming in and out of the house must have seen at least 30 different
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people no more evening for them. although when you start candid zoom in, zooming out and thinking where i am in a refugee camp with her, with her hide shoes, who's sir been been here for 70 years and her and he's been a refugee almost all his life kind of feels, feel strange that that is so permanent for him to be in a camp from being a refugee a
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whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, a, a huge money with them, but i mean, then like one a big gun in a small abdullah where i'm bo parish, missouri, i me, we're an m graham, is that up for williams? her last year had been going on, but i busted poorly let i'm a bit of 3 and was that are all well enough to learn it. i harbor another born dry up bottle in nobel,
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missouri and about managed my manual my badly with mark let you know mr. mad isic we are going to she also i believe i was palmer but look us chimney. luckily. good little robot. oh, good law has. how can i your math? oh yeah, i had village to. yeah. yeah. and it's a full day. good luck on up. it hadn't been a man after. oh, no kind of been manage. it had been my dad is yet in the sedan will sit for a little higher math and had mother sits on us off danica sat tomblin malaya. anderson. amazed now to phillip on the mother that i said before. hello and then for the state, a lot of
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a and then i move by in the i was know she has a amongst a board that brings me to the nursing home i shipped on those ties to tell me about his escape from palestine when he was a boy in the beginning of his life and that they asked them a here for a brief closing time. the people who did they asked for a show me that when they are together they can relive a life taken from them. so by and the 9048, i think around the others i should've done. she's the rest of the story and has a good idea about how to share that
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it's not a voice. and that brought out humana. kenneth miller, john the deck work. i'll set you up. jeff. come to 3rd up, big will help the yeah. well, got a note unless you read on min and before he just jumped out of hombre. i've got one area. it opens up. why do job that? i met donya lee with both what the value of all you would be a big now i had met a if i, i don't have any of it. but if i'm not,
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the amount is not that people have been shutting it now. will that but enough in horror, i listen to the stories of the catastrophe, told to me by people who are children, then they all and have lived with their tragedy for 70 years. they've got a i saw you had done is friends. tell me the sign is coming from europe. commit to this massacres. these indiscriminate killings of innocent anom people, not the native jewish people who had lived side by side with the muslims and christians for over 2000 is it was the zionist who stole the palestine homeland and made the people of the knock were homeless. and let's try
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again and you're still at the and then it group and then what it is to let them know a a m, i n a late a lie. i am a land lease though. as a follow it. i wanna medina, i've been a big deal uneasily on my nana who had not had it. so i was with many and i've set up, i'll in the compass of both, many of sorta good little bit about the sort of a sort of i live in that neck. i have matt schiller, mic bar mama, mammoth was,
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i got a moth, mac number. those are kind of at the home. yet, despite their pain, there is a hope here. there has grown in depth and belief and strength every year of the 70 years. these people have had that i'm not sure either the most definitely not a follow theme. well back. no boggle moles your door or now. yeah, i knew that i'm putting in a new or dr. kevin finance. i'm not sure how follow, you know, make a new job fall in love that i know most of the 3 year old i had to hang up the keel return. symbolic and i realize of a sense of purpose and belief. we don't always have to let them know that he has nothing to leave a little late. i mean, isn't it isn't available. let's say you look at the p, mister j america,
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leave the center humbled by the suffering. these people have endured and continued to endure. but also inspired by their greater resilience that you won't take it like this, like ha, fledgling lab. no. oh, oh, shy. they go on. they tone one though brenda now below 14, prepare the food every day while they sit and eat as a family. and this is when most conversations happen, this is their safe place. what do you doing? a fried egg. i put it in and leave it there. oh, okay. let it do
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i have minute. i read through a you like this on this bill? oh boy. hello. yes. ma'am, but had never had a b a. i thought that them no, and when i am with us he has a love and how unique with how you my minister at bill hunting or in her in the, in how you he already well yeah it it has it.
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we sure i love that line up 0 said i me dish. i love it. her mom still oh to be my 2nd night sleeping here. one moment it's like a very happy intense emotional moment. oh then suddenly can be just very depressing. realize the where your the old people center felt like a very unique experience to be with, to know maybe 2030. 0 palestinians program old
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or most of them who are in palestine before 9 to 48. you get used to it, but you don't it's not to normal. and no more life show a med was the one who challenged me to come here. i want to know about him. i want to see him in his world. oh yes. i know the strength of, of done that comes from his childhood and an expulsion from palestine. he knows
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what he's waiting for. why he indoors what he does. but i wonder about the generation born in the camp of men chose me another with many skills when insist on making me a coffee at his local carter. he has studied to be a nurse for is not allowed to practice because he is a palestinian refugee all his friends, each of them with hopes and dreams and possibilities also thwarted at every step because their palistine refugees, l. o and o allah law i am at sings, now's at weddings, inside the camp. that is,
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is the only way to provide for his young family umbrella, angelica montana done well. oh well dol one to judge of us about you and into mid was fortunate study. many of his friends did not have this chance. i was a good number to a job. and so i wonder what the future holds with these young man. how would they say harmony? did they dream of another life outside the county?
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this remind me about easy it was for myself, my good friend jack care job. some things become possible for some purely because of where they were born. jack got a job working with disadvantage youth in london. we were laughing at the time when he told us a bit later on there waiting. and i literally a white with everyone else that was in like a
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i'm happy for jack, but right now, remembering a privilege hurts mid was prevented from realizing his cream of nursing, but it has not stopped him from volunteering his time with the young people of his camp whoa whoa whoa whoa, whoa, whoa. is making a real difference in the life of these kids, even while holding on to such a disappointment,
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him his home was a, make me look in a new light. ah . ah, i'll try your call. if this me. yeah. okay, so got ah, local my order with a new year, new lessons and murals. this is the time when you get to choose your english teacher is for the next 2 years meet. the teacher is empowering best students. my
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tech and my course are all about freedom. we're gonna be looking at prospective. i want you to develop the skill with which you speak by letting them choose and lessons they learn. ready revocation, democratic schooling, united kingdom on al jazeera, october on al jazeera in an election set to define a nation. brazilians would choose between the radically different current hard line, conservative presidents and the former socialist president. a sense of community delves into full unique communities revealing how they're adapting to the 21st century. china holds its national congress of communist party members with president t likely to be re elected as its head. what does this mean for china of the world? holy with dreams takes you beyond the glitz and glamour, revealing the stories of those seeking fame and fortune in the world's largest film industry. bosnia goes to the poles in an election that will be what closely by both
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you and russia. october on al jazeera. ah, he saw newly me and sammy say down and how they look at the headlines here now 0. now. japan is holding a state funeral for former prime minister mission. so ave,
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who was assassinated in july. we're looking at live pictures now of the ceremony taking place in tokyo dignitaries have flown in from around the world to attend the event that began with the national anthem. the speech from time minister from jo casita, who paid tribute to his former mental sheet after the war, you saw the seats to bring substantial changes to japan to bring out its unique side. you were the one who set out our nation's concept of into pacific policies. and these are things that we must continue as you have laid the groundwork for us to continue. meanwhile, some people have taken to the streets in protest. they say that angry of the cost of hosting the event and all based controversial legacy the japanese government says it's spending nearly $12000000.00 on the venue. security transportation and accommodation for gas. nasa has crashed one of its spacecraft into an asteroid analysis based on purpose. it was
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a test to see if humans might be able to stop objects from hitting us by slightly changing their trajectory. nasa scientists will now be watching to see the crash had any impact on the asteroid. scientists around the world are ready to get study the, what did we, did it amorphous? and but more importantly, what does that mean for potentially applying this in the future? i mean, dart really is just the start. it's just the 1st planetary defense test mission. it was spectacular. and as accomplished and we'll figure out how effective it was, that's really what we're going to learn in the next weeks to come. all right, we hit this asteroid now. how effective was that at deflecting it? and what would that mean for using it? strong winds and heavy rain from hurricane in have arrived in cuba. officials have evacuated thousands of people. the working to protect homes. storm is expected to get stronger as it moves north towards florida. tens of thousands of people have rallied in mexico city the mock, the 8th anniversary of the disappearance of 43 students. the group was kidnapped in
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2014. investigators say the students were handed over to a drug cartel by corrupt police, after mistaking them for members of a rival gang, those the headlines. the news continues here in al jazeera after al jazeera world. so stay with us. the health of humanity is at stake. a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health. delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and of vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the world and in the lab. now, more than ever, the world needs w h on making the healthier world for you,
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for every one or are ah wish that you home on back home life continues despite there being no chance of getting a job, families still by your education. i see the youngest generation now filled with potential embryos. i did a lot of english every day. every day. i live
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a it is 6 am in the time that little john of her job done those great granddaughter has to wake if she is to try and reach the owner of school on time. oh, i walk with her and she makes her way through the camp to the place where the bus will pick her up. this is education for the
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children of the come. this is what school means. i feel like we're standing in a war zone. as we wait for the bus there, no one seems to know how long it will be before it comes. oh, there is no sheltered bus stop or seat for the children to see on. if their legs are tired. there is no electronic board to let us know when the next bus will arrive. and the only thing for sure is that there will be more than 6 minutes between buses. i wonder
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if i would have had the determination when i was 8 years old. local schools and means of transport is not the only threat to the young. the hanging cables is a constant danger and according to on route, 50 in bushes, baronet camp have been electrocuted. so for 37 of these lost their lives. hello. oh,
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i wonder how many people this clinic must provide for each child. each mother has a story that stretches over countless shadows of despair. war and most i warn his face the realities of dispossession and are refugee oh oh, oh i see to
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meet with you on i live with. i wanted to know this is the only clinic in the car. yes. the only one and it's serving 20000 people went 250025000 pilot this so syrian, so no, yes, thing or 2 to proceed. yes. the influx of syria for geez has doubled the number of people that clinic must now provide for the people with the least have been the only ones opening the doors to the needy. the good news is that hardship the alerts just caught a cold and will recover. but good news is seldom separated from bad here.
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and had hoped, i learned some news. he was feeling a lot on the sale of it on my on the hold up with them on a national most mafia, l u r r r a m a n o
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window i honk basil. joseph 70th, jordan cannon better layout engine. dab de la la la. no like a a boy, han one. the image on the corner. the fall boy face down the other bar. then dan will somebody demise their name? immense tears. i wonder how sure may so strong her siblings killed in a civil war. and her mother killed by a car at the entrance to the camp after finishing her work as
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a cleaner a lay of how men buckle name. what last along had that and norah lamar suddenly, at the ominously aid of navarre, had been a little metal on marcell. and not the must have got him down in osalla, she lost some of her long term m. oh hard for the parents to see their children growing up here knowing as they do that they will have to face a life without any right citizen. oh oh oh. * up until now i have seen on the surface how life is stuff for them. but to night, for the 1st time, there is
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a tension in the house that reveals to me something much deeper. i love it, i love it. we'll do it on a, a, a, a, a mile and physician is among them. i am logged in as you come up with a lengthy lookout on number 7. anna, i love your many. that sugar are shown here next to the house and seeing cannot
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live plenty one cannot develop many out of it gave her also my li owen, the benefit a model like a little dog new i put on freshmen a lot. a lot of that i'll blow a fresh book. obviously i'd love to flatten it. no one the less about the lot. the lot laughter thought of us about moustache far less lo laguna. couldn't afford to have them on buffalo. any medical foot manella morale moustache vaughan, you have money. my thought of it foot moustache mac without a mood. moorhead la. mara had la, however, that mustache from of all to our moustache. we're not animal methodical, masterful blessed langley,
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posterior landmark while us there. i remember dillard none, oliver death effort. i have not seen this heard enactment before. now i know to what depths of despair existence in this camp can bring a man. ah the camp is no longer story for me. pictures i can seen a book or refracted to me from the tv screen, from which i am removed and can remove myself at any moment. the camp is in me. i wonder through the camp and look. images imprinted in me for ever beneath the deadly electrical wires cutting across the sky lines and enclosing the treeless
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trees there, posing light, the camp is real and the kindness and generosity welcome. oh no. as i was wondering, one day, i remember my being hooked by a house in one dusty street of the camp. it was quite beautiful on the outside. it was called in san human rooms filled with artistic projects in a way, strangely, at odds, with a stark and harsh reality of the camp. i wondered if this were some museum, some funded art center for the privileged i learned from nama, the chairman of in san that this was actually a drug rehabilitation center. and our funding came to the center and it was built upon the ruins of
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a prison. a remarkably small number of drug offenders live in the community. number it tells me, but for them, the center has proved to be the way back to the community. for the young palestinians living in the cam, there is more they can do to resist a life the spare people in the midst of the crowded streets, the kids keep playing football and harbor ensuring their survival. it strikes me most is how out of the darkness i when i meet here is trying to find,
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hold music, nurtured by volunteer musicians is bringing beauty back to an ugly existence. ah oh for a brief moment here. these people celebrating together and not refugees at all. oh, but are equal citizens of the world. i feel so lucky to be witnessed to this.
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oh, this is the sub bill for our people from our come for your, for your visit or work. it's very big for us. but it tonnage man to come to our company. thank you very much. thank you. all my journey has been a journey of self discovery. as i walk home without mit, i realized however, i am to be coming to the door. the only 6 days ago i approached that prevention and uncertainty i love drinking tea with the family and helping the bill
9:50 am
of teen with food. i love the sound of the children and seeing them smile and laugh . i want to be their advocate. i want to make what difference i can want everyone to feel would have felt and to see would have seen one thing that they kept telling me is that we are just so we're just human like everyone in the house. and they just want to live a normal life, and they kept emphasizing that in until the day will return on day. and that will happen. and so, although they feel that there is a huge injustice being committed against them, but there are still not to go been giving up on, on, on seeking this. there are gone, which is to, to go back to palestine and to, to live there. it's such a depressing situation, meaning just one, well,
9:51 am
how nasty can reflect. it's like a great board of strength. it's got into such a mess. while there's a human misery is just push me more annoyed me so much to this. they should be ignored for by international government and international opinion. demeanors, you know, it's very, very hard to get an airing for this subject. and one of the things i wanted to ask from this meeting is if this in this parliament would be so important, if we could have perhaps a debate on the issue of palestinian refugees. if we could have the issue being martin the forefront, it would be very important to, to the people living in the refugee camps in lebanon and elsewhere. and especially as a british citizen, the, the, the reminded me that britain has
9:52 am
a special responsibility for the 2 parliamentarians, jenny tongue and thomas shepherd were keen to listen to her job della story and stories from the camp. but i realized how complicated the palestine an issue is when ever you meet palestinians in the caps or anywhere else, you always get positive messages from when they're always arranging things, doing things, having festivals, hiring a children, the children that education and educating. that's a wonderful thing. they're very positive, very positive. and i let that culture. oh,
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a with
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with but not unless i a a letter a, a,
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[000:00:00;00] a i and i've got a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a hi,
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laurie corn mom. a almost over a week ago. about a bug mark it good. you soon get me one your on the right to me. we have a,
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my number is the minister aware of families like baptist, hard to alicia how to from kick ass in palestine, who had driven from their homes and prosperous farms 70 years ago. and had been living in camps and temporary accommodation in lebanon since then. and is he aware that lebanese government continues to restrict palestinians right to work? prohibits them for moaning property, and refuses access to health care and education, leaving them dependent on unrealistic, who have diminishing funds. can he really be content to let this continue for another 70 years or will the palestinians be allowed the right of return to their
9:58 am
home as prescribed in international law? in 1996, a group of young people need to know when described the immigration experiences. i don't know what i do. if they sent me back to say you got 25 years on, which is the real world, asks how new each and they now feel more, you have to accept that you might never be seen as norwegian. blood couldn't be alone, they knew who they now. no ways. lauren is the time on al jazeera with hello the weather slot. you set fab as usual across much of the middle east, barely out in the sky, a lot of hazy sunshine, always
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a possibility. one or 2 light showers down towards the far south of the red sea, but essentially as you can see, fine, a dry and sunny the winds easing off around that eastern side of saudi arabia just around the gulf 37 celsius here in doha, on wednesday, september just go through what is they? maybe the winds just a little brisk at that stage, but elsewhere, as you can see, it is largely dry and sunny. 20 celsius, therefore bay rude leather sunshine across at east side of the met it's rain, a lot of sunshine costs more than positive africa. might just catch one or 2, right, showers into northern parts of algeria picking up the was the coast, maybe want to, to showers through tuesday to sneak in the way into nicea, but elsewhere it is generally settled and sunny few shells pushing up towards the gambia for sunny golden lobby showers there to sierra leone just around the gulf of guinea, southern parts of west africa now seeing the heavier right. of course, as the sun continues its passage further southwards, that rain stretches its way into central africa. them across
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a good part of the democratic republic of congo. still a few showers for the eastern type of south africa, but clearing by wednesday, ah, debating the issues of the day produced always in criminalized around the boundaries of right, please just number their people with their families and our friends and our community members on an online job voice, military don't believe in dialogue. the political crisis must be off with the political climate change progress. is there some people who are in places that they're just going to have to? there's no recognition about what we're ready facing the street. oh no, just 0. ah, ah, japan owners, it's


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