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ah with a whole lot of the centers. he's on. good luck. we are the grappling the extra mile there are the media, don't go, we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. ah, japan owners, it's assassinated to full, a prime minister sion. so i bay with
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a state funeral divisive in life and in death hunches of people protest in tokyo against the cost of the public funded certainly ah, i'm carry johnston. this is alex is here. well i from also coming up a final day of referendums is being held in separatist controlled parts of ukraine or whether they should join russia. oh, my gosh. wow. and and that's a spacecraft crushes into an asteroid in space. no one to protect humanity. ah, japan's formerly that sions obey has been honored in a rare state funeral with well leaders joining the prime minister from mucus sheeta in pain tributes. the ashes of japan's longest serving prime minister were carried
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by his widow, kia, and prime minister, because she, though i've ain't was assassinated in nora in july while campaigning and parliamentary elections. you that you are always sincere, single minded, fall apart. you loved your friends and an even deeper love for your wife. here. i will always treasure your memory and many people across the world and in japan. remember the era of prime minister ave, with nostalgia prime minister. thank you for your work from the bottom of my heart was rest in peace. oh, but many people in japan are unhappy about the future, largely due to a cost. government says it's spending nearly $12000000.00 of a ruling liberal democratic parties ties to the unification. church have also
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provoked anger. his assassin had blamed the church for his family's financial difficulties. but bride in turkey with more than attributes to being whom yo casita has been leading the tributes the speeches of condolence. it was his controversial decision to go ahead with the state funeral. but he was describing a live saying he should have lived far longer describing him as a compass for both japan and the world. he reminded the gathering and there were well over $4000.00 people attending this event, including many dignitaries and world leaders that they've actually entered parliament together as young m p. 's and had the prospect of not seeing him ever again. he said was both regrettable and heartbreaking. he spoke about ave, as spearheading their generation. this was a man who, when he became prime minister, he was the youngest post will prime minister is also the 1st person to take up the prime minister's office to have been born after the 2nd world war. so he described
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his achievements both domestically and also internationally. ave is credited with forging alliances, especially with at the united states, a strengthening the trans pacific alliance with the, with the u. s. and saying that history will remember not only the length of his time in office, he was the longest ever serving prime minister, but also and more importantly, his achievements, saying that people will reminisce in years to come about what he described as the a era the ballot thing is underway on the 5th and final day referendums and separatist held regions of ukraine boats on whether to join russia are being held in 4 areas on the russian military occupation. they include the self declared don, yes, can 100 republics in the east. and so now it's upper region in the south key than the western allies say. the votes are sham,
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orchestrated by russia. moscow says any annex to areas will be under its full protection. well now more on this where live in moscow and kiva. first, let's speak to him, a 100 vol live in the russian capital. so what are the authorities? they're saying about these references. while what's being said here is not the up. the operation has been small and that it is a democratic process, a chance given to the key that the people in the eastern ukraine in southern ukraine who have always been feeling russian and has been historically a part of russia, according to what's being said here, giving them a chance to choose the country to which they want to belong, and that hasn't been achieved. very positive news, according to media and production media in houston, ukraine, about to turn out for stuff, internet scale talking about 80 percent and 83 enhanced 63 in have some ad. 6060 is
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up, patricia and this is a final day. as you have mentioned, very historic day for that region, for russia, perhaps because of the consequences. that what, what will follow if the, those, those communities choose to join russia, that means russia will be, joy will be next in large part. so ukraine. nobody knows the consequences and the results of that as to the war. also the world asked washer and ukraine. so i mean, it's a big day for, for russia and for eastern. okay. and what about putins mobilization plan to get more recruits? what a policy is going on and it's being guest bed up and revamped we just had to one of the conscription points will be moved to the border with georgia. that's very interesting because that's, that's
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a very clunk crossing point there. because of the thousands of people trying to cross to lead to leave russia fleeing from the conscription. so it's very interesting, but the options are now placing the conscription centers right at the places where there are those property jobs and people are unable to cross. so that instead of instead of being able to leave the country, they will be immediately taken to the front line. russians are very unhappy with this. we have seen yesterday, a man opening fire to an official in his conscription center, wounding him because he's unhappy. his friend was being sent to the front demonstrations across the country, people to kind see and their loved ones, but to the front line and the government. talking about mistakes in implementing this, this draft because many people were rounded up who, who did not meet the criteria and corrections are being made. but it is going to
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take time before this operation actually becomes something that will be satisfactory for the fact that perhaps to both the government and the people as well in moscow. thank you. staying with this, let's go now to charles stratford in cuba. charles, all this despite the ongoing war in ukraine. that's right. heavy fighting continues along that front line, multiple places, certainly the ukrainians here today saying that the town of michel, i have in the south such a town about 50 kilometers north of russian occupied care. so on talk it's there were attacked by wash and missiles overnight, the town of bush down, which is actually north of nikolai, as they also sang their overnight attacks there. and there also reports on certainly according to the ukrainians, they saying that they shut down what they describe as iranian kamikaze. jones, being used by the russians targeting areas in the city of odessa,
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the sudden areas there. we spoke yesterday to the heads of the regional military administration of lou ganske, a man considered a heyday and obviously we austin, the questions regarding these illegal referendums. that's what the ukrainians needs, national community, and the un calling them and asked him whether in fact that changed anything in terms of military strategy, anything on the ground, he said, absolutely not. a date, appeal low to what's understood to be a hundreds of thousands of ukrainians in these occupied areas. he said that they should stay away from potential military targets. he describe the partial mobilization by putin. of these was expected to be potentially up to $300000.00 troops, going down on the russian side to the front again as being a sham. he said that we have already dealt in his words with the professional russian army. we will now deal with the amateur ami describe these men as being
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potentially cannon fodder. we've also been trying to monitor and look at pictures coming out of the occupied territories in some of these areas where these, these referendum these voting is, is ongoing, very difficult, as you can imagine, to verify some of the sound, some of the interviews coming out, but it's being very interesting to see the russian media sometimes struggling to get people to talk to them in those areas. but as you can imagine, a lot of people there that they've got on cameras saying that they were happy to vote, and they have voted for russia. as i say, it's believe certainly with respect to the look ganske region alone, around 300000 people had left that area in the build up the war. and as the war started, it's understood that around $350000.00 still less. yes. many of them may have pro russian sympathies and may be voting yes to this. what is understood to be an eventual annexation potentially up to 15 percent of ukrainian territory,
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an area around 90000 square kilometers an area the size of a country like hungry or portugal. but yeah, a lot of these people still less and, and, and sympathetic to russia, but in no way certainly, according to the ukrainian stew, is this vote legitimate and, and represents any real kind of guide all know on what the people living in those occupied churches. really want in care forest. charles, thank you for that colombia and that venezuela have reopened their borders to cargo potentially enabling billions of dollars in trade ultra years long closure people along the shared board. i hope it will boost economy and sandra ramp. yet he reports from the colombian board, a town of cuckoo town, adorned with flags from both countries. the 1st cargo trucks crossed the border between colonial venezuela. after years of political conflict, it's
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a highly symbolic moment, as delegations from both governments smith in the middle of the simone believe, a bridge, colombia, new left wing presidents with several pay through had made the reopening of the border. a key campaign promise. good, oak, your years on the 830. i think today's a historic day for the region for the country for south america. globalization is 1st and foremost, the relationship between neighbors. any one who measures the flows of trade, culture change and population movement will always find that the greatest amount is between neighbors. that is how it was here before securing madness to over hearts and brains. the 1st truck crossing from columbia were loaded with toilet paper, plastic and medical supplies. the one from venice where la with rolls of aluminium ration believe that $33.00 will reach a 1000000000 us dollars by the end of the year and possibly for 1000000000 us dollars by the end of its administration for years from now. and they hope that
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most will benefit the 1000000 the people that live along the border. this will help with the shortages been funded and reduced contraband. and the extortion as we were subject to to, to crow. i think it will make it easier to some relations between the 2 countries had reached rock bottom in 2019 when former colombian president divan lucas spearheaded efforts to force redeem change in venezuela. the shut down war since security along the border, emboldening crime gangs that control smuggling and drug trafficking. local interpreters say the border should never have been shot damaged yet the agency is been 7 years without vehicles passing through here, right? greatly affecting the culture of the social and economic reality of the region for millions of people had to land dangerous crossing were ending up victims of violence and his appeared in the river. but what's coming it is
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a different border that will hopefully generate employment for all the while the reopening is a welcome. first step, everybody here agrees much more needs to be done to overcome the economic security and humanitarian crisis affecting this border region. allison, i'm get the al jessie archuleta. so the head on al jazeera calls for justice and mexico was protest, his mark 8 years since the 43 students went missing. and in france, some companies are returning to a centuries old way of moving cargo to become more environmentally friendly. ah, anticipation is rising. and so with the atmosphere, a, you read away. wanted my cattle aways. how i we have a proper taste of autumn across
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a good part of europe. now lots of cloud zhang up showers, rattling in across many parts. we got some wet weather streaming through whence coming in from a north west direction across sir bristol's i had the island of ireland digging some showers all the way down into central pass. we're hanging onto the heat down towards that southeastern quarter, but elsewhere it does look rather cool. and rather sherry and rather blustery too. so we got some wet weather up towards the northwest. still some very heavy rain there into some parts of norway sliding across into sweden. a showers they come right down across the low countries. germany through eastern parts of france tended to snow over the outs. little bit of wet, whether to just around the pyrenees. quite a brisk wind even here rolling in across the bay of bis gailey showers, becoming more lively as we go one into wednesday, 12 celsius there in 015 in london and paris. it won't feel as warm as that when you had on the strength of that wind, few blustery showers to into central parts of the mediterranean. he might just catch a shower, too, into northern areas of algeria,
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pushing across towards janasia. but a chance of seeing shouts cosette laugh, group tall, succeed some rather heavy raid into the gulf of guinea. they are, of course, sinking further south whispered looking very wet for sierra leone. the weather, sponsored by cattle anyways. debating the issues of the day frog uses always been criminalized around though boundaries of right. these are just number there people are a family and her friends and our community member on our online, at your voice. this minute to we don't believe in dialogue. don't political crisis must be off with the political solution as climate change progress is there some people who are in places that they're just going to have to make. there is no recognition about what we're ready facing. the street on al jazeera. ah, ah,
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ah. the watching al jazeera reminder of our top story. this, our attributes have been paid to japan's. formerly the shins obeyed to read state feudal ave was assassinated in july, while campaigning a head of parliamentary elections. ah, for many people in japan are unhappy about the funeral, largely due to the cost. the government says it's spending nearly $12000000.00. it's the 5th and final day of referendums in separatist health regions of ukraine boats on whether to join russia are being held in a don. yes. can the hanson republics in the east on hassan and parisha in the south . and india protest sobbing, held over the death of a 15 year old student to literally beat and buys teacher demonstrations turned
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violent to the state of utah possession. the boy belonged to the doll. it's a community i thought discriminated against on the hindu cost hierarchy. a teacher has not been found and it belongs to a community, regarded as upper cost happening, the child, the ports from new delhi, there is growing anger against cost as well, and cost based violence. it india last evening. why didn't protest broke out in a city in northern, in del, over the boy's death. the family says that the boy was beaten by his teacher a few weeks ago for making a spelling error. now, the family has called this a cost based, hit crime. this family is from the lowest costs in the hindu cost system, the social hierarchal system. this community is often treated as untouchables, not on touch ability in india is banned, but remains ramped. and the police have filed a complaint against the teacher who they say is ups counting. you know, this comes as hate crimes,
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like these have become more common and have been in the news more often. according to the gotten a going to government data about 5 costs based hate crimes take place every hour on average in the country. now in that does have strict and stringent laws against crimes like these. in fact, a few years ago, some of these laws were even strengthened. but activists say that enforcement remains weak. we've also seen members of this community mobilize and suck their right increasingly over the last few years. but their efforts have often been met with more discrimination. and as in incidence, like these more violence, tens of thousands of people have rallied in mexico city to mount the 8th anniversary of the disappearance of 43 students. or families of the victims demonstrates each year to push the government into solving the case. the group was kidnapped in 2014. john holman,
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has more from the brownie in mexico city. there must be tens of thousands of people that are marching down mexico's main avenue paseo de la re former. and they're here because it's the 8 front of the history of an event shot to mexico and continues to reverberate around the country. when 43 students would disappeared on a rainy night to make while in the southwest of the country and their parents, their family members, and many others still campaign for justice on their behalf. this is one of the fathers of the disappear, told us about that campaign for justice where it's hot right now. is it, i'm disappointed that's the word as a father because well, the government was campaigning. they committed to deal with this. and those words are just hot air. we know the government had the political will do something, but that will, has disappeared. what he's talking about is the fight. but this government said that they were gonna get to the bottom of this. so they were gonna solve it after
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an investigation by the previous administration that was denounced to me and is a complete cover up. but the original impetus seems to be dying. a bit. political factors may have got in the way arrest warrants that were asked for have now by the same attorney, attorney general's office reportedly being canceled. it would have gone off to some powerful people. and this is really sobering. the fact that this case of the 43 students with all of its problems is actually probably the one in which they've been most pressure on authorities to solve it. there's more than 100000 people that disappeared in this country. many of them, the families say that they simply search alone, we talk to a brother of another, disappear people who saw miss maci solidarity. and my brother disappeared on the 4th of july 2014 in plain daylight, outside of secondary school. and all of these people have a relative that has disappeared. a brother, a son. we're here showing our support for the parents of students. we empathize
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because we've looked through the same thing as the violence continues in mexico and it hasn't really shown any sign of slowing down. there is inevitably going to be more cases that like the $43.00 students who disappeared other cases, the other families shrivel. so lost their loved ones, i'm more people across this country, searching for their relatives trying to find them dead or alive. for centuries, sailing ships where the only means of moving cargo around the globe until i replaced by fuel power vessels of today. international shipping is one of the wells most polluting industries. so some companies are reviving wind power to transport goods. the more environmentally friendly way it's ayesha butler reports in northwest and from the avalon to a sailing ship is an impressive sight. the boat is more than a century old, but very much turned towards the future. it uses only wind power to carry cargo on
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journeys that are largely free of carbon emissions and pollution. we started this because we saw of the need for clean transport and clean sea transport. and then we also want to draw the attention to our consumer isn't the way we consume goods. the way we consume goods requires large amounts of ships that carry well in my eyes, use the stuff. and that creates a lot of pollution for the earth, which is absolutely necessary. so we want to often eternity global shipping accounts for 3 percent of the world, annual carbon emissions. the industry has set a target of having them by 2050 olivia turnkey, as wind power could be part of the solution. works for french company, the building, one of the world's biggest cargo failing ship. major saucers, from lots of ideas have been considered by the big shipping companies like attaching a big sale to container ships or using l n g. but none of them have come up with
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something workable. like the sailing ship that we are building, demand for wind power, transportation is growing. an increasing number of companies are signing up to have their goods carried by sailing ships because it is good for the planet. but he's also good for business. in eastern france, the country's only carbon neutral champagne producer uses electric machinery and sustainable methods. and we use a 80 percent of recycled glove, which uses less energy to melt. we shall happier, transformed his generations old estate because he's passionate about the environment. he'll soon you sailboats to ship his champagne to clients abroad. it's more expensive to carry the wind that way. but i'm sure that some consumers and majority of consumers in the future will do appreciate the fact that the transportation doesn't produce any any carmen sailing boats are unlikely to replace
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container ship soon as they're slower and can't carry as much. but as energy prices saw and concern over climate change growth, they could help the shipping industry to change tack. natasha butler al jazeera, dwanda ne, northwestern france. nasa has a deliberately smash the spacecraft into an asteroid and the world watched it happen in real time. it is all done in the name of humanities, survival or reynolds explain. 11000000 kilometers from earth. the spacecraft hurtled closer and closer to the rocky asteroid. that was its target. and then bull's eye, oh, scientists and engineers at mission control, cheer as the spacecraft smashes into a far off asteroid hold down more full so it's a key step toward defending the world from future devastating impacts by mass of
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space rocks, we are showing that planetary defense is a global endeavor, and it is very possible to save our planet. this is double asteroid re direction test or dart was launched in november last year. it's entire mission was to ram into, to more force at a speed of more than 6 kilometers per 2nd, or 3600 kilometers an hour. the result, it's hoped a gentle nudge pushing the asteroid on a new path. over many years. the change in trajectory will grow larger, while di morpho itself is not on a course to collide with earth. space rocks like the one that flashed across the sky in russia 9 years ago, hit the planet all the time. and the big ones can change the course of life on earth. 65000000 years ago, a huge object crashed near the yucatan peninsula,
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causing global devastation. scientists believe the impact is directly linked to the extinction of the dinosaurs. getting rid of t rex and their kin was a good thing for us, mammals, but another collision of the same magnitude won't be, it could destroy us all. so the international consortium behind dark hopes to defend the earth from potential catastrophe, by combining careful observations to identify asteroid threats, years or decades ahead of time, along with the ability to knock them off their collision course. yet there are no known astride breadth by when we find one in the future. maybe we'll have the technologies to potentially preventive di morphis's, new trajectory will be studied for years to come. the information gleaned from the test will hopefully help prevent humanity from suffering the same fate as the dinosaurs rob reynolds al jazeera. now, the little known hanging in is the world's most illegally traffic mammal. the world
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wildlife fund estimates more than a 1000000 of the creatures have been traffic in a decade. but some conservationist on dedicating an ives to rehabilitating them in south africa. emily angling the pulse. the south african penguin is nicknamed to bumper. he was confiscated during an undercover operation and is one of many brought to vet debbie english. so a lot of people say, so i know they exist and they don't really understand how endangered these little animals all by the time they get to these cleanings. the penguins are in desperate need of medical treatment. more often than not, they may say 50 hydrated and most of them have monia when we, when we receive them the animals, it kept in pulling conditions before they tried it. on the black market. they left in car boots bags and plastic drums for days, or even weeks one panel and can fetch up to $15000.00 us
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dollars. they're made and scales, which are made of keratin, a used in traditional african and asian medicine. it's the most traded of illegal wildlife animals currently and that's why it's taken out from there. i know it's in a big way these undercover agent for the african tangle and working group poses as a buyer. and once we put the deal together, we'll set up a time and location where we do the transaction. and this is where the sting operation will go down. wildlife traffic is faced up to 10 years in prison in south africa. the penguins had confiscated and taken to a rehabilitation center at a secret location. it takes a long time medically to get them back into a position where we can release them. and so some animals are here for a month and then some nearly a year. it's a labor intensive process. the challenge with rehabilitating these animals is not just the enormous cost that's involved, but it's also the hi miss. required the south african penguins 18th in captivity.
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and so they need to foreign food for up to 6 hours a day. image yaga has a team of staff and volunteers and will getting back into the wild is the ultimate goal. conservation is say it's not enough. and every one that we say and time that we save that hundreds and thousands of being poached in that times. we're not talking a matter of 10 years, so be extinct. we're talking a year. they are shy and secretive. they don't hurt anybody. but yet we're destroying them. the clinic receives nor government funding, unless the undercover agent also works the frame. it's for each and every person, every citizen, every person to actually protect the wildlife, because we are protecting that, not for ourselves, but for future generations. as for bumper, he's been released back into the wild one of the few success stories in this campaign to save the penguin. emily anglin al jazeera.


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