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tv   Witness Dead Lakes Alive  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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in their kin was a good thing for us, mammals, but another collision of the same magnitude won't be, it could destroy us all. so the international consortium behind dark hopes to defend the earth from potential catastrophe. by combining careful observations to identify asteroid threats, years or decades ahead of time, along with the ability to knock them off their collision course. yet there are no known astro breadth by when we find one in the future. maybe we'll have the technologies to potentially prevent se de morphis's new trajectory will be studied for years to come. the information gleaned from the test will hopefully help prevent humanity from suffering. the same fate as the dinosaurs rob reynolds al jazeera. ah, this is alex's here, and these are the top stories now. it's the 5th and final day of referendums and separatist held regions of ukraine votes on whether to join russia are being held
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in the don yeske in the hands with publix and east and hassan. and parisha in the south, but i am at val has more from moscow. the balance would be counted to morrow and very likely that his aunts would be known by the evening. and that's when the yeah . the authorities here, the duma, the 2 chambers of the russian parliament will meet and endorse them to day. the news coming from east and ukraine are very positive about the exercise. they talk about a huge turnout. 87 percent in don't yeske? $83.00 in le ganske. 63 in house on ad 66 in the upper asia. japan's formerly the sions obey has been honored in a rare state who knew well leaders joining prime minister for mucus sheeter in pain tributes. abbey was assassinated inara in july, while campaigning a head of parliamentary elections. so many people in japan are unhappy about the fees, largely due to the costs. the government says it's spending $12000000.00. $28000000000.00
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. that's the estimated cost of the damage caused by the devastating floods in focused on the country. suffered unprecedented floods brought on by heavy monsoon rains and melting glasses. more than 1300 people were killed and around at 1800000 jobs have been lost. pushing poverty levels up by 5 percent or can in, has made land for in western cuba. officials have been working for hours to evacuate thousands of people to protect a category. 3 stories heading towards the us state of florida. protest turn violent in the indian state of the desk and the doctor, the student allegedly beaten by his teacher, the boy belonged to the door that community that is discriminated against the hindu car hierarchy. the teach has not been found and belongs to a community regarded as upper cost and nasa has deliberately crushed
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a spacecraft into an asteroid. millions of kilometers away. it was done to test whether such objects can be stopped from heating earth by slightly altering the trajectory. the headlines beneath continue him out there, that's off the witness to stay with us. an anti semitism is of evil under a labor government. it will not be tolerated in any form. what so ever. beneath the surface lies a darker side in bush politics. the labor files, hot 3 on al jazeera, a valued is a lake city. you know, it was lake they did not know, nor thought many legs. we but we this try to re our huge water crisis one state
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another they who is pollution because up in the us these whose population and on both have a quick update from bangalore where dance more continues to cloud the bill and go lake in the city after the 5 o'clock yesterday, it's known for it's a toxic pollutants and form as close on the adjoining wood and now has become a common occurrence to see the lake on fire flames raging on port a while and the video was back. mm. i mean, the if you see league city league there are a lot of industrial implant sewage on dog dinner, a lot of foreign or, or coloring and dying blends. so money orders, me to deliver your dear,
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what we are going to we as quickly read your dress to the original vision that whatever is your change, we should not blame anyone. play godwin thought. anything you would like me? god, birds, surrounding garage didn't really what else was, is, are we should drawing their arms with, you know, each other? we should bring up a job to goldman. let me want to flip. want to change with you the thought, those who to injected the luck. i better get the other guy that equal of it. you don't need full coverage that it either off melbourne. i dec. eugene then duck, him good. bluebook in and michael her. yeah. but out of love de la la la fire, fire fire out. no, it isn't, it will he didn't go to the molly that i had of allah. yet that i like the you
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though gam gala my allow the one thought i what other isn't he had been her. you bill and i did you that actor i while i'm, i didn't know why i didn't know my, my lip. i'm the lingo a bit. i'm while you are here and i love, are you? yes i i, i am the person that gave him the lap bundling either either bardy a the really the not taking my money month in. i'm in the little chemical if i'm right. yeah. gary though, by the a larger monday law youngling law on by a little. yeah, i'm top work much better. margotto or the canadian mark iraq, the any luck number was eager ye carina for little wolf. that is what you can get a little while ago. but what are your full, la la millennium mills? what are some the users and gather in get out of the near w gosh, no, i'm not able to access the pc. and i have this
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are leg pin number on completely. it is a deadline that is will open it. you guy, the locker. we could have one that i saw this live go to united be soccer. here. the 1st step is like a full of garbage building. the breeze dumplings and everything is there. we are trying to clear and clean and all day with all this, we just last leave for the earth. i already know that about them lakes. there are a lot of people, you know, did a unit like, you know, various methods. my method is like we are cleaning it, we are creating more regarding capacity so that our equivalence will be the just if we don't to fill up the equip, was there like the water? there is no light. there is no, you know me and bang will kind of city will become
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a do you know what a city ah ah. c i know. okay, so i will go to the shoe city. thank you so much. please walk us through it. julie, thank you so much for her in writing. and so now i'm going to show you quickly and i'm going to share you my presentation. let the see 2016. i spent more time on research studying about lakes, wasting lakes consulting experts and a meeting google group. and are you to barbara and all these things? i use them under 2017. i did one leg that is 6 acres. 2018. i did one leg in a neck, $2.90 lakes like $16.00 and $3.00 acres. 2000 pronto already in
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a completion series of 4 legs and another 2 legs i'm working on it. this year i lose 6 next. so all dream is 40 relics my to on 25. no, not jim on possible licks. we want to read unit and we wanted to have our surplus water in my country, my nation. that is the dream. know. thank you. oh yeah, i just you know, it does. a lot of those job is in martin in here that our job is in modern period 9 . 0 one lera. 0 one e that ac in summer with a family when to what might it any earlier than that able to deny me all the legwork is really challenging. like getting up roll from the appropriate authorities, designing them, getting the funds them then getting in jupiter the project and next fall does
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whatever. what totally leeks i originated. i am expecting julians to get fill up. those licks his biggest, challenging, if lex meal is unit. and if there is no one has nobody real comfortable to do this kind of things. ah, in b last a one on one door or door called as we are walking years on this leg or we are doing a diesel din currently. so why in deepening more on this leg, we can now more got it wanted airport rolling and huge. money has been invested here and we all vote, our leg destroy was about darla walter. and today's isn't going to live was continuously we're walking. ah,
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high priority is that i need to pro complete this by the name to this like a we are in the middle of august, august or september. october will our usernames. so i don't want to miss that opportunity. ah ah ah oh on i come bolona. really labor. he could have a gen drug as sloth bo, i, linda a while ago will pilot more than get him. which of the owner get booked on really a lot of dictionary. melinda is dog. get really there. but as a to my illegal or to get a the a close my withdraw bonnet. one of the dealer dizzy unequal is equal and illegal of actually leg supposed to be like water, but he's supposed to be water body. he does not mean that we will up and are make
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a big park in the closing the lake. i don't think it is ecological as of tomorrow, it will become the complication that younger that i live was to firefly. i don't want to carry getting out of one another. there was any anomaly on the elberton, the rep and immunization american the and i got a claim on the carrier, golden alba level. and i, when i get done with asi, klein hotel, they're giving money console. okay. they're giving me a buzz, you know. ok, but not in the cost of on ecological baby to the like. so i insist them that i tell them that no, i cannot be possible please. that is in the tech. what is it? what are the need? are you listed are in and curriculum attack dealer of new rebecca monday and and then him $1.10 women. when them little book you 20. i killed 1000 dog law in 1000 in which what their new are because you can get it. you cannot develop windows that you have is have carried l a memo.
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ah. nick, single pulling academic 20 freshman which i believe most organ, plastic area. no, we try to segregate which are possible. so such everything. we are a lot this and we are filling it here. we put one layer of that one plan side, one layer of that one lesson. so that, that is not exposed was unless there is no exposed to the water. in fact, like lot of lakes. i do says things up, people up against me. this is that is the wrong approach, designs and different non technical joke. what are the thousands of look got huge degrees dumping? weird. we lose you how we lose you. i don't understand that. i always have to
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didn't oh no, i use it here on. that is the reality. that is a fact. to save $46.00 acres, i have to compromise when they come with the this entire example is in a leg by the under the sample belongs to the dawn and it is either risk to demolition. but we, we locked setback because what is, or if, what if there is this key may come and are beat us under. there can be some religion up you anything can happen. we don't know. actually as of know what i would encouragement. i cleared in a named lexa. if we have not broken any temple said anything, it is a forced phenomena. i also don't have any experience about it. maybe people may go
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and greet people may go up set. and not only that, if mr. may project over that there's a lot that, you know, we are having a discussion with her. i local community are already with spoken with them. i. we told them that this will going to be demolished every day and another delenette but no incent of these ice. we are taking this land back i, if you can, once the latter, what else is that instead, what was on there? bring all illegal activities. even you over the sample they used to use for the legal activities. were you said the you can able to see like a 4 button, a legal or ethical, agadir literally suffers all. did that elizabeth. okay, was there it's only oh, it hello, hello linkedin. voluntary for look a wow. i love the song.
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when it comes to lakes, you are to be polite, happy man, humble man. you know, st. dondo, which our time. what there was situation, the quota. we how to change. and we how to act on the see that in our gangster while gang, so we should become a gangster then our little bricklayer. ready i think come with it if you have, if you can, the new i have you or my dad or my you can i had quoted enough rating but by the
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you are, you are marty that i you know young again my telephone i my learning a lot of uh huh. you know, motivating that on my day is what i got in a lot of the bundle. i give you a monthly offer, but you know, we're not, we're not out of your little i was on at the point that, you know, i mean, not are and yeah, but even a lot the leona version illinois at your new ministry just out with money, the liquor, not amazing that noise made it. no, no, no i in in an an hour. marcella. yeah. 11 would couple of them. yeah. yeah. but any know, well yeah. yeah, but there are no malaria. all it is that are going to going around the leg work go home, but i'm going to go with me and i don't wanna go to guy was hiding out when i'm, when i've given you more heat and air. so modern and corporate gave regular, but a more and more court, i just didn't know or not, or are we not under less than a claim with winning a lot? i won't be in tomorrow to tell by the louder if i'm undergrad, i wouldn't. oh no, no, no, no, you don't have a negative numbers on or what,
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but then the union is an got lots of yes, i do model. i really wanna get him a lot. oh ha ah, i could go now. i thought he dug alert. you want to let go the car down, nanny shannon with silica? you, i don't know you were meeting my lunch. meeting my with, are you wonderful and gentle care given? got there a lot of good on a dinner. good o'clock. one in the yeah. e, w i g i g one that da da i. e channel, no, garvey, die e a ya nocka, gender. what's gonna man? woodville bundle. good luck. in the manila and jim kirk, his telephone made him not come to look at language. an easy way with the like out of the stop what his acting record will direct them. it stared government de la central eunice. you know, the admissions in that that has capacity that in terms of what it what some,
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i don't know. i. yeah. they do is just in that, you know, mac, it is cooler than get bob goulburg woke up. michael, i think modern anthony, with amazon. glad imogen. cool. and and again, uncle and you know what i in and we'll and, and yes it is that. yeah. and he hasn't on em are the alien money they can buy. they got more than you thought. and yet, oh boy, brock smart and look on the corner. no, shortly can barely shortly company read you what the mileage and again, you much bigger hillside that allow somewhat on the more than a lot of sugar. linda ye get a a booted day that my lab on the needed one there a need one, they are the thing, the more thing that they thought i had been with them but a but they about but neither of them that are needed or yeah, they thought and the owners and that of the let it get it. no lockman, mom or dad. mother nero cannon that malevolent laugh. i don't want me to do that. it's not there. like a one man shop. i help plenty of people with you and the lakers you national so
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they supported, they helped me. they were standing with me in all the aspect subsequently did take it off dismiss. ah, i didn't at additional 2 years back the of the people always backing me up. it is way like last 2 years. you know, this lake is sustained with one don't want, i don't, i didn't really what is what? i'm a little more. why you miss demolish higher than that would have been the alegretky a die even a carrier. you in bed on the moon, but don't lay baron gallop. mm
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mm. i'm just playing got it. we're not doing with the bad intention. we're not doing with the anything that the harmful to the and i was spirituality. we are doing it because this temple is not too late and there is no start doing it. there is no uni. oh jesus happening because of that time demolition you. so you, how do you mean by what you are to bless me. i'm don't come to me because nature is you because up you want them to put in that bad 10 minutes a mortal kelly mobil. done nothing. about 9 o'clock when
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i got i used to have a bath, melissa, when call not labeled it definitely what they got it got on and again, i got them right . mm ah,
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i'm not up there. i'm not afraid because i'm not doing anything wrong. i pray god, the thing is dick and i have taken them out with them. i'm dumb or leasing it to hand or illegal talk with no more knew them to. i'm this is on my say quadrant $500.00 very lot dollars. anyone. when got some new them late, i'm going to go out a money or the fullest nice america. so we have no, i put another to make a another to do more. michael demos, another school more. i kind of will bill up and close it up next door. and there's really started wanting you to see god. nature is one only under, with god. also, no more than i in bozeman normal group in the name of god.
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low let and some with the link in can i let them live? but we are doing clear nature which are all the god we are playing them that please fill up this lick even what they were worked we hadn't we need water until that is not full of what other there is no value for this lake. there is no value for me. well well, i mean if it if nobody can fill up the leg only we can construct the leg. we can create a structure. only leg filling. job is nature saw or you feel september and october. the will to love this lake. and once it is filled up, what most lead do for years? i don't go anywhere with
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the news in my life. they need leg life when it comes to be connected to the beautiful awesome. really happy. ah
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. we get one. when i look at the order, what you all know, cuz a lot of them you got everything, all you do, you got my shop, you know, well, you know, not you. nobody does that. you know your doctor today. just didn't that. i mean,
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when i look on the melody on a little more helical, either either already, this is or if i, you, the one feet long before all dark headed off moodle, malak, or either a, that out a death leaks feet. we how 6 feet, what is my height? what else can we not just do? a hoard lead? 3 days, 0 wife gala de la 2. so you know what? no one quantity we help. 6 feet then till next monson? no problem far, i know lega underground, reach out bother all ecology inder. they like be much appreciated, but collision because of wrapped up the water. this lake water holding capacity itself about low in like $50000.00 cubic metropolis, which can cut off more than no sir, went to yet religious woods. not which can you not be the main source for drinking
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water surrounding the place? that is where yell to xander. though very much connected with my that my job because no, we work hard. we sweat. mr. gilby fight. we do dig lot of calculated risk, but the end of the day, this is the reason i ah literally is more distressing for a woman than a much wanted pregnancy going horribly wrong. aside from then being punished, boy al salvatore strict devotion north have seen women incarcerated for years. some say they're only crime, was the devastating still back. an empowering story of one woman struggle that
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ignited a movement. miscarriage of justice. a witness documentary on al jazeera, indonesia, your investment destination, the world's 10th largest economy is busy transforming, ready to beat your business, partner with a robust talent pool, politically and economically stable and strong policies. being the powerhouse indonesia is confirmed by the g 20 presidency. bringing opportunities for you in vest indonesia now ah ah
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