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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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i don't believe in dialogues, don't political crisis must be saw. squint a political solution as climate change progress is there some people who are in places that they're just going to have to? there's no recognition about what we're ready facing the street. oh no. just 0. talk to al jazeera, we also do believe that women of a gun was somehow abandoned by the international community. we listen, we have a huge price for the war against terrorism. what's going on in some money? we meet with global news makers and talk about the story stuck on al jazeera ah suspicions of sabotage. as mystery leaks, i detected in 2 gas pipelines, running from russia to europe. this is the voting ends and disputed referendums in
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russian held areas of ukraine. official say, early results show that people overwhelmingly voted to join russia. ah, hello, i'm marianna mozy in london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. hearken, ian lashes, western cuba with heavy rain and winds of 205 kilometers an hour before heading on to florida. and nasa successfully slammed a spacecraft into a distant asteroid in his mission to prevent these his colliding with. i think the earthlings should sleep better and definitely i well yeah, ah hello and welcome to the program. all denmark's government is saying that gas leaks
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at 2 major pipelines that are at the heart of an energy standoff between russia and europe were caused by blasts. the danish energy minister says the holes in the pipes are too large to have been caused by an accident like hitting an anchor. it's not clear who is behind it. the networks operator says there is unprecedented damage in the nord stream gas pipelines, north stream. one normally ships gas directly to germany, but deliveries was suspended by russia earlier this month because of a stand off over sanctions imposed because of the war in ukraine. denmark and sweden 1st reported the leaks near the island of bourne hold. they're expected to last, at least a week. shipping near the lines has now been restricted, as while al jazeera stepped boss reports now from leudemann gas bubbling up over an area of more than one square kilometer in the baltic sea, near the danish island of bourne home. 3 huge leaks detected at both, not $31.00 and $2.00 is too much of
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a coincidence. according to european leaders and energy experts, jewish monitors the junior. we see clearly that this is an active site with ours. an act which likely means the 1st step of escalation of the situation in crane sweetie. safe knowledge is se day record to explosions before the leaks were detected. one on sunday night and one on monday evening. they're not very clear. and we also have quite a lot of data on lost in the water in the area, slightly closer to the swedish coast, when the swedish navy have training exercises and they lost both minds for example . and they often let us know about the particulars on that. so as the data from yesterday's last are very similar, there's no doubt that these are explosions occurring in the water. germany has not been receiving any gas from these pipelines for the last few weeks when russia stopped supplies through nor 31,
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nor to him to never started operations. germany decided to pull the block just before russia invaded ukraine. in february, the north stream pipelines had been at the height of an ongoing dispute on how dependent europe, and specifically germany had become an russian gas called through germany to stop by in russian gas in the invasion of ukraine. but it was russia not germany had decided to completely pause the supply of northwind one just a few weeks ago, but nowadays, seriously damaged. it's clear that no rush and gas will flow to these pipelines anytime soon. the leaks show once more, how vulnerable europe's energy suppliers and how fall noble the gas pipes are 2 attacks. technically speaking, this is not difficult. i mean, it just requires a boat requires some divers, that bill how to handle explosive devices. and then depending on the water depth, the may be some special diving equipment. or you could do it with some,
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some of those modern under what a submarines would ukraine blaming russia for sabotaging the pipelines? artists have been more careful in pointing the finger before more investigations step. fasten al jazeera and loop men on the belted coast. one ukraine looks at to end her dangerous new phase. now, as votes accounted in 4 ukrainian regions where the crime in his sage referendums, on joining russia, ukraine and it's west and allies have been dismissed. suppose is a sham, but russia is expected to use them as a pretext to annex the areas and the try any attempt to recapture them as an attack on rusher itself. lows weldon hairs songs or parisha don yet can hands, which are partly helped by russian forces. they represented 15 percent of ukrainian territory. initial result suggest more than 96 percent of voters have agreed to join russia. but the process wasn't free or fed. russian troops have been seen
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accompanying electro official going door to door, trying to pressure people into voting. tens of thousands of also fled the fighting in those areas since invasion began. meanwhile, one of president, putin's biggest allies as issued rushes, blunted nuclear threat, yet to meet re midvale, of a former russian presidency is non capital head of the national security council. as he believes nato wouldn't intervene if russia decided to attack ukraine with nuclear weapons. now and vall has moved from moscow prison, florida, me put in from day one, when not to find them was announced. he declared that she would accept the results immediately. mandy expectation is not. but after the announcement of the results, probably after tomorrow the, the russian duma will meet and they will endorse the results. and the feeling is that this is a faith, complete the media talking about high turn out. so this is a concluded process. it will be closed in a few hours, maybe,
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maybe it's about to close. so it is a fait accompli these regions are going to join russia. russia is going to make that official in a, in a, in a speech by president vladimir put in a probably, on the 13th of this month. it's a moment of history being felt here in russia and what's after the decision. and the declaration will be different from what's before it, because now the russian government is going to present this as a case of defending the motherland. and there is no escape. there is no excuse for any russian citizens to try to avoid the drafting and avoid the fighting in east and ukraine. or they don't have a meet as one out from. can you re on what ukraine is saying about the vote? we heard several times from president as the lensky, that in his words, this was
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a sham and a legal referendum that had no basis for it to be considered. ah, when you speak to people, they also kind of shrug it off, but it does bring a whole load of worry. most of the people i spoke to would tell you that they do know the results of the referendum without waiting before 5 days of voting or what people are worried about is what happens after the referendum and we serve over the past 5 days. oh civilians trying to get out of a loo hines of done yet of as a parade. yeah. of have sold which is just about an hour drive from where i am. oh they and they've been saying all along the same thing. some would tell you that this referendum for deb was the last drop. they did a mine stay for 7 months under rocco, russian occupation. they say that lately it had become a much more strict and much harder to live. but there is that fear of mobilization
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. well, the united nations security council is carney meeting at ukraine's request to discuss the ref, random's our diplomatic editor james by his joins us live now from un headquarters in new york and some disagreement about whether ukrainian president, roddy, may zalinski should be allowed to address the council james? yes, he wants to speak to this meeting. he wants to speak to the meeting by video link. you can see right now live pictures of the russian ambassador vaseline dementia complaining about that saying that that should not be allowed. he said he's allowed to speak, he wants to speak, but the rules of the security council say if you want to speak to the security council and your representative of the state that's being discussed by the security council, then this meeting is all about ukraine. then you have to come here in person, he says that's been the roof over 70 years and he says it's this sort of show that the ukrainians have been putting on in recent weeks. and the security council is not the place for shows. interestingly,
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i did speak to best in the benz here on the way and, and said, well, he get a forced this to a vote because they can have a procedural vote. if the russians want to call for one to decide whether president zalinski is addressed by video is allowed or not, he said there wouldn't be a procedural vote suggesting to me the russians know already that round the security council table, 50 members of the security council. there is no, the town procedural matters. they would lose that procedural vote. so i think the meeting now with the french president, boston declared that the review is going to get under way and we're going to hear the 50 members of the security council. we're also going to hear from the political chief of the united nations, raised me to carlo and she's expected, i think, to reaffirm the points that made by the un secretary general when he last spoke to the security council last thursday, meeting at foreign minister level. that the un certainly doesn't recognize these
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referenda and certainly going to hear from some of the western countries who say they are sham referenda that are taking place right now. in easton, ukraine. we're going to hear from all of the members of the security council, one to watch, i think will be linda thomas greenfield. the us ambassador, because we have in the us is going to introduce a resolution condemning these ref. and in the coming days, we know what's going to happen with that already. i think because russia sits on the security council. it's not a procedural matters. so russia has the veto. so russia clearly would, i think, veto such a resolution. but i'm told by western diplomats that if that happens, then they're going to take it straight from the security council to the un general assembly, the body that represent all 193 member site to this organization. ok, thank you very, not chad to pa last editor james base. eli 66000 russian citizens of entered the you in the past week following a partial mobilization audit by moscow. this, according to you border agency from tags, warning,
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the illegal crossings are likely to increase if russia decides to close its border to potential conscripts. meanwhile, long queues are continuing at the border with georgia which isn't in the you, but is all running high that com no more close exit points to men of fighting age. heavy traffic has been reported. it all. russian frontiers from tech says 30000 russian citizens of arrived in finland in the past 4 days alone. meanwhile, residence in the russians as you have you have cause laid flowers. it a makeshift memorial for those killed in one of the countries deadliest school shootings. at least 17 people died. most of them were children. when a gunman opened fire on monday before shooting himself, he's been named. is that a 4 year old arch young because i'm 7 form a pupil school for if he say he was registered as a patient at a psychiatric facility, but they are also investigating possible neo nazi links. ah
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. now florida is braced for its most powerful storm in more than a century. hearken, ian is intensifying as it moves towards the last 2 point. 5000000 people on the evacuation orders now the category for storm expected to make landfall on wednesday . so ready baset, parts of the caribbean, including cuba, and 1000000 people have been left without power. i am at smith has this report blowing through the cayman islands, hurricane he and officer taste of what is about to come. cuba and the u. s. mainland, the islands national emergency operation center, has now given the all clear as he and heads across the caribbean. we may have to turn around the international space station showed the eye of the storm as it approached cuba. with winds reaching a 155 kilometers per hour, it made land for in the west as a risk of widespread damage in
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a country already suffering an economic crisis. then an ins path is florida. it's more than a century since a storm like this last threatened the tampa bay area. and we can always heard when there's a storm coming your way with her back. you know, i, well, the problem here is that storms approaching from the south for huge amounts of water up into the shallow, tampa bay, inundating homes and businesses with a storm surge up to 3 meters high. many people decided to head out of town rather than endure the hurricane. though, sitting tight stopped up before heading home to batten down the hatches with the e and approaching the u. s. mainland federal government has declared a public health emergency for florida. the population of 21000000 people,
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bernard smith, alger 0, or more than 800000 people in central vietnam have been forced to evacuate as typhoon noro approaches. in the living near the coast wanted to take shelter in safe areas in anticipation of one of the most powerful storms to hit the country. for decades, schools have been closed, public events, canceled and thousands of flights and trains postponed. a curfew is also been imposed in at dallas and clung numb province. at least 8 people were killed in the philippines after noro cause widespread funding and power cuts their data about it . with al jazeera ally from london was still head on the program. angry protests in india after a teacher is accused of facially beating a dallas student because he made a spelling error. ah, the owners, it's assassinated, former prime minister sions, or are they with a ras state funeral? let's prove as controversial as the man himself.
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ah, here's your weather update for europe in africa. nice to see you. so we've got disturbed weather, just swirling around the northeast of england, central areas of france, pushing into austria and the baltic states. and you know, along that west coast of europe, we'll see when goes anywhere from about 40 to 80 kilometers per hour. let's go region by region right now. and some mountains, snow in the forecasts for the alpine region on wednesday, some showers along the eastern shores at the atria see but look further toward the east of that, sophia bulgaria, bucharest, high temperatures. here, this is fall above average. and as we dip further toward the south, athens looking pretty good in the sunshine 30, that's gotta feel good for this year. other side of the mediterranean right now. sure. if those went that we were chatting about toward the northwest of spain, coastal sections of portugal could be quite fierce set times into the northwest. we
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go. this were the biggest downpours of rain will be northeast of england. central areas of france into lithuania, on wednesday. next stop africa and our rains are dipping a bit further toward the south, the long coastal sections of nigeria, beneath telco, gonna stretching all the way to sphere the own and will land in south africa right now. quite fierce winds just off the coast of the eastern cape province. gus, up to 50 kilometers per hour. sir, later, the in 1996. a group of young people knew to no way to describe their immigration experiences. i don't know what i do. if they sent me back to send you go 25 years on. i'll just the real world asks how to reach and they now feel you have, except that you might never be seen as a widget. i felt like i didn't belong,
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then you who are they now know ways foreign as a town on al jazeera lou for man to look at the main stories. now, denmark says unprecedented gas leaks on to pipelines which connect to europe and russia or caused by blast, but it's not clear who was behind it. the danish energy minister says the holes in all 31 north stream 2 are very large and could not have been caused by accidents. votes being counted in full, ukrainian regions, rather crowded anastasia referendums on joining russia. officials say initial
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results, just more than 96 percent voted in favor of this. but you quite and it's west and allies have dismissed the pole as illegal and 2 and a half 1000000 people are under evacuation orders in florida as ark and ian barrels towards the us. it's already battered parts of the car being including cuba, where a 1000000 people have been left without our. meanwhile, in pakistan, people are still drowning and catastrophic floods. this, despite the worst of it on the press, had entered brutal monsoon season ending weeks ago. or more than 1600 people have died since the middle of june. that includes 2 young girls reported to drowned anna flooded canal baluchistan. one of the worst areas, millions more are still living in the open after their homes were destroyed. economic damage is estimated home out to $30000000000.00 and new assessment, why the government has around $1800000.00 jobs have been lost. that is going to push, hovers you levels even higher, up by 5 percent. now,
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indian police searching for a teacher, i accused of beating a dallas student to death of a spelling mistake. officers say they've managed to stand violent protests that broke out into pradesh. stay after the 15 year old dive. the boy's father says that he fell unconscious onto the th at beat him with a rod. he died in hospital on monday morning, taking out his nations and present london is alleged. give you a chance to deer representatives of states and leaders who are listening to me. now the un security council is the institution that works according to well known and well defined rules. this regulation, which has still been followed even by the representatives of russia. so far, they haven't been using weapons instead of words in this room. they're not knocking out a chair from their neighbors in the security council. but surely,
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no one will be surprised if this room of the un security council will be turned into the zone of violence by representatives of russia. russia already despises the you on charter. russia is already breaking any rules of this work, this world. so it's only a matter of time before it destroys these last international institution which can still function. that is why it is now that i'm calling upon you for actions. anyone in the world can now give hundreds of examples as russia violates the international legal, all done destroys the main body of international law. it constantly provokes escalation and concept response to any proposals for talks with a new brutality on the battlefield. would have been great. the crisis and threats to ukraine and the world. these are all these things. i will name only 5,
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only. what is already happening right now. first, russia has ignored the i. e. a coal for the immediate d occupation of this operation, nuclear plant, and the termination of any hostile actions against any nuclear facilities of ukraine. this fact, it's a additional proof that to russia is deliberately keeping the world on the brink of radiation can disaster. the 2nd is a nuclear blackmail. the threats of using nuclear weapons have become a constant rate of, of russian officials and propagandists. this proves that russia, as now right to possess nuclear weapons, as it is unable to guarantee the safety of the world, even against the threats of using nuclear weapons. 3rd, last week i've presented at the un general assembly, the grand piece formula, rushes response to this real pass to bees,
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was the announcement of mobilization. besides russia deliberately focus as it's mobilization on the, in the genius people from the territories at control. this, sir, not only that the caucasus or say barrier, where everything is being done to mobilize as many male as possible from in the genius population. but it's also about crimea, the rang and crimea, which russia has seized back in 2014, mon, all the gothic groups of crimea, the male in de genius, people, if greg me in tatters, received the most of russian draft notices that's in proportion to the total number this is f genocidal policy, frankly speaking, a 4th point in front of the eyes of the whole world. russia is conducting this so called shambria friends and all the occupied territory of ukraine. people forced to fill out some paper as well. been threatened by sub machine guns. old for
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a nice tv cover is alleged results of the sham referenda. have been prepared well in advance just as this compulsory issue, if possible, it's for the population of the by territories. now, what's the reason for that? and the answer is, in the next point, the 5th one, the attic function of the capture territories. this is the most brutal violation of the un chance, but this is an attempt to steal the territory of another state. this is an attempt to erase the norms of international law. this is a very cynical attempt to force the male population in the occupied territory of ukraine to mobilize into the russian army in order to send them to fight against their own homeland. there is only one way to stop the saul 1st. it's a complete isolation of russia in response to everything. it dos. a state cannot remain a permanent member to the un security council with the right to veto. if such
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a state is waging a genocidal policy right now. skipping the world one step away from where radiation is austin and the same time, keep and strengthening with nuclear strikes. russia should be excluded from all international organizations. if such an exclusion is procedurally complicated, then its participation should be suspended. second, there is a need for new and talk global sanctions against russia. any, an extension in the modern world is a crime, a crime against all states that consider the viability of boulders to be vital for themselves. 3rd, any russian criminal actions do not change anything for us. we do not succumb to the black male of terrors. it is in ukraine and in this war that not only our independence has been defended, only the right to lie for our people, but also the international law as arch ukraine must receive all the necessary
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defense and financial support. so the aggressor would lose. 4th, ukraine should receive clear and legally binding guarantees of collective security . since the independence of our country is of such a fundamental importance for many elements of global security, the world also needs a respective security architecture and thiefs. that's very important. i want everyone to understand things. russia's recognition at these sham rough rendez as normal, the implementation of the so called crying means scenario, and another attempt to and that's ukrainian territory, will me, that there is nothing to talk about with these pro president of russia. annexation is the kind of move that suits him alone against the whole of humanity.
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such a clear signal is now needed from every country in the world. i believe in your ability to act. i thank to the french presidency for the opportunity to participate in this meeting. thank you all for your attention, gloria, to ukraine. you live in listening to a very determined president, and there is a lensky of ukraine making use case. the united nations security council is saying that russian threats to use nuclear weapons is a form of black male. you called for russia to be isolated from moscow to be excluded from the old international institutions. and the united states is reacting now for your briefing today. thank you. president zalinski for your statement colleagues. a little more than 7 months ago. just 7 months. we met at
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night in this chamber to discuss how we could preserve peace in ukraine. at that moment. putin chose war instead, the timing could not be clearer. putin was showing exactly what he thought of this council last week, leaders from more than a 100 countries from around the world gathered in new york to reaffirm their commitment to the un charter and many of the key principles. it stands for sovereignty territorial integrity and peace and security. instead of attending high level weak, pohden announced a renewed conscription effort in russia and instructed areas under russia's military control to prepare for illegitimate snap referenda. he did send him and said emissary who threatened the use of nuclear weapons on a non nucular country to secure russia's illegitimate military gaines. the purpose
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of all of this is clear. russian tends to try to annex these territories, and russia does not respect this body. the pattern is clear to putin intentionally chose this moment to insult the charter, that outlines principles we all collectively stand for sovereignty, territorial integrity, peace and security. and he did this during the most important week for the united nations. i love a weak, prudent in tends to commit an act which the un charter was expressly designed to prevent an attempt by one you and member state to take the territory of another by force. we know this will happen because it follows a well worn kremlin clay book. russia runs sham referendum in areas
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control by russia's military and it's proxies cursing people to vote at gunpoint. it then uses these referenda to try to lend a semblance of legitimacy to its attempted annexations of another sovereign states territory. the rush for russia to institute and complete these attempted annexations destroy even the facade of legitimacy as ukraine readily read, sir, just listening to us ambassador, thus, united nations are responding to the comments that we had from present rosamille zalinski. he was addressing the council very passionately earlier calling for a greater isolation of russia, saying that these threats to use nuclear weapons or a form of blackmail is saying that there must be more pressure on russia. he called for a new round of sanctions as well. our diplomatic editor james base is at the un and,
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