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product people empower investigates, help us spread the wild conspiracy theories is undermining us democracy america's authoritarians park to on a jessia stories of hope and inspiration, shook documentary he's from around the world that celebrate county and resilience in the times of tam with out is the with the law on in today ah, pro criminal officials and ukraine's occupied areas say 95 percent of the people had voted to join russia. several european countries war in the mystery leaks and
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gas pipelines from russia are likely inactive, sabotaged. ah, it's great to have you with us today, i'm cyril, than yeah, you're watching al jazeera alive from doha. also in the show. i've been here 45 years, and this is the 1st time i left her storm. to 1000000 people are asked to head to safe areas in florida as hurricane e and approaches after devastating cuba. it's the world's 2nd largest film industry and yet it is struggling to survive. we'll be taking a look at the challenges facing normally would ah, moscow says occupied areas of eastern ukraine had voted to join russia key and it's western allies say the referendums are a sham. the boats were held in her son's upper regions. done yet. can the hands,
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which together make up about 15 percent of ukrainian territory polling numbers suggest an overwhelming majority of people have voted to join russia. mohammed val begins are coverage. it's the final day of voting, but already us. his presence is overwhelming. here for any one doubting the outcome of that a front him, the lighting is on the wall and on the lips of the organizes off many video de la garza, we invite you to the referendum on joining the russian federation. please come in for voting. happy holiday to you. the mood was up beat up this pulling station for the pro russian leaders here in easton ukraine . this day was meant to be a historic event. with i'm voting in favor of joining the russian federation.
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i'm giving my vote for a happy bright future for us as part of the russian federation for a happy and bright future for our children, our grandchildren, our descendants. oh, i'll show you to a the restaurant and miss a large chunk of ukraine will become russia, at least in the captain's eyes. gone usually she would near her of course, to day, amid the special military operation and referendums in the dumbass saving people in all territories where the referendum is held is at top of the mind. and in the center of the attention for our entire society in our country. this is natural because it's connected with dramatic events in preparation for those dramatic events. russia is sending an additional $300000.00 reservists. here from klein
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guys, holden, feel wonderful. uh huh. do you believe in the victory? of course it can be any other way. everything will be fine, everything is okay. how's the mood we are in the mood for fighting with whatnot. everyone is happy. this matter argues with russian official enough, took a city near the border with georgia. i will speak out, i am right, we are, the occupiers over ukraine has not been part of the ussr for a long time. but the russian government remains determined that this his defense minister circle shall go visiting a training camp for recently mobilized troops. and it's these men that president putin is now relying on to win his war. hm. at what? under seal moscow?
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al zeros hud abdul. hamid traveled to southern towns and ukrainian control territory to hear what residents there have to say about this vote. it's always the same desolate seals go, sounds destroyed, so less. this is the cause. ukraine is paying to regain control of land that was occupied by russia. we are invested got pedia in the north of his tunnel region. the look on the faces of those who stayed. tell the story. here. there is no sign of referendum, but the russians are just 5 kilometers away. and people their vote to decide if the son should join the russian federation. the referendum is a sham, according to the coastal administration. now an exiled auto moving from us. we are getting information from local people there. you should understand. it's not a referendum, it's a movie. everything is done for the cameras. there was no preparation,
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according to the law. they are coming to people's houses with weapons and forcing them up. if they catch them on the street. gina voted with her feet by escaping to the creamy inside. she won't show her face because some of her relatives are still in the russian held by the have son. she's worried about what could happen in the days to come. it's very difficult for us to speak to people who are living in areas under russian occupation. and from here it is impossible to reach those areas. so we as andree, if he could call his mother who is still in her son and tell us what is happening there. about 200000 people have been displaced by the war since his started 7 months ago. and re is one of them. my father died 3 years ago, but when soldiers came to visit my mom, they were lucky for her, my dad to vote. there was some people who voted for russia, but not in big numbers. many others have fled regions where the river and m has
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taken place. over the past 5 days, marianna had stayed in russian control part of that body. jeff was 7 months. she says, being forced to vote was the last straw, but for his diversity. lina, this is a bittersweet moment and i bought it and gives me all your life. you grow up with people, you work with them, you live next to them. and then all of a sudden they embrace the colors of russia and they are happy and smiling that they are part of russia. and while the international community has declared the referendum, illegal, ukrainian fear that the vote will mean even more and more devastation before they regain control of their country. and of the meat elizabeth in southern ukraine. one of president vladimir putin is biggest allies, has issued rushes, blunt is nuclear threat, yet demetrius beta says that he believes nato will not intervene if russia decides to attack ukraine when nuclear weapons that they deaf is a former russian president. now, the head of the deputy,
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the deputy head of the national security council against president has addressed the un security council as it needs to discuss the russian referendums. vote him years. lensky says the international community means to take urgent action against moscow or diplomatic added to james bass has more. as the security council was convened, russia was already signalling. it was about to declare victory in the fall referenda in easton, ukraine. but the u. n's political chief made it clear those votes had no legitimacy in international law. they cannot be called a genuine expression at the popular will. speaking to the security council for the 4th time since the russian invasion in february, ukraine's president vladimir zalinski, called for russia to be kicked out of all international organizations, including the u. n. a implementation of the so called crime means scenario and another attempt to and that's ukrainian territory will mean that there is nothing
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to talk about with these prep, president of russia. annexation is the kind of move that it's him alone against the whole of humanity, rushes ambassador vaseline the benzine warm. these referenda may not be the last or didn't all sicilian in your book. now care of is being rejected not only by the people of crimea and dom bus, but kerosene ends up pollution yet region. this process is going to continue if give does not recognize its mistake and its strategic errors. that this process could continue after the meeting. i got reaction to that from the us ambassador. they did it in 2014, and now they're doing it again. so they, i have no doubts in my mind that they will attempt to do it. and that's why it's so important that we stand against this immediately. ambassador thomas greenfield says she plans to bring a draft resolution condemning russia to a vote in the security council. as early as the end of this week,
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russia then would clearly use its veto, bought the u. s, and its allies then planning to bring things to all 193 members of the u. n. of the general assembly. james bays al jazeera, the united nations. joining us now from alexandria, virginia donald, the ensign he is russia, director of the us institute of peace, donald. now that the vote is over, what happens? well, as your reporter said, this is a farce. people have been forced to vote, most of the people who would vote against the referendum have left there. there's no doubt in anybody's mind that the majority of people in these core areas to court staying and ukraine. so i just wanted to emphasize that the problem, it's in the kremlin, that the hooton's military is doing badly, couldn't needs to show some results because the criticism at home is getting stronger and what he's decided to do. and i would emphasize after much hesitation,
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the gramlin is to hold the sham referendum. it doesn't really mean very much. ah, ukraine may well push them back further as you know, the happened doing very well in care, so on. so this is not crimea in 2014 is, is there a pu to him and we're holding a weakening hand, trying to shore his position. now he can claim that this is part of russia. it's not, he can complain. he came up say they might use nuclear weapons to defend this because we're now russian. well, it's not russian. and so a lot of what guten administrative them saying the past few days is, are probably bluffing. and in any case, ah, is meant to offset a weakening political position for putin and the kremlin. he's got a trouble on the battlefield. he's got trouble with his hours, like india and china. he's got trouble with a domestic public opinion. as you see, 300000 ro, ma'am,
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have hog the borders to live. so you say this is not crimea in 2014, but it does look a lot like the very same playbook. you know, 1st you have that 1st you have the referendum, the vote by the local population to join russia. then at some point, you're very likely to have, in this case as was the case in crimea recognition and an exit formal annexation. in the case of crimea, look at worked from the point of view of latimer potent, you know, it is now beyond ukraine's reach. is the same thing going to happen with these regions? the not likely their key differences. i would say crime is out of the cranes reach for now. what are the differences ukraine military as much, much stronger the population in the sean and the other 23 places is overwhelmingly against annexation. and 3 rushes on hold on. those regions is very shaky, as you know, in car half, not where referendum is taking place. but a lot of other areas do lugens done yet, russia has been pushed back. so the whole,
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the, the rushes army which left of it at least, is much more tenuous in these areas than in crimea in 2014 the frame ukraine army is not very powerful. it barely existed in 2014. so, russia's russia, the argument, now, russia's rationale here is that, well, if this is going to be russia, then if there is an attack on these territories, we're going to respond as if it were russia. therefore, we're going to respond with full force. they've even agitated the threat of nuclear attacks. does ukraine do? it's west and backers now have to treat these regions differently. i don't think so because you probably now here in washington this week, he's been a huge debate about russian intentions about nuclear weapons. ah, the russian military doctrine is very, very clear. and essentially, russia's claims the right to use nuclear weapons when an opponent does it, certainly the west tomato will not. and 2nd, when
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a quote threatens the security of the state, that is also not the case here. so i think while there's a possibility, however, remote back to this, what might happen? i think it's not likely, at least at the moment. ah, what russia will do. it becomes more desperate for granted ranches. it would have to see, but i think for now couldn't, can now go to his constituents, go to people, criticized him of her being too weak and say, look, we have taken over these 4 places. the problem of course, is that nobody believes, or donnelly anson, joining us from alexandria virginia. thank you so much. thank you. so head on al jazeera, i am not backing down. protesters defy is security cracked down in iran where anger continues to spread over the death of a young woman in police custody? ah,
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anticipation is rising. and so is the atmosphere. a, you read the way, spoke to my cattle anyways. the monsoon reigns continue to respond further toward the south across india. hi everyone. so here's the latest pitcher on wednesday. i think our heaviest frowns of rain will stretch from entrepreneur dash west bank. all right through into my harass straw. but as we would expect this time of the year, the rains are slumping further toward the south. okay, here's an update on this type. it could be the strongest storm to strike because sto, vietnam's, coastal city of denying a super typhoon here. so ahead of that landfall, we're talking about sustained winds exceeding 200 kilometers per hour and could scoop up denying more than a months worth of rain over the span of about 48 to 72 hours. now japan, also a storm just to the use of the main island of hon. sure. here it's going to give us some northerly winds in the forecast on wednesday, but by and large, you're going to escape the bronze of this storm. china is still the bubble of heats
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. we've got around gray, lynn. so we've got you in for a high 35 degrees and look at that. those outer bands of nor room i think are just going to spread some rain and showers into hong kong with a high of 31 degrees full in this weather report in pockets done right now. and again, the monsoon rains have withdrawn from here. so quite dry conditions. few clouds drifting around in karachi with a high of 32 degrees on wednesday. and now you're in the know the west sponsored by catch me. so much is the is of evil, number a labor government. it will not be tolerated. any one, so beneath the surface lies a darker side in bush politics, the labor file part 3. on al jazeera, i've been covering all of latin america for most of my career, but no country is alike,
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and it's my job to shed light on how and why me the me you're watching. i was a 0 reminder of our headlines this. our referendums in occupied areas of ukraine have ended with moscow and pro russian separatists declaring victory. they claim most people voted to join russia, reaching upwards of 95 percent in some territories. keith and it's western allies say the vote in the sham. the un security council has discussed the referendums in ukraine. the u. n. political affairs chief says the votes have no legitimacy and international law. ukraine's president told the council, the world must take action against moscow. and a senior russian official has issued the biggest nuclear threat so far in the war
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for president dimitria. and beta says he believes natal won't intervene in russia decides to attack ukraine with nuclear weapons. denmark's energy minister suspects that blasts were the cause of gas leaks to major pipelines between russia and europe, nor the stream. one normally, ships gas from russia directly to germany. however, deliveries were suspended by russia earlier this month because of a stand off over sanctions. denmark and sweden 1st reported the leagues near the island of bourne home. shipping near the lions has now been restricted step thus, and it is in the german town of lou mid point where nordstrom meets land gas bubbling up over an area of more than one square kilometer in the baltic sea near the danish island of bourne home. 3 huge leaks detected at both, not $31.00 and $2.00 is too much of a coincidence, according to your opinion, leaders and energy experts. jewish matters. and we see clearly that this has an
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active sabotage, an act which likely means a further step of escalation. with this equation in crane, sweetie, sites me, ologist say day recorded to explosions before the leaks were detected. one on sunday night and one on monday evening. the not an earthquake that's very clear. and we also have quite a lot of data on lost in the water in the area, slightly closer to the swedish coast. when the swedish navy have training exercises and the loss of minds for example, and they often let us know about the particulars of that. so as the data from yesterday's last are very similar, there's no doubt that these are explosions occurring in the water. germany has not been receiving any gas from these pipelines for the last few weeks when russia stopped supplies through not 31, nor to him to never started operations. germany decided to pull the block just
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before russia invaded ukraine. in february, the north stream pipelines had been at the height of an ongoing dispute on how dependent europe and specifically germany had become an russian gas called, grew on germany to stop by in russian gas in the invasion of ukraine. but it was russia not germany had decided to completely pause the supply of nor 31 just a few weeks ago, but nowadays, seriously damaged. it's clear that no rush and gas will flow through these pipelines anytime soon. the leaks show once more, how vulnerable europe's energy suppliers and how vulnerable the gas pipes are. 2 attacks, technically speaking, this is not difficult. i mean, it just requires a boat requires some divers know how to handle explosive devices. and then depending on the water depth, the may be some special diving equipment. or you could do it with some some of those modern under what submarines would ukraine blaming russia for sabotaging the
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pipelines artists have been more careful in pointing the finger before more investigations. step, fasten al jazeera and loop men on the belt. the coast of florida is brace for its most powerful storm in more than a century. hurricane in is intensifying as it moves towards the us in tampa. 2.5000000 people are under evacuation orders. the category for storm is expected to make landfall later on wednesday. it's already battered parts of the caribbean, including cuba, where a 1000000 people have been left without power. and b. c. news correspondent, crisp alone has the latest from tampa. areas along the florida gulf coast have been getting ready and as matter of fact, the governor, the local leaders, have told the lowest lying areas, the people directly on a body of water be at the gulf or a river to start evacuating. and those evacuation orders started yesterday. and so as yesterday, as progress is it today, we've started to see more and more evacuation orders as that forecast track has
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kind of become more clear. so yes, those areas that are most vulnerable have been under mandatory evacuation orders for a while governor of florida, ron to say it and said a short time ago, that there's still time to leave before this storm hits. but that time is quickly running out with hours of onshore winds and heavy rain. it doesn't take a lot to push the water of the gulf of mexico and tampa bay inland. and they were predicting as late as yesterday up to 10 feet of storm surge. and so if that had happened, it really would have been catastrophic. now. does that mean that tampa won't get a significant storm surge? of course not. but that real significant heavy, a storm surge now is expected to be south of here, those low lying areas, those coastal towns, those beaches will be expecting high water. and officials here say when many structures in florida can handle winds of
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a category 3 or 4 storm. it is really the storm surge. it is really flooding that local officials say cause the most depth. and that's what they want people to get away from a cuba was 1st to seal the full force of hurricane in. it may landfall in pinado, rio province early on tuesday, 14th, forcing 40000 people to evacuate from low lying coastal areas. and augustine is on the ground hurricane in made a direct hit on this city philadelphia just a few hours ago. and as you can see, all around me is left the trail of destruction in its wake. that's hundreds of trees that have been felt in the city lamppost, electricity, cables, all over the main roads and buildings have also collapsed behind me. the school. you can see that part of the reason belong during the hurricane. people are just starting to emerge from the houses now to survey the destruction over in the pacific. more than 800000 people in viet nam, are evacuating as typhoon no rule approaches. it's anticipated to be one of the
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most powerful storms to hit the country and 2 decades. thousands of flights and trains are postponed, schools are closed in 2 provinces of imposed curfews to keep people safe. no rule was responsible for the deaths of at least 8 people in the philippines where it caused widespread flooding and power outages that was earlier this week. at the annual meeting of the u. n's nuclear watchdog is underway in the austrian capital alger zeros. dorsey jabari is there and she got a real chance to look at the equipment that inspectors use within nuclear facilities in an underground facility, as the international atomic energy agency in the past and present tools on display . this is the main part of how the un nuclear watched are, confirms countries are abiding by humans they have made with the agency. they use cameras. this is the type of camera they had in the past. the minolta was used to
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make sure nuclear material is not moved without the agency's knowledge phase of the cameras at the agency is currently using to be able to carry out their work. there are over 1300 of them at various different sites around the world at 70 states, and have them and the agency a when they want to look at the footage that the cameras recorded as inspectors can access the database of the cameras and check what they record it. there's also about 800 of these cameras that the footage is being recorded directly here at the i e. a headquarters in vienna. this is how the agency records the footage or in some cases these factors have to travel to the specific sites and bring back them with teach themselves in 2021 over 3000 in feel, verifications were carried out by the agency. this is an invention designed to make
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things easier for inspector, so it's called the road ties charnock, av device warner, me to inspect fuel palm, but something that is currently being done by inspectors. these seals are an important way for the agency to make sure that the material that they have counted, stays where it needs to. and currently what they're using is this model. and what the inspectors do is they at cut the seal this part of it and bring it back to headquarters and a check the seal itself to make sure it hasn't been tampered with. now what they will be using in the near future is this model. this doesn't need to come back to headquarters and it doesn't need an inspector to check it, because if anyone tries to tamper with it and it will automatically break it, is this agency's job to verify the peaceful use of nuclear material? a task that's more critical now than ever before him, but there's been violence between security forces and demonstrators,
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and dozens of iranian cities as protests continue over the death of a 22 year old women in police custody rights group says at least 75 people have been killed in the unrest and critics accused police of firing directly at protesters. you and human rights chiefs as hundreds have also been arrested, including journalists, last, the many died after being detained by iran, so called morality police, not properly wearing her. he job. a saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed been so much has been named as the kingdoms prime minister and the saudi king ordered the cabinet re shuffle. mom had been so mine is widely considered to be the kingdoms defect, the ruler. and king solomon's other son holly been summoned is now the new defense minister. a jury is the 2nd largest film producer in the world. and the jury in films are getting more popular, but in spite of that, not only would is struggling. it lacks the resources of hollywood or bollywood met interest is in lagos, where he's been speaking to filmmakers about what they need to compete on the world
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stage. after this low buy gifts and is expected to be released on streaming platforms in less than a month and with good reviews, it may make it into the city mos worldwide. it was producing a budget of $10000.00, but the director says it took a lot of convincing to raise even that relatively small amount. this is and there is a fund the fund is right. the whole country is in gilbert unless i normally would use the 2nd biggest film industry in the world. it chance out an estimated 800 to 1000 movies a year from make a say, a lack of funding is holding back the industry despite the number of productions fuel banks and businesses are willing to invest in the sector. and that means paul, inferior comment, and law pay for crews. in 4 years,
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sandra conseula has appeared in 50 firms, many of them in the lead role. despite her success, she doesn't earn enough. when the pay is not enough, your leg or clone. how is this going to be enough to take care of me, my well being, and all of that for the most important thing to have is the passion to break even wasn't easy. not only would movie struggle to make a name for themselves in international market, dominated by hollywood blockbusters and lavish followed productions. so, distributors like chick is, is ok, provide platform, st. naval low budget firms to reach as many viewers as possible. it's promise and it's some sin. that's awesome, that's good. but when you're starting is not really really the big boats. those i've been there for a long time. the actually caution industry leaders say improving quality and origin ality will help nigeria compete with the best in the world. as long as we do things
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that are indigenous yet. body technology, bringing the equipments. yes, fine, quality stories continue to be home. groom there is little government support for the sector, even though it contributes 3 percent to die jurors annual gross domestic product. until more money is invested in upgrading equipment, no lute friends will have to make due with original story lines and promising talent, but inferior productions. ah, the priest al jazeera legos and this one more thing from us this, our scientists in chile have found remains of elephants that are 12000 years old. the bones were found near a glacial lake in southern. she lay the large creatures called gump with tears. wait up to 4 tons. they are an extinct relative of modern elephants ego. ah.


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