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tv   Al Jazeera Investigations The Labour Files - The Hierarchy  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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sierra, this was a young woman, the likes of which we have never seen. this is important. this is historic from breaking down the headlines to exposing the powers attempting to silence reporting . we're seeing media freedom being threatened and attacked is basically criminalizing journalism. the listening post doesn't cover the news. it covers the way the news is covered. people have no idea when the source of uses back to the game that rolled. and that brought was for the african inquiry on al jazeera, revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al jazeera. ah, i'm cyril van yolando, how you're watching l 0. the top stories this, our referendums in occupied areas of ukraine have ended with moscow and pro russian
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separatists declaring victory. they claim most people vote to join russia with more than 95 percent of the votes in some territories. meanwhile, ki, then it's western allies say that vote is a sham. muhammad val reports, it's the final day of voting. what's already us? his presence is overwhelming, here for any one doubting the outcome of that if front of the lighting is on the wall and on the lips of the organizes. let it video de la garza, we invite you to the referendum on joining the russian federation. please come in for vasa, happy holiday to you. the mood was up beat up this pulling station for the pro ration leaders here in easton, ukraine. this day was meant to be a historic event. yet with i'm voting in favor of
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joining the russian federation. i'm giving my vote for a happy bright future for us as part of the russian federation for a happy and bright future for our children, our grandchildren, our descendants. oh, i'll show you to a the restaurant meas, a large chunk of ukraine will become russia, at least in the captain's eyes. gun usually she would near her of course, to day, amid the special military operation and referendums in the dumbass saving people in all territories where the referendum is held is at top of the mind. and in the center of the attention for our entire society in our country. this is natural because it's connected with dramatic events in preparation for those dramatic
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events. russia is sending an additional $300000.00 reservists from klein. which guys hold in, feel wonderful. do you believe in the victory? of course it can be any other way. everything will be fine. everything is okay. how's the mood we are in the mood for fighting with whatnot. everyone is happy. this mother argues with a russian official enough, took a city near the border with georgia. i will speak out, i am right. we are the occupiers. ukraine has not been part of the ussr for a long time. but the russian government remains determined this. his defense minister, cedric, and shall go visiting a training camp for recently mobilized troops. and it's these men that president putin is now relying on to win his war. hm. at what under seal moscow?
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you commission chief 1st to live under. leon says leaks in 2 major gas pipelines between russia and europe were caused by sabotaged denmark and sweden 1st reported the leads in the north stream. one and 2 pipelines near the island of bourne home on wednesday. hurricane is intensifying as it moves towards the u. s. 2 and a half 1000000 people are under evacuation orders in the state of florida. when you look at storm surge of this nature, that is a very life threatening hazard. when you're talking about 10 feet, 12 feet of storm surge, which you could see in certain parts of this when it makes landfall, it's also going to produce a massive amount of rain. it is going to produce major, major flooding. saudi arabia's crown prince mom had been so mom has been named is the kingdom's prime minister, and the saudi king ordered this cabinet, re shuffle. king solomon's other son helene bin salman is the new defense minister and there has been violence between security forces and demonstrators. and dozens
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of iranian cities as protests continue over the death of a 22 year old women in police custody. one human rights group says at least 75 people have been killed in the unrest. all right, those are headlines on our 0. the news continues right here. do stay with us up next al jazeera investigations, the labor files, the hierarchy. ah, ah, al jazeera has obtained the largest leak of documents in british political history . my god, this is unbelievable. it is absolutely shocking. hundreds of thousands of in town or communications. expose how operative secretly take control of britain's labor
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party. labor party is a criminal conspiracy against his members. free speech was shut down. they tell the inside story of house i kiss, darma, who could be britton's. next prime minister leads a lawless party. whitefish separate, unfeigned, bob threw a pair in front of you in this hole as leave. all right, my confidential documents, exposed tactics to discredit and expel rivals in the party. people are actually quite dangerous. who room in the labor party they will play with people's lives here? they reveal how storm as predecessor was undermined by a smear campaign from within disabled. there was a politician as a potential prime minister, really nice to say why, how british democracy known as the mother of parliament's is being undermined by
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spying and dirty tricks. no one would expect that a political party would associate themselves with a whole scale hacking of the press. it look like somebody is course, currently monitoring me, fear i'm going away. my car is bob. to live. my children is going. it just stinks to high heaven. what the gym and in the background we speak to people with these voices have been silenced, including those who support palestinian rights. if they paid as palestinians, there was no mean 1st wednesday that they and that's how it's designed to bay. and the files reveal how a hierarchy of racism exists, understand leadership, it face more racism in the labor party. and i have in the rest of my life combined in episode 3 of the labor files, the secret surveillance of party members. somebody actually working inside delivery party against ethnic minorities, the members in newark, where essentially stokes,
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a party that seems to tolerate discrimination. the labor party has done nothing. it says that, that, li jay, with this type of crisis did you read you? read the majority of britain's black and minority ethnic population vote labor one of the 2 parties that govern the u. k. also, i welcome. thank you all from all the different communities that have come in and i in britain, lack asian and minority. i think people unknown as bane, tens of thousands joined the labor party after the election of jeremy colbin as a leader in 2015 our party is going to, i hope,
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become more inclusive or involved more democratic. among the new members is marcia hutchinson. i was really impressed with the policies that jeremy colbin was putting forward and i thought this can make a difference and i can help make that difference. ah, is the polity of equality for all the party, those pioneers, every progressive initiative to root out racism wrong off society. now he was a lifelong anti racist campaigner. and the champion of palestinian writes, he challenged established politicians in his own party and the bureaucracy that was meant to serve him. ah, since jerry cogan was elected in 2015, the am pace in the parliamentary labor party wanted to get rid of it, most of them. anne's breathing suppress, thought it, even as jeremy colden was getting his acceptance speech for the leadership. i knew
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the work disagreements in the policy, so i didn't necessarily expect to be welcomed with open arms by all sides, but i hadn't anticipated the level of hostility that i found. hutchinson was awarded an n b, e, a royal recognition of achievement. she set up the pipeline project, an initiative to support black people entering politics in the northern city of manchester. ah, unless we challenge nothing well have her. she's elected as labor counselor. but her experience troubles her. i faced more racism in my 5 years in the labor party, and i have in the rest of my life combined as well as hundreds of gigabytes of documents. the labor files include audio and video. amongst them is
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a recording of a zoom meeting, a senior labour, the guest speaks to a large group of bane party employees. i've been to speak about my experience years ago. she was injured in a racist attack. so look at the scar because it's still there, but i look at it most often in the workplace. when people made it clear to me, i don't deserve in 19 to be in mary. i brought my experience to the party and i found i was how to different standards to white man. so my opinion, i mean to be spoken over or respond was even an hour long meeting. discussing me with my manager about changes or i'd implemented because he asked me to switch. i never had any recalls arrive before someone even kicked a piece of furniture next to me because he didn't like what i was for. people like
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me fucking this weird purgatory between visibility and visibility. my skin color gives me visibility, and yet my experience and skills are invisible and all these things are exclusive, not an inclusive culture. it's thickening. it's sickening. we are simply there for set dressing. and if we have the temerity to speak up, we are attacked. the senior labor figure also wrote a formal complaint to the party. i am now being invited to submit my c v for roll, which essentially is taking minutes and provide in administrative assistance. i would like to know whether the offer to go back several stages in my career is related to the numerous instances of toxic walk in culture i have previously raised . it ultimately thickening that this is happening in
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a party that claims to be anti racist. that claims that black lives matter. we don't, we really do not matter. the labor files is not the fast leg to provide evidence of racism within the party. i wasn't part of the secret. what's her root culture where misty is about me were freely exchanged. elite document from 2020, revealed a messaging group of more than 17 senior management figures, including general secretary in mcnichol. the leak reveals that senior party management, i've been exchanging derogatory and racist messages. the parties new leda sack cast, alma promise is based off of full inquiry. i can assure you that this investigation is not going to be a whitewash. and i would an independent investigation looks like. and i know what i'm looking for. the labor files include
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unpublished messages from the same whatsapp group. one refers to mp dion abbott, who late announced that she had type 2 diabetes. diane abbot suddenly ill for today's vote. so wasn't able to make it. ha, ha, ha. doctor's name please. she literally makes me sick. i find this very shocking, extraordinary thing to say about a labor m p, and it's not a fit i've ever had a conversation with. she just seems to be express, say her own head of a black woman. it's very, very shopping. and it means that delay party is assert is say, spain of black women, diana is an elected m. p of i think 35 years standing or some one saying she looked
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perfectly fine when i saw her slithering down vick street. mm. slither as well. snake does and using that kind of animalistic analogy, i mean what you do when you want to abuse someone is firstly you to humanize them. dehumanizing people, minorities, people, raised 5 people is the profoundly important way in which race operates against about power. but it's also about turning them into groups. wonder like us and it's the tolerance of this bullying. that's when racism becomes institutionalized. ah, i love it reveals illness and hits out at vicious tory campaign. i bet is truly repulsive then. oh my god. oh sorry. this is probably totally out of order, but type one is the medical one and type 2 is the bad diet one, correct?
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maybe that's why she had to be shuffled from the house job from we should have asked that when she was diagnosed with to frank. if this is this, the disgusting is at point at which the people involved in this have stopped regarding people have african heritage is human and an i don't know how you find your way back from that. i the former opposition attorney general shami chakrabarti is also disgust. whoa, i'm sitting next to shami for dinner. ah, allen responds with an ice pick, emoji. an ice pick was used by starlen to kill a party rival leon trotsky. this is
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a private sector o bit. i session and people are on record talking like this about colleagues. that would have been some sort of rep from on. i'm the labor party has done nothing. it says if that could lead a, with this type of writing, everything i need to know about the labor party that it, it's not fit for purpose. senior barrister, martin ford leads the investigation that storm a commissioned in 2020. it concludes that the labor party is not a welcoming place for people of color the what's that message is published 2 years ago. expose overt and underlying racism and sexism. the substance of the quoted messages is totally inappropriate from senior staff
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over purportedly progressive political party. what's worrying is that air sponsor photo put that accusation has been completely ignored and they're not willing to acknowledge it or talk about it. 8 shown a lie on some of the things that had been going on. i'm afraid. secchia storm as leadership is giving soccer to racists within the party. the food report also describes a hierarchy of racism to parties more recent stetch to address the problems with anti semitism. for example, of not be matched by a commitment to tackle other forms of racism. when i, which speak t my p is in the superiors about why we're not tackling islam, a phobia, an antique like races that are the same ferocity as we were with. and some, as,
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as in the response was always anti semitism is the organization's priority. as soon as the e mail would come in from the jewish chronicle, i would be told to stay behind and act on that case, even if it was just to suspend the member without even sending them questions. just so he can go back to jewish clinical and say we suspended this member. other forms of discrimination do not to result in automatic suspension. when we'd get lists from the label muslim network, they would often sit in the complaint center for a while or the complaints inbox, who i, as i instructed to work on those immediate iep, one complaint under investigation concerns party member martin bridgeman. he has shed several islam of phobic, social media posts. the particular depiction of the prophet muhammad of peter fall is something which the long hell of islam, a phobic trope,
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and it's been used over centuries to, to suggest this something very unlike us about muslim muslim man. in particular, when i had opened the case, i realized that the evidence that was provided was caricature was of profit. muhammad peace be upon him. and to me that se creek islam of phobic trope, richmond is suspended, but sent a message by the complaint team, suggesting that he should be more welcoming. definitely needs something along the lines of. can you see how somebody might find your post defensive and possibly something along the lines of? do you think this call to helps create a welcoming home from muslim members to be responded to with a curt email and encouragement to think about inclusivity for chess that the disciplinary process doesn't fees on the phobia and doesn't want fees on phobia. and i go further than that, i suggested that the degree of tolerance of it trevor finance,
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the former head of britain's qualities commission is being investigated. so what the survey showing us as a matter of what you might describe as a nation within the nation. i'd say that hardly anybody wants to see that happen. but the question is, what are we going to do about it? if you replace the word must, then with chew will all black or another racial minority self, evidently to anybody hearing that that would be a racy stating in his suspension. notice the party provides examples of a slam, a phobia. phillips links the causes of wrongdoing involving muslims to their faith. a group of germany's 5000000 or so cetera, mostly migrants had for some reason, suddenly and inexplicably decided to run a mock to talk about the fall and so by behavior and by muslims in germany
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is a massive thing for the fall. right. and grossly irresponsible plays straight into the favorite fruits and language of the fall right. as inflammatory phillips also links the obese of girls in england to islam. o doroty is in town such as rather m and rochdale remain reluctant to associate the child grooming scandals with social norms within the largely pakistani muslim neighborhoods in which they took place. what is it that trevor phillips and other think makes it ok to make such generalizing disparaging, derogatory statements about muslims, and thank case is just everyday conversation. i identify the minority of the problem and that's one of the key features in which race them perceive. i should
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have known better. the integration of muslims will probably be the hardest task we've ever faced. halima con is the investigation officer in phillips case. it seems like i was reading something from a fall right manifesto that you'd expect from the lights of tommy robinson and the d. l. tommy robinson is the former leader of the far right english defense league. cons colleagues also feel that phillips is guilty of his lam, a phobia he was saying confidently that muslims, on like close a, was using lions that ron was lim gutters. these incredibly recessed hall complaints on the far right used her discriminate against muslims on a daily basis. so i was disgusted. those under investigation are asked to explain
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their conduct. phillips does not. 2 he refused to apologize for his statements. in fact, he felt that he had authority to make those statements because he was format chav. the equality human rights commission had chance replaced any of the words that trevon phillips had said about luster's with jewish tele, phillips would have been expelled. phillips was suspended for every year, but then reinstated, as a party member, the father choa phillips was re admitted. just demonstrates in black and white how little delay potty care about is on the phobia. and how little they need to occur as well. because there was no kind of moral outrage to kind of show how agree just this was what was fascinating was that he was unsuspended by the labor party in
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a very unusual way. coincidentally, shortly before he was about to take up a joke with sky news hosting their flagship sunday morning politics program, in which you be interviewing, leading like politicians, and this thing slightly suspicious. new him in east london is a diverse community. residents have pakistani bangladesh, he white, african and caribbean heritage. the election of corbin, as leda sees a sudden growth in membership of the party, an interest in local politics. suddenly, all these people are thinking, well, i'm going to join the life of party. we've got jeremy colvin their ideas. now we can talk about freedom and equality and good social services,
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and have papa national health service. but not everyone in the party welcomes the new members. b, r a borrow, which is a 100 percent labor barrel. but there wasn't enough representation of the muslim community, especially books, funding community older than lima party leaders was from the white members of the community. do you want to have a change? and under more of an f e. 2016. the name of party was quite small in u. m, and meetings where he even smola. so people had positions, i think it became for many of them, like a social club. a factional battle breaks out based on racial lines. a regional party organizer coll morris complains about muslim community leaders.
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morris and amy food have been concerned about south asian members. amy and i were elected to a gathering of predominantly asian men on the pavement. several, a and party members are congregating waiting to attend the parties. annual general meeting call states that he was elected to a group of pakistan men. so amy fo day decided to take a photo of these individuals. i found out that that was completely inappropriate. morris, his complaint continues the events on thursday validate earlier, information about a coordinated attempt to infiltrate in new him by the pakistani community. it was quite clear to me that there was something insidious going on. cameras
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states explicitly that he fears new one is being infiltrated by a number of pakistani men. something that i saw as j car, some of phobia the words infiltrate is quite a loaded term, especially when you're talking about a group of lessons who are trying to engage within politics. it's shocking to use the word info tray itself allowing it's putting people outside of the main stream. it's very symptomatic that somebody who's working full time for the labor party would see people who wanted to join as an infiltrators. i think that's quite disgraceful and says a huge amount about their level of consciousness around rice. in part to a secret dossier is compiled on muslim labor activist. they have got all the
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information about me, what i do when i go where my children goes, they shouldn't have that information, is victimization, and weaponized, nation of islam, a phobia october on al jazeera in an election set to define a nation brazilians will choose between the radically different current hard line, conservative presidents and the former socialist president. a sense of community delves into full unique communities revealing how they're adapting to the 21st century. china holds its national congress of communist party members with president t likely to be re elected as its head. what does this mean for china of the world? only with dreams takes you beyond the glitz and glamour, revealing the stories of those seeking fame and fortune in the world's largest film industry. bosnia goes to the poles in an election that will be what closely by both
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you and russia. october on al jazeera, witness inspiring films from around the world. they shall not stop a violin and kill the power is bears witness intimate portraits and epic struggles . because leadership is off the phone with not just the people witness the human spirit, and bit to reality. there are still men of believe women are a property witness. award winning voice is telling groundbreaking stories. witness on al jazeera lou. i'm thorough vanya endo honda top stories on al jazeera fi. this our referendums in occupied areas of ukraine have ended with moscow and pro russian separatists
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declaring victory. they claim most people voted to join russia, reaching upwards of 95 percent and some territories. keven it's western allies say the vote. the sham. the un security council has discussed the referendums in ukraine. the u. n. political affairs chief says the votes have no legitimacy and international law. ukrainian president volunteers the landscape, told the council, the world must take action against moscow. and the senior russian official has issued the biggest nuclear threat since the war began. former president, dimitri midvale. busy says he believes nato won't intervene if russia decides to attack ukraine with nuclear weapons in your commission chief or sue of underlay and says it leaks at 2 major pipelines between russia and europe were caused by sabotaged denmark and sweden 1st reported the leaks in the north stream $1.00 and $2.00 pipelines earlier on wednesday supplies 3 north stream, one were suspended by russia earlier this month because of a stand off over sanctions. florida is brace for its most powerful storm in more
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than a century. hurricane in is intensifying as it moves towards the u. s. 2 and a half 1000000 people are under evacuation orders in the state of florida. a category for storm is expected to make landfall later on wednesday. it's already battered parts of the caribbean, including cuba. when you look at storm surge of this nature, that is a very life threatening hazard. when you're talking about 10 feet, 12 feet of storm surge, which you could see in certain parts of this when it makes landfall. it's also going to produce a massive amount of rain. it is going to produce major, major flooding. more than a 100000 people in vietnam are evacuating as typhoon. nora approaches it, as it's anticipated to be one of the most powerful storms to hit the country into decades. thousands of fights and flights and trains are postponed. schools are closed in 2 provinces of imposed curfews to keep people safe, nor responsible for the deaths of at least 8 people in the philippines. saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed been summoned,
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has been named as the kingdoms prime minister. the saudi king ordered this cabinet, re shuffle. king solomon's other son, that is the new defense minister. alright, those your headlines on our 0. the news continues right here with alger, your investigations, the labor files, the hierarchy, stay with us. ah, the conflict between muslim party activists and the labor establishment intensifies in new em east london a counsellor obeyed. con is suspended from the party local community groups and a letter to robin wales. newsome's mayor. we wish to express our dissatisfaction, anger and disappointment at the treatment of a leading figure in the muslim community, counsellor obeyed. con we believe you have contrived and manipulated the
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party processes to get him unfairly expelled with tromp top and false accusations against him. may a whales passes the letter to john stella, j, the head of the parties, legal and covenant unit. the mayor of numa a time then sent an email across to john stall a day stating that the contents were libelous in form and seeking advice on walk. shake and take against the members. stella de rights, back to my a wales. i'm sorry you have been subject of such horrible lies and smears. as for disciplinary action against those individuals. i agree that we need to protect you . if you have any more evidence that we can tie to individuals than do send it through or instead of questioning the mayor at that time and in regards to why the
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members was claiming a racial discrimination. john stalin de decide to agree with the mayor and say that these accusations are libelous and decided to take action against the individuals that had raised the complaints. mazda is one of the muslim labor party members who is accused of libel. fish is the element of some kind of his former phobia clearly mentioned in this letter beast and suggest how they feel about the local community . particularly the bargaining community being mentioned. a fellow labor party activist mahmoud mazda was also accused of undermining may wales. when we joined the name appointed, we believed in fairness from the definition of what they required. and this is totally going against the attitude towards to here and my mood was that they were dangerous that
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they had their own agenda and that they were carrying out communal politics. mostly men on a mission to destroy the labor party. the atmosphere became even worse after the election of the new party in 2020 next labor prime minister and leader of the labor party under stalwart change. quite quickly, we were told what we couldn't debate meetings. we couldn't debate, miscarriages of justice. and quite quickly, i believe our free speech was shut down in the labor party. it was a very, very unpleasant and toxic atmosphere to be in because you could be accused of all sorts of things that was like warfare and knew him. party member
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dave achilles sends a letter to david evans lab as general secretary with an attachment i enclosure, report, and appendices, which set out systematic breaches of labor party rules and possibly electro bold by small group of party members. as they seek to take control of the 2 constituencies that make up the london barbara of new m. o. a 100 page dossier is secretly compelled by a member of the party. it provides information on mostly south asian residents of new em wall. thus my company has won. i can see the cold digging soft my speech i've made.
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wow. when i 1st read the dossier i was quite terrified actually for the members, it was horrific to see the level of detail that was included in such a danasia. it's a shocking document. it seems to me that somebody actually working inside deliver party against ethnic minority. ah, the dossier contains private information about the lives and activities of muslim members and their families. we have redacted this information. ah, memory mazda is registered to vote, and he's a member of the party as an address in west ham. there is clear evidence that memory mazda his wife and children live in east ham. one of his children attends
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the nearby academy and the other a local primary school his call license number has been popped on several occasions near to it looked like somebody's course gently monitoring me. they have got all the information about me . what i do when i go with my children, goes where i work, how many properties i have, how many tenants live in my property? and how many are the member of the labor party? they should have that information, especially towards my children with the going to school. so i am surprised and i'm directed. ah, the method is in new and we're essentially stokes. and for me it posed
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a significant safety risk. because in the dossier was mentioned, when members had parked, they caused the car registration numbers where the children went to school. that says serious safeguarding is she and the fact that the party didn't see it as one was of consent. it was apparently an individual party member who sent the dossier to the general secretary. the person writing this letter appears to have done that in a personal capacity as opposed to an official capacity. now that brings questions as to how if somebody in a personal capacity would have had that data to begin with. ringback faith, quite telling the dossier youth, ethnic and racial criteria to identify new labor party members. it's either being problematic in addition to
4:41 am
a snotty and culture i referred to through a number of tropes. so or stereotypes, you know that people who own houses that people who run local businesses as a reason to be suspicious. the dossier makes the same claims as the complaint letter that was sent to the party leaders 4 years earlier. this report describes the activities of a small group of labor party members involved in coordinated activities to take over both the constituency parties that make up the london barrow of noon. mm. it is true. okay. yes. the word, dangers and taken over activities to take over both constituency parties and new em takeover if you have 80
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percent. bam. living in those areas and then was the membership off of the ethnic minorities that would take over is completely wrong. perhaps someone who done that though like the, i think man out of theater. ringback memory mazda, or his property company, own, at least 10 properties in u. m. all 10 have party members registered as a living in them, including mahmoud mazda himself. there are up to 33 party members in total that have been identified as living in these homes. some of the addresses appear very overcrowded. ringback and 14 at i'm a band guy, i am somebody who is using his property to detroit
4:43 am
a membership. the saying that i am trying to trade in the labor party. ringback ringback racial profiling was used to provide a detailed analysis of the bay membership in u. m. l is graph that the breakdown of the dialect members spoke using as necessity to identify people that the problem with in your group. then thus adjust the something institutionally wrong. a sick to my zation and weaponized zation of islam, a phobia i think the liberal party has used the race car to control the labor party bar of new especially because they're, they're singling out the muslim community and asian community. i found this dossier,
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sleeping unbelievable. i'm reading this is like reading some sort of fall right tracks by some domencio american bright winner. and this is published or del, inside the labor party. it's terrifying. ah, however, the alternate this, it must have access to all these information from someone within the labor party because ordinary person cannot have back. david gillis shouldn't have access to any of this information. actually, he's not a liberal party official under data protection. the secretary and the membership secretary had access to electronic data. so this person who i believe offered the report where they would get the
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information. i don't know. and that seems like a breach of the data protection that britain has strict data protection laws known as d d. p r, which are overseen by an information commissioner's office, or i c o ah, labor party headquarters did not report a breach one of the few really clear provisions over t d p. r is a requirement to report any data breaches within 72 hours to the regulator. the more senior members of the party find out about a data breach. the higher the obligation to, to report this breach or series of reaches potentially to the i c o. the dossier advises the general secretary to suspend news labor parties,
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and it's muslim leaders only a rigorous process of this, so we'll clean up the membership of both constituency labor parties in new him. within weeks memory, mazda is suspended. i was before a party members went a vote on selecting candidates for local councils. ah, if he hadn't been suspended, he would have won overwhelmingly. sites dirty tricks, suspend him at 5 o'clock when there's no one left in the office. because they can't defeat as politically thou defeat us st bureaucratic measures. and that's exactly what both don should one of these members submit to subject access request. they would see this dosier in its entirety and we
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would be liable for legal action a subject access request or saw is illegal, right under britain's general data protection regulations or g d p r. ringback people can demand that organisations or companies reveal personal data held about them. i applied for subjects as for 2 years ago. i never got any response. only response i call the asked from the i t to provide to which i have forwarded. i have applied for the saws request twice, but i never actually got the response back from them. if the data or the responses to the questions posed by the data, subjects are not answered within the auto limit of 90 days. and that in itself is a breach of g d, p r. a lima con says she told her
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boss at labor party headquarters of had concerns with. i feel that this dossier is potential criminal in nature because we weren't provided with how the author of the da sierra had come to have all this data on these members. it's not data that we collect as a party anyways. mm. i'm scared more scared now. after seeing this, the level of it they can go to if somebody following your children to school, it's not normal is it is actually shaming that's an utterly shake. is against a briefing with labor party is supposed to believe in odd even full of i was the
4:49 am
police. i be looking into investigating this dossier because it strongly suggests that the blubber policy has been breaking the law. in march 2021 news labor party branches are suspended more than 5000 mostly muslim party members are denied a voice. oh did deny the democracy. and so we being dinard over democratic fried to choose our own counsellors, choose our own layer. when i mentioned the potential criminality of this dosier, i was effectively pushed off the project his i challenged the pot, his decision to suspend the whole of new and based on the da c at the hierarchy of racism identified in the food report means that those accused of anti semitism are suspended while issues that concern muslims are overlooked. for a young man and woman, it was an incredibly toxic environment to be why can, in,
4:50 am
within that unit explicitly asked whether or not my job would be at risk full supporting the freedom and liberation of palestinians and response. quite frankly was i'll have to get back to you on that as an individual that struggled with cases of some of phobia and trying to get suspensions. i believe i was regarded as a troublemaker within the organization. the labor falls include recordings of a video call between sir kiss tama and blacken asian staff. stammer, had described the black lives matter movement as a moment. does a broader issue, the black lives matter movement or moments if you like, it's nationally matrix played?
4:51 am
well, i bet when i said moment, i am clear which like venge um, some people saw the teaching by wirelessly. i don't see that it's possible to read . i, it's what i actually said. kiss selma is a lawyer. he chooses his words carefully and when he described blackledge matters a moment. it was very telling the leadership, austria about class martha was incredibly hostile. the 1st thing not the leadership wanted to do was to appear on media, on the, legitimize the activists and also distance themselves from the policy. john said that they were promoting black, an asian staff write a memo to stammer, and deputy leda angela raina. for black members, a staff, we need to be listened t we expect the manifestation of our torment to be understood.
4:52 am
instead, the top line briefed was that he is tama, leader of the labor party, condemns the completely wrong tearing down of the statue of slave trader. edward colston in bristol, at the weekend, ah ah, nice, he kissed omer as a man who has absolutely no political integrity. but it's like, what do i need to say? we've taken the temperature that everybody in this country is against the colston statue being dropped. so therefore, doesn't matter whether i think it's right or wrong, i need to take a position that it's wrong because that was what will get me elected. 2 days after the bane groups letter to storm and raina, the party dross strategy to regain black support. all but one of the team writing the report called the black engagement plan is white. ellie
4:53 am
robinson kissed tom as deputy political director, emails this morning. there was a discussion about b l. m. i took an action to write up a plan for all work in this area going forward. i think our lines to the black community are in a good place. halima con is chat of the beam staff network at the time. like beachy engagement plan. i have never seen this before. i'm not surprised that this would have come to the veins, thought an i don't think we would if we would have taken it. well, especially when black lives matter is referred to as
4:54 am
a culture war. i think the framing of the document very much shows like the anxiety of the leadership when it comes to these issues. the all part of the cultural pause by being they of terrifies, of being seen as oc thing on issues of diversity inclusion. and because i alienate some people who they perceive to be lacking, voters white's jeremy, the labor party loss support from what's called the red wool, mostly white working class communities. at the 2019 election, many switched to the governing conservative party. the idea seems to be promoted by the leadership. the rebel votes as a kind of reactionary on social issues that they're at your thick union. jack loving slightly kind of possibly a bit racist people and explain it to the public by saying, well, you know,
4:55 am
we need to when these, these particular states back in the north of england, the black community engagement plan largely ignored black lives matter and concentrates on winning over the red war ultimate, in order to allow management to find an easy route through the kind of block was martha movement and find a very little in terms of coming up with a policy tons of that will and taco institutional racism, the liberal authoritarian axis is still going to be a key driver of voters behavior to get us back into a position on the culture war that divides our red wool voters from all liberal up and voters. there's nothing in there that actually talks about what are the really important issues that we need to address as a political party for those communities to gain and,
4:56 am
and lives to be improved by us being the next government nothing. the black engagement plan is more about electoral strategy than black lives matter. we have managed to walk a delicate line over the past 2 weeks. these questions hinge on choices about which voters we are trying to win in which seats. the bane staff network contributes little to the engagement plan. the involvement of the base staff has always been as a window dressing exercise to show that you know, we are engaging. but when actually planning out, you know, their strategy whenever consulted al jazeera is labor files actually corroborate the is something rather ill troubling flight. think about the labor party eventually and have to think twice now,
4:57 am
because labor is not a safe haven for them as we was thinking in the past and the labor is maybe not the place you're thinking that you're supposed to be in what the labor party took for me was a sense of believing that i could be a part of something bigger than me and advocate for change and you know, a better world what happened to me was enough to make me step down. it reeks of a culture where anti black racism is not only accepted, not only tolerated, but actively promoted. why
4:58 am
i was news news. news.
4:59 am
news. after making landfall in western cuba were tracking out hurricane in. hi everyone, a major hurricane. so it's moving ne, up to the gulf of mexico. let's go for a closer look. if this makes landfall in tampa as a category 3 hurricane, that will be the strongest storm to hit the area and a 100 years. biggest threat here is storm surge waves of about 3 meters high. crashing in to this low line, heavily populated area. so it's something we'll continue to keep tabs on. into that ra northwind looked with hits to into temperatures in the great lakes, toronto, 13 degrees, shoving some showers along the eastern seaboard of the u. s. from the northeast to the mid atlantic, some rounds of showers and rains to go once again for western canada. in the
5:00 am
pacific northwest, but has we dipped toward the south high temperatures here, los angeles heat advisory in play you're up to 36. temperatures will come down a bit in the days to come south america looks like this. some showers in storms around the bolivian andes, stretching into paraguay in the southeast of brazil going for closer look here. these are going to be some rocking storms in this area. winds have shifted around, so that's pops up. the temperature and commodore a breather. davin to $42.00 degrees, while above average, but it's going to be a soggy date. and so paulo with a high of 18, that's the o criminal officials and ukraine's occupied areas say 95 percent of the people have voted to join russia.


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