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tv   Witness Dead Lakes Alive  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2022 6:30am-7:01am AST

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to men been hammered. al tani was really one of the few. well leaders said that attended what was considered by many countries to be a controversial event. president. she said at the time he was ready to launch panda cooperation with the middle east. and also said that he saw new opportunities for bilateral ties between china and cats are so in a way, china is literally following up on that sir. hale and sariah will arrive in october ahead of the world cup. and remember, china failed in its bid to reach the final something which is certainly seen as a missed opportunity for demonstrating its soft power at a time when china really needs it. it is increasingly isolated, particularly from our western powers, over issues like its support for rushes invasion of ukraine. so in a sense, it is still trying to capitalize on the world cup and how better to do that. them with a bit of pan to diplomacy, china's ambassadors, doha said, this was a gift from china's 1400000000 people and said that surely would become
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a new symbol of friendship. between cats are and china. ah, let's take you through the headlights here. allow jazeera, now moscow banks, officials in occupied parts of ukraine, say people there have voted overwhelmingly to join russia. they say the results of a 5 day referendum show up to 98 percent of people are in favor of annexation. and a senior russian official has issued the biggest nuclear threat so far in the war for my president to meet him at video says he believes nato will not intervene in rush if russia decides to attack ukraine with nuclear weapons. european commission president. so sort of on the lions describe the disruption at 2 major gas pipelines between russia and europe as sabotaged denmark and sweden reform leaks in the old
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stream. one and 2 pipelines here on wednesday. how can in is intensifying as it moves towards the u. s. 2 and a half 1000000 people are under evacuation orders in the state of florida. the category for storm is expected to make land full later on wednesday. so already battered parts of the caribbean, including cuba. when you look at storm surge of this nature, that is a very life threatening hazard. when you're talking about 10 feet, 12 feet of storm surge, which you could see in certain parts of this when it makes landfall. it's also going to produce a massive amount of rain. it is going to produce major, major flooding. more than a $100000.00 people in vietnam are evacuating coastal areas is typhoon north of approaches. it's anticipated to be one of the most powerful storms to hit the country. in 2 decades, thousands of flights and trains of postponed schools are closed in 2 provinces of
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imposed curfews. saudi arabia is crown prince. mohammedan satellite has been named as the kingdoms prime minister to sound. the king ordered the cabinet, re shuffle. king solomon's other son is the new defense knows those headlines. the news continues after witness me. we understand the differences, minorities of conscience across the world. are you taking out his era or bringing the news and current affairs entity? ah, era me the value is alexis, you know, it was not, no, not so many legs. the body being destroyed. we our huge water places one state
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another. they whose pollution because up in the us, these huge population and i'll put up a quick update from banga lulu where dance continues to cloud. the bill and the lake and the city after the 5 they it's known forest pollutants, and foam as close on the adjoining road and now has become a common occurrence to see the lake on fire, lean raging on wine and the reveal work in for me. i mean the, if you see legs the legs, there are a lot of industry liv lynch sewage and all that. a lot of building and building plan, sol, money. i was notice we didn't leave it. you do what we are going to quickly we
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should we should. we should change. we should not blame anyone like governments or anything. you'd like me got thrown in. good. i didn't, we'll put your dry nance with, you know each other. we should bring up project to government that me won't be slick be want to change. i thought those inducted in one of us are very good to go. the color thought, you know, the full cover get to that i the smell of what they did, eugene and a law school fire fire a law that i like
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the color my allow the garage, whatever isn't it now you, those are a, a, a is a body the really the checking my movie in the chemical it a larger monday. la la by a little. yeah. and i'm much better margotto. i think me and mark the rock. any lot number was eager. are you karen? are you that is what you can get a little while ago, but what are your full alumni, any meals? what are some of these are and gather in get a w, w got on that. you know,
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these, you see and die of this are leg in and around completely. it is that net that is will open it. you guy, a guy. you got a one that's like on the floor, this leg or the unit, and we saw that the other was dumping leg off for love garbage. belinda breeze dunc means another breathing is there. we are going to clear. i'm clean, i'm dot the u. s. i'll this, we're just blast, leap on here. i already know that about them lakes that i lot of people, you know, they're the unit licks in a video. med that my med, that is like we are cleaning it. we are getting water. i brought in capacity for that. oh and uh we bought it will be the just if we dont but we love nick with was their loved me what that is not like that is no you know me and bankruptcy,
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they will become a judo other city. ah ah, i know ok a thank you so much. please walk us through it with you. thank you so much for in writing and up. so now i'm going to show you quickly and i'm going to share you. my presentation played the c 2016. i spent more time on research studying about lakes, wasting lakes consulting experts and meeting google group. and are you to bob and all these things? i use them. i'm the 2017. i did one leg that is 6 acres. 2018. i did one leg in a neck, 2019. i did 2 lakes like 16 and 3 acres. 2000 pronto already in
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a completion series of 4 legs. and another 2 legs. i'm working on it this year. i lose 6 next. so all 3 missed. what if i legs my to the under, under file? no, not jim on possible licks. we want to read unit, and we wanted to have our surplus water in lake country mandation. that is the dream. no. thank you. yeah, man. you know, he does, a lot of those job is in martin. you hear that our job is in mind and 89 out a one letter, whole one. he's a family support might have been any, all, you know, the date of the denial to be legwork is very challenging, like getting approval from the appropriate authorities, designing them, getting the funds them then getting it you can do the project and next to for those
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whatever about totally leeks. i originated, i am expecting juniors ain't to get philip. those leaks his biggest challenging, if lex me, of the unit, if there is no water, nobody really comfortable to lose these kind of things. ah, the big last one on one of order called is we're working here on this leg or we're doing a diesel thing currently. so wayne deepening more. obviously we can now more got it. we're going to be of what rolling and huge money has been invested here. and we all vote, our leg destroy was about darla walter and to jesse recently was continuously we are working. ah,
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i pressure is that i need to prior complete this by the name to this like a we are in a mid of august, august or september. october will our usernames, so i don't want to miss that opportunity. ah ah ah oh on i come with loaner. really live. you can enjoy because both bo, i, linda, you want to go for a month and get him to the owner, get booked on, but a lot of dictionary about linda. you all get really there. but does a lot of stuff get a close my door bought one of the the lot is the you call in the legal love actually leg supposed to be like water body is supposed to be a lot somebody. it does not mean that we will up and make
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a big part of going to closing the lake. i don't think it is a political residue tomorrow, it will become become because i'm younger that i live. i still carry getting all over the and i'm, and i'm the when you going to and i going to go now. i mean i could do on the line to i don't, they're giving money all. ok. they are giving me a buzz you to get, but not in the cost off on the college, you can maybe do the lake. so i insisted that i tell them that no, i know you cannot be possible please. that is one of the ones that are, you know, i'm going to get a new, a big mandate in and then in $1.00, when the women women lose $20000.00 in thousands, which were nearer because again it that is if karen labrems ah
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nick single pulling jak would it make 40 the freshmen, which i believe most are going plastic india now retired to segregate which are possible so such everything we are loading there and we are pulling it here. we put one layer of that one player side, one layer of that one lesson so that there is not a supposed was unless there is no expos dot lean water. in fact, like lot of legs. i do says things up, people up against me. this is that is the wrong approach, designs and difficult nontechnical don't. what are the thousands of look got huge degrees dumping? where do we lose you? how we lose you? i don't understand that i always have to didn't oh no,
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i use it here on. that is the reality. that is a fact. to save $46.00 acres, i have to compromise one, nick a ah if this entire sample is in a leg bed under this sample belongs to the dawn and it is i this to demolition, but he will not set back because what is or if, what if there is, this came a gunman, the r b does and are there can be some religion up you anything can happen. we don't know. actually as of know what i would encouragement. i cleared a man named lexa. we have not broken any temple, said anything. it is a fust phenomena,
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i also don't have any experience about it. maybe people may go and greet people may go up set. and not only that, if miss job, my project owner, that they are the ones that you know, we are having a discussion with the local community already. we are working with them. my. we told them that this will going to be demolished every day and on the shelley us, but no incent of these ice. we are taking this land back i. if you can once the ladder, why does is that instead what was on there? bring all illegal activities even you go to the sample they used to use for the legal activities. were you said the you can able to see like a 4 button, a legal or ethical agadir literally suffers all, did that elizabeth. okay. it was recently. oh it hello. hello, anita, involuntary overlooked? oh wow. i love the song
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when it comes to lakes, you are to be polite, happy man, humble man. you know, st. dondo, which our time was there was situation the quota. we how to change, and we how to act on the see that in our gangster fall gang, so we should become a gangster then our little be clear. i think. ready come with it if you have, if you can, the new i have you or my dad or my you can i had quoted enough rating but by the
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you are, you are marty that i you know young again my telephone i my learning a lot of uh, huh, you know, motivated that on my day is what i got in a lot of the bundle. i give you a monthly offer, but you know, we're not, we're not out of your little i got that. you know, i mean, not are and yeah, but even a lot the leona version illinois at your new ministry just out with money. liquor 9 when i made has not made today. no, none of my going in and, and i went by the other other. yeah, 11 would probably yeah, yeah. but any, no. well yeah, yeah. but there are no malware policies that are going to another amola at the moment, but i'm going to go with me and i don't wanna go to guy was hiding out when i'm, when i've given you more heat and air. so modern and corporate get regular, but a more and more court, i just didn't know or not, or are we not under less than a claim within a day when the nicholas i won't be in tomorrow to tell by the louder if i'm undergrad, i wouldn't go on and off. yeah, i didn't numbers on or what,
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but then then the machine, but there's not a lot of yes i do model earlier, but i know get him a lot. oh ha ah, i could go to now i thought he dug alert. you want to let go to go down, nanny shannon with eulissa. you? i know you were meeting my lunch. meeting my with, are you one born gentle care? difficult to re log in on a dinner. good o'clock. one in a yeah. e, w i g one there, da, da, i e j. no garvey, ah e. thank you so much going on with ya on like a dental, what's gonna man wurrell bundle got locks in the manila and jim kirk, his telephone made him not come to look at her and got an easy way with the like out of the stop what his acting, baker will direct them. it stared government de la central eunice, new noted nations in that that has capacity in terms of what it what some i don't
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know. i yeah, they do is just in that, you know, mac, it is cooler than get bob goulburg woke up. michael, i think modern anthony with amazon glass in again. cool. and, and again, uncle and you know what i in and we'll and, and yes it is that yeah. and he hasn't done emma de leon money. they can buy, they got the market, the more you thought and yet, oh boy brock smart and look on the corner. no, shortly can barely shortly company read you what the mileage. and again, yema began hillside that allow somewhat on the more than a lot of sugar. linda ye get a a booted day that my lab on the needed one there a need one, they are the thing, the more thing that they thought i had been with them but a but they about but neither of them that are needed or yeah, they thought and the owners and that of the late it get it there, lockman, mom or dad, mother nero can. and that my live on the line. i don't want me to do that. it's not there like a one man shop. i help plenty of people with you and the lakers you national so
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they supported, they helped me. they were standing with me in all the aspect subsequently did take it off dismiss. ah, i didn't at additional 2 years back the of the people always backing me up. it is way like last 2 years. you know, this lake is sustained with one don't want, i don't, i didn't really what is what? i'm a little more. why you miss demolish higher than that would have money. alegretky a die even a carrier. you bet on doing ballet. good, bad. i guess i
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am just laying got it without doing with the bad intentions. we're not doing with the anything that the harmful to the in our real spirituality we are doing it because this temple is not too late and there is no statue in it. there is no uni. oh jesus happening because of the time demolition you. so you have to you me power. you are to bless me. i'm don't come to me because nature is you because up you want them with that 10 minutes a mortal kelly mobiline. nothing neither. i never got 9 o'clock when i
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got i used to have a bath, melissa a they got it going on and again, i got them right . mm hm. i'm not up there to,
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i'm not afraid because i'm not doing anything wrong. i prayed god. yep, the thing is dick and i are taken there now with them. i'm dumb are leasing it to hand up. it is a legal talk with no more, cynthia, i'm. this is a new one. when got some new them late? i'm going to get out a money or the fullest. nice monica. so we have no, i put another 2 more to make another 2 more legal demos and a little more i can will bill up and close it up next door. just really wanting you to see god. nature is one only under with god. also, no more in bozeman, no more clear in the name of god lower
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than some good the live in can i let them live? but we are doing clear nature which are all the gods. we are playing them that please fill up this lick. we knew them what they were worked. we hadn't we need water until that is not full of what other there is no value for this lake. there is no value for me. well well, i mean if nobody can fill up the lake only we can construct the lake. we can create a structure. only lake filling job is nature saw or you feel september and october the will to look this lick. and once it is filled up, what most the do for years i don't go in here with
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they need my life. they need live life. and it comes be connected to the beautiful awesome really happy. ah
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yes. i look at the order. what you all know, cuz all of them you got to hang on. do you go my shop? you know, when you're not, you know what it is that, you know,
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your doctor today just didn't that. i mean, when i look on the melody all with a little more helical, either, either already, this is, or if i you the one feet long before all dark, get it off. little malik, or either a that out, a death at leaks feet. we how 6 feet, what is a my hate? what else can we not just do a hoard lead? 3 days luck. wife, get adela custodian. know what? no one quantity we help 6 feet then till next munson no problem far. i know lega underground, reach out bother all ecology, inder. they like be much appreciated, but collision because of dept up the water. this lake water holding capacity itself about low and like 50000 cubic metropolis, which can count of more than no sir, went to yet religious woods. not which can you not be the main source for drinking
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water surrounding the place? that is way you do xander, though, very much connected with mother nature because no, we were called we sweat. mr. gilby fight. we do dig lot of calculated risk, but the end of the day, this is the reason ah ah, i am a delighted agent. all african works, the other continents, brightest legal students, cutting our minds against them. this means in africa would really be interesting to see how when this apple gathered together for tournament, unlike any other conflict, please focus on what is happening linux. that to me,
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all right. the, as we can cut an you men in people's right is now infested. witness african on al jazeera ah, ah, ah. new year new lessons and new rules. this is the time when you get to choose, your english teacher is for the next 2 years. meet the teacher is empowering best students. my tech and my course are all about freedom. they're gonna be looking at perspectives. i want you to develop the skill with which you speak by letting them
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choose and lessons they learn. ready revocation, democratic schooling, united kingdom on al jazeera, the latest news as it breaks. this village is the 1st village in this area to be rebuilt, since the as airy military took control of this area with detailed coverage. this mountain behind me is still being occupied by as by john's armed forces from around the world migration official say they're dealing with more than 200000 pending applications. ah, moscow declared victory, separatist officials say nearly 95 percent of people in ukraine's occupy there.


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