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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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blue ah safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero. ah crow criminal officials, declare victory referendums held in ukraine's occupied areas.
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ah, by one periodontist and this is al 0 where life and also coming up. cuba is left without power. is hurricane in barrels across the either before heading to florida . ah. not backing down the protest as defy a security crack down in iran where anger is spreading over the death of a young woman. lease custody under record breaking drought in one of africa, forcing people and animals to compete for survival. ah, russian back to authorities and for reasons of ukraine that say the results of 5 days of referendums. so people have overwhelmingly voted to join the russian federation. keith and it's western allies say the referendums are a sham. the votes were held in russian occupied parts of hassan. that's f alicia on
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the esque and with hands. medical administrations reported huge margins of victory saying that in the hands 98 percent of his favorite annexation. i'm at the bar is in moscow. he explains that what's expected to happen after the referendums. what happens next is not today the lead as the pro rational leaders of those 4 regions, including the 2 self declared the republics of the don buff and also carson. and announced that they would address letters to president putin, to accept or consider the idea of annexation, depending on the results of this refund them. visits by some of those leaders are expected to moscow today to meet in person, the president put in ad, deliver those messages as the expectation. and what's being said here about russia
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will be favorable and that soon either tomorrow or after to morrow, a deal will be assigned or a treaty will be assigned a 3 to your next ation between president put in and the for leaders of those regions. when that happens, that's $32.00 will be studied by the constitutional court to check it compatibility with russian constitution. when it is approved by the constitutional court, it will be voted on by the parliament, the 2 chambers of the parliament in the next couple of days. and thus, when it will become law, and thus when president put it will deliver a speech and officially enough the annexation of those areas of those regions in east and ukraine out there as the other made the travels at southern towns in ukrainian control territory to hear what people there have to say about the votes. it's always the same desolate scene. goes down this troy solar.
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this is the cause. ukraine is saying to regain control of land that was occupied by russia. we are invested, copied yet in the north of his soul region. the look on the faces of those who stayed. tell the story. here, there is no sign of referendum, but the russians are just 5 kilometers away. and people their vote to decide if her son should join the russian federation. the referendum is a sham according to the care of some administration. now in exile or someone from us. we are getting information from local people there. you should understand. it's not a referendum. it's a movie, everything is done for the cameras. what there was no preparation, according to the law. they are coming to people's houses with weapons and forcing them up. they catch them on the street. gina voted with her feet by escaping to the ukrainian side. she won't show her face because some of her relatives are still in
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the russian, held by them have soon. she's worried about what could happen in the days to come. it's very difficult for us to speak to people who are living in areas under russian occupation. and from here, it is impossible to reach those areas. so we as andree, if he could call his mother who is still in her son and tell us what is happening there. about 200000 people have been displaced by the war since his started 7 months ago. and re is one of them. my father died 3 years ago, but when soldiers came to visit my mom, they were lucky for her. my dad to vote. there was some people who voted for russia, but not in big numbers. many others have fled regions where the river and them has taken place. over the past 5 days, marianna had stayed in russian control part of that body. jeff was 7 months. she says, being forced to vote was the last straw, but for it says diversity, lena,
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this is a bit just read moment and i bought it and gives me all your life. you grow up with people, you work with them, you live next to them. and then all of a sudden they embrace the colors of russia and they are happy and smiling that they are part of russia. and while the international community has declared the referendum, illegal, ukrainian fear that the vote will mean even more and more devastation before they regain control of their country. the mean algebra in southern ukraine, ukraine's oppressed intense address the you and security council as it needs to discuss the referendums. automated lensky says the international community needs to take urgent action against moscow, as if there was diplomatic at, at the james base. it's a lot of the, as the security council was convened, russia was already signaling it was about to declare victory in the fall referenda in easton, ukraine. but the u. n's political chief made it clear those votes had no legitimacy in international law. they cannot be called
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a genuine expression and the popular will. speaking to the security council for the 4th time since the russian invasion in february, ukraine's president vladimir zalinski, called for russia to be kicked out of all international organizations. including the u. n. a implementation of the so called crime means scenario and another attempt to and next ukrainian territory will mean that there is nothing to talk about with these prep, president of russia. annexation is the kind of move that it's him alone against the whole of humanity, rushes ambassador vaseline the benzine warm. these referenda may not be the last or didn't all sicilian in your book. now care of is being rejected not only by the people of crimea and dom bus, but scarce on ends of pollution yet region. this process is going to continue if give does not recognize its mistake and its strategic errors. that this process
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could continue after the meeting. i got reaction to that from the us ambassador. they did it in 2014 and now they're doing it again. so they, i have no doubts in my mind that they will attempt to do it. and that's why it's so important that we stand against this immediately. ambassador thomas greenfield says she plans to bring a draft resolution condemning russia to a vote in the security council. as early as the end of this week, russia then would clearly use its veto, bought the u. s, and its allies then planning to bring things to all 193 members of the u. n. of the general assembly. james bays al jazeera, the united ne, since one of president vladimir putin closest allies as issued rushes blood test, a nuclear threat. yet dmitri met yet over, says he believes nato will not intervene. if russia decides to attack ukraine with nuclear weapons, but the out of is
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a former russian president and now deputy head of the national security council. moscow has said any annexed territory. he will be under its full protection. i reckon in the house that knocked out power across cuba. the category 3 hurricane made it landfall on the island on tuesday morning with winds of up to 205 kilometers per hour. around 40000 people have been forced to flee their homes, and augustine has more on the phone from cuba. capitol avella hurricane in a category 3, hurricane barreled into western cuba. on tuesday, i was there in the pin pin at the rio province, covering it to keep always does a very, very good job when it comes to protecting human lives. during hurricanes, they evacuated upwards of 40000 people in preparation for the hurricane. unfortunately, 2 people nonetheless have been confirmed as dead, but seemingly as always with q or the achilles heel is the economic part of the economic damage of this hurricane and will be great. been adria roberts is the part
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of cuba that grows tobacco. and cooper's highest quality cigars come from that regions. that's going to be a big atomic loss, but added to that is the fact that this hurricane took out the entire energy grid. so as i speak to you now, 11000000 people across the country do not have electricity. it's pitch black in havana from where i speak to you. and the kieran electricity union says that it's working right now to re established connection. they hope that sometime on wednesday, that will come back, but right now in about a pitch luck and 2 and a half 1000000 people in the u. s. state of florida have in order to evacuate their homes ahead of hurricane making land for the storm is expected to cause a life threatening storm surge flooding and damaging winds. 100 fourths go away in that's a message from tampa bay area residence. have not taken
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a direct hit from a hurricane in a 100 years. this one does feel a little bit different. we felt that way in the past before, so it just started to be safe than sorry, with time running out to residence, rush to fill sandbags, ford up businesses and homes, and stock up on supplies. many shelves are empty. as many as 2 and a half 1000000 people are under evacuation orders, they say a mandatory evacuation. it's time to go as a massive lightning pact harry couldn't makes its approach. us president joe biden warned residence not to be complacent. your safety is more important than anything . i know our hearts are with everyone who will feel the effects of the storm and will be with you every step of the way we're not going away. the message from state authorities is more direct. if the heat evacuation order, i have a 100 percent guarantee that they will not die from storm surge if they have evacuation or i have
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a 100 percent guarantee that they will not have to be rescued off a root top. if they hear the evacuation order, that's the official scramble to move the team. it's one rocket to its launch pad and back into the vehicle assembly building at the kennedy space center. it took about 11 hours to get the rocket back into the building. a hurry con hunter aircraft known as miss piggy was sent into the eye of the storm over the caribbean . the information gathered by the high tech gear on board indicates that the. busy storm will intensify even further. when it moves over the warm waters of the gulf of mexico. it also indicates that storm surges could see the water level rise as much as 10 feet long, large areas of the florida coast. and the impacts are going to be far, far broader than just where the eye of the store happens to make landfall. in some areas there will be catastrophic flooding and life threatening storm surge.
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the mounting fear that no number of sand bags will be enough. mike hannah, out his era, vietnam has downgraded typhoon north to a tropical depression, but warned people to stay alert. hundreds of thousands have been evacuated from their homes. schools are closed and 2 provinces have imposed curfews about 40000 soldiers and 200000 militiamen is having mobilized for rescue and relief operations . said i had haron al jazeera will tell you why the indian government has banned muslim organization for 5 years. and the former military ruler from guinea goes on trial of the massacre of 150 people in 2000 and 1000000. ah
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hell i will find a warning has now been issued for typhoon a noro. it is making its way into laos. bring some heavy down poles here. 119 millimeters of rain in the past 24 hours. know where to weather will continue to push its way into, nor the merits of thailand, in french, sliding across into possibly ranma as we go on through the next couple of days. heavy showers to just down towards that cambodia, southern areas of vietnam, good splash showers through malaysia, indonesia seeing wanted to shout the philippines was to sing some lively showers. if we go on a 3 friday, and i'll need to the weekend that we go with a shower, was there in 2 indonesia, java tang a little more unsettled over the next day or so on silhouette. a try to push away from the southeast corner of australia, little area of low pressure here, just pushing out towards the tasman as we go on through the next day or 2. eventually we'll see that wet to weather making its way into new zealand. mary cross church at $23.00 degrees,
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make the most of it come friday. you're struggling to get into trouble figures at that stage. went to whether pushing across the north olive. still a few showers into the southeast of australia, say for eastern aries of new south wales, into victoria, and now to some very wet weather coming in. so good part of w way. ah ah, with a
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the me watching out reminder of our top stories now. russian backs or thirty's and 4 regions of you claim to the results of the 5 day referendum chip. people have overwhelmingly so to, to join the russian federation cave and it's western eyes to the votes. is a sham and the senior russian official has issued the most serious nuclear threats and find one your former president mentioned that dentist says he believes was into be russia attacks the couch with nuclear weapons are can in, has knocked out power across cuba. the category 3 hurricane made land full on the on and on tuesday morning. winds of up to 205 kilometers per hour. about 40000
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people have been forced to flee. the protests have pen violent and dozens of iranian cities as people continue demonstrating over the death of a woman in police. custody rights group says at least 75 people were killed in the unrest. critics accused the police of firing directly protested among those arrested is jose show me the daughter of a former president shamia last and johnny. well, let's go live to a still further. who's in the iranian capital tara next to? what's the latest on the protests that have been taking place? one last night. there have been several protests across iran. however, we can see that they are losing the momentum in terms of a beer. secure. the participation to these demonstrations rallies is, is, is, is declining, but we do not know whether this is because of the, the resolution on the internet that was put by the government. or whether it is
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because of the secure, the presence, the heavy presence of the security forces in that industry. and also the heavy handed measures against the, against the protest. her so, so for, according to the official sources, at least 4 to one people have been killed, including the members of the security forces as well. however, some of and your says that the real numbers are much higher than their the numbers that are provided by the, at the door official sources. at this moment, it's almost impossible to confirm the real number of the casualties and injured people. we know that more than 1200 people also have been i have been arrested and detained or identified by the security forces so far. one of the most important they will open that happened at the was last night that the arrest or pfizer of san jenny worship, who is they did that, the daughter of the former a present off iraq hush me. roxanne john hoshevely of san jeanie was one of the
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funding fathers of the islamic of the republic. and he was also one of the most influential figures in the more than history or of iran. he was elected twice as the president of the country was close to the revolution leader, khomeini and also the current supremely there, ali hominy. but to do that, in the last years of his life, he has been quite critical toward the establishment here, particularly in 2009, 2012. and then his children had been arrest the so phaser. epson jenny now is, is arez's, he's his daughter, and this is not the 1st time. this is 3rd time that she's been arrested. she's been accused or per walk into with us the growth iran. we do not know how much she will just be in jail, but for the protest there's having her support, having rough sons and family support is quite important on the so how has iran reacted to those? it says, supporting the protests. well you and since
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a set of the has carried us several attacks, particularly on the could started the iraqi could some regional or the regional governments and that region. it's now targeting, they could the on the da da da da da da kurdish on groups and says that this arm grooves are for why the in the protested with weapons their way late in iran's of iraq or border. so here, since that seems, yes, the scenes setter day. so you want to start with the artillery shelling and now it's using the drones and even missiles targeting this baez's in the, in the, in the iraqi kurdistan region. iraq, iran is also accusing this a did the, could some regional government off not fulfilling its duties to stop the activities of this kurdish on groups from out the attacks institute to prevent them from the attacks against against iran. so these region, the kurdish regional or government or that areas in iraq in north of iraq are now
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the basis of several kurdish on groups. and particularly comalla party did the could start democratic party and the p k as well. and we see that from time to time, but turkey and iran, they're conducting attacks against dis, this poor. so we do not know as of now what are did it, what is the cal casualties, the numbers of the people, whether that, that have been killed or injured. however, here the officials, inter run or seen that iran is going to continue. it's at that on there is a pause on this at the day that they're there on this basis until these groups are stop their activities against iran and also stop their supports for their protesters in iran, northern teran forest, russell center. thank you for that update. now india is a government has been dom was them, organization called the pop in the front of india for 5 years. the government accuses agree for being involved in anti national and terrorism related activities . several of its members have been arrested or detained in raids across the country
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and also says the groups members are running a secret agenda to radicalize arts or society has the metal has more from you during this marks the end of an ongoing cracked on, on the organization, the popular front of india or p, f i has been banned for 5 years. the government has declared all its activities illegal, which basically means that p f. i can neither raise funds. i cannot carry out any vent, so no protests at all. it also cannot raise funds, it also cannot recruit people. the income tax department has also canceled its registration that the group has many associates and affiliates. the government has also banned it off those. now this comes a day after coordinated nationwide rates across the country. more than 200 people have been either arrested or detained in these and this has been going on for some
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time. in fact, last week at the organization's chairman was also arrested. now the accusations are very serious. the government hasn't exactly given us to many details, but what, what it has said is that the organization has been accused of funding training and carrying out so called terrorist activities. it's accused the organization of radical lising people and having links with eisen and pakistan unprecedented floods. have destroyed 17000 schools in the south eastern since province, resources that were already strained. when our children's education is suffering even more, i should make reports. schools on now shelters. people had little choice of where to go. these buildings with large and sturdy, unlike most people's homes in this impoverish part of buckets done. some school grounds were flooded. the name of this school is barely visible. tense have been
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put up to allow some form of education to continue. but with 17000 schools in this province destroyed, a permanent solution is needed by this lab. after our aid about the winter coming in next month, we will not be able to see it in the hands in harsh weather conditions. but for now, we're happy that we can continue with our education. we have the large number of students here, request our government to build school so we can continue our education, or lack of children. sanibel lost all she had in the floods. at least 2000000 students have been effective in the province alone. when flood hit our village, we weren't able to pick up anything from home. we were just able to save our lives . it's been almost one month and i'm able to go back to school. now. go into a temporary tent school, but i missed the one in my village. and my schoolmates, i'm worried how i'll be able to continue my education. this harsh environment more is needed and pakistan has appeal for international help. she
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was rescued, but she need to provide food until now we would be able to stablish $1500.00 learning centers. so we need to establish 15 and more. every village is a cut off and people are waiting for the waters to receipt. they may have taken away lives and livelihoods. these children are praying, they don't wash away the dreams of gaining and education. i said bake to 0. denise, a former military really that we sent out his camera, goes on trial. on wednesday he and 12 others are accused of killing 150 protested in 2009 human rights groups. say it's a landmark trial that will be a huge step towards getting justice for victims. on an interest report from kentucky, the countries and former military ruler arrives in court under escort accused of
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overseeing a massacre. 13 years ago, the judge ordered him to be kept in prison before the trial start. like hundreds of families who blamed the former ruler daddy's will, shall come out for killing $150.00, protested. charitable, my jabbar is still bitter over the killing of his nephew, and we can forgive someone if he didn't do it, didn't it deliberately. but if he did it deliberately, you can't able to forgive him because he did it. september 28th, 2009 was one of guineas most violent days. when security forces open fire on peaceful demonstrators. rights activists say during and after the massacre, torture and other forms of abuses took place. the 10s of thousands of protest just came here 13 years ago to demand a quick return to democracy. but they had no idea the tara that was to be unleashed
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on them that day. so i was say, some victims was shocked at close range. female demonstrators trapped by the shooting, was beaten and raped by security forces. as mo jello is president of the association of victims and their families here and as at the appointed a different one. if i get to meet my oppressors, i will ask them why they did that. why they carried out his reprehensible violence . why women will write on why people are still unaccounted full and who gave the order for lawyers for the former military ruler who flew into guinea from brook in a fossil on sunday. say their client is eager to prove his innocence in court. what al farmer to bar, who has taken the case to the international criminal court, says they are prepared to prove otherwise loves it. is kathy zip whittaker. the objective is to ensure that the perpetrators are punished and the victims i, according to their rights. and because many people are still missing,
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the strand could lead us to where the missing somebody it. without justice there will be no closure for families. so many have will come to the move by guinness military. government to bring the case to trial. but there are also suspicious of the trial could be political motivated by canal mama, dom we're who seized power in cool last year is under pressure to step down from power and set a date for new elections. edris al jazeera cannot re the worst droughts recorded in the horn of africa and for decades is fitting humans and animals against each other. in a battle for resources, catherine, sorry has more from some brew county in northern kenya. sitina recently arrived at this sanctuary in some bureau county in north, in kenya, she was found near her dead mother with no food or water. ha, caretaker, say she is settling into her new home, which she shares with several other offerings. they believe her mother may have
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starved to death. we are feeding them off over to the house, and each and every baby is getting to lead us buffy. and run you see now we are buying rosemary from the local people and it's got more and remembers of gods in the community. they need food to. santi said this is the longest dry spell in decades for rainy seasons have failed. and more than 4000000 people, the livestock and wildlife have been affected. most of these carves have lost their mothers. some have been abandoned because of various reasons. but a bigger problem is because of a drought that has affected parts of the country. elephant keeper, say they're worried, thousands of elephants crisscross this region. along migration corridors. they have used for centuries. communities have learned to coexist peacefully with wild life.
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but things are changing. extreme weather patterns, population growth, and the loss of natural habitat has increased competition for food and water. nella pony lead natalie's husband was killed by an elephant last year. he left 8 children and his wife says she is struggling to look after them without him. and this man broke both his legs recently, when a bull counted him, you were to delegate that i feel hopeless. i can't walk anymore. i can't walk. i can't provide for my family. sometimes when i see elephant, i just want to walk up to them. so they can kill me, wildlife activists and government officials, a half created community ran conservancy is but the combined effects of the current crisis are unprecedented. they don't how posters they don't have.


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