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tv   People Power Americas Authoritarians P2  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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what a bit longer french president, him, i know, mcgraw has been promising to overhaul frances complex pension system ever since his 1st term in office. he says it needs to be streamlined to be made farrah. you also wants to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 or 65. micros past attempts to change the retirement age and pension scheme would met with large protests from people who said he was, he wrote in their social rights of aggressive sudle room, 6 monks, user. it's a real worry for him to be in this climate of anxiety, inflation and high energy prices. opinion polls show that french people are against the pension reform hobby horse through so quickly. so this could be the start of a protest movement, but won't saw in crohn's 1st term with the universe software didn't convert that refers to pandemic, and more in ukraine, knocked my calls for, for mr. gender off track. he wants to revive it and fulfill his campaign promise. but forging ahead with his ambitions is unlikely to be easy at
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a time when people are struggling financially. and the economic outlook is so bleak . natasha butler, al jazeera paris. ah, he watching out his ear these, the headlines this our, the swedish coast guard is reporting a 4th lake at the nod stream pipelines in the baltic. same. russia says it's launched a terrorism investigation over the damage the you and night outside the legs for caused by sabotage. i reckon eons hit florida. more than 2000000 people are without power. and many more are under mandatory evacuation orders. it's now wakened to a tropical storm, where his prime minister leads trust in says her government tax cutting measures are the right plan. that's despite the pan dropping to an all time low against the us dollar on monday. me and mazda opposed later uncensored. she has been
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sentenced to 3 years in jail, alongside her former economic advisor. they had pleaded not guilty to violating the official secrets act. it's the latest in a series of convictions sued she has faced since she was asked in the military coup in february 2021. 20 chang has more from bangkok. what is the military trying to do here? we've seen them piling up these charges against a clearly they want her out of the picture politically. they know very well that they hold elections as they have done in the past. she will, will win overwhelmingly again that they want to take her away from that. if elections go ahead, next years they promised they will, and there is a for the military, a satisfactory result. they may allow her, some degree of freedom, perhaps house arrest of some sort. but clearly she will never be allowed to return to the political stage. while the military in charge and at this stage,
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these sentence are sentences are effectively a death sentence. us vice president, pamela harris has visited the demilitarized zone separating south and north korea and made hind intentions. harris earlier held talks with south korea's president june, so p o where they condemned north korea's nuclear rhetoric. young yang, fired to short range, ballistic missile tests just a day before harris landed in the region. all right, those are the headlines. i'm emily, anglo in the news continues here on al jazeera, after people and power. the weekly look at the world's talk business stories from global markets to economies, and small businesses. to understand how it affects our daily lives. on examining the 50000000 and counting the cost on jessie, and i
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talked to the 2020 us presidential race and the violent attempts to change the result that followed. the country still divided what constitutes freedom authoritarianism and loyalty to the constitution. in this 2nd of 2 reports on this odd logical clash, public house has been to florida as mid term elections approach could the controversial policies of its republican governor point to what's coming elsewhere in america. ah blue, i can't see it very well. i'll do this. somebody says go the day after
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a mob storm the u. s. capital on january 6th, 2021. dollars on shades urgent issue, a condemnation of the attack, but he still couldn't admit that he lost but this election is now congress as certified the results. i don't want to say election, so i just want to say congress has certified the results with that said elections over again. the former president has been investigated for trying to overturn the 2020 election and partaken classified documents to his mar lago estate. but he's still the front runner for the 2024 republican presidential nomination in large part due to the support of white christian nationalists. about 40 percent of the republican basis is white, evangelical, but about 80 percent of the republican pace is, is white christian, and a large percentage want to institutionalize an ethnic culture where people like us are back in power and can maintain that power indefinitely. support for trump and
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republicans in the mid terms is also based on his big why the democrats stole the 2020 presidential election is a little acting on a steady stream of propaganda on social media. and right, we news our, his acts of voter fraud. these are not hearings in any recognizable sense. this is 8 shot trial. fox news was the only major network not to carry the january 6 committee hearings, but they will send their primetime star to hungry to promote its autocratic prime minister victor orbit. why did you take a different position on migration from other european countries? they beliefs firmly that thief different communities out of mixed up. the outcome of this will be good, but i think it's very risky. and the chance that the to be not good, but it will be very bad. is obvious. american conservative like tucker carlson, embrace an orbit like a view of the united states to reject the traditional view in the us. that
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immigrants can be assimilated that immigrants can be a positive contribution to become americans. zach beecham, a senior correspondent in box media, who writes about right wing populism has visited hungry several times to pro barbarians policies. victor or bonds hungary this most revered foreign country on the american right to day. and i think the admiration in the us comes from the fact that he fights and he wins. but he does so through undemocratic tools through really profoundly and democratic tools to the point where, where few seriously think hungry should be termed a democracy any more. so the appeal of war been is what that even if you have to give up democracy to preserve your heritage and promote christian values, it's okay. no. so this is what's really crucial about the way that modern authoritarians operate. they keep the rhetorical language of democracy. they don't tell you, you give up democracy. and what we're bought house is a kind of strategic brilliance and the twisting of all sorts of state policies in many subtle ways that add up to the essential abolition of democracy. even though
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the system retains a democratic veneer or investigation of the authoritarian threatened america continues with an examination of a politician who seems to have taken a page out of victor bands, playbook. florida governor randa santas is the favorite to be the 2024 republican presidential nominee. if durham falters, the left wants to marginalize the conservative half of the country they wanna deal . jeremiah are founding institutions and they want to replace that with their left wing. eddie ology as the foundational principles of our modern day society. we went to florida to explore descent is his policies. our 1st stop was before accounting, were battles over. education had been intent. at a community fair came huff was campaigning for a seat on the board county school board. we just need our community to constantly be support of our public education. and in. ready with 2021 of started an organization called families for safe schools that wanted children to wear masks in
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class, to protect against coven, 19, or governor has been that you can not require math. and we were real concerned about the safety of our kids health. and we quickly found out that our school system was kind of being attacked from a political angle that we hadn't known was happening. a conservative group called moms for liberty had sprung up to oppose mask mandate, was soon pressuring the school board to banned books and alter instruction, dealing with racial and gender issues. regarding your l g b t q. guidelines either parents have the right to direct the upbringing of their children, or they don't. either we have a representative form of government or we don't. according to your guidelines, we have neither. governor de santis was running for reelection. so opportunity in the division over l. g, b t q issues. in march, he signed a bill that benz discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation and kindergarten through 3rd grade. ready ready and inappropriate instruction at higher
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levels. ready it allows parents to assume for violation of the parental rights and education that these critics don't get that don't, said gabriel, their slogan, hearing because they support sexualize in kids and kindergarten, may support injecting woke gender etiology into 2nd grade classroom moms for liberty, which now has thousands of chapters across florida lobbied heavily in favor of her bills fe, thank teachers are indoctrinating children into the elegy bt hugh. what they would be life style. there's so many things they're afraid of. i'm not afraid of my children finding out about it. i'm not afraid of talking to my kids about it . and so i, i feel like it's been, it's an overblown situation. this year. de santis also comes through h. b, 7, stop, walk, act, rolls back diversity training in the workplace and restricts the way racial issues are taught in school. we believe an important component of freedom is that in the
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state of florida is the freedom from having oppressive idiology opposed upon you without your consent. do you see a connection between the sentences stop woke, act and a victor or band strategies? yes, both of them are attempting to cease control over educational systems. this is in part because education is the space in which citizens are acculturated. you know, they learn ideas what it means to be a good citizen. on a deeper level, it's, it's the professors and the school teachers who are really potent reservoir of liberal cultural power and influence. and they need to be quashed or brought to heal with this bill. and the idea that one individual could say, i have a concern with the way somethings being taught. and if you don't stop, i'm going to sue you is, is quite concerning to us in the education field, into teachers across the state. andrew spars,
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the president of the florida education association, which represents the state's teachers. and you can end up with that extremist who wants to shut down the fact that we're teaching an honest history about the holocaust, or we're teaching about slavery or the jim crow laws. it has a chilling effect. it's making people question, can i teach this or not? in 2021, the de santis administration also banned the teaching of the 1619 project, which stretches the role of slavery in shaping us history. a forbid critical race theory, legal understanding of systemic racism from being taught in public schools. what we've been seeing in general in our public schools is this idea of maybe not teach all of our history whitewash our history opponents of the parental rights in education. those so called don't say gabriel were accused of setting kids up for sexual abuse and sexual deviancy were accused of being rumors. teacher are not groomers. i heard some crazy things that i won't even repeat here. and when a teacher is threatened because they are part of the l g
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b t community is crazy. it just, it, it's anti american. quite honestly, the woke is the new religion of the left. and we're going to lead the charge here in florida. but we need people all over the country to be willing to put on that full armor of god to stand firm against the left schemes. you want to santas is carrying out a policy agenda that appeals to all the things that white christian nationalism applause. not just nationalism in the sense of patriotism that we are great, but what made us great was these specific things? christianity capitalism, white us know culture, traditional gender roles, and those who question that narrative are not true patriots. it is now our distinct honor to award the 1st ever liberty sword to america. as governor rhonda family, mom for liberty held the 1st national summit in july and is taken off since it was
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founded by a former boulevard county school board member, tina discovit and tiffany justice school board member from a neighboring county monster. liberty has grown in just 18 months to 37 states over 200 chapters and 95000 members. do think public schools are indoctrinating kids to be under mary? yes, i do. i do think that there is something happening right now in america where there is not a lot of value being placed on how unique our country is. and we don't want our children to be taught that somehow america is tarnished in a way that is, it is in read to that there are no redeeming qualities left maybe can add to that. i think it starts with that america systemically flawed that we are systemically racist. your organization lobbied for the stop woke act. what does woke mean to you? nonsense. yeah, that's a perfect terminology. nonsense. teaching 5 year olds that their gender is fluid.
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that's nonsense. you're conflating like the, the gender issues and the history issue. many parents that the, the stop woke act is preventing kids from learning about the true history of the country. and as an attempt to whitewash is from yeah, that is untrue. there's a difference between teaching the real history of our countries and teaching divisive toxic ideology that's meant to divide children and make them feel hopeless about a future in america with a lot of people feel that, that the agenda that you're pushing in terms of elevating l g b t q issues is marginalizing the group. if you look at dr. terry and regimes, they commonly target l g b t q folks to propel their agenda. here's the part where i get to remind you to work for algebra. sure. or ben. i mean, victor or a band talks about it, there are situations where there's been an elevation in violence here. let me stop
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you right now. we are not anti l g b t q. but the media and the president of the united states, the bad in administration. they do not like ron to santas. they do not like the stands that he's taking the in and it's become political. they want to divide the country again, divide the country. they don't want their children learning about the changing of america. they just don't think america change. severin jones, a democratic state senator for miami is vice chairman of the committee on education in the florida senate. we have a teacher shortage. we have a mass exodus of teachers will leave in the classroom. it's also the alarm that our students are ashamed confuse will of what can happen if they go to school to try to find help. if they want to talk about their sexuality, did you ever ask any of your colleagues on the education committee or a governor? descent is what they mean when they say woke a yes. and they don't even know where it originated from the whole stay walk
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was a terminology that was telling people to stay alert of what's happening around used . it was after the constant dev of black men by the hands of police officers. it's all for the governor to counteract that will stop the will egg. it's races, i will continue to see it at its core. it's races. some people talk about florida as the laboratory of authoritarianism. to think that's an apt description. there's, there's really something to that, you know, especially in state control of education, social views and expression. and de santis has implemented a variety of orbit style culture war, authoritarian tactics. but it's not just in florida across the country, democratic efforts to counter republican culture, war tactics are critical in the fight against authoritarianism. to see how it's play. no, we headed next year, ohio examined the key was senator is between democrat tim ryan for right republican
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james event j. d is the conservative outside who will continue trumps fight to secure our border dance. his opponent, tim ryan, is a congressman and democratic populace. that's why all take on china to bring jobs back, ohio, and fight for a tax cut with more money in your pocket. you want culture wars. i'm not your guy. are these the only one can win, but that's going to be a close election. stanley greenberg is one of america's leading democratic posters . he argues that the only way to counter authoritarian trends in the countries for democrats to start delivering for working class voters. i mean, it's probably 3 quarters of the population, or people who do not have a 4 year degree. and they have watch decade after decade with declining last wealth . lost power the same time and they think the big corporations. i've been using their money to control government, the rig, the system and they're not wrong. the elite don't see them. and with that kind of
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invisibility, they will reach for anything and it will reach for a strong leader. trump, the field that do you see the j d vans versus ryan race as a microcosm of what's going on in the country between the republican culture war and the democrats attempts to put forth an economic populace message? yeah, an invest adopted trumps whole vision. and i think ryan vision really is the hope for democrats thinking about the next presidential election because he is forthright in battling for work and people. he articulate their discontent and he's angry. and that's what working people to see if you guys are like the future of ohio. so we're counting on ya. ok, no pressure. we caught up with congress in writing while he was campaigning at butler tech, which offers training for high tech manufacturing. joe, i think one of the dumbest things you've ever done as a country is help kids. they have to go to college and we've lost
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a lot of that kind of skill set that you get in a place like that. what do you think it's going to take for democrats to win back to work in class? talk to them, go meet with them. we've been an 80, all the counties talk about the issues that are important to them. jobs, wages, pension benefits, their kids rebuilding our communities infrastructure. these are things we all should be able to agree about. these are all american things in this campaign to win back working class voters. ryan has travelled several times to portsmouth and say to county, for decades the county was split about $5050.00 between republicans and democrats. but since 2016, it's broken $7030.00 for trump and the republicans were once really a strong union democratic voting city. andrew fight directs the se, yoda historical project portsmouth past his chronicles and 55 nero's covering. 2000 feet of flood was fortunate. it was a major center for steel production at its height. the steel industry here in town
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probably employed about 5000 workers, and the steel began to shut down about 970. but it took about a decade before us completely shuttered. people here also worked at a nearby uranium. that's right, but that was also shut down right around 2000. so you had a hollowing out basically, our city's middle class, we lost population residence, lived away, and a lot of people were frustrated and i think they saw solutions. and what was being promised by donald trump already dealing with economic decline about 15 years ago, portsmouth was overrun by unscrupulous doctor's writing prescriptions for the opioid oxycontin. it caused immense social problems in the town is still dealing with the fallout today and abandoned to factories being converted into a state of the art addiction treatment facility. this building here is going to be dormitory where individuals are going to be housed maxwell's as the senior director of the project. 95 plus percent of our budget is just medicaid dollars, and
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a shout out the brock obama for the affordable healthcare act. shout out to the republican governor at the time who adopted medicaid expansion in ohio. donald trump proposed both the affordable care act and medicaid expansion. but when votes by drawing attention to nope, you a problem among the white working class j. d. events uses the opioid crisis, is a way to wage culture war. are you a racist? do you hate mexicans? immediate calls us races for wanting to build trust war. they censor us, but it doesn't change the true. jo biden's open border is killing ohio and with more legal drugs and more democratic voters pouring into this country. those are polarizing topics that immediately pull you one way or another strategy to take people that might be in the middle and leaning to the right to pull them all way to the right. when i was driving down here, i saw a few signs on the side of the road, said joe biden, you know, yeah, infrastructure bill provided $500000.00. so the democrats get any credit for that
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in terms of the economy down here. i think at the end of the day, really what we have is like is one party and it's, and it's rich people. so think a lot of people are critical of the president, no matter what, what's on this democrats aren't advancing in economic message that actually addresses the loss of income and wealth. combined with the inequality at the top, the billionaires impacting control over government, but the republican messages about woke is him about immigration, about l g b t q, right? they seem to be trumping the economic message. you know, you're gonna have to solve it by giving working families, the kind of support they need and they're looking for that are very open to a larger governmental wall on health care, income support. and people buying voters, trump motors, embrace. and they believe that if you can chat with billionaires power and provide the kind of support for families, it can be different. i don't know. i think they've got their work cut out for them
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. you know, at least in industrialize areas like ohio, this man was so in beer grooming supplies that a craft fair. and portsmouth actually work at a paper mill. and the republican party seems to be kind of what the democratic party used to stand for the blue collar working class people in the democrat party that is now seems to, it went way off the rails. and then do you think that white folks are as discriminated against as african american? i think they are. i mean it's, it's in different ways i, i guess, but the white male has less chance of getting a job. you know, in certain situations, do you feel that from stood up for christianity that christianity is under siege in america right now? i do been under seas for years that that is really exploded. maybe in the last 5 to 10 years. well unfortunately we're in an area where there's still some close mindedness and i believe that there's
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a good amount of people that are okay with racial slurs and bigotry. and i honestly just think that it's all a mess and everyone just wants it their way. and their way is the old way. let's just, you know, have people of color sitting in the back of the bus. it is. we're going backwards. we found that the more white american subscribed to christian national study out the more they believe that they will be targeted in that black americans will not be targeted. in fact, black americans will be protected. do you think, ohio, senate candidate, j. d. vance is trying to win votes by playing to the fears and policy preferences of white christian nationalists. so judy vance is actually unleashed the rhetoric of, of white christian nationalism and populist authoritarianism. and is found it quite effective on the one hand, the leads to the ruling class of his country or robbing of wine. and on the other hand, if you dare complain about it, you are
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a bad person. we see walter's stoke fear and anger and perceptions that good people like us. white christian, ohio republican voters, are under attack, were being called races, were being called xena folks. because we want to build a wall to keep those people who are trying to replace us out at a bar known for having a mural of trump on the wall. the medic technician at a local chemical plant and asked him who he supported in ohio's race for the u. s. senate, which is now a virtual tie. j. d very. why do you like j d, been the america 1st falsely ended. whoa. p as in woke is lives got the discovery, go. lar carter will not succeed. we will not be a superpower under. whoa people. like what one to santos is doing in florida? absolutely. will all are wrong. does i have the same with we? ball will drop. i'm sorry to hear drunk to border it dropped to borders. is america
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for support? i'm on a mission to keep here to free. let's make sure ohio remains re laying the groundwork for a potential presidential run ship. trump not nominated. governor de santis came to ohio to stump with events neither agreed to be interviewed. i've got moms across the country, democrats, republicans, independence, you know what they say to me all the time. i wish to run to santa for this my governor, i can't wait to vote for him for a president, a de santis candidacy could lead to a pretty significant shift in the republican party towards full scale or about it. so i think we are at risk of it happening during the 2024 watchin and we're a deeper risk of american democracy at the national level being thoroughly hollowed out over the course of the next 1020 years. the odds for democrats in the upcoming mid terms are improving due in large part to widespread outraging
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supreme court to overturn inappropriate wade and assault on abortion rights. but 2 out of 5 americans think civil war is at least somewhat likely in the next decade and 58 percent. see the republican mag meant as a threat to the west democracy. you've got a very, very motivated and militant mobilized contention of american see subscribed to christian nationalist ideology. they would fight to preserve their power. it's gonna take a broad coalition of americans to can put aside the differences long enough to say, you know what, the real threat right now is this radical right, neo fascist authoritarian regime. that wants to take all of our rights that wants to take our country in a direction that is anti democratic. it is on american 18 months after mia mars military. cool. the balance of power is shifting us.
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thousands of pro democracy activists join forces with ethnic minority insurgents forming a united front to take on the military. people in power goes behind the scenes to reveal growing optimism that the coalition of people's defense forces could transform the country's future. from mia mars frontline. on a jetta. the latest news as it breaks. this village is the 1st village in this area to be rebuilt, since the as airy military took back could throw pulse this area. we detailed coverage. this mountain behind me is still being occupied by as a by jones on the closest from around the world migration official phase. they're dealing with more than $200000.00 pending application ah,
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