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tv   Witness Dead Lakes Alive  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2022 8:30am-9:01am AST

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pro l g b t, arm band, homosexuality is illegal, and cutter for cutter. this tournament is a major play for global recognition and reputation. so how will it handle such protests? all the teams will come and we'll play. some of them will come in at the front, the front where than than the other. but at the end of the day, or this tournament is going to be as successful. this tournament is going to be one a tournament that government and the books of history for years and years to come under intense scrutiny since it won the bid cutter is made reforms to its labor laws, allowing migrant workers to switch employers and mandating improved working conditions but rights activists say the reforms aren't fully enforced and death linked to working practices have often gone uncounted. and there's labor law requires compensation when those data work are related. and so we do any to ensure that those data investigated and that they are preventative measures until taking place to ensure that that's not happening in the 1st place. that this major football industry event. the talk was of what the 1st winter world cup would bring. high
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quality play a compact, culturally diverse tournament designed to be carbon neutral. the message here from cutter is that now is the time to focus on the delivery of this tournament. the upcoming moment of truth, but it's clear that the years of criticism, particularly on the issue of migrant workers, won't simply melt away once the football is underway. and indeed some of it will come from the teams themselves. hurry for said al jazeera civil ah, it says edges here. let's get a round up. other top stories now has been an explosion that an educational center in the afghan captain. local media report at least 20 people killed. it happened, a students were taking a test to prepare for their university entrance exams. ukraine is called an emergency meeting of top officials after russia said it would next 4 ukrainian regions on friday. that's after referendums in those areas where according to
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moscow, people voted overwhelmingly to join russia. us president joe biden has warned harken e and could be the deadliest in florida as history and is declared it a major disaster. it knocked out the electricity to more than $2500000.00 homes and businesses. local media are reporting at least 13 people killed. there was cars floating in the middle of the water, some of the homes were, were total losses. i would say the most significant damage that i saw was on our fort myers beach. some of the homes were wiped out, and some of it was just concrete slabs. of course, they were damaged to, to some of our infrastructure, particularly the sanibel causeway. the final presidential debate has taken place in brazil ahead of sunday's election 7 candidates vying for the top job for president lewis in ass, yamuna to silver, is leading incumbent jail both. so nato,
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in opinion polls us docs dropped to the lowest level since 2020 investors are worried about the impact. rising interest rates will have on inflation. the british pound as reversed earlier losses from this thursday. prime minister list trust defending governments, economic plans that cause chaos in the financial markets. the u. s. and pacific odd and lead as a promise to strengthen their relationship. as china extends its influence in the region. those all the headlines witnesses next. in 1996, a group of young people, new to no wayne described that immigration experiences. i don't know what i do if they sent me back to synagogue 25 years on al jazeera world asks how norwegian they now feel more. you have to accept that you might never be seen as norwegian. i felt like i didn't belong there. i knew who were they now. no ways,
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foreigners at home on al jazeera, a value is that lake city. you know, it was like they did not know, not so many legs. we body, we destroyed re our huge water crisis, one site, another vote who is pollution because up in the us, these goose population and all but have a quick update from bangalore to where dance mo continues to cloud the bill in the lake in the city after the 5 o'clock yesterday, it's known for it's a dr. pollutants and foam as close on the adjoining road and now has become a common occurrence to see the lake on fire flames raging on order y n b. we deal with
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nene the juicy league city league. there are a lot of industrial implant storage on dog and a lot of foreign or a girl living and dying blinds. so many others leave you dear. what we are to do is quickly raise your progress to the original vision that garage or change. we shall not blame anyone. black godwin thought, anything you would like me, god puts, surrounding governors, didn't, will put us, which is why we should drawing their hands with, you know, each other. we should bring up a job to goldman that me want to slick me want to change
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you the thought, those who to injected the luck. ah, better get out of the call of it. you don't need full coverage that it either off smell over that you didn't enter chemical booking and michael her. yeah. but uh well de la la la la la fire fire. alton lloyd, isn't it wonderful? he didn't go to the molly good of allah. yet that i like the you though gam gala my allow was the one thought i would rather than he had been her. you bill and i did you that i knew i am. i didn't know why i didn't know my, my little delingo. i'm worried you are hearing that love, are you? yes, i have the summer. i am god. i am the person that you know i'm the lap bundling either either bardy a the really the not taking my movement in. i'm in the little chemical if i'm right
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. yeah. gary though, by the a yeah, a lot of your monday law youngling law on by a little. yeah, i'm top work much better. margotto i think need e n mark the law the any lot number was eager ye. carina fulton is what you can get a little while ago, but what all he got for la la, millennium mills. what are some of these are and gather in? get a 1000 your w got number and that you will pass these you see and die of this are leg in and on. completely it is that netflix they're is will even it guy electric. i got a one that's like another lord is lego. the unit and we're saga. the other was dumping like a full of garbage. belinda breeze dunk bins and other breathing is there. we are going to clear and clean and are they worth all this? we're just
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blast, leap on eod. i older you know that about them lakes. that a lot of people, you know, they're the unit like, you know, various methods may met. that is like we are cleaning it. we are grading water. i brought in capacity for that. oh and uh we bought it will be the just if we don't but we love nick with was the log me what? that is not like there is no, you know me and bang, look on up city will become i did order city. ah ah, by now. ok. so again, thank you so much for being with you. thank you so much for inviting and so now i'm going to show you quickly. i'm going to share you live
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presentation played with the 2015. i spent more time on research studying about lakes which being lakes consulting experts and a meeting google, google. and you do baba and all these things. i use them and do the thing. i did one lick 36 seconds. 2018. i did one lick in a nica 2000. 19. i did 2 lakes like 15 a current vehicle. 2020. all ready in a completion to is up for lakes and another 2 lakes. i'm working on it this year. i lose the next. so all the missed. what if i legs by to under and if i, you know, not jim and possible licks, we want to read unit and we wanted to have a surplus water in my country, my nation. that is the gym. no. thank you. he does a lot of those. do y'all do then martin is there that no job is in martin period?
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9 out a whole one need that up in the summer because when they're in the family with support, martin in all of you in the data denominator liquid is really challenging. like getting a boat from the appropriate of designing them, getting the funds and then getting into the project and next to what they were about to really i originated, i'm expecting huge names to get fill up those licks and his biggest challenging if likes to be able to unit, if there is no water, nobody really comfortable to do these kind of things. ah, big
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glass the one on one door or door called as we are walking here on this lake or we are doing a resulting currently. so why in deepening more? obviously, we can now more got it. we're going to be of what rolling and huge money has been invested here. and we all vote on like destroy, was about darla walter and to jesse recently was continuously we are working. ah, i pressure is that i need to prior complete this by the name, it is like a we are in a mid of august, august or september. october will our usernames, so i don't want to miss that opportunity. ah ah i oh on like i'm gonna really labor you can
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enjoy both. so i wanna go with them. get him with the owner and get booked on objection about linda. you all get really there, but there's a lot of to get a close my door bought. one of the, the lot is the, you call in the legal love actually leg supposed to be like water body is supposed to be want somebody, it does not mean that we will up and make a big bargain to closing the lake. i don't think it is a clinical race tomorrow it will become become because i'm younger. i live, i still can't get any and i'm and i'm the new but i'm glad i got that. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. i will get you on the line while they're doing money install. okay. they are doing my pleasure to get but not in the cost off on the electrical baby to the lake . so i insisted that i tell them that no,
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i know you cannot be possible please. that is one of the ones that i did, you know, i'm going to get them, which i knew a big mandate in and then the bundle of another women women looted over $20000.00 in thousands which were newer because we can get it. we can that is if karen labrems ah make single full, ang, academic 40. the 1st one of which i believe most are going plastic. india now retired to a segregate, which are possible. so such everything we are loading there and we are pulling it
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here. we put one layer of that one plan's side, one layer of that one lesson. so that, that is not exposed was unless it is noise. postal lean wanted in fact like lot of legs. i do says things up, people up against me. this is that is the wrong approach, designs and different non technical joke. what are the thousands of duck got huge degrees dumping? where do we lose you? how we lose you? i don't understand that i always have to didn't oh no, i use it here on. that is the reality. that is a fact. to save $46.00 acres, i have to compromise when they come with
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this entire sample is in a liquid under this sample belongs to the dawn. and it is i this to demolish what he will not set back because what is or if, what if the, if this came a gum and are beat us under, there can be some religion up you anything can happen. we don't know, actually as of know what i would encouragement, i cleared the man named lexa. we are not broken any dumb pulse or anything. it is a fust phenomena. i also don't have any experience about it. maybe people may go and greet. people may go upset, and not only that, if missed off my project over that there's a lot that, you know, we are having a discussion with the local community already. we are working with them. my. we told them that this will going to be demolished every day. and i'm not sheylan us, but no incent of these ice. we are taking this land back. i. if you can one see ladder, why does is that and said what was on there,
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bring ali legal activities even he worked with them while they used to use for the legal activities. were you said the you can able to see like a for part of a legal or ethical agadir literally suffers and wanted that elizabeth. okay. it was with oh yeah. hello, hello linkedin. voluntary for look and wow, i love the song when it comes to lakes, you are to be polite, happy man, humble man. you know, st. don't out. we joe of time, what there was situation, the quota. we how to change. and we how to act on the see that in our gangster, while gang said we should become a gangster. then our little be clear. i think
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with with in the near i like how do you mind about oh my, you can, i had quoted you know, rating like by the you are, you are marty that i you know, young again my telephone i my learning a lot of. uh huh. you know, motivating that are my days what i got in a lot of the bundle, like, you know, you are my dear, what do you hope? i don't know. we're not, we're not out of your little i was on at the point that, you know, i'm not, oh, i like, but even a lot, the leona busy than a lot of what you're ordinarily, just out with money. liquor 9 i made has no, wait. no, none of my going in and i know what my dilemma. yeah. 11 would probably. yeah, yeah. but and you know what? yeah. well, what the aluminum alert all is good is that are going to another amola. we'll go
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home, but i'm going to court with you don't want any. no good guy was hiding. now when i'm, when i've given you more heat and air, so modern and corporate care regular, but i'm gonna give them one more quote. i just wanna know why or why not, or are we not under less than a claim with winning a law? i won't be in tomorrow today, but allowed, or if i'm on that ready? i wouldn't don't i don't and or yeah. hey, now that messiah but then, then the machine, but there's not a lot of, yes, i do model. i really wanna get him a lot. oh ha ah, i could go to now. i thought he dug alert. human military brought on nanny shannon with silica. you whenever you were meeting, when i lived with him, i would owe you 11 gentle care giving out the very large a dinner dinner. good o'clock one in la. yeah. e w i god ye one that da die ye shall i know
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garvey, ah ye a yard on arcade denver? what's gonna man woodville bundle? good luck in the manila and jim kirk, his telephone made him not come to look at language. an easy way with the like out of the stop, what his actin becker music than it stared government a la central unit. you know, the admissions in that, that has capacity in terms of what it, what some, i don't know yet. peter is just in that, you know more got get his color than get walburga burbock up medical. i think modern anthony, with amazon. glad imogen. cool. and and again, uncle and you know, what i, you know will and i'm, yes, yeah, and he hasn't done emma de leon modica, but they got a lot more you though and yet. oh, but i black smart and look on the corner and all sure he can barely shortly. company that you what the mileage and again, you much bigger hillside that allow somewhat on the more than
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a lot of sugar. linda ye get a a booted day that my lab on the needed one there and need one. they did a thing, the more thing that they thought i had been with them, but a but they about, but neither of them there are new diag paper and i wonder some, none of the late it get it done up my mom on the day nero calendar malevolently la, i don't want me to do that. it's not there like a one man shop. i have plenty of people with you and in the records you national to this supported, they helped me. they were standing with me in all the aspect subsequently did take it off dismiss. ah, i did, you know the additional 2 years back there, the people always backing me up his way, like last 2 years. you know, this lake is justin with
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the i don't want, i don't, i didn't tell you what is what i'm a little more high you miss demolish higher than that would have been. yeah. little dicky. and i even make any i you bet on doing ballet. good, bad, i'm jealous or i'm just leg got it after without doing with the bad intention. we're not doing with anything that the harmful to the and i was with jollity. we are doing it because this temple is not late and there is no statue in it. there is no uni. oh geez, happening because of the time demolition you. so you how do you me power?
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you are to bless me. i'm don't come to me because nature is you because up you want them with that 10 minutes a mortal kelly mobil. done nothing. about 9 o'clock when i got i used to have a bath, melissa love, i'll not live with echo. and in again i got them right. mm
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hm. i'm not up there to i'm not afraid because i'm not doing anything wrong. i played god. the thing is dick and i have taken them out with them. i'm demolishing it to hand up. it is a legal property and no more, i'm this is a new one. when got some new them late on medical out a money or the fullest nice america. so we have no way to put another 2 motor
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vehicle another to do more to make a demo this another cool more we can, we will pull up and close it up. next door dentist really start wanting you to see god. nature is one on the honda with respect to the noble and i in goodman normal group in the name of god lower level and with the live in can i let them live but we are doing to their nature which are all the gods we are playing them that please fill up this leg. i mean even what they were worked we hadn't, we need water until that is not full of what other there is no value for this lake . there is no value fund, may work. a bell, some money if
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nobody can fill up the leg only we can construct the leg. we can create a structure. only leg filling. job is nature saw or you feel september and october. the will to love this lick. and once it is filled up, what most 3 do for years? i don't go in here with
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the news my life. they need live life. when it comes, the comic each of the beautiful awesome. ready, happy. ah week already
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gets a little bit more. oh, i live at the all. what you all know cuz all you got to hang on do you got my shot? you know, well, you know, not you. nobody does that. you know your doctor today. just didn't that. i mean, then i luckily melody on a little more helical, eva, eva already, this is a, if i you, the one feet long before all dark headed off model malak, or either a that out a death of leaks feet. we how? 6 feet, what is my height? what? ok, me not just door. a hoard lead up 3 days. zach wife gala de la cruz . so no. what don't quantity we help 6 feet then till next munson no problem far.
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i know leger underground reach out. bother all ecology endor, they like be much operation and bud collision because off dept up the water. this lake water holding capacity itself about low and like $50000.00 cubic metropolis, which can't can't have more than. no sir went to yet religious woods. not which can you not be the main source for drinking water surrounding the place? that is where yell tuesdays dunder though. very much connected with mother nature. because no, we were god. we spread. mr. gilby fight. we do dig lot of calculated risk, but the end of the day, this is the reason i
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ah literally is more distressing for a woman than a much wanted pregnancy going horribly wrong. aside from then being punished, boy al salvatore strict devotion north, a theme women incarcerated the yes. some say they're only crime was the devastating still back. an empowering story of one woman struck that he can knighted a movement. miscarriage of justice. a witness documentary on al jazeera, october on out, his era campaigning for nigeria. elections begins as candidates vive for votes, and what is set to be a decisive and close race. emmy award winning folk lines returns with an exclusive investigation into alleged cover ups by the us border patrol. china holds its national congress of communist party members with president g likely to be re
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elected as its head. what does this mean for china and the world? fully with dreams takes you beyond the glitz and glamour, revealing the stories of those seeking fame and fortune in the world. the largest film industry, 60 years on from the cuban missile crisis. we ask, what can be learned from events that lead the world to the brink of nuclear war? october on al jazeera in south korea, military service is compulsory. but some refused to take part one at one eigth weeks. those dodging the draft on al jazeera ah al jazeera ah, with all.


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