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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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having size, but temperatures all, not yet reflecting it. and back to turkey as well is looking fairly dry. few shouts, as i said in the caucuses, no more. but as a tropical africa, still a wide spread band, mostly north of the quite a bit. certainly coming south now, but the biggest down poles recently and maybe in the future have been cameroon gabble and also nigeria. and that's going to continue. but the rainy spreading, sas, they're right into angola. ah, in south korea military service is compulsory. ah, but some refused to take part one at one eigth leaks those dodging the draft on al jazeera. ah,
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president putin signs a decree recognizing the independence of moscow controlled regions in ukraine and had a formal annexation ceremony. ah, and am alleged to rush and strike on the ukrainian city of zap ratio has killed at least 23 people. hello, i'm emily. anguish this is al jazeera alive from dough ha. also coming up at least 19 people killed in a suicide attack at an educational center in cobble in an area dominated by the his are a minority. brazil's presidential candidates faceoff in a debate before sundays election poll show incumbent jaya, both scenario trailing behind full one later lula and a in strengthens to a hurricane after being downgraded briefly, the storms being cold,
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one of america's worst. ah, we begin with breaking news and of ukraine, and a missile has he to convoy vehicles near the southern ukrainian city of zap ratio for more on this, let's bring in worry challenz who's standing by for us in cave. hello there, rory. what more you hearing about this strike and separation? well, it's one of numerous strikes. so taken place, sir, over the last few hours. there were 2 nights of hell for the city of denise pro or another series of missile strikes on that city. the latest we hear from there is that one person died, 5 people are injured, 50 buses burned down in the city. that's after the previous night strikes and which are a whole family, was obliterated by
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a russian cruise missile. we know there's been drones strikes are on the cities of odessa and mc alive, and then yes, those are horrible. horrible pieces of news coming out so of separation. what we understand from the local ukrainian authorities is that a civilian humanitarian convoy vehicles was heading from the city of the parisha in to the occupied territories of the art class when it was struck. the grinning authorities say by the russians 23 people killed as far as we know so far. 35 injured the russians though. a saying it was the ukrainian, sir, who did it on the battlefield though things certainly are not going well for the russians. russian nationalists, military bloggers, are talking about russian troops in the town of lee mann in danielle. go blast, being now surrounded by the ukrainians with little if any chance of escape. and if that falls, which at the moment looks like an inevitability,
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then the ukrainians will of course, be able to threaten russian troops much deeper into the occupied parts of the dumbass. you're speaking of those areas, rory, and we have put in signing a decree, recognizing the independence of moscow controlled regions in ukraine, south and east or southeast. what are you hearing from president vladimir zalinski about how he's planning to respond to the annexation of these 4 regions? well, he has, thanks or antonio good terrorist, the secretary general of the united nations for very strong comments that came from the un secretary general last night where he essentially in no uncertain terms condemns these russian referenda katira said that they were completely against international law that they set a very dangerous precedence and they would not stand, they were illegal,
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they did not express the democratic will of the people involved. so unsurprisingly, zalinski has said that he is grateful for that for that clear position. and he says that such, jackson actions won't have any legal force that grossly violate the purposes and principles of the un charter and won't be recognized by the world. now what zalinski doing about all of this, we, we know that there is going to be a meeting or of the ukrainian national security and defense counsel later on in the day where we understand that fundamental decisions for ukraine will be made. the ukrainian military intelligence is warning of an increased risk of tactical nuclear weapons used by russia against ukrainian troops or ukrainian infrastructure so clearly knows a jangling here in care of about that. but ultimately, the, you know, the ukranian position does not change significantly at the moment. they are saying they're going to carry on fighting that their military is growing stronger and that
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they will take the occupied territories back. all right, thank you very much for the update. we're a challenge life for us in the capital case. thank you. ok, let's now listen to the u. s. response to president perkins annexation plan. the united states want to be very clear about this. the united states will never, never, never recognize russia's claims on ukraine sovereign territory. the so called referenda was a sham and absolute sham. the results were manufactured in moscow. and the true will of the ukrainian people is evident every day is a sacrifice to live, to save their people and maintain the independence of their country to afghanistan . now where at least 19 people have been killed after a suicide boma targeted in education center in cobble students were taking part in a test to prepare for the university entrance exams. you've had happened in an area
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of the capital where many people from the minority lives is, are, is it predominantly? she was a group and they are often targeted because of their race and religious practices for more. and this led to bring in looked fla, shows. i'm who joins us from cobble, he's on the phone. what more do we know about what happened? the explosion happened around $730.00, cobbled time. it gets into investments to is, has minute tea. place area. mostly has to go to this. you get to center. it does happen to when the students were going for a conquer examination, mark test, which is university or college entry test. according to eye witnesses, the suicide attacker 1st, the guardian of the education center and then went inside and visited his
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explosives. according to hundreds of the spokesperson department, the number of casualties are around and 19 and 27 others were injured and this 2 sided to the full. has anyone claimed responsibility yet? not yet. and none of the groups have any responsibility of these attack on the or i thank you very much for the update, looked foolish as i, who is joining us on the phone from cobble. let's bring in that phase is island from cobble. now he's a professor of political science at cobbler university. say, thanks so much for being on the program. what's the current security situation across f kenneth's down at the moment? thanks for having me. security situation across are going to manage slowly
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and rapidly deteriorating things are not getting as it was planned and expected on the takeover of taliban over the country. we see witnesses smallest missions around the country specifically in north and north of the dentist and center of today's glass doors in years and it was considered one of the earliest in a few weeks have been passed 20 years. i think we heard several such attacks. we're minorities, religious, different groups were attacked and also targeted killings been witnessing the so many prominent this is carlos from different religious groups have been targeted and, and, and totals we can say that i've done is done is collecting. once again,
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it's very data acknowledging political end security situations. so what you're saying is that has been a significant rise in attacks targeting shia and other minor. he seems to taliban to power more than a year ago. let's not simplify it. it's not only, and the sheer minute attacks on a different a different groups of, of going to stand even tell it by themselves of been trying to get to the prominent scholars have been killed in the past few months. so who has a prominent scholar and he was trying to get to notice in the last last friday the it was a blast. and front of you got hung mosque. we had many taliban in our people
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big friday. and it is fully assuming you must. ready know my new caseworker last friday, so it is some kind of general and security incident since one of taken over as they do not have the capacity of counterterrorism counter insurgency, they've been transitioning themselves from being the lead food to a government power. so it may take time to take control of the community or looking at the incident. it was in an area where a lot of his are a minority leave. why would they be the target of an attack like that? it is very unfortunate thing for us to many years on these specific
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occasions. we are the entry exam, something taken place as such. a school is such training has been targeted by suicide, or tucks and post many years. and it's such a tux. we're taken responsibility by this is a and b of glinda blowing such a same trend. it seems the same kind of product which has happened in past few years. and it is really unfortunate that you are losing a little bit of growth mindset, specifically children's inputs and such attacks in days that far as the banker point to make. all right, thank you very much. phase is a land, a professor of political science, a cobbler university. thank you. still had done al jazeera, more on catalyst responds to the latest protest against condition. feel work is involved in the world cup preparation
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with ah, is there a batch of heavy thunderstorms, wandering around, so near it more or less switzerland knowles mislead answer, curvaceous this sort of weakness said it's still around. so it's a thing to watch over the next 24 hours or so, because the matter rain, it's full, not $2.00 to $300.00 millimeters, is so day reco territory to flash flood territories up potential still exists in the islands in the western med, maybe more in italy possibly running even to at least inside of austria, that south of that the still some residual summer warms north of it. things are changing to a proper autumn. now this wind and rain is coming through all and to the british isles. and then eventually the north sea and will carry on the rest of europe. that feels like it should reduce the eye to september early october. so the picture of
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a saturday the weekend is a fatty breezy one temperature still look good, but they won't feel that great have to say. and this cloud rate and the blue is rain spreads out across through northern europe, spending porch goes all right. west med looks ok by this time as does italy, and we still got such degrees in bucharest. now the right in africa's block right off this year is still is it still caught? and that caused that potential for flooding in nigeria. but it's also getting almost as far north as the gambit, which is a long way north frank assessments, if the united states that you're running a good program, was there a sign that you might have informed opinions, i believe in armenia and other virginia should have bilateral negotiations we've been holding that for many time. critical living is the commonwealth now still
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something that king charles will take in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou. ah. oh, hello. are you watching? i was here. i'm emily anglin, he's reminder of our top stories this hour and alleged to rush me song. has he to convoy vehicles near the southern ukrainian? see if you example ratio 23 people are reportedly killed. ukraine has called an emergency meeting of top officials after russia said it would amex for ukrainian regions on friday. these fellows referendums in these areas where according to
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moscow, people voted overwhelmingly to join russia. at least 19 people have been killed after a suicide bomber targeted an education center in kabul. the tac happened in an area of the capital where many people from that has our minority leave. russia president vladimir putin has called the lakes in the north stream gas pipelines, an act of international terrorism. on thursday, sweden confirmed a 4th rupture which carry natural russian get natural gas to be a new nato says the incidents were an act of deliberate sabotage. the kremlin denies responsibility. step batson reports from the danish island to foreign on bornhold. a laid back to his island in the baltic sea has suddenly found itself with a mysterious disaster on its doorstep. just kilometers away, gas is bubbling up from the north. 3 pipelines, denmark never wanted in the 1st place. try not to think about this,
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or you were rid of it. yes, of course. nobody knows what it would mean in the future. and the near future for leaks has been detected since explosions in the area earlier. this week, so smaller just say only ex, closest, larger than 100 kilograms, can cause these kind of tramos. europe claims russia for sabotaging its own pipelines. moscow has rejected the accusations and his blaming the americans. that he bet village, they look back at what he said, and you will understand who wins from the situation explosions in nordstrom wanting to the north. 31 and 2 pipelines, connecting russia with germany were controversial from the start. but since the russian invasion of ukraine, germany in particular, has been heavily criticized for making itself too dependent on russian gas. while hundreds of millions cubic meters of gas continue to leak into the baltic sea.
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everyone is still waiting for answers. what exactly has cost a possibly a repairable damage to the pipelines? i'm who could be behind it? people here on born home island, the island closest to the leaks hope that these questions will be answered soon. some say they know the answer already. i grew up here and we used to the russians flying and submarines in swedish area and so on. i think they're trying to tell us that they can do anything if they want, but others aren't so sure why moscow would damage its own. 35000000000 dollar project problem here is this, no matter how confidently one can identify how this happened and possibly who caused it in the wider world. people believe who they want to
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believe and there is enough, vaguely here the potentially for people to doubt would as a narrative that comes out. and so the energy was continue with people here on born home, concerned that there's more to come. steadfast and l g 0 on born home island in the baltic sea. in brazil, the final presidential debate has taken place ahead of sunday's election 7 candidates vying for the top job. former president louis in sir lula da silva is leading him come and j a both an arrow in the opinion polls. if no candidate gets 50 percent of the voids, there would be a runoff lighter in october. oh, scenario him and his support is insist, there is no way he can lose a latin america. and he said lucy newman reports from south palo motorcycle caravan. so the prelude to his public appearances there, followed by supporters,
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cries of nito or legend. the minute they see president jade bull sonata. his middle name is messiah, and he believes god has chosen him to read brazil. his fans think he has a different sort of superpower. your thought, your god, you'll hear from your for, but i'm a lawyer, but i'm wearing a batman costume because i see both scenario as a super hero without a cape, a guy who fights an entire system, defender of family values against abortion. wow. jade bull sonata was born here in the state of south bow road to a family of humble means. he loved weapons and joined the army, but was expelled for bad behavior. then became a congressman for an obscure right wing party. but after 74 year terms, he began to stand out. oh, and he made his career basically using this bad behavior s
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r news from and to become famous. his, the one who's safe english. no one has the courage to say for example, the criminal should be shot on sight that he'd rather his son die in a car accident than be gay. he's seen as a racist and suggests a women's place is in the home. during former president jim or josephs impeachment session, he dedicated his to the officer who tortured her during brazil's military dictatorship . does. 7 fancy both are not always the reincarnation of the devil. subordinates have an admiration for the president, a combination of hard line, conservative values, and nationalism. i've convinced millions of resilience only men would save us from what we would like these regard. as i mean, since becoming president his loosened gun laws, even though 70 percent of brazilians oppose the move,
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he's expanded agricultural and mining frontiers in the amazon rain forest. and when brazil's death toll from covered 19 became the 2nd highest in the world, he showed little compassion insisting people go back to work even before there was a vaccine door. the wall, i put them here, i am sure for the dead. i am sorry, but we are all going to die one day. we have to stop being a country of sissy's dog love. oh, your bluetooth paragraph. also, nato has often been compared to donald trump, whom he greatly admires. both charismatic and anti political establishment. both showed disregard for democratic institutions like the supreme court in congress and like trump both scenarios, intolerance and sensitivity to the needs of the poor and his handling with the pandemic could make his 1st presidential term his last c, n human al jazeera. so paolo us, president joe biden says he's hearing reports, many lives have been lost off to hearken. ain hit florida. at least 13 people have
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been confirmed to have dined in one of the strongest ever. harkins to hit this thanks. patty calhane hesitates. house wall. destructive winds, record storm surge, and in some places up to 30 centimeters of rain that fell in just 12 to 24 hours. another record breaker. we got out the door, swam out the doors was here. we got over there and we walked away around the whole side of the house from the roof line. and then swam that on to storm and it broke all the rules here. a really long time my chimney came down. i was afraid it was gonna come through the roof and crushed me and now in its wake, this search for those who survived. and those that didn't, there been more than 700 confirm rescues and there's likely many more than that. other will be confirmed as more data comes in the president tour in the agency. the
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deals with disasters warned the death toll could be shocking. this could be the deadliest hurricane in florida's history. the numbers of still are still unclear, but we're hearing early reports. what may be substantial loss of life that would put the number of dead over 2000. and it's going to take a while to find out the true scale, the disaster, the loan bridge to saddle island had large chunk washed away, and many roads are still unpalatable. and it's not over. we are expecting the storm to continue making its way to georgia, south carolina into north carolina. maintaining tropical storm force winds. deadly storm surge and rainfall of up to 12 inches. us store storm, that experts say was made stronger by warming waters. now people all across florida are seen the true cost of climate change. cattle haine al jazeera in his
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central bank has raised its base, raised by half a percent for the 4th consecutive time. this is because of rising inflation and the roof is falling to its lowest level against the dollar indies. official inflation, right stands and 7.4 percent affecting the countries outlook for economic growth where you can fly in sudan have destroyed hundreds of schools, especially in rural parts of the country. that's led to the postponement of the start of the school year. one out of 3 children are already out of school and there are concerns that more delays will increase that number. it morgan reports from casela in eastern sudan vein of a becca is helping her son to get ready to start the school year. he was due to thought his 6th grade more than a week ago. yella sanity. stella awfully at the start of the school year has been postponed 3 times here. the 1st we were told it would start in september,
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and then we were told the 2nd of october, and then they told us this week that it would be the 9th of october and education has not been stable. and that has let your kids not being stable either children's education keeps being interrupted. first cove it than mass protests and now flooding which destroyed more than 60 schools here. those schools that were untouched by the flooding are now used as shelters by families who lost their homes . at least 600 schools have been damaged by floods this year. the repeated delays and school closures over the past few years has led to few children returning to classrooms. nearly 7000000 children are out of school this year. up from just under 4000000 in 2018. most of the damage occurred in rural areas where schools are built from where materials not being able to go to school with children at risk practically on the ground. what that means for children is that they're much more susceptible to,
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to being traffic to being exploited, to being abused, to be had to child labor to not having access to opportunities of anything in the job market. and once a child drops out, it becomes harder to get them back in gosselin, government says it's doing what it's can to get kids back in school. it's up here. look, you have a lot of the rock, but we will try to compensate damages using the materials we ship from the federal government and or the state government or 8 organizations. but it will be hard to want to have an exact number of how many schools were destroyed, so we can distribute vailable resources for schools to resume a month. mother. where is her son is starting to lose interest in education due to the constant delays. she hopes that schools open on time before he drops out and jeopardize of his future. he morgan onto 0 casela, eastern sudan,
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a senior member of cost as well. comp, organizing committee has responded to the latest protest against conditions for work is involved in the tournament by denmark. khalid al swaby says the host country has made reforms to its migrant work laws and looked forward to welcoming every team. hurry faucet reports from the world football summit in seville spain. 7 weeks until kickoff in the 2022 world cup and cutter is putting the final touches to more than a decades worth of preparation and expansion. new stadiums. you infrastructure one in time, new city. but as the teams prepared to come, some, a staging quiet protests denmark's kid will be turned down, including a black shirt, which the manufacturer calls the color of morning, saying it highlights the deaths of thousands of migrant workers in world cup construction projects. like the world football summit in seville on thursday. the message such concerns have been and are being properly addressed. we
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have to say that there has been a lot of improvement that, that, that, that, that happened and that, and that front, we views the world cup in a very positive way as a catalyst to drive this change. denmark isn't alone. england's football association is calling for compensation to workers who died or were injured the team captain posing with a pro l g b t, arm band. homosexuality is illegal and cutter the cutter. this tournament is a major place, a global recognition and reputation. so how will it handle such protests? all the teams will come and we'll play. some of them will come in a different the fund where than than the other. but the end of the day, this tournament is going to be successful. this is going to be one a tournament that's going to remain in the book of history for years and years to come under intense scrutiny. since it won the bid cutter has made reforms to it's labor laws allowing migrant workers to switch employers and mandating improved working conditions. but rights activists say the reforms aren't fully enforced and
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death linked to working practices have often gone uncounted. and there's labor law requires compensation when those deaths a work related. and so we do need to ensure that those data investigated and that they are preventative measures from taking place to ensure that that's not happening in the 1st place. that this major football industry event. the talk was of what the 1st winter world cup would bring. high quality play a compact, culturally diverse tournament designed to be carbon neutral. the message here from cutter is that now is the time to focus on the delivery of this tournament. the upcoming moment of truth, but it's clear that the years of criticism, particularly on the issue of migrant workers, won't simply melt away once the football is underway. and indeed some of it will come from the teams themselves. hurry faucet al jazeera sybil. and before we head to the headlines with some breaking news from the king of vassar, heavy gun fire has been heard over night in the capital y.


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