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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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ready this is al jazeera ah, you're watching the news are live from a headquarters in del hi. coming up in the next 60 minutes. 23 people are killed in a missile strike near the ukrainian city or upper rich of moscow and keep blame each other. the kremlin says it will consider attacks on ukrainian territory is about to annex as an attack on russia itself. the soldiers take control of the 3 simple fossils. capital made growing anger against the military leaders following attacked by rebels. at least 35 people are killed in a suicide attack in an educational center and trouble in an area dominated by the minority school reassurances. the castle are welcome is a capitalist change organizes every team will be welcome to fall in the late to
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shut, processed by denmark. ah, welcome to the news our russia and ukraine are blaming each other for a missile strike on the ukrainian city of upper reach. just hours before president boots and hold a formal ceremony to an ex for russian control regions of ukraine. so as upper reaches governor accuses rush and forces of targeting a humanitarian. com boy, heading to territory controlled by moscow. at least 23 people were killed. the regions russian occupied areas were included in this week's referendums. the pro russian authorities in the upper reach out her saw the hands on. don't you ask help vote to join rush up. president putin, to sign a treaty, formalizing the annexation of the 4 areas. ukraine and western powers have
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denounced the 5 day vote as a sham. meanwhile, russia is opening more military enlistment office near its borders. that's a thousands try to cross into neighboring countries to avoid being called up to fight in ukraine. draft offices are coming up near border crossings with georgia, carfax, don, and finland. well, we have correspondence for correspondence covering various aspects of the ukraine war, who don't have me is live in upper reach of charles stratford is near the front line in the dawn. yes, the region were a challenge isn't keefe and iran con, standing by the russia georgia border will begin with you had to give us the latest on the missile strike that took place in the upper reach. what's the latest? well we are hearing that the number of deaths now is at 24. 1 wounded, died not as to a while ago in hospital. we also hearing that a number of wounded despite how i bought 60 so far. it was that that tag that
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happened early morning somewhere between 5 and 6 in the morning under longer road. the as use mentioned, is heading towards the russian occupied part of the bridge. because russia holds only half of this region where standing under ukrainian side, that convoy was of several cars of people who tried to bring in humanitarian aid. people who also a shuttle between the 2 sides, either to bring with or get ever friends or relatives out of the russian occupied area to the ukrainian side. so that route is also the road that the people who have been escaping over the past week. for example, as this referendum was taking place, have been taken to come to a do ukrainian side it that bridge a has been coming under regular amount of strikes. i would say an increasing amount of air strikes on a daily basis. it used to be 2 or 3 that it went up to 6 or 7 and actually now the
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regional authorities here tell us that they were 19 as strikes over night. and air strikes are not happening only in separate area. they happen in other places in her cave, into north east and creevy re in the south bordering the her southern region. and also in the pro where we heard a very loud explosions last night at around 10 in the evening. and an earlier air strike had actually targeted a residential area what they do, what sir is over the shock of surviving and this belief at the devastation, we did not happy with the pain of losing a lifetime of hard work in a matter of seconds. it was shortly after midnight when the missile hit the quite st. in linney pro ripping apart homes and lives
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a family of 4 were all killed. instantly, dana picked up a picture from the rubble and memory of neighbors gone to early autumn. they 1st found ala the grandmother than the mother and her daughter, and they had to search the rubble for the sun. we had fragments of a couch on our roof, and they were human remains burnt on it. so i wasn't injured, but i am scared. now each asked iron will remind me of this lee. i'll be scared each time it goes off. is not clear yet what kind of missile hit, but it left the crater 10 meters deep. just a day ago, a family home stood here. for houses have been flattened among others, 60 damage. this is a residential neighborhood. we don't see any military presence in the area. no. is there any kind of infrastructure that could have been targeted? people who are worried because of recent, the number of air strikes, has increased. another air strike targeted the bus station
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a few meters away from the central train station. there were also strikes in the heart keven to north east and several southern cities including could he believe the hometown of president vladimir zalinski andrews. 8 year old mother was alone. he also can't believe she survived. he's a surgeon treating the wounded of this war. my resume, same was with him. we live at a time when anything can happen, but after this, nothing can scare us. what could be worse than your mother? in such danger? in the middle of the night, we have all to lose if there's a nuclear attack or we're just rich people. we have no choice. president zalinski held an emergency meeting with his security and defense cabinet. the country is holding his breath as russia goes ahead with its plans to add. next part of ukraine would have them eat edges you and did me pro well from there will had to near the frontline and back moved dots in the don, yet screeching in the east of ukraine. and charles stratford is joining us from
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there. charles, what are you seeing? we are very close to bachman as you say, which is a front line town in the done it screeching. imagine this area. if russia has its way, will be annexed to russia. as we always say, we hear a lot of shelling when in these areas and certainly today there seems to have been some sort of escalation as you can expect. as this annexation seemingly goes forward, ah, we've been speaking to people in this area. we understand that there are around but $23000.00 civilians still in the town apartment, which is about 23 kilometers behind me and the surrounding areas. and we've been asking people, you know, why, why aren't they leaving? and many the reasons, as we've already been reporting over the last 7 months, is because people are refusing to leave because they have nothing left to go to. there are a lot of elderly people as well and, but there is one gentleman said, well, one of the main reasons why they're not leaving a quote with
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a is because they were sympathetic to russia. and they were waiting in his words for the russians to come. and we've also been speaking to you and representatives in a, in a village dish, down the hill here is a large humanitarian convoy there that he's preparing to try and get ins, apartments to deliver aid to them. the un actually unloading their trucks to local humanitarian organizations. because the u. n. a saying it's literally too dangerous to get in there and with respect to other areas close by. we also understand that there's a lot of heavy fighting in around the town of lee man, which is the north west of here. and this part of this very seemingly successful counter offensive over the last couple of weeks by ukrainians. south of col, cave li man, a huge the strategic town to the north west, the face of the ukrainians pushing in. i'm in that direction. as a meanwhile, russian forces seemingly pushing in from behind us. i was here 5 months ago in the
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town hall and it was very calm. it was the occasion was shelling russian positions were then around 20 kilometers away. russian positions now in the last 5 months or so, i've only moved to the, the outskirts on the eastern side of bama is an indication of just how slow russian progress has been in this area. but as i say, there's a lot of artillery in the surrounding hills. there's a lot of shirley stuff known as you heard there. and it's expected as this annexation goes forward, the fighting is only going to escalate or i tossed. thank you so much. we'll let you get to safety, we'll speak to and then later on, thank you for the time being. so just a quick look now at the areas of ukraine that russia plans to annex the kremlin has just said that lu hands on danielle will be incorporated according to the 2014 borders. it's also added that the boarders as upper richer and carson regions have to be discussed. separatist reported huge margins of victory in that referendum
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saying that in the region of low hans 98 percent, a voter is favored annexation. let's now bring in, we're a challenge. he's joining us from the ukranian capital keith, to tell us how the lensky is responding to the annexation of these 4 regions in ukraine. all is firmly welcomed comments that were made very strong comments by antonio terrace, the secretary general of the united nations on thursday evening. where gutierrez essentially said that these referenda were illegal under international law. they could not stand, they did not express the democratic will of the people in these areas, and that's it was high time to step back from the brink. now, her zelinski has said that stay, he appreciates the clear position of the un security desk secretary general on the
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criminal intention of the russian federation to illegally annexed more ukrainian lands. what is zalinski doing about this? well, he has just finished. we understands that an urgent meeting with his security and defense chiefs, we've had a little brief on what went on in that meeting. they listened to the reports of the commanders. they considered the further plan for the liberation of occupied territories. they considered possible actions of the enemy and they worked on the issue of providing troops with weapons and ammunition in the hottest of areas. the brief finishes with we have the situation under control. everything will be ukraine . now, it clearly, there are nerves are in kia, particularly about the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons by russia and the ukranian military intelligence. it's has said that it, that the likelihood of that happening is now high. oh,
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which is alarming girl. obviously, m birts ultimately are despite that, despite the annexation of the territories, the ukrainian perspective, the decry ukrainian strategy strategy doesn't really change much at the moments as we have heard there from our zalinski and his military chiefs, they go to carry on doing what they have been doing that is to keep on fighting, to keep on trying to liberate are occupied territories and math to say that in the coming hours. there may well be a collapse of, of the russian troops in the area of li man in northern done. yes. that could come in the hours. oh, who turns annexation celebrations or immediately arthur, which would be a, a setback, significant military setback of the russians, and throw doubts on russia's ability to control areas that it is just annex that is what the credit is going to try and keep on doing. keep on shipping away,
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keep on taking back territory. it says that at some point in the future, all of those lands will be back on the for any control. all right, thank you so much. excuse me, where we challenge that reporting for us from tv. we're now going to across, over to georgia and run con is live at the lar c border crossing that's between georgia and russia as thousands try to cross into neighboring countries. immer, on to escape a military mobilization. tell us what you're seeing there, because we're hearing reports that russia is opening up the military draft offices near its borders. that's absolutely true, but whether those military draft office is actually open. the other side of this border crossing remains to be seen. currently this border crossing is open. let me just give you a better look where you can see that coach. that is where a lot of russians are crossing over by foot. they take a call across the board and then they get into coaches about that. take them into tbilisi about 4 hours away from now we will have on friday. ready as well,
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and we don't see nowhere near the kind of numbers that we're crossing you said in previous phase, but there is a steady stream of people coming across. one of the reasons for that is the rule that keep changing here about how people can actually get across the border. in the last few days, they were able to walk over by foot. that's been stopped. some people came over by bicycles, that's actually been stopped as well. so now people are coming through by cause, but the numbers of people is fil a. control this, the opposition politicians are saying that the government figures of people coming over are simply alive. they are vastly under estimating them that most people are coming over than have been previously seen. the government says this is just a large number of people since the announcement and partial mobilization, but it is very manageable amount on the border remains open. it's a very crucial, not just people crossing border, but also a crucial trade border as well. so the fact that the border remains open is
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a good sign of georgia, russia relations, and they have a fairly decent relationship. well, that hasn't been an embassy open hit by the russians for a number of years now. both georgia does have another problem isn't domestic, it's, it's relationship with the european union. if it tries to get behind russia said that as you put it in the european union foreign sites and that's something that domestically and internationally now they trying to navigate. all right, thank you so much. my con, reporting from the large c border crossing, what we'll do now is will bring him home a volunteer to make for how much is joining us from moscow. so russia, as we have been reporting such a formerly annex the 4 areas of ukraine with how much house putin planning on marking dislocation. it's going to be a big, a big celebration here, both official and the public behind me. you can see the comes in, and this is where this is said i'm when he is going to take place in less than 2
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hours from now. preparation have been going on for 2 days now or even more yesterday with saw the life of the leaders of those for breakaway to public. and in the afternoon, president vladimir put an issue the decree, recognizing the independence of the asia and have son, boston, a preliminary step, or a intermediary step, the word finding a deal with them for an entities he he did the same when he in january he's oh, can i do? yes, lugens of independent republic for the for the for regents are going to find a treaty of the unification or the unification in washington with us for the nation today in the presence of the 2 chambers of the parliament and the cabinet members. after that, let's log in and put in is going to deliver what's described here as a major speech. the calm down all the time of that speech. and the ceremony has
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been going on on tv screen since yesterday. if in less than 2 hours from now, huge crowds of people trying to reach that place just standing by on the streets to attend this historic moment, according to russians. here. this is in the russian, i the coronation of the market prices, but there are one in the front line thinking that this is a collection of history. the question has always been to those 4 regions, have always been a part of russia and it is time to unite with them. ok, thank you so much. mohammed val reporting for us from moscow. while the un secure a secretary general and tony tara says that russia's plans to annex occupied parts of ukraine can not be accepted or diplomatic editor james bass has more from the un headquarters to new york. these are the strongest comments from the un secretary general since the start of the war in ukraine. he talks about so called referenda,
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which don't reflect the genuine will of the people living in those areas. and on the plans for annexation, he says they go against international law and against the un charter, the founding document of the united nations. it since against every scene, the international community is meant to stand for it flawed to the purposes and principles of the united nations. it is as dangerous escalation. it has no place in the more than wolves. it must not be accepted. the un security council will meet on friday the us and i'll bain, you have been working on a draft resolution condemning russia. there is, of course, little doubt the russia will veto such a resolution, but already the us ambassador to the united nations, linda thomas greenfield, has said that she will then take the issue to the un general assembly. plenty more head on the i'll just random java including in, strengthens to a hurricane after being done, rated briefly, the storms being called one of america's worst head injury rules under review.
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after a scared for the miami dolphins, drama will have that story and much more in sports. ah. but 1st number, quino faso, the military have taken control of strategic installations in the capital was due to tv and radio signals are down. there has been heavy gun fire from the main military camp in the city on the bloss could be heard near the presidential palace on thursday. there were protests in the streets about the security situation after soldiers were ambushed by rebels earlier this week. let's get an update from nicholas hock is joining us from st. louis. that's a town just north of the car, over in senegal. so what are you hearing about the situation in the capital of fossil the well, there was a loud explosion. as you mentioned an hour ago, now there's an
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e recall with people trying to figure out who's in charge of the country. the military soldiers are still mounting key checkpoints, leading to the presidential palace to the national assembly to the parliament. but who are they receiving the orders from it? that's a question. it seems no longer the former strong man with a strong man of brick enough. i so are colonel, did he meet vba out to vba to power in a qu, in january da, posing president rock mark cabaret has what we haven't heard from him. there's been rumors on social media and on local a news sources that he may have been arrested, but that is yet to be confirmed. what's clear is that this army that supposed to be there to protect and to fight off arm groups, it seems, are fighting each other. and i, the root of all this, of course, is the uptake in attack from arm groups link to al qaeda in iso since to me by came to power or took over power. in general came with one promise doreen to regain
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control of the country to bring back security to people in burkina faso. but the situation has gone from bad to worse with really more attacks, closer to the capital walker to go. and just 3 days ago, a deadly attack on the core of convoy of the military, where dozens of soldiers were killed. 50 civilians were killed just north of the capital in, in the northern region, province of burkina, faso during all right, thank you so much. nicholas hock, reporting from senegal on the situation and the unfolding situation. burkina faso will it will keep the conversation going with or annella modern. she's an independent, political and security analyst who specializes in this a hell and west africa. she's joining us from taco, welcome to the al jazeera news hour. so obviously it's still a very confusing situation under developing story. that is, but what are you hearing about the a, the a, a situation american offensive? well, in did, the situation is still unfolding. so there is
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a lot of confusion as your reporter just indicated her begin fire has been heard in wiggly the capital city of booking. up as of this morning, a number of rumors have taken over the social media. so there is of course, a lot of confusion in the context. one of the country has been facing, ah, longstanding instability and insecurity for the past few years. right. so what do you feel prompted it? what do you think prompted this and why now? i'm well, so a few months ago there was a military takeover in the country. i well presented, as you know, motivated by the fact that the military wanted to take in charge of the security situation and felt that their civilian government wasn't doing good enough actually of human slater. a very little progress has been made. so this could be either an
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other iteration of such frustration. there has also been significant amounting tensions within society as well as within the military institution. so there are various options possible and it's just way too early to really tell what is going on. why do you think that the general hasn't really been able to get a handle on the security situation? and why has there been an uptick in attacks in the country? because the situation is extremely complex. so broken up as so 1st of all, he's not confronting a security crazies on its own. this is a situation that affects the whole region including neighboring, melia nisha in different forms. so of course, one countries response is important, but a regional response is important as well. and, and many of the other countries have also been facing their own challenges. the 2nd
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element is that the situation on the ground is really marked by a variety of actors. so this includes jihad is groups. this includes an ordinary bandit tree that's taking advantage of the general kat chaos. so the complexity of the situation makes it difficult for any single am governmental entity to really just tackle this and fix it in a few months. ok, thank you so much for joining us. from tova, at least 35 people have been killed after a suicide bomber targeted an education center and couple students who are taking part in a test to prepare for their university exams. that attack happened in an area of the capitol, where many people from the has are minority live has are as a predominantly shia muslim group. and they're often targeted because of their race as well as their religious practices. let's bring an estimate shoes as a man. he's a former afghan national security council official. he's joining us from brisbin.
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welcome to al jazeera. what is your reaction to this attack? thank you. during this is a very important story. and i think the factors a vulnerability of the has, are, is that you mentioned, which is their different ethnic identity. but also the fact that they're predominantly, though not exclusively, she as are factors in which the they that have led to their a significant historic attacks against the community, both by the taliban in their early years. and the 1990 s. when they were the authorities in afghanistan, but also by isis. and so the taliban have actually systematically erased the has ours from the press, from presence in the security forces and from their own ranks that militant ranks. but they've also erased them from, from the, the civilian ranks, which has led the, which has given no way left, no way for the community to seek and receive the taliban support and protection as
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a de facto authority. so all of this has raised fears of has are, as may be facing a genocide because on the one hand, an actively hostile regime, which is a taliban, is in power and on the other. it needed looking on at this power may be on looking as a community that it has marginalized, is being targeted by isis terrorism and organizations like the u. s. holocaust. memorial museum for example have raise the alarms of a possible unfolding genocide against the hazardous. so what is it that needs to be done to protect thee? has our community i think as the de facto authorities in charge of this particular area, the taliban have the primary responsibility in stopping any attacks. and in this area, the area residents have offered in many times in the past, but they are willing to actually take up arms for self defense in this area against isis attacks. the taliban have claimed on multiple occasions that they have action
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laid isis. but this is the center that isis has attacked undefended civilians. so the telephone a are not defending the area there has are as themselves and be denying that has are the right to self defense when they offer that. so that is very important. and obviously it's important for the taliban is de facto authorities to investigate and hold to account perpetrators in this area. but i think the most important, the biggest question is that all of these things are only piecemeal efforts. what is really required in afghanistan is a transition towards a regime that is bound by a constitution and is actively chosen freely chosen by all the peoples of afghanistan and the taliban. lack both the constitutional framework and our, and imposed force on the country. and they can not protect the population in that way or leave it there. thank you so much for speaking to us from brisbin fella
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had on the houses. there were news our we follow the plight of school children into don who are missing out on an education because a flooding, novak jock of its cruises to victory and his opening match. as the television open action coming up in for a it's a type of day, you're probably gonna end up with a soggy socks across the islands of ireland and britain. however, one all has to do with this run of rain moving into both islands here, but it's not just going to be the rain, the wind will be quite blustery as well. so for example, in embrace think we'll see those wind gusts exceed 85 kilometers per hour. other spot we've seen some pretty good pulses of rain is coastal crecia. one spot here picking up on months worth of rain in the span of 2 hours. also run of rain through
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hungry, so vakio pushing into that southeast corner of poland in some of this could be intense stuff. it's also going to be wet and wendy for the valley are expired throughout the day. on friday we will see an improvement in those condition to be the up to 21 degrees. high heat though, for greece and turkey. so here's the temperature and on talia on friday the 32 degrees will put it a day for on saturday, october. the 1st paint the colors on top of the read the hard, the temperature on tale 38. your record temperature for the month of october is $38.00. so we'll see if we can get you there. also high temperatures for the top end of africa, tripoli at 40. i think the heaviest ramos stay off to the shore of the air, the own, and still the risks that we could see. some severe thunderstorms bubble up for the eastern cape province in south africa on friday few later. ah ah
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ah. safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat now for your hero. oh,
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a on the top floors on the news hour and burkina faso. there's been haven't gunfire overnight and the capital was due to the military is on the ground and has taken control of major streets and other strategic installations. tv and radio signals are down. at least 35 people have been killed after a suicide bomber targeted education center in couple. the attack happens in an area of the capitol, where many people from the has are minority, live. at least 23 people have been killed in a mythos striking at the southern ukrainian city is oper richer. the regional governor says the missile had a convoy of civilian vehicles in the outskirts of the city. both russia and ukraine are choosing each other for that time. meanwhile, russia,
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president latimer putin has called the leak from the north stream gas pipelines, an act of international terrorism. on thursday, sweden confirmed the 4th rupture and the undersea pipelines would carry russia natural gas to the u. nato says the incidents were inactive, deliberate, sabotage. the kremlin denies responsibility. so often reports from the danish islands of bond home. bornhold laid back to his island in the baltic sea has suddenly found itself with a mysterious disaster on its doorstep. just kilometers away, gas is doubling up from the north. 3 pipelines. denmark never wanted in the 1st place. try not to think about this. you were rid of it? yes, of course. nobody knows for that would mean in the future. the near future for leaks has been detected since explosions in the area earlier this week. size mileage is say, only explosives larger than 100 kilograms,
1:34 pm
can cause these kinds of tramos. europe claims russia for sabotaging its own pipelines. moscow has rejected the accusations and his blaming the americans. that he bet village, they look back at what he said, and you will understand who wins from the situation explosions in nordstrom wanting to the north. 31 and 2 pipelines, connecting russia with germany were controversial from the start. but since the russian invasion of ukraine, germany in particular, has been heavily criticized for making itself to dependent on russian gas. while hundreds of millions cubic meters of gas continue to leak into the baltic sea. everyone is still waiting for answers. what exactly has cause to possibly repairable damage to the pipelines? i'm who could be behind it? people here on born home island, the island closest to the leaks hope that these questions will be answered soon. some say they know the answer already. i grew up here and we
1:35 pm
used to the russians flying and submarines in swedish area and so on. i think they are trying to tell us that they can do anything if they want, but others aren't so sure why moscow would damage its own. 35000000000 dollar project problem here is this, no matter how confidently one can identify how this happened and possibly who caused it in the wide world. people believe who they want to believe, and there is enough, vaguely here the potentially, for people to doubt would as a narrative that comes out. and so the energy was continue with people here on bornhold concerned that is more to come. steadfast in elgin era,
1:36 pm
on born home island in the baltic sea. we have natasha butler standing by in paris covering the emergency meeting if you energy ministers. but 1st, let's bring and stuff austin, who is still a born home island in denmark, with the latest step on the pipeline leaks. and as you say in your report, the big questions of who and what actually caused the leak still remain. absolutely, still many questions here also on barn houma island, and the lady says, now that the danish should navy center to war ships to the island in a clear sign that tensions in the baltic sea are actually really going up, especially since these leaks were detected that the north stream, we know that the agents are also securing their gas and oil installations. and also this new newly installed pipeline between norway and poland, which was actually installed and inaugurated exactly at the day when the notary
1:37 pm
leaks were the fact. it is also now being checked because it, it is apparently in the nearer vicinity of these north stream leaks. so there's a lot of concern because this see contains a lot of pipes and very crucial data cables, but also electricity cables. so there's a lot of concern, and these leaks also show how vulnerable des, energy supplies, and all the supplies for europe are. meanwhile, russia has issued the most strong this statement so far of western involvement as they call it, with the sabotage of the sneaks. that's coming from the head of the foreign intelligence surface. so, so great. now risk and, and he said that there is they have materials of a western trace. he says in this sabotaged operation, he hasn't declared or explained what this evidence is, but this is the clearest statement coming from russia. so far, this island is
1:38 pm
a very strategic island, both between nato and russia, and have been statements coming from russia before just a few months ago after the war. and ukraine started about any possible foreign threats and any possible native presence on, nor told islands which would really upset them. so there is a lot going on geopolitical here on this island. all right, thank you so much. reporting from bonham island let's you countries rather have agreed to impose emergency levies on energy firms, windfall profits on that story. natasha butler is joining us from paris. so natasha, the ministers have agreed some measures in order to try to mitigate the rise in energy prices. tell us more about these measures and what they are. well, that's right. so the nord stream, a pipeline leaks, and the looming winter here in europe of certain increased pressure on the e. u to try and come up with ways to
1:39 pm
a shield block shield consumers from these rising energy prices. and it seems that energy ministers are from the u meeting in brussels, have come up at least with a some measures what they going to put in place. they say are mandatory measures for power saving. so things that would perhaps make it compulsory for some companies to reduce their energy consumption over the coming months and also impose a windfall, a tax on some energy companies that don't rely on gas, but have been making huge profits during this energy crisis. and also what they call a solidarity tax on fossil fuel companies. now the idea is that the money from those taxes will then be diverted into poor households across the european union to try and help people or consumers with their energy bills. because many ministers, governments in the, you are very, a worried indeed that if the energy crisis continues to hit people in their homes
1:40 pm
where they're struggling to pay their bills, it, we could be saying social unrest across the ear at some point. now a one other issue that's very much on the table is this idea of an e u wide up cap on the price of gas imports. now this has been discussed before. any you circles are in terms of a cap on the price of gas impulse from russia. but what 50 member states have recently really been pushing for is for a price cap on gas imports from other countries of all countries importing into the european union. they say that would help reduce prices. they say the price cap limits could be put at such a rate that it would still make the very competitive on the international market. but until now, the european union commission has been quite reticent. the implement such a cap because they say could dissuade a country's from wanting to export their gas to, to the european union and n g, for example, coming in a vital, a source of energy at this time. all right,
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thank you so much. natasha butler reporting from paris. he was president joe biden says he's hearing reports that many lives have been lost after hurricane in hit florida. at least 13 people have died and one of the strongest ever hurricanes to hit the state. how to calhane, how's the details? or destructive winds, record storm surge, and in some places up to 30 centimeters of rain that fell in just 12 to 24 hours. another record breaker. we got out the door swam out of the doors world. here we go live and then we won't go away around the whole side of the house, from the roof line. and then when i move on to my storm, it broke all the rules in here a really long time. my chimney came down. i was afraid it was gonna come through
1:42 pm
the roof and crush me and now in its wake, this search for those who survived. and those that didn't, there been more than 700 confirm rescues and there's likely many more than that. other will be confirmed as more data comes in the president tour in the agency. the deals with disasters warned the death toll could be shocking. this could be the deadliest hurricane in florida's history. the numbers of still are still unclear, but we're hearing early reports. what may be substantial loss of life that would put the number of dead over 2000. and it's going to take a while to find out the true scale of the disaster. the loan bridge to settle island had large chunks washed away, and many roads are still unpalatable. and it's not over. we are expecting the storm to continue making its way to georgia, south carolina into north carolina. maintaining tropical storm force winds. deadly storm surge and rainfall of up to 12 inches,
1:43 pm
a store storm that experts say was made stronger by warming waters. now people all across florida are seen the true cost of climate change. cattle have al jazeera recent floods in sudan have destroyed hundreds of schools, especially and rural parts of the country. and that led to the postponement of the start of the school year. one out of 3 children are ready out of school. there are concerns that more delays will increase that number hippa, morgan reports from casala and eastern to don. zayna, a becker is helping her son to get ready to start the school year. he was due to thought his 6th grade more than a week ago, year last saturday at the last one of the at the start of the school year has been postpone 3 times here. the 1st we were told it would start in september, and then we were told the 2nd of october, and then they told us this week that it would be the 9th of october and education has not been stable. and that has led to our kids not being stable either
1:44 pm
children's education keeps being interrupted. first cove it than mass protests and now flooding which destroyed more than 60 schools here. those schools that were untouched by the flooding are now used as shelters by families who lost their homes . at least 600 schools have been damaged by floods this year. the repeated delays and school closures over the past few years has led to few children returning to classrooms. nearly 7000000 children are out of school this year. up from just under 4000000 in 2018. most of the damage occurred in rural areas where schools are built from poor materials, not being able to go to school with children at risk. the practically on the ground . what that means for children is that they're much more susceptible to, to being traffic to being exploited, to being abused, to be, to child labor,
1:45 pm
to not having access to opportunities of anything in the job market. and once the child drops out, it becomes harder to get them back in castillo's government says it's doing what it can to get kids back in school. up here looking a lot of the rug, but we will try to compensate damages using the materials were issued from the federal government and or the state government or 8 organizations. but it will be hard to want to have an exact number of how many schools are destroyed. silver can distribute the available resources for schools to resume a model of mother. where is her son is starting to lose interest in education due to the content delays, she hopes that schools open on time before he drops out and jeopardize of his future. he but morgan onto 0 casela eastern for down. in brazil, the final presidential debate has taken place ahead of sundays election. 7 candidates are vying for the top job. the former president luis enough to lead the
1:46 pm
silver as leading income bunch a year. both narrow and opinion polls. if no candidate gets 50 percent of the vote, they'll be run off later in october. india central bank has res, that's base rate by half a percent for the 4th consecutive time. this is because of raising inflation on the ruby falling to its lowest level against the dollar. india's official inflation rate stands at 7.4 percent effective countries outlook for economic growth. and stocks in the u. s. dropped to their lowest level since late 2020 is recession, fear is processed. investors are worried about what impact and interest rate hike will have on inflation. b. s and p $500.00 index is down more than 8 percent this month. that's the worst september performance since the 2008 global financial crisis still had on the al jazeera news, our rough ride, how one of the world's best mountain bikers is preparing for an extreme event. jama,
1:47 pm
how's the sports right after the break? ah
1:48 pm
ah ah ah, forces with jammah. thank you. during a senior member of catalyst at wildcat organizing committee has responded to the latest pretest by denmark, against conditions for workers involved in the tournament. curt alice, the ladies had the country has made reforms to its migrant workers and look forward to welcoming every team. hateful cit, reports from the wild football summit in surveillance bank. southern weeks until kickoff in the 2022 world cup and cutter is putting the final touches to more than
1:49 pm
a decades worth of preparation and expansion. new stadiums. you infrastructure one entire new city. but as the teams prepared to come, santa staging quiet protests denmark's kit will be turned down, including a black shirt, which the manufacturer calls the color of mourning, saying it highlights the deaths of thousands of migrant workers in world cup construction projects. great to me, come take a look at the world football summit in seville on thursday. the message such concerns have been at our being properly addressed. we have to say that there has been a lot of improvement that, that, that our, that, that happened. and that on that front, we views the ward got in a very positive way as a catalyst to drive this chain. denmark isn't alone. england's football association is calling for compensation for workers who died or were injured. the team captain, posing with a pro l g b t, arm band, homosexuality is illegal, and cutter for carter. this tournament is
1:50 pm
a major play for global recognition and reputation. so how will it handle such protests? all the teams will come and we'll play, some of them will come sit in the front, the front where than than the other. but at the end of the day, or this tournament is going to be a successful this tournament is going to be one a tournament that the another men in the books of history for years and years to come under intense scrutiny since it won the bid cutter is made reforms to its labor laws, allowing migrant workers to switch employers and mandating improved working conditions. but rights activists. so the reforms artfully enforced and death linked to working practices have often gone uncounted. and there is labor law requires compensation when those data work related. and so we do need to ensure that those data investigated and that there are preventative measures from taking place to ensure that that's not happening in the 1st place. that this major football industry event. the talk was of what the 1st winter world cup would bring. high quality play a compact,
1:51 pm
culturally diverse tournament designed to be carbon neutral. the message here from cutter is that now is the time to focus on the delivery of this tournament. the upcoming moment of truth, but it's clear that the use of criticism, particularly on the issue of migrant workers, won't simply melt away once the football is underway. and indeed some of it will come from the teams themselves. hurry force it al jazeera sybil. the former president of el salvador football federation has been sentenced to 16 months and a u. s. prison as part of 5th is ongoing global investigation into corruption. they now, they vasquez at pleaded guilty last year in new york to receiving bribes of $350000.00 in 2012 stage and broadcasting football matches. the corruption proved by faith as so far led to $27.00, a guilty place and 2 convictions at trial. and i fell concussion rules are in cyprus after a nasty injury to miami dolphins caught back to a tongue over lower. he was chased down in sacks by cincinnati bengals, a joshua to pay towards the end of the 1st half in thursday's game. play was held
1:52 pm
up for almost 10 minutes. as he received treatment on the field. he was taken to hospital with concussion, and later released with the full movement of his extremities. incident came just days after 2 had been evaluated for another concussion injury for the dolphins insist he was cleared to play. there is an independent specialist that specializes in the specialty of brain matter. so oh, yeah, but for me, as long as i'm coach in here. oh, there is in, you know, i'm not gonna fudge that whole. that whole situation. if there's any, any sort of inclination that someone has a concussion, my go into a coat cushion protocols very stir it in a match. the bangles inflicted a 1st defeated the season on the dolphins. they took his 2715. this one of 3 touchdowns for the home side finished off my wide receiver to higgins rengal's c
1:53 pm
wins and 2 losses from the opening again. despite the destruction caused by hurricane in the tampa bay buccaneers will host at the kansas city chiefs at their home stadium. on sunday, the bucks moved their practice sessions to miami. when the weather warnings were announced, tampa suffered a severe impact for the raymond james stadium has been cleared to stage the game. now that jack of h a sailed stir his evening match at the tel aviv ethan to reach the quarter finals . but up see it. he's competing in israel for the 1st time in 16 years. was up against spain. satellite undo. ha, ha, ha ha. didn't face a great point as he wrapped up the victory in straight sets, 6 loved 63. that's the fewest games. the serbian has lost in any matchless season. just a bit, plays canada's lash. it was for so i won 7 games in a row and we were fighting in that 8 game for 15 minutes. i think it was one of the
1:54 pm
longest games ever played in my life. i played many, many games in my life, but you know, credit to, to pablo for fighting and play your grade match as well. just say solid, stayed stay focused, then you know her close out the match very well. so all in all her very, very happy with my performance. now a whole him wanting golf is normally pretty rare, but there were a couple during the evening round of the p. j tools at latest event in mississippi . the 1st it was made by this man american that brandon wou, it came in the pa 3 full, which was playing a 163 yards. the ball roll towards the whole and then eventually dropped in south african m j duffy was the other player to make an ace. and it was on the very same hole and they say lightning doesn't strike twice the world's best mountain bike, right? as a gearing up for next month's red bull rampage event in the deserts of utah,
1:55 pm
one of the 18 right is taking part in the 6th edition of the event is bowden thomas . as geno, the 29 year road has been preparing by taking on an extreme course which he helped to design and build the my line on the outskirts of the asia we use around an abandoned coal life, where his great grandfather once worked. and it certainly puts even one of the world's best riders to the test. lovely picture. that is all your fault for now. i'll have another site and i will see you later. thank you so much, jim. just before we go, take a look at this story because it's katara years up to host the 2022 football world cup and less than 2 months. artists from 65 countries are gathering in its capital to showcase their work. and many are taking the opportunity to connect and collaborate on a global level. sarah hire out reports from dell, home studying xena. everybody is teaching a collage master class. the uranium is one to 307 artists to flown in from around
1:56 pm
the world to participate in half of the biggest thoughts festival. it's one of several ambitious cultural projects planned in the lead up to the fif world comp. in november. this 1st one is creating a very big platform for most of the audience, because this time we have not only artist, we have collectors, historians, designers, every piece would they will create this very unique because this is the latest series by george, you use the renowned russian artist pioneered the painting technique using ultraviolet reactive pigment, giving it's a varied look in both light and dog. each lay doyle on canvas takes up to 4 years to dry and may seem feature in one of castles, museums. it's really exciting to be in power. because i feel that this project jeanette, this about the origin of different forms of life can be interesting and for the people from every country and also from our to the gulf country is keen to leave an
1:57 pm
impression on world visitors that goes beyond football. aiming to become a cultural hub with global reach, it's spent years collaborating both home and away just last week with new york's metropolitan museum. avant be all told in the middle east is an emerging market. it's increasingly becoming attractive, international artists and investors. in fact, some of the office here from latin america, europe and asia been saying it's the 1st, a showcase that was not just encounter, but also in the region. on top of this, mackay brown is visiting from miami, where the next world camp is being held in 2026. she's keen to work with locals and understanding non refundable tokens or an f c's. those a unique digital art works. it's a part of a block chain and can't be duplicated. i feel that coming here and showcasing that and helping to, you know, go about building that. here. it is a great opportunity because it'll bring other artists from other places in the
1:58 pm
market is not so saturated. one country, it's all over, but of course we're here in the middle east is beautiful, you know, and i feel that car is a great place, a great opportunity to do that. cattle has been one of the world's largest art buyers in the last decade. having spent $1000000000.00, public space is being used to showcase all of its most expensive global purchases by the likes of damien hirst. and with more than 40 newly commissioned installations urban landscapes, the cross the country, how being turned into vast outdoor art galleries saw to hide it. i'll just, sarah, thou ha, thanks for watching the news. our analysis here. emily's with you in just a moment. you'll have much more off those days news, but bye for now. ah
1:59 pm
ah, with informed opinion, i believe that armenia and other were jealous should have bilateral negotiations. we've been calling that go many time critical did make is the commonwealth still something that king charles will take on inside story on al jazeera,
2:00 pm
with fighters winning pay off or control guy? what does the new forever proxy war mean for america and nato? as long as americans keep consuming, prices are going to keep going up. why didn't joe biden see inflation comic? how did we get so much raw? the quizzical look. us politics, the bottom line. ah ah 25 people killed in a missile strike near the ukrainian city of zappa ratio. moscow and ki, blame each other.


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