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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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since begins as candidates fly for votes and what is set to be a decisive and close race. emmy award winning folk lines with tons, with an exclusive investigation into a legs cover ups by the us border patrol. china holds its national congress of communist party members with president t likely to be re elected as its head. what does this mean for china and the world? only with dreams takes you beyond the glitz and glamour, revealing the stories of those seeking fame and fortune in the world. the largest film industry, 60 years on from the cuban missile crisis. we asked what can be learned from events that lead the world to the brink of nuclear war. october on al jazeera, which site is winning chaos or control guy? what does the new forever proxy war mean for america and nato? as long as americans keep consuming, prices are going to keep going up. why didn't joe biden see inflation comic? how did we get to so much raw? the quizzical look us politics, the bottom line,
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ah, president vladimir putin has russia, has 4 new regions as he announces annexation of ukrainian territories. meanwhile, 25 people are killed in a missile strike near the ukrainian city of zapper. reach our moscow and keep blame each other. ah, you're watching al jazeera life from a headquarters and i'm getting obligate. also coming up, soldiers take control of the streets and burkina faso capital made growing anger against the military leaders following attacks by rebels lasts at least 50 people killed in a suicide attack at an educational center in trouble. in an area dominated by the has are a minority. ah,
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hello, the russian presidents letter printer has held a signing ceremony to claim occupied regions of ukraine into russia. fruits and says the kremlin will protect the her songs up a richer don? yes. john lew, gun screech, and using all available means he also words ukraine to sit down for peace talks. key on the west have rejected the annexation of ukrainian territories. call and get a land grab the un secretary general antonio terrace. and the russian decision is dangerous. and must not be accepted. you'll see me when the people of dunbar. lo, hands the cursor and the police have expressed their choice and they will do our competitive forever. i mean, we call on to keep him immediately. the fees are still, it's either way to turn to the negotiation table. choice of these regions is not something we will just cover. the government of key specs, this decision only in this way, can we have a path to defend our land with all our friends and all our means with bit it. all
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right, let's take a quick look at the areas of ukraine that the kremlin now claims as part of russia . it's about 15 percent of ukraine's territory, but it is important to note that under international law it's illegal to hold referendums during conflict and where people are under threat. the un secretary general says the annexations have no legal value and they must not be accepted or challenge to standing by for us in chief. but 1st let's go through how much val and moscow. so we heard from the president's bahama, just talk us through what happened and what will be happening in the next hour in moscow in terms of the celebration taken place? not in the right behind to me is that square on the kremlin. we can order to hear hear the music people. 8 both ration, they are close to for media where the sound, thousands of people are attending. that's right off the keynote speech or the major
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speech. but within dave, the finding of, of $33.00, between russia and the 4 of the brain. you're going to look, i'm going to put in the need for washes, to unite. and so can see that what happened. a collection of history here reminded russians of the greatness of civilization. they paula race station. as he thought, the west is planning to destroy, the west doesn't need of what we need. so he talks about western hypocrisy in this, in terms of with relationships with others. he said the energy crisis was the mistake of western powers. they did it on purpose. so that they can utilize, or they can use europe, they said the united states is trying to explain the europeans. but all of this
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energy crisis and the discourse in general, the speech was addressed to the russian is the 1st place. asked them to add the units adequacy. that is something in the interest of ice and federation. and he, as you mentioned, stressed but russia will defend the authorities by any means asking, give, at the same time to come to the negotiation table, ask for the terms of the 2014 negotiations and making it clear that there is no negotiation about that he does that have just been a next. okay, thank you so much. mohammed val reporting from moscow over to rory challenge. he's joining us from keith. so any reaction from cavalry i could bring up speed with something that was literally just a broken or news that is just coming from president zalinski himself for it's a direct response to the russian annexation of these parts are of
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ukraine. and the response is that says lensky is now making a formal application to join. nato are following a meeting that zalinski is hands with his national security and defense council. he just says de facto, we've already made our way to nato de facto. we've already proven compatibility with the alliance standards. they're ready for ukraine real on the battle, their real for ukraine, real on the battlefield, and in all aspects of our interact interaction. but now today, ukraine is applying to make it does your in a process that is consistent with our value and protecting our entire community in an expedited manner. we are taking our decisive step by signing ukraine's application for accelerated accession to nato. so clearly the you cried in response to what russia is doing at the moment, the colonel speech that sir putin gave up from moscow early on today. he's to do
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the thing that moscow has always feared and always try to prevent ukraine doing that is to join the north atlantic treaty organization, northeast to try to thank you so much, rory rory challenge are reporting for us from keys from our in the u. s. reaction, let's bring in our white house correspondent, kimberly hawkins. so have we heard from the biden administration? we know that the u. s. president is headed up to the supreme court. he's not expected to speak there. he is participating in a ceremony to welcome the newest justice to the supreme court katasha brown jackson . but we are expecting in the next hour that the u. s. will likely be taking some sort of punitive action against russia in the form of those promise does vary a punishing economic sanctions. we don't know what those will look like and we are expecting some sort of detailed announcement in the next hour coming from the
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treasury. the congress and state departments likely that will be in the form of some sort of economic sanctions, a punitive in nature likely against government officials and likely also family members of the russian federations were watching for that very carefully as well. we know the u. s. president, likely to in the coming hours of hear hear back of the white house to talk about the federal response to hurricane ivan, where he is likely also to potentially talk about b as speech that was made earlier by vladimir putin. but we do know the u. s position very clearly the u. s. president himself saying the united states will never accept the results of what it sees as a sham referenda that led to the signing ceremony. that took place in russia very in the last couple of hours. the feeling by the united states at the, the results of this referenda were manufactured, that the people that participated in this were coerced,
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that in many cases the united states says there was video that was witnessed by members of the us government where people were forest intimidated to cast their ballots and as a result, not only does the united states not recognize this, but they believe that this is a violation of international law. so as a result, along with, in a, in conjunction with partners and allies, the united states says it will see that russia pays for this in terms of punishing and punitive economic consequences. thank you so much. kimberly, over to our diplomatic editor james base, joining us from the united nation. so the united nations security council expected to meet later on today. james, talk us through what we can expect. yeah, i was just down at the security council moments ago actually where a meeting is just started on the democratic republic of congo. before that meeting spoke to the president of the security council, france, have the presidency this month. the president is the french ambassador,
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nicola the review. he told me that yes, definitely. now, 5 hours from now, the security council will meet and will vote on a resolution that's been drawn up by the u. s. and albania, condemning the action we've seen coming from moscow condemning the annexation of that territory inside ukraine, the most, the rest of the security council, se still ukrainian territory spoke also to the bus as he walked in, fergus missing the bus to tell me that very strongly with the position, this is a legal is wrong and it doesn't represent the, the will of the people living in those areas that i think is going to be the message you're going to be hearing from. certainly, the western members of the security council, when it comes to a vote, we're pretty certain how that vote will go. the exact numbers are still to be still to be watched at 3 pm new york time. but certainly, the resolution will not pass condemning russia because russia members,
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a permanent member of the un security council. that means that has a veto and it will use it's vito, there's absolutely no doubt in that russia is used. it's vito before since the invasion of ukraine back in february, we also know what's going to happen the next stage after that because we've already heard from the us ambassador linda thomas greenfield, that if russia uses is vito as everyone expects in the coming hours, then the us will take this to the un general assembly for a while to vote of all of the $193.00 countries of the us, all the member states of the us. we expect that vote to happen probably at some point next week. now that will be interesting because there was widespread condemnation by the general assembly. in fact, shortly after the invasion. let see how the votes that take place in this vote, there's likely next week. compare to that vote straight away after the invasion at the beginning of february. that's something that will be worth watching very
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closely. thank you so much. are the fanatic james space reporting from the un. at least 25 people have been killed in miss all striking or the southern ukrainian city. as upper richer, the regional governor says the miss all had a convoy of civilian vehicles and the outskirts of the city. and both russia and ukraine are choosing each other for that attack. still ahead on al jazeera, brazil's presidential candidates face often and debate before sundays elections polls, so the incumbent, durable scenario trailing behind a former leader in the silva. and we follow the flight of school children into dawn, or missing out on an education because of the flooding. ah, the time now for your world's weather update, let's go. we'll begin in bucket stand still,
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the risk of seeing some showers and thunderstorms pop up in the capital territory. so as lombard has a high of 32 degrees off, we go to india. there was monsoon rains are querying north to south and we've got that defined line around karnataka and tom on. i do, but also activity around the beta ben goals. so in india is what's been gall states pushing into bungler dash, i think some severe thunderstorms are on the cards for doco with the high of 32 degrees. it remains a soggy forecast across indo china. we know for the northeast of thailand, thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes as those flood waters continue to rise. all had to do with remnants leftovers of what was typhoon nor roots in time. it's about the heat in china. we'll talk about that in one sec, but 1st the what, whether a slug of rain moving across the yellow river valley. jung joe at $26.00 degrees, but south of that, it's where we're dialing up the heat. will hon at $36.00 now. let's remember saturdays. october, the 1st your monthly temperature record is 34. i think you'll break it saturday,
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sunday and monday with a high 38 degrees for japan. is storm passing to the east of the main island of honju. we're in the clear in tokyo with the high of 28 degrees. that's it see soon . ah ah, ah ah no.
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ah no, are we on the top stories on al jazeera, the russian president vladimir putin said in historical wrong has been corrected by the 4 regions in eastern ukraine being reunited with russia. he was speaking at a ceremony where he signed a treaty to formalize the annexation of parts of a lugens don. yes. carson's oper reach your regions. there has been widespread condemnation after president vladimir putin signed those treaties, absorbing, occupied regions of ukraine and to rush off. the un secretary general antonia good, tara said. the kremlin decision is dangerous and must not be accepted. meanwhile, the police 25 people have been killed at a missile strike near the southern ukrainian city, whose oper richer the regional governor says the missile had a convoy of civilian vehicles in the outskirts of the city. both russia and ukraine
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are accusing each other for the attack. in burkina faso, the military has taken control of strategic installations in the capital while good to go. t v and radio signals are down. there has been heavy gunfire from the main military camp in the city, and a blas could be heard near the presidential palace on thursday, there were protests in the streets about the security situation after soldiers were ambushed by rebels earlier this week. well, violence and unrest has filled over from molly into neighboring burkina faso multiple times. over the past decades. the country has suffered a series of attacks by fighters linked to al qaeda's north african branch and iso. they've been escalating their offensive and gaining territory in the region since 2015 military leader poll unreal sons while go dummy borrows to power through a coup in january. he said the country civilian government and promised to contain on groups operating in the area, but fail to thwart new attacks. so fighter is besieged blockaded towns,
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cutting off the north and eastern the rest of the country. twice in september vehicles were hit by improvised explosive devices killing dozens of civilians. ah, there is president vladimir zalinski off ukraine speaking right after the, the annexation of the ukrainian territories into russia. we are waiting for the translation to come through to hear what president of volunteers, lensky has to say. once we get it, once we get it, we will cross back much to president zalinski. in the meantime, we will keep an eye out on what he asked to say and bring you all the latest lines on. if we were telling you about burkina faso just a moment ago, nicholas hark has been following the developments from neighboring senegal. here's
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what he had to say. you have a little bit more details on who or which unit is on the streets of the capital y to do with the unit called the cobra unit. usually this unit, it's a special force that you will find on the front line fighting arm groups linked to io kai, an eyesore in the, in the northern province of soup. and it's in fact, members of that unit that came under attack just 3 days ago. their convoy was attacked by our groups linked to the local affiliate of isolate. officially, the government said, 11 soldiers were killed. 50 civilians were killed during this ambers. but some members of the military told us that the death toll was much higher. they accused the government of colonels and me back to powered in january of covering up information of, of misinforming the public. and it's interesting because it took power last january . there were people in the streets, happy to see this military take over,
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hoping that it would bring back security to the country. but what we seen is the reverse situation more attacks, millions that people displace and just people fed up with the current security situation with people seeing that more and more people are dying at the hands of our group that control large swath of land. specifically in the north, in the west of the country. well, at least 50 people have been killed after a suicide bomber targeted in education center. incredible. students were taking part in a test to prepare for their university entrance exams. the attack happened in an area of the capitol, where many people from the has are a minority live and has ara is a predominantly muslim group. they are often targeted because of their race and their religious practices. fire alarm this professor of political science a couple of university and he says, i've gone astonished, facing a critical security challenge. there's a curity situation across have going to stand as slowly and rapidly
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deteriorating things are not getting as it was planned and expected from the takeover of taliban over the country. we see witnesses smallest kind of meshes around the country, specifically in north of north of and central of today's blast was in years act of terrorism. and it was considered one of the deadliest and plus 20. and i think we heard several such attacks. we're minorities, religious, different groups, what i talk to and also targeted killings we have been witnessing the so many prominent religious scholars from different religious groups have been trying to get to and talked to we can say that gun is done is collapse. and once again,
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it's very data nomic political end security situations proper until hopeful from brazil have held their final debate ahead of sunday's election. the former president luis, in austria lula. the sofa is leading incumbent airable for an arrow, an opinion polls. the question is whether any candidate will have enough votes to be elected in the 1st round of the poles. when you are fellow reports from rio de janeiro. the final debate among presidential hopefuls in rio de janeiro, while many expected the 2 leading candidates, former president received nephew lula, the silver cabinet. hughes and incumbent candidate president j eatable scenario to provide details of their political platforms. the conversation ended up being more about accusing each other of lies and corruption. by then we found that g, this is in
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he was president joe biden has weren't warren's hurry can in could be the deadliest and florida as history and has declared it a major disaster. it knocked out electricity to more than 2 and a half 1000000 homes and businesses local media reporting at least 13 people have been killed. article hand, what the details will destructive wins, record storm surge and in some places up to 30 centimeters of rain that fell in
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just 12 to 24 hours. another record breaker we got out the door swam out of the doors was here we go. and then we won't go away around the whole side of the house from the roof line. and then when we were on to storm, it broke all the rules in here a really long time. my chimney came down. i was afraid it was gonna come through the roof and crush me and now in its wake, this search for those who survived. and those that didn't, there been more than $700.00 confirm rescues, and there's likely many more than that that will be confirmed as more data comes in the president tour in the agency. the deals with disasters warned the death toll could be shocking. this could be the deadliest hurricane in florida's history. the numbers of still are still unclear, but we're hearing early reports of what may be substantial loss of life that would
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put the number of dead over 2000. and it's going to take a while to find out the true scale of the disaster. the loan bridge to settle island had large chunks washed away, and many roads are still unpalatable. and it's not over. we are expecting the storm to continue making its way to georgia, south carolina into north carolina. maintaining tropical storm force winds. deadly storm surge and rainfall of up to 12 inches, a store storm that experts say was made stronger by warming waters. now people all across florida are seen the true cost of climate change, cattle haine, al jazeera. and here central bank has raised that base rate by half a percent for the 4th consecutive time. and this is because of raising inflation and the rupee falling to its lowest level against the dollar. india official inflation rate stands at 7.4 percent affecting the countries outlook for economic
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growth, australia, a set to end mandatory home isolation for coven, 1900 patients. prime minister anthony albany announced the 5 day home corps, and it will be scrap from october 14. it's one of the remaining restrictions after the country is many of them in the wake of hire vaccinations. thousands of palestinians have taken part in the funeral of 7 year old, a young sleigh man in the village of the pool near bethlehem and the occupied west bank. his valley family says he died out of fear after is really soldiers chase children in the village. the palestinian health ministry says efforts to resuscitate him, failed him reports. it's a sad day he had and poor village south of the occupied west bank, his family members, and people in the village more. and the death of 7 year old 3 ansley man. this as, as room used to live here with his 2 older brothers was supposed to turn 8 next month. the family says he was
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a top student. they're trying to take away his stuff to remember him. i've been looking at some of his books and it shows that he was taking full marks. this is a note with the a map of palestine with a flag of palestine that he's written. it's as i love you, my homeland the family says that he was being chased by these really forces that raided the village. and they say he was scared to death. it's hard to miss the fear and shock on the face of hallad. diane's older brother, he tells us about his brother's favorite food grape leaves, and his favorite subject in school, just arabic. he is only 13 that his family says he's already seen too much. who can go, don't let me know. he was sitting here when the soldiers entered the house,
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the soldier started yelling at him, so he ran away. the soldier shouted at him that he's the stone thrower. when he run away from one side and the soldier met him from the other side, ryan saw the soldier in front of him again. he was shocked and dropped dead out of fear. had is the man lives nearby. and she tells us that these really voices came here looking for children. can you tell me what happened? yes, it is. am had that they were going in all directions just looking for any child. they could find. the soldiers even summoned my young brother. i told him he threw stones at them and needed to be arrested. he said he had nothing to do with it. is there any media that is really soldiers were looking for stone throwers, but people here say that even if children were throwing stones, what harm would the 7 year old code, the soldiers who are armed through their teeth. they say that the main goal for a one is to instill fear among fellow vivian and if we're able to pay
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we now have reaction coming through from ukraine's president vladimir zalinski who spoke and following the ceremony in moscow in which moscow claimed occupied regions of ukraine. into russia, let's listen him. so would you leave today where he at siena. in the community of free nations, we can see who is threatening us, who is prepared to kill us and may must, who would not stop at any atrocity soon in order to expand their area of control. as she been on the 20 full to february, the 1st full scale strike was carried out against ukraine. that was the 1st one. russia was not stopping and would not have stopped on our borders, had we not stopped it. other countries would be it would be jeopardized, the baltic states, moldova, georgia, havoc stan, russia. oh,
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we wanted to subordinate various nations of europe and asia, just 6 months ago now lamina. this prim crime is stopped in ukraine. it was still near cave and shove near him and as of style in some a region in harkey bridge and in that snake island snake island. it will be stopped and done boss and in the south of ukraine when we liberates them. and especially in crimea, in a free ukrainian crimea, all of our congress territory will be liberated from this enemy. it is not just the enemy of ukraine, it is the enemy of life itself, of humanity, of law, and truth. russia knows this, russia feels our power. it can see that here in ukraine we approving the strength of our values and this is why it is in a hurry for us. it is korean, this staging this foth and annexation it is trying to steal that which does not belong to it. it wants to.


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