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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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and serves challenge state institutions in their escalating bid for succession and croats. warn of the consequences is the focus hope under the current law. what does the future hold for this fragile democracy? bosnia elections on a jessia informed opinions. i believe that our media and as over jones should have bilateral negotiations. we've been calling that for many time. critical debate is the commonwealth still something that king charles will take on the inside story on al jazeera? which side is winning chaos or control? what does the new forever proxy war mean for america and nato? as long as americans keep consuming prices are going to keep going up. why didn't joe biden see inflation comic? how did we get so much raw? the quizzical look at the u. s. politics. the bottom line, a
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president vladimir lensky, says ukraine is formerly applying for fast track nato membership. it follows president vladimir putin denouncement on the claim of fort ukrainian regents is on ah, i'm a clog. this is out. 0. live from to her also coming up. gunfire heard the presidential palace and bikini passes capital as the military takes over important installation, sparking fears of a cou, a suicide attack, and an education center in afghanistan, capital of cabal. it kills at least 50 people. ah, the credit president vladimir zalinski has formerly signed an application or fast
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track membership to join later to lensky was flanked by his prime minister in the speaker parliament. as he signed the document. it is in direct response to vladimir putin moved to claim for regions of ukraine as part of russia. earlier on friday to lensky says, steve is ready for negotiations with moscow, but not while vladimir putin is president, grange, grange, ukrainian men and women, all our friends and our eyes, actual allies. today we're here and keith, in the heart of our ukraine, where we're making the definitive step to be part of the community of free nations . we can see who's threatening us, who's ready to kill us, and mame us, who would not stop at any atrocity in order to expand that area of control. on the 24th of february, the 1st full scale strike was carried out against ukraine. that was the 1st one, russia was not stopping and would not have stopped on our borders, had we not stopped them. other countries would be jeopardized, the baltic states, georgia, moldova has its don. russia wanted to subordinate various nations of europe and
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asia, just 6 months ago. now this kind of stopped in ukraine, all of our country's territory. oh, jumpy in there. going to brussels nato. h q, the native sector general. then stillberg speaking, we provide support to korean, so it can uphold it's right for self defense and shrine in the you and charter ours is of the fence of alliance with don united, undetermined to defend and protect every no joy and every inch of allied territory. this is a pivotal moment to it and has mobilized hundreds of thousands. so more troops engaged in irresponsible newkirk saber rattling and now illegally annexed more ukraine in territory together. this represents the most serious
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escalation, since the thought of the war. none, though this shows strength. it shows weakness. it is an admission that the war is not going to plan. and the tooth in has utterly failed. and strategic objectives. person bears full responsibility for his ward at his, his responsibility to end it. to end the eminence, suffering of the brave ukrainian people to and the energy and food crisis that this effect thing. so mainly around the world. if russia stops far thing, there will be peace. if you crane stops, why thing it will cease to exist as the independent sovereign nation in europe.
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nato reaffirms our unwavering support for your cranes in the pens sovereignty and to the total integrity. we remained resolute in providing support ukraine as it continues to defend itself against russia's aggression, for as long as it takes. and without them it is to take your questions. and we'll have time for just a couple of questions. we'll start with the news agency of ukraine. thank you for this all new sentence. if you grand ms. ross could go on any crane, i have no doubt to wield prevail and deliberate del territories, but a few hours ago. ah, you can. leadership shows us of a possible way out of these bloody war and officially applied to nato membership. my question is, i need already to consider that kind of obligations. and the 2nd part of the question, is it possible to consider this bd procedure for that kind of fall membership?
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i like it was done for sweden and finland. thank you so much. every democracy in europe, asada to apply for nato membership and an $8.00 respect that arrived. and we have stated again, again that nate, those door remains open and then we'll stick to that over the last years in nato allies, when the met at the nato summit, there in madrid. states it also very clear that we support ukraine's rights at to choose. it's on its own path to decide what kind of security arrangements he wants to be a part of that then a decision on membership, of course, has to be taken by all 3rd allies and we take these decisions by consensus. our focus now is on providing immediate
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support to ukraine and to help ukraine defend itself against the russian, brutal invasion and then a that's the main focus on the main effort or neutralize sol. suite is beach associated press. is secretary general. the, the war seems to have taken on a new dimension to day with both president zalinski and president putin taking fairly big steps. i wonder now that president putin's annex these parts of ukraine . he's threatened to use nuclear weapons as well, which would you call for com. would you, would you advise presence lensky to perhaps stay away from the region? how? how would nato deal with this as well, from the outside? recall impressed an tooth in turn. the wharf that he is responsible for starting the war and he has the responsibility to end the war. ah, because um, if russia stops fighting, there will be peace. if for
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a said in ski and the ukrainians are still fighting, ukraine will cease to exist as in the plantation. so not speaking about in a way to equals, we have an aggressor, a russia, and we have a country which is a big thing over aggression. ukraine, and that's also the reason why we are so clearly supporting ukraine. we're the legal annexations. all of our over ukraine in territory, doesn't changed nature. this war is remains and war russian by russia against that ukraine. and of course, what we have seen over the last week. so base is the most serious escalation of this conflict since the invasion on the 24th of february, because we have the combination of the mobilization in russia combined with reckless dangerous nuclear rhetoric. and then today's illegal
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annexation, or attempt to annex parts of ukraine together. this is the most studious escalation of the conflict. since the thought on the aim, old press them put in is to deter us from support to ukraine. but he will not succeed in that. that message from nato allies of apartments is that we will continue to support, do not to state just announced to day more support. and i spoke also with all those leaders on it also a few days on the and they put this and they all have the same as such, we need to stand united, we need to provide support to ukraine. and because this is, of course, in the interest of ukraine and that we help them to defend cells, but is also our interest that we ensure that the president putin doesn't win. because if he wins the message, is that author with higher powers, like russia, can use military force and then achieve their goals and that will make the whole
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world more dangerous to death. i thank you for your nie 100 after mtv mister thornburg to questions. if i may, the 1st one coming back to that, my colleagues question on the nuclear doctrine of russia. once again, which you encouraged, if you were asked ukrainian army eager, ukrainian military to really attack there was an ex regents and by this also may be provoking a nuclear escalation since many people throughout the world. and especially in europe, fear nuclear escalation of this war. and the 2nd question you just today talked to chancellor shoals, and i guess you also discussed the attacks on the pipelines. what could be the nato and german response to that? what in enhanced military presence in the baltic sea, for example, a be a response that you consider. thank you ukraine. the house of course, to write,
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to re take ukrainian territory, which is now are occupied by russian forces. that's the reason why you support them . so they can defend themselves, but also they can continue to liberate a territory. and as i said, they're illegal or annexation, or a 10th of annexing ukrainian territory doesn't changed on just changed the nature of this conflict. because if we accepted, but the annexation by russia and there are nuclear saber rattling, are actually that heard also from support the ukraine. then we accept a nuclear lap moving. then we accept that her by threatening of using a nuclear weapons or that italian powers like russia can achieve exactly what they want to take her control over a neighbor, ukraine and, and the turtles,
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france support the ukraine in the abstract sovereign right to defend themselves against an aggressor arrived, which is actually enshrined in you and the charter president putin's nuclear rhetoric is dangerous. it is reckless at nathan. of course at vincent a. we monitor closely at walter ashad, us, and russia must understand that the nuclear a war a can never be won an must never be fought under. it will have severe cons. oh, so that's the nato point of view. let's get the russian point of view. now, a blood re, putin, a dressing crowds at red square, celebrating the russian annexation of 4 ukrainian regions for her. we can have a listen now to what he had to say, just a little bit earlier huston and yet ski will girls that yet. and what williams? yeah, you got a little to everything as you it is up, but in sure secure sure it would have in business person is connected to provide
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increase the level of security. thought that we were to pick out nor ever thing to return our local economy to restore the infrastructure, wish to build you please calls and other education establishments hospitals, clinics. mr. lee senior, we have become some we franconi, sir, because we are to gather off property, feel with truth and with truth, there is strength and victory. there will be a victory with us as even thank you. who did you wish you? success had, i said, president vladimir putin addressing the crowds in red square in moscow following the annexation russian annexation of 4 ukrainian regions, which is very clearly disputed by many countries around the world,
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including nature, as we just heard from the n, stockton burke, a telling people of the newly annex regions. welcome home and said, let's bring in charl stratford. he joins us live now from costa young evenings. so charles, both sides of the story we've just heard there, and certainly as far as ukraine is concerned, that their response has been to make that immediate application to join nato. that's right, president zalinski wondering what he describes as a fast track membership veil with nato and something that we know that ukraine has wanted nato membership for many years. we also know that this kind of application made by zalinski, literally, you know, hours after putin's announcement of the annexation of these 4 regions of ukraine is only potentially going to incense putin even more am analysts will often tell
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you that one of the reasons why this war started is because that russia had for years not got what it saw were legal guarantees that ukraine would never become a nato member. because of course, russia sees ukraine's potential nato membership is interfering with what it sees is it's swear of influence. so yeah, it could be very interesting on multiple levels. how these pans out, of course, any kind of nato membership for any applicant involves the approval of all 30 nato members. one would think also because of ukraine situation oversee being at war at the moment that has huge legal and complicated implications as well in his followers. it's nato ascension. but of course, as i say, it's going to be very interesting to see how moscow responds to this,
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to this application. meanwhile, the saving here in consent, if her and the loss of a half an hour or so, we've heard a lot of shelling, restart it was quiet, full room for a number of hours effectively. but so that shilling seems to have started again. so yes, a very wiring situation, one can only imagine for hundreds of thousands, indeed millions of ukrainians across the country this evening after these new, quite frankly, historical events. charles touch reporting that from ukraine. let's again get the most good side of things. most people, most responding with plenty of flag waving and red square is repeatedly speaking that speech amount of our correspondent in moscow. so give us a sense of the mood them i haven't and what's being said, yes sir, like you said the behind me in the red square right in front of the kremlin,
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the celebration goes on. you have duffy. and if i didn't put in the crowd and giving them those reassuring words, now what is stronger? because she's united and fashions together even here in the streets around the kremlin people who were not able to access that square off tagging. everywhere you can see that trying to, i mean, trying to be a part of it if they can't access that place. of course not all russians are for this war in the ukraine. not all of them are for sending their loved ones to the fighting. but when it comes to a sense of nationality to put in spoke to today, questions are united ways. they always love the idea of a greater russian civilization and a great selection of that type of speech appeals to russians. they have been passing here behind my camera, wasting their flags and showing signs of victory to me and to everyone standing
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here. that's the mood here and the president put in in his speech today he's, he talked about that association of the great from russia. he talks about the impossibility to destroy russia and about the destruction of russia. the purpose of western power, as he said, they have learned to end russia. they don't like russia about russia likes itself and wants to survive. they said this war defies is not only for history, but it's also for the future of the nation generations that children of this country to protect them from the bad influences of what's that immortality? what's some values mentioning, follow, you know, forcing people to change their sex. i'm full on talked about a lot of things that you could see of the west in its relationships with other
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nations. talking about colonization, about the destruction of people, the use of nuclear weapons. and he accuse western powers of being behind the destruction of the russian pipelines in the baltic sea. so for russians on, for the blood footed, this is a war of survival or i'm, i haven't, thanks very much indeed. so we've heard from me, please, who heard from the installed book, saying that if we let people when you create it will be catastrophic for ukraine and dangerous for us. you know, at least 25 people have been killed in missile strike near the russian declaim city of this region. the regional government says a missile hit a convoy of civilian vehicles in the outskirts of the city. both russia and ukraine are accusing each other for the attack on him. he has more from suffering to it's been a very quiet day ever since. those ceremonies started in moscow in the morning. there was one air, simon, after the other. and of course, over early morning, there was that who refigure attack on
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a convoy of people going back to the russian occupied side of zappa region. because rush only holds 50 percent more or less of this region. it was a convoy of humanitarian workers bringing in some food and some supplies and was among them. they were also people who were civilians who are just going back in to bring out relatives to bring out a friends. a student i horrific attack to convoy was in direction of the territory now claimed by russia. but ever since we haven't heard air sideways, which is actually quite different of an ad, was jeered and old of the past week, where airstrikes had increased. not only here in the upper region, but in other major cities like a disney pro, for example, where there was 2 nights in a row, airstrikes that killed civilians in harkey in the southern city of query. now,
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people knew that this was going to happen. people before the referendum started where saying that there was no point of even following events because they knew that the results were already set in stone. all right, let's move on. there's been heavy gunfire from the main military camp, a beginner facet. capital and a blast has been heard near the presidential palace. the statement issued on the interim military rulers facebook page said there had been a confused situation within some on army units and called for come on thursday. there were protests in the streets about the security situation after the soldiers were ambushed by rebels earlier this week. or violence and unrest have spilled over from molly into neighbor ricky no faster, multiple times. over the past 10 years, the country has suffered a series of attacks by fighters linked to al qaeda's north african branch and i, so they'd been escalating their offensive and gaining territory in the region since 2015 the military leave it for all re as under ergo,
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the amoeba rose to power through a 2 in january, he asked of the country's civilian government and promised to contain on groups operating in the area, but demy, but failed to thwart new attacks. large supply convoys take e h to besieged and blockaded towns were hit twice in september by improvised explosive devices, a killing dozens of civilians. it led sin out from nic hack who has more from sundry, in senegal, it still is wet. some residents have, despite to me as a precarious. com, you still have the soldiers in position around the capitol suggesting that there are negotiations taking place somewhere at the presidential palace, at least according to a statement made by the government spokesperson leonel bingo. who says that talks are continuing to reach a settlement without trouble. they allude to some sort of crisis between members of
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the military. and there has been growing divisions between the headquarters and why do go and the soldiers that are on the front line where there has been heavy losses on debris keener fossils. army psy, just 3 days ago a, an, a convoy came under attack more than 11 soldiers died. and remember, there was what instigated a crew last january that, that, that brought a colonel to me, but to power was the fact that the civilian government were seen by the bill military as not giving them the means to combat arm groups linked to i saw an al qaeda who have continued to gain ground 40 per cent of burkina faso is out of government control, 40 percent. so time is of the essence to try to find a solution for this because millions of people are being displaced. the european union, once even further action on the blocked energy crisis, you members have agreed to cut peak our power consumption. they're also going to impose levies on windfall profits of energy companies,
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all in an attempt to bring down skyrocketing energy prices that have been worsened by the war in ukraine. the winter is coming and we need to act as i said, the now now means now. now is to day, maybe 2 more all now is not been a week and definitely not her in a months. so i expect the commission to come wis additional measures as soon as possible, as visually on how to reduce the gas price and how to provide to an immediate relief to industries. and let's cross to paris. natasha butler has more illness in energy ministers have agreed on 3 measures. they say will help reduce energy bills in the european union. they won't implement
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a power saving measures. they measures that would force, for example, companies and businesses to reduce consumption. they also want to implement a winful tax for some energy companies that have been making enormous profits during this energy crisis. and thirdly, a solidarity tax on fossil fuel companies. the idea is that the extra money from these taxes would go into helping a poor household across the european union. now the check energy minister, the hosted this meeting in brussels, said of course with winter looming. there is a real sense of urgency. he said that you simply doesn't have the luxury of time not to do anything. we are in energy war with russia, which all is all strongly affects our industry, farther origins and coordinate the action is needed when in terms of further action, energy ministers are also considering the idea of putting in place
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a price cap on or gas coming into the european union, not just a rush, i guess this is something that $50.00 member states have been pushing for, including france, poland, and spain they said would help reduce energy prices in the u. that this price limit could be put at a rate that would still make you very competitive on the international market. but so far, the commission has been very reluctant to put in place any sort of measure like and you wide priced cab because they are worried about dissuading energy importers, gas importers at a time when you so desperately needs energy sources. officials in the us state of florida say the death toll from harkin in has risen to 21. the focus is now turned to a massive search and rescue operation as the storm headed towards north and south carolina, florida. governor rhonda sounds, it says the clean up operation will take a long time to complete theirs. life rescue,
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making sure people are are ok following up on any type of of calls and there's been really hercules and effort. there's also the assessment ok of what's been damaged. that's going to impact the entire community. and of course the power is a big issue. there are people that are working. i think lee and charlotte have about 15 percent restored. there's going to be able to be some more restored likely in the relatively near future, there is going to be some that's going to require some rebuild. at least 50 people have been killed after a suicide bomber targeted an education center in trouble. most were female students who had taken parted a practice university entrance exam. no group has claim responsibility, but as you may consume reports, the predominantly she area has witnessed some of the worst attacks in the country. in recent years. the desperate families hoping the worst fears are not confirmed after the news of an attack on
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a titian center here. so just look here for him sooner but as ambulances brought dozens to the hospital, the enormity of the attack was clear. a suicide bomber blew himself up inside the room. a student strolled. a mock exam available. i was sitting inside my booth when the blast happened. when i heard the sound of the explosion, i saw so many pieces of flesh in the air. people were panicking. i went to help them. i helped carry some dead bodies that the taliban did not allow us to take photos. well, until middle of them, we were around $600.00 students in the classroom, but most of the casualties are among girls. these are some of the victims, many from the minority has our community living in this area of western cobble was how many months ago i do a lot. i guess we had a lot of hope by sending our children out to learn and be educated and have a bright future ahead of them. but instead they're killed. we are asked to come to
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mosques or hospitals to recognize that dead bodies. this is really painful and only people who have experience of this kind of loss of their family members can feel what i and the other families are feeling. i'm back to what the group has faced persecution, protected by the slumbered state and that taliban. and since it took control of the country last year, there's been an uptake on her sarah tax. it is so some kind of for general and security. and 2nd, since the taliban of taken over, as they did not house for the capacity or for a counter terrorism, or a counter insurgency, there have been transitioning themselves from being military to our government, her power. so it may take time to take control fully off the security apparatus. the government has condemned the top, but it comes as education has become
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a flash point in afghanistan. under parlor bond rule, it girls blocked from returning to secondary education. and because soon as her seizure, a brazilian presidential front runner louis in nancy, a lyla to silver, has pulled further head in the final stretch of the election campaign. that's according to opinion. polls at this means zulu could defeat incumbent jar ballston are in the 1st round of voting on sunday. some analysts say that rising vote, abstention could still mean the election goes to a 2nd round. if no candidate gets more than 50 percent, the 2 front runners go into run off that would be on october 30th. ah, so this is out there. these are the top stories, a ukrainian president vladimir lensky has for me signed an application for the fast track membership to join data. it's in direct response to vladimir putin moved to claim for regions of ukraine as part of russia.


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