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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2022 1:00am-1:31am AST

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jazeera, the nature seems as it breaks. this village is the 1st village in this area to be rebuilt. since this area military took control of this area. we detailed coverage. this mountain behind me is still being occupied by as a bunch of courses from around the world migration official say they're dealing with more than 200000 pending application a ah, ah, ah ah
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ah, that image bruton all the define celebration at the gates of the kremlin off to proclaiming the annexation of 4 regions in ukraine. kiva responds swiftly by saying it's immediately applying for nato membership. while inside the country, russian missiles write down on a civilian convoy. ah, no on marianna demising in london, you watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. soldiers seize control of bikini fast, so state broadcast, and declare the president has been overthrown. this is the 2nd crew in 8 months. the suicide bomber attacks and education center in the afghan capital, dozens of dad, including teenagers who was studying for their exams. ah,
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hello and welcome to the program. will roches presenters, defintely proclaimed the annexation of 4 ukrainian regions, holding lavish celebrations at the clam. then even as his forces faced one of their worst defeats at the war, let him uproot, enjoined at thousands of people at moscow's right square, for a patriotic pop concert. after holding a signing ceremony inside the kremlin, where you accuse the west of trying to turn russia into a colony and a crowd of slaves will, ukrainians responded swiftly, announcing that it sent an accelerated application to join nato. ukrainian forces of also surrounded russian troops in a major town. one of the provinces claimed by moscow inside ukraine, the war has been brucely grinding on just hours before that ceremony in moscow, russian missiles rained down on a convoy of ukrainians, trying to cross the front line to bring family back from occupied territories. at
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least 30 people were killed. all this is a picture of what's happening in ukraine right now. the aries and read a controlled by russia. these are the regions claimed by russia on friday. in total, it's about 15 percent of ukraine's territory and includes parts still under ukrainian control. crimea was claimed by russia in 2014, mom advised more now from moscow. this yellow landing for the anthem of the country. they've just become part of at least according to moscow, the leaders of the fall ukrainian regions appeared in red square with president vladimir put in a very public sign of loyalty hours after a signing ceremony. that saw them become part of lashley invalid amory, which put him russia held so called referendums in before partially occupied areas of ukraine over the last week. the votes denied by western government and the
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ukrainian government as a sham, all livid at his own thing. yes, to join in russia. oh, we better let although the choice of the people in the areas of dimansky, the hancock separates ya and her son is not up for discussion, or if it's been made with russia will not betray it. and the authorities in here today should treat that free will of the people with respectively and no other way. when you look at, that's the only path to piece that you model. we will defend our land using all forces and means at arcus bullshit luxury. and we'll do everything we can to protect the security of our people is in total ashes illegally. and next about 15 percent of ukraine is total area lambda equivalent to the size of portugal. in his speech president put in said the population of the 4 regions with the russian citizens for ever. and while he made no mention of nuclear weapons, his previously said nothings off the table when it comes to defending. what in his
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eyes is now russian territory. that's raised fears of an escalation, if ukrainian attacks in parts of ash and claimed regions continue. it'll be on looking for an international to start out. they'll try to ensure fix of images on television. but people's real emotions will be very far away from what's being shown, how many people understand that politics is now on the battlefield on a whole different level on what's voted for and what size is not important. and that since the criminal cannot offer anything comforting to the russians, rossimer what the authorities did off for the public was this carefully managed celebration. the patriotism was clear who appetite, among ordinary rushes for a poor, long conflict, perhaps must. so why the stroke of a pen resident horton has withdrawn the maps of both russia and ukraine. but now the difficult part begins. your korean, her powerful western allies assist the move should be reversed. russia says it is
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going to defend what is now called its territories by any means that implicitly includes nuclear weapons. hum advice, i'm 0 moscow. so hearing earlier about an attack on a civilian convoy and zap frasier, this is killed at least 30 people, including children, really say 88 others have been injured. al jazeera is roy challenge reports on this . now from keith they come to help to pick up relatives and deliver supplies to rush unoccupied areas. and this was how they died. cut down next to their cars for in them. blood pooling among the shattered glass. when you assume you visit today, at 710 russian troops launched 3 missiles at the car market. in this upper asia or keith highway civilians trying to cross the check point for the occupied territory were hit void g mirror, valentino beach, 40 m. russia has denied responsibility and thrown the accusations back of ukraine.
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hours after the attack. vladimir putin formerly annexed for ukrainian regions the un condemned. this is illegal for the kremlin, put on a patriarch party in moscow. regardless, president zalinski has been pushed to respond. after meeting defense and security chiefs, it was his turn for a big announcement. my hon. more seat, we are taking our decisive step please, by signing ukraine's application. not still accelerated, exceptional to nato rushes invasion of ukraine has already driven sweden and finland into nato's protection. now, moscow's big nightmare ukraine's membership may happen to bots all 30 nato countries have to agree before a new member is admitted. and aspirant nations have to commit to the peaceful resolution of any territorial dispute. that's something that ukraine is clearly unable to do while says defending itself from an invasion,
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it sees as an existential threat. so the alliance is making no promises yet a decision on membership, of course, has to be taken by all 3rd allies and we take these decisions. boy, a consensus. our focus now is on providing an immediate sir support to ukraine and to help you can defend itself against the, the russian, brutal invasion inside nato, or out give, says it'll fight on that lemon in northern didn't. he asked russian troops surrounded and on the verge of a local defeats. moscow says it's new acquisitions, a russian forever. ukraine is trying to prove, otherwise. we'll reach helen's out a 0 give. will you as present joe biden? the same and their current allies went be intimidated. i present patients threats, and that is government will never recognize ration claims on the ukrainian territory is also have our full support for nato americas fully to prepared with
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our nato allies as a friend. every single inch of nato territory, every single and so mr. prudent don't misunderstand what i'm saying. every inch or russia have use it veto power to block a un security council resolution condemning its annexation of 4 regions and ukraine . it's ambassadors do and insisted the referendums have been carried out properly and called the resolution a low grade provocation. lenient name, premium store will be posted to do not know of any other examples by the security council would ever have adopted resolutions that directly condemn one of the members of the council. tell me, do you seriously expect russia to consider and support such a drop? and if not that it turns out that you are intentionally pushing us to use the right veto, in order to waxing lyrical about the fact that russia uses this brighton to job.
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meanwhile, ukraine dumbasses, the one said that cold will regain its land. russia persist in his genocidal practices of killing ukrainians, torturing and oppressing them in the occupied territories. therefore, the only way to make all ukrainians throughout the sovereign territory over ukraine feel safe and under the protection of their state. he's to hoist ukrainian flex back throughout occupied the bus, sudden ukraine and crimea. ukraine has every right to liberate its territories and people and will continue to do these regardless of russia's wards or deeds. sam referendum ah, elements of aggression against the sovereign state. and anyone involved in
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organizing or conducting these fars will be held accountable? are diplomatic ada? jamie phase is following elements, very new york in terms of the big picture, a resolution condemning russia that was vetoed by russia. that really was no surprise whatsoever. and no surprise that the majority of the security council would've supported that resolution if it hadn't been to the russian veto. but i do think it was looking at the, the details of the figures in the votes that happened on this occasion. because if you go back to immediately after the russian invasion of ukraine, the security council vote, then of course russia used it's vito as well when it was condemned. but then you had 3 extensions in the security council, china being one of them this time around for abstentions. now i think privately, that probably will worry some of the supporters of ukraine in the security council because the next move is to take this to the un general assembly. the figures there
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last time around all the 2nd mark shortly after the invasion, when the, when the general assembly voted, they got 141 countries to vote on the side of you. ukraine to deplore rushes, actions, others abstain. some didn't use the vote tool, and there was some small number voted with russia. but i think there'll be a worry that what we've seen in the security council, yes, it's only gone from 3 abstentions to 4. might on a bigger scale happen in the general assembly and perhaps some of the isolation campaign that ukraine its allies have been trying to pursue it. the un might be beginning to weaken a bit or denmark's energy agency is saying that gas leaks from 2 major pipelines that run from russia to germany are expected to stop. at some point this weekend for leaks were discovered in the north stream one and 2 pipelines which transports gas under the baltic sea. they were night in operation,
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but they were filled with tons of methane that started bubbling to the surface sized. wanna just say they detected explosions in the area. why some leaders of called it sabotage and dismiss rushes accusation that the u. s. in its allies will bind it will in new countries of agree to impose an emergency windfall tags on the excess profits made by energy companies. cash raise is expected to go through families and businesses to help with the rising cost of living. you minister them more divided on a potential blocked wide cap on brush and gas prices. so their reports. but coming from japan and south korea that north korea is fight what is believed to be another ballistic missile. details are bit scarce right now, but turn south careers. joint chiefs of staff said it was an unspecified ballistic missile, and it was launched towards the sea of japan will be the 4th miss our launch this week, and it follows a visit. i us vice president kamala harris to the region ah,
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can, if i so's leader has been overthrown by the military. and a qu announced on state t v. according to the statement read by an officer, the country's new leader is captain abram ferrara. he says the president, palo on bri, paul, on re de amoeba, was removed due to ongoing security failures and that the constitution has been suspended. orders have also been closed. heavy gun fire was heard around the capital this morning, including near the presidential palace. that was just, it says one, the constitution is suspended last. so the transitional charter is dissolved worry, the government is dissolved for the transactional legislate. assembly is zone 5. the land and air borders are closed from 30th to september. 2022 at 0. alice until
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further notice. 6, a curfew is introduced from 9 pm to 5 am. 7, all political activity is suspended. all activities of civil society organizations are suspended. 9. the nation's active forces will be conveyed in the near future to adopt a new transitional charter and to designate a new civilian or military president. and i spoke to kweisi awning a political scientist and security analyst. he explained what might have led to the curb. these military caches and do it and the frequent changes of government are kind of just reflective off the poor governors, both in terms of security, in terms of, you know, the democratic order, but also the governor. these are not just one of situations we are seeing, the mining we'll have to keep us in west africa. we are see an increasing
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impatience from, you know, use as the code is demanding and expecting this to be a home security. and so with the suffrage. so we'll get a bit of leadership and crisis all got so nicholas harker, following the story from the car. he joins us live now. we were seeing a statement earlier from captain bram tori thing. the security situation is a priority and we've seen that deteriorate under the leadership of pull on read amoeba. what happens in between a fast so now well, the big question is it, will they be able to deliver doing pretty much the same thing. are the same
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promises that were made previously, both from portland to me, but when he took over and the crew, but also from the democratically elected president before him, his predecessor hawk, about what we've seen in the last 3 year. just an increase of attacks in burkina, faso and we, we have to bring back the context in which this is happening. this is because it, this situation is deteriorating in a neighboring country, which one, molly, it all sorted in. the northern part of multi where we, we've seen groups linked to al qaeda in iso, just gaining ground from the north to the center, crossing the border now to burkina faso effecting burkina faso and also threatening other countries in the region that are in the gulf of guinea, that's why the situation in bertino faso is so important for regional country. so they're watching what's happening closely. we haven't seen any reaction yet from the regional body. echo was, but that's the next step. and what's interesting and the statement made on national
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television, the, the soldiers were quick to appease concerns from the international community. this is a country that is dependent not only on international aid, but also and the security support from international actors, notably france, the former colonial power that has a base in walker do of special forces. we've seen friendship planes go out on patrols and supporting the soldiers on the ground. so there is a keen interest to continue with a partnerships, existing partnerships. but what's interesting is, well, miriam, is that today, when this could happen, we saw people going out on the streets waving the russian flag. some people think that a russian intervention and added intervention from an international player may help the breaking up a military to them out attacks from arm groups, miriam and maybe just one more question. now, early we spoke someone,
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an expert who was saying that west africa is in a very dangerous position right now because of this security vacuum on groups that are gaining strength. and meanwhile, the, those that are claiming leadership of these countries became a faster molly of failing the people. what is the reaction to this well, on the ground, it's quite interesting. we have a different reaction, right? we've seen people in the streets supporting this crew. we saw lots of people in the streets when paul read to me but took over in january. and this is part of a number of who is that we've seen in the region. there's a sentiment here in the region that aging democratically elected presidents that are seen as clean on to power are disconnected with a population that's young, that's suffering. and that sees that the people in power are not working in their
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own interest. so what we've ceded molly in guinea or now in virginia foster, we're seeing young people, so supporting young soldiers taking power. let's remember the person that let's, let's look at the profile. the person that just took over power. young captain, that's barely 30. that was on the front line, fighting arm groups linked to al qaeda and i thought that was really, they're trying to protect the population. so he garner's, just by the fact that he's been on the front line, a level of respect among many people in burkina, faso. but there has been some sort of new to reaction. there's a sense of deja, of seeing another, another person trying to make this promise of bringing back security. so tomorrow we'll see how people react on the streets. there's a curfew in place right now in brooklyn. so the land and air borders are shut down and there's negotiations happening with the french, with the united nations,
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with west african regional leaders. it's also people want to know what's happening with paul ari to me by the person that they've just deposed. what is his situation? so there's a lot of questions that people want to see answered tomorrow morning. and that's what we're hoping to see tomorrow. to have a reaction from this new leadership to see what is their way forward. marian, i will thank you very much from the car. nicholas 14. well, now to uganda. country is struggling to contain a growing u bowl outbreak. 7 people have died from the virus and at least 35 confirmed cases have been recorded in the central district of mo bendy government has conceded failures in its initial response. admitting the early stages of containment would disorganized slow testing of samples is also contributed to spread, the virus will go to afghanistan. now the dust off from a suicide attack on an education center in the capital cobble has risen to 50. most
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of the victims of female students were sitting a practice university entrance exam opener kinds of responsibility. but as amico soon reports, it predominantly has are a sheer area suffered some of the worst attacks in the country in recent years with desperate families hoping the worst fears are not confirmed. after the news of an attack on a titian center here. see, so to us mac yes, 0. but as ambulances, broad, dozens, to the hospital. the enormity of the attack was clear. a suicide bomber blew himself up inside the room. a students rolled a mock exam, and i was sitting inside my booth when the blast happened. when i heard the sound of the explosion, i saw so many pieces of flesh in the air, people were panicking. i went to help them. mike helped carry some dead bodies that the taliban did not allow us to take photos. well, of them love them. we were around $600.00 students in the classroom,
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but most of the casualties are among girls. these are some of the victims. many from the minority has are community living in this area of western cobble was how many months ago i do a lot. i guess we had a lot of hope by sending our children out to learn and be educated and have a bright future ahead of them. but instead they're killed. we are asked to come to mosques or hospitals to recognize that dead bodies. this is really painful and only people who have experience of this kind of loss of their family members can feel what i, on the other families of feeling that the group has faced persecution for decades by these slum at state. and but parlor bomb and sydney said, took control of the country last year. there's been an uptake on her sarah tax. it is some kind of general and security incident since the taliban of taken
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over. i've been to not have the capacity of counterterrorism counter insurgency. they've been transitioning themselves from being the lead to a government power, so it may take time to take control fully of the security practice. the government have condemned the pop, but it comes as education has become of flashback enough. gone upon under the taliban rule, with girls blocked from returning to secondary education and consume until seizure . now typhoon noro is triggered landslide and floods in central vietnam, killing 2 people. communities have been cut off and rising water levels of threatening hydropower. dams. checkpoints have been set up to prevent people from crossing flooded bridges and collapse roads. vietnam's national weather service says nora was the most powerful typhoon to hit the country for 20 years. well,
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storm in has been downgraded now to a tropical cycling after making landfall in south carolina for cost of predicting a storm surge and floods after the mega storm cause catastrophic damage in florida . historic city of charleston is likely to feel the front of it as president joe biden is approved an emergency declaration for the state. while there's already been widespread destruction in florida, this was the scene where the hurricane was wrong, was powerful storms hit, the u. s. in recent years with at least 21 dash reported. so far. florida's governance as the damage caused will likely take years to repair the homes of more than $80000.00. residents in the town of fort myers have been destroyed. this is what we found. we've only been here for months. we just pulled off our money to buy it and it's gone 6 months later. but luckily i have family there making sure we can save what we can say. we had probably 3 or 4 feet of water inside the house . no windows were broken, but we just water damage tour,
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all our personal property. we had little bit of warning. you know, all of us had time to prepare, but it doesn't matter what you prepared for. you see all the docs are gone. there's no place entire boat or out there as kristen salumi reports now from fort myers. this is where hurricane ian came. a ground as a category for a storm with record serge. devastation is everywhere. you look behind me, you can see a boat that was in the water. now in the middle of the street, there are buildings toppled roofs torn off power lines down everywhere. in fact, 1900000 people are still without power in florida, and that is complicating ongoing search and rescue efforts in some areas where flooding has prevented rescuers from getting in on a barrier island where the bridge to the island is out. it's impossible to reach
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people because of the lack of power and lack of cell phone service and the depth tool. now $21.00 known fatalities, but that could rise as those search efforts continue around here. people are taking stock of the damages and getting ready for a long rebuilding process in cuba, people that have been having protests on the 3rd day of pal blackouts, off to hearken and hit a massive storm cause cubic grid to collapse. it knocked out power to the entire island. in 11000000 people get flattened homes and obliterated agricultural fields . hundreds of people banged on pots and pans in protests. the demand, the restoration of their electricity. go to prevail now and people that preparing to vote in sundays election, president jar bull scenario and his supporters continue to so doubts about the country's electronic voting system. critic say he's laying the groundwork to contest the results if he is defeated by
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a former president and we said nationally to silva on a can account for ports blue in brazil selection, there are 2 main contenders. former president, reason us who live us silva on the left of the political spectrum and the incumbent j both. so now on the right. but if character is now sharing the spotlight, brazil's electronic voting system. and as of aim a go blow by minute, the voting system is completely vulnerable. brazil's electronic voting machines have been used in every national election for the past 2 decades, and have been considered reliable. trailing in the polls, wilson, i was questioning the technologies integrity, prompting his followers to do the same. he's taken to the streets, demanding the return of paper balance. if there is no paper trays, how will we to know that the election has not been stolen?
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ballston, all right, will win on the 1st round on october 2nd, unless there is fraud. the president's opponents cbl some errors laying the groundwork to contest the results of he loses yearly omaha. both scenario is a bad copy of donald trump. he tries to copy tromping everything, brazil's electoral courts, as the machines are secure. the system has more than turn at technology, technological barriers, security barriers. it's used in most modern mechanisms of cryptography and digital signature, and is consider one to more secure security. secure electra systems in the world. political analysts says your process says that sparking this controversy is dangerous for brazil's democracy. i think the presidential boston on who's doing this because he won't accept the results of the election if he loses.
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and so he needs an excuse. he needs or narrative, he needs to tell a story about why he lost and who is behind this and if there's a judicial conspiracy or leftist confederacy conspiracy to support him out of office. for recent polls show that 7 out of every 10 brazilians still believe in the electronic voting system, which was 1st used in 1996 and only 4 years ago facilitated the election of president bull. so narrow himself, monica in archival jazeera, rio de janeiro. when our cattle disease outbreak in india is killed, 100000 cows and buffalos. another 2000000 cattle have been infected. sh this outbreak, as devastated farmers have already suffered severe losses from extreme wyler. viruses now spread it to at least 15 states across the country.


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