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tv   101 East Dodging the Draft in South Korea  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2022 6:30am-7:01am AST

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to be fitted, and they were made from chiffon and lace, but i have modified the designs to make them more comfortable using material like cotton and linen. but she says her boutique aims to challenge the perception that the buyer is uncomfortable. rebecca, somebody for i've been, my customers have even used the could buy a for running marathons, climbing mountains and riding motorcycles. no efforts to revive the popularity of the buyer of resonating with the global push towards sustainable fashion. these young women are wearing pieces that their grandmothers wore decades ago. fella practica runs a small business selling vintage could buy online. oh min, hell a me be duck. i guess. let me be ducks this way. we aren't citing to textiles waste . i think young people feel proud to wear something with history and they say they can wear it in many ways. even with genes. however, they choose to wear it that these women, the combine is a timeless comment. one that deserves to be honored. jessica washington out as iraq
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to carter. ah, this is al jazeera round up now about top stories. rushes president has proclaimed the annexation of 4 ukrainian regions with a public celebration in moscow's red square. is envoy use russia's veto power to block a un security council resolution condemning the me article matic editor james base has more from the united nations in new york. is worth noting that most of the security council supported this resolution of those veto by russia. but there were 4 countries that decided they were going to abstain china, india, brazil, and gabon. what happens next is that this will now be taken by the us to the general assembly of the united nations, where we're all $193.00 members states get there a view and a similar sort of resolution. we expect to be put to the boat at some point next
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week. military officers in the kena, facile, have overthrown. the president and officer made the announcement on stay television a short time ago. according to that statement, the new leader is captain ibrahim try. all right, the constitution has been suspended and borders closed. hurricane ian has been downgraded to a post tropical cyclone after making landfill in south carolina storm, knocked out power to more than a 170000 people and caused extensive flooding along the coast. the hurricane is cause major damage in florida and at least $21.00 deaths are reported . it is one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the u. s. with widespread devastation affecting millions of people. 80000 homes in the town of fort myers had been destroyed. denmark's energy agency says gas leased from 2 major pipelines that run from russia to germany are expected to stop over the weekend. on monday
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for ruptures were discovered in the north street one and 2 pipelines which transport gas under the baltic, c, d, u is calling for an urgent investigation while russia has accused the west of sabotage. e u members have agreed to cut peak our power consumption in an effort to reduce energy prices. they're also going to impose levies on windfall profits of energy companies. those are the headlines. see europe today we're backing off now right now it's one i want east. on counting the cost, we're cutting taxes, kick start the u. k. economy already written, facing our financial crisis. central banks are hiking interest rates. we ask about the global impact. last, why movies from bollywood and norwood are fighting to stay in the spotlight? counting the cost on all disease. ah,
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a thief in south korea, it's considered a sacred using the young men to serve compulsory military service. oh look under what all couldn't get on with him. i'm helen tenant, or one dale in it tenderly controlling our house but some resist the draft on moral and religious grounds in a country technically at war with north korea refusing to serve in the military is taboo. and in till recently, it was a crime and cooper. i had called the change catalina's a signal engine. tramadol,
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he's asked me to go get it when you did it. he thought when you, when you look at them when they needed to reach me so she can continue 101 east meets those challenging conscription in south korea thinking a twanging, i couldn't log on, you know, how much was on pay them the on july, the 27th, asking and can get, i don't think of a week there. may siegel mounting doesn't dig? i kind of told you to watch with our crew to the school. and he said it's, you,
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mom, tanya gave them only a new york to help see, you don't buy addition to ha, ha, ha, ha, you're just on is a renown you cheaper in south korea. so i think you should just, you know, he post video about life in the notary, the ones with all the time. and then they only kentucky, some of which have been viewed more than $2000000.00 times to be made young, some point. kudos, jamie. and if haile nina, i, mclaren 80 mana han, good from a 13 tater that has all under when it was awful. i woke up, i think i deplored coming. we'll get an answer from that. it from the consumer to money. only thing that whenever i get a minute, but foger is, i'm good. like all the condo, i get on in $2900.00 to go in infinite amount of hygiene. they may natasha to hang
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it to you tube in one day on which i did eat each in a month for children and 10 order for food or look and all couldn't get on with having them fallen tenant and plumb dale in integrity kitchen thing. i wish to talk was attempting to get them near, even as i said in the cause we're not gonna put any chick. however, just to go on and familiar with them. in south korea, all men are required to serve at least 18 months in the military between the ages of 18 and 28. but every year, hundreds of hughes on religious or moral grounds. most of these conscientious objectors, i jehovah, witnesses like 27 year old, 20 u. o. today, due to the pat debit, he's attending an online math with these parents. good
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cook. i know lunch for florida. they would thought when you go on k hunger, who asked me, who was her up and away wasn't going calendar. so i took a $100.00 cal gentleman the user though it hadn't ferrara and a maribel cool. and the credit that i saw, conductor castle tom get a stale gonna because we don't want to say user, jenny rodge, aren't you? yes. all cocoa cushion, jimmy assault cromwell coverson to cost me a ploy, sir. co cobra air was her strength, our wish meter in less than a week. he, you must leave his family. but 3 years ago i i begin to think about it. and so it was as america
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ah ah, he you will be heading to prison, but not as a convicted criminal. you will be one of the 1st conscientious objectors in the country to perform alternative service. instead of ha months in the military, he'll spend double that time working in the kitchen, the mail room, or as a god to you and says he's grateful not to be a prisoner. but he still feels it's a punishment. ah ha ha ha ha ha ha, thorns, how many wardrobe? mediators in k cohen, the tongue of faith is dead, unknown in which i was gonna go and take a young on a waiting period. there is a place i'm now on the line for get a sort of donato taylor q g. so i saw that it is
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a corner pulling in for when it is helpful. i cheated. the tim curry, which on tatooine and he's in, you have questions on this all tony taken out. ah, how did he go and because you all thought i'm getting it done. and tanya called with the other again her several months ago were able to thomas english meta cleanser from your department is in, is comes from nuclear, we're gonna have shopping. one is all good, which is what we're doing. we're assume i'll get him. ah, 500 young men have applied for alternative service in 2022. their face is decided indeed john, a 100 miles south of sol. here korean military manpower administration
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meets 3 times a month to decide who is eligible you get here is one of the commissioners to hang you. he's an eye on clinic os high sierra 100 potato. koga cockiness, have bonded his thinking meta wanting to calmer a hasty, but i so okay. till when we're here has had i we, i'm gonna say to mel edmonds had to really adding media glitchy tag. you can't, you saw the go to learning? did a point near death or punk on me? oh, do a cup, don't hang the phone. good. i'm young tom. go in there. that can or seen then listen. go to young. so we like to pay on. i had other leg when i'm yet to read it . okay. how are you in is how could i do that or can choir so it hasn't had those himself. as i mentioned it in kung, on header konita took the young ego. so you've had our meek cmi in india with the pin diet in and out. today the committee is reviewing 33 cases.
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even think all. oh fine litigation. i had to have one more day care has it. and so how do they stand hanging as cut up when you say that they give them room and then i don't get her till the door he hung up on where i hadn't had am. did eve hung up, pay them with his ankle bad and his hunger? i spoke of the of the grill. grab onique. i know gay hancock. i don't have to pull that ankle or not. don't talk. i think you got more work. i did a piece of tag amended, uncle candy kieslein and hung up with our man and prevail. jonathan, i think on the death to him the tow. it turns lombardy hunter to church in for you on earth on, on a leukemia south . korea has enjoyed decades of conflict and war. as a result, national security has long been a priority in the peninsula. while much of the population still supports
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conscription, a growing number of south koreans, a questioning the value of compulsory military service. among them is li young suck in santa fe l. a peace activist to refuse to serve in the military on moral grounds. lee has been campaigning against all forms of violence. the last 20 years through his association world without war brooklyn dared as a debt to gotten jojo pierre de la. they will bandon with those or to mom. no, not when you get k gelatin and get him to the or sale. no good old told ellen and uncle, good sunday is hall. i only got qu cajoled. will she stay? i'm at all. i see cigar uncle without her come, we'll get somebody bought up and then go settled almost all. where would he got connecticut one and gee,
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where would he got one general pendant gilton did on gun gee, could on po until jim box, load it on the day i get done and think of bonnie, i'll get to cool. one of the activists main targets is addicts, the sold international aerospace defense exhibition, an event that takes place every to you. oh. even in the day you too he moved from where you can get a public thing. oh, okay. i will. no, no. i looked on you to give annual with no mouth valet this wonderful annual cookie touching and benito vogel buck pmg. they did alady meals. i eat on a o shuttle, probably don't. and then i was when you get 10 channels from one and it off, each idea is all get his whole whole pioneer that a, you know, we could donate the me phenomenal,
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not of a sensitive term that 100 points that are cubic isn't done not far from the exhibition government official was amazing with arms deal with a high and hotel lee young. so and his group of activists have come to disrupt the negotiation. ah, with ah, oh, a
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ah. with a ega? i long no. my pending going on in there till you for a santa said or cuz i said, all women and take good that he bought it. i know you're telling me that good that he women, we also me on told it more to collect, monet control, gee lo know you'll enjoy your g o u on the good, that kinda any money that you made up. hello, you get dinner. you're will corner sunday brunch. my one are you don't already been i off and will get all tomorrow. it is. are you go go to each other on come on i thought on amazon or she'll need an ingle a tile. ah.
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ah, the generations, conscientious objectors have been traumatized by the backlash they received after defying the dry days before his alternative service start. you know, is this all too well target or one or 2 to go to lunch and said, are you in the middle trouble, man? era? are watching pretty well. how much is it all gotten combo more calm when general question for my vehicle. tow that audio on, on an audio multiple should i with ah, well you have a lot of a home
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with multiple to use relative the gathering grandparent's house to say farewell relation to. well, my father, who is in my young, come to visit with parents how long it took 2 hours. oh hm. did you do what some consumable kid with what did you say it's george. she said, as i did so when i get them there is somebody negative and has time to rebound energy? should you get a decent time?
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he didn't go on it or didn't with joanna. i meant, i assume it will happen when you can control, given casual someone who can put in a toll or can be to move as you can go to control. know if i could visit with her. so she is go to your aunty can day one was sent to jail for dodging the drama. he still carries painful memories of those. oh, so he's from oracle has oh, you know, and you know, in chicago ships and other than that a tongue though the little girl money hung i watching her clarinet 100 toy at basil now or so can i cut that on
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into chemistry to john mm mm. hm, what i called like a thin air scrums out of how gall go cut in the tone when? pardon every ox sagar approx of i assume it would car to bang had cool doors, shinji catalina's a sing 1000000 total is us. there was a sizing order, it will not come. there wasn't even out there. timberly touches, how much longer was his son and put on somebody on. so get that or has it or do i, we got on the ocean and we thought i saw hello kabul. our goal because i get them there was always a hug when and your horror, horrible and and so. okay, so canada pod terminus in
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south korea was once the world's biggest jayla, a conscientious objectors during the past 70 years. more than $19000.00 jehovah witnesses be imprisoned. but dodging the draft ah, exemptions from military service, a rare and often controversial, successful athletes and musicians can sometimes defer or avoid service. and i know what god is above toward that is how did easy manage our body to job those who refused the draft without permission attract down by the authorities and based up to 5 years in jail. john go knows what it's like to challenge the system. a jehovah witness. he was the 1st lawyer to resist the draft in south to rear it him out of town for the city could in could even deal. we'll be in the,
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in the t word to her pedagogy tours in go, you know, your family come out of tell me that it's all he upset that we have for me much chelsea and forget to share for target any that we will key. hello. hello. hi, randall kinda wanted to push it on me that mashini standing while in prison, he wrote 1000 letters to employ and shoot south koreans to raise awareness about conscientious objectors. but it made little difference. esther fell cold was upon their publishing and present. consider you put in and they couldn't get help pulling his income up when he had him. when the time i saw it, when they just can't get the best gnashing and cough neither. i was in the middle
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now realizing doing that i can put it up and have you seen a jacket filling your intestine? i don't get a wash and they had seen didn't grade is supposedly hitting the coke to increase out. it was, i mean, i think was because of his criminal record, like peck says he had to wait for years to get back his license to practice law. and he is not the only one to struggle after refusing to serve in the military. the lawyer has helped hundreds of jehovah witnesses who have been socially excluded and financially deprived due to their decision italian, the entities formulating, i'd sure be an aide, said, even cut hedge from her and they handle it and then london didn't show, but there was a gun he hung olga e santander of global media. they saw techy, renee, man of hell corpus. i didn't say it on. when did he get them?
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let tom hall and happens? he had even then there's what he had that i'm saying you don't want hand happens. you could all care his hands or more. okay. i didn't go over manny tell we'll get on the new year. i would say degrades. we had all the more they had on all her cobalt. clearly only where can make it there when this i think i think of a portal that i thought even with alternative service gone, change is objective and now freed from criminal records that used to trial them for their whole lives. it's a huge relief. however, to pick things, there is still room for improvement and we'll get on it with those phase home and get you on whether it how quickly that i can manage it or when you're going on and that i did enough piece night on that you were a show when that i did have one more when you're on a she started out and see how one table top box can shoot until i'd see her. she
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had told me, pure man, and course i thought the table would or how we handle thought, i send that all credentials out of them and tell them what i mean. gotcha. when the top some people are recessing and put on mine. i'm from a thought that someone haven't watched people that are coming, that he didn't see the kids in their seat, but haven't got a key you. it's finally time to go. his parents are accompanying him to the training care where he's alternative service begins on. yeah. how do you, did you get 800000000,
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do the united ways of talking? hello jason, go, we'll have it. bobby, i'm gonna put on on what it's gonna have to help dip on hold on when you us and it does come with a q u
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a i q u, he's about to join 60 other conscientious objectors. a problem with people with a man who is as long as you need to talk to
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the little girl. oh, yeah, i will give her a other one can children the kids a little a little bangladesh is made in tens of thousands of hinder missing from the world's largest refugee.
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unto with resilience is said to choose between 2 presidential candidates with radically different ideologies. on one side, current president, jade poster, nato hard line conservative on the other. one was socialist president. lisinopril never seen. stay with al jazeera, expensive coverage in the lecture. from breaking down the headlines to exposing the powers attempting to silence reporting. the listening post doesn't just cover the news. it covers the way the news is covered. on al jazeera. we don't complete focus on the pallets of the conflict. it's the consequence of board. the human suffering that we report on. it is one of the most serious about the violence in recent years. we brave bullets and bomb because we give voice to
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those demanding freedom the rule of law. and we always include the views from all sites in these turbulent times, up front returns for new seasons. join me, mark them on hill as we take on the big issues from the state of democracy around the world to the struggles faced by the under represented. we will challenge the conventional wisdom up front on al jazeera ah, ah ah ah.


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