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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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are also helping with the environment problems in the amazon, because they are consumers. i teach kids about the oceans are facing today. i've been working in earnest, trying to find ways to get to sleep with kids. what do we do as the ocean? why and what are you going to do to keep out of the sort of language that keeps the red blood women, right? they have one bathroom. i applied for equality and got married guy that was told the thing that was texting women. we made a challenge in the region. i will not being thrown like i want freedom. we don't have read them in this study. these are about 2 weeks now, 3 days, journey to a shelter in western grade. so and destroys our country. someone needs to rebuild. lou,
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indonesia, president orders a safety review, affordable matches after a stampede kills at least a $129.00 people. ah, line has them secret. this is edge, is it alive from door also coming up. ukraine says it's taken, the key town of lyman from russia is being called cubes. biggest gain, 6, it's counter offensive in the northeast. last month the state of emergency and became a fossil protesters attacked the french embassy after reports, france was sheltering, the overthrown present the u. s and venezuela, which a prisoner swap deal. 7 americans are released in exchange for the 1st lady's
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nephews. ah. a football match in indonesia has ended with a stampede that's killed at least a 129 people. it happened in the city of malign in the east java province after a match between hometeam arena f. c. and their rivals, pseudo by chaos, began after supporters from the losing side invaded the pitch. police responded by firing together which caused the crowd to flee for the exits. whether joker widow has ordered a review of security at matches, the also said or games in the lead should be suspended until the investigation is complete. jessica washington has the latest from jakarta. there were some disgruntled fans, disappointed with the outcome of the match, disappointed that the home team last and as they climbed onto the page some 3000 people, the police attempted to disperse. the crowd attempted to stop the incidents of
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violence that were happening on the field until they fired tear gas. and as a result, the people panic and they rushed for the exits. there were some 16 exits at the stadium, but it appears that people rushed to the nearest exit as they tried to lead the stadium. and as a result, there was over crowding. there was a stampede. and what we heard from the local health authority in milan is that people died as a result of being trampled on and then suffocating into these and football has a rather checkered history. indonesians love football, it is an extremely popular sport here. but at the same time, the sword has had a number of problems and chief, among those problems are the issues of violence and fun hooliganism. there is intense rivalry between these local clubs in the indonesian local league and that rivalry often fills out it calles into violence and even into riots. and so this is really a common occurrence these, but these violent incidents, these riots at football matches,
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i have friends who are involved as football coaches here in indonesia. and they say that they wouldn't feel comfortable even taking their own family to these matches because of the these incidents which happen far too frequently. just in a select santa is an indonesian football analyst. he says an investigation is needed into the role of police and they use of gas. you know, the problem is i just read the statement of eastern jeff police ship. he told the to the press that using the and get their standard operational procedure on the, on the side, the feed fly, 4 bits using the i guess for this for football event. so we are talking about to contradict the things that happens in indonesia football. ok. when you thought about the schedule of these, it happened many,
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many times in reason for both. usually it's class between fans of rivalry clubs. this time there is no a rivalry play. this is split between fans and the police. and my biggest concern. how can the output association allows stadium when we get to the bits? it happens almost every week. if, if they can find a solution by piping security to the stadium, may be the lead place will happen. i think at this moment fif, i should step up not by bidding innovation football, but working together, guiding our football association with the right security measures. so this will not
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happen again. the russia has withdrawn its troops from the town of lyman in the den, yet screech, and it served as the logistics and transport hub for russian forces connecting east in ukraine to the north. the russian defense ministry says he pulled out his chips to avoid getting encircled by ukrainian forces. president vladimir putin had declared for eastern regions, including the next part of russia. charles traffic has more from clamor task ukrainian soldiers waved their flag at the entrance to leman them around the problem all him and i for them. footage that al jazeera cannot independently verify, shows dead soldiers and burnt out tanks beside the road. the ukrainian military said it surrounded the strategically important town in the partially russian occupied region of the next hours later,
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the russian military said it had been forced to retreat. this'll dynamo grows at rosina. there was a high risk of being encircled, so our forces were withdrawn from the position and lemon to more advantageous lines . like pro russia media at video believed to show a russian tank retreating north towards camina. a town russian forces still control me as though harassed them early. may we try to save our strength and control the road between layman and the town carmina. there are reinforcements trying to get in and established positions in order to stop the ukrainian. so could i ask you, who are you an ukranian forces, celebrating pushing russian forces out that one of a number of villages in the surrounding area. ukrainian soldiers and volunteers evacuated moral civilians from the front lines out of buck. mood that has come under increasing russian shelling in recent weeks. the bottom of her study snobs, fidel, because of the secondary shelling, you see what happened or yesterday or the day before yesterday
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a projectile fell. there was an older man in the house. they took him away, i was in the kitchen when the explosion happened here. it is impossible to be here . crane and authorities say more than half the 70000 people who lived in bar mood and the surrounding area before the war. already fled. if the ukrainian army take full control of li man and the surrounding villages, it will be a huge military and strategic victory for them. it's believed from there. they will try to push both northeast and southeast towards russian. occupied areas of luke guns can don't ask. the russians say this retreat was strategic before keith and it's nato partners. it will be seen as a humiliating defeat. cha, stratford al jazeera cremmit, also the you are secretary defense says the retaking of lyman is significant. we're very courage by what we're saying right now. we sit astride the supply lines of the
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other russians and they've, they've used those around to, to push men and material down to the south and to the west. in, without those routes it will be more difficult. so it's presents sort of a dilemma for, for the russians going forward. and russian authorities have retained the director of ukraine's is appreciate nuclear power plants. the you and nuclear watchdog says moscow has confirmed that the hormone shop has been held for questioning. ukraine state nuclear regulate to says he was blindfolded and detained. just hours after russia illegally next for ukrainian regions. including washer forces seized europe's largest nuclear plant in march. but ukrainian staff still work in the state of emergency has been declared in bettina fasa to day after his 2nd military coup in 8 months. could saw president pull on read to me,
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but removed from power on saturday to support the step 5 to the french embassy in the capital. they keys, the french military of sheltering to me, but which france denies. nicholas huck reports from a residence in bertina sciences capital. why do running away from gunfire? overhead. military helicopters, fly low over the city coup plotters scramble into position the fear a counter offensive from forces loyal to colonel bologna. that admits the confusion, shops are closed, their owners sensing danger were going on. when i got out of turn, we don't know what's going on, but we heard gun fired, but we don't know what or who is behind they know when we just need unity. so we can move forward. on friday, soldiers announced a crew on national television declaring a state of emergency in closing the country's borders. they were led by a young captain, ibrahim tory, and claim to have ousted bologna w. bell,
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who took power himself just 8 months ago in another military coup them. uber is now in hiding, and it's unclear who is actually in charge. the group waters accused frowns of protecting me by the former colonial power has been supporting brocade us forces. again, attacks from i'm groups like to isolate and arcade us from, says it isn't involved in breaking apostles. internal affairs. there has been international condemnation from france, the united nations, the african union, and the west african body echo was all calling on soldiers to return to their barracks. but inside the country, there are mounting protests in support of the cooper waters, hours before the curfew. demonstrators carrying russian flag marched in walker, duke in the country, 2nd city, bobo de lasso. they support the cooper water and believe moscow can bring victory to an army facing set backs on the battlefront. meanwhile,
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sections of the same army appear divided, fighting each other for power, leaving the countries people caught in the middle. nicholas hawk al jazeera de car, a venezuela has released 7 jailed americans, including 5 oil executives in exchange for the release of 2 relatives of venezuela and president nicholas madura. the release follows secret talks between the united states and madura as government which is under strict us sanctions. president joe biden said the americans were wrongly detained and would soon be reunited with their families. rosalyn jordan has more from washington the united states and venezuela have carried out a prisoner swap on saturday. and this comes after several months of intense negotiations, including a face to face meeting between american and venezuelan officials in caracas at the end of june. 7 men, 7 americans,
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including 5 men who worked for the oil. giant cit, go, had been what the u. s. considered wrongfully detained by them. a doodle government . they have mel all been released and they are on their way back to the united states. in exchange, the u. s. president joe biden granted clemency to to venezuela men who had been convicted several years ago of drug trafficking. these 2 men happened to be the nephews of the wife of the venezuela president mc last my doodle. it appeared according to white house officials speaking on background, that in order to get the americans released, releasing these 2 men had to be a part of the deal. and after much consideration, white house officials say joe biden finally granted the men clemency. in order to bring us citizens home. now again, this is not a situation in which you as official saying that u. s. venezuela relations are going to improve overnight. and they also would not
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speculate of whether other americans wrongfully detained by venezuela could be released any time in the near future. they did rec, repeat their call for the venezuelan government to improve its democratic processes to improve its economy, to respect human rights. so warm ties between got off because and washington are not immediately in the offing. all right, still ahead on, i did a search and rescue efforts. continuing florida off the hurricane, ian destroys homes and businesses across the state. and i'd go with the rising cost of living in the u. k. puts pressure on prime minister list just after only a month to the job. ah,
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now a steady breeze is setting up again. it will still be there on sunday. it's not dropping temp. just imagine is optically dusty, but it has dropped humidity, so ran back middle thirties to low. forty's is by right. it will be in the high side. this is possible at this time the most of the ray being put into that event. iran right up through turkey towards the south northern caucasus. it's pretty warm . there's nothing in the sky with except for this thing here. this is coming through knocking temperatures. danco 28 down to 22. and you think that wind into egypt and east and libya would cool things down, but it doesn't to the levant, these temperatures 13 jerusalem 29 by root are a long way up on what they should be. they don't change very much next day or so. where's these temperatures do come down? black sea through our media and georgia in particular. but honestly that part of the realtor and to africa, the range we've been watching here, the done nothing for somali and not much for kenya. they are concentrating further
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west, certainly nigeria, but i think the next day or so as a line here from so molly down to the central african public to both congo republics, which will be pretty wet to be honest. south of all this much talk about rain wise, but temperatures are on the high side something, but swan is looking pretty hot ah ah, with guns in their hands and face and god that their site. many american republicans believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen from donald trump. white christian nationalists been fun to mentally authoritarian and it is anti democratic. people in power investigates help the spread of while conspiracy theories is undermining us democracy. america's authoritarians, hard to on a judge ito. oh,
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a hello again. you're watching. i just need a reminder of our top story. this out. at least 129. people have been killed and stan paid at a match in indonesia. supporters from the losing side invaded the pitch and security responded the pig, nieces. they most of the victims died while trying to flee for the exit. president joker, we go to, has ordered a safety review, a football game. the russian defense ministry says it's withdrawn is truth from the town of leman in the don't yet region to avoid being surrounded by ukrainian forces lehman served as a logistics and transport hub for russian forces. a state of emergency has been declared in between a facile
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a day after the country's 2nd military coup in 8 months on saturday, who supported by the french embassy in the capital. the french military sheltering out the president on read to me, but, but france denied that more than one and a half 1000000 homes and businesses have been left without power off the hurricane e and slammed into the carolinas. in the us, the storm made land full there for a 2nd time on friday with strong winds, causing a search of sea water in myrtle beach. it has been downgraded to a post tropical cyclone, as it had to virginia on death toll in florida is expected to rise. officials dare say at least 31 people were killed, but thousands are still unaccounted for. kristen salumi has moved me as search and rescue efforts continue across southwest florida. the full extent of the destruction is now in plain view. fort myers is where the storm 1st hit land in the
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united states. along this stretch of florida coast buildings are leveled, and few boats remain in the water. here it was the storm surge after the deadly 240 kilometer per hour wins. that did most of the damage. michael mc phillips wrote out the storm in his fishing boat. one of the few now still see worthy was up, you know, at least 20 foot and you know, high winds out these 150 miles an hour. it seemed like in his lot of rain ship blowing around in the boats, my la, the hood, and without the bell, you don't have anything at all. those through his father's boat is grounded tuesday . we're supposed to put traps in a water, and we have no boats, and we don't know if the crab is going to be good and we can't get bait it's. it's going to be a bad situation. fort myers residents are taking stock, counting their blessings, as well as their losses. david yoakam stood and waited in his apartment for hours.
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as the water rose to chest level, he was with his neighbors, whose small child was in a raft. we decided we were going to pull the boat out when i got this high. it got about that high. so we never had to pull the boat out. brothers over, he was planning to move out of state next week. now he and his dog are sleeping in a tent, his vehicle destroyed. it's not just personal property, but also infrastructure that now leads fixing from power lines to water mains to roads and bridges. at peak 2700000 people were without electricity. and here in a county of 3 quarters of a 1000000 people, there is no clean drinking water. further inland flood waters continued to rise even after the storm had left. taking many by surprise, what we saw in central florida was more standing water than what we in southwest florida, where the big storm surge came in. it's just because of the way they have that the
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clues to have cd and that's all i mean, the sand it for whatever reason that really dissipated over the last 24 to 36 hours with the death toll still climbing hurricane in is expected to be one of the costliest storms to ever hit the united states. kristen salumi al jazeera fort myers, florida people and bulgaria are voting in the 4th parliamentary election in 18 months, pinion, pulse suggest. the vote is unlikely to break a long standing political impasse. 3 time farmers, the book bought a solves conservative party looks set to win the most votes, but he might not get enough support from other parties to form a governing coalition. his biggest rival is another form, a prime minister, the reformer, and anti corruption campaigner kitty pet cough. he's told i just see it a russian corruption on the mines. his country's political process. russia's invasion of ukraine has been a central issue ahead of the election. and her simmons reports from sophia. steve
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honesty, carol pet cough took on russia within a few months. he paid the price. his coalition government brought down a vote of confidence. and pet cough says russian influence here goes hand in hand with corruption. mike in macon, i can tell you, russia would have 0 in one country. you bo garrett bullet children up there up. that is. so what if, what if country it will corruption? and what i'm trying to say to all the the national years and of all garen boulders and he's been our fight against corruption, is the fame fight i gave for any one. when he was prime minister, pet cough refused to pay for russian gas in rubles, the supply line, carrying 85 percent of the country's energy needs was cut off. peck offset about finding alternative gas supplies. and opening up a pipeline between greece and bulgaria was a start. but it couldn't stop
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a tax from the likes of boy co boris of a former prime minister who has an 11 year leadership record. he lost pow after anti corruption protests. but opinion polls claim he's the election favorite, little along with this vote, the people will tell us who should retire, who should leave? or if we should be united, all they'll say you can't do it without each other. in boris off is accused by pet scoffers squandering $3000000000.00 of taxpayers money. it was on a gasp pipe project. he says that connected serbia and hungary with russia, but gave no access to bulgaria and bypassed ukraine. people just don't know who to trust in this election. many politicians are hiding their russian sympathies. and on top of all of this, the kremlin is mounting. it's biggest disinformation campaign here. ever. people aren't just confused. let disillusion and you've been a, you know though,
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both are actually make an informed choice between the 2. cam has been significantly shins or by the huge degree of this information. the politicians in sections of society who are critical of moscow are as traitor. faith in bulgarian democracy is fragmented as its political system. there's a strong likelihood that this election will be inconclusive, and that would suit the kremlin. andrew simmons al jazeera, sophia, o voting is also begun in bosnia and herzegovina as election. experts say it is the most important ballot to be held since the end of the war and the signing of the dates in agreement in 1995. at least 3400000 people are eligible to vote for members of the collective presidency. countries governing system is divided along ethnic lines, led by 3 rotating presidents its
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election day in brazil to votes, as there will be picking their next leader. opinion polls suggest form present, lewis in asio, luna da silva has a comfortable lead over the current president. giant bull sonata is repeatedly told his support is that if he loses, he may not accept the results. manuel rap, allow reports for rio de janeiro. the presidential elections are drawing near and on the streets of rio that anita, there's no shortage of political opinions. am i this holly management i, i would like to see more schools, more hospitals, and for the candidate who vince to invest in the future of our children. though most here agree this election will be a defining moment for the future direction of the country. there's a lack of optimism that whoever wins the presidency will improve the lives of
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brazil's poorest citizens. and another way, i don't think any one will fix the situation in brazil. some receive more, while others receive less. there is no health care, no education, and there is nothing left for the pull. on sunday, brazilians will head to the polls for a 1st round of voting. though officially, there are almost a dozen candidates running for president. the election is a race between incumbent president je both so nato and former president reecy nashville lula desilva who has been leading in the polls. political analysts here in brazil say the country is starkly divided along ideological lines. even now on the eve of the elections, the race between lou line will so narrow is too close to predict. the lessee, the whole hugo economist model rashly says that while both lula and bull sonata have been vague in their campaign promises, they still polarize the electorate. though new food, little phone, to what
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a steering this polarization is, a rhetoric from both sides of the other is a radical young with lula, saying that balsam arrow represents the radical right and balsam arrow. saying that lula represents the threat of communism. o, brazilian electoral law dictates that presidential candidates need at least 50 percent plus one vote to win if neither lula or bull. so now to achieve that during sunday's vote, a 2nd round of voting will take place on october 30th, multiple or al jazeera realtors or nato. a thousands of people have been protesting in the u. k. over the countries cost of living crisis rallies have taken place in london and other cities on the day. big energy price rises came into effect for millions. the enough is enough campaign, wants the government to do more to improve pay slash energy bills and make housing more affordable. well, after the u. k, government had the financial markets reeling from its budget announcement.
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questions are growing about the high risk strategy behind the prime minister's plan for growth. the government now has to face a conservative party conference where liz trust his leadership credentials are under mounting scrutiny. ne barker reports from london. a few streets from parliament multiple right wing. think tanks occupied grand premises, some with direct links to the breakfast campaign. others with ties to the right of the u. s. republican party. the people who for years have been lobbying for an ultra free market prime minister. now they found one in the form of less trust. and while they applaud the government's new direction, even these ideologues are concerned. i think to some extent they haven't played in, they haven't flick communicated what the plan is or, and not always what a central said hasn't gotten across in the way of intended to get across. but really, i think they struggled. and they've also come in at a quite a difficult time in so many ways with the warranty crane the impacts of coven.
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you've got, they all these strange on the economy. you've got massive levels and reflections. and then the common with quite a radical plan. and i think that spooks people around the corner another think tank, founded by form, a conservative prime minister, margaret thatcher, someone less trust is often accused of modeling herself on. similar worries abound here. and they haven't come into the market that more to that fiscal plans than just tax policy. they haven't really down enough on the supply side. they go communication in terms of they just on the plans times cards that i had spoken about consistently, mccann, hey, the bob's market will react in the same way. let's not forget, of course these people got this trust elective, but even they seem a little bit nervous, but put aside whether or not trust no makes will lead to that all important elusive goal of growth. think more about how quasi core things budget statement last friday
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. was received by the markets and of course we all know the pound lost a huge amount of value. interest rates went up, lenders ended up sacrificing dozens of mortgage deals, and the bank of england made that surprise intervention worth $70000000000.00 to prevent financial catastrophe. it's hard to imagine all of this was part of the plan and it's precisely these things millions of traditional conservative party voters care about, which is why the latest opinion polls are chilling news for the government, the opposition labor party, boasting a staggering $33.00 point lead over the ruling conservatives, if things continue as they are, it is difficult to say how trust could be the person that fights the next election because it would be, you know, i see a side note from the conservative party. the question is, he would replace that. i wouldn't be surprised if bars johnson comes back. who's that? yes, you heard it all. this uncertainty means the return. of course johnson isn't as far fetched as it seems. the gover.


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