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moments on the page for fighting fascism at home and abroad. footballing legend at a canton introduces the name though in the battle. a warrior who used his beloved game to help himself and others survived the horrors of a nazi concentration. football rebels on al jazeera, indonesia, your investment destination, the world's 10 largest economy is busy transforming, ready to beat your business, partner with a robust talent pool, politically and economically stable. and strong policies being the powerhouse indonesia is confirmed by the g. 20 presidency. bringing opportunities for you. invest indonesia now. ah.
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indonesia, president. what is this safety review of football matches after more than $174.00 people are killed in a stand page. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin misses out here alive from house or coming up ukraine way tanks. the case apply have of layman from russian forces in caves and biggest gains since it's counter offensive. last month, voting is underway and ethnically divided bosnia herzegovina, described as the most important elections since the 1990 school and search and rescue if it's continue in florida up to hearken and destroys homes and businesses across the states.
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ah, welcome to the program. we begin in indonesia where at least 174 people have been killed in a stampede. following a contentious football match, president joker widow has ordered a review of security and for bull matches victoria gate b reports. the stampede happened in the city of milan and east java province after a match between home team arima f. c. and the arrival, sir, by the chaos began after supporters. from the losing side rima f. c. invaded the pitch. police responded by firing tear gas, which caused fans to flee for the exits. are no annual, i am not them. it was a feeling of disappointment that prompted supporters to go down to the field to auster place, why they lost the game. that's when the security team moved in. so fans when can on to the field or interact with the players. during that process t,
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a guess was fired because there was anarchy. fee for rules ban the use of tear gas by stewards or police of football matches indonesian president joker. we, dodo has ordered an investigation into the incident, goes by that body. i have specially requested the police chief investigates and get to the bottom of this case. furthermore, i have also ordered the indonesian football association to temporarily hold league a one matches until evaluations and improvements and safety procedures. i've been completed by them. proceed o t 2000 people attended the sell out match all a rima f. c supporters, sir, by fans weren't allowed to buy tickets because of the risk of violence. police estimate, 3000 fans stormed the pitch. they say many of the victims were trampled or choked to death. violence is an ongoing problem in indonesia. my biggest concern,
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how can our football association allow stadium where fans can enter 2 debates? it happens almost every week. if, if they can find a solution by a piping security to that stadium may be less, less will happen. each job is provincial government says it will give $650.00 in compensation to the families of the victims and promises lessons will be learned. so a tragedy like this doesn't happen again, victoria gay to be al jazeera to ukraine. now way russian forces have pulled out of the strategically important eastern city of layman. it's part of the ration claimed region of done yancey layman served as the logistics in transport hub for russian forces. charles stratford has more from cremmit horse ukrainian soldiers waive their flag at the
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entrance to leman bromley. bravo. all of them for teach that al jazeera cannot independently verify shows dead soldiers and burnt out tanks beside the road. ukrainian military said it surrounded the strategically important town in the partially russian occupied region of the next hours later, the russian military said it had been forced to retreat. this'll dynamo grows at rena. there was a high risk of being encircled, so our forces were withdrawn from the position and lemon to more advantageous lines . for russia, media at video believed to show a russian tank. retreating north towards camina, a town russian forces still control mirrors door, crossed them early, and we tried to save our strength and control the road between layman and the town camino that there were reinforcements trying to get in and established positions in order to stop the ukrainians krinski hawaiian ukrainian forces celebrated pushing
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russian forces out of one of a number of villages in the surrounding area. ukrainian soldiers and volunteers evacuated more civilians from the frontline town of buck mood that has come under increasing russian shelling in recent weeks. the bottom of her study snobs, fidel, because of the secondary shelling, you see what happened yesterday or the day before yesterday. a projectile fell. there was an older man in the house. they took him away. i was in the kitchen when the explosion happened. here it is impossible to be here. crane and authorities say more than half the 70000 people who lived in bar mood and the surrounding area before the war. already fled. the russians say this retreat was strategic before keith and it's nato partners. it will be seen as a humiliating defeat. charles trevor al jazeera cremmit also. ever since president vladimir putin announced a mandatory draft of military aged men,
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there's been an accident at russia's board, as many thousands have played the country. and the growing number of russians is warring, some people in countries like georgia, a man con reports from the capital to play seek. this man spreads hate against russians across the city of tbilisi, but as fast as he can, graffiti, the city paints over it with equal speed. he wants all the russians out of georgia and russia out of ukraine. the war between russia and georgia, 14 years ago. still says strong feelings and similarities between that and the war and ukraine. a common we wrote here are putting, hullo, are here are the to russia is in our copier, inter estate and on this wall. ah, the so message to the city of russia? is it a russians you are not home? here? he is part of a collective of activists who are becoming increasingly vocal and angry, over the influx of tens of thousands of russians who arrived since president
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vladimir putin announced a partial mobilization of men to fight in ukraine. nik represents the more extreme, almost xenophobic end of antique russian sentiment. however, you don't have to travel very far to find people who are equally concerned. they're worried about rising breadth, their neighborhoods. they're also worried about those same neighborhoods being swamped back time is a digital artist who reversion, traditional jordan, historical figures into futuristic digital art. he's also concerned that local people could be squeezed out. no, may return your on my luck with our machine. i think that in every country we should have tourism, but now there are more russian tourists than normal. they are provoking this and that's fine too. and they tell it becomes an issue. 50 percent depression, same. okay. most of them i don't like russians intimately see, are also feeling the change in attitude. you agree, even though not throwing up, some of the young people have an aggressive attitude. they say,
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why are you coming here? i think people under 25 mainly, but pension is also say we are making prices go up. and i say burton will make us join russia. one of the 1st things many people do when reaching a new places, get a local phone number and outside the fun shop. these russians sharing the knowledge of where to live and the basics of moving to a new place. but with official statistics of around 9000 people arriving every day, the tide of sentiment against them seems to be rising as quickly as the numbers crossing the border. iran con, which is 0 to release it. but it is in bosnia herzegovina, heading to the polls. the ballots is widely regarded as the most important since the end of the bosnian war. in 995, only 3400000 people are eligible to choose members of the collective presidency. the country governing system is one of the most complicated in the world, the day to pay the codes and the buzz me war and $995.00 and established a system of ethnic quarters within many levels of government. the agreement names
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bosnia herzegovina is 3 main ethnic groups in bosnia eggs cro apps and serves as the country's constituent people. it also split the nation into 2 so called the entities the federation of bosnia herzegovina, and republic. sca. the federation is predominantly buzz me back and crow as well. republic scott is served. both entities have their own prime ministers in parliament. they are linked through a week central government. a tripartite presidency is made up of one, both knack $1.00 and $1.00 crow at who share a 4 year chem rotated every month. buzz me as main house of parliament uses a system of proportional representation. 28 members directly elected by voters in the federation. the remaining 14th are elected by republic. scam, i said, bake has more from, sorry, ivr, in a popular coffee shop in central, sorry, april. first time voters discussed the future of their country. it's unsustainable
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. so the sheer no contradictory nature of our constitution itself has affected our political system during the years after the war. and it has not only hindered in development of the country, but also the reconciliation after the concert. after 3 years of brutal war, the dayton peace agreement in short, the presidential system based on existing divisions along ethnic and religious lines. 3 presidents, pause net muslim, serb, orthodox, and crime catholic. but 27 years later, this tangible frustration with the electoral system and lack of progress to come to serb leader miller. dick has openly talked about, separating from bosnia and herzegovina, and many fear a nationalist crack president could be elected a development that could further deepen divisions and lead to a possible conflict. the high representative to bosnia christian schmidt has warned of a political crisis that runs very deep and the streets of sorry, evil people feel frustrated by the system. it will be and i'm here,
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we wish this system changes into something new. and then young people rule and that part is, are not ethnically and nationally pure back at a coffee shop. some refused to be categorized by the 3 main ethnic divisions in the country. the way that we see that we are either one of the 3 bosnian serbs or crowds. what about the rest? we cannot elect ourselves. we cannot be represented in the government. if we are not one of the 3 people are not being represented equally. and our democracy and our stubborn in the country of val is always being challenged by the others in the last year has been increased. talk about tensions and conflict, possibly breaking out, especially close to an election. i see to my parents far from severance or they survived the genocide. i see it on my mom. and when i asked for like, do you feel threats and do you feel like there is gonna be a ward that we're gonna hear the bullets that you're going to hear? the bullets again, she's like. yes, i believe that there will be
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a war again. i feel really anxious sometimes, but then i ask people like, or what do you think about the war and even people, people from both entities and they're like, we don't want war. we don't want that happening again. and then you asked some other people from federation and they said like, oh, we also said this in 92. like people said this like there were, there won't be a were happening and it happened. the list of problems, bosnian faces is long, and politicians are also accused of fooling divisions. most of the parties that are participating in the government are actually for them are raising gothic tension. sandra, producing problems sir, in conflicts, is how they divert the attention of the public. so far there's been no viable alternative to the current system for the elections. and some fear that any changes could create even more segregation by solidifying powers for national politicians. as that bag i'll jazeera sarajevo. voting is also underway in bulgaria,
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in its 4th parliamentary election in just 18 months. have been imposed show. the vote is unlikely to break a longstanding political deadlock. 3 time prime minister boy co borrower selves. conservative party looks set to win most votes, but not enough to form a governing coalition. still ahead on al jazeera, we follow what is expected to be one of the most divisive elections in brazil. history ah, anticipation is rising. and so with my cattle a ways the autumn in europe is typified by windy weather. we certainly got that. the wind is coming from the atlantic spreading cloud, often rain with it. and for the next few hours, this line long here will be where the significant rate is stretching from southern
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in going through france, luxembourg down towards austria, eventually through southern germany. and ahead of that, another very active system all is, has been pushing the walk out of romanian bulgaria and greece turkey as well and done that. and as that continues, all we're doing is bringing temperature down to where they should be. we've been riding high for a long time. this looked significantly colder than normal. you might think certainly feel that way. as a contrast key keeps that rain for a couple of days in the temperature than he rise by coming degrees by wednesday. it's about average thirteen's about right. however, the still walks hang on in spain and portugal. bit above average, and where to place is few showers because of it, but it's nice won't. generally speaking, spreading into the central met to north africa. still we look at how found also the rain is it's gone beyond san diego could be sour and giddy. and these, these pulses generated sometimes probably 15 hans and become a long way off. this one here looks particularly wet in southern chad, the central african republic,
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and down towards the congo de with sponsored by cat on a ways and talk to al jazeera. we also do believe that women of afghanistan was somehow abandoned by the international community. we listen, we have a huge price for the rural, i'm going to terrorism that's going on for money. we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. there is no channel that covers world news like we do. we revisit places the state also there are really invest in that, and that's a privilege. as a journalist, lou. oh,
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hello. you're watching al jazeera, i met my anglin, he's a reminder of our top stories this hour. at least 174 people have been killed in the stampede at a football match in indonesia. the chaos began after supporters from the losing side invaded the pitch. police fire t gas, causing the ground to flee towards the exit. ukrainian troops had retaken the strategically employed and eastern city of laymen in a counter offensive. it's part of the russian claim done yet. region layman served as the logistics in transport hub for russian forces and voters in bosnia herzegovina heading to the polls. the ballot is widely regarded as the most important since the end, the bosnian war in 1995. the governing system is one of the most complicated in the world. it's election day in brazil and paul's wilson. i've been for what's expected to be
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one of the most divisive votes in the country's history. former president luez in a c o, lula da silva, has opened up. i comfortable opinion pol, laid over president giant boston arm. but bel scenario has repeatedly told his support is that if he loses, he may not accept the results. and arapahoe is in that way. i diginero and found his report. the presidential elections are drawing near and on the streets of rio, there's a nato. there is no shortage of political opinions. am i this holly, my literary ties? i would like to see more schools, more hospitals, and for the candid at hovens to invest in the future of our children. though most here agree this election will be a defining moment for the future direction of the country. there is a lack of optimism that whoever wins the presidency will improve the lives of brazil's poorest citizens a little way. i don't think any one will fix the situation in brazil. some receive
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more, while others receive less. there is no health care, no education, and there is nothing left for the pull. on sunday, brazilians will head to the polls for a 1st round of voting. though officially, there are almost a dozen candidates running for president. the election is a race between incumbent president je both. so nato and former president received nasha lula desilva who has been leading in the polls. political analysts here in brazil say the country is starkly divided along ideological lines. even now on the eve of the elections, the race between lula and we'll so narrow is too close to predict. policy that will you go economist model rashly says that while both lula and bull sonata have been vague in their campaign promises, they still polarized the electorate, though infernal formed, oh, what are stealing? this polarization is a rhetoric from both sides of the other is a radical young with you. last saying that ball sanara represents the radical right and boss a morrow saying that lula represents the threat of communism. o,
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brazilian electoral law dictates that presidential candidate need at least 50 percent plus one vote to win if neither lula or bull. so now to achieve that during sunday's vote, our 2nd round of voting will take place on october 30th. manuel rappel or al jazeera realtors or nato venezuela has released to 7 gerald americans, including at 5 oil executives that was in exchange for the release of to relatives of venice. while i'm president nicholas madura, the pair had been convicted of drunk trafficking, the prisoners swamp, followed secret talks between the united states and madura is government that is under strict us sanctions was then jordan has more from washington d. c. the united states and venezuela have carried out a prisoner swap on saturday. and this comes after several months of intense negotiations, including
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a face to face meeting between american and venezuelan officials and cut rock us at the end of june. 7 men, 7 americans, including 5 men who worked for the oil. giant cit, go, had been what the u. s. considered wrongfully detained by them. a doodle government . they have mel all been released and they are on their way back to the united states. in exchange, the u. s. president joe biden granted clemency to to venezuela men who had been convicted several years ago of drug trafficking. these 2 men happened to be the nephews of the wife of the venezuelan president nicholas my doodle. it appeared according to the white house officials speaking on background, that in order to get the americans released, releasing these 2 men had to be a part of the deal. and after much consideration, white house officials say joe biden finally granted the men clemency. in order to bring us citizens home. now again, this is not
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a situation in which you as official saying that u. s. venezuela relations are going to improve overnight. and they also would not speculate of whether other americans wrongfully detained by venezuela could be released any time in the near future. they did rec, repeat their call for the venezuelan government to improve its democratic processes to improve its economy, to respect human rights. so warm ties between got off because and washington are not immediately in the offing. and iranian american, imprisoned in iran for 7 years, has been released temporarily. c mac into mazda. he was convicted on charges of espionage and has been freed from tay, runs even prison for a week with the possibility of an extension. he's 85 year old father because he served as engine similar charges and was released in 2018. it's been allowed to
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leave the country for medical treatment a state of emergency has been declared and became a faster it comes 2 days after the 2nd military crew interest 8 months that removed the president pull on re geneva from power on saturday. cru support is at 5 to the french embassy, and the capital bank used. the french military of sheltering to me that france denies. nicholas hock is monitoring the situation from de camp in need by synagogue residents in brooklyn, sciences capital walk. i do running away from gunfire. overhead, military helicopters, fly low over the city. coop lauder scramble into position the fear a counter offensive from forces loyal to colonel bologna. that admits the confusion, shops are closed, their owners sensing danger. what's going on when i got out of turn, i don't, we don't know what's going on, but if we heard gun fired,
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but we don't know what or who is behind they know when we just need unity. so we can move forward. on friday, soldiers announced a coo on national television declaring a state of emergency in closing the countries borders. they were led by a young captain, ibrahim tory, and claimed to have ousted bologna w. bell, who took power himself just 8 months ago in another military coup. the amoeba is now in hiding and it's unclear who is actually in charge. the cooper waters accused frowns of protecting me by the former colonial power has been supporting brocade us forces against attacks from on routes like deisel and arcade. us from, says it is it involved in breaking across those internal affairs. there has been international condemnation from france. the united nations, the african union, and the west african body across all calling on soldiers to return to their barracks. but inside the country, there are mounting protests in support of the cooper waters hours before the few
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demonstrators carrying russian flags marched in walker, duke and in the country. second city bobo de la, so they support the cooper water. and believe moscow can bring victory to an army facing set backs on the battlefront. meanwhile, sections of the same army appear divided, fighting each other for power, leaving the countries people caught in the middle. nicholas hawk al jazeera de car . democratic elections in chad have been delayed for up to 2 years. and national forum set up by the ruling military june has extended the transition period to democracy by maximum of 24 months. it also ruled june delayed mohammed address de b, even though it would be eligible to run for president when elections are eventually held. it will also stay on as transitional president
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in the us, more than one point. $6000000.00 homes and businesses have been left without power after hurricane and hit the carolinas. the storm made land full for 2nd time on friday with strong wind, causing a surge. if the water in myrtle beach and has been downgraded to a post tropical cycling, as it heads to the virginians the hurricane 1st barrow across the state of florida . earlier this week, officials say at least 31 people were killed and thousands are still missing. kristin salome has moved. mm. as search and rescue efforts continue across southwest, florida to full extent of the destruction is now in plain view. fort myers is where the storm 1st hit land in the united states. along this stretch of florida coast buildings are leveled, and few boats remain in the water. here it was the storm surge after the deadly 240 kilometer per hour winds. that did most of the damage. michael mc
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phillips wrote out the storm in his fishing boat, one of the few now still see worthy. it was up, you know, at least 20 foot. and you know, high winds, you know, these 150 miles an hour. it seemed like in a lot of rain ship blow around in the boats, my la, the hood, and without the bell, you don't have anything at all. those through his father's boat is grounded tuesday . we're supposed to put her traps in the water and we have no boats, and we don't know the crab is going to be good and we can get bait. it's going to be a bad situation. fort myers residents are taking stock, counting their blessings, as well as their losses. david yoakam stood and waited in his apartment for hours. as the water rose to chest level, he was with his neighbors, whose small child was in a raft. we decided we were going to pull the boat out when i got this. hi. it got about that time. so we never had to pull the boat out. brothers over,
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he was planning to move out of state next week. now he and his dog are sleeping in a tent, his vehicle destroyed. it's not just personal property, but also infrastructure that now needs fixing from power lines to water mains to roads and bridges. at peak 2700000 people were without electricity. and here in a county of 3 quarters of a 1000000 people, there is no clean drinking water. further inland flood waters continued to rise even after the storm had left taking many by surprise. well, we saw in central florida was more standing water than what we saw in southwest florida, where the big storm surge came in. it's just because of the way they have the though the of the clues to had she the in that's all. i mean the sand it for whatever reason that really dissipated over the last 24 to 36 hours. with the death toll still climbing. hurricane ian is expected to be one of the costliest storms to
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ever hit the united states. kristin salumi al jazeera fort myers florida, and has been 5 days since a knocked at chip is national grid, living 11000000 people in the dark. many still don't have power in that spot. 2 nights of where protests in neighborhoods of havana, barbara, and go reports ah, days after hurricane in not cut power across cuba. many neighborhoods still in darkness. but these protest her st. they don't understand why, since their homes went in it's path. oh, the site run did not pass through here. we have spent 4 or 5 days without any power . is like being in hell. that's where we are out on the street and will keep coming out. oh, they blame the pockets on the government, not the storm. and their eject and government calls for patients, yoga, but that, that home, that protesting is a right. but only when those responsible from state or government are not doing
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their jobs. but under the current circumstances, protests are not helping. but instead slowing down our mission and our wish to restore power, as soon as possible, officials could have been with the electricians. instead, they're talking to the media. electricity had been restored to about half of the capital by friday. and police is deployed to controlled demonstrators. grandma, but one horrible solid corner. the problem is that when people protest, yes they put on the lights, look, they're turning them on here. but our children's food is already rotten and they don't have anything to eat. they don't have cold water, they have nothing but the people are coming out with class. the people will not stop because of the police. a lot of what is the communications have been black tap for the 2nd day in a row. internet watchdog say is probably a government attempt to stifle dissent. the government says power will be back across have on this weekend. but.


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