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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 4, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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o 3rd of the country is under water. more than 33000000 are suffering from hunger disease and displacement. the word stories about children who are drinking from the same water. with a dead cattle the float. al jazeera questions, the climate change play a role in the deadly down for climate change is here to state. the full report pakistan. the great deluge on al jazeera, for
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russia's parliament ratifies the annexation of 4 regions of ukraine as russian forces bay setbacks on the front line. ah, i'm cyril vanny. this is al jazeera, alive from doha. also coming up in the show south korea and the u. s. launch fighter jets conducting precision bombing drills after a north korean miss, i launch fear and uncertainty and burkina faso after it's 2nd military coup in 8 months and small is the new big the 2022 nobel prize. the physics goes to pioneering trio, who work with the tiniest elements of our universe. ah,
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the upper house of russia's parliament has approved the annexation of 4 regions in ukraine. the legislation will go to the kremlin for a final stamp of approval by president vladimir putin. but russian forces have been struggling to hold ukrainian regions that they want to annex rory challenge reports from keith. this is probably not what moscow's politicians envisage when they think of russian control dead russian soldiers in the streets. the ukrainian flag flying in recaptured, the man thought it's the reality of a war that's not going moscow's way to him is not only that on tuesday. russia's upper house unanimously ratified the annexation of 4 ukrainian regions. but russia's grip on them, his tenuous at best and weakening. so any of those of sad to day, the offensive movement of our army and ola defenders continued. now newly liberated settlements in several regions. fierce fighting continues in many areas on the front, but, but the prospect of these hostilities is obvious. more and more que buyers are
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trying to escape the enemy army suffering more and more losses. and there is a growing understanding. the rush made a mistake by starting the war against ukraine. winter is not far off, but after her home and the man was hit, 85 year old valentino cooks on an open fire and lives in a basement. yes, i was standing in the hall about 5 meters way when a boomed are thrown back. god forbid, now i can't hear. well, what's that mean? though we're victory for ukraine retaking the man came with costs. a soldier lies in the shattered remains of a petrol station and his comrades begin the process of sending him home. we fight for our land for our children, so that our people can live better. but all this comes at a very high price. in the southern hassan region, another ukranian breakthrough is racking up rapid successes. ukraine's high command
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is aware the window for big territorial gains may be closing as autumn sets in battlefield conditions will get muddy and slow, and rushes poorly defended positions will be better manned. with mobilized soldiers or we talents out 0 give. all right, let's take a look at what precisely russia is hoping to annex the 4 provinces that the kremlin says voted to join russia in referendums are in red in this area, and red shows what russian forces actually control my mistake. the area and read shows what russian forces actually control moscow says all have done yet in the hands will be part of the russian federation, even though it's not in full control of these provinces. as for her son in that region, further south, many areas are it's outside moscow's control and the criminal has yet to clarify what exactly it is claiming within these regions. pabo fagan, our is a defense and military analyst and
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a columnist with the russian newspaper and avaya is that he explains what the annexation means for any potential be talks. these territories, though their borders are not just kind of fuzzy. no one really knows that in particular where they are on the ground will become part. so the russian federation, which means that there can be no compromise. it can be no trade off of territory for peace. this is already russian sacred. 3rd, 3 in the so that actually means that most likely there is no prospect right now of any kind of a meaningful peaceful negotiations at all. it's going to be decided on the battlefield. oh, it's total victory or total defeat. so president and put you in has with his nation that himself into a situation where he has burdened his ships and there is no retreating right now.
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this is not really, i believe, a very smart mo. but this most likely, if bread boots in telling that only his nation or dosa is a cram one and other officials, that there won't be no turning back the all talk about compromise should be now considered as treason because this is russian territory. and we should do own, we work for full victory and there is no option, no other option at all. and north korea and miss i launch has prompted strong condemnation from japan, south korea, and the u. s. washington will ask for a meeting of the un security council on wednesday to discuss this is killing yang, longest range missile yet, and the 1st to fly over japan since 2017 south korea conducted air drills with the u. s. air force in response. it carried out what it called a precision bombing drill and japan in the us are holding joint military exercises as well. rob mcbride reports from sol. this is a major escalation and follows
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a prolonged period of increased missile testing by north korea. the intermediate range missile flew over northern japan, prompting a warning for people there to take cover. it landed in the pacific ocean and brought this response from japan's prime minister. because on the firing which fold a recent series of launches by north korea is a reckless act, and i strongly condemn it. it's 5 years since the north lost fired missiles over the top of japan when relations were at them most tens in decades. burger county chico will be it threatens the peace and security of the region. it is a serious challenge for the entire international community. has been similar condemnation from south korea. north korea fired the medium long range missile with a range of 4000 kilometers over japan. as i said on armed forces day on october, 1st, such reckless nuclear provocation will face
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a decisive response from our military when our allies and the international community. already facing the toughest sanctions and largely shunned by the international community. the north seems undeterred with north korean leader kim jong on declaring last month that he's country is now officially a nuclear armed power and testing. longer range missiles seems to send that message to the world. yeah, i think one way to read these tests pretty frequently is that there's sort of a demand for attention. northgate doesn't like being understood as a failed korea, where the weird korea has a real one compared to south. this launch comes as the us and it's south korean and japanese allies wrap up navy drills led by the ronald reagan. the 1st exercise by an american aircraft carrier to korean waters in 5 years. and with warnings from south korean intelligence officials that the north could soon conduct its 1st nuclear test since 2017, rob mcbride al jazeera,
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so at our white house correspondent kimberly hallett has the view from washington. the biden administration as a whole is calling this reckless destabilizing and also dangerous in the statement coming from the white house, the, by the ministration. saying that this is really showing a blatant disregard for un security council resolutions, as well as the international safety standards, the norms. and so as a result, this is something that has prompted a telephone call between the secretary of state as well as the national security advisor and their counterparts. and both. busy korea, south korea as well as japan. and what this has resulted in is a very robust and immediate response prompting not only joint drills in the sea of japan between not all of us and japanese, but also between the south korea and the united states. in the yellow sea now,
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there's no question that this is being viewed as a worrisome sign and escalation here in the united states, it's clear in the white house position has been very firm. and that is that it school has always been to limit north korea's ballistic missile program. and this is always been a focus of the sort of foreign policy of the united states. and that is to do it in conjunction with partners and allies. and this is certainly no exception. a delegation from west africa as regional block in co was, is ember can a fossil to meet the country's new leaders. com has returned to the capital following a crew on friday, deposed hon to liter, paul, he de amoeba, has left for neighbouring togo. many are now wondering whether the new hunter can deliver on its promise to provide security. nicholas hack reports. sergeant little newsome is a parody of breaking officers military june must be over by woocommerce half to
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taking power in a coup. in january, colonel dunbar went on national television and said his goal was to bring peace to the people. last friday he was toppled by captain ibrahim tore. he too, went on national tv, promising security for the people was, i'm of why in this sketch. sergeant luther says he took power to give the people peanuts and vacations to italy, who's in bertina are no laughing matter. but a qu within a qu 8 months apart. feels like a joke, says comedian said, hi jojo, go without committee. our country will go up in flames. we use him as a weapon, whatever their reason, the school is not good for the country. the west african body echo are says brooklyn, as late as qu, is a set back for democracy. they're sending a delegation to meet with treasury in order to restore civilian rule, but tara says he has more pressing concerns,
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like regaining control of the country's northern regions where arm groups linked to i sole, and al qaeda control. large swath of land brim agnew, a resonant from the town of wounds they fled to the capital to find safety of him. the 2nd, i know the king of faso has never been in such a bad state. even places that were at peace live. now, in a state of fear and uncertainty in the face of uncertainty, supporters of the qu blamed france. they believe the former colonial power and military partner has failed. burkina is forces. russia presents itself as an alternative. molly and the central african republic have hired russian mercenaries from the wagner group fight armed groups. africa is suffering from these kind offer of shorter balancing, where the western power and russia are competing in our l territories. in this fight for influence, democracy has taken a back seat. soldiers are making promises. the people of burkina faso have heard
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before. nicholas hawk algae 00. i'm still head on al jazeera, more bank, holdups in lebanon, has frustrated customers demand access to their own savings. and how kenya is harnessing the power of steam to lift millions of people out of poverty and cut greenhouse gases? stay with us. ah. hello there, let's look to the middle east and it's logic quiet across the region. much of the wet and windy weather can be found farther north, slipping across, tucking, knocking temperatures down. in places like ankara, the winds are set to pick up across the aegean sea will feel some of those across the levant region. temperatures nipping down slightly here. there's still a lot of heat to be found. 1 across iraq and q 8, temperatures in baghdad,
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and q at city sitting in the early forty's. temperatures likely to pick up across some of the gulf states as well for the likes of kata and saudi arabia. little bit of popcorn cloud here and there some showers in coastal areas of yemen as well. and that joins up with the heavy rain falling across that central band of africa. we all like to see thunderstorms continue for nigeria as well as the center african republic. we could see the flooding situation worsening here. some heavy rain pulling into northern algeria, but largely quiet from the north, east pa, from from cooler winds, bringing temperatures down in places like cairo. now as we move further south, that's not the case of parts of southern africa, lots of heat continuing, full botswana and northern areas of south africa with just a few showers creeping into the east and into la sue, to lots of warmth. johannesburg at 30. ah
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lou ah, watching al jazeera reminder of our main stories this our, the upper house of rushes parliament has approved the annexation of 4 regions in
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ukraine. the u. n. and western allies say the move is illegal. it'll now go to president vladimir putin for final ratification. a north korean miss i launch has prompted strong condemnation from japan, the u. s. and south korea, it's north korea's longest range missile yet. and the 1st to fly over japan since 2070 a delegation from west africa regional block eco was, has arrived in burkina faso after military cool on friday. com has now returned to the capitol deposed one to leader paul. all he da amoeba has left for neighbouring total to banks have been held up in lebanon as frustrated customers tried to access their savings. this video here is one of the incidents in sure to ra in the east. there have been several raids by clients across the country during the last month. lebanon's facing a financial crisis and banks have imposed strict limits on withdraws. dana hotter has more from beirut. there have been more bank holes up across the country,
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really an incidents in eastern living on another incident in the south of the country. these are depositors who are angry. who is savings really have been trapped and bangs since late 2019. and these incidents continue to happen despite the type of security measures. if you can see where other bands and baby people are no longer allowed to enter bank branches, only one by one. the they're using atm machine transactions are now being done through a t. m. machines, of course, each bank has their own procedures put in place security measures after there was a wave of bank hold up last month. even yesterday there was another incident in the southern suburbs of beta. so these incidents continue to happen when you talk to people who are standing outside banks, you really feel the frustration. a lot of people here are either civil servants, some or even army personnel, interior, internal security personnel who are coming here to get their salaries,
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their monthly wages. so this is, this is a financial crisis that has really hurt the population. there is anger towards a towards bank. they blame banks for imposing illegal capital controls because the capital controls have not been formalized by parliament. but at the same time, banks will argue and say that we have no other choice but to impose these capital controls. because the state is not giving us back to money because what happened here was that bank lend money to the states which is really being blame for misusing the money for, for corruption, for the, for decades that nearly bankrupt state cannot pay the banks back in bank say they don't have enough money to give them to give the people, it's believed a $100000000000.00 and deposits are trapped, and banks and banks have approximately 20000000000 dollars. that is why they're giving these monthly withdrawals at the u. s. as it will impose further measures
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against iranian officials, responsible for a crackdown on protests. demonstrations had been held for days of the death of massa mimi in police custody last month 22 year old, died after being arrested for violating rules on head scott. in indonesia, the chief of police and several senior officers have been sacked after stampeded a football stadium. an investigation is now underway into the incident that took place on saturday, leaving a 125 people dead, including 32 children. jessica washington reports from milan. ah, andy hoodie, on to thought this football match would be a safe outing for his family. he says they were already getting ready to go home. when police fired t gas, the chaos of the darkness and smoke, they was split up. young i begin, and i tired. joe. i knew i needed to save my baby home and i still in from the stance, asking people below to catch him. then i jumped down to get him up. my wife had
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told me of to keep him safe without her. then i went back to look for my wife and 2 daughters. i found my daughter's bodies at midnight and my wife's body an hour and a half later with her about done bella, rod does what he says, their bodies were blew from suffocating. this is one of the gates of cont johan stadium. now the site of emotional impromptu rituals room, i see you again another day they sing until we meet again. doctor car, 3 of our friends died. we came here together as a group, but not all of us made it home, sorta and of her shoes and purses are scattered throughout the stadium. an indication of how people panicked and rushed to the exits. as gas filled, the stadium, spectators tried to flee, but some told al jazeera,
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they were trapped. survivors said some of the gates will locks keeping manella kimler. i was so confused, i couldn't see my sister or friends every one was scattered. my sister was on the stairs, she had had a seizure during the chaos. throughout the stadium, you can see writing on the walls, graffiti from frustrated survivors, and the loved ones of those who were caught up in this attack. this sign here, felicia huts, evil police. you killed my brother, people are calling for accountability and it seems those calls won't stop until they are satisfied that the investigation will be thought the gates to the field and stands were reopened for investigators to collect evidence. and he says he hopes the investigation will lead to accountability. now, with most of his family gone his days a quieter and lonelier being either given air. i really don't know what to do. i want to try my best to take care of my boy rolla. but i can't do it like his mother
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maria. neither. he says he worries about the day, his son will ask him what happened to their family? jessica washington out a 0 milan. at least 33 people have died and 12 are missing. after a boat carrying were hinge or refugees sank off bangladesh as coast, the vessel was bound for malaysia. many were injured fleeing dire conditions in cox's bazaar camp that houses 1000000 refugees most have lived there since fleeing a military crack down in neighboring myanmar 5 years ago. the united nations is accusing bangladesh of using its digital security act to suppress environmental act of activism. it's calling on the government to amend the act and stop using it to arrest people protesting against coal fired power station. hanby chaudhry reports at least 12 workers and local people have been killed over the last 6 years by police fired during protest against a coal power project and bus calli. se, bangladesh. demonstrations were also held against another large coal fire plant in
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rampart next to the world's largest mangrove forest. under bonds. they lead to the government describing some activist as terrorists. one of them shown must chaudry is out on bail. he could face up to 10 years in prison for sharing his personal views on facebook. mom that she de la monet at what he wished when we demanded an environmentally friendly plant that would benefit the community and not hurt the environment. and because i wrote about this issue, i was arrested under the digital security act and had to go to jail for 80 days the devastating effect. and during his visit to bangladesh, last month, the united nation spatial repertoire, all to call for an end to harassment. here, human rights bodies including the un, have long say the provision of the digital security act, or a concern, as that brought an ill defined and have been used to punish those who have criticized the government. human rights, what say is authority is use the act to harass and indefinitely detain journalist
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and others critical of the government. this law was formulated to bring security to the grabbers looters, send the government connected people who are making illegal money. so it is aimed at creating an environment of fear to allow people to destroy impairment more than a 1000 people have been detained under the digital acts since it was enacted in 2018. what we are observing now is that some of the government offices are aiding the corporations in harrassing, the environmental activists. we are seeing that the government agencies are also now taking initiative to officially criminalize the environmental defenders, bangladesh law minister, honestly, hawk said in a recent interview with al jazeera, the loud bit reviewed an amended. critics say
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a country that is vulnerable to climate change can least afford to silence those fighting to save god its environment. sandwich audrey al jazeera, darker. at this year's nobel prize, the physics has been jointly awarded to 3 people. ella sped, john f. klauser and anton cylinder. here being recognized for their pioneering work in quantum information science for reese was at the ceremony in stockholm, experts in the field of physics often trying divine who's going to win this prize every year by looking at who's been cited to the most times by their peers. who've won some non nobel prizes, some sort of so called fleet prizes were expecting maybe the theme this year to be light, how light is bent and manipulated to make things invisible, or how light is converted into electricity. but the nobel committee have bamboozled the bouquets, yet again in choosing alan aspect, john f. clowes, and anton xhylia for their experiments with entangled photons in the
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field of quantum mechanics, quantum information, maybe not one for the lay person. but fortunately i, we have mohammed's boron and hair, a professor of quantum information on quantum optics at the university of stockholm, mohammad, you are talking to me about this being a quantum resident revolution. and this can be used in preventing hacking. and that nations are racing to harness this technology one more. can you tell us about the, the pin you or can body bill lauretha today is simply closing the debate between nibs or an inch sign, a book, no description of quantum mechanics. and then today, the superior experiment have been used for porter, what is called today. the 2nd quantum revolution that include quantum encryption, quantum computers, quantum imaging and to and quantum cincy. and that,
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that work what is really used for appear in your work and all what is called disgruntled technologies. and how is that being used in the world of hacking and who's trying to really harness this technology? good, the technology use with today for encryption is based in assuming that the quantum of computers are more powerful or people anonymous smart enough to, to break these codes. but using no, this was a lot of to in quantum technology is used based on a lot of nature. no, no need to not allow you to have a quantum encryption that's today. yeah. it's not based on assuming something about the disposal of monica on from the university of start kind of thank you very much . no by week continues chemistry tomorrow. and we've got literature the peace prize and all right. and i'm back here for a 2nd. no. makes what might be interesting is to see if any more women are handed
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out prizes this week. just to give an example for this price. obviously 3 men given the price to day, only for women have been given the fixed price since it was begun in $1000.00. 1. a scientist say an energy revolution is taking place in east africa, geothermal steam and the great rift valley is being harvested. and the progress consultant said could lift millions of people out of poverty and cut greenhouse gas emissions. katherine sawyer reports from the or carry a power plant in nevada, kenya, blasts of immense heat dot dozens of vents in the great rift valley. the steam is so hot, you can boil an egg in it to appreciate the power of this heat. there is no, we're better to look the north west of kenya's capital nairobi. this energy is coming from the us and it's essentially limitless. anom windy is exploring for new
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geothermal drill sites for the countries, electricity generating company. it is producing $962.00 megawatts of power, but could do a great deal more, santi, se harnessing geothermal power for electricity is simple. their theme from the ground is on if i know of in a steam line and the steam lines end up in up our place and that steam, of course it is separated where the liquid face ice, the can injected back into the ground. and the steam dries theme is sticking to a power plant and runs a turbine. generating electricity can yet derives most of its energy from clean sources. it has some of the world's largest, your thumb or wealth and plants. it is also the largest producer of wind and geothermal energy on the continent. i think africa stands out now as
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a viable option to bring about the change so that africa will make the, the necessary contribution to green me the environment. and that's why you find major economies having an interest in, in, in chaos specifically and in africa, basically to invite the fact of what is happening elsewhere in france's korea. he was the reason he connected to the greed through a rural electrification program, sat on them, one guy, now we have light. we also have fewer cases of test at night. but there are still people in darkness. we need to light up the entire village. in most parts, people are now enjoying the benefits of renewable energy. many kenyans are connected to the national green, while others have installed us system. the government says it wants to ensure every home has electricity in the next 10 years. the idea is and its school is not just
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