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animals from becoming extinct. 30 percent of the country's landmass will be reserved for conservation. australia is home to a raft of unique animals including the koala and platypus, but has one of the worst rate. so species decline among the world's richest countries. extreme weather events have contributed to species loss. but 2022 nobel prize for physics has been drawn, awarded to 3 people. on our aspect, john f. klauser and anton signing a men were recognized for their pioneering work in quantum information science. the frenchman, american and austrian were honored for discovering the way that unseen particles such as photons, can be linked or entangled with each other. or experiments showed information or matter. they used to be next to each other, maintain that connection, even when separation by large distances afield. her significant modern day applications, including in encryption. quick monday was catch up with all the stories recovering
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on our website. the rest of that is our 0 dot com ah, one of the top stories and era, the upper house, the rushes parliament has approved the annexation of full regions in ukraine. it will now go to president vladimir putin for a final rectification. that's despite ukraine pushing back russian forces on 2 separate battle fronts in those areas, including house on whether advance could threaten supply lines for russian troops. what does that mean? does increase the re, with more ukraine's advance? the military is not giving much details. president zalinski talked about only 2 villages being liberated, but the social media there is evidence of the ukrainian soldiers arriving in various 1000 villages and hoisting the ukrainian flag. the same scenario happened
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in the north east of the country. now, the russian appointed administration in the head san in the occupied bard or has said that the ukrainians have advanced a long a didn't he pro river and of his own region. a major influx of russians into georgia has become a political problem for its government. most people are trying to avoid the mobilization order, announced by president putin last month. a georgian government says a 115000 russians have arrived since late september. the opposition says it's closer 250-0000. and the influx is a threat to national security. united states, as it will call for a un security council meeting over north korea's latest missile test. the missile traveled further than any previous north korean missile. and was the 1st to fly over japan since 2017 south career responded by conducting military exercises with
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the u. s. air force. it's carried out what it calls a precision bombing drill. 2 bags have been held up in lebanon as frustrated customers try to access their savings. for this video is from one of the incidents in shatara in the east. there were protests at 2 other banks. i've been several raids by clients across the country during the last month. lebanon is facing a financial crisis and banks of imposed strict limits on withdrawals. the stream is next asking who will win brazil's run off presidential election to stay with us if we can. i for now. ah ah,
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i am yeah. okay. campaigning continues is in brazil are you there that bazillions? no, not yet. you have a run off election. at the end of the month between the former president louise in that seo led to silver and the current president, julia vasa, nora. what will be the impact for brazil and the rest of the well, that is what we're talking about and you can weigh in because at this point view as yoga been going to be about as accurate as the brazilian post us, i'm really looking forward to hearing what you have to say about today's discussion ah, the caea cecia gillian, it's so good to see all of you on to day shalysea. please say hello to our audience around the world. hi there everyone. i'm lucia newman, senior latin american correspondent for al jazeera. good to have you welcome back, cecelia. please say hello to our audience. hi, jeremy. so good,
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so nice to be here everyone. my name is cecilia. turn ivy. i'm managing editor at americas quarterly get to have you and gimme. i'm welcome to the stream. please say hello to you as around the world. hello, it's great to be here. i'm glad because that one is a political scientist and a professor at the report of august foundation, symbolic. or i guess i am going to ask you about the mood in brazil right now, but i'm going to go via some voters on the day off does route one of the elections was announced. this is what i had to say. let's have a listen though. it only almost see what can you tell me. i can no longer believe an opinion poll icicles. one out of i think both on our role will still do a lock, a surprise or so on. only believe result wants to judge lucel at the end of the game that we will to support down there. so i was surprised, i thought lula should have one in the 1st ground. i think my expectation was that there might be a 2nd round, but that at least both narrow with lead and lula would be below him. but it was the
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opposite. so i was disappointed. is it further? oh, so her opinions, passions all over the place? oh this year, what are you feeling? what are you seeing right now from, from people who actually took time to vote on october the say? well, i absolutely agree that i don't think i found a single person who was happy with the result who was satisfied or wasn't in some cases, even shocked. not so much because lula, the silver, the, the former president did very well. he almost made it to the 50 percent plus one mark, which is what the, the polls had suggested might happen or had a good chance to happen. but mainly because jane ball, so not the president made it scoring much, much higher than what all the polls had predicted. that the difference was only about 5 percent. that on the one hand and also people say they cannot explain how
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it is. that lula almost got 50 percent, but that in congress and in the rates for governors, for, for the senate as well. the conservatives, the ultra conservatives, ended up winning. so how do you vote left or progressive on for one for the president, but, but conservative for the rest in that was something that people just couldn't get in their head around. and i think i, i can't either. yeah, that's what's a good question. can you, can you answer that for, for the people of brazil? i wanted to be sure it, it has always been does with, if you, if you look at the evolution of legislatures and congress, congress has become more and more conservative with time in, in, in spite of who was the president. so under president safford or even lula, we see a more conservative congress getting less that. so i think that he has to do with the way people see the role of the president and the role alleges leaders, people vote for president are mostly based on economic considerations. of course
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this has changed in the last elections, i'd say that values have played a very important role in this very context. but i'm up until the early 2 thousands . we've seen people voting with their pocket so to speak. at the same time a congressional elections are much more local. so people, for example, vote for their local pastor. if there have been jellicoe or people vote for somebody, they know there's a very person listed traits to elections for congress. so people vote for people who, who appeared on television, who were a tv show host or something like that, former athletes. so i, i think that it's inconsistent my sound irrational to some degree. but this is part of how things work in the presidential system, which has a very fragmented political party system that you didn't i oh, like to add something to what you said. because i agree with you that you know, those very percent enlisted in the legislative elections, but also for president. right now it's been a contest of popularity. it's been like really it's become almost cultish. you know,
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how people are for one candidate or the other. so this time around it, you know, we had almost 90 percent of the people that had already decided which president they were going to vote for. so it was just like looking at programs that were no programs, no platforms that were really presented. so i think that more than the economy right now is really at the, you know, this personality dispute. also congress as another detail. our congress decision is so convoluted. it is this proportional voting that you vote for someone, but that person may not get elected and be somebody else. and there's, there's some crazy equation probably krazer than what the posters use that leads to who actually gets to be elected. so it's, it's a convoluted system that also makes it complicated for people to choose who they're going to vote for. i'm going to show you competency. oh, says, go ahead. is the august 2nd, go ahead. no, i was going to say that a yes, a personality contest on the one hand, i mean, i think we saw clearly that the voters, so an unmet almost 50 percent liked lula,
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but not his political party. the p t, which was, was, as we all know, very disgraced in the lava chateau corruption scandal. and i saw it so, but on the other hand, we also saw a shift to the extreme. right. i don't, i mean i know that they, they haven't always coincided the presidential with the, with the way congress and the governorships work. but this time they sent to right almost disappeared. and that is, that is different. let me just a little bit that got shrunk to almost nothing on in senate and the housing. let me just bring up this so that we can see that the 2 candidates, because a few weeks ago, we talked about these 2 particular candidates. and let's look at the boston our festival and his candidate called so we can see that and see what he represents. he's the current president of course, of brazil. that is what he represents. and then this is the of the choice that voters had a they had to move,
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they have more than 2 choices where these are the 2 top candidates. and this is lula who people already know in brazil very well. let me show you again once more on my laptop. this is how the elections panned out. and we've lula ahead, boston our 5 points behind, and then the middle ground somewhere behind t. so when we're looking at what happens next, all we fighting around this area, cecilia phase, where the fight is going to be. oh yes, the fight started like a midnight point one. right after the results came out, they celebrate. and they went on talking to each other and we had some of them already saying today, you know who they are going to support it. even pseudo who was really, really tough on both lula and boston are. and during that campaign he already said he will abide by his party decision to support lula in the 2nd round. but i think that the run off is really a clean slate. don't be really hard to, to, to take what happened on the 1st round and add to it. but, you know,
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at least these, so they did this fight is ongoing and they're, you know, talking to the ceremony. debit as well. we who indicated right, i don't know you damaged and the say we're also looking. but she indicated in her speech that concession speech that she knew where she was going to, who she was going to support then seemed like she was there was little. i give me, i me smiling, subordinates if he's got inside intel kinney, i'm share. yeah. i wanna, i wanna add something to this conversation, which is i really see the 2022 elections in brazil, especially the presidential elections as a battle of rejection. really, because of the people were voting for lula right now, they are not really, i mean, not, they are not all voting for law. they are also voting against false and adam, for, for that terrible administration that he has run at the same time, most, most on out of orders, or at least a fringe of both on out of orders are actually voting against lula. of course, that there's an overlap almost perfect overlap between both on how to supporters
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and then anti lula folks. in the case of lula, these are not as simple. and that's the reason why i think that what we have to look into for the 2nd round of elections is abstention. ah, lula lula voters. in the 1st round, they are not as convicted in their vote so that they are not 100 percent sure that they won lula in, in office most and out of supporters. on the other hand, it can be a 100 percent with both sonata. so both on that we'll try to take away these volts from lula. not trying to bring at those votes for himself, but also, but on the other hand, trying to prevent those voters from going to to the ballot on october 30th. so i think that that's an important aspect because many people said ok lula was the big winner of the 2020 to 1st round. because after all, he was 6000000 volts out in front of a boss on that. but that's not really what we will see in the, in the upcoming weeks. we might see lula losing votes because people don't want to
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vote for him anymore or because people just don't want to go. ready at all, well, i don't really know what is the lower rung of the income ladder, which also makes it harder for a lot of them to go hoping see okay. yeah, but i mean, if they already voted once, i'm sure they'll want to go again. but what i'm, what i was seeing, and really i've been hearing from people, is that they're very angry. they're, they're furious that they were forced to have to vote between lula and both. so natalie, they say that they've had the worst possible choices for brazil, one a thief, the other who's going to be a fee for probably already isn't fif, i'm quoting them, and it was probably a killer. i mean, you hear terrible things from both and they say why we forced in this polarization to have to choose between them. why didn't we have other choices or the other choices that we had were so clearly not going to make it that we still had to vote
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for that one of the, to the lesser of the evils. and they're angry and they're angry at both of the candidates and, and the situation and the sort of the violent rhetoric that's going on and on the principles telling me today that i've known for a long time since, you know, my family, we have chats. but now people, we're, we're, we're all leading on our chats because we're fighting all the time on them. it's so polarized that people are getting angry about politics, which is not the brazilian way. so that sort of attitude may backfire also on some of the people who voted against lula by voting football. so now i guess i have one thing i would like to bring in, and this comes from our audience online and also from an extended community. and this is one thought from ricardo paul, who says i'm concerned about the rate that the amazon rain forest is being deforested, not thinking the either of those 2 main candidates are concerned about this. and then earlier cala mendez sent us this thought have a listen. have a look but regardless of who, in the situation,
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the national congress isn't, is not bothered over all, especially in the senate. as many candidates who are elected, they don't support the environment protection entity journals, race. but there are also some good news for the 1st time of brazil's history 2 indigenous women were elected federal deputies. so that was a data and salia shackle yarber, in their presence in the congress will be key to fight against setbacks, i guess indigenous rights. and to protect the environment you did you notice none of our amazing guess talked about the good news. i'm going to do it for them. here we go. these 2 candidates did really well in the october 2nd election. so you can see the indigenous representation growing for brazil. let us move on because one of the points that we want to really tackle was what is at stake for brazil,
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either for another lulu presidency or continued bosa narrow presidency? that's a huge question. i'm lucy, how would you like to get at that from an international perspective, the international community? what, what do you think that, that they, that hoping for? well, international is a very big word. it's a hurry. for example, our former u. s. president donald trump congratulated a ball scenario for almost winning and for, for the big win that his party had in congress. but he's, in fact, is even saying that it's thanks to him, but it's a matter to be debated clearly. but if you look at latin america, most countries were, are looking forward to having lula because lula is engages more with the region. he feels that. busy brazil is part of latin america. he's also, he has also shown when he has been president and even when he, when he left the presidency,
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that he believes very strongly and multilateralism in the united nations. he helped form a sore another, another groups in latin america that were supposed to create or we're hoping to create a kind of latin american european union. he's also a president who, when, who has a lot of experience in conciliatory negotiations. he learned that when he was a trade union leader, you have to learn to negotiate, but in the end, but ultimately make deals. that's one of his fortes. i would say. so in that, in that since he was quite unusual because he got along really well with, for example, for you as president george bush and also when barack obama, who considered him or will called him at the time the most popular president in the world. so he will engage much more in it. on the other hand, if a, if for job also not or is reelected, we already know that he has
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a far more your euro centric us centric vision of the world and also doesn't consider because it is brazil. very inward looking. i get not sure if i'm expressing myself properly, but it but it looks towards itself. it doesn't deal with the exception of the example of at the time for you as president donald trump didn't really relate to other governments or other causes lithia. yeah, mentioned on that. yeah, yeah. once i, once i've heard that that, i mean from both scenarios allies that both sonata was a beacon of the western civilization. so i think, i think that it is sort of conveys the kind of vision levels on auto house for, for, for the world and, and the, and brazil's role in the world to be short. but let me had a couple of things to, to this, this point that lucy has brought up. first of, i think that we are going through a pink time where a red tide in south america, we're in latin america more broadly. so we see elections in chile, in columbia,
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left, we presidents getting elected for the 1st time in the case of columbia, for example. so lula might be some, some gus, a fresh air to, to south american politics in a way. so they, they, they are looking forward to little have because not only is he super pro integration in the region, but also because he. ready re energized the left in south america. so that's one important point. but i think and let me just add to what lucy has had happened at what's at stake here is 2 very different definitions of democracy. i think that lula and most of the, the other candidates such as him, when he had a choice here. gomez, the, they do believe in a liberal democracy for brazil. so date the c, brazil as a government for everyone. and where missouri minorities have to be contemplated as well. and this is very different from what bull sonata stands up for both on that was in favor of a joy tearing sort of democracy, which tends to be very gent,
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dangerous. i think it's much along the lines of trumping united states, the idea that a government, although elected democratically, he has to govern only for the majority of the population, not for everyone. and i think that if most on our wednesday elections, we are going to see a very different construction of what democracy is about taking us to a situation that really resembles what we see. for example, in countries like country, the notion of a and the liberal chrissy, a country where the executive branch takes over the country. and most policies are basically directed at the majority of the population, which in brazil's case is christian. conservative or i don't know. yeah. whites, i'd say so i do have years and yeah, you had a new head. it's a different day in the white, but i think that absolutely right. let me just let me just interject just for a moment cuz i want to care from both scenario himself. that is how he sounded on
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october. the 2nd he looked exhausted, but this is what he felt was at stake for brazil. i 7, if let's have a look if you're cooper blows you appear, this will be better that, but worries me use brazil losing its freedom. brazil following steps to the left in the same path as venezuela, argentina, columbia, chile, nicaragua. that's what i worry about. we're the 1st victim is the freedom of the people. so many questions from our audience. so cecilia and gillian. angie, see, this is the speed route i want. instant art says, no hesitating. all right, i andrew ryan asked cecilia, is there an increase likelihood of extremism during the runoff election? your thoughts? it could be, but there is a lot of, there was a lot of expectation that there will be a lot of violence now. and that wasn't really was, you know, there were a few cases here and there are of people gluing glowing,
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the numbers in the machine, or breaking the machine or payments. but it wasn't widespread violence as was expected. so i think 2nd round, it's a little bit deflated. he also didn't dispute the election is fraudulent. so i think his a, his constituency, which he was calling for, you know, where the violence coff route was coming from is a little deflated right now. so i would wait and see. but right now, i'm not expecting thomas os at this is of a simple choice between democracy and barbarism. new, see how would you frame the choice? the brazilians have coming up for october 30th. i think one is a regression, regression social in terms of social values and social freedoms. i always find it rather extraordinary that president bull sonata tells people that this is about freedom. i'm wondering which freedom is he talking about because of lula and the p t. and his previous governments weren't were very middle of the road. they were not at all extreme left wing. not in the least similar to our gen,
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tina or not argentine, i'm sorry to, to cuba or venezuela. as he, as he mentions he made, he had a vice president who was right wing and represented the impresario class. he always went very much in the middle of the road. he just help distribute wealth a bit better. i think that that's awesome. i haven't, i think that that's what we have here. i think i have an answer for that. it's freedom not to wear masks. it's freedom not to take their shirts overnight and shot . it's free them to scold people, get away with it. so it's a very, a libertarian notion of their harm, which it's too. yeah, to bear arms. so it's, it's basically a thomas hobbs, like scenario of state, a nature that's, that's the freedom also narratives. really talking about interesting, but it's not freedom to have an abortion. it's not freedom for women's rights without freedom for a whole lot of other things. so to have inherited religion. any other religion? nice julie kind of freedom, right. all right, let's,
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let's hear from luna because we heard from both scenarios. and again, this is the same time frame just after the upset of toby, the 2nd election results were announced, luna knew that he was a head but not enough to claim the presidency at that time. so he is looking forward to the next few weeks of campaigning, and this is what he told he support us. who knew what to do in the 2nd round, i believe that things will be more civilized and brazilian society will very quickly learn the difference between our candidacy which defends the truth and democracy. it defends the social welfare state. it defends the respective participation of women and black brazilians and politics. and on the other hand, a candidate who doesn't like democracy, who doesn't like culture, who doesn't like books, prefers to talk about guns. a person who has no pity or compassion for the hunger of 31000000 people in this country before the cecilia there seems such a clear difference between these 2 candidates. how do you think the rough election
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stuck into the campaigning? i would ask about the results that a lot of people see this speech a bad supporting the minorities or writes for black after brazilians, or for women and all that as actually a very bad thing. so we have a, a large group that believes that these rights are over overdone, that people are actually that white, so to speak in middle class are losing their privileges. so that's what we're up against is not disagreeing with. lola priest is not thinking that little is wrong, is just thinking that this is not the way they want to go. so that's where i think that we have, you know, a strong middle class and i've been blessed across brazil in the smaller towns and all that, that kind of show a very strike preference for, for both in our speech. he, i'm a, i'm just thinking i, oh yeah, i go, how can i just want to add something to what does it said?
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i think that even though it's super important to have indigenous representatives in the house for example. ready or, or women, or black brazilians, a representation is indeed very important at this point as a barrier against boston idols base. but at the same time, i think that identity politics in brazil has backfired. ready so on the left wing and lula cannot just make statements for, for these minority groups, they have to reach out to even jelic goals. for example, in brazil who happens to be the fastest growing population in the country. we're talking about 60000000 evangelicals in brazil, and the workers party has no channel of dialogue with these groups whatsoever. so it's important for lula not not to to refer to them as evil, or as stupid, or a basket of deplorable or anything along these lines. it's important to reach out to these groups um, in a very moderate way. i think the lula knows how to do this. but i think that the milton c of the workers party has often has
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a tough time framing these discussions in a more moderate way. because too many, everyone has water for both, and that is a fascist. and if thieves are framed this way, there will be no dialogue whatsoever. and so my cobra 30 mavin of the candidates, will you have his information? been the misinformation battle is reading all righty. right. all right, thanks. i may be the candidates if they have time to watch the stream will take their lead from the moderate way which you frame the conversation. thank you so much. the caea to celia and gillian, and viewers as well for weighing in on your thoughts about brazil to run off elections coming up on october. the 30th thanks for watching. i think next time, take everybody. ah ah
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