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tv   Witness A Sky Without Stars  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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i'm sammy's a dan in donahoe. then look at the headlines here. now, jesse are now, it's the final day of nato meetings with defense ministers discussing how to deal with moscow and beth rom, ukraine. germany sent the 1st 4 promised ad defense systems to care of on wednesday . we will stand by your grains for as long as it takes, we will step up our support and in particular we will provide more air defense. so systems sir, to ukraine are also l. com. other very strong message from the national community yesterday. the vote in the u. n. was to clear condemnation of the illegal annexation of ukrainian territories. and the clear call on russia, president putin, to reverse these decisions and to respect the total integrity of ukraine.
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ukraine's president volume is that ascii says ukraine only has about 10 percent of what it needs for air defenses. though. hot abdul hamid has more from give i think the cleaners feel that they're getting more of what they need, but certainly not enough. that is something that has frustrated president will of the me, as in nancy, ever since this war has started, he has been calling for more weapons to come into the country quicker. or he has received out today a new shipment from germany. he has been received in the past these high myers that are high take out more by like to very systems that have and that have helped a lot specially under ground to regain territory. but when it comes to air defense system, the president seems to be frustrated saying that he only has 10 percent of what he needs. and that's because over the past few weeks, air stripes have increased dramatically. not only cruise missiles, but also iranian main drones that have been striking. so it is as sort of
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a race against time for ukraine at the moment. russian president vladimir putin as mount cutters, emir shift, i mean, been hammered, and fanny, the leaders are attending, regional summits and catholic style. truth is also held talks with roger pope auditor on to see earlier putin spoke about rising prices and the growing role of asian countries and global politics. nobody in your city are summit needs to resolve various problems. in particular, the increased volatility of orange energy, food, fertilizer prices, prices for raw materials and other significant goods. today's meeting is taking place or made serious changes in global politics and economy. the world is becoming monte polar asia plays a prominent key role in this. more than 500 people have died in nigeria is worse floods in the decade. and operation is on the way to rescue thousands of stranded people after flood waters blocked roads and destroyed villages. astray. the forces
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have arrested $25.00 palestinians during raids in different parts of the occupied west bank in 24 hours. most of the detainees are from occupied east jerusalem and its suburbs. security officials in iraq say 9 rockets of hit baghdad for divide green zone. it came as the wrongs parliament is holding a session to attempt to elect its next president. yet again, security forces in the area have been deployed, and del prime minister case take a prime miss. and most of our customer has given instructions to the security forces to maintain order and to prevent any possible attack, so that the partition being held right now can go that without any incident. as you know, that this comes as the parliament is now holding a session to elect the next president of the republic after one year of political instability to read the election of the president,
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the formation of the government. and that no mean nation of a new prime minister conspiracy theorist alex jones has been ordered to pay almost a $1000000000.00 in damages to families of the victims of the sandy hook school shooting in the us. jones falsely claimed for years that the 2012 shooting was a hoax. a report from the world wildlife fund says animal populations around the world of decline sharply in the past 5 years. 5 decades rather populations have seen 69 percent drop. it's witness that ah yes
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he yep. on the office, i was so glad at the office that i was on the phone with rosco, copier, savannah. you know, he was good answers for you. best simple stuff. alex, you, my mo. just sir. thank robert, apple sherman, jamal then
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it to madison. 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 a wall with vice watching issues each other. not at all. so, but he ology shift josh near visa. a visa that have been to one of us, will not be in the class to go to its destination. it many, but not tasty. v john the nasty was tough, tittie to thank you both with a motor up. what can you wait on to contribute to storage? thank you. most of what we have here. oh, but it's the bottom about the floor, but we don't to nevi domain unless you go gina with ya. so she reaches a near boy need this and you to him to touch bride. yep. you talk to still at that
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time or more when to touch little my leg shanaski this piece that then we said people named unique if scholar books of, of we need to need the new to me. but either some testing you may, i may have been at the tassel in the of him to use to get the quality ignited through november 3rd. but i think that was, it was yesterday. just put it on hold up if either
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then or if there's no problems with it. oh god. i took a bus was abusing. they've got all dora in dublin element. yes. except to them know that somewhere sometime is nice. deborah wasn't so fast with her girlish. go to little yes. clean geisha condition ticket. she'll come and have a dish. dish publish called a cobra. just
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i thought we're supposed to flee on board tomorrow. a to really listen, this a give me a 948 is that i spoke to someone who did to begin to put that one on the via the bus at this. but i see that she's in this, but i, when i'm gonna get with my mom
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i he is from sunny motors. don't worry about any of you jamie isn't coming up my phone last bullshit. look up, the consult the pool loan. how young are you? no, no, no, not good. now that came up on policeman on the voucher president dania demarco of the sure to put up on them. ok. human human. used to live in the near port because you missed the bus,
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pull my property up and pull protein return times for interacting with local to volunteer ship inch in train. just forgot to sign jungle and just wanted to talk to you. she showed up with the law into the cage and i thought, oh melissa ship mich, that's what am i going to push on the colors and chuckled over in the start of the nuts. and now some arrows know that she just got ski. i mean, he's not over the thoughts and i don't know, i'm just gonna come to her about going to this not,
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no nation is not new port so much snapshot soup with us. so the just as a program of them or because then if you're going to listen, communion failure enough with my dentist not just go go new new i me.
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i don't that day he hope so. the dentist youngest, on your soul and ethical 1000000000 or the bulletin to do yes. 6 sure you got the thoughts of of going i miss just that's just a venture for the mouth. oh, hey
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. i got to wait. i don't get to hold that up. mm.
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oh go all caught up. i spoke with the guy, pollute, tech a well just push push with all that on the my go good off a a rational, libertarian doesn't get on it. did you say it's a shame came back in the beginning, middle of it in some fashion keeping? emma all well. so then once you stop the check up on him, are young, get him up to date on my own. bit of do nothing. so i guess i'd want to show things
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like a few with i have been i think it was got a lot of the quick little typical evolve a. c a, a, a
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miracle tv in your book where yeah, ha, ha, ha, ha. they still give you a for a mazda 3, the hyundai, the hear me love to pick those man cost all you wish i do the palo with my mom. not
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a shit. so hang sir, no lodge brook. i'd cynical far as i feel odd for sure where it's very pomerantz. this is michael gun, but i am just not it's just my time you months i'm you months i'm you need pneumonia. gold use for a new business. i thought, ah, ah june quick of hon. you ha and i guess a process in
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a b i am with initially and with getting it out of here in the lynched is not is no cost to them. and so for those who got it for the movie, so people use the patients i was has and then aspect attempts to be covey. who check some a missile commission, but i see that okay, yes fi and the only show i'm a human. yeah. that's not a little bit of a cheer is a, but a lot,
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if you been don't civil federalists, linguists enough because the customer doesn't kinda give them the movies because it doesn't give them this warmer than it was. it was because the mother among the cam gloves got my mom who's the boat turnbow, but can you find with it's not just personal property, but also an infrastructure that now needs fixing from power lines to water. me when people need to be heard. and the story told they would get punished if they skokie cranium. i'm afraid i won't be able to return home with exclusive interviews and in depth report, south african penguins weren't in captivity. al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries. and lives
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with a society's progress is dependent on the quality of its experts be need more and find out professionals. i talk parity is to marty waves, get new generation to study, find new teaching methods, or infusing tie students to become the agents of change. taking them out of the classroom to solve problems in their local communities. ready level education, inspiring science, thailand. on. i'll just, you lou
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. i'm sammy's a dan in donahoe. the look at the headlines here. now just here now. it's the final day of nato meetings with defense ministers discussing how to deal with moscow and bent rom ukraine. germany sent the 1st to for promised air defense systems to keep on wednesday, ukraine's president law them is an ascii, says ukraine only has about 10 percent of what it needs for i defenses. what are the hamid has more from give? air defense has always been top of the agenda, further ukrainian president, simply because russia does have superiority when it comes to air strikes and it has shown that it's good and it continues to be able to hit really the width and breadth of ukraine from cities in said in the central part like denise brewing the south legs,
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upper region all the way to the western border in levine. so that is certainly an issue that ukrainian president and the ukrainian military have russian president vladimir putin as mad cutters. emir shift to mean been hammered. al fanny, the leaders are attending a regional summit and cassock. stan brookins also held talks with through kias. roger popo tuan. earlier putin spoke about rising prices in the growing role of asian countries and global politics. who the big city are some it needs to resolve various problems. in particular, the increased volatility of world energy, food, fertilizer prices, prices for raw materials and other significant goods. today's meeting is taking place are made serious changes in global politics and economy. the world is becoming multi polar asia, please are prominent key role in this. more than 500 people have died in nigeria is, was floods in
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a decade. no operation is under way to rescue thousands of stranded people after flooding destroyed villages. 1.4000000 people have been displaced. security officials in iraq say 9 rockets of hip bank vans 45 green zone. it came as iraq's parliament is holding a session to attempt to elect its next president. reports from the world wildlife fund says animal populations around the world of decline sharply in the past. 50 years, populations of mammals. busy birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish have seen as 69 percent drop since 1970 back to witness. now. oh,
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with a shame out. velma a says it's a promo step isn't it says it's a box that the piano
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the way up your dog is a big fan for tenisha body, so much. so i bought them in the movies them. you must have a new meal bag with little thanks. love to my share of up of thought. paragraph push they not that to be or took a but when you think we should get the can do what civil good duty will let
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you go, mr. unintentionally to get them as much hope all of this is stupid. people as attorney kim's offenders, whiskey, contrib. nick, him put that back to him because he he actually took him to let me get. let me go with that. if you don't have this book a table or something, especially this the oh, i would say cash polio. yes. good politics. nothing. we need to give you the so bank willing divorced you it because she goes to love him to eat fresh fish. so things into wow you oh god berkey do
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i don't wanted to worry book. okay. we know that the 2323 a
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family with joe, joe yes, yes, you sent me a. 2 yes, paula. this is phil. i vance avery, did you say one this one is it? would i go about as a before? no. doesn't to reset but back english. nothing. that's beau newman wasn't best. nothing else wasn't me. those times ownership. model, spelling,
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engine allen. you also did finance position with them with me
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ah ah ah miss jane dalinda luke was so queer, sir. no. gabriella lou. zagan amish has rascal found out. this is what the 7 children loom hold on the muddled you see a chimney,
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but the little a hello. come on for me then he and him. so she did us to go to the will, the if you would, you to, with much less can build edge unclear because you're going to come in and have been as it was a mission for the 1st name is scott history was his problem, a hobbies him north and observe yes, little yes, that was a must just of of within 30 i am our i, mrs. thomson munoz. my we have to their 2nd me father childhood. stephanie. thought his so formally a lot of money is this name,
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you know, with his he used his mom game. you find that much think i type that in for the little bit, which to the foil and go ship. if the one it will be a could you miss and visiting mrs. campbell with had the garbage bottles,
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mariama talk to michelle. so soon thank you. can move on a little less puzzles. oh, i thought a check or who so does so by open on. cool. so mine's different, what is also had the ship on the brother, you know, wash current. oh yes. i shall be stuck. a local doctor. mm
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mm. mm. oh i see. yes i do you do? yeah, no i got you so that you got to be as well, you know with them. yeah. yeah. if the lowest so this is him of why is that if my
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with i say yes, if i give the i guess with this a jim i'm oh boy. yeah. cuz a told me condition. i mean like you know, i was in keith. i was with moving on. oh, not heard back, you know them? yeah. it was obvious sort of a couple of convertible, but i appreciate williams. i've been talking to the much the buddhist. you guys to
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meet with dr. glenn at orange in korea. talk about jablonsky, but when i get to go back yet and go to some money in a dispute, it does not have to come from the bottom unit. i'm not good. i'm live on into alcohol, to come money live alcohols law with our corporate law. both i'm just i of all that happened on ha ha ha ha who?
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mr. munoz pro ha bonnie robinson. oh, how to start with a ah ah ah
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ah a. 6 with a bunch of similar to still just needed to that us or that i don't. yeah. you somebody i called the seminar got started the ending to the think. what can you drop him when you're going to need your mom zation a green dish. nick, this is getting this on bush nick with a bunch of this year. for instance, if you book the sunny and sally unable to hear how j squad. the question,
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what, okay, way to pay to the dumpster is that, well can, i'm sure you've got what that nato and go to a challenge. additional associated with those are not on boca, not only, not that, not that via the latin. we have found that i haven't gotten a hold grudges buckle. yes, no, absolutely. do not have double up. i thought your logo has proven to put like the question you whoops, yet to find them to help us with much with a. thank yes belinda. that's how
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spiritual group i can. yes. yes. with that us with i got you the hub club or to with if you just to they use v m sandwiches. country done with all day. but of that through says club car thumbs. it says i can come into health and unfortunately with consumers vivid, simona, latin, upon wrangell. ah, yet it up when you look
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for on the cell is a matter clem shows a buddy temple. oh yes. the answer to the 3 of them killed the button. yes. 2 2 2 2 he bucked albin then. 2 2 2 2 ah, hey yeah, he been with them shaking him so, but it's, it's, it's young in the he's at the time is this, i am the to be
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a movie and of yes. so. 2 we're going to go to abilene as an ebay transition guess put that in they will get out of the j be achieving, you know, the us food. ok bye. 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 o maker follows her mother's return to south saddam. after years in exile, we came home and into a vice presidential position. my mother stepping into the ro that my father died in will not be history, repeating itself. she will more likely be remembered for what she does in this new position. an intimate portrayal of
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a family in challenging times. no simple way home. people have started on out watching us on a jazz eda. ah! anticipation is wise if i so is the atmosphere. you read away most of my cattle aways. hello, welcome to look at the international forecast is starting to south america. clearly see this light a cloud which runs out of western brazil through our bolivia running down across paraguay down towards the southeast of brazil, some very active storms rumbling away on this system. and these will tend to just not a little further south was in west, which as we go on, 3 fraud i says picked up was coming, he could call some localized flooding,
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pushing up further north and west weather up to was the caribbean for the east. and not, it's not too bad law she dry here but to farther west, because by what, by then of course we have trouble storm call, which continues to make its way further southwards. it's not likely to develop into way hurricane, but still looking at some very big winds. sad some lot ways pushing through light on friday going on to saturday. that will make landfall just around the southeast corner of the mexico. some very wet weather coming in here with a risk of flash flooding as a result of that, that we go with a scattering a showers across the great transferred his but dryer for the last around here is so wet, weather, making its way across the east side of the us, so they will clear up down towards the southeast and corbett some wet weather just around the eastern seaboard for a time rolling across new england, eastern parts of canada, cooler and fresh behind,
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but wall to the west to with sponsored by cattle anyways. ah ah ah the wait for the world come this me leave. as the main event gets closer, i'll just hear us here. every step, the way i'm going to go with one month to go, we focus on asia teams and expect some strong support. hearing can cut our call with the pressures of hosting will australia make the most of squeezing it through the player, or will it be south korea, japan saudi arabia or iran progress for this world cup countdown on jessie uta.


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