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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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temperatures leave a little bit to be desired here, or the last few days, central portions of vietnam, almost a meter of rain. and here we go again, this system trying to wind up into something, but whether it does or doesn't still copious amounts of rain per central vietnam including denay, warmth, still to be found for southern china, hong kong at 30 degrees. and things are starting to dry off in japan, but still some brisk winds here. out of the north could see wind gusts about 80 kilometers per hour on friday. susan ah, power defines our, well, we live here, we make the rule. love people empower, investigate, exposes, and questions the youth and abuse of power around the globe on al jazeera. ah,
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this is al jazeera ah. hello, i'm lauren taylor. this is the alger 0 news. i live from london coming up, that we have a word economy that has been hit by one shock after another di forecast from global financial chiefs about the world's economy. with the warning that the poorest will be hit, the hardest anger from donald trump after a congressional committee vote to subpoena him over the general 6th riot at the u. s. capital for them. 500 people are dead in nigeria is worst floods in a decade. and a drastic drop in global wildlife numbers with nearly 70 percent lost. as forests are cleared, and oceans polluted and in sport on
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a busy night of games in the or paralegal touch of good fortune. for bouquet, osaka has given arsenal the lead against the abode of game to in norway. ah, we start with the financial turmoil gripping the world with the head of the international monetary fund. warning that inflation threatens to become a runaway train. and that the global economy has been hit by one shock after another. crystelina caregiver says the risk of global recession is now at 25 percent. with high recession risks for many individual countries. on the rise, africa is in the most precarious position, with many low income country situations being exacerbated, are high food insecurity, and the rise of extreme poverty. and food insecurity continues to be fueled by the war and ukraine with 48 countries severely affected by shortages. most of them in sub saharan africa in the middle east,
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economic growth is projected to slow from 5 percent to 3.6 percent. the i m f also expects inflation in the region to remain elevated at more than 14 percent next year. and latin america and the caribbean also projected to see slower growth next year than previously thought. with i m f predictions at 1.7 percent. growth in north america is projected to slow. the i'm f says the u. s. will see just one percent growth in 2023, while canada will see 1.5 percent. we cannot, we cannot possibly allow inflation to become an a runaway train bed for growth and bedford people bed bed, especially for poor, poor, poor, poor, poor people. alan fisher has more from washington dc crystelina georgina is aware of the impact that high inflation is having on every one. and she says that governments really do have to do more to try and help the poorest. this isn't some
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abstract economic theory. this is being experienced by everyone if they go along to the shop, just to buy some food to feed their family. and she says that of governments and financial institutions are going to help than the help has to be targeted to those who are struggling. the most, she says that essentially inflation is a taxation on the poorest in society. she's also aware that when that are financial issues, there can be political issues. and that has led to critics to wonder whether the international monetary fund and the world bank is fit for purpose in negotiating its way through this crisis. whether capitalism should continue to be the driver of what is happening with global economies. well, that is a point i put to a senior figure in the world bank. when you have these types of multiple crisis up dear, is this natural tendency to think about whether there is need for a revolution or
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a. it is another evolutionary point of view. think about the world bank and the intention wanted of font. they had been around for nearly 80 years. these institutions have evolved with the evolution of the global economy and they will continue revolving and less, don't forget, these are institutions. vit shareholders. they respond to their shareholders who are the shareholders, the global community. of course we will respond to the demands. we will adjust our work programs accordingly. and we will do our best to respond to these multiple crisis says the i m f in the all banker meeting. here, there is a confluence of events which they have to worry about. first of all is inflation then that climate crisis in various places around the world such as the floods and pakistan the floods even here in the, in a to state. and then there is the water in ukraine, which is causing financial instability, but whole so has an impact on the food supply chain around the world. now,
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according to the i, m. f, 48 countries are facing food insecurity. that's 325000000 people most keenly felt in areas like the horn of africa on this a hill. and there is a what is that some families won't be able to feed themselves unless that situation is address pretty rapidly by the global financial power houses. there is opposing bazaar is where the national inflation rate is expected to hit 100 percent this year. she has more on the outlook for latin america. latin america, economies are struggling to recover from 2 consecutive shocks and demick and then the impacts of the war in ukraine. i know they're struggling to cope with a tightening of global financial conditions when most countries in the region are slowly showing some signs of recovery. countries like argentina right now we're struggling with a very high inflation lease to speak or show some urgent tina. we have around 7 percent inflation rate
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a month. it could weak around 100 percent inflation this year. this month for example, you go, he's 68 years old. he's a pensioner and he forced to sell this stock on the truth to be able to make a living. inflation is having a huge impact on people's lives here on the government. until now i've been unable to come up with a plan. there's a big differences between president for amanda and his vice president. christina fernando, the kirshner. i'm even though argentina managed to reach an agreement with the international monetary fund and co payment, there's still a crisis over its international research. there's simply not enough dollars, right now, organ, tina, implementing exchange rate control. there's around 14 different types of exchange rates. the latest one is known as the dollar cost her, which is the exchange rate that is implemented for those port traveling over see the minister of economy right now is in washington dc, meeting with international organizations, trying to get some type of financing to be thought this country we serve,
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it's not easy or peanut has had a history of economic collapse so we cannot make the software or there's not lots of trusts out there in order to try to help this country recover. and of course, this whole situation generates lots of tension with a business sector, but also on the street. we're seeing protest happening here almost a day with people struggling to make a living to make it until the end of the month. mostly because of the fire, very high inflation rate. and this, of course, has a huge impact on the president's popularity that's bringing under. i was former ecuadorian presidential candidate and economist. he was also the general director of the central bank of ecuador joins us from washington. d. c, thank you very much. indeed for being with us. they are m f does mentioned some part positives in outlook for, for latin america, including high commodity prices, strong external demand, and remittances and rebounding tourism. but they're obviously headwinds as i said
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around the globe. what do you think the main factors are going to be for the american particular for, for making things difficult in the next few months or so? i think the main factor are the rising interest rates on behalf of the u. s. fed that are being accompanied by latin american central banks, the i m. f, also warrants that these men made crises which are gonna happen because of raising interest rates are creating and contributing also to the slow down that is expected next year. so we have to do something about that and much of the debt that the public sector, but also private sector and latin america has, is linked to variable interest rates. and as they continue rising, it will start to create problems. so we need to freeze those interest rates. we need surcharges on i m f lending to be scrapped and we need a complete reform of how the rates are being indexed and linked to ongoing problems
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and latin america. when you mentioned the problem with interest rates, but pretty much some of the central banks are raising them because they're trying to attain inflation. and they say that in that, in the outlook and despite slowing growth, latin america will continue facing high inflation for some time when you think, i think that is going to persist there. the home station is part of the the rates rising. as you mentioned, really the rates are in there to team inflation in latin america. we know that we have to raise interest rates to a company, the fed policy to avoid the indexation and. ready the depreciation of our currency is because of capital flight, right? if the u. s. raises interest rates are speculative capital, will want to leave latin american countries and deposit their money back in the us . so you have to compensate for that with raising interest rates and the domestic scene. and so that's why we also need a alternative measures. and we need a for the us to return the capital that has flown away from countries in latin
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america. and we need the us to respect to the international treaties so that they can exchange information on capital slide that has left latin american africa to the us. and that will in some manner decrease the capital flight. and the prime reason, the main reason why domestic central banks, latin america having to raise rates, and you say alternative measures, aside from the ones that you want us to take. do you think there are measures all tend to measures that latin america as a whole can take and is that a political will for latin america to act as a blog to think? definitely a, me know, we can act together in the am f for example, in demand a new issuance of special drawing. right. you know, a couple of $1000000000.00 per country definitely helps to shop reserves to sort of diminish the threats of capital flight, but also to finance. these are necessary investments in the context of the food and
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energy crisis and inflation threats. but also we need to create a regional financial architecture that is long do for latin america. we need to continue the project of the bank of the south and no central bank of the south with the soon as the currency of the re in south america. and a lot of what happens in the region will depend on their political results in brazil and the next few days. but definitely we need more structural measures that create a regional financial architecture that can help the region protect itself from the dollar cycle. the dollar shocks and the vulnerabilities in the global economic system address. i was thank you very much indeed to for to understand. we appreciate your time. thank you. thank you very much. wanted now the youth house select committee. investigate him last year, storming of capitol hill as richard the subpoena for me. you as president donald trump, to testify in front of its panel. the raw on january 6th force members of congress to evacuate, and temporarily stop them from confirming president joe barton's victory. if trump
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does not comply with the subpoena, he could face imprisonment on thursday, the panel showed previously unseen footage of congressional leaders phoning officials for help during the attack. statements from 2 members of the committee described the former president as substantially involved in the events and acted in a premeditated way. we conducted more than a 1000 interviews and depositions. we received and reviewed hundreds of thousands of pages of documents. thanks to the towel this work of our members and investigators. we've left, we have left no doubt. no, and that down trump lay an effort to up in american democracy that directly resulted in the valve of january 6th. and is your cast, your drawings line from capitol hill? so tell me about the subpoena. what will we see? trump testified to think that is the big question here. lauren, and it was
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a dramatic conclusion. not only to today's hearing, which is the string of 9 hearings that ultimately led up to this moment, but as far as whether trump will be compelled to testify before congress. well, if he chooses to appeal, which he most likely will, that could be a protracted legal battle that goes on for months. and time is on the former president, hans, as well as you know, there's a mid term election coming up in the us that will determine whether democrats retain control of congress and of republicans managed to recapture the house, which is controlling these hearings and the subpoena while republicans are expected to shut down this investigation immediately. all of the said trump did react to this committee vote, which was unanimous, 9 to 0. he used his truth media truth social website. lambing the committee saying why hadn't it asked him to testify before he is known for a pension for drama, so there's still the slim possibility he could choose to comply the likely most,
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most likely he will appeal or defy this committee. he also says that this entire investigation is a hoax. so in the greater scheme of things learn, what does this all accomplish? or the democrats who are leading this committee are trying to just refocus americans on this trump issue, which is extremely davis. we are, again, just a few weeks before the mid term elections. of this could also be something that gets political wind beneath the democratic motivating motors to turn out against trump, re focusing his attention on him. ultimately, the committee, again have a deadline that it's running against and it still has to decide whether or not it has enough evidence to recommend a criminal investigation against trump. why does your customer thank you very much? much more had to on the i'll just hear news. our russia strikes make alive while ukrainian forces are accused of hitting a russian border town. this is nature vows to boost its support for keith palestine,
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the biggest party on a declaration to end a long running feud. the sport was so now we meet a member of the american team playing the st child world cup and cut off. ah, 500 people died in nigeria is worst floods in a decade. unusually heavy rains lead to the destruction of tens of thousands of homes. the government is starting aaron, assessments of one of the worst areas in a number of state. thousands of people are trapped in remote communities and at least 1400000, a displaced. i'm going to do has more from the capital of a number of states. it's a, it's a massive, massive disaster here in a number of states like in many other parts of the country now. well, there are 2 major reverse in niger, the niger and the benway and the all flowed down south. and these waters as the
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cold, as you go down the join waters from other tributaries that invaded communities, especially those living are along the coast river and areas. these areas are completely submerged, playing into all kinds yesterday, playing into a number yesterday. it was a devastating speed below us. now we understand that the government set up several comes housing, thousands of people. they try to deliver us much supplies as possible to these people who need assistance. so communities have been completely cut off the governor of the state. charles tacoma, so do is talking about roads and bridges completely destroyed by the flood disaster . now jordan, joining me now to talk more about the impact of this disaster and what help is being render to such communities that have been impacted by this disaster is government just so new to set. thank you for joining us today. talk to us about the impact of the, the magnitude of this disaster and how you're dealing with it as a huge one. why that as wiped off by literally about 7 local governments in number
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us it, i fest with 3 of them and then to 5927. and they have hundreds of billions of value in terms of properties from land, agriculture to produce and totally submerged on the water. we don't know what this would mean, whereas in the situation in still the boats, that's the only way we get into them on them in the infrastructure that we have. but this is terribly overwhelming because this was never anticipated. understand that get my room. wand nigeria that it was going to open up the dime and so on and stuff like that. this happens every few years. and part of my surprise actually is, and we'll have, we'll check in that said as the, as a country ah, one expected that the, at the federal level that we should treat this as a national emergency actually required an emergency appropriation by the national
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assembly. which should have hundreds of billions get into the states or by now, farmland warms property is just completely ravaged, hundreds of billions governor to us salute, or thank you so much for your time. now nationwide we're talking about massive damage in several states. nigeria has 36 states and you're talking about more than 33 states impacted by biases. flood is a wasp ever seen in decades in this country. at least 18 flood survivors in pakistan have died after their boss caught fire 8 children are among the dead. officials say the fire broke out after the air conditioning unit short circuited. the boss was carrying around 80 people back to their villages. after flood waters receded. augustine's catastrophic plants have killed more than 1700 people and made hundreds of thousands homeless. the chinese. ringback coast guard has recovered the bodies of 15 migrants of its eastern coast near the city of medea. authorities are
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working to identify the bodies, according to the chinese in state news agency. some of the victims are reportedly, african nato says, spain will become the latest member state to send air defense systems to ukraine, to help keep against russia's miss alberta ashes. earlier germany said it was dispatching a missile defense system. all this follows a 2 day meeting of nato defense ministers in brussels. on the dis, package made the will shortly deliver counter drawn equipment to ukraine with a 100 or drawn jammers which can help render in the effective russian. and iranian made drums and to protect ukrainian people and critical infrastructure over the longer term, we will also help you trying to transition from sort of era to mod, done. natal equipment continues to make clear that we will not be dragged
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into roger's war of torsh. but we will stand by, you claim a good fight to defend itself, and we will continue to strengthen meadows, collector of the french natasha butler has more on the summit from brussels. we're, i think the mood at this nato defense ministers meeting over the past few days. has been solemn and determined, we've heard over again from the chief of nato. net. yes, dalton bugs was the u. s. defense secretary, that nato allies are in it for the long haul. they're going to support ukraine for as long as it takes that support really takes the shape of stepped up, weapons deliveries to keith, particularly those and missile defense systems. that key says it so desperately needs russians. the invasion though, and it's nuclear weapons threats of certainly sharpened and focused minds. here, as in some nato member states, really looking at their own territorial or security. and that is, why are we also saw 14 member states sign a joint agreement to jointly purchase
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a missile defense systems to try and ensure their own countries safety. because in the words of the german defense minister, we are living in dangerous times. ukraine's forces have achieved success. regaining territory in the north, east and south since launching a counter offensive in august. ukraine's as it has retaken 5 settlements in house on one of the regions. russia says it's annexed. russia's deputy prime ministers as civilians will be evacuated from the region assigned that ukraine's counter events if is advancing. but rushing back separatist say they've captured 2 villages in the east internet's region near the city of back loot ukrainian official san apartment building. and nikolai of has been hit by missile killing at least 3 people, including an 11 year old boy. a 4th person was killed elsewhere in the city. and while ukrainian forces have been accused of shelling an apartment book in a russian border town, the governor of belgrade says
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a school has also been damaged. ukraine denies its responsible and says the damage was caused by a misaligned russian. miss hall. russian president vladimir putin, his proposed setting up a regional hub and took care to deliver a gas to europe. erased the idea in a meeting with his turkish counterpart and cousin stung pretend, says increase cooperation or supplies with took. you could also help regulate prices. russia is looking to redirect supplies away from the north stream gas pipelines, which were damaged in explosions last month. my father's more from moscow was leaders have been talking about this potential solution ever since the explosions that damaged nordstrom one and 2, those major pipelines that had been exporting russian gas to western europe. russia has a strong desire to find alternative meas, to continue its exportation of gas to western europe and other countries. and president vladimir putin in stana made that clear when he proposed
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a platform to be built in turkey for the distribution of russian gas to. so if there is an interest from to kia and our potential pies in other countries, we would consider the possibility of building another gas pipeline system and creating a gas held in a took year for sales to 3rd countries, primarily of costing you opinions. if they're of course, interested in this, the work of this hub, which we could create together, would be a platform, not just for supplies, but for determining the price to. because this is a very important issue. today, the prices are exorbitant, and we could regulate them at a normal market level without political overtones. the company spokesman dmitri pest coffers in as tanner said, that to president l one and present puttin, showed strong desire for an immediate implementation of the idea. and the 2 companies, russian, gus from, and turkish boat,
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us pipelines corporation have already started talking about the way to go forward with this plan. russia has been exporting gas through the black sea air, through its pipeline called turk stream. but that might not be enough for the implementation of this project, and that's why the 2 countries are now thinking about building a 2nd pipeline. the idea for putting, according to what he said, it is to stabilize prices and control them and also avoid this link that he mentioned between politics and it make relations between the different countries. he said the europeans, half politicized gas resources and economic expectations for russia, and that should be avoided. there should be alternatives to that type of behavior. patient has been trying to re kindle anti western sentiment at that summit in kazakhstan, with asian leaders, where he,
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how talks with that one at many of the countries, some at a former soviet states and traditionally strong allies of russia. but that relationship has been changing since the invasion of ukraine. bruce pioneer is a central asia analyst. he joins me now from prague on that. how would you say that the relationship has been involving since didn't? the invasion of ukraine was conclusions very quiet about this course. start in february, 1 like russia started the war. but as the war, dr. don, and it's become more and more apparent, the russian is very poorly inside ukraine. the central asians are started to distance themselves. a little bit and then they have made some, there's been some governments cover governments, for instance, you said publicly that they won't recognize the separate just regions that russia now says are part of the russian federation. and what, what about the customers for oil and gas and russia trying to the west trust when it's off off russian, oil and gas. so these potentially areas where they can get customers for that. well,
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yes and no, i mean there actually russia is the main oil producer oil supplier to curious down and touch it gets done. but topics on, for instance, which has a 7000 kilometer long border with russia is an oil exports and its own right. and in fact, a lot of oil that it exports goes through pipeline. it ends up with the russian black report of noble received and goes to mainly european union countries. so complex is also supply and some of the oil and petroleum to central countries. and there was the soviet, near a grid. i won't go into that a great detail, but it did make the translation region somewhat self sufficient so that they do have enough resources to supply themselves as long as they're willing to cooperate . and if the, the influence of russia is raining with these countries who sounds to benefit regionally, will probably do you see some stepping into the, to the range? well, you know, clearly china, of course, is going to benefit from this, not because china is doing more than it has been,
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but because it's already done so much that it does have great economic and certainly in central asia. and a lot of that said there are countries that are moving quickly to build some of the backings that are being created as russian influence going to receive turkey. turkey here is one. and i know you were speaking about president aired along with gods. it's done with that, they're really, they've moved forward a lot. iran actually, to some extent, you know, why turkey and iran one, they're helping to build security words that are being created with russia. are we going to proceed in a little bit that to because the russian trade route, which is the traditional route for central asia once we're now constricted and so it's done reliable. and the situations are trying to open up new trade routes to go the re, ron, and over to turkey, or across the caspian sea, through the carcasses and across the boxy, or all, or through turkey again. and then turn and just go back to the ukraine question, would any of these countries during something like this be able to kind of raise the issue would pretend you think they would,
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they would go down that route. they were reluctant to bring it up, like i said, there's been some public comments about, you know, the fact that they will represent they recognize the shepherdess regions. they don't, they are so bold as to actually confront moscow and say that they're against this policy. and that said, you know, when they look at what's happening and you have to wonder if this is possibly their own future, right. i mean, they were, there were all soviet republics at one time or another. and there happened comments from russian officials about the fact that russian historic land could include places like central asia and, and there's even been some officials who have mentioned coverage on as being certainly northern cobblestone has been actually settled by russians and should be considered part of russia proper brittany, thank you very much indeed. and i thank you. your chances are alive from london still ahead of amongst the political deadlock, iraq's parliament finally elect a new president. u. k. government told to create coherent and consistent economic
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policies as it central bank stabilizing scheme is set to end $1000000.00 memorabilia. madonna's hand of god bull is up for auction. but he's ah ah, let's go with your weather update for europe in africa. i have your along every one . so some waves of rain off the atlantic, but a bit of a break for the islands of ireland and britain on friday, some heavier pockets of rainbow around paris with a height of 18 degrees. ok, so these bands of rain are moving west, the east, across central europe, so captures a bit lower than where they have been because we've got this cloud cover and shower activity in time, heavier bouts of rain for albanian south of that. so we'll pick up the story there
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. i think we could fire up some severe thunderstorms for that western side of greece. disturbed weather for the western side of turkey. in fact, i think we could see some spits of rain in istanbul over the next few days, but by and large, best weather on the continent is iberia. in fact, we're still hanging on to some thirties in southern spain, seville at 32 degrees off to africa. we go in, it's not good news for southern nigeria. some more heavy rain in the forecast that will play lagos with a high of 31 degrees to the south end. anything extreme fire. danger for the interior of south africa. it's been dry there, but we're now seen those winds crank up and across the coastline of south africa. some showers can be found here, including cape town with a height of 18 degrees on friday. and now they're in the no awe every day in the pool, at least 3 mothers died while giving birth in remote areas. one on 18th grade,
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the bright medics and pilots saving the lives of mothers. and then you born on al jazeera, the chinese communist party holds it 20. if congress delegates will meet to discuss constitutional change, economic challenges and foreign policy with president jean ping likely to secure at that time. will he be given even more power to pursue his vision? for the future, fuller, the story on o. j. 0 years from al jazeera on the go and need tonight out is there is all new mobile app is there for you. this is where we dissects, analyze, to find what's going on. i guess from algy, there is a mobile app available in your favorite app. still, just sat for it and tapped are made a new app from al jazeera new at you think it it lou
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ah, and one of the top stories, yoga 0, nato says, spain will become the latest member state to send air defense systems to ukraine, to help counter rushes, missiles earlier, germany said it was dispatching a missile defense system. nature. defense ministers have been meeting in brussels or the 500 people have died in nigeria is worse flogs in a decade. unusually heavy rain lead to destruction of tens of thousands of homes. the head of the international monetary fund is warned that inflation threatens to become a runaway train. crystelina girl gave us as the clover the economy has been hit by one shock after another. and the risk of global recession is now 25 percent.
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the u. k. s. government has been chastised by the i m f, which is calling for coherent and consistent policies after the treasury chief's controversial financial plans triggered a fall in the value of both the pound and government bonds. the fall out forced the bank of england to launch an emergency bond buying scheme, which is meant to end on friday, where there have been reports of an extension. the central bank has been buying bonds to stabilize their price after the budget announcement owns, are sold by the government to raise money. it needs for spending. if faith in the countries government or economy goes down, often, so does the price of its bonds. pension funds generally invest in bonds. they provide a low, but generally reliable return. if bon price is full, the quantity is sold before they lose too much value, which could cause some pension funds to collapse. a set off of 20 and 30 year government bowl bonds or guilt hit their highest level since 2002 on wednesday. the bank of england is also warned. around 475000 households will lightly experienced
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difficulties repaying their mortgages and expects that that to rise to 800000 next year. and that 1700000 more, which holders will need to refinance their loans, moving to much higher rates. where here's what the uke has finance chief had to say earlier on thursday. there was some target, so i am frankly picked it up. okay, the all to the really book where i'm sitting here talking about the global challenges. everybody is focused on inflation. everybody's affected by a potential interest rate rises, everybody's affected by the energy price spikes, which have been exacerbated by persons, illegal war in ukraine. so everybody across the global financial community is really focusing on the same problems. a price is the chief economic adviser, the center for economics and business research. he's also former u. k. government economic advisors joins me now from athens. thanks so much for being with us. so course cutting that and st. talking about some slight turbulence,
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but there are discuss reports now of ongoing discussions within downing street, apparently that there might be another huge and to do with them in the budget. how likely is that? and if so, which elements do you think they would pick? i think we are likely to see some more changes. we already saw the abandonment of the $45.00 b rate reduction that they had intended to do. so that's been reinstated . so that was the rate that tyrone, as we're paying and that was the highest tax rate that we got didn't the case of that is still there. so that's one you turn which of course and carries it all the people to label the budget that we had in the u. k. is the budget, the many budget for the rich. so politically wasn't a very clever move. one would imagine. i've been there on our discussion, so perhaps looking at other elements of what the many badges included. one of them is the corporation tax rate. they had been an expectation that that great would
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increase. next financial year we started in april and u. k. from 19 percent to 25 percent. what we had had, of course, from the band with many budgets and i think had been hinged during the stresses an election campaign to be prime minister, which now was, is, or it was that that would be reversed. there was not going to be that increase. well now there are suggestions that that may still happen. and other possibilities that we might see, the catch in the basic graduate come to actually shows meant to come down to 19 b to the pound. in again, april 2023. that may be postponed to 2024, which was what the original idea had been barouche's to lag when he was chancellor . so that could indeed be a number of terms, so that what the government does, and then there's also what to the bank of england. and what is what they do, and what do you think will happen when the bank of england support for government bonds? will guilt ends are supposed to be tomorrow? friday?
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indeed, i think to morrison, but interesting day because the bank of england, when it announced that it wasn't going to be selling a government bond, this is in tend to cheer. it said he was going to be selling something like $18000000000.00 a year from here on. he said that on september the 22nd, which was just a day before the many budgets and at that same time the race interest rate is 50 basis points. that would have meant something like $60000000000.00 of sales just the financial year. that would have been additional to anything else. the government would perhaps need to do to get the electricity price cap at the $2.00 and a half 1000 pounds. the said they would keep the average for households and also helping businesses. well, of the moment the many budget was announced the day after that announcement, but the bank of england a, we saw the mark is really, really get a very worried pushing yields out. so significantly number was long term interest
12:39 am
rates and selling bones very significantly, which put of course pension funds to consider will trouble. oh, so the bank of england started intervening in the market. now that intervention was meant to finish tomorrow. the markets are going to be looking at that very, very carefully. and i'm suspecting that there is because one of turbulence partly to morrow, but also following that because we have to wait until october 31st. before we hear about where the song, those changes in that policy are going to be implemented. and what's the dependent option was responsibility says the fiscal position is going to be just not just this year, but in years i had because the tax cuts that had been announced the huge hole in the public finances witness. and what about global factors? how much are they playing into the, the volatility in the u. k. but that's really interesting because of course, interest rates master a lot of the differential interest rates. the u. s. was, i've been going out quite a significantly,
12:40 am
the federal reserve has been much more aggressive than many others. and where we are in the u. k. we not that far also about one percentage of the rule. we have been a little bit more hesitant to like in terms of raising interest rates, looking what's happening in the market. and also we're a little bit about about what happened to gross. so up to point the dollar strength matters. but what we saw is of the markets sold, sterling the moment they failed, uncertain, and i'm clear about this position. and of course, the same time the sold government bonds, but it is absolutely true that yes, the dollar strengths, but lots of other countries have seen increases in yields. when you look across europe, for example, that's b b rising. italian yields 10 year bonds. there's been an increase in german ones as well, who's been negative just a year ago. but nevertheless, when i did it, you know, we've seen the u. k. and the shopping reset to play straight doctor. the minute
12:41 am
budget is very much in general this year, and it is very much a concern that perhaps when you look across the various countries that you case that looks like it may well be very surprised. thank you very much indeed for donors. north korea is launched another ballistic missile into the sea and thrown warplanes close to the border with south korea. south korea responded swiftly scrambling fighter jets to the area as tensions between the countries continue to rise earlier on thursday, north korea said as a test 5 to cruise missiles capable of carrying tactical nuclear weapons need a condolences. the launch proves that north korea is prepared for war. young is covered at a series of missile tests during the past 2 weeks. iraq's parliament has finally elected a new president, appointment of 78 year old kurdish politician, abdullatif rashid and months of deadlock. just before he was selected,
12:42 am
rockets landed in bagdad green zone, so miserably reports from the rocky capital. as iraqi politicians met to choose a new president and prime minister multiple rockets landed in central but the dog, several year government buildings including parliament, one striking the roof of a mosque just outside the greens of a session of parliament without some kind of violence. iraqis say might seem incomplete. well, what if we saw the rock? his hayes were accustomed to it, it happened is over and no people are back to normal life. i've never, i've just never had a note for from parliament life carried on w. cooper's been selling t on the streets of bookstore for 47 years. for him, the session means blocked roads, and more time to get to work. and missing even one day means not making rent. i knew i was like the let down. the whole situation is exhausting. everything is
12:43 am
exhausting because of the government. every new government is exhausting. i don't think new late is will be of any use other months of political deadlock street bond, economic decline, the rockies are losing faith in all their political leaders. no marino, a new government will not change anything because all of them are faith. since 2003 had that done any good. they did nothing, only divided wealth between themself. i don't trust them and i never will. in both dads, markets concerns are much more practical shopkeepers trying to write businesses. parents trying to buy school supplies. people we've been speaking to say the same thing. the political instability is something that they are tired of because all it is doing is disrupting their daily lives. the business of government and buck dodd makes bad traffic much worse. heather spends 4 hours a day on the road and sees his country going backwards to bring
12:44 am
a rockies together. he says politicians and need to give young people what they want. a lot less. i was a little more in the civil law from civil iraqis need, safety and jobs give them jobs. this is what they want. iraqis love happiness. they love football. they love to travel. they mean no one any harm. we don't want to 100 percent perfect life. we just want like 60 percent to live a normal life divisions run deep, but her rockies are united by a broken economy. political conflict blocking the road to repairing it. then basra v o 0 is really force is reportedly sent reinforcements to occupied east jerusalem following violent confrontations with palestinians increase restrictions have also been placed on the movement of people at sure foot refugee camp. that being confrontations between palestinians and israeli troops at the camp where she's been
12:45 am
located since saturday. 25 palestinians have been arrested during raids in different parts of the fog with bank rival palestinian factions, hamas, and fat. i've signed a declaration to end a lo running feud. the 2 sides have been talking and now jerry or if touched a form, a palestine national council and hold elections within the next year. and the gaza strip and the occupied west bank of their senior political analyst smell. i'm shara says this is an opportunity for palestinians to unite. this actually opens the way for not only this agreement, but for the palestinians to be able to hold their palestinian national council. that brings about all the senior people and data preventatives to a meeting whereby it will be our sort of an assembly not only for those in the west bank and gaza, but are for all of the proceeding people to be able to come together to unite on
12:46 am
one program and that could happen in the area and i'm sure the judy and president boone was probably more than happy to host that because that is apparently something that makes him even more popular at home. right scripts, haley, 7 people were killed in kurdish regions of iran overnight. as nationwide anti government protests spock by the death of a women in police custody, showed no signs of slowing. demonstrators were burning flags in the code. your city can fight a deadly cracked down by security forces. on wednesday, gunshots were fired when 40 confronted protest is in the normal city of rushed justice, a 22 year old, and many died. after being beaten by morality, police for not wearing a headscarf. probably iranian president, bryan racy, says the rest is part of the western plot. how was, even though the iranian nation has invalidated america's military option and has also, as the americans themselves have admitted,
12:47 am
brought the policy of sanctions and maximum pressure. a humiliating failure. now following america's failure in militarism and sanctions, washington and its allies have resorted to the failed policy of day stabilization. italy's fascist passed and it's far right future. been on display in parliament after a holocaust survivor opened the 1st session of the senate since last month selection . liliana said that i got a standing ovation, 92 year old as a senator for life and is one of the few italian children who survived deportation to nazi death camp. italy's next prime minister is expected to be georgia, maloney, the leader of the brothers eventually party, which has fascist roots. the senior party members also been chosen as and that speaker. yes, you larosa once probably showed off his memorabilia of fascist liter benito.
12:48 am
mussolini took his parliament, has adopted a law that will jail journalists and social media uses for spreading this information. the bill was proposed by turkish president rich of child ad one. now has to approve it. and i just say she says those she spread false information online about tech is security, to quote, create fear and disturb public order. or faced up to 3 years in prison. critic site will be used to crack down on dissent, even harder and wildlife populations around the world have plummeted by 69 percent since $970.00. according to the world wildlife fund living planet report from says the rich by diverse students sustains all life is in crisis. putting every species on the planet at risk europe and central asia have seen a decline of 18 percent with species being impacted by nature depletion from farming and urbanized ation. the u. k, for example,
12:49 am
is one of the most nature depleted countries in the world as isn't just destruction of habitat, but the degradation of soil and pollution of rivers. asia pacific is seeing species widely impacted by climate change. as is, africa, drought starves species of food and water sources. while natural disasters like wildfires and floods, a destroying habitat, climate change is proving fruitful for some species in north america, warmer weather, as triggered beetles and mos to produce more generations each year. but this is devastating to the surrounding habitat with the insects causing mass styles of trees and latin america and the caribbean. one of the greatest impacts on species is deforestation. this destroys habitats, but also needs to warmer and dry local climates increasing fires while reducing rainfall. allison are getting reports from teen, gaza national park in columbia. these are dark times for wildlife around the world
12:50 am
. the w. w. f latest living planet report says wild animal populations are in sharp decline, and that no worries the last or concerning them in latin america and the caribbean were monitored populations of mammals, birds, and fabian's reptiles and fish have declined by 94 percent since 970 this in one of the most bio diverse regions of the world, the accuracy in the region are changing very rapidly. and unless we do something quickly, we can, based on a cut that humans are mostly to blame since 970 the region as seen. dramatic habit, at last, due mainly to agricultural expansion, the for a station in the amazon to make space for cattle ranching, strengthening the entire world's climate. even here high in the and in mountains, the expansion of the agricultural frontier has greatly impacted the environment.
12:51 am
potato an onion feels dot the landscape well over 3000 meters of elevation, endangering animals like the spectacle. bear with their silver lining. with juggled with dana, this is the plea with the ana locally known as cardon. it's the and the embarrass main source of food restoration efforts like this one in columbus chin. gossip park aim to replace damage environments, but at the end the park has prioritize areas that before the coming protected were heavily altered by agriculture and cattle. and that hadn't been able to recover alone were slowly recovering them now with native plants. similar programs elsewhere of proven successful helping restore once threatened species like guerrillas in africa and brazil, st dollar turtle. it is important to understand that even though the figures and so dramatic and the and the stakes are so high, ah,
12:52 am
we believe that we still have time to make this change with world leaders are due to meet at the 15th convention of biological diversity. this december i once in a decade, oppertunity experts say to implement those changes before it's too late. allison ramp yet the al jazeera chin, gaza columbia. i sell our sport. thank you very much. lauren, while the favorites for the european league arsenal were made to work hard for their win away to norway's abode a glimpse apparently late as it traveled inside the arctic jet for turkle of for this match. the only goal came from buckeye osaka in the 1st half an was very fortunate its wall arsenal making it 3 winds from 3 in the group statist. and there was a late trauma at old trafford. the majesty united finally found away through her guests as stubborn ammonia anacostia an injury time scott mark dominy got the goal to deny
12:53 am
the cypriot side at their 1st that points in the group. elsewhere in the group matches, it shows a moreno as a rama came away from re alberta's that were the one all draw andrea ability were the equalizer for romance, but they are still stuck in 3rd place in the table that is taught the group. and the point, the clench their place in the nor cart stages barcelona may be struggling in european competition the season that bird their top of the spanish league, and this sunday, their face, their biggest rivals, real madrid bos. striker robert live and dusky will also get the, the to experience that the fixture known as l classical. for the 1st time, cutesy story though huge her story or not about only the good games against or another call. so when we are talking about champions, again, i have still this in memorial cylinder the, the next game against our mother. for me that was something special always. ah,
12:54 am
and i love to play against around love read because you know, the 3rd to playing against. because the my, one of the best 13 in the oven, the water for me, something's, something's pressure. now the ball used by argentina, diego mariah doner to score his famous hand of god, goal against england in the 1986, while cup is to go on auction, it's expected to sell for around 3000000 dollars. the mattress written is in ali, been nasa has kept it for 36 years and says now is the right time to share at the historic ball with the world. the shirt mar, done a war, and that game was sold for close to $8000000.00. earlier this year. the street at child walk up as a football term and to the aims to help vulnerable young people from around the globe. the us team is made up of children from families of immigrants and migrant workers. one of the places tells us about her pride,
12:55 am
representing all americans. i'm eileen lopez and i'm from new york city. i'm a soccer player. participating in the tree, child was competing for usa, my parents, they migrated to the state and country from mexico. and i just as a child of immigrant, it's always very difficult because people see differently. and i don't know. people see you as a threat sometimes too because they think that you want to take things that are there when i play the fan center back right back left back. when you say yes, my code, they gave me the opportunity to be part of the competition. i didn't know for sure that i was going to be going and at this event
12:56 am
they, they announce that. and i was very shocked because i was not aware i'm very excited to be part of the high space which is fine. will be going against things like brazil, columbia, bolivia, mexico, very nervous about bizarre because i feel like they have soccer in their blood. so i think this competition will be a learning experience and very good, comfortable friends to help us. but our game or level our game of i am very excited for this is laura, i wasn't going to stay longer to at least experience one of the games, but i'm still going to be watching every one of the world cup games. all my teammates are i think all of us are mexican american or alleys have hispanic background. i feel like everyone in the other countries are expecting you know,
12:57 am
americans actual like americans born and america parents from america. but we're going with parents immigrant. parents make them proud and show them what we can do . my name machado led his team to victory and the major league baseball playoffs. machado hit an early run for the san diego padres, and this $53.00 win over the any dodge is the best of 5 national league division series is now off square at one game apiece. and there was an extra reason for one atlanta braves fan to celebrate during his seems free nail when it gets to philadelphia, phillies to comb and nice souvenir. thanks to this catch in the stance their playoff series is now level one home game 3. take space on friday in philadelphia and the colorado avalon to have opened their stanley cup title defense that with the victory over the chicago black hawks before the game,
12:58 am
the team raised the 3rd championship banner in franchise history. last season that they defeated the tampa bay. ly think to take the title and they made the winning saw it to the new season, beat him, the black hawks, 52 and thus it is both for me. i hand you back to lorne in london. so now thank you very much indeed quick reminder that you can catch up with all news on our website address about his audi 0 dot com could watch us live, are clicking on me live icon and that's it for me. for this news off, i'm back with a for one of those news in just a couple of minutes to stay with us. i for that ah ah
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