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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2022 7:00am-7:31am AST

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no property, but also an infrastructure that now needs fixing front power lines to water. main detailed coverage is up available. i think a very good part of the thing from around the world at the peak, probably season for 51000 records on for pumpkin frank assessments. if the united states surely felt that you're running a good program was there to build a nuclear weapon. they would assign to view by informed opinions. i believe that armenia agenda should have bilateral negotiations. we've been holding it that for many times critical living is the commonwealth. now still something that king chose . we'll take home in depth analysis of the data global headlines inside story on al jazeera. ah,
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the way we are delivering our mission right now has to change 6 weeks into the job and the u. k. lead us sacks, have finance minister and scraps. i economics strategy ah, alabama or kyle, this is al serra live from doha. also coming up, rescue efforts have been continuing through the night for coal. mine is trap to underground an explosion. intac. yea, 25 are confirmed dead ukraine says russia is not evacuating bought, deporting people from his annex curse on region. and china tyson's covered 19 controls ahead of one of the communist party's most significant meetings in decades . ah.
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person is prime minister is in a desperate fight for survival loss. taking drastic action to ease economic turmoil . less trust fired her finance minister less than 6 weeks. and so the job and she's made a big policy. you turn abandoning plans to cut corporation tax. these barca begins, are coverage. this is a government fighting for its survival. the prime minister list trust announcing the sucking of her main ally, the chancellor quasi quality of the reversal of financial promises that it said the u. k. economy into free fall is clear that parts of our many budget went further and faster the markets were expecting. so the way we are delivering our mission right now has to change. we need to act now to reassure the markets of our fiscal discipline trust. so the planned freeze on corporation tax will now be reversed in a painfully awkward grilling by the press. yes,
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he has to go out for how come you get to stay. my priority is making sure we deliver the economic stability that our country needs earlier. the chancellor quasi courting dash back for meetings in washington for crunch talks would trust only to be shown the door. do you feel that you've been betrayed by the prime minister? they'd entered office together as ideological part as bent on massive tax cuts and debt funded borrowing. but there many budget spook the markets, causing the pound to plummet from sending the cost of government borrowing, soaring, i trust, has appointed jeremy hunt a form of foreign and help secretary to replace quoting. he's a respected faith in the conservative party who back the former chancellor re she soon act over live trust in the race to become leader. it's hoped he'll help unify a party dog by in fighting. in london's financial center, quoting departure was welcomed with a collective sigh of relief and questions about the prime minister's future. you've
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got to be a pragmatist, if you pursue dogmatically your ideology, it will end in disaster. as you just seen. incredible is that i'm not surprised. i'm not surprised you doing a really bad job. i think probably the worse of ever say it for a good me for the country. you think? absolutely. yeah. we need stability is on a viable for him to carry on doing what he was doing. i mean, it was crazy. and what does this mean for trust you think? oh, i can't see her going on to be honest, i can see how it says sustainable is less than 40 days since less trust walk through that famous black door is the country's new as prime minister in which time the markets have been left in turmoil divisions within the rule, the conservative party have deepened, and the policies reputation for fiscal responsibility has been shattered. the sustain battered and bruised, she limps on her premier ship looking more and more precarious. by the day near park al jazeera london to the hall report now from downing street on lives. trust
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is difficult day. i think potentially extremely damaging police trust, potentially catastrophic for, for her premier ship. remember, she's been in office for just over a month now. she has no popular political mandate, she was elected by 1000 conservative party members to whom she promised higher growth off the back of lower taxes and radical economic reforms of promise that looks to have been torpedoed. and you turns reversals on political policy. decisions are always damaging for a prime minister, they eat away. the problem is this credibility. they've been a few of those not least the softer noon here at downing street during the political campaign leadership campaign in the summer. she swore it was the centerpiece alter campaign. indeed that she would reverse a planned rise in corp taxes put in place by riches sumac, her opponent. then the chancellor previously will cease to row back on that. those
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rises will go ahead in the campaign, she said they'd be no public sector budget cuts. so here she implied, they would have to be public sector budget cuts, that of course, she, you turn on her chancellor quasi qua tag. he was sacked this afternoon. the death toll off an explosion and coal mine in turkey has risen to 25 people and says the scene and bots. hin right now as the such goes on, round the clock for others still missing under ground. and to monahan has more than i did not. the survivors of turk years deadliest mind disaster in years. there being taken for treatment at a nearby hospital crowds including family members have gathered around the site, awaiting word of those still trapped below. use on cache, or the shams, or which 110 of our brothers are working in the might cause some of them. the ones on the upper levels managed to get out right after this explosion was some, others had been rescued. the darkness has made rescue efforts more difficult,
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but emergency workers are continuing to search through the night. the explosion happened 300 meters blew the surface just before sunset. no with it's most likely an explosion. when we were back there, we only felt the pressure everywhere was covered in dust. we couldn't see anything . turkish present wrist up type it a one is heading to the mine on saturday. prosecutors of last investigation. it's being treated as an accident, but it will take time to discern exactly what caused the explosion than to marlyn al jazeera and the sam, cassandra has the latest. now, from istanbul, the rescue work places are under way, and the mine engineers that have or that i. d can, and they tell me that the minus 300 minus 300 meters are not very deep compared to other mines in the area because this area by the boxes are known to be the
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coal mine areas. so there are so many miles and there are even deeper minds down to 1000 meters. and they're telling me that the risk routines have been trained for this. and they all. 5 fight against this, but of course, according to a initial, initial information that we have received from the interior ministry agency. there was a transformer explosion, and then there was there was this explosion. and because of the message, guys, the coal mining gas side. so this means fires, but the interior minister said there was no fire in. 9 and now as, as what we heard from the rescue workers, they are telling us that they're going to go through the wells to reach those galleries that those workers can be hiding. but as i said,
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because of the coal mine gas and turn transformer explosion, it means they have a little oxygen left inside. the ukranian official says ross has called for residence to flee the cause on region amount to deportation, not evacuation the regions russian installed leader as people to leave on thursday, citing daily rocket attacks by ukrainian troops. ukraine says it doesn't target its own civilians because on is one of the full partly occupies ukrainian province, is annexed by moscow last month. child stratford is increasingly re christ to the front lines in terms of what an evacuation would look like. it's really important to recognize that this statement from this russian install official is saying that these people should go to the russian side to towns like rust off roast off on dawn in russia. we know, having seen footage at the early stages of this war,
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the immense protests that people are put up inside care song against the occupation people standing in front of russian tanks demanding that the russians withdrawal. so there are a lot of people in that city that are very pro ukrainian. so want, in fact an evacuation would look like with it would be a false evacuation. whether in fact there could be some sort of potential agreement for a cessation of hostilities, a corridor for people to actually move out to the ukrainian side at this stage. that seems almost inconceivable. but we're in that area yesterday, relatively speaking. and we saw a lot of ukrainian military tanks being moved to and fro. ukrainian soldiers dug in in an hedge rose in the areas of countryside around there. we saw helicopter gun ships as well. a lot of very nervous civilians in that area. that area that is
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being re taken by the ukrainian so yeah, a lot of unanswered questions, but obviously the ukrainians determined to re take control of this huge, great city of, of huge strategic bones. russians, president says it will have completed as draft of 300000 soldiers within 2 weeks. and there are no plans for a full miniature mobilization. speaking at the news conference and catholic stance capsule, vladimir putin says he has no regrets about the conflict and ukraine. just to pursue issue a new multiple. what is happening today is unpleasant to put it mildly to listen, but we would have to face the same situation later in worse conditions for us. that is, so we are acting correctly and on time we stay. if we do not set ourselves the task of destroying ukraine, no, of course not. see there is no need for massive strikes at least for the moment. for now, as for the future will secreted him. candice in the hotly contested georgia senate seat and the u. s. midterm elections have faced off in a debate. democrats won the states 2 seats last year,
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giving them control of both houses of congress. and the 1st time in a decade. now one of those seats is up for grabs. mike, hannah reports from savannah. we will see tom and tom again tonight as we've already seen. there my opponent has a problem with the true right now i have to respond to where we are. we are moving on. i'm on the piece of it to familiar made for television debate between contenders were a crucial senatorial seat in georgia. but there's a lot at stake here as senate seat currently held by democrat reverend reiko warnock, but contested by trump backed former football star republican herschel walker, and much like the nearby savannah river. this turbulence below the surface. the debate comes amid a vicious media attack campaign, showing up as, as whitehouse armed with a gun and refusing to leave the anti
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abortion candidate. walker is also accused of funding an abortion for an ex girlfriend. he denies it, but the level of anger in the campaign reflects the significance of this particular fight. will it confirm the shift from the right signal and the democrats victory 2 years ago? is the state of georgia going to continue that trend toward democratic or is it going to go back to republican? a lot of that will have to do with the motivation of the voters in georgia going into this mid term election. we know that it's also important on a national level go down and the selection will also be a measure of the lingering influence of donald trump. marshall please, staff who has wholeheartedly endorsed the heal walker. i only need $11000.00. i need 11000 votes. gimme a break. the former president is facing potential legal issues in georgia because of his attempts to change the official election counted 2020 president. trump is my friend and he won't stand by me when he's voted with him. 96 percent of the time. i
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think that part of the problem with our politics right now is that is become too much about the politicians, vice president. and i think in the past television debates had a direct impact on election results. that as trump himself has demonstrated in 2022, it doesn't appear to matter what the candidate says or does. as long as the potty wins. the debate has put on display the degree of animosity that has permeated these mid term elections in a bitterly divided united states. what was once a ripple on the body politic is now a churning tied. my cana alters era savanna. cilla has hair on out 0 as strike those fueling frustration in france, but there are signs of a breakthrough and getting a kickstart to a better life. we meet members of the pakistan team at the st kit. wells. com
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ah, the anticipation is rising. and so with the atmosphere, you read the votes of my cattle a ways time. now for your weather update, for the middle east and africa. good to have jo long. not much change, still plenty of sun temperatures doing pretty good few showers creeping into the levant over the next little bit. but let me take you around the golf. we've got a breeze coming off the gulf, so that means a human weekend. for example, here in cats are doha, with a high of 37 degrees. now we've lost the seabreeze in pockets. stands for karachi that allows your temperature get to get up to 37. but whether it's lower up percent, providence to temperatures are ranging anywhere from $3637.00 degrees after turkey . we go and some severe storms that were over grease is creek island. while that
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run of rain is now pushing into southern turkey. so what day and on talia, and also some blood st showers for is stumble with a high of 18 degrees. there has been some flooding in northern cameron ruins. this is the images coming out of their flood waters. have reached about a meter and a half in terms of depths. so people have evacuated their homes on canoes. i think the worst of the flooding is for coastal camera room pushing into southern sections of nigeria on saturday. temperature, it's going up in south africa, pulled the longer, and limpopo provinces, and a few showers along the western cape, including cape town to with sponsored by catch all highways and talk to al jazeera. we also do believe that women of afghanistan was somehow abandoned by the international community. we listen, we have a huge price for the role of dennis terrorism. what's going on in some money? we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the stories that matter on al
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jazeera, what we do, it, i'll just, there are, is tried to balance this story and leave the people who allow with into their lives, dignity, and humanity. ah ah, there again, you're watching out, is there a his reminder of our top stories this hour, but she's priming sellers trust as sac, her finance minister and ditch her new government economics strategy. the drastic action comes just 6 weeks in the job. an explosion in a turkish coal mine has killed at least 25 people. dozens of others are still trapped. underground. 110 workers are reported to have been in the mine in barton
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province, and the rescue operation is ongoing. ross, as president says, he has no regrets about the conflict in ukraine. vladimir putin, as he has no wish to destroy ukraine and sees no need to continue big asterix. china's most important political event in decades is taking place over the coming days as a sheet and ping is almost certain to remain at the helm when 2300 communist party delegates meet in beijing. but the rest of the leadership is set for a shake up. patrick folk outlines what's at stake. the streets are painted red in security has been stepped up ahead of china's commerce party, congress. beijing's tightened coven 19 carbs as well. and he outbreak during this important political event would be an embarrassment for the government. of course, people are paying attention to whether there will be changes or short from changes . because it's affecting everybody is affecting the entire nation. while the rest
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of the world has mostly decided to live with the virus, china has doggedly pursued as 0 cove approach. keeping pressure on the economy shoring up growth will be a top priority for the new leadership. many people will be keeping a close eye on the new economic line up. you are talking about a very, very profound major personnel changes in china. the personality of different leaders at different levels do have major impact among those on their way out. our premier leeker chung who manages the world's 2nd largest economy and lo, her president, she's top economic adviser, both as seen as pro market reformists. it's on to say who could step in to fill those shoes, decision making for the leadership reshuffle a made behind closed doors, but many political and let's believe incoming candidates will be she lawyer less with a more state driven economic approach. another question is whether the re shuffle
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will throw up any potential success or to she can pick some fear. the president's consolidation of power may divert attention away from the most pressing problem. gentleman is the economic problem seems to have been cast aside. beijing is now focusing on the power shift on the establishment of a totalitarian system. i believe china's economy in the long run will find it difficult to escape from the prospect of recession were treading the willing to prevent that from happening. and over all of china's coven 19 policy could be crucial. but there's little indication as it stands of any significant change. i'll patrick joins us now live from bay jane. and when will we know for sure, patrick, that she, jim pink, does remain in control of the party? well, that's very hard to pinpoint. we're not going to get any announcement at least until the end of congress. and this is a process which won't culminate until china's parliamentary sessions in march. now,
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it's not clear exactly how long congress itself will last will x. we're expecting it to go on for about a week. but remember, this is the most consequential leadership ratio for the has been in for decades as we heard a moment ago present. she is almost certainly expected to stay on in the top job. but one question that's being asked is whether or not the policy will revive the title of chairman, which is a title that is really synonymous with a mousy dong and reflected his broad powers including control of the armed forces. it was abolished and the dung shopping. because it on the grounds because of the grounds that it encouraged mows consolidation of power. but now with many people expecting, she jumping to stay on for life, there are suspicions that he could revive this title of chairman, to better reflect his current status and security tight there in the capital. how
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else the are the people of beijing being affected by this showcase event? wallace, i can tell you that security been stepped up even further in the last couple days after this incident that took place on the north western sides of the capital, where a lone protest says files we understand unfold. banners calling for the removal of sheet and paying, as well as an end to covert curves, a highly embarrassing issue for the government coming at an extremely sensitive time. so security as a say has been stepped up even further. there are more guards around air is like a bridges. and so we've also been seeing overhead helicopters over the capital incenses have been blocking any mention of this event as you can imagine. but also, of course, there are those tightened covey curb, so there is tightened monitoring at every single check point, and it's likely to stay like this for the next week. really,
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an interesting week ahead. indeed, patrick, thanks very much for joining us from beijing. and then such a monetary fund warns that europe faces a downturn when the war in ukraine hitting the continence recovery. after the pandemic, g d p in developed european countries as forecasts dropped from 3.2 percent to just 0.6 percent next year. growth and emerging economies as predicted to slides from 4.3 percent to 1.7 percent. and inflation will ease but remain high. the i m f expects it to be hit around 6 percent hitting 12 percent and developing economies coming in to 2022 things stood a strength, coordination and solidarity displayed in policy responses to korea. 19 europe was on its way to exit depend demik. meanwhile, rising inflation was expected to gradually subside as commodity prices and supply for the next would ease. but russia's invasion of ukraine changed
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a picture completely, and it is now taking a growing tall on york's economies a judge in malta has sentence 2 brothers to 40 years in prison for the car bomb murder of an anti corruption journalist. daphne cairo, on a gully 0 was killed near her home in 2017 georgia. now fred da giorgio had initially denied involvement but change their please to guilty. on the 1st day of their trial, protests and anger over the murder lead to the resignation of the then prime minister joseph muskrat. one trade union has bound to continue strike action this cause phil forced churches in france, but others have accepted a deal to get back to work with dr. butler reports from paris. after more than 3 weeks of strikes and most of frances oil refineries signs of a breakthrough, french company, total and algae and to trade, unions agree to a 7 percent pay rise. and one off bonus for workers is reponse between one that i
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think that everyone contributed. we listened to every one and this allowed us to achieve something more of the funds. we support this agreement, it's the result of a decent compromise and it's a good deal compared to most of but the main union behind the strike, the c g t has rejected the offer. it's demanding a 10 percent pay rise to help work as cope with inflation and says, staff should be given a share of the high profits that oil companies have made because of the energy crisis. some people are gorging themselves, total's management, refusing to share the wealth that their employees have created. the strikes affected fuel supplies across the country. one 3rd of petrol stations in france are either close or sort of a few people here, a queuing for one of the only federal humphreys actually open or in the powers region. and some of them tell us that they've been waiting here for more than an hour. this is debbie dor when you are very the i live in the suburbs,
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but need to come into paris early for work every day. so i am forced to use my scooters and need fuel and i'm waiting for a one hour on my fingers to have like 30 minutes or something. hopeful so sounds as prime minister promised in the blockade by ordering some staff to return to work or face penalties and move that and good unions and prompted frances finance minister to step in to try to calm the situation. could patel do? of course, total has to increase salaries, it has started to do so. this company today has significant profits. sorta has paid dividends softer wrote than france should be shared fairly. with some refinery workers returning to the job, the government says fuel supplies will improve, but a new crisis looms. trade unions of called for a general strike next week. the demand better pain conditions at a time when inflation is already fueling discontent. natasha butler, al jazeera paris,
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secondary school students in hungry or supporting their striking teachers. thousands marched in budapest on friday. students burned lessons received by teachers warning. they could be fired for going on, strike teachers demanding higher wages. as i promised 20 percent pay rise next year won't make up for inflation. iran supreme leader has warned people protesting against the government that the islamic republic cannot be destroyed. it's been a month since the death in police custody of 22 year old master armine, who was arrested for how she will have headscarf. young women have been on the frontline of demonstrations, removing their head scarves and confronting security forces. u. s. president says he's stunned by the mass protests in iran. marcia family, death was i've been during foreign policy a long, long time. it struck me. would it awaken in iran that's awakened something i really
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don't think will be quite a long, long time. and so i want to thank you or for speaking out, want to thank the persian community here for being so vocal continue. the favorites of the harry potter movies scottish actor robbie coltrane has died at the age of 70 to call train play the gentle giant hagrid in the film franchise. he began his career in comedy, but he showed a dramatic side and an award winning role as a criminal psychologist and the 1990 crime series cracker is harry potter costar, daniel radcliffe says col train will be remembered as an incredible actor and a lovely man. hundreds of millions of children around the world live and work on the streets facing numerous challenges. those experiences have been shared by young football is from pakistan who are among the teams taking part in the st. child, world cup and castle. and some have been job aid has their story. in ordinary
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practice with some extraordinary children, daughter of ended up against the odds. some of them have faced mistreatment, and marginalization of some have had their basic rights denied. but that's not stop them from making their presence felt at the future and woke up. and this is the opportunity to tell the story when men as school sort of the studies because my family with suffering from a financial crisis. so i started to work to support my family. most of the room don't go to school in my village, they just waste time. many become a drug. got it. we were to really very hard and paired ourselves for this event. but dos 3, when a 3 children do not get to unity, the lose direction with things like that and they, for the future, i'm lucky to have this opportunity been playing in a plane for the 1st time. i am very excited these boys from pakistan are among 28 teams, taking part in the international football tournament. ahead of the fif of world cup
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next month makes it. if the 4th time the street children tournament is being held. c an organizer to say it's probably the most important event for many of these kids, well, your earth start yamuna project. we started this projects in 2014. now we operate 17 academies across pakistan. we will to rehabilitate street children who are wasting their eyes with drugs, gambling, another harmful activities. somebody up we provide residents from shoes, close everything, and only takes 3 children to family managers. see the struggle at home to find money and take children away from the unforgiving streets towards positive engagement. but son is, is a country where there are more than 20000000 children who are out of school and into the, the estimated number of students to children is more than 1800000. so this project is i would say more focused towards the $20000000.00 children who are out of school who might become the suit connect to children. in addition.


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