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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera Jose Mujica  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2022 7:30am-8:01am AST

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national football tournament ahead of the fif of world cup next month makes it. no, it's the 4th time the street children tournament is being held and organized to say, it's probably the most important event for many of these kids. well, you draw up start guillermina project. we started this project in 2014. now we operate 17 academies across pakistan. we will to rehabilitate street children who are wasted, their lives with drugs, gambling and other harmful activities. somebody up we provide residence, food or shoes, close everything, only take street children with poor families sculpt manager. see the struggle at home to find money and take children away from the unforgiving streets towards positive engagement. voc san is is a country where. 2 there are more than 20000000 children who are out of school and into the estimated number of st. connected children is more than 1800000. so this project is, i would say more focused towards the $20000000.00 children who are out of school, who might become the suit connect to children. in addition to football,
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the tournament in part, that is meant to raise awareness about the stigmatization of st. connected. young people and also about equal access to education and health care. and at its heart is sportsmanship and competition. the microphone team would runners up in 2018. the lads are hopeful. they'll take home the cup this year from a job aid on there. ah, no, al jazeera, these are our top stories brush prime in sellers trust has sax, have finance minister and say economic policy after just 6 weeks and to the job. markets have reacting negatively. despite the drastic action, it is clear that parts of our mini budget went farther and faster the markets were expecting, said the way we are delivering our mission right now has to change. we need to act
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now to reassure the markets of our fiscal discipline and explosion in a turkish coal. mine has killed at least 25 people. dozens of others are still trapped under ground. 110 workers are reported to have been in the mine and barton province and rescue work is going on around the clock. a ukrainian official says moscow's call for people to flee russia from attacks in the annex curse on region. that means deportation, not evacuation the areas russian installed. leaders said they've been daily rocket attacks by ukrainian troops. he says it doesn't target its own civilians. ross as president says he has no regrets about the conflict in ukraine. vladimir putin, as he has no wish to destroy the country and sees no need to continue big air strikes. the i m f has slashed as economic forecast for europe, the confidence of seen sky high energy prices as it tries to win itself away from russian supplies. a judge in malta has sentence 2 brothers to 40 years in prison
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for the curb on murder of an anti corruption journalist. daphne corona, galileo was killed near her home in 2017, georgia and alfred de giorgio initially denied involvement, but changed their please to guilty and secondary school students in hungry as supporting their striking students, teachers thousands. martin budapest, on friday. students burned letters received by the teachers warning they could be fired for going on strike. those are the headlines, talk to al jazeera is next. this was a young woman, the likes of which we've never seen. this is important. this is your story from breaking down the headlines to exposing the powers attempting to st. silence reporting. we're seeing media freedom being threatened, and attacked is basically criminalizing journalism. the listening post doesn't cover the news. it covers the way the news is covered. people have no idea what the
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source of uses that is the game, but rolled a very broad quote for both evidence why. on al jazeera, with he was once known as the world's poorest president. i left when gorilla revel in his youth or symbol pico was captured 4 times by the authorities and survived humane treatment in military jails in the 19 sixties and seventies, monica was freed when the constitutional government returned in 1985 and nato became a politician, determined to fight for his ideals of justice and equality, cosima rica was elected president of your y in 2010, making headlines worldwide for not changing their modest life. he was used to. he was a president with no palace, no motorcade, and no pomp. he led his 5 year government why, example, with a terry t donating a big part of his salary to social cost to driving his old volkswagen beetle and
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leaving in his farm house. and that's where we got up with him. this week we'll review the state of the world with a man known the world over the humblest of leaders, cosima peacock talks to i just iraq. ah, thank you so much for talking to the 0. it's been difficult 2 years because they've been demick corona lyra. but there's people say that there's a lesson to be learned. what do you think of that? they don't want to get loony. guanine. my lead dug up by a little bit saturday. every single now mean you say lou mano i but in the more brought him in the, in my theory, are they gonna she me in logan or hover in these all if in my the i want to call it kill louis moister. if age
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in a be middle film, the call, sorry, then presume that those o'neil wonder through man the who with all of what are the won't call it the shall f. but then this, it is, she is going assume in the but it is a blue and i said we're going to handle the moon, the love with the born or the home i. now michael leverage l. e. our i think in our not not covering you neither. sure we are. i will of course, e, you know, over there will have been in there get in that they've been there my own or the order. know below me out a gift. for me. i'm grad bit overtly all module module 40. you bought it, africa. doria, belinda boulevard warner. would you have liked to see that vaccines reach the whole? well, do you think that that's exam an example of what capitalism does? bush of wisdom for mileage. the main bulletin. now broberg
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going to assume in door killer, illusory money, you're going to see me and much important dunc though, in a civil reller, nancy, a little him pretty good. so now he's going to be, this boy will never, i will not do it. definitely she'll get them in then and we'll get in there. let me does your bullet done door noise need to get out there monday. i'll forget, since i won't be on the government in a noisy get out there. go normally golf game in her ear. if police they won't do it, the police go, no, believe me, always said, go. who's doing that? if she's got born in one of the things we're seeing in the world right now is that the leftovers of clinical nomic impact of the pandemic. but also
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a war that is making the prices of food to increase every day. what do you think is a problem here and how should it be solved? my mom for vargas very la sharon's in the ocean. we do freshman 90 important thing. we'll get to the boys, and there are leaf denver fellows real from rug. only one only got a little bit more me died on mona and barberie, but at that there are there it more do out him him or when we're through repeat, do i have going on here? you don't get a doors bullied, these extra lane own darnesha. she limped into in the law. he go geisha, phenomenal evolution ovalia's freshman audio,
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enjoy louis and then mono coma book. they show ship. but as since done in asia, on the she only logo good on ya job with k. but we've done the roof. young girl magnolia, thrown in full of duns, debrel dory, but the grammar didn't get on either course the telling poor darnesha she no more yogurt had remembered do it the one moon, the air even blood men divided 30. she thought it was in on the moon, the e u sugar 0. then ducking it on the will nimble a bowman, loyally men to whom them and their main thing put up on a yellow or that i wish the lame board then she had bullied. the guy there is no shelly other fin alika there,
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a damp you think it could have been stopped now, whereas that she gave you isn't though a 1000000000 the uniform data. the annual room dia, i'm in the, in a confidential year and i know that it loses a good car bowl of the old donna said that a fit luly bull didn't input us in, doubly in the delay in, not enough, but only the legal billing only. i get him for games. yeah. i got any mcculla going to be a lead. me dance. yeah. but his daughter really born a good there in, in, in a wonderful. gotcha. no, no. but we did also need to know, permitted tina le 8011 to get an insurance. and we could be mon, well no,
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no. why not put me deal in issue. so you'll bring, she's gonna be the little dinner dablin that are no silly b u r b. that was lower than the part of the village w a little bit yield on pergola, pain, sugar dna. does he go? well, oh my going back to, to the situation in the world today and the price of for, for this, this forces government to make important decisions and to confront with powerful organizations. you have been in a place where you have to make important decisions. how do you think governments should handle the situation right now when i was in my yeah. leadership with where we bought a cd. you barry my no, she, auntie in as you are. then they said go to her, you need our little boy then. then they got a burglar was as really on their no bus on this i give a girl he shot,
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i love the the i will say 30 my very little son located in missouri. if you were part of the arm struggle in the $970.00, you were imprisoned to have any regrets. no. if you had them yet burger. low. some morris me. dimple dealership, financial him a dimple mythical break home. you're going to be mono. then what i've been doing wrong is going to do more issues. you will go, you will have the re, again, you know, the heavy then in the park. kill him aggression. you would, i did it a job in really a, in the she or soon this is i love, but at the go killer die rather than the some joy important
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thing. but i get a good in the goals are going on. the go show more he while you until or late bill them over this year. no cargo, you know, get him when he was our picture. really. the mom is human hopper, my. she is in the facility. my. him are good out the gun in poet as well. by that i will well got open my very good thing a no show i live and then they let me know and they are in the blood. it also is i now concent only larry geisha. but loosen day tonight the see what goes in actually there was a follow up for that. awesome. it's going the nan thing a bit annoyed. i've done since she you're going to be of this it was harder than you thought. you know? so dropping saw gay get freely easy unless there is a book on em. but it won't tell you i would,
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i would just do that annual easy recall and then they'll get in. now they know me look, oh no, didn't i get no more out as a result of that? one will convince, feel the column on that our whole area back. hello, hello, glen this in, ya know who i am. i know you will get that when she's on denise, i'm afraid a in rapid answer is glare of it. there gave her hand litter. 4th, been on a kiddo who in who didn't have been answered when he went away again. they will see, oh no, i love the law the other day. i'm going to, i'm looking it dan and then gloria through the frequent day here we
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have no no, no, no. give us a little bit when when the organ may, may, we'll close out a lot of combustion. notice in the fall. canadian, i little fishy. i'm going to get the shower dorothy in barrow and all the air. he's in vehicle void the roger in the know i'd rather really a lot of my luck almost in my flow. hogan. oh, sure. in the blue nephew, chamonix the beta him been me, but you there in him? i own i got back to karen near the home. you know that everyone that went away has been an example of democracy in the region. it has managed to,
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to keep development back, in spite of the changes between the left and the center on the right. what do you see in the situation in the country right now? what do you think of the situation in the country right now? got on if they're going to an end, they go another one of my life isn't phenomena. why running on air? what do i go less of their lives in interacting shomberg up when you know in the year, if you don't want to live with them. i said if you go him all weekend, but on i'm in the can thing. when i go home, we are you, you're welcome or your mom. if you allow me the gay and show me not the player agenda, the good record, my good go, rarely boist of what is telephone,
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but i low to have any better than either around my navigation. i mean, it's got new thing you agree or get closer to windows. gino been or phone, went to, you know, from gwinnett of a few in dallas. generally called around me though. but all in the stomach lanesha was shown in the loo. joe, there gang gala was also no, i got a little job board, give it to the 15, and i don't mind building only have johnson and olga e. good. going to show that mom but of a chevy still this year. and that's not the case in a really, i don't know if you'll get bus him, you'll be and so get him. i didn't get burma denny than it normally by she had a girl. it own this. is he the for guerrera into good,
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good. good feller. domino. burglary she will last is elam from elim aggression. going to bring the bullied the guy motion up for show me but i'm i'm glad i believe the guest will not fuss young. isn't that false now? you know left him there because she really gay, idaho mercer elaine do. bugging birds really was in the dye. because within the reader, in the lab, the film fully class though though he unlocked as a bully, guy is dumb, consumed in the, in the human brazilian dinner. but if you could leave him the can, the got a sick day going call one, our former enroll, didn't get in. and i'm trying to see if you all know good deal more in the a program. once you got the job done,
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you know that group and i didn't just, you know, get it there. and america had been a her, him, which i know he was shallow in the jewel girl. get up. well, if you got to get in political, didn't give you my job. so boy, renewable mom, you let me know really if there is that was that have been so a little bit all they don't know, forgot to do both for a shabby fish, visio real gas, philip in that it was blue. but if he's on the shower on them this year, we in the the lunar golf live with him in good morning on dollar general role. we need to buy a happy larry there. whenever my little gentleman, what he says, lustoria and levy. if florida they go more the the board of good the good
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him. barbara luna was again did them on the line? not the new young man. the clearly dollar ear is going okay. when did you hear me who was going through the whole fellow dog and then you know, boy for her doing only really going to equal i think america latin america bought it in t lay, maybe new life coming back in brazil. do you think see that once again, maybe there is going to be a regional block? like the one you were fired a while ago you saw your girl, the lady or you know, this is young on, then i'm going to be in i'm going to get in, i go into my hotel and get better about it, then we'll know years gone then 3 gone
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by they've been there the little girl. she woke up boss. yes. janice, here she care. she is. it is just and throw a burning gay can with don't rival gum, which will gamble delano gambiola bagram gallia. but here, much in my input than the going assume and bill you're going to assume in the good thing about us, you know, the number of 400 from judge she know, and i get out by our p. show him on the legal guardian seat burn away, get what you're thinking of. several sort of florida bill simpler than surveillance . we'll get in and see the question information thing. you see a deeper israel capital. if you're dido, if you remember demon ago, he's had election day mark get one more get on the bill than they have on their
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fluids. and when i was young, here is your list of the amazon to get them over to them in the hall. and then i guess in my you said, gig one go up by this it. there her in the give us will be the woman k k, a k for after. can you see the symbol alone? what one of their, the issues that we're seeing in the region right now is a situation in venezuela. and we got our with human rights abuses. how do you think the region should handle the ongoing situation there? what, what do you think should be done? what's your opinion of what's happening in those countries? don't don't road vision, but am i getting a good relevent of an issue? i know, but other than the other ones either. no, she didn't really magician ernie got our the may lou initial
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email. really, the record don't ever let push. and if we're you baloney will. yes, resource bugging into possibly on it go to the lessons learned had gone home again when they go because rosie bertram well, lancey, when the 3 got eager like yours for it to load through, you'll get 5 and you'll be able to look at my whole eagle of time, so please because you're not of the got. busy different than a 48 hour in you got i will never allusion duration. i am not able, isn't there bonanza control? 90 dollar don't really shown and put it on and then re orient or put her in a blue. and i'm going to show me financially what we're looking newly in the last
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month that you're gay. jewel, already rate or in or even if they're always 11 loose units are going to be wrong, but all i know is a sheila griffin. thank you so much for talking. 12 the 0 will seem i had asked for a lot going on further off. i had, i see that that, and i'm in the water for i said, well mainly what gotta get out of i have to get like if it's a dog on it, don't know judge or him. furthermore, he said dog, good random is the number in the message to be minimally 11.
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if the, if the in this isn't rated by now, he won't go montoya millie alone. and when he see more, can you look as if we had a lot of i think he had to come up here. if you go marketing fe cedar get over there, that may be to get them on those who i got a whole she had them mean or joe, me, me, john in here. but shauna whenever you can, the commentator mr. hale, berlin, devil, or graham yamaha will daughter up and they mark we already all oh my own although go to a color. we're hearing lot about environment and climate change and what's happening in the world. do you think the, the world and government around the world are doing enough? nong no, franco,
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my girlfriend overthrew you it day. you know, bloomberg hello to the he did slow. it doesn't really. as i said, the book all really pretty, literally gay here, bro. and i'm going assume in the nursing home. yeah, but i don't know if the guarantee will go out for a month. the goal of the i was there. i believe you got a bery much a barely my political not the pneumonia for the sally fanatical who do in the city of in that he will don't know. but he'll give me a solution if we need a long but a i guess as it every one there. she long recently moved to la guns as union for the key. whatever exactly equal he callo money, they drop below us have
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a more you'll be above you. she was in the already those and this year boy sitting nor anti it was longer thought of walking little button leader. but if you listen to a garage for me, just handle the in are here. i did all my own out of the body or even me the regular let. then we'll get now that in your area boy, you know a little bit earlier show you how this she deleon when you're joel schumacher look, wasn't she anything if i think you were never to think i'd have had a mile upon me until the walk on the seat and will come over there earlier. what about how you want to settle on it or not know when sock it didn't go out of them. england in a whole year on a p in selling their blocks my leg steering are being paid off. the doors right now
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he goes for i did go see in front of my lover years he and went down my boylen hutchins he or renee those ramos, of monkey boulogne, ronald curry, giovanni, go agreement, company. i feel i thought a lot of in these turbulent times up front returns for a new season. join me, mark them on hill as we take on the big issues. they are literally being turned back. how is this not a contravention of international law? this is exactly the place for us to interrogate people about issue that matter from the state of democracy around the world to the struggles faced by the under represented. the voices have to be brought to the table. they have the matter. we
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have to start to talk about the see here. we will challenge the conventional wisdom up front on al jazeera. on november, the 8th americans will vote. all the seats in the house of representatives. at 35 percent of the senate will be contested. americans are expected to split on strict ideological lines with abortion and the economy named as the key issues. the results pull to find the rest of jo biden's presidency and put americas democratic principles to the test. special coverage of the mid term elections on al jazeera, which site is winning chaos or control. what does the new forever proxy war mean for america and nato? as long as americans keep consuming prices are going to keep going up. why didn't joe biden see inflation coming? how did we get so much raw? the quizzical look us politics. the bottom line, western libya is home to loopy as berber people,
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the m a z scattered across than a few. so mountains are old amazon cities like this one, and then you get a magic word, original inhabitants of libya. here in digital city, there is evidence that dates back centuries and got that if he came to power, he showed to everybody, our culture became illegal to name our children. emma's names. he removed our culture from history books, but were preserved our culture and secret younger view played in order for the revolution that toppled long time leader wal mart that out of their time of life language. now. after more than a decade, they are able to open celebrate their heritage and culture. although libya has been in goals in violence and political division since 2011 the m a z say they're happy with their new found freedom. ah.


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