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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera Jose Mujica  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm AST

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part of the new materials, the hong kong, secondary school educators, teaching the new citizenship and social development course. this book explains china's emphasis on the responsibility of all citizens, including the people of hong kong. to safeguard the country, sovereignty territorial integrity, the other elements of national security. as many teachers seek to leave one university student who wanted to remain anonymous, said those looking to enter the profession face new requirements. well, some new policy for us, one of them. we have to go for examinations to test our law to our country. we have to pass the test to become a profession. being a teacher has long been her goals. she says, but now she wonders what hong kong schools will be like when the dream becomes a reality. jessica washington out of era hong kong, probably more on our website. the address which is alex, is there
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a dot com and use recovery, right, that commented analysis to ah, this is out there are, these are the top stories and you k, chancellor join me, hunt says he'll remove almost all budget plans is bought panic on the market he's now unveiled tax and spending measures 2 weeks earlier than planned hunt release to statement earlier on monday, due to address parliament little bit later. the most important objective for our country right now is stability. governments cannot eliminate volatility in markets, but they can play their part. and we will do so. because instability affects the prices of things in shots, the cost of mortgages, and the values of pensions. there will be more difficult decisions, i'm afraid, on both tax and spending. as we deliver our commitment to get that falling as
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a share of the economy over the medium term, at least 4 people have been killed in 60 and injured in drain strikes and ukraine's capital official say key destruct several times in early morning, attacked by russian forces your friends, the government is valid to seize control of airports and other critical infrastructure in the northern to grow reason. the african unit is cool for an immediate cease for escalation of violence. fighting between 2 great rebels and government forces resumed in august. the thousands of women and girls in western india have help protest against marriage. lily one and a half 1000000 girls get married in india every year. the campaign to end early marriages was stolen by nobel peace. lord kyla, at the you in refugee agency is called for an investigation of to nearly $100.00 naked men. were found at the border between greece and turkey to migrants cross the
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everett river, integrate territory. and robert thing is from turkey. great countries blame each other for the men's condition. rallies had been held in garza in support of palestinian prisoners who are on hunger strike israeli jails. the protest coincides with the 11th anniversary of a prison exchange known as the lead swell. when israel released more than 1000 mates, this was in exchange for soldier diligently to was captured by a mass like in 2006. that's the headlines. more news coming up right after we go to talk to al jazeera on housing, the cost opec plus has agreed to major oil production cups. b, u. s. is not happy with florida relevant. so the i m f as the outlook for the global economy dark and we bought our house on african countries on making the ship, the green energy, counting the cost on our 0 with
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he was once known as the world's poorest president. i left when gorilla rebel in his youth or symbol pico was captured 4 times by the authorities and survived humane treatment in military jails in the 19 sixties and seventies. monique, i was freed when the constitutional government returned in 1985 and nato became a politician, determined to fight for his ideas of justice and equality. cosima rica was elected president of your why in 2010, making headlines worldwide for not changing their modest life. he was used to. he was a president with no palace, no motorcade and no pomp. he led his 5 year government by example, with a terry t donating a big part of his salary to social cost is driving his old volkswagen beetle and leaving in his farm house. and that's where we got up with him. this week we do the state of the world with a man known the world over at the humblest of leaders,
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cassim peacock talks to jesse iraq. ah, thank you so much for talking to 0. it's been difficult 2 years because of it and damage coronel lyra. but there's people say that there's a lesson to be learned. what do you think of that? they don't want more than a loony guanine. my lead broke up by a little bit saturday. every single. now me my you see, my know, i bring the most, brought him in the, in my dearly gone or she, me in the low, the normal hover in these all if in my, the a one the goal it feel newly more if age in a be middle film the call, sorry that bridges those o'neill wonder through man the who with all of what are the won't call it the shall f, but then this it is she,
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they're going assume in the but i just a blue and i said we're going to handle the moon, the love with the born or the home i now the mark leverage l e our i think in our not not covering you neither. sure. we are one of closer, e, you know, with them will help in their get in that they've been their mom own or the, or the nova on a route to get, you know, if i mean, i'm grad, the got her better. roughly, almost your motto 40 you bought it, africa. doria, belinda boulevard warner. what would you have like to see that vaccines reach the whole? well, do you think that that's exam an example of what capitalism does? bush of wisdom for mileage. the main bulletin. now broberg going to assume in door he la luisel money. you're going to see me in less important rank though in a civil reller, nancy li,
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live in britain its own address here. going to be this blue whenever i will run through it. definitely she'll get them in the mac number in there. let me just pull up dan door. noise need to get out there monday. i'll forget, since i won't be on the government in a noisy got very good. only golf game in her ear. it bullied the boon to w. d. g or no ball. the more we said, go, won't doing that if they're born in one of the things we're seeing in the world right now is that the leftovers of clinical nomic impact of the panoramic, but also a war that is making the prices of food to increase every day what do you think is a problem here, and how should it be solved? my mom for burial era?
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sherry engine deals, are we doing pressure on audio important thing? we're going to the boys and there are leaf denver fellows real when we're only going only go to bed. mommy died on mona in barbados. but of that, there are the it more do out him him or when larry i repeat, do i have going on me or hey, you don't get a doors bullet lane own dance. yeah. i seen on the limb, put into it and look, he go get a phenomenal evolution. valium, freshman now you enjoy life and then mono coma bar, they show ship. but as since done in asia on the she only live, oh, good on ya! jubal k was done the roof, young grammar,
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gray and thrown in full of duns. debrel dory. but the remedy the good, i know you're the gosh, the del import. darnesha he normally yoga roses had brim every day. 3 when moon the air, even blood men divided that shift dog. it was in on the moon, the e u sugar 0, then ducking it on the well nimble bowman, loyally men to whom them. and when they pulled up warranty a yellow or that i wish the lanes board then she had bullied. the guy there is no shalley other fin alika there a damp do you think it could have been stopped? now whereas that again can you isn't go a 1000000000 the uniform data. the annual loan. dia
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i'm in the, in a confidential year and i know that it loses a good car bowl of the old don said that a fit there lose bull didn't input us in doubly in the who do lane or not, you know, part of the legal winning only i get him for games are going to go are going to be a lead dance. yeah. but his daughter really born a good there in, in a border so. gotcha, no, no, but we just also need to know permitted gina la 80 in getting to get insurance and that could be the mon well no, no. why not put him in the issue. so yeah, bring she's gonna be the login or dablin that are no silly we'll be that was our
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shift in the part of the village w a little bit yield all gonna very good dna. does he go? well, oh my going back to the situation in the world today and the price of for this, this forces government to make important decisions and to confront with powerful organizations. you have been in a place where you have to make important decisions. how do you think governments should handle the situation right now? when i was in my little sheep with where we bought senior year burma? no. she auntie in associate. i don't. they said go to her. you need our little boy. then then they got a bullock was as we're on their no bus on this. i give all gulley shot. i love the there. i don't go to my the real if you son, you're good in him. i can hear you were part of the arm. struggle is in the 970
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were imprisoned. have any regret, know if you was in the burger, the last morris, the me, dimple dealership, financial me, dimple, mother of the home of young going to be mono thing. we're, i've been doing my demo issues or if you will go, you will have the re, again, can all the heavy then in part of the killing him aggression. you would, i did a job in really i in the she doth soon. this is i love, but at the go kill you die rather than the some joy, important thing. but a good, you're good in the girls are going to only go show more. he william taylor, les billable mother this year. know her go, you know, get him when he was our picture. really. the mom is human hopper. am i speaking in
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the, in the was here if my him or good out the gun in poet it you know, well by that i will. well, god open my very good thing. no show i live and then they let me. oh, and they are in the blood. it also is you, i now consider that i see only larry geisha, but lucian day tonight the see what that goes. it's actually on the board of out of my for that awesome it going the nan thing a bit earlier than since she or it can be a race it was harder than you thought. you know, so drop and saw gay get really easy unless you say burger em but it won't tell you i would, i would just do it annually. she'll call in and they'll get in. now the know me when you know didn't, and i get no more out as
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a result of that will convince she'll the column on that our whole a but hello, hello glen this in ya know who i am. i will get that complain. she's all, danny, i'm afraid. a in rapid answer is glare of it. there gave her hand with her forth been on a kiddo who when who he didn't have been answered when he went away again they will see. oh no, i love the law the day. i'm going to look in it, dan and then gloria roof. if we're going to stay here we are more. she said no, no, no, no, give us a little bit through the window. vargas may may remove the cooks at a local party on notice. hello,
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william the canadian. i little fishy. i'm going to get the shower. dorothy in barrow and all the air he's in vehicle. void the road during the know i'd rather really a lot of my luck almost in my feel. hogan issue in the next morning or the better of him than me. but you there in him. i own i got back to karen near the home. you know that everyone that went away has been an example of democracy in the region. it has managed to, to keep development back. in spite of the changes between the left and the center on the right. what do you see in the situation in the country right now?
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what do you think of the situation in the country right now? got on if they're going in and they're going out for my life. when i'm in line running on phenomena as well. i'd go last one of their lives and then when i came home, put it up on the notion of year issue. i don't want to go to work with them on is he doing me all? won't them, but on i'm in diction. thing when i go home, we live when or or you have done mom. if you allow me, the gay show me neither the player agenda niguel creek or not good, we're rolling both of us on a still fremont low to who need be or they need the rama larry get. i mean what, i got a thing you agree with her?
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and gwinnett of geno printer from one of geno, from gwinnett of us in the live journal. he called around me though. but all in the stomach lanesha was shown. i in the little joe, leah gang gay. loper, also know i got a little job board. give me 15 out of my building early head johnston and olga e. good. going to show that i'm, i'm pretty sure we're still here and that's not the case in a really, i don't know if you'll get bus m, you'll be and so i can get him. i didn't get burma didn't. he didn't 0 normally by she had a girl it own as if he the for guerrera into you get a good feller gamino burglary. she will learn. she's elam from a l. m. aggression to boring the bullet, the notion of proficiency,
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but i'm not black, but it will not last young. isn't that false? now? you know less when they get suzy gay. i gomez rollin do target bugging birds really was in the die you know, shooting reader in wounded up lab field fully class though the lee and whatever bully guy is confirmed in the, in the human brazilian dinner. but if you could only handle, can the got a phone call that one our former are all going to get in see if in your know will be more in the book with them. you know that group and run a dinner. john, just, you know, get a record on it there. and i'm really glad to know her him, which i know he was shallow in the jewel girl. get up. well,
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it didn't get in political didn't give you my jewelry. boy, renewal more. you let me know really if there is that was i have been so a little bit all they don't know for gonna do for the the a shabby fish, visio gas, philip in that if it was blue, but it is and then they'll be a gentleman done this year in the lunar golf live with him in good morning on dollar general role, we need to buy a happy larry day whenever my lowes hon. what he is in last year, and we the if laura, they go more the the board of good the good of him. barbara luna, was it yet? did them won't be long enough thin in that bundle? clearly dollar ear is going to go when demetrius here,
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i'm in the middle of the hall below dog and there is no blood pressure doing only really going to equal i think america latin america bought it in t lay may be lou lane, coming back in brazil do you think see that once again, maybe there is going to be a regional block? like the one you were fired a while ago? you saw your girl, the lady lavario or you know, there was a gentleman on the, in the, in a way to get in. i had gone into my hotel and get better about them on the years. gone. didn't re go by. they've been there. they gave shamrock up bus as soon as you get this year that it does just draw
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a burden. gay can with down rival gum, which will gamble. now one who gambiola bagram girl. you get but you much in my input than the going to. she manville. you're going assume in the good thing about us and then him with affordable in a very center church. she know, and i get out by our show him on the legal guardian seat bern away. get her version, you're thinking of some sort of florida bill simpler than survey le. we'll get the question information thing. you see a deeper you've got all. if your data, if you remember, the more like, always had election day mark, get one more get on the bill than this is have on their fluids. and when i was young years eagerly of the movie and again then and then in the hospital. and then i guess in my you should get wonder if somebody see the her in the gala
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who paid a woman k, k, a k for a. can you see the symbol? what one of the issues that we're seeing in the region right now is a situation in venezuela, in our walk, with human rights abuses. how do you think the region should handle the ongoing situation there? what, what do you think should be done? what's your opinion of what's happening in those countries? don't don't road there, but i didn't get 11 out of an issue. i know, but other than the other ones is or no doubt whether she they give me really magician. when ernie got our, the may lou initial email really the record don't as liberal. and if we're you baloney will. yes. resource bugging into
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possibly on it go to the lessons julia had gone home again when they go because rosie bertram. well nancy one was regretting. i'm unless you're for a to load through 5 and you'll be able to lab doesn't look a sudden my whole ego of times. so please, because you're not able to get the got. busy them in that a 40 day hour in you got a longer illusion ration i am not real, isn't that bonanza? control? $90.00 doesn't really shone in for the on the re. well we are no longer another real boon are going to show me financially. what we're looking newly in the last month that you're gay, jewel or, or, or even if there are is 11 units are going to be
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better all but all i know is a sheila griffin. thank you so much for talking. 120 will cc my head off if what are not gonna fall off. i see that, that, and i'm in the water for a while, mainly, gotta get out of glass out of it to vicky. if they to talk to me, they don't, i don't know, judge him. furthermore, he sits on good random is the number of money necessary to be minimally 11? if the, if the yesterday in this isn't already by you see my my oh really alone. i'm when he seems good, you look as if we had not i think he had to actually come up
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here if you will not going to pay a fee to get over there, but you did get them on those who got a she had them mean or joe, me major on it, but shauna whenever you can call me or didn't hear belinda will be our mother will daughter up and they mark we already or oh um our own little go to a girl. we're hearing not about environment and climate change in what's happening in the world. do you think the the world and government around the world are doing enough? no, no, no, no. i would have to go mobile friend with you it day. you know, bloomberg hello. can hear it. lou, it doesn't really. as i said,
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the book all really visually tally gay. the bro. and i'm going assume in the national, near but of the guarantee you'll go out for a month. the goal of the office there. i believe you got a bery much prelim, i believe not the pneumonia, ford of sullivan. eric go? who's doing that? is even that he will go no, but he'll give me a solution if we need a long but a i guess this is every one there. he longer than he might, you're going to assume you fully get whatever exactly equal he kilo money, they drop below him on, you'll get g march in the ready though
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and this year, boy, you're sitting neurontin a little much longer. the daughter of walking the little button leader, but she listens good girl for me, no jersey. and then and here i did all my own out of the body or even me the regular let them to go below shot real good. now that in your area, boy, you know, illustrator, amelia elder sally, she del, on one viewer, joel schumacher look. wasn't she anything if i think you never think i'd have had a mile up on me and double walk on the seat and walk on the regular. what about how you want to settle on it or not? when socket didn't go out by mingle in a hole, we had an appearance and in a boxing my leg, steering of being off the doors right now you go for i did go see in front of my leather. you see in front of my boys. not much interim
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here when i go through more of monkey, the long run, curry joke on pre going company. i feel i only thought a lot of we are all principals, even people far away are so helping with the environment. problems in the amazon because they are consumers. i teach kids about the threats that oceans are facing today. i've been working in earnest, tried to find ways to get this language up to them. kids went away, do as the ocean. why? yes. and what are you going to do to keep out of sleep, the sort of language that keeps the rental blood women, right? say that they have one, several back over their fight for equality and gotten america. and i was told the thing that was texting women, we made
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a challenge in the region. i will not being pro my, i won't sleep, we don't have lee them in didn't study these about 2 weeks. now, i say 3 day journey to a shelter. we wish them to grow. so one destroys our country. someone needs to rebuild frank assessments. if the united states surely debit you're running a good program was there to build a nuclear weapon they would assign to view by informed opinions. i believe that armenia and other virginia should have bilateral negotiations. we've been calling that for many times. critical debate is the commonwealth now still something that king charles will take in depth analysis of the data global headlines inside story on al jazeera societies, progress is dependent on the quality of its experts be need more,
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i find professionals. i top parity is to my, to waive the new generation to study, find new teaching methods, or infusing tie students to become the agents of change, taking them out of the classroom to solve problems in their local communities. ready level education, inspiring science, thailand, on all, as you indonesia, your investment destination, the world's 10th largest economy, is busy transforming, ready to beat your business. partner with a robust talent pool, politically and economically stable and strong policies being the powerhouse indonesia is confirmed by the g. 20 presidency, bringing opportunities for you invest indonesia now with.


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