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tv   Witness Guatemalas Past Unearthed  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2022 6:30am-6:45am AST

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to a depth of 500 meters to the sea bed with as a kind of natural, captive lauder for predators where organisms migrating from the surface at dawn attract against the sea floor. where particularly intrigued at this death. why is this occurring? is this something that knowledge obviously will help us to protect it because then we know which areas we need to protect, which areas we need to manage properly and also how we manage the development of tourism as well as fisher sector island nations like the mill leaves are on the front lines of the climate crisis. data gathered on the neck to mission is crucial in learning how to adapt to warming oceans and changing weather patterns. the clock al jazeera, ah,
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this is al jazeera, these, your top stories. russian missile strikes across ukraine of left hundreds of thousands of civilian lafarge has been ordered to pay almost $800000000.00 off to admitted to giving money to aunt groups in syria. yes, prosecutor say the company paid iso in order to keep a fact fee running in northern syria during the war of arch admits it handed over millions of dollars from 2013 to 2014 even as the arm grieves carried out high profile executions. okay, those he had lines, news continues here now to sarah of to witness this was a young woman, the likes of which we have never seen. this is important. this is true story from breaking down the headlines to exposing the powers attempting to silence reporting . we're seeing media freedom being threatened, and attacked is basically criminalizing journalism. the listening post doesn't cover the news. it covers the way the news is covered. people have no idea when the
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source of news is bad for a game that told that frauds. what for the evidence, why on al jazeera ah, a low chill there my your, there, me love until such. and the you get a moment as i mouse in the casa out of massey, aca, according to see if there is a link that miles i see good on this on my laptop, where to play video done over that with kill next hour. leave it for young and those as me, me buffer in sell your la la. don't want to see a laugh where to sell or you. i don't know, matlab was seamless apart. dorsey scenes where there were less element the going up later. serious be they mean my mom is of your service. come in seat. alice
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a science does and i'm with me because i'm most i, e, e a k, e, b, m, r a. so even though i, one of those we handle in the line here in the us a lot on us from, with the last 2 jim as a story is told me cattle via kitty combat. this account was off a check last summer. so blankly, if you see host or usa yales long appear on the name of those to run, they are, when you come in tomorrow losing control on me, papa a,
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you see him present again? i start a company on this. is this for more my he medical. yeah. lemme a dollar a year. you will see him again. this is cathy toner. we are being so home theater. they say, mentor some once a month from last year let me was in service with who's as well as hill keywords or leave. i started it. i mean timing and pissed off of my balcony. then the last copy that deals with me, my, my a for my birthday they,
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they last got back to you as well. please see me. my name is sophia chatted with, but i was got a simply 0 a. come with a come on, come on your door. ringback along a la see when, when of the us thing i might have to call mr. dan made a game of scalp in the, in the back home for the day. you dudley lane for thomas young already does a homeless los analysis game on st. john, with abilene for my see only the lunch,
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horsehair farrell he saw the are you robot casela with that identity cut? yeah, it was. is that comparable casias, a annoying thing where people don't know they may a bought a seattle case for my mom year soon. so to my middle of care, i don't mean to because i'm little i want that done rescue. yes. well, you my mother in law i, i story. thank her. with her head in the thought there was a some most was gone. the bottom area. i think terror, liam, i'm not. there was a one to last year now. no, i get i'm the day that it wasn't going to spend the amount of this the manila persona that was carmel said oh, now was on i think for my name. so now, no, i got this part of the day that it wasn't going to spend the money. this the manila persona girl was carmel said oh, now was on, i think for many or more mary lee
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a bunch of numbers. vamos are record about last that i here on nice to lose my live a fanciful for mental think on time. graham mosquito, via i look for lalellah via mass. for me, i need to drop it off by martha barnett with nombre bumbled out a quote about a move not that i had on my if the left mother of a fanciful samantha think on title. graham of gifts, olivia, i looked for lalellah via my for me, i month, but you'll still pay for a few books. the boy i much called for for fillmore for a year for the call. we are normally down there to meet your buddy. trust me and even if you can let me madi, mr. sailors quay deals. we cut out a sub by this evil because from now feed, leaving me come loose. i'm in 100 feet compound on the self made. i feel
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sorry if they're gonna said love it. of it being on dialogue. heap without. i'm with them still kathy. oh, robert is going blind from a rare genetic disorder? ah, as his son beholds the beauty of the world for the 1st time, roberts may be seen it for the last. oh, but has this genetic disorder been passed on to his son?
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witness a sky without stars on al jazeera. ah, ah ah ah, this is very painful. very painful for our children and grandchildren. they water all power across.


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