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tv   Witness Guatemalas Past Unearthed  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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a picture of a headlines here and i'll just here, it's been another chaotic day for britain's prime minister list trust. she's lost a 2nd top cabinet minister and just under a week, i'm secretary. so when i brought them and resigned, allegedly for violating the ministerial code, last week, the finance minister was sacked. it comes as trust tries to save government and had job a disastrous start. less than 2 months in office. well i spoke to jeremy corbin, he's a former leader of the u. k. david party. he says live trust as government is in shambles. let's trust is going off is a very short time. she seems to have enormous difficulty in keeping ministers in office. never mind. gaining confidence of the public or anybody else. i suspect you guys are pretty number and i would say that her appointment is of jeremy holmes as char seeks jack or something. she may rue the day because i'm quite confident that
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at some point he will be challenging her to be prime minister. and it might be very so. russian president vladimir putin as imposing martial law in the 4 ukrainian regions annexed by moscow. putins also giving additional emergency powers to the heads of the russian regions. comes off to a string of military defeats for russian troops this month. yes, president joe biden says putins martial law degree is an attempt to intimidate ukrainian citizen. i think vladimir prudence finds himself in an incredibly difficult position. and what it reflects to me is, seems his only tool available to him is to brutalize individual citizens in ukraine. ukraine citizens to try to intimidate them into capitulating. they're not going to do the un security council of disgust
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alleged iranian arms sales to russia. ukraine accuses moscow were using iranian drones to carry out its recent attacks. but iran denies selling the weapons and russia denies using them. and russia says, a civil and evacuation from her son in southern ukraine has started. keith says it's counter offensive or slow in recent days, but it's preparing for every new push towards the city. in nigeria is all which state of by elsa fuel prices have risen by 440 percent is flooding. disrupts deliveries. officials are wanting of more rain as people struggle to deal with the worse flooding the country has seen in more than a decade on flooding. as also forced thousands of people from their homes and neighboring cameroon, rising waters of destroyed houses in the countries north, near the border with chad. situation is force many to take refuge and make shift camps built on higher ground. well, those are the headlines. the news continues here now to 0 after witness state you've been to watching. i cannot talk to al jazeera. we also do you believe that
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women of afghanistan was somehow abandoned by the international community? we listen, we up a huge price for the war against terrorism. what's going on in so money we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. ah, hello to them, i or they, me love central such and the you get one. what is that a mouse in mckesson or massey aca, according to see it there are you are link mouse. i see good on this. on my laptop, i get it done over that with kill next hour. leave it for young. and those as me, me buffer in your la la, don't want to see
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a laugh where to silo you. i don't know. matlab was seamless apart. dorsey seen sweat. there were less element the going up later this be there the me my, my lease of yours. i will come and see the list of years, but us him play. follow that be okay, great is i me see get him was on burglar la memorial day. there doyle as bit so mass gay. gifford, on mr. theodore a. see mr. mildly. this is keowee janice, janice duncan connor, thought us nazario, marcia, and gone there. st. go into the living room at a theater. you kiddo and bustle, the i what the list is hidden, bon casita will not appear in the yellow pool. at least i am awesome. book was insane. so lithium was on us flores listed
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a moss. i'll go the comment. i mean, i use a lot of it in them on the sale of them below controllers, canino, you best get, give them scanners will be them was oh i oh god, i need car bud. oh, who east she oh, lou ah ah ah,
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you know miss cuddles. lady o'brien sawyer, where does she kill bay sancho? my love for you by very familiar to me and per say. well i hope i left them basil then to follow here. what is it i really am for keith though you don't be a little thing ah. can somebody feel me proper? me my mother to live in? we get my mirror for the here must for k, hillary here's it'll say, yeah. you know like her 1st the demila and what is her last on me, mama mosca and one of his boss, his of his famous. they say all noon . no, coming up either this this they are me then let me mamma. with this to
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lay eco more now see it the, i knew this going if you feel that it are more than yours, where to find us, but in see pile meant the iep with i. e. lord, i must say, is that a lot with because, and i'm with nino samuels, i, e, g, e, r mother, that i will, that whisky, give e, be near most best, the saudi, even though, while one of those we enroll in the year a . m. a . so he can watch the same thing with for you on this company. a mom
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with a my a if isn't gone sentimental it because then rapid mutually that is on whether it's specific. i'm in a level curly. there's a papa, martha cali, la monica, their muscle. gillis own romito. i also feel like a muscle is that it, that it does has ones that are currently scared or threatening. no, no, from my my ear. i give a cover. perfect. them call little. so keep us in one or 2. they
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put of as young allergic. we thought of trouble with a really good student cake. article boyle is there al collier elling when i'm not sure where to tell in but you the list the command the military to at the approximate i meant to put on us bank emily terrace. it is a k loans that own our unit analyst amo and tom says, l a stand up, the rang and so l lo, they had on my vandal narrows mellitus in, in, in this past,
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you all know you cement areas can list in your fellow is on day in the here seat or things. the law says harvey, i care am central a bit of dora fis, ivy up whisky, kara, a r e n. as i see now, being she called towel goes on a mean a hole in the quote as well. no wonder he durante, im bulky kid aka is a phone call mom as they both interest persona, the queer post laskey thing on platinum is delaware, is he all come over me? how me papa was less than an thank kim. what was the name of those k?
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pull them off for comparing all for a movie and if he can i will die. i live in a death than we thought out. i'm here me complete all lou up on it will, microphone lapaul, new microphone. apollo cases, gucci been look, is they by they said the phillips, the other, the other mila mazacco. the lease is here to the madison will attend taylors. im quantas personas. one here on the screen, on the fence that they thought as you can navigate,
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leanne in new hair and c, n you quinn, the 30th immune. so see horse no garden. melina lacquer, la, la, la, la premier dale archer last year warned din phase land wound in question. said a tin thus anthea's again, a really so some us how could i mean, why don't or could i left that on us for on will be asked after the last 2 to read kim, us a story is told me craft via kitty combat. there is a conscious offset cantos. yes, the solar so blankly. if you see horse i use, but yale's laws will appear on the name of those 2 rodeo me to home in homer. lawson can try us along to work for a year. what bush is that? it is to get the last a cotton that's i can get
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a since i got on the vienna that car levine, see their parenting and see me less than half ether seal this year. but you know, ah, the impor leave it up with up or you or miss boy, i don't know how the command is your timing. a need to leave it is coming out of a that there's any from what little funds list with what little person eat the miss gale
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who are not, but if they are for member love the order. plenty of them in eula, leopard. marya jennifer, this is liana. mr. hotel. her before the up or yeah. i mean my mom for love amelia. and does this this? oh yeah, this was a little mean why? i mean to him, he says to yes, we're back on much as we need to see on with us in this is where the song or they either for the on the let gotta look. yeah. boy, melissa, let me in my look. tells him yesterday. oh no you're consider nikia but the other they me they then me for my see on your,
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for the up or he analysts for media or is this up or the yeah. in missouri, i don't process on the some in all honesty is bad. are they? are they? they me, papa. ah. you look a little bit all is the you see him present again? i started a come by nana visit or is it one more machine advocacy? yeah. lemme unit is a limited idea. you will see. and again, this is cathy toller. we are being so comment will
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begin entering at the last mistress la la la, manifest. like at the moment that were not the castles seem to have cousin noise you until they see me and thought some one saying i must certainly let me put in silly. yeah, those are the pieces into the squire, little k y salad. in aesthetic zeal written, i must give it, put a languid look a little into la mercury. her briefly, we meant there was a, this is susan king was i didn't know
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when i when i'm persona ski ali wilkins hotels, 2 years. so screw exposed to women. so slain, used to we're on the say sale they were a crusade, as we'll see, cost to we are on 1012 reactors, the temp of a man of kilometer element. elizabeth way, quarter me, papa. i stay later. i'm mostly coiling. i got a case that the main timing and bizarre for my partner. they did the last copy at diaz whitland. why say me, my, my employer sophia, i would check with them, but i was got loaded up, but as i read only so i in missouri, my letter of your record will simply nausea, ira coin, laundry summers. as could sharon does, is elijah, and i set my mind a lease here mila be was help you out on behalf of karen co can't i say is this
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anthony anthony licky nicholas content? when are you crazy when? until mantresa tapper they, they kill you. i know that they will, they kill you that the kid demille has been around. so the kid a little yelling long left with him. anything can to move kind of in early korean to world lorenzo, looking over that overlap in our last visit. but as soon as possible to look up your a a, a, a, a, a, a,
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a, a. ringback along a law see when, when of the us thing it might have been like almost her dad may be a failure, a v as a game of scalp in the end is with that song for the day. you don't really lame for them as young already does. they will know slows analysis game on schedule with my see only the low myself, you know the, i don't know. i mean, yes, they name was already then battle in the because you know the laws better. so now i've been meet them in the hallway, has a little kit said yes ma'am. my yes, my muslim in your list idea can feed amanda by sorry, by me being bob was good as yes. when i was good as yes
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in the story. yeah. no contact and i said, yeah, no, northeast seattle. they say they cannot, cannot they have a law is healthy only if you could going in place with i can mostly name pony. i was like capital is, you know, valium wonderful men of there with her being at the company. so in person at of is in process those juices yet on whether we need to win us combine yet. will see the modem when i'm west valley lever. oh, it does is that i've is asked why it's rescue thing. neil is casey in theory. come in, pay load it. i'm on the computer. there is
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a lot in the give you the easy also one more course here, fidel is all the i you will. but i guess it would add identity because yeah, what up with his dot com for a while. okay. i see an annoying. i don't know. they may a bought a seattle case for my mom here soon. sort of my me thought love. i don't mean to because i give her oh, he owns the cm 3 spoken, not the in the put funny mama when i saw the the, the phone. awesome. ms. garcia, willis you sir, sing for passing. my mom and i wanted them to pull risky. ca? yes. my mother in law cry, i story think are lower. he's an all say they will be located from net in. this is ethan made of a bit on sarah. those. this is
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a foreclosure that policy turnkey, lead us a in place yet to submit to your complaint. yeah. now it's lucille sissy. we're see here. so as to the on the last a canadian, a fight. did they use gay? mean, did a saw his apple id, i see our port that out. i will be very little straggled. it's still midway up for the title school. got a year left with a lift gate. you put only this up by the sea with her head and i thought there was some most was gander, but maybe i intended liam. i'm not that are still in. it doesn't go through what a lot of them isn't that our own pocket door land or gay? no, i saw lori zacalo. there's no loss hemmerson loss. i'm not going to go into
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a sped the way that's on some pets. so an alaska thing, i ain't that. wow. see, he bought it so that must empathy low this particle, much wither carriers with their dilemma bill and i think men are here at various places. the dollar is stuff like this. he tivicay poorly mosley that limbs are. those whose parents are like hinting here, we're here at the local mala router or slip or her would now with a chip very letting the past. nathan, ah, when i met. lastly, i met you. oh, well it was this one of was in the you will if there was done federal seal now. no, i gotta move to that. it wasn't gonna stand beyond this, the manila persona girl was cameron said owner was on last examining. cool. mom,
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mary, the, the of the nice you. it's just they then simila my dell of castles the ladder. i know this parliamentary lamp, political lake boy. wait a 2nd. i don't want to know little play the little 4 months ago, but i want to put my paralegal police in oscar a as in apple, my law school, i was still a man of the day with a, with
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in and with almost like up on it. so throw little mama up on is was number bundles are record of out. last i here on last. the
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last mother will synthesis. i meant to think on data graham of gets olivia. i looked a little earlier my for me, i month, but you'll still see if this is looking for you. i you must cautious for a few months a year. we are normally down there to reach a body into a face from naive. yeah. when i meet with pci is the corner, said larry over there. sorry. okay. awesome. so it gives will save you on us presented gifford. on this about a thea with dca kelley fowl. i saw my is a response. i believe that this was h last thought on those days when ave don't change. so with that down the i thought,
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but it didn't. it will not give me a name, a name to call it in my thought. guilford. and that selina though, guess i can, i think that it does this out. i say it is a possible way that even if you come to la guardia, they will say this kid heels, we color this up at a single because he now see leaving the come most is i'm in 100 feet on tunnel on this document. as you're not there, they're going to say love it being on title people without i'm with
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ah ah o maker follows her mother's return to south saddam. after years in exile we came home and into a vice presidential position. my mother stepping into the row that my father died in will not be history repeating itself. she will more likely be remembered or what she does in this new position. an intimate portrayal of a family and challenging times. no simple way home people. as answer donna watching us on a jesse eda examining the impact of today's headlines, herana had been sent a memo by nature and that man was done by pakistan. setting the agenda for
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tomorrow's discussions. if you tell a big enough why voters will think that's too big to be alive, it must be to international filmmakers and will class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you. you can take it as a possibility to explore on al jazeera, a society's progress is dependent on the quality of its experts be need more and find out professionals. i talk parity east to more, to wait for the new generation to study, find new teaching methods, or infusing tie students to become the agents of change, taking them out of the classroom to solve problems in their local communities. ready level education, inspiring science toilet on colleges you british political party at boy with the labor party is
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a criminal conspiracy against his members. newly obtained documents were beale members silenced, suspended, and forced that. mike gordon, this is unbelievable. free speech was shot down an exclusive investigation. the labor files hot 3 on al jazeera. ah, now the senior minister quits deepening the u. k. 's political crisis as list trust battles to save her job and hug governments. ah, i'm on inside. this is out there, alive from day or so, coming up. russia's president vladimir putin imposes masa law in for annex regents in.


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