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tv   Witness Guatemalas Past Unearthed  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2022 8:30am-9:01am AST

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grandkids, grandkids, grandkids. there's been a lot of criticism about cattle, not having a football culture. how do you want to that? know how we grew up? how would you like, what horn? yes. you know, which one is still we own? we grove. i don't with what we are with one culture. we grew up with the sport of my kids grow up with the sports. i'm sure my grandkids will grow up on sports old sports and out of a blood the so does sports zillow coach up? well, i think the boys are getting hungry, they definitely keep saying they want to have a pizza. that will let you go. louisa. yeah, well, thank you, allie. very much good. talking to other than the go. yeah, thank you. and as you can see, it's a beautiful place to come and watch the sunset. you heard everything that you need to hear from ali, about the culture of this country. and now it's time for you to experience yourself . ah, i'm carry johnston with the headlines. heroin elders here,
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returns to prime minister. this trust has resigned author just 45 days in the job, which is the shortest tenure in u. k. history. she quit off to weeks of political and economic turmoil following many budget sent the cost of borrowing, sorry. i cannot deliver the mandate on which i was elected by the conservative party. i have therefore spoken to his majesty the king to notify him the i am resigning as leader of the conservative party. this morning i met the chairman of the 1922 committee, sir grey and brady. we've agreed that there will be a leadership election to be completed within the next week. the rights to elect a new leader of the conservative party has already begun. she sooner who was runner up to trustees expected to be in the race to replace her. also in the running, it may be former prime minister, boris johnson, under simmons has more. they want to make it as fast and efficient as possible that they have raised the ball of a number of votes. each candidate has to get us. it's
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a minimum of a 100 votes, and so that means that technically the could be 3 candidates are going through, but it's more likely to be to it might even be wall if the conservative m. p 's come to the viewpoint that there has to be a unity candidate. now can we bring the factions together? security forces in charge of open fire on anti government, protested killing at least 60 people. violence broke out of the demonstrators barricaded roads and set fire to the ruling parties. headquarters in the capital charge been tense since president interest debbie was killed last year. has been anger ever since. the transitional military council headed by his son postponed elections to 2024. the financial times is reporting that german charleston oh that shows has dropped his opposition to price caps on gas. e leaders met in brussels well into thursday night to find the solution to the energy crisis. driven by the
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war ukraine. prices of surged as europe tries to win itself away from reliance on the russian energy supplies. germany had been opposed to the idea of price kept saying it could worsen things as are the headlines. the news continues here in al jazeera us, after witness an african italian youth. basketball team confront italy's outdated laws which exclude them from competitive sport with a coil forbidden. to complain because we are foreigners, we are not foreign. we are all born it out. is there a world full of them and the inspiration, okay. as a fight the law just to compete in it's not fair at all to deny these young boys the right reasons for tam. tam basketball on al jazeera ah
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electro. there my, you, there me love central such and the you get a moment at a mouse in the casa, out of my see the aca, according to see it. there are, you are linked their mouse. i see graham this head on her lap where they get it down lower, left was kill, missed our leave it for young and those as me. me papa in your lot. i latin, marcia. laugh where silo you, i don't know. my loud racine apart dorsey scenes where there were less element the going to play year serious. be there the me my, my lease or the also the carmen seat alice obvious but us him play. follow that be okay. great is i me see get him was on burglar la memorial day. there doyle, as persona ask, yay gifford. on mr. theodore a. see, mr. murphy, this is joy janice, janice duncan,
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cognizant of nazario. marcia gone there, st. going through the lives of my video keys. he had a one bustle, the i what the list is. he hadn't been here to will not dorothea. now the list pool that listed. i am awesome book or the example lithium was on us florida. listed a mos. i'll go the comment. i mean, i use a lot of it in them on the sale of them below controllers, canino he paused jackie's thumbs came out of a be them was a
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oh i need car bud. oh, who is she? oh, lou ah ah, i mean ominous cuddles. lady of william clump sawyer, where did she kill me? some one call my lap for you by dr. amelia dami empathy. i hope i left him basil then to follow here for the answer. i really limbo keith. tell you that the little thing called the somebody so many proper me. my mother told me when we get my made i brought the here. okay. hillary here. people say yeah,
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you know like her 1st the demila. what is her last on? mama mosca and one of his boss, his of his famous. they said all noon, not coming up either this this day out, me then let me mamma. but 7th italy kimonos. see it, the annual is going if you feel that it are more than yours, where to find us, but in see parliamentary iep with i. e, lord, i must say, i love this. i know because animals, nino samuels, i, e, g e r mother that i will, that whisky case be near muslim. so even though, while one of those we in the year a,
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so the commodity center a misty su, 4, yeoman's company, a mom with a my, a quote, if is in content demand oil is in a lap and mutually that is on whether this is bessie becoming a,
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there's a papa, martha cali, la monica, timothy lisa, and i'm needing. well i also feel like i'm also deleted that it, that it does has ones that are kind of scared of threatening from the, from my my ear in a case of a cover perfecto color. so cooper's in one or 2, they put of his young attic storage truck with a really good student take or will boil is there. i'll callo celia. ellen one i'm not sure where to tell in, but the list a comment. i'm a little bit what the approximate i meant to put on us bank. emily terrace is a kayla and sat on our unit analyst amo and dances. l. a. stand up,
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the rattling and soil below they had on our bundle now was merely status in in in this policy all nice image areas can list in your fellow is on the in the here seat or things. the law says harvey, i care am central a bit of dora fis, avia whiskey. cara a r e n. i see now being she called tower landfills on a mini vienna. those those are you holding this to me?
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what does my son hunter, he durante is deemed okay. kid around the car is same for uncommon. must be both interest persona. the quit opposed to ask a saying to me, is delaware, is he all come over the army? and he, papa was less than an thank kim. what was the name of the kid? pull them off for comparing all for a move he didn't if he can. i other relevant to death than we thought out. i'm
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here me complete all lou up on it will be kravon lampa new microphone, upper case is full cheer being look is they by they said been phillip theater. the are the la mazacco. the lease is here to the madison religion taylor's im quantas personas. one here on this area in all the fen that they thought as he can navigate leanne in new. when i see an you quantify, you finance will see horse, kettle millennium of like a la la la la premier. then orchard last. she warned din phase let wound in quiet said kin. thus aunt is again a really so summers. how could i mean for, i don't or could i let pass on us from will be asked if there the lot to do an kim,
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the story is told me carefully. your kitty comment. there is a solar so black going. if you see horse, i use the yales laws will appear on the name of those to route india me 8th. the home in homer. lawson can try us along to work for a walk. bush is that it is you get the last at garden as i can get a since i got on the visa card, levine, see their parenting and see me less than half as they're serious. yeah. but you're not a
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the employer leave it up with up or you or miss boss only. then most of the commanders, your timing is a new threat to leave it is coming. i will tell me that there's any poor little fuzzy, almost with what little person eat the mosquito who are not, but if they are a member of the order, plenty of that. i mean ala liberty. maria jennifer, this is leanne. devoted our her before the up or yeah. i mean mama for love amelia in those is this. oh yeah, this was a little mean why? i mean to me, says 2 years when i come, which has with, with kathy and that is where it's on
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a melissa, let me look at all semester. oh no. you're consider nikia, but the that i me, they then me for my see on your, for the app or he analysts for media or is there is a process on the summit on us. it is bad. are they? are they they me, papa, a you look a little bit all is there you see him prescient. again? i start a come by hand on visit, or is it one more my she medical. yeah. lemme you'll, it is
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a limited area. you will see him again because he thought of beans. okay. to begin entering it till next wednesday. so he will learn layla's. mom was like at the mom of that will not be causal. see that as cousin noise you until they see me and thought some one say no must a was in seriously repeat
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those already if you soon to squarely silky while i live in aesthetic zeal. but then i must give it, put a languid look a little into la mercury. her briefly re, i meant there was a, this is susan king with okay. well, um verizon aski ali wilkins hotels, doyle in salisbury, exposed to eden, so slain, used to it on the 3rd sale they were crusade, as we'll see, cause to we are intent of react of the temp of a man of kilometer element. elizabeth way, corta me, papa. i stay late, i'm rosie, coyly i got the keys that the main timing and bizarre for my partner. they. they,
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they last copy at diaz whitland. why say me, my, my impure sophia aloe? chad with but i was catalog about but as i read on the style missouri my letter of your report will simply mozilla square. no pessimism which aaron does is elijah. and i says, mama a liz, here miller be, was help you out on the world of korean. come on, can't i say, is this anthony anthony licky piccolo ethical? that one are you crazy when? until mantresa tappa, becky lewis contacting the k l e that the kid the meal has been answer the kid ellison hearing loan left with him in continent of america in the world. the lorenzo looking over that rural as in
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our last is about his illness, is puzzled to look up here a a, a, a, a, a comment that order come with a come on going the seal door. ringback along a law see when, when of the us thing i might have been like almost her damn media failure. you fiercely chemist scalp in the industry like on for the day. you don't really lame for them us young already does a wellness loss analysis game on say job where they live for my see only they love
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myself. you know the, i don't know if i'm in. yes. they name was already then battle in the because young they lost better. so now i've been meet them in my hallway, has a little kid said, yes ma'am. my yeah. my mom, i'm in your list. idea can feed amanda by sorry, by me being bob was good as yes. when i was good as yes in the story. yeah. no kentucky and i still yeah, no northeast seattle. they say they cannot, cannot. they have a law this will feel known if he calls going in by his words. i can mostly name pony. i was like carefully, well, it's, you know,
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really am wonderfully men of there with her being if the compare me so in fossa after is in process, those juices yet on whether we need to win, combine yet, will see the modem when i'm when study lever. oh, it does is a wise rescue thing. neil is casey in theory. come in, pay load. i'm off the comptroller. k at that is allowed in the give you the eve, you'll see a man more wholesale, fidel is all the i you will, but i guess it would add identity because yeah, what up with this dot com for a while? okay. i see a, i mean, i don't know. they may have bought a seattle case for my mom here soon. sort of my middle of care. i don't mean to because give her oh, he wants to see him. 3 spoken up the in the put funny mama when i saw the visa foot
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on the same missile, cassie loyally kiss or sing for passing. mamma. one thing i'm living i wanted them to florida. yes. well you my mom in law cry. i story think lower. case an all say they will be low kayla from net in this is ethan mit, other bit on sierra those they said cool over in your booklet that buffy turnkey lead us a no in place yet to submit to your company. does we're see via so as to the on the left can body a still there? yes. give me did a saw his apple id us he up or that out?
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i will be very little uncle. the from us going up for the title will scan with got a year left this on, did you put only this up i this is worth a guy in the thought process. the most was gone the but maybe i think candidly, and i'm not, doesn't, it doesn't go with you know what the lot of them isn't that are up on pocket or land or gay. nice. although isa catalog no loss. hamilton, you loss. i'm not going to go into a sped the way that's on some persona alaska. then they enter r c. he bought it. so that was the empathy low. this bicycle, more to wither barriers with their dilemma bill. and i think more here at this point is latoya is stuff like this. he vivica poorly mosley limbs. are those whose parents are like him. he will be at bmo,
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comalla luther or slip or her wouldn't. i wouldn't ship the letter. you did that. nathan aha! when i miss lesley la, mature rezzo, well, it was this one of whom do you well, if there was some fiddle. sure. now no, i got moved to little wasn't going to spend the money in manila persona girl was carmel said owner was only a thankful for many or more mary de leon as you the demons. does they then simila my dell of castles aladdin? i know this parliamentary lab, political fleet boy, welcome out, almost a little play. they left us for more than one, but i wouldn't be pretty sure my paralegal police in oscar s. as in apple, my last who i was to make when y'all's, when yeah. a
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pm a pm with him in
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with almost like up on it. so throw little mom with a bonus. those numbers, mammals are record about last that i here on last, the left mother of a fanciful samantha. think on data. graham mosquito, via i look for latoya via mass for me. i most 1st you'll pay for she's looking for a i in march coach for suburban fillmore for a year. we are normally down there to meet your buddy in murphy, you should be able to face the naive. busy
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when i meet with pci is the corner, said larry that fast, sorry to keep us on how it gives will save you unless prisoners get put on this by . they see who theseus, gay, kelley, foul, i. so my is a response, i will. yeah, this was h a with found the i thought they said it will not give me a delay mandate, jones, a name that he asked to call you this afternoon, but i thought guilford left saline and thought, guess i can, i think cut this out. i see it as low as possible where that enabling,
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if you can let me, marty. this will say this kid eels, they color, they stopped by the single because you know, the leaving the come most is i'm in 100 feet on tunnel on this. okay, that's a said, let me think on title, keep without i'm with ah ah o maker follows her mother's return to south saddam. after years in exile, we came home and into a vice presidential position. my mother stepping into the row that my father died
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in. will not be history repeating itself. she were more likely be remembered for what she does in this new position. an intimate portrayal of a family in challenging times. no simple way home. people who are watching us on a jetta. emergency services across bank talk or receiving 60000 a snake related pulls a year. the reason why we found more snacks in houses because pay aggressive expansion, not the city. they don't have a choice because their natural habitat isn't there anymore. there's one place in the home to the city where they're welcome. they're coming out now with a king cobra, which is the largest venomous snakes in the world. this is one of the few places where they milk them for their venom. this is the red cross snake bomb regional hub, and t been in production below the center produces enough and even the most of southeast asia. there are some parts of the world where supplies are desperately
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shield volleyball, a glamorous industry that attracts those city fame and fortune. i always don't lie so that someday i'll be famous. but for some fumbling bedrooms can become a nightmare. i had asked in the 1st 10 days of my mom, i had to confirm the psychologist for the longest hollywood dreams on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home will but you can use in current affairs that matter to you. i am carry johnston, doha with the top stories here on al jazeera, britain's prime minister let's trust, has quit you taking on a pledge 24 hours earlier.


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