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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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my message reaches, i may be arrested in an illegal case that should make it clear to all of you that our fundamental rights, which our constitution provides, have been violated. and democracy has been buried. i'm appealing to all of you that you have to come out. you have to wage a struggle against this race, a system which is creating terror and fear you the story. you must be broken only then will allow us to real freedom. as they've been in the prominent ally of former us president donald trump has been sentenced to 4 months in prison. he was found guilty of 2 counts of contempt of congress to failing to comply with the investigation into the january 6 attack on the u. s. capital, i want to say one thing, i respect the judge, the sense he came down with the day is his decision. i fully respect been totally respectful. his tar process. on the legal side, today was my judgement day by the judge. and he stated, for the appeal, it will have a very vigorous appeals process of got
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a great legal team of the multiple areas of appeal. a state of emergency has been declared in sedans, blue nile state for a month, at least a 187 people have been killed in violence, sparks by a land dispute, and dispute between tribes. a peace deal was signed in the region in 2020, but the fighting has worsened. and in the capital cartoon, protesters had been marking the anniversary of sedans, revolution in 1964. the country has experienced increased political turmoil since october school last year. ah, you're watching al jazeera here that headlines. italy's fall right leader, georgia, maloney has been asked by the president to form the new government. she will be the country's 1st female prime minister, maloney met with sergio martha rella, assuring him that she can form a stable government despite the attentions that have recently emerged within her right. when coalition law delegates clinical ortho delegation led by heads of
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groups and presidents of all the political forces of the center. right. coalition met with president martha rella and agreed on the need to give this nation a new government in the shortest possible time. because the urgency is we face are many, nationally and internationally. your leaders have failed to agree on how to solve europe's energy crisis. they met for today summit and brussels to discuss price camps on gas as prices. serge with europe trying to cut its dependence on the russian supplies the leader of the u. k. house of commons any more than has officially entered the frame to become the new prime minister. former chancellor richard soon act reportedly has the backing of more than 50 m p 's so far. as for the former prime minister boy johnson, he is also gathering supporters. i probably say that the u. s. military trainer is from iran or in crimea, helping russian troops, user range and made drones to attack ukraine. washington believe the range,
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drones hit the capital key as well as energy facilities across the country. pakistan's election commission has disqualified former prime minister iran con, from running for office. the commission says con is guilty of unlawfully selling state gifts received from foreign leaders and dignitaries. those are the headlines . stay with us on al jazeera up next inside story. ah see you case governing party choosing a leader for the 2nd time this year to replace list trust. can a new conservative prime minister restore confidence over the country head towards early elections? this is inside story. ah
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hello and welcome to the show i am, sam is a than the united kingdom is set to have its 3rd prime minister in less than a year. live trust, resigned on thursday, just 45 days into the job for economic policies. it spoke the markets and caused a sharp fall in the pound. a new leader now faces formidable economic and political challenges. government debts has risen to its highest levels and nearly 60 years. that's 98 percent of economic output as inflation surges. and as the unfinished task of navigating the implications of briggs, it will be our position by the parties calling for a new general election. we'll get to our guests in a moment. but 1st, paul reese has more on the content is to replace trus. there were some familiar
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names emerging for this leadership contest from the leadership contest that sold lives truck elected in the summer. at the 1st of those richie soon as the former chancellor, who finished behind liz trust in that contest, penny more than he was the 3rd where i'm in. what would be an extraordinary come back, but maybe will not entirely unforeseen. maurice johnson, the man who left office as prime minister in the summer. what seems to be the case so far is johnson is flying back from a holiday in the caribbean, gathering support gathering donors, getting the same thing behind him that helps him when be 29 team general election. there's a walk up group already doing the round called back and forth, and he seems to have around 40 and peas or so already willing to back him in this race, johnson does have an ongoing investigation around him over whether he lied to parliament overlook sound policies during the throne of ours pandemic,
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but that might not put him off. and even though there's many in his party who don't believe he's morally fit to govern, they may decide that he is the best from a piece of labor in a general election. whether that eminence or within the next 2 years, with the conservatives trailing labor in the polls. now, in terms of how these candidates will be elected, it's a much higher ball than during the election during the summer. each one has to receive the backing of $100.00 m pays to go through to the final round, which means that will be a maximum of 3. there will be a lot of soul searching in the coming days with m. p. 's deciding whether to throw the weight behind bars johnson to help him reach that threshold. pole reef for entire story. the well that spring in our guests, they're all joining us from the u. k. in london, we have asked the hon. a member of the british parliament for the opposition labor
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party insults free pizza obo and a political commentator and associate editor at the middle east. i. and also in london, alex dean, a conservative party member and political commentator. welcome to all if i could stop by and 1st of all with ourselves. so i can do think another internal conservative party vote produce stable leadership for the u. k. i don't think so. i think fundamentally will be loud and clear that the party is celsius, badly fractured, and is the very same people are just having the revolving door here. how will they make a difference? these are the very people who be responsible for what we're going through the whole mess would been made a lawful, thoughtful to the world. so i don't think just going through the same people getting a new person will back any difference. let's take that point to alex. alex also mentioned the revolving door looking at the names of the likely candidates for the
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job of prime minister. you get the feeling is the conservative party running out of options when a name like boris johnson is back in the running again. not just back in the running. i didn't think this 48 hours ago, but now i must say that i think barbara johnson is the most likely person to win this contest. and i think 1st of all that because of something that paul was reflecting in the piece that we just heard, and i thought his reporting was very accurate. if i may say, conservative party members of parliament will not want an election, it would go badly for them. i think if there were to be one called any time soon as a great deal of challenges, we just heard from the labor party as to whether a new leader would have a democratic mandate, you know, prime minister in a single year. will that argument dissipate somewhat? so if it's orest johnston, who of course one and a t c, majority of the last election in 2019. so whatever you think of him, i think right now the conservative party is most likely to select up what former prime minister barak johnson. that's kind of in an incredible situation. isn't it,
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peter? do you agree that who do you think at this moment is best place to win the contest? and if it is boris johnson, what does that say about his politics? it says about conservative politics is, is that great and wonderful thing in a way, mr. forest johnson is a proven and habitual liar. there was sat by his own party for life only and only 3 months ago. and yet here we yeah, he's there talking about him possibly coming back though. not alex deed, i mean, no, no more person. if you know, if you were a local bank manager, all of man ran your local village shop or whatever it may be. had been sat, 3 months ago. for compulsive lying on a repeated and systematic basis. it would be absolutely unbelievable that
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he would be reinstated that job 3 months later. but alex is completely right. it does look very interesting reasons that the mr. johnson has a reasonable chance of becoming prime minister this time next week because that's when, but normally when that's when this contest adds, that is quite a situation quite a turnaround is that comes true. i want to go back to alex dean and ask this question. if it is boris johnson, whoever it is, will the next 5 minutes to be able to unite the conservative party, let alone the country because the divisions are much deeper than personalities. right? it's a really fair question semi and of course the number of the members of parliament will be asked to bass tape or is johnson government. all the very people with peter, i don't rightly said express kinetic confidence in him only a few short months ago. i'm the most generous phrase we might apply to that position might be situational flexibility. and i think we need to see some of that
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if they realize that or is johnson is the prime minister. and they prefer to keep the seats and not to incur the wrath of their own association schools. the conservative party local associations which produces that nominees to be members of parliament. then they're going to back bar assumption is prime minister, at least at the beginning. but you're right, you're the 1st of your question is absolutely the right with no disrespect meant to the labor policy who's doing that best to oppose offline and pose right now. it's clear that the biggest danger to a conservative party prime minister is the conservative party's members of parliament. they've done now the 3 prime ministers in a row. and you'll find agreement between me and our labor party member of parliament on me now is that it makes the conservative party looks ridiculous. it was tearing down leader after leader consider to resume paris johnson. now let's trust the secretary party, a column and destroy 3 leaders. in
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a row and this flows nice, i guess to the next question, let me take it off. so will the conservative party be able to withstand the pressure for an early election also, especially if bars johnson met finds his way back into number 10. let me just stop say, you know, the fact that we're discussing, the possibility of bodies. johnson coming back is self, i think, shows how difficult is it because it party or are in this it seems to me a total mass, a phone one, you know, it's just been pushed out. someone has been approved a lie of someone was already being investigated. the only prime minister in the history who got a criminal record you could say as well. and so many of them are m p 's now already often to resign. how does that go down? how does that help? and i don't see this actually taking us forward so towards early elections
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then the difficulty at the moment is exerted party do have the majority and they can see the risks to their own house and their party. and that proves the fundamental point that they're putting their south and their party before the interests of the country, where you can see the whole chaos they have created and is one thing after another . they just see a bar and then you can suddenly see another lower bar and then another lower bar and they're making us as a loft in stock. and at the same time, millions of all the people are suffering as a result of their policies. peter, i guess what we're getting at here with ourselves, comments is the concert is not going to break ranks and push or none of them will be open to the idea of early elections because they know labor way ahead. that's certainly true that if that was election tomorrow morning, based on the polls as they are not, the stories would not actually get a single seat. now obviously this is mid term and i'm things can change
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and that means that there's no incentive every incentive to the consensus to avoid an election, but the fact remains as well. you know, it's impossible to disagree with it, but the conservative party has caused chaos act, financial chaos looming economic chaos. people are going to start losing their jobs, mortgages again, arising and they are a chaotic that unfit for government. everybody can see that, and i think they're in danger of losing their legitimacy. i'm to try and as i'm going back to alex, dean's point boys, johnson is currently favorite to return it. i wonder allison, but it whether they might see sense on this. i mean, in a period of, from the actual emergency, which is where we are now to put boys johnson who is not a stable figure. he's the candidate of chaos back in charge. we'll start to price
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of the actual markets. and i have noted that the prospect about potential johnson sign has already sent yields rising in the guilt market market and british government debt. the candidate of hey i stay fresh and then i was yeah, actually i was going to come to you and alex and say it as you have these divisions railey, we're talking about may we need to explain why the conservative party is so divided it go back to breaks it, go back to the unfinished business of exit and has been something of a hollowing out of government of ministers, of the most experienced elk, because they were perceived to be on the wrong side of brags it, well, they certainly been some change in the place rec, city environment and i think there was a fact in the very strong push against forest johnston, especially in the last days of his premier ship. we've also got of, you know,
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be very consensual so far. so now we got a bit of disagreement because i would point, i was listening carefully to what peter said. i point 1st of all to the fact that no one can change the card. second sounds good, we got for child. so it's in 4 months in the, you know, contracts that up and pretend that it's supposed to. but there are significant economic headwinds against every developed economy. inflation is rampant across europe, interest rates are rising across the world. and a lot of that is not to deal with whoever occupies number 10, downing street number 11, our chancellor. i would also point out that jeremy hunts are arrival. i looked we didn't, but when he was a candidate leader is politics are not mine. but he's a rival, was one of the bright points that the brief lives trust premier ship. it was welcomed by the markets and it does look a good deal, what he were main shop, so that he winced conservatively to possibly talk contest. so i wouldn't quite go so far as to say the things that peter said about the future. in fact, i think a lot of the economic fundamentals in the u. k. are better than some of our
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european neighbors. and if you're comparing our seats, what's happening at the maintenance in france, germany, italy, spain, the u. k. is in some basket case outline. in fact the u. k. is doing rather well, and that's one of the reasons the g at 7 group perceived the u. k. or cost by the high growth rates than the rest of what he painted. all right, let's have a look at some of the, the stats that we've got here because there's, there's obviously a lot of different stats about how well all differently the u. k. is doing compared to other european or other countries, and the political instability has been bad for the u. k. economy. i think there's no doubt about that. and it was already struggling because of briggs, if you follow some of the charts, the economic grass look at this one, the british pound, falling significantly against the dollar and taking its hardest hit in the past month of the list. trust is controversial. many budget, but it's been on the decline since breaks it. basically look at this on the case
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international business also suffering its total trade as a share of g d p falling by 8 percent, 8 percent since 2019. and the latest research suggest brags it has cost the u. k. economy, nearly $35000000000.00. 5 percent smaller were told the economy is at the end of last year than it would've been, had britain remained in the u. peter born is britain. just one of many countries suffering the economic consequences of i don't know covey the war in ukraine, or is there a particular price? britain is paying for its political decisions, whether it's for exit or people coming in and out. number 10, there's 3 factors. you seem to have identified that the 1st is those global headwinds we can see that alex dean is quite right to point to that. then you have
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what is now being called by the financial times and others, the so called moron factor in british politics is that the conservative party is so out of control of employ of such low key lo, caliber figures, and to embark on the raged economic experiments that the markets no longer trust the british government to manage sensibly. now, and the 3rd is the general effect bracket going back to the 2016. and that is undeniable. god challenge the figures which you just read out, but to deal with the current situation, we're dealing with the idiot factor. as it were, a absolute collapse chaos. it's off of the conservative party, clearly and bits to run the local corner shop, let alone a g 7 global economy. and that is why i think you have seen
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significantly. and alex will have to accept that built market is taking bright at the prospect of boris johnson, a writ returning to his lazy, incompetent, mendacious, deceitful school of government, which we had 3 years of from. and i, 2019 to till he was for 3 months ago. i've sell some of the, the stat looked specifically like that c, p v. looking specifically the volume of u. k. goods export falling 14 percent in the 3 months to january 2021 at a time when the global average was an actual rise of 8.2 percent. when you, when you compare the u. k. in some ways to the global economy, the u. k. is kind of singled out, isn't tip for poor performance while i think this is it, i mean that we just heard from alex. it's trying to push the whole thing on the global situation, but true pays. this whole thing has been hit to us because of the government's
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policies. this is when the phone pound went to free for when the more data man top . and if you look at that around what is happening to the families, then you realize the millions of families are now struggling. and the reason is you've got the inflation, which is gone now to 10 point one percent. you've got the energy prices going up. you've got the food prices going up down the other side. you have 12 years of stagnation with wages. that's what's causing the difficulty, sol, i'm just in the market, isn't there at all. and that's why the set up a nice conversation is going to get a chance. go ahead. i'm so i can see a shaking groceries getting a bit. of course, i can get that straight by. that's out and i'll run that. the many parties are not by the last jobs, liquidity crossing, speak the markets 99 back, but inflation is running higher in every major european economy than it is in the u . k. so it's very curious for them to anyone to suggest from your premise that the
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u. k. is doing worse than is, and you cherry pick up a single course from 2 years ago. if i heard you right. trying to demonstrate it was particularly difficult for us as you've been referring to graph dr. humor on screen. but as you none, you get down the line can't see what you got on the screen in the studio. so it's rather difficult to rebut that, but i rather, i rather doubt that if you're tracking the euro's performance against the dollar, you're going to see a hugely different performance to standards. i accept that the many budget that we had in trust is a premier ship suit. sterling as well as speaking markets generally, but more broadly, that is not true. the phenomenon international market is the dollar being so strong, not the pound being so weak. and if you compare that with euro or with yen, rather currencies, you will see an equal under performance against the dollar. and indeed the yen is now at its lowest blow against the dollar, unlike the pounds. so i think there is a moment which you have to say. so this conversation got a bit we, i with v with can we haven't pulled anything out of, you know,
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there's no magic rabbits out of hats here. so i know this, i'm saying the viewers can have a, you know, that everybody can have a look at it and make up their own mind. that is because i can't see it. can i send that? you were going to somebody like got see ok. what i've read out to you, and if there's any issue that you had a chance to get it to have your word in. go ahead. peter. generally speaking though, the, the, the, the british performance of the styling, guilt markets, etc, was ab baron, us. after the shambolic mini by g, alex dean, can't get away from that. but by the way, we should, we should give not a hard time to ourselves. well, you real guy statistics about the effect of brack sit on the economy and trade. and now these are all labor party policies as well. labor party. it doesn't challenge breaks it. it says that it was
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a good thing though. it has to live with it. and so labor has not offered a different sets of policies, i. e, we want to rejoin the single market or whatever they may be than the conservative government. so ourselves claim that the conservatives are uniquely poor in that economic prognosis. over the last 7 years is that it doesn't really marry scrutiny because labor has not diverged from those policies. right? that's a fact criticism isn't it off so that the fact is a division in the closet don't have view division, demons in the closet, whether it comes to not only breaks it, the issue of union strikes vote, reform there are to devise of issues in the labor party, if it will make it worth to make it to a general election and take home of the country 1st. the last date of the breakfast, i'm not saying anything. what i said was to do the breakfast. in fact, that doesn't make sense. what i'm trying to say here is, how come, you know,
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got such a high inflation then i'm talking about also 12 years of age technician. and how is that for the last 12 years, the last growth in the last 200 years? normally this is not all about breakfasted. there are other factors that i'm driving home. the simple point is the chaos. the heart of the government were failing now to deal with the fracture tissue spell because the whole idea of the bracket of the concert is i've been pushing us is oven ready? be ready. everything is going to be fine. ok you off some of the question now is labor also has it's divisions and doesn't have could be criticized, has been criticized. not having a clear vision when it comes to some of these issues, whether it's for exit, whether it's position on union strikes and voter form and so on. true or false? no, i don't accept that. i mean, look, we had a position the whole country was do i did on breck said the half one could be a remainder half who wanted to leave a party. want to make it
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a towel. you gotta have plenty, haven't you? and that's been one of the christ that we have all the money we have. we, we have, we have a clear policy that we now accept that as those of which we have got through that a friend them. but what i'm objecting to now is that this government is failing to even move forward with this because what we should be thinking about is how quickly can we really build up this? you cannot make relationships with our neighbors, have them good and strong. how do we go into the commonwealth to have those benefits to improve that? how do we go to the wider world now? if you're too busy fighting one another, creating chaos. you can't do that and that is the failure. ok? we've got one minute last. i want to try and give it to pizza, final 4 here. an opinion piece, the new york times today entitled britain is a global laughing stock. what is all this turmoil doing to britain standing in the world? well, you know, i would greatly respect around the world member of g 7 in the un security. so
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we're expecting some sort of response, but i can make managements, i know we, it's awfully sad. just read any foreign paper. really look the seagulls a day and we are more than this is the result. but chaos ruling. conservative party. now getting away from all right, alex, in 30 seconds. peter will forgive me for not having seen dash people today, although i can't help it all actually is facing some serious charges relating to his time was matter of time back, which makes me wonder about germany's teacher too. but i mean, any body, his observed media coverage of the kind of the last years, we're not quite how obsessed to dissolve the new york times as coverage as being and it's negativity about the u. k. m, for that to be approved for. it's me just demonstrates a jihad in the post bricks environments against the u. k. per se, which is one of the foremost exemplars. so i'm afraid it's not something that that
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carries much water with me. all right, we're going to leave it there. thank you all for expressing your opinions on that one off style, han pizza own, and alex dean and thank you to for watching. you can see the show again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com for further discussion head over to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. can also join the conversation on twitter. handle is a j inside story. from me, sam is a dad and the entire scene go for now is good by ah
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