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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2022 7:00am-7:31am AST

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ah, ah, november on, jesse you, as the footballing world's greatest tournament kicks off, all eyes turned to catch her as if repairs a spectacle like no other old ways for new things. first, nations frontline discovers how traditional knowledge is helping solve modern problems. israel holds its bits general election in less than 4 years. will this round draw a line under its political crisis? generation football meets the inspiring players, tackling social political issues and also the pitch americans vote in defining mid term elections. the results could see biden and the democrats lose that congress majority november on
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a da 0 ah, the race to become u. k. prime minister voice johnson returns early from holiday and reported me needs to re she so not but penny more dante so far. the only confirmed candidate ah, this is al jazeera alive from doha. i'm fully back. people also ahead. the chinese communist party said to unveil its new leadership one day after a party conference that strengthened president changing things, hold on power. in ukraine, russian appointed officials in the city, of course on warn all citizens to leave as ukrainian forces get closer and as ca, top repairs to host to walk up. we'll look at how the role of women in football is changing. ah,
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ah, thank you for joining. as report said, 2 of the likely runners in the race to bait to britain to be britons next prime minister have held face to face talks that neither boys, johnson nor his former ally wishes to not have declared their running only senior cabinet member penny more. dont have fed, she's definitely standing at the battery back in britain after cutting short his stay in the dominican republic. his 3rd holiday since he resigned in july former prime minister boys johnson's considering going for the top job again after liz trust, his government collapsed. but to say that prospect is divisive would be an understatement . good morning. i hardly former chancellor richie sooner he resign during the last days of the johnson premier ship has the most supporters among conservative m. p. 's. he's not spoken yet. i've done some amazing things in my life. i've had a seat at a table at the world bank in ne, take the leader of the commons. penny morton's is also trying again after losing
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out to trust in last month's leadership contest ports. if more than one candidate has the backing of at least a 100 and p's or monday, the decision then goes to around a $150000.00 conservative party members. they could well back johnson who quit off to doesn't have his m p. 's resigned following scandals including rule breaking parties in downing street during covered 19 locked towns. but one well known figure who served under johnson says it's not time for him to return with a parliamentary inquiry still looming. at the job of any cabinet member, let alone the prime minister justice relentlessly, consistently be concentrated with a laser like focus on the british people from the economy through to the n h s. schools crime regression. it's difficult to see how you could do that if at the same time you're getting evidence giving test me will be called back in the groundhog day. the political, a soap opera of party gate, some conservative em piece of already said they'd leave the party if johnson became prime minister again. there is
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a question mark about whether or not mister johnson could create a stable and effective government. and to be honest, the same question has to be asked about mister sooner. there are people who are in the id body, but mister sudak count, they blamed him for mister johnson's don't for much of the public say that tired of the instability in government. and one opinion polls suggests merely 2 thirds one. whoever emerges this new conservative leader and hence prime minister to call an early general election, of course events could always force them to do so. nadine baba al jazeera london, says he boniface is a political author and daily mirror columnist, she explained why she thinks johnson, and soon i have not yet declared that candidacy. both these men of failures see my last over the sun leadership race, and johnson was deposed very gloriously in a few weeks ago. so neither of them wants to announce their running unless they're certainly going to win. and the problem is that none of them really is not going to
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in there is lots of talk about possible meeting between them. but we need, remember these 2 men actually to test each other. they do not get on. they don't see why johnson blamed soon for his defense duration and seeing that blames bars. johnson for basically collapsing the government around him. almost. what's interesting is there's lots of talk about whether it should be bars, whether it shouldn't be bars. but most people in this country don't want bars, jones, be prime minister. most people in this country, according to the surveys, the polls won't net to be a change of government. they want a general election. they've had enough. i think there are also a lot of people in the conservative party, both normal members and member who public and in the parliamentary party, who have failed to grasp this fact. and they are talking about how picking up someone who can win the next election for them. there is no chance there is no world, there is no root in which the surveys can be wrong enough for kissed alma to do
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anything. but when the next selection, we want to take you to beijing now where china's common is spotty, is about to and valley's new senior leadership is, comes a day after the party wrapped up it's week long. congress which solidified president cheating things, hold on power less bring in patrick funk in beijing. patrick, talk us through what we're expecting to happen in the next few minutes as this new leadership is unveiled. yeah, really could be in the next few minutes. we're keeping a close eye on it, sir, but it's hard to say when exactly those new members of the politburo standing committee will come out on the stage. or in the great hall of the people it's, there's been some speculation as to whether or not the policy or a standing committee might be downsize to reflect, present shipping's elevated state as historically. there have been anything between
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3 to 9 members, sir, but the general consensus seems to be that there won't be any change to that. but the events of yesterday also have really added to the intrigue of what might happen to dave. with that unexpected surprising exits, or from the closing, certainly by present shipping's predecessor, huge and tao. there's a lot of talk about why that might have happened. it's hard to imagine that this was an accident, because everything that we've seen this week has been a highly choreographed affair. and that's also sort of given us some sense of what direction this new leadership might take to. they patrick and speaking nav choreography we're seeing, ah, the leaders now emerge, ah, president, she's in pain at 1st of course, in that line at followed by several other men. and this is a new leadership of the communist party which is about to be in veiled. we will
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hear from president she jane pink eye, who patrick is expected to be appointed as the leader of the party for an unprecedented 3rd 10. yeah, well you know, i can't see what that line up is just now, but typically the leaders do come out in descending order with president. she as leader writes at the fronts and those are coming out after him in descending order . we are looking out in particular for position number 2 and position number 3, who will take over from premier league or chung there has been a lot of talk about that. being li chung, the party boss of shanghai, his chances seem dead and buried. just a couple of months ago because of the bruising lock then that shanghai went through . but over the course of this week, as he has a merge as
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a leading contender for that top job. but we're just waiting now to see who exactly these new faces are. and these new faces are going to have huge implications on the future direction of this country. right. and president, she is now about to address the congress less listening. comrades, friends. good morning. it is my pleasure to be able to meet journalists, ladies and gentlemen, colmerton friends. good morning. it is a great pleasure to meet friends from the media. so i can, yesterday from work on 10 baron chinese communist party, over turn tis national. congress has successfully closed this. she do, is this congress way raised our flags from gather our power and unite? yes, and the common is conference. china successfully concluded it's 20th national congress
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. it was the congress of holding high our banner, pulling our strength and forging ahead in unity. gorgeous show where they don't guar golden one group. she though of goods either jenny bang for layla foot yet her she's she's young and daughter. but i is lose money, which are government leaders, had a states organ, daughter, and leaders of most important organizations. and on behalf of the center committee, our do extend my international gratitude to done the following. the 20th c, p. c. national congress with great interest political parties in many countries have sent a congratulatory messages and the letters,
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many of which were from head of state or government. and from leaders of political parties or important organizations. on behalf of the c p. c central committee, i wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to them all. come on montague hale just now. we just had arm. could you turn tears? the 1st plenary session of the twenty's central committee and elected to our new leaderships, sion of center committee. and i was elected to continue as the general secretary of the center committee just now of c p. c. the central committee held is 1st plenary session and they elected the new central leadership. i was re elected as the general secretary of the c p. c. central committee sion there now and that
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that i want to introduce you. other 6 members of the standing committee members and my 6th colleagues who have also been elected to the political bureau standing committee. these younger, mr. cameron with the john lee chung charlotte dillinger. com rate. joe la g a t y, honing tom j. com rate a one call knew you. had heard from blue. comrey. said she he thing his younger comet kings. sure. chung.
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the sheet on trip comrade lee. she b family away. the toner, 6 out of 6 of the members here. miss comrey toyota, dollar g, and the comment to me while honing while members night things. diana put co bureau of the standing committee, others of comrades, charla g politico bureau, members of a 19 session funding the of the 1953 central committee. the others were members of the political bureau of the 19th c. p. c. central committee. they're all quite familiar to you, said jenny hair, the hair, whatever he on behalf of the new see during center committee leaders. and i want to extend our sincere thank you for the trust in bestowed shoes you bestowed
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on us. we understand all the characteristics and tasks of c p c. we aren't, we remember our mission and tasks were work very hard. we're never, we're never on behalf of the thief, new central leadership betray which they, they hope, hope, and trust you bestowed, bestowed on us place that we shall keeping mind the parties, nature and purpose, and our own mission and responsibility and work diligently in the performance of our duty to prove worthy of the great trust of the party and our people. kingwood chin don shang or glove returning the whole party's ha hardworking and the hard work of children. all as this agenda. the
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eager pena and them will be off. as his in china, we have successfully rich to the moderately health and prosperity. we shin society, and now we have a set up, a new journey to the dingy new journey to the 2nd century centenary year for tomorrow. the new game with a new task, and to promote the for the concrete chats of the entire part 3. and the chinese people given ation of the china hopefully establish a moderately prosperous society according to plan, thus completing the 1st centenary goal. now we are taking confidence strides on a new journey to ton china into morton socialist country in walrus fats. so advanced towards the 2nd centenary goal and to embrace the great rejuvenation of
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the chinese nation on all france. for a chinese path to modernization syndrome juncture. on the new journey our children bought away a must jinder maintain on our spirit of chim in jesus show for doing your spirit of fool. ovie pleasure. anna jane. wrong hon. to the full yet this that have a 2 step alicia country to have are often wish and hope or the chinese people are which retail which has the hardware and sweat of the chinese people modernization as they hands fruit of she's young chinese communist party and chinese people shinji that she, i been exploring, reach in the past for a long time, but you and it is a great way she g because it is hard on why that's why as why it is
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great because it is always hard work to play or difficult it is a more than than this country in all respects, has been should be proud of all and dream of the chinese nation. to make this happen, the chinese people have offered sweat and toil the c p. c, and our people have thought long and hard to open a chinese path to modernization. this is a great yet enormous undertaken. the enormity of the task is what makes it great and infinitely glorious layla or g, she order to realize our mission, bay task money lab ancestors worked very hard and she forged through jim or dr. lee have fought woman, shin drunk young. i mean for
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a long time for that and that were always remember their devotion and their sacrifices away must work very hard lower of heart and to take our responsibilities to, to change have a historical marks of abi, don't active, historic, historic cobra them with you to push she marxist modernization and we'll keep writing finish new chapters. ugly socialism, m m a with a chinese characteristic which is to realize the chinese dream of success. rejuvenation of china, dedicated themselves to this worthy cause. and with extraordinary efforts, they have placed the path from modest picking these which always remember their dedication and sacrifice. for our part,
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we must forge ahead with resolve and take on more responsibility. we must show greater historical initiative in adapting marxism to the chinese context and the needs of the times. right. new chapters in developing socialism with chinese characteristics in the new year and a stripe heart to achieve the chinese dream of national reach of a nation. shinning shar all the new journey gentle ye shall woo must maintain a resource for the people. am dependent on the people during the posture lucy george way, depending on the people we have to do. the moon shall reel hunt as successful gomez resulted to the people and in the future we will still depend on people to cruet on the true great shirt,
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which always act for the people and rely on them the everything we resolved to date . we have secured one tremendous achievement after another by relying closely on our people in the future, we will continue to rely on them if you're just joining us on al jazeera, live pictures from beijing, their china and the world have just found out who will be running the country alongside president gigi being who as expected, has been elected to continue as the general secretary of the communist party central committee. the c p. c. central committee, charged president. she is going to lead the communist party for an unprecedented 3rd term along here alongside him. a 6 party members of the police bureau, the c p. c pilot bureau, have been unveiled. we saw them on stage with president she or later on, introduce them one by one. let spring in patrick fall came beijing voice was
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following this important event. the communist party congress wrapping up this weekend and as expected president, she being named a secretary general of the party for an unprecedented 3rd term, dallas patrick, about the line up in the police bureau, a standing committee who's in, who's out and what does it say about present cheese, political strength and the direction in which he wants to take china. well, that's not much of a surprise given yesterday's events sir. but as we see jo ledger laci and one who nang along with present, she's paying the remaining members from the previous paula bureau standing committee. but as i said just a moment ago, there was a lot of talk about lee chang coming in and 2nd place. so that means he is more or less guaranteed to fill that role from leaker chang and become chinese new premier . of course, all these new roles won't be confirmed until china's
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a parliamentary sessions in march. and one of the things about leach young in particular that has been noted is that he was not a vice premier before that as a break with tradition. but there is a possibility that he may be appointed a vice premier between now and march to bring about some continuation there. there's also no to play a no place for who to and why he was another name that was a talked about of the course of this week and said he was also one of those people that perhaps wasn't closely aligned with president. she jumping there, were people looking out for his name today to see whether or not there may be some balance to this symbolic bureau standing committee. but so this really does seem to indicate that china will really be going back to the one man dominance of chinese politics. present. she here surrounded by close allies by loyalists and
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very little room for others that may be seen as rivals to him. and what was, or what is the president's message present? she's message as he takes on this new term as the communist parties leader. what direction does intend to take china? there was some interesting covers that, you know, and he said that's the enormous task of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation are going to be on the shoulders of these 7 men. he talked a lot about modernization of china. of course, the previous goal was to achieve moderate prosperity, but now the goal up to 2049 is to make a child or a, an advanced economy in some would say, a global supremacy. and perhaps to overtake the u. s. is the number one superpower
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. there was an interesting nods in particular to marxist modernization present. she jumping as regularly talked about some sort of return to marxist roots and trying to develop common prosperity. some of that certainly chimes with people across the country. economically, they're all going to be big challenges ahead. the marxist ideology is certainly being presented as an alternative to western capitalism. thank you for that, patrick funk my there in making. let's turn to other world news now. in ukraine, russian appointed officials in the city of care saw have told old civilians to leave immediately as ukrainian forces advance in the region. residents are being warned of an increase danger of massive shelly thousands have already left in what ukraine has described as a mass. the for taishan, the case on region is one of 4 ukrainian territories. moscow illegally annexed last month. mommy, john june, has more from keyvi says they are expectations of major advances. in case there has
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been a statement that was issued by ukraine's military command regarding some of what is happening in the course on region. they are saying that russian forces have abandoned villages in the southern, scarce, on region that they have left shot even their love. and that officers and medical personnel left the town of berry slob, which is near nova coca, that is where that hydro electric power plant and that dam is located. that's the one that ukrainian officials have accused russia of mining and preparing to blow up so that it would cause devastation for advancing ukrainian forces. that's about all we have right now. there is a counter offensive going on. and typically when that happens in ukraine, it a standard operating procedure for the military, not to comment, not to give too many tactical or strategic details until they have more news to report as far as how much they have advanced just a couple of hours ago. ukrainian president loaders, lensky put out
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a statement in which he said that there are over one and a half 1000000 ukranian households in various parts of the country without power this evening. official saying they are working as hard as they can to get the various regions of ukraine back online, get power to those households that do not have it to the courts of the country. the do not have it, but it is a very worrying situation, especially at a time when there are increased concerns by citizens of this country. but russia is attempting to weaponized this winter. this is a time when winter has not yet arrived, and yet temperatures are dropping precipitously. have been processed in columbia against economic reforms proposed by president gustavo petro. he wants to increase taxes on people earning more than $2300.00 a month. allison on p t re, for some bubble top dressing white and displaying pancreatic symbols. a 1000 colombians marched through the capital with her, with a long list of grievances against the 2 month old governments of gustavo pay
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through it all. my, we are very worried by what's happening in the country, the crime and economic insecurity. the uncertainty with the tax, political, and electoral reforms. that's why entrepreneurs fleeing the country. that's why the dollar is now almost $5000.00 pesos. most of them are middle and upper middle income colombians that could directly be effected by the government's ambitious tax reform that aims to raise almost $6000000000.00 to fan social programs. oh, others are workers of the oil in mining sector. the fear pictures promised to accelerate the transition towards clean energy and go yeah, not bad at all. petros government has a totally irresponsible alter environmentalist position a protest to prematurely, and one of the sector contributes the most to the control the economy that generates hundreds of thousands of jobs like people came into office following a wave of discontent in the means for change in a country deeply defined by social and economic inequality is ambitious agenda goes
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from seeking total peace street deals with rebel groups and crime gangs to a series of reforms to change the traditionally market friendly policies in the country from health to pensions, to land reform. this sarah owning when a recent told shows, peter's approval fell from 56 to 46 per cent, mostly due to concerns about the difficult economic situation. the honeymoon period has ended, but that not means that we are going to see a separation or even a souring of the relationship between the citizenry and the korean government. i still think that the current government has a large political capital to that will allow him to operate, at least for a year. more organizers are calling for another demonstration a week from now to keep pressure on the government, but to have any chance to stop the reform from going forward. and congress there
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will need to mobilize a much larger number of protesters. allison that i'm get it. i'll just see it, i've gotta, as we count down to the men's world cup here and cut out the draw for the women's world cup has taken place in new zealand. the tournament will kick off next july, australia said to co host with new zealand, a record global audience of more than a 1000000000 people is expected to, to named and watch. and the search in popularity for the women's game is also being reflected here in cotton. for irish mal reports who are not the world's best players are coming to katara this year. inspiring boys and girls alike. 8 year old dream i'll funny is just one of the young players defying stereotypes about the region. i started paying for both from lottery matches and i started to be better and better say i continued to play. when you told your parents you want to play football, what did they say? they're encouraging to play more and more and get better livable. the coaches here
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say women's footballing cutter is still at work in progress, but believe the country is heading in the right direction. yeah, i didn't really know what to expect. and so i've never really been out here before . and but when i arrived and i saw the girls play in those already, a lot book since me come in and the programs that we've been running with, like triple the amount of numbers since to start. so that could only keep growing and grow and, and it's a positive impact that we can make on the future. both hope all's governing by you see if i says at 160000000 women across the globe playing the game by 2026. now that's a double the number that were involved in football less than a decade ago. danish international nadia nadeem is an ambassador for the cats are 2020 of world cup. born in afghanistan, her family fled to denmark after her father was executed by the taliban. 2 decades ago football was all well why savior? i would say it has filled me everything that i know.


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