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in the best only descriptive commentary for them, life is giving me the opportunity to share what i feel inside my heart or vis game through my voice, and explain and build a maximum for somebody will share this feeling accessible via an app on your phone . this type of commentary has become increasingly common in europe, but arabic hadn't heard of the major tournaments. and so last year's arab cup, audio descriptive commentary made it well. the deb you in south africa in 2010, but this is the 1st time it will be available at the finals in the arabic language . specialized commentary will be on offer, in arabic and english at every game during this world come, when we speak of the potter was the top, we all speak of legacy was this tournament will leave to the region. and i hope that the descriptive coming through will be a part of this legacy. it's about making football in the middle east, a more inclusive experience. just one long term target of this world cup and the
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richardson al jazeera doha aah! quick look at the main stories of following this. our former u. k. chancellor ritchie soon act will become the countries next prime minister on monday. so not want to raise to be a leader of the conservative party. it was a 1st climb minister of asian heritage, and now are places lives trust who resigned last week. so not cool. take the top job at a time of economic crisis. you also harris, a divided party. the united kingdom is a great country, but there is no doubt we face a profound economic challenge. we now need stability and unity. and i will make it my utmost priority to bring our party and our country together.
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because that is the only way we will overcome the challenges we face and build a better, more prosperous future for our children and our grandchildren. while alan fish has one hour from downing street on what happens next, lis trust will hold a cabinet meeting or final cabinet meeting as prime minister on tuesday morning. she will then emerge through the very famous door behind me attend downing street and make her final remarks as prime minister. she will then head to buckingham palace, where she'll meet king charles and officially hind in a resignation. as prime minister. he will accept that he will then invite richie sooner to come to the palace where he will be asked to form a government at that point mister sooner will come here and make some comments again in front of the very famous door, there will be more substantial than the comments we've heard from him today. he has to lay out essentially his agenda. capital. the story is to bring you pakistani
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janice, her shad sharif has been shot and killed in the canyon capital nairobi. but he say sharif was shot by an officer while he was a passenger in a car. sharif had been outspoken critic of the pakistani military, and it previously received death threats causing him to leave pakistan. and then at least 60 people have been killed in an as strike, fight them, me and my military in the northern catch in states. the victims included singers and musicians, or is an event celebrating the anniversary of the catch in ethnic groups. political wing knows that lines, i'll see you later. a stream is coming up next. ah ah
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hi, as for me, okay. and your watching the stream was parson and marble was ever returned to greece. this is a question has been going on for a very long time. the original sculptures are removed from athens in the early 19th century by lord, elegant, the british ambassador to the ottoman empire, greece once her national treasures black, currently housed in the british museum in london. as you can see here, what will it take for the pos and marbles to go? how you can join this discussion has been going on 4 o 2100 years. at least you can jump on here into the comments that should be part of today's show. as a student classics in the 970 s, i believe that there were good reasons for keeping. the parsons golf was in england . first, they were integral li, acquired part of the british museums collection. certainly there were safer loans
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in traffic patterns, apparently returning the terrible precedent for its own all the right. now, i'm a classics professor. i know the old as all humans are invalid on very few objects of such iconic status. if they do, they should be return the times i would do for the position as integrated home display of the partner freeze and all color. and so we actually went home mobiles to their home, the methods till they're not passing and sculptures in the british museum. janice, tristan alley. so good to have a favorite. hey on the show you on this please. sally to audience around the world . tell them who you are, what? 80? hello for me. hello everyone. my name is young. you sandwich so close. i think that you didn't want to pronounce my name because he's now yes, yes, i don't test i had with with you because of this discussion. so i'm the long in correspondence for the greek daily
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newspaper called tom, now has been based in london almost 7 years. and as you can imagine, i've been covering the bottom of mozilla. oh my goodness. of course i can imagine totally tristram. so nice to have you, please introduce yourself to our audience around the world. tell them who you are and what you do briskly. hello for me. i'm lovely to be here with you. i'm tristram, best of and i'm a retired u. k. museum director who is guilty guilty of returning material in our collections to the source community. and i'm now a freelance advisor and the help of the museums to do the same such a troublemaker tristin gets a hat here. hello, welcome to the show. please tell our audience here you are 180 briefly. hello everyone. it's likely to be here. my name is that the silence and i'm the vice president of the australian pop and on committee and co founder of the acropolis research group. and we have been that, well,
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many in that committee have been active on the campaign for 20 to 25 years. i've been in the campaign for 10 years, and i'm just very passionate about the issue. so we also push museum to be part of this conversation and as they typically think they sent a statement rather than a past said, this is what they said to us. we will loan the sculptures as we do many other objects to those who wish to display them to the public around the world. presently they will look after them and return them anyway. if you'd like me to comment on that, please take the filter. well, what they have to say in that instance is that they require anyone loaning to sign a waiver and ownership waiver, which of course the holistic government is well unable to do that. it's just not
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possible for them to sign an ownership waiver. so that's why it's not possible for them to be lunch to grace given and they had a lunch to come to the home a teach me same in russia. one pittman paste was several years ago. i guess that this ownership waiver, which the hellenic government will not find just of i'm just amazed that we're even having a discussion about this. there is no debate anymore. is that even possible to be neutral on the path and sculptures and where they should truly be housed? well, i am professionally as well as personally embarrassed that the british museum consistent it refuses to enter into a constructive public dialogue. there has been a see change in museums right across the u. k. over the last 20 years also. and
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the focus has moved away from sort of ownership of stuff to how does, how does the museum and what it holes relate to people to communities, either the communities who live around the museum or the communities from which the material came. it's all about conversations. it's all about giving people a voice, and it embarrasses me that the british museum is so far behind the curve in having that kind of constructive dialogue. because having led it myself and manchester, where we had big diaspora communities from all over the world, but particularly from africa. what happens is when you give them a voice and empower them in the museum, the museum starts to sprout wings and we learn so much more and the people who
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use the museum here, other voices, it becomes a more vibrant, interesting, and exciting place. everybody wins. so the idea that you've got this museum sitting in the middle of bloomsbury that holes so much material from all around the world. but we're here specifically talk to talk about the pattern and sculptures refuses to have that conversation. and i can explain in a moment why that is, is a matter of professional embarrassment, and we'll just tapping to our audience watching right now you're honest, this is tom. tom flint says, loan them, how he loan stolen goods to their rightful owners. it was, that's a good point and that's precisely why the big government because consistently has refused to contemplate along solution rates. once um i was bug be reunited with the rest, put them up as permanently not as a loan. and i'm slightly optimistic that we'll get there in the near future. why
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are you optimistic? well, i didn't know if there is yet the seats in the picking museum stands. what i can see for sure is that same of language. let me remind everyone of the present then the cost of the museum. jose osborne says a couple of months ago that there is a good deal to be done. so let's build on the statement and try to reach a deal with the british museum. all right, i mean, what is it like a company? greek, to have your treasures in a british museum. what does that? yeah. like. well look, i think this, this is a 2 folk thing. there are lames like myself in the great diaspora and also fillings in for i don't think, i don't think you can differentiate. i think phil helene, feel strongly about this issue as elaine. but as elaine items,
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i can say that it as, as the famous molina, mccurry said, you know, they are a hot, there are so bear out passion. i mean, we are very aware that we have a very long, long history that we're cob, created through. and a half that go in athens and, and we as great still very strongly that they should be re united, not just, not just they, they need to be reunited as, as part of the building. and that can't be on the building. but the next best thing of course, is the acropolis means to be is one work. and i think still her lanes around the world agree with that. can you tell people who are not telling what and helene is? well as lane, i guess it's someone that identifies as being great of great parents and 5th street, great parents and grandparents, so hopeless museum, was built because the british museum said, well, in athens,
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you don't have anyone suitable to put your own treasures in. so then the greeks built this incredibly beautiful museum and then the vision was him still didn't give the treasures back to scan. yet because of a 2 acts were which for both british music and to give away what's in the museum that they probably looted or stole or acquired an unethical ways. tristan, well i, i do want to pay tribute to am greece. ready for building such a beautiful museum, it is absolutely stunning. and at the very top floor is like a great big glass case that looks across the valley, to the acropolis. and you can see the parthenon with as you walk around the, the sculptures. but just to go back to the point that any was making and
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connected with what are saying about relationships in this dysfunctional relationship between britain and greece. there are 3 players. there's a greek government, there's a british museum. and there is the british government. and the reason that the 2 national governments are so important is that by statute that was passed in 1963, the british museum is not allowed to divest itself of certain thing of anything in the collection unless it meets certain conditions. and that's why we have this merry go round of the british museum saying we can't discuss it because we're forbidden from parting with these, this material by actor parliament. and the poem and parliament says, we can't discuss it because it's british museum business. so you go round and round
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in a wonderful so it's still that chest and surely that's going to be tailored. right . it's not a huge hugo happy. it's a built in an ad st yet could you don't have to return the path. and scott, it's a wall, it's a no, it's the know exactly, and if you, if you look me are the, what, what chris them just describe is, is what we call increase a game of ping pong, doing that with british mas human, the british government. because the big museum says that because of the british museum, asked the we cannot give you the mob bug until the other hand, the british government says a bit museum is the owner of the models. don't talk to me, talk to the museum. and while this is technically true for me, is it, in fact the british government that could introduce the necessary legislation to allow this cultures with then to greece. but the simply does not want to do it, at least, ah, not for the time being. i'm optimistic that these will sans in the future and i
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have to say we're had some headlines at the tester. i said look, are you guys as just a mike a 2nd? my head i scat. well, thank you. i just wanted to say that there is good reason for young. this is optimism because there is precedent when the parliament see something that is clearly not right and unjust. it has intervened in the past. in 2004, there was an active parliament in which museums were added, which allowed them and enable them to give back human tissue human remains, bones, skulls to so us communities because parliament regarded this as completely unjust. the source communities should not be able to reclaim their ancestors. so there's a precedent that was in 2004 in 2009. we had a big scandal about nazi, supposedly aged art that was in the british museum and in other museums. and again,
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material which had been stolen by the notches and ended up in non national collections. was the subject to enabling legislation which allowed this to be returned. so that is good precedent for parliament stepping in, doing the right thing when the right thing needs to be done gets talking about parliament. i was just curious about how many there's prime ministers, a said we cannot possibly return. it's interesting that we call them the pop and then sculptures rather than the elegance, mago wobbles. i think that that shows a little bit of a public opinion change, but i want to go back a few years. i went back to 999, have a look at my laptop for some headlines about the past and the sculptures. black brought the return of ogden marbles. david tam rent rejects call to return, passing the marbles to greece. we've got one from parish johnson r i p boyce johnson,
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says british museum trustees must decide fate. a path then marbles with kicking over to the british museum and then one more from there, very shortly after you k prime minister list ross says she does not support repatriate in the popular marbles to greece. so prime ministers doesn't really matter who they are or even what party therein. yeah, unless they don't seem to be behind the idea of these path and, and sculptures. going back to athens, a youth getting something different from the british public though. yes, laws, because because 1st of all it let me remind them rather than the extra you just read from horace johnson. johnson as a prime minister said that to me in an exclusive interview with the year ago. but we also reveal the last summer that when boys dawson was an undergraduate in oxford university, he had said exactly the opposite. that the mobs belongs to greece. and actually he provided proof that says that law document had stolen the models. so i think
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the best make says i'm in his current position, but again, because humans young, the brit, this public, there are a serious there's a series of opinion. pause the latest one was released a few days ago, but says that overwhelmingly their british public. busy supports the re unification of the bathrooms. there's a broader conversation to be had not just about the performance sculptures or the alga marbles, however you want to call them. but what it really means to have art from another culture and another country shut up in a different museum on the other side of the world. his ga. gov is what she told us a few hours ago in a broader sense, proud of the contribution of the ancient greeks. but most relevant, the marbles are a symbol of the thousands of similar items in museums in the u. k. in germany and france. items that in many cases were acquired through questionable methods and as to whether they should be returned. it's not a matter of if,
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but when obviously the british museum is worried about opening the floodgates and they should be items from in egypt, india and nigeria. we should be having conversations about all of the returning all of the ill gotten artifacts to their home countries. one is so bad about art going back the country of its birth, the country, and the country, men and women who created it. l e y, a disaster. well, it will, it's not a disaster. i mean, look at it. i suppose it depends on the, on the spectrum. if the, your talking about it is a she little pace of a nation, a couch of history. then of course, it's important if it's a sculpture or a piece of work that are the instances it's,
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it's quite hard. will assemblage is more common than of course wait for that to have. i mean, that's what purpose of the universe museum is 2 weeks limit. wonderful. things from heritage all as well, and they are great repub, we all these museums, but there are please she says that a unique life, the popular sculptures and this is the case that we make. they are unique. there is nothing else like them. they are not one single piece of work. no, you can't just take a river god from from the payment and say it's a statue. it's not a statue. the whole phrase and the whole head them and of the past and on and the major piece. they are one unified monument this way, describe it, and they, they wait just robinson has called a show real of ancient athens, the mythology,
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the history of ancient athens. so you cannot take these paces out and assemble them and nor should they be they, they need to be re unified because quite simply, it is a unique monument. and it is representative of a culture and history that goes back such a little way that the people but created this. and it's just really imperative that it comes together as one person. i'm just looking at a page on the british museums website called contested objects from the collection as just take a look here. it's really interesting the way that the british museum writes about how the po for them sculptures ended up in the british museum. i think it's an interesting now it is that they chosen to, to share with the public, but we happening bronze is, we've got human remains. we have an early show from australia, confidence sculptures. is it possible that if the puffing of sculptures go back to
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offense, that then the pictures and will begin to lose what they value so much richer as well culture, an art that they feel when they have actually said to us in a statement that they can make those connections between art around the world and the police museum is the best place to do that. well, this is the universalist argument, and it has been made very strongly by various directors of the british museum near mcgregor was a great ambassador for that idea. but it is largely discredited now, and i wanted to come back on ellis point, and just to add to it, i agreed with everything she said. but what makes the parthenon sculptures so unique is that the building from which they were hacked by the earl of elgin, that building still exists. it is there. and that makes them very,
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very particular. they only comparative item in the british museum collection to that would be they beard of the sphinx, got the sphinx to stella in the desert of egypt. but i do want to emphasize the fact that these are a very, very special assemblage of items that as ellie says, they were part and parcel of a building. they were part of the structure of the building. and it's not a coincidence. but in greece, these sculptures are regard, are referred to as blocks because they are relief carvings on the blocks that form the part of the structure. el, again, got local stonemasons to saw them off so he could get ship them back to britain. and so they're called slabs in britain, and that's because they've already be mutilated. and so you can see in the air form
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today that disco disconnection really from that wonderful building, which stands as a monument to classical ideas and principles that echoed down the centuries down the millennia. and it is a national disgrace that and even they are still arguing about it and give an example of what we some is sank right now. just an example that think think of athena, regardless of athena, her head and head neck is in the acropolis museum. one here, right breast remains to the british museum. does that make sense to you? no, nobody wants to have just one brass. all right, how came to share it? it feels like gotcha. i had, i came to charlotte tote is this a little bit earlier? i think it really is aimed at the british museum who's not in this conversation,
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but been mentioned many, many times to have a listen that had a luck. it's good news that the british museum has fire willing to talk, but it shouldn't be a negotiation. the idea of alone, however long term it is, is only adding insult to injury. what the british museum and government should do. ready immediately is 1st return the sculptures, 2nd apologize for keeping them for so long. and 3rd, or with greek scholars are not as some mounting an exhibition at the british museum that explains how these artifacts were acquired and grew to end. it's never too late. ready ready to the colonized in our audience who are watching right now. and where is the british museum in this conversation with talking about them, but they're not here to speak for themselves. i am wondering, ellie, how long is this conversation? this persuasion going to go on out one year, 5 years, 20 years, or do you think? well, of course it's actually been going on for 200 years. i mean,
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he or her was the 1st that they requested, not long after the 1st great state was formed. but i guess the campaign in the last 3040 years has really been advocating very strongly. but i think the conversation is, the only said that the very beginning, i feel, but there is a shift. there is a change. i think the last really has changed. and it just, it's picking up momentum. it's just, it's wrong on so many levels. and of course, one thing we haven't discussed, which i'd like to touch on is the, is the solution. you know, what is the solution? yes, that should just give them back and it should be a political, a. a political will, it should just be a decision that gets made, but then you know, what can the solution look like there and, and it can, you, can you the solution in one sentence because we're right at the very end i show you what is what. ok, the solution risks are 3 d digital printing of
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a beautiful set of copies and, and or a rotation exhibition of the wonderful out switch. the great government is prepared to give the loan and as an exhibition, ok, and he's got the solution right here. why we've been discussing this for 200 years . we could have just asked eli eli tristram and yon as an all of our viewers who, watching on youtube. i'm watching around the world. and so tuning as i see you next time take, ah ah, ah,
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traditional knowledge is helping solve multi problems. israel holds its faith general election in less than 4 years. will this round voy line to its political crisis? generation football meets the inspiring players, tackling social, political issues on and off the pitch. americans vote in defining mid term elections. the results could see biden and the democrats lose that congress majority november on a da 0 talk to al jazeera. we also do believe that women of afghanistan was somehow abandoned by the international community. we listen, we have a huge price for the war against terrorism as going on for money. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. ah.


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