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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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as we go through the next couple days, but i went to weather that cooler weather that snow, we are weather, try to think it's way for the southwards. i will the next, as i say, still a few flurries going around colorado. so much weather coming into the place, eastern side of north america, find a drive by this day, so not too bad 18 celsius. it's pretty good into what new york about where it should be. for the north west pacific northwest, we have got some cloud of right and some snow, mainly snow up into b c there. and that will continue to just drive its way. a little further south was as we go through friday by friday, remember that snow, colorado sliding down across sir, you mexico. we'll ask you to turn to rain as it pushes into what texas. so some heavy, a burst of frame front re downpours coming in at this stage. heavy burst of frame still in place across sir dominican republic, into puerto rico, some very heavy showers here, also affecting the wind. what's ah, ah,
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ukraine says russian troops are reinforcing their positions in here, san, with the most severe fighting taking place in the done yet squeegee. ah, on has him secret this is al jazeera, alive from the halls are coming up. at least 15 people killed in a suspected isolates act on a she a shrine in the iranian city. oh, shit. as just days after and, and strike in myanmar killed 50 people, foreign ministers from the as yet regional block holding emergency meeting to discuss the costs and why the environment may lose out. whoever wins the brazilian presidential runoff. ah,
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ah, ukraine says wet, weather and difficult terrain are complicating its advance in the southern hassan region. caves forces or piling pressure on russian troops, but the prospect of another battlefield sat back for president vladimir putin has fueled fears. the kremlin could use a nuclear weapon. harry force reports from keith, ukraine's long counter offensive for her son grinds on, despite russia's recent order to evacuate civilians and reports of some military drawback. the message from ukraine is that the russians digging in for a fight from nipple robles. the little girl who are changing positions are intelligence confirmed that they have been reinforced by very many recruit the level that they are strengthening their flanks. you may take up trenches because they fear our air force me if you're artillery and soldiers loses, didn't have no copies destroyed. russian army tells the tale of ukrainian gaines. the russian general in charge of this war recently talked of difficult decisions
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having to be made around her son, attracting speculation that ukraine might soon retake it in time for winter. that ukraine is now talking about rushing reinforcements and obstacles to progress. doors in the some of the situation on the front line itself is very tense. the enemy has dug itself in and at the moment it seemed they do not intend to leave. it is noticeable that they worked, reinforced their dug out, trenches and fortifications when the way from ukraine. russia's armed forces were carrying out exercises on wednesday, simulating ordinated use of nuclear weapons launched from land, sea, and air. the russian military says it's in preparation for a response to an enemy attack rush as president, making more unsubstantiated claims about a nuclear threat from ukraine, including a radiological or dirty bomb, is that you rule the ignore the statements of the keep regime about the desire to get nuclear weapons after all, the key authority said that openly. no,
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every one is keeping quiet. there are also plans to use a so called a dirty bomb for provocations. russia state media is amplifying such claims still further saying that ukraine intends to put a dirty bomb inside, a fake russian missile, and designated overture noble. at every turn, such accusations have been dismissed by ukraine and its allies as absurd, dangerous, transparently false, either escalade re, russian grandstanding or an indication that russia itself intends to use such a device. but conventional weapons continued to do damage enough here and to me pro a petrol station set ablaze by a russian strike emergency cruise said 2 people, including a pregnant woman, were killed. harry faucet al jazeera, give of the korean president. what dim is the landscape says the most ferocious fighting is taking place in the eastern done yet screeching, said lot number to me. so, i mean, there have been no significant changes on the front line. the most severe fighting is taking place in donetta region,
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buckman directions out of difficult. it is the place where the insanity of the russian command becomes more evident, day after day over the months. they are driving people to death. they're concentrating, the highest level of artillery strikes, all of our soldiers who are defending their positions in these areas. internet, the region of our heroes, ukraine's deputy prime minister has refugees who fled to fighting to remain abroad this winter to ease the fresher on the power grid. more than a 3rd of ukraine's energy facilities have been seriously damaged. in recent russian strikes. to save power, the government as begun, rolling power outages for up to 4 hours across the country did receive pretty well in the hotel timber. i'd like to take this opportunity to ask the refugees not to return. we need to survive the winter, john. unfortunately, the electricity network won't survive it. you can see what russia is doing. every one sees everything and to return now is to risk yourself and your children that
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you have honorable relatives who may be ill, bed ridden or elderly, to move a russia called a meeting at the un questioning the secretary general's mandate to investigate his conduct in ukraine. that's off the u, the u. s. and its allies called foreign inquiry into allegations. moscow used iranian drones in ukraine, which could be a breach of un sanctions. western countries rejected russians attempt to block you an inquiry. russia seeks to obstruct and confuse. but yielding to these threats, and as seating to russia's demand at the secretary at not carry out its $20.00 to $31.00 mandate in this instance, would be extremely problematic. it would undermine implementation of un security council resolutions and give all countries including russia, a free pass to flout security council imposed obligations. united states regrets that russia's once again abuse its position as a council member to waste this body's time and seek to hide its own violations. the
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leaders of france and germany said that relationship is intact despite differences . john chancellor o left shoulder met emanuel. my call in paris on wednesday, the french president hailing the talks as constructive to agree to set up working groups on energy defense and innovations. relations between the 2 countries afraid of europe position on those key issues. all rec, brighton is a professor of political science, stanford university. he says there are substantial differences between these 2 allies. the one difference is we are not only clashing on different policies or what the right means are to address the. ready different issues that are discussed on a european level, all of the upcoming decisions have constitutional strategic consequences for the future of europe. like what kind of your you both the coming up so
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that the one thing. and the other thing which is also concerning a lot of people in germany is that the communication style has practically changed . michael was texting with my call practically on a daily basis. and shows announces unit natural acts with far reaching consequences without consulting mccall. so my call is not only disappointed about the, were responds to august, visionary ideas about the future of europe, has all the reason to complain about the communication style from but they are funded mental differences when it comes to defend the future of them money or you migration policy even enlarge men when choice recently announced that you can see the european union. ready to expand further with not just one or 2, but just the number of candy. ready countries to join the europe in union more
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sooner than later. a protest have taken place across a ron as thousands marked the 40th day since the death of massa armine. the 22 year old died while in custody. the so called morality police. she was arrested for violating a strict dress code for head coverings. a death spark nationwide on rest, dosage of body reports from the capital to her on the chanting women life freedom. thousands of people gathered at the cemetery in kurdistan province. the final resting place of massa, nice mourners are heard calling the province the fascist graveyard. hours later this was the scene in the city of suckers. a security forces fought with people. semi official news agencies say nearly 10000, came out to mark the 40th day since massa mimi died and police custody into her on the university. students across the country also remembered her. this group is
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singing from the blood of the youth of the homeland to lips have grown. scuffle broke out in another university across the city. and police use your gas. this for students in at least 2 institutions in her, on the student, protests were not just in the capitol, but across the country. this was a scene in the city of catch up with many chanting freedom. and in the 2nd largest city, much had students have been protesting since the death of massa media last month protests are not limited to only schools. this is terrance grand bizarre. on wednesday the master was visiting relatives with her brother in the capital when she was detained. by the so called morality police for not wearing the mandatory headscarf properly, the police released the security camera footage and saying it shows massa arriving at a facility for so called the re education class on the religious benefits of wearing a headscarf. according to the official autopsy and a government investigation muscle to pre existing health condition and suffered
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heart attack, her family says this is not true and says she was beaten while and ca city. government supporters also rallied across the country. the president addressed the issue in a live televised interview felicia. gov. thank her. oh, in i told her family that this news was shocking, not just for me, but for every iranian void of criticism and dialogue on various issues have a place in the constitution and can help us in the decision making process all. but the distinction between protesting and riot which should be defined on earlier this month, president racy visited an all female university into iran, where he praised the achievements of women in academia. at the same time, these university students chanted racy, get lost outside the building. this is the area where iran's morality police arrested massa minnie on a tuesday afternoon since then they haven't been seen much in the city. whatever happens next your, regardless of which version of events people believe it is clear that mass,
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i mean is death has changed this country door such a bari al jazeera thereon. at least 15 people have been killed and 40 injured in an attack claimed by i saw on a she our religious shrine in the iranian city of shit. as to gunman have been caught and one is still on the run. victoria gate can be reports the popular shashi rog shrine and she ran was packed with people when an eyesore gum opened fire or witnesses say the attack during evening. prayers was time to cause maximum damage. ah, we were preparing for prayers and then we heard the gunshot. we tried to escape from the other side and then i realized i was bleeding. luckily, i could not see who was shooting. it was from outside, but we were inside the shrine. it started from the street and then they came towards the shrine and they shot, however they saw. yet on some of the victims were brought to this hospital for they
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spoke of their shock at the attack. as you are well known number by congo, i went to sha sharah with my children here. i heard sounds of gunfire. after we prayed that he went to a room next to the shrine. this gunman came and fired a barrage of shots, lethargic bullet hit my arm and leg that it hit my wife's back. but thank god my child was not hit. he 7 years old, yamaha that popular with tourists, the city of charades last witnessed a similar attack. 14 years ago, wednesday shooting comes at a time when security is on high alert in iran following weeks of protests across the country. the ng was to attack her worshippers. it came at the sunset time when people go for prayers and he has killed a lot of people. so the country isn't in chalk. iran doesn't see this 5 of those attacks. normally, prices will hold that be raining president abraham or se condemned the shooting, which he said was an attempt to divide the country through violence of fear. he
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said there would be what he called a severe response to the attack victoria gate and be al jazeera because of the energy company that operates israel's kerisha offshore gas field in the mediterranean sea, as it began producing gas on wednesday energy and also says extractions at 2 other gas wells at the cottage field will begin within the next 4 weeks. the site's been in the center of a maritime border dispute between israel and lebanon for years. 2 countries came to a us broken agreement earlier this month. or the announcement comes a day before lebanon, or israel officially signed the agreement. the lebanese foreign minister was optimistic about the deal. in an exclusive interview with al jazeera walked ha la suca, to talk to the total energies and its partners must start. work in the areas agreed upon with the lebanese government, namely block number 9 and the comma field. it takes time to extract gas. if it's
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there, and the lebanese people have great hope that their country will become a gas producing country, but the still ahead on al jazeera lebanon starts returning hundreds of refugees to syria, but rights groups fear for their safety. ah, anticipation is rising. and so is the atmosphere a you read me the wet spots of my cattle a ways hello. we still got some very unsettled weather into central parts of china . not too bad, but says any weather than we have seen recently, a fair amount of class. he get his squeezed a little further south was. so there we go, showers all the way to shanghai. we'll see some wet weather also coming in to japan as we go on into the latter part of the way. the span of cloud and ray will push into western areas of han shoe, hawkeye, sing a little disturbance, a rattling through here as well. taiwan still looks very unsettled,
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very unsettling to the philippines over the next couple of days and becoming increasingly more so. as we had towards the we can, we got this area of low pressure just swirling away gathering may will become a tropical storm. as you make aware, to friday and sat, they certainly want to watch out for. on the other hand, i'm pleased to say things have quiet and down nice t now for india, for bangladesh, till a few showers up towards the poor, towards blue tom. but sir, it should be in the process of drawing out as we go on through the next couple of days. there is some where to whether they're into our myanmar, some showers there. now getting feet fed in on an increasingly ne lee breeze. the ne monsoon starting to show his hand, perhaps piping up attached more as we go on into sass day with some heavy rain all the way to was a sudden pip and spell anchor the weather. sponsored by cattle anyways. jump into the stream where no topic is off the table. i don't think that anybody
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should be born privilege to dinner after dinner day. we are the subjects of the royal family. let one person's opinion, but what's yours? amplify your voice. the judicial system in mexico is incredibly weak and it is not just rushing, we're a global audience, becomes a global community. the scariest part of this moment in like 100 is this place for a more weapon. the stream anaya 0 lou, the me again, you're watching 0 minded about top stories this hour. ukraine says wet weather and the terrain is making the counter offensive. be in the southern hessen region. more difficult, resident zaleski says,
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the face is fighting is taking place in the eastern done yet screeching. confrontations have taken place between iranian security forces and demonstrators in the home town of mass, meaning thousands of protesters marching cemetery, where she was buried to mock. 40 days since her death in police custody, at least 15 people have been killed in an attack on a shrine in iran, southern city of sheer. as i still has claimed responsibility, at least 14 people have been injured and emergency meeting over the crisis in me and mine is underway in indonesia. foreign ministers from the, as the end block are expected to reassess their strategy in dealing with me and mas military. some member states and the us are calling for tougher action against the joint and the gathering was called before and asked strike on sunday and catch in state that killed at least 50 people of lawrence louis is covering the story force from qual alone plus
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a flaws it's quite an unusual move. this isn't it to hold what's being called a pre summit, 2 weeks before and as the summit that's right, as in leaders are scheduled to meet in cambodia in november. and the fact that this meeting is being held in jakarta with foreign ministers from ours in attending really just shows you how grave and serious and urgent the crisis is in myanmar than 2 days before this meeting as ins. chair, cambodia issued a statement saying the group is quote, gravely concerned over the recent escalation of violence in myanmar. and also on tuesday, the u. n. special envoy from myanmar who visited the country in august, told a u. n committee that the political human rights and humanitarian crisis in myanmar is deepening and taking a quote to catastrophic tall on its people. she said more than 13000000 people
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don't have enough to eat more than 1000000 people have been displaced. and the military continues to use disproportionate violence on a civilian population, including sacking and burning of buildings and homes. launching air strikes, conducting arbitrary arrests torture in detention center, shown the june tor says, it's merely trying to restore order and has described antique who fighters as terrorists and as refuse to engage in dialogue with any parties that are opposed to the cool. so this meeting in jakarta is 4 hours in members to find a way out of the crisis in myanmar. so, or can we expect learn from the, the meeting today? so austin has tried to play the peacemaker now just 2 months after the cool last year. are the members including me and mom met in jakarta where all parties agreed
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to a 5 point piece plan. and that included colds that included an immediate cessation of violence as dialogue with all concerned parties. this was a piece plan that myanmar had also signed up to. but since then there's been a little note to no progress made. and dan must june 2 representatives have been disinvited from ozzy and meeting since late last year because has been little progress made on this piece plan. now that was seen as quite a bold move then because obviously operates on a policy of non interference among its members states. but because there's been little progress days now, a lot more pressure on us in to put pressure on the june to, to stop the violence that's taking place in yakima. now malaysia has called on ozzy and to engage directly with the shadow government, the national unity and government, they have also been cold for the peace plan to be reviewed. so those are steps that
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we could perhaps see are the and mit foreign ministers announcing that ozzy and may take, but we'll have to wait and see what the minister's agree to are i for the moment florence louis life 1st there in quarterly our campaign. he has been heating up ahead of the 2nd round of brazil's presidential elections on sunday, but no matter who wins environmental groups say the brazilian amazon will likely continue to lose. they say it will be difficult to stop the expansion of mining and farming in protected areas. marker you monica unique, you have reports now from mattel, grosso, da saw i saw fight in the punter man fierce largest tropical wetlands tours from all over the world. come to watch, we are birds and wild life in the brazilian state of michael grocery store. 2 years ago were catastrophic fire destroyed much of this green paradise, leaving a trail of destruction and killing millions of native species. fogel glad it was
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a gray said default ajar follows him almost via the lands with fire, but the intensity of the 5, if seen in the last he is not common. it's a consequence of divorce dropped in th century caused by deforestation in the amazon and extensive forming. i shall count on with president valuable. so now to brazil, witness to peak of deforestation in the amazon in 2021. 13000 square kilometers were destroyed, reaching a 14 year high. environmental is fear that if bull sorted out a wednesday, october 30th run off, you'll continue pushing for legislation to open up protected areas for mining and farming. as he said, he would, you would as over his offering on the prison both on are, is government has already dismantled and defended public organizations in charge of controlling the preservation of the environment. the continental is the size of many european countries. if there's no protection, it will eventually try out to me. both hernandez left her a rival forum president,
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lizzy nasa ruler. the suva has been criticized in the past for the construction of the controversial belo moon. she hydropower dam in the amazon. it displaced some 40000 people, but lola did implement environmental policies, dramatically reducing deforestation, and it's promising to rebuild government institutions that control illegal activities in the amazon. judging how brazilians voted in the 1st round, environment is far from being a priority. for out of every 10 congressman elected are against strict laws limiting economic activity and protected areas. these charcoal color tree trunks are the scars of an intense fire that pass through this forest. 3 years ago. it took fire fighters 40 days to control the flames. and even though scarce rain held the panther now flourish, this me well be
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a temporary respite. the future of the month and night, and the amazon may well depend on the outcome of sunday's election. and on the capability of the next president to find a balance between defending nature while promoting much needed economic growth. monica and i give al jazeera bumper now brazil, or nelson franco job. im is a political analyst and professor at hello alonzo university. he thinks brazil's environmental needs will be better served by lula da silva as president. both so now has the same mind sets of the military dictatorship. he believes that the amazon should be occupied by, by, by people. then. the economic activities should be free to be to be developed in the opposite land. the workers start to fade for the morning firing. i'm more concerned with the environmental protection. luna had the very active
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minister of the 5 of my job who left the team to does the name because it didn't agree with some environmental pharmacy. she. she lost the debate . deb, but now she supported again. she's the person who, who has the best credentials to fight against the amazon, into threats. and she is from the think of a doctor, which is one of the face of the rain forest show. she's very qualified to, to put brazil back into the, into the right position in because brazil had taken some commitments, including in the, in the conferences on time. it's changed on the you went conferences for work as in chile are on strike for 48 hours to demand better working conditions. more than 6500 people are taking part in the strike affecting most of the countries 23 port
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workers have threatened to continue indefinitely. if the government does not meet their demands. bolivia has temporarily suspended food exports in the crucial farming region of santa cruz. after protests, they're threatened to cause transport disruptions. demonstrators have been throwing rocks and blocking highways in bolivian cities. of the opposition, m. p. 's called a general strike, that demanding the government call a referendum on increasing the countries fiscal budget. in lebanon, hundreds of refugees have been crossing the border as they return to syria. lebanese official, say, 751. syrians are being voluntarily repatriated, but rights groups are concerned about their safety. zanna hunter reports for marcel in lebanon. they're leaving behind a life in exile. i've got the crossing the border back into syria.
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lebanon is where hundreds of thousands of syrians escaped to during the war. there is mixed feelings and a lot of uncertainty. some don't have homes, nor jobs. with many say it's dire economic conditions that are driving them back. because i guess it is better to die there than to die here. the situation is difficult here. i can't even afford bread for my children. it will be the same there. at least there we can find a place to be very the repatriation process is being organized by the government in lebanon and syria. they insist this is voluntary. but right group say it lacks transparency and have documented cases of return needs facing abuse back home . even after receiving security clearance, they also point to policies by the lebanese government that makes life difficult for refugees. between 80 to 90 percent of syrian refugees and lebanon don't have
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legal residency in the country, which means that they're subject to arrest and deportation. at the same time, you have politicians from across the political spectrum and up and on really cropping up as n a. so big and hateful rhetoric towards refugees, lebanon says it can no longer cope with so many refugees. and officials have gone as far as to accuse the international community of not wanting syrians to return to their country. they believe refusing to redirect a to syria is a way to put more political pressure on damascus later in the seas that are a very limited number of political refugees. we can't stubs or a partridge nation process because of them the you and hcr should settle them in the 3rd country. the u. n. refugee agency says it is not facilitating the return of refugees at this stage. as syria is still not safe for them. it seems many syrians feel the same since 2016,
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the us has verified nearly 80000 have returned and less than 3000 have signed up for repass ration in recent weeks. that's a small number. those who don't return are from former strongholds of the opposition in syria, and could face persecution in pro government areas. and many now live in fear as lebanese authorities say this voluntary repatriation process is only beginning. then there are also sita, ourselves northern lebanon. it's elise, the prime minister, georgia maloney has won the 2nd of to confident boats in parliament. majority in the senate voted in favor of her coalition government. on wednesday the lower house voted on tuesday maloney leaves. it's the least most far right government since war to emergency rooms in the us and canada are dealing with a search in cases of a common illness that can cause breathing difficulties. 3, the spirit treat sinks.


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