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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 30, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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with gender based violence, a sense of community on a jesse era, both janice and the police violently dispersing protest. this, these are some of good tens of thousands of people try to flee. gobble, inspired to program, making welcome to generation chains, unrivalled with broadcasting. white people did not want black children in the schools. we have to fight forecasted and al jazeera english proud recipient. the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 6 year running. ah, at least a 149 people have died and another 150 injured in a crowd crush of halloween festivities in south korea's capital,
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sol. ah, hello, i'm darned, jordan this is al jazeera live from dough are also coming up. russia pulls out of the deal, allowing grain exports from ukraine, citing a drone attack on one of it ships. the u. s. accuses moscow of weapon izing food and al jazeera investigation reveals how migrants and greece had been blackmailed by officials to join vigilante type gang. stop others from entering that you and tens of thousands in south africa celebrate the crowning of a new zulu king after a bit of feud over the succession. ah, we begin in south korea where at least a 149 people have died in a crowd crush and the capital sold. the victims were celebrating halloween teams of emergency workers from across the country have been sent to the scene around
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a 150 people were injured, many of them seriously. the president used to kill as ordered an immediate review of safety at all festival sites. but raphael rashid, as a journalist who was near the scene when the crush happened, tens of thousands of people parading and passing in the streets so much though, that we couldn't even walk on the pavement. there were so many people being crushed . i didn't see the actual fancy to sell at one point we still fire brigade trying to get through the crowd, which was very difficult. there was ambulances believe everywhere. eventually police went on top of the cars to tell people to move out the way and evacuate, and no one really understood why or what was going on. but clearly it's something terrible with unraveling. and i,
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i seem to go in the way and even in the way so many people, but it was clear that something terrible was happening. and there were dozens of fire by, by brigade, a coming to the scene at the time. will al jazeera was robert bride jones of live now from the south korean capital. so rob, so details remain sketchy as to what caused the crash, but what more details are emerging about the stampede? now in the number of casualties, the mean soul is waking up to this tragedy this sunday morning. ready assessing the scale of just what has taken place here. this is that we are in the middle of each one. it's the traditional bar and that's time a district of sole. if i step back, can you see the this is the actual out of the way where this tragedy happened. and the whole of each one is like this is a very congested area,
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with more alleyways at small streets. this was thronged by thousands of people out celebrating holloway. this is where the track to them fold it. it seems as though, for whatever reason that is being investigated, crowds converged on this one alleyway from different directions. this is where the crush happened. a short while ago. the police moved in here is starting to work through this alleyway, picking up debris and pieces of evidence, possibly as they start their investigation. but a footage that has emerged from the scene of the 1st responders coming to this place. i've shown people those 1st responders desperately trying to pull people out of the crush of people that had the mass here and also in the streets around here on the side walls. there was seen desperate scenes of people trying to resuscitate some of the victims that through the school, the people who were pulled out of the crush part of the problem it seems,
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was just so many people here trying to get people from here to the, to the hospitals nearby was simply very, very difficult. the nearest hospital here, we can just park around it's, it's quite a short distance away. it's just about a kilometer further down this road and down the hill. that's the nearest hospital here. but according to some of the 1st responders, it took them literally an hour to get through the crowds of people to try to get to some of the victims there. to the help that 1st a to the emergency services where they could receive help. and that was part of the problem that was literally the case that thousands of people simply didn't know that this tragedy was unfolding. robin, we understand the president in secure order, the safe to review into these sorts of festivals. what happens now with the police investigation going forward? certainly, yeah. you and has how, as
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a number of emergency meetings through the the, through the midnight through the i was night time, hours here. more meetings are being plans, the matter of soul who was away on a business trip in your is on the way back here to so, so that will definitely be an investigation. tragically, most of the victims it seems, were in that twenty's. this was a young party crowd who out celebrating some also teenagers. and you got to remember, of course, this is the 1st time since the pandemic that we've seen, large crowds out so many people would normally celebrate things like helloween here in so, but the past few years, because of pandemic restrictions, they haven't been able to, this was the 1st time that people came out would have been able to come out in such large numbers and it is not so tragic. all right, robert bride live for stay in the south korean capital. so thank you. have
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a 50 people have been killed and a suicide attack in somalia is capital market issue. 60 others were injured to car bombs exploded at a busy intersection, missed several government offices. the 1st block sent a plume of smoke over the city. several minutes later, there was a 2nd explosion, just as ambulances arrived at the scene, they were landed on basset to the democratic republic of congo has been given just 48 hours to lead the country. a government spokesperson said the movers in retaliation for counties alleged support of $23.00 rebels, and the con goes eastern provinces. it comes as fresh fighting has been reported in the area. the m 23 group has gained ground in recent days. thousands of people affect their homes. the latest advance that prompted the un peacekeeping force to increase its troop alert level and to support for the army. the now russia
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says it suspending its participation in the un brokered grain export deal with ukraine after a tax on it ships and cut off crimea just 3 months ago. russia agreed to allow exports from ukraine to resume to stem a global hunger crisis. yes, president joe biden has called moscow's move purely outrageous, saying it will drive it stop ation around the world. well, the un says more than $450.00 ships of left ukraine port since august. the 1st that carried 9300000 tons of food to countries across africa, asia, and europe. russia says it can provide 500000 tons of grain to poor countries over the next 4 months or reports that reports from ukrainian capital. skimming across the black sea humming in on russian worships. this video, the ports to show part of an attack that russia says ukraine carried out with marine and ariel drones. in the crimean porter, sylvester po, it says, one of its mind sweeping vessels was likely hit some. as yet unverified reports
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suggest more damage was done. more targets struck. what like you will if i did when david was tack involved 9 unmanned aerial vehicles and 7 autonomy marine drums because of the measures taken by the black sea fleece ships. all the areas targets were destroyed, rushes defense ministry says british forces helped plan the attack and with behind last month's sabotage of its nord stream, one into pipelines. britain says these are false claims on an epic scale. the initial response from the kremlin to suspend its participation in the black sea grain initiative under which ukraine has since august been able to export more than 9000000 tons of agricultural produce through maritime corridor. broken by the un into key russia has for some weeks been signaling its displeasure with how the deal had been playing out, saying the plant freeing up of its own exports, particularly fertilizers, had not been on it before the events in crimea on saturday. it had said that any investigation by the united nations into it's use of iranian drones might prompted
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to exit the agreement. ukraine's president is calling for a strong response from united nations. and the g. 20 or hero was says, of 1000000 africa. russia does everything so that millions of people living in africa, i, middle east and south asia who find themselves in the condition of artificial hunger. we are at the very least in a drastic, graceful crisis. yet why should a small bunch of people in the kremlin, they decide whether they'll be food on people's tables of egypt or bangladesh lees? russia says, recent ukrainian exports were heading for rich countries and that it is prepared to donate 500000 tons of grain. over 4 months to pul ones, it also says it can no longer guarantee the safety of civilian shipping along ukraine's black sea coast. harry force it al jazeera keith miller. russia is accusing the british military of blowing up the north stream gas pipelines in the baltic c. last month. the defense ministry says british personnel took part in the planning provision and implementation of what it calls a terrorist attack on the supply route. britain is denying involvement. the
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pipelines from russia to europe were severely damaged by powerful explosions which germany, sweden and denmark are investigating. as an act of sabotage, a palestinian man was shot dead in israel and injured several others in the occupied west bank before being killed by a security guard official said 4 people were wounded, including a palestinian in the shooting near a checkpoint. in hebron. the 2 men vine to be brazil's next president of held that final campaign events, incumbent jebel, sanara led one of his signature motorcycle rallies in belgrade. isn't it? wearing brazil's national football team should a fiercely contested run. a vote will take place on sunday. meanwhile, his arrival a former president luna da silva paraded to the city of sao paolo opinion polls show. the presidential race is getting tighter with bolts and i was sitting at about 48.9 percent and lula pulling at about 51 point one percent. monica,
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you knock it as more now from rio de janeiro. it's a very, very divided country. ah, we've, i've been seen people go back and forth some, both on at east us as supporters of president j able sonata. we're very ah confident that he would win, but not so confident yesterday after the debate are the same way the rule out there were very lula supporters who are very worried because you may not only are a little bit more confident. so it's a very, very tight election and every vote will count what people are worried about specially the voters of lula is the ups to the upstair abstention rates. because if people don't go to vote and they're mostly poor people who don't have the money to pay for public transportation, then i hewlett the want, the most of those voters would be voting for lula. but one thing that was that happened after the debate was that our journalists asked president shibel so narrow
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if he would accept the results in case of defeat. and for the 1st time, he said that yes, wherever gets the most votes will be the winner. this is what democracy is about, he said, and he put no conditions because until now he would usually say something like, i'll accept, okay, if, if there's no fraud, if voting is transparent and clear and he has been questioning the electronic voting system. so this was the change in the southern philippines. officials say at least $45.00 people have died, a storm maggie hit, the region, it made landfall and the island of cut, antoine is bernardino reports from a capital manila. it was supposed to be a weekend of remembrance and relics. ancient filipinos traditionally flocked to cemeteries this time of year to remember to cease friends and families. but this cemetery, the largest in manila, was closed as to thread the tropical storm. dulcie loo,
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flower vendors were willing to risk it, but there was no business had developed for years, but there was a pandemic right? hi. and we really wanted to see how many people would have come here for the 1st time or 2 years from now. these are mere thank, put because we have to guard the flowers. bus terminals that could have been crowded were nearly empty. many of those who did decide to travel got stuck in ports with air and sea travel, also suspended to both tourism. the government has declared this long weekend a holiday tropical storm. margie has hampered travel plans in the affected areas. worse rescue operations are in full swing as entire villages are submerged by flood water. before the storm had even made landfall in the philippines, parts of the country were already experiencing heavy tell port for days. flash floods caught many in the province of mac in the mail by surprise. rescue workers scrambled to get those who needed help,
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but help did not come quickly enough for one village who shown instantly became a site affairs casualty. and the aftermath was nothing short of catastrophic farm chief minister, a hood at an emergency meeting on saturday president ferdinand marcus wondered how such a tragedy could have happened. bargenson did not know what caused the flooding. why weren't they evacuated? what happened? and why so many deaths? government officials hope the death toll won't increase significantly. but the storm size covered nearly the entire country. and as it continued to stream through the main island of us on through to sunday, it's difficult to say how much were devastation it will leave in its wake. barnaby, though al jazeera manila lost not so to come here. now does air including cancer? say i feel badly about the violence we condemn it. can dam what produces violence in this talk produces a violence. us politicians condemn
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a violent assault on the husband of how speak and nancy pelosi left him hospitalized martin ah had i there was seen some nasty downpours in the deep south recently. big area of low pressure here, bringing some very heavy showers. sundry down pulls your tornado to into texas. this is the area of low pressure has caused the problems. it's making its way across louisiana elsewhere. it's generally dry and fine bit more cloud up towards the british columbia city north west. the u. s. was he st. cloud and re mrs. snow to have the high ground coming through here. well, it will make its way across the deep south pushing up into the tennessee valley as we go on through sunday. easing a little further eastwards. decency bushes stay fine and dry for the time being it
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you see the showers are making the way a little further east was by this state up towards the north west. when coming in across washington state may be getting into oregon as well, cooler and whether they're into county at 5 degrees celsius. got some way, whether to cross the eastern side of the caribbean, some lively showers coming through here. this may well develop into a tropical system over the next day. also, quite an organized clutch of storms sat in the water. so we don't to concern for the time being generally passing just to the south of jamaica as we go through monday, brightest guys coming into the east and not as not too bad over towards the west. but we will see sh house later on. ah, the, this was the moment the likes of which we've never seen. this is important. this is your story from breaking down the headlines to exposing the power is attempting to st. silence reporting. we're seeing media freedom being threatened and attacked is
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basically criminalizing journalism. the listening post doesn't cover the news, published the way the news is compet. people have no idea what the source of uses that game that rolled, and that for world war to, for the african required on al jazeera. ah ah, welcome back. i took him out of the top stories here, this and sole, at least a 149 people have died on a crowd cross during halloween, celebrations. authority say most of the victims were in their twenties, hundreds of emergency workers. some across south korea were deployed to the scene. russia says it's suspending participation in the un broken grain export deal with ukraine off to attacks on it ships and cut off crimea. yes,
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president joe biden. i said the movie drive starvation around the world. and at least 50 people have been killed in a suicide attack in somalia, as capital mogadishu to cobb bombs exploded at a busy intersection near several government offices. now the husband of us house speaker, nancy pelosi is recovering from surgery after being attacked inside their home in san francisco on friday. the suspect said to have shouted, where is nancy before beating 82 year old, poor pillows with a hammer. he suffered a fractured skull. and injuries to his right arm and hands, but as expected to make a full recovery, nancy pelosi was in washington dc with our security team at the time. the 42 year old suspect has been charged with attempted murder. it's one thing to condemn the violence. but you can't condemn the violence unless you condemn those people. continue to argue the election was not real. that is being stolen at all, all the malarkey that's been put out there to undermine democracy. the talk stuff.
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that's the problem. that's the problem. can just say, feel badly about the violence we condemn it. can dam what produces the violence in this talk produces a violence. so let's bring in brandon boil. he's a democrat congressman and joins us live from philadelphia. brendan, great to have you on the program. look, so this was clearly a very serious breach. insecurity at nancy pelosi house. how must of the attack raised questions about the security surrounding one of the most powerful lawmakers in the country? well, it's wonderful to be with you just to be clear, because i think there is a great perception, the false perception that those of us who serve in congress are somehow under tight 247 security. that may be the case when we're in the capital or when we're in the capital complex in washington dc. but when we're back in our districts, as i am today in philadelphia,
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i travel around with no security whatsoever. and that's the case for the vast majority of members of congress, although after january 6th, in the numerous threats that we've received since then, and also the recent events, not just the attack and speaker polosa home in san francisco. i believe all of that is currently under review. finally, what i'll say about this specific event is because the speaker was in washington, d. c. and not back home in san francisco. the sort of capital police detail that she has was with her apparently and with her husband. and that's important point to make, bring about january 6 because according to the new york times security concerns have grown. so pressing since the january 6 attack on capitol hill, that members of congress are even dipping into their own money or using campaign funds to protect themselves. i mean, it seems extraordinary that senior lawmakers having to pay for their own security.
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yes, but that is changing. so the house sergeant at arms actually earlier this summer after a nother threat against a colleague of mine, priscilla jaya, paul, a good friend who is a democratic congresswoman from washington state. she had a violent you know, frankly, someone who's clearly mentally unbalanced, repeatedly show up at her house. when i say violet, the individual is armed. after that finally the house sergeant of arms approved security systems for members of congress and their individual residences. so what you said was right up until about a couple months ago, and now that that is changing. and unfortunately, i would just add to this since january 6, the sort of threats that all of us have received. members of congress have gone up exponentially. the u. s, mid terms brendan, just around the corner. this is the fight for the us house and a bellwether perhaps for the 2024 elections. how much is the current,
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toxic political climate? a fact and the sort of violence we saw play out at nancy pelosi house. so i was campaigning. a good bit of today here in philadelphia, not just for myself, but for democrats up and down the ticket. pennsylvania continues to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest battleground states and the country. lot of people are very concerned about energy prices, inflation, ukraine. but i have to say, particularly among democratic voters, not as much republican voters, the continued threats to the integrity of our democracy, come up even polling data is now showing that that's quite alarming. if you look through the poll from 5 years ago, 6 years ago, or frankly, at any point my lifetime, you would never see, you know, our democracy or our democracy ranking right up there. just a, just a final thought, your brendan, before you go, i mean,
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according to the us capital police, his own figures, the number of cases involving threats. an actual incidents like the one you outlined against lawmakers as more than double from 2017 to 2021. but we hear too often that the us capital police force has limited resources, limited money. how will this play out politically going forward and what needs to be done then? well, i will say, i mean i'm, i know we increased funding for them. i think we need to increase funding for them dramatically. and i do believe there is majority support for that. one of the challenges we have though, is that since january 6, compounding this problem is not just the threats dramatically increased, but also the number of capital police that have just up and retired or left the force. because frankly, they don't want to put up with this stuff. so look, i have faith as an american that we will get through. busy us from also realistic to the challenges that we face right now to our democracy. and frankly, they are being led by a former president of the united states. donald trump,
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brendan boy, really good to get your thoughts here now to 0. thank you very much indeed for your time. brandon. thank you. thank you. now thousands of migrants and reca geez lee to europe every year in search of a better life. but an al jazeera investigation is found many i turned away at borders with some forced to join shadowy gang setup to stop others from crossing into the li harding as the story. they are called europe's shadow army operating without an official name leader or government link. former greek officials say these mass individuals use force to try to keep refugees from entering europe through greece. verified footage off the coast of greece shows, members of the shadow army damaging boats carrying refugees and beating others no doubt, no shadow of a doubt that these crimes are taking place. that these are orders coming from the top with the consent of europe in union,
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which are being implemented which are being carried out by hapless members of the gulf coast guard. we've have cases where a few days were found and drowned, handcuffed many in the shadow army are believed to be refugees, themselves, bribes with the promise of asylum, and return for their work to keep other migrants out. why had them the greek officer who interrogated me, told me very bluntly, you have 2 options. you either follow orders or go to prison where you face 10 to 25 year sentence. other images show men been assaulted for not wanting to take part shot. when i refused to join them, they beat me up. they stripped me of my clothes and threw me into the sea. several human rights groups accused the european union and states like greece of supporting the shadow army. as a way to keep refugees out, we have tens of thousands of people who report the same thing happening. the
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institutions of europe, the european union, the greek government, and other governments are committing one crime after the other against humanity. they've done the eastern mediterranean into a watery grave on purpose. greek officials say these allegations are not true and insist their efforts to stop undocumented migrants from entering europe through greece are legal, is the great coast guard actively pushing back migrants in the gnc. ultimately not, we fully abide by the mountain and you know, we are building a bigger fund were broken the whole long board with 30 and hopefully that will get a lot of for it will make it much easier to protect our external board. at least 1000000 people have tried to enter europe a legally through greece in recent years. but many find themselves trading one form
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of uncertainty for another. the risk of drowning starvation and violence mars their journey from start to finish, and can end with no new place to call home. leah harding al jazeera, tens of thousands of people in south africa had attended the official coronation of the zulu king mrs. new new cause will a teeny, he's a lead of the nation's biggest ethnic group and came to the throne in a traditional ceremony in august and followed a bit of feud over the succession. for me, the miller reports from devon. oh, camilla missy's travel to durban from johannesburg for what she says is a once in a lifetime opportunity. we never thought that one day as a nation and young nation will see corrugation of our king. with king nunley, give me some food, missus you loop as when a teeny is a 9 king to take the suit, the throne as wall, his position now officially acknowledged our walker. if indeed, all 1st, surely,
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there came all the zulu nation certificate of recognition by south african president slit on the plaza is likely to bring an end to a family feud around his succession. i understand that history has chosen me at this time when the zulu and other nations are facing several challenges among the challenges of poverty, unemployment, climate change, disasters, economic meltdown, food insecurity, feminine disease that do not only ravage old people but also our economies. the king, clad in traditional zulu attire, differs from his father, who at his coronation, more than 50 years ago, was made to weigh a western suit by the party government. for many, this is
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a celebration of tradition and identity. one correlation mandate upkeep of the zulu royal household may cost taxpayers millions of dollars every year. but for those here, the john to celebrate their culture and little else naturalism. it is very important for us to be here today to return all my lawyers along on those re aga young. what else? we appreciate here so much i know. just read like a $202.00 yard night and go to listen to those would be 2 ah, thousands of come out to witness event as warriors sing, song of praise, prepared to protect the king and maidens honor him. the popular young monarch prepares to rule over nation whose approval cements his rule. 2 also looked to him for guidance for prosperous social and economic future.


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