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tv   Up Front  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2022 2:30am-3:00am AST

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[000:00:00;00] a worse to tell that we wanted to know why they say that people need a lot. what happened a theresa bo in brazil. your thank you very much,
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your let us know. as soon as you know when your boss in our is expected to speak here. thank you very much. let's go to, let's see a newman and so paulo she is at lula headquarters. how are things where you are? hi there. well, there's total, ma'am. here i'm going to ask god camera man. if you could just move the camera over just a little bit to be direct directly in front of me. so you can see the number of people that are gathered here. they're all getting new, not new, not new, not. they are waiting for the new like that seems like to speak to the people here arrived a short while ago. and this hotel with news has his headquarters, and he will probably make his 1st comment after he has heard from our after the nation has heard from president bush fernando. now in the meantime,
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we are she also tens of thousands of people already gathered in avenue that by lisa, that is the traditional celebratory avenue in this country, especially in south florida, which is the country's largest most populous city. and are there already celebrating, puffing champagne, growing child, launching fireworks and so on. but that demona most important thing now is to hear from both of the candidates as soon as possible. joining me to talk more about that now is political analyst day. give me a guy around the oyster who is from to be on day at the institute. i did tell you about so they did doing a lot of things to do it. i'm sorry. i said it backwards. dnh me. tell me what this is, the kind of reception that you would expect from supporters of law. don't have that seat up. i do it. you were telling me just a little while ago that this reminded you on when you was 1st elected. and that was a long time ago. it's been 20 years whose lola was 1st elected in 2002. this.
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the conditions are different things. the mood was very different back there was more on the election of hope back. and now i have the fear that many people celebrate the end of a period. the end of a very dark period for many people in brazil. and now they are really into entering this new phase, this new stage. i think everyone knows it's an uphill battle, but i think people are excited for to see what lula will do. tell me when you're talk about i the at the end of a with a dark period. what for some people certainly for half of the of the resilience who voted for luna that seed by a what do you mean exactly by that? well, brazil has long been divided across regional value, a traditional lines, and it's the 1st chance that we have in 4 years to bring the country together. and i think that's what matters to most people have folder for lula,
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an attempt at reuniting the of healing the wounds of the country and perhaps forming a new product, a new political wrong to hell fixing the country's problem. very optimistic. could that be the devil's advocate? i don't see, i have a very large number. millions of brazilians voted for both fernando annual, call him almost a messiah there. as an amend mentioned, i don't see them moving over to a man that they consider a feedback and a communist. well, judging from the experience we have with other far right, government across the world, the, the worst case scenario we do in the fall right populist is reelected. because all being situational, dismantling usually happens after the 2nd term or during the 2nd term. so only to put a stop in this is the 1st step to make brazil peaceful. again, that's going to be a challenge, not for the next 4 years,
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but perhaps to 2026. they're going to have better news for the company. i think that no one is going to tell all these people because people voted for him in many cases because they saw that he was the lesser of the evils others because they really been even on that when platform. so how can we please all of them? it's not about pleasing all of them. of course, that will be opposition. and i think that even people who, who have voted for lula right now, will be in the opposition camp during his career. but of course, it's a critical opposition, it's mostly about dialogue. we have lost our capacity established dialogue. and now as me hope things are going to be a little bit more rational and a little bit more civilized. when you say we, i'm assuming you mean yourself as well. yeah. as a political scientist, i've always thought that politics was about dialogue and this is not what we have seen in brazil for the last 4 years. so hopefully people will start opposing the
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charge a civilized. i think many people i spoke to president obama. why am president movie yesterday? he said this is not an action about left or right. it's about democracy or hard talk or see. do you agree with that? i think that this is an election about democracy. lula has put together so many different fourths of political forces from our applause the board. so i think that's the 1st step to re establishing a liberal, a pluralistic kind of democracy, brazil it had always thank you very much. thank you. well, here we have it. we have so many people in front of us sharing, jumping up and down. we're staying a little bit away because otherwise you won't be able to hear me. but further, just a few blocks away. as i said earlier, there are tens of thousands more waiting to celebrate and probably will be celebrating way throughout the night. it's actually very early here. those results
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came out extremely quickly. it's 20 to 9 in the evening. so people will have a long time to celebrate to think about what this means for this country. yeah, lucy, i was gonna say the night is still young, where you are just after $830.00 local time there. and so follow up. do you know anything at this stage about when lula might speak any ideas? no idea at all. but what is traditional not only in this country, but in latin america, but in most elections worldwide is for the losing candidate to concede, defeat 1st. and then the last one to speak is the winner. until president and both . so now to speak a little bit difficult, but no, no, that's the rest of the nation. we have to see how long that takes and which way this goes as my colleague, that is a ball said earlier on, we don't, we don't know that yet. his supporters are also waiting for him to speak to see
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what will happen next. and what would be the reaction of those who. ok, because there has been, as you know, throughout this period of this campaign period, especially for the run up a lot of fear that if the losing side does not accept defeat, especially now that it has been such a close race, was it close to denali? if things could get very, very complicated, indeed, the hope is that it will be calm that, that if he will be accepted in that venue and i will address the nation both here where we are right now at the headquarters and just a few blocks from here later on to address the large, large crowds of people that already gathered there to celebrate. all right, let's see a newman and sel. paula, thank you very much. we'll be speaking to you again very shortly. i want to take our viewers to the live pictures that we are getting now from sao paolo massive crowds, absolutely massive crowds that are gathered there. i'm celebrate and you see the red and the crowd that the color of the p t. the workers party of president elect
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lula crowds gathered there to celebrate the victory of luis enough, lulu de silva known as lulu. i wanna show you the results again as well. with 99.7 percent of the votes counted lula has been declared the winner with 50.89 percent of the vote. that's where we stand. he's been declared the winner. neither of the 2 men this evening. whether it's mister bull scenario or lula have spoken will be waiting, of course for those speeches, shareable scenarios set to speak 1st, but we don't know when that will be those live pictures from so paulo now let's go to monica. yanna kiff. she's in rio de janeiro in copa cabana, a lot quieter, a lot quieter where you are yes. hello there. yes. here where i am. it's a lot quieter,
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but in another part of rio de janeiro which is seen at lunch in the center of the city. there are crowds of lula supporters and they have also been celebrating here . we just had a some champagne and some fireworks. very timid are both are papa is the place usually where? ah, it's full of bull. so now to supporters. so this would not be the place to be celebrating . ah, but i'd like to comment something about our, the comparison that was being made between bull. so madeline trump differently from trump for both. so now does not have a republican party, a strong historic party standing by him. he just are. he had no party for a little while. he just jumped on the bandwagon of a party that is in itself divided not everyone in this party in the but liberal party support him. so i, he doesn't have that same strength that are trump had that that's one
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thing. and the other thing is about if there is a bull, so 90 is what there is more here in brazil is a conservative right. that had lost its voice. that did was not being heard, which was the ban. jelic polls were thought to be back words, the agricultural business which was seen as being the enemy of environment. although not all farmers are enemies of environment. and what also nato did was he gave these people voice and of course then extended a. 8 far right to our political agenda, which not all of these people necessarily are believe in. many of angelica, as a matter of fact, are against the use of arms. ah. so what lula is going to try to do is point to, as he has already been doing in the campaign, will not reduce of angelica also. although none of neither he nor lou i have spoken . there had the campaign has been trying to get international support. the french
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president are, has already, the congratulated lula as have leaders of portugal, spain, argentina, chile, and other countries, which is doing that before any one price down, fall, or it that's, that's really, really interesting. we're gonna have to keep an eye on that because the fact that there have been international reactions coming from high pro fire world leaders before anybody has spoken in brazil, whether it's the outgoing president. mr. paulson are or the incoming president, mr. lula that is a, that's not usually how it's done and put it that way. all right, we'll keep an eye on that. now. luis in osteo lula da silva, will be leading latin america's biggest economy over the next 4 years, or latin america to lucy newman visited his home village and to lead up to the pole . and she reports from for an m book, or one of the countries poorest regents a remote dirt road in
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northeastern brazil, the country's poorest region. this is where it, aldo santos takes us to see where his cousin, reecy nasir lula deceive. i was born or at least an exact replica, the home of donnelly and do louis mother. you original fell down years ago. this was the typical house of subsistence farmers made of mud and coconut tree sticks with no running water or electricity. as his toiler thinks it won't buy the prosecutors at a slice. it's important to reconstruct the story for future generations so that they can assimilate louis story and realize that they too can fight for collective justice. in these times of individualism is but our doors. this was the bedroom with a family of 10 slept, and this suitcase was used as a closet until lula. the mother who was illiterate, decided to take all of her children to sao paolo never dreaming who one of her youngest sons would eventually become. newly began working at the age of 14 and went on to become a formidable trade union leader and founder of the workers,
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pardon, or p t. he had little formal education, but an abundance of charismatic and negotiating skills. in 2003 lula became brazil's 1st working class president. he introduced sweeping social reforms to combat poverty and the station of working class brazilians. from providing education ruler to fresh water access for people like bow gomez, mizzi, or mile will of gum. i began to love lula long ago like a father hero, because honestly, he embraces the cause of the poor. emotional. massive housing projects also helped lift 33000000 people from poverty during his 2 terms, which coincided with the booming prices for brazilian commodities, brazil's economy sort yes, all was not well. nagging charges of corruption had long surrounded him and his
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political party. a multi 1000000000 dollar graph scandal exploded after he left office in 2010. just as the economy began regressing ha, millions of brazilians turned on ruler, demanding. he go to jail. now, if lula is not in prison, he will return to power and keep stealing is the ringleader of them all. who's convicted and imprisoned on charges of money laundering, and corruption, which he denied, but was released 18 months later when the supreme court ruled that all of louis convictions be an old because of suspect procedural practices. now, 12 years after he left office with more than 80 percent approval ratings in older and perhaps more cautious lula has returned, promising to bring back better days, especially for the poor. the big question is, can he pull it off again? ah, you see a newman al jazeera guy, dis, petnum book or brazil?
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or let's go back to teresa bo, now she's with your, your boss and our supporters in brazil. yeah. teresa, is there any sign of when mr. boston aro, might speak? why don't you? oh no, we'll see you. there was a financial aid and me there was a future is going to be moved feeling over where i am right now. we started with calibration earlier today at the 1st he's all coming in then just talking about an hour ago. lots of disappointments trying what the most of the people that are here right in our i have angelic council with on going here will be put on their knees hanging. 1 of this country's flag, i should never be read that the owner of the workers party i see not shouldn't be like a restaurant. 6 that he should be in prison
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a but then the people have been so filed with, but just not right now. they started building with independent and it has a military tone, a challenging tell you. and that's why to one of many of the people here would like to see that we're just one of them telling me we weren't breasted in both, and i don't to speak because we're not only waiting for him to tell us where to accept this results. so we know it, but we also want him to tell us how he is going to continue. what would it have been in this kind of, for many of the people that are here right now, are afraid you would like to legalize a voice. i mean, that, you know, we try to legalize throw them back younger, a bit conservative. don't fear people, right? you know, we never ended up. that's why they want to learn a little. one of them are sorry to refer to research. mm hm. i have to respect from lucas. we are seeing again theresa, we are seeing life on the right now. so let's take
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a look at that. lulu appearing on stage. so this is happening in cell paula. we were speaking earlier to lucy newman at the headquarters. this is about we're about an hour out now of that having been officially declared the winner of this presidential election. remember, luna has already served 2 terms in office. he has been brazil's president for 8 years and remarkably, when i come back story for lou after a year and a half in prison. after a moment in his political life where he seemed to acknowledge that things were over for him. politically. he is now back on the stage where he has already been after being declared the winner of brazil's presidential election. and now our correspondent lucy newman was remarking earlier that tradition is for the loser. it's a 1st speech and make a session speech. it looks right now like we're about to see the exact opposite of
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that happening on stage. we can reasonably expect him to be addressing a very shortly and here that he might not be following that convention that protocol, luna surrounded by his supporters. we saw the city of right in the streets of south paolo red, of course, being the color of the workers 40 appears to be just to be on the phone right now. and as his friends, supporters, allies are busy around him. we of course, would love to know who's on the phone with brazil is president elect our correspondence in brazilian was telling us moments ago he has already been receiving international reaction will. rather, there has already been international reaction from several high profile leaders, including the french president congratulating lou that for his victory,
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again this bucking tradition to congratulate the winner and the u. s. president joe biden is also among those who has already extended history graduation. and i believe you are now about to hear the president the lead leave enough to lead to fill the address the crowd. let's listen it. but if you 1st of all care, i'd like to be an extra step, get the right to to get the value. but it to, to think all the comrades here with me. ready corporate warning, if we could be and i want to complement morning was a candidate and the senator from modern young
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to that does money is stepping the ash and all the others here. ah. okay. like sailors of 1st trip pick in the one to star. this small speech i go that's gonna be read with them and i'm thankful to god dana said she because all my life i thought that god was very generous with me. if you're going to leave where i left from and to be where i am right now. why do you this side? only if it could be done this moment for mocking should we? we had a fight with the machine of the state, not with
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a candid that only choice who tried to kill us. so, blocking us from you, we needed to election any public about our side. if we, if you do, you know, i for feel hope every one who went to vote and did that role as a citizen. i want to thank you. i want to let me congratulate also to the people that voted in me. see that though profess if we have some because i consider myself to be a person who had the process of resurrection really do. and then i'm here by ease to,
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to govern this country to defeat my, the sky was, you know, very hard time. but i think with the help of the people in the god was that this country will leave her mom, democrat, tech and peaceful life. if you get a chance back i was to you and that we are able to build can i got a better come trail and to think my comrade finn and the dive, you made an extraordinary campaign and she got the better for the governor. some phone and also mightiness silva, big. well, i think a buddy feel. so to look like an intellectual, i'm going to put my glasses on. should go off,
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you know what that might be for. we don't know if we arrived at the, one of the most important moment of our history of french toys. project walked to offer a project of a country. and there is only one big winner and people don't know where would be me. you need to, this is not my victory of from my party. have the move move, move to the move out to the victory over a men. the motor crack tick movement will feel that this beyond political party or ideology. so that democracy is the big winner. my video to show the majority of the president people know they one more democracy, not less than also they want more social inclusion. no man was
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speaking to the one more respect and understanding between people the one more freedom gall quality up as a leader was not less my 2nd before the president people on the shoulder to get back to you. but they not only want to vault, but they want to be involved in the process of what brazilian people show the pro fish for this one, just to protest somebody experiencing hunger and the salary is not enough. i would not have an access to to health and education. you know, i mean that there is no perspective for the future. the brazilian people want to live well, what to live? well, have i do, the brazilian people want to get
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a good salary once because education and public policies of quality, they want books instead of guns wants to go to the cinema. once you go experience culture because culture, indiana nourishing our souls, brazilian people do, but want to have hope again. it's not only as a beautiful word, but it's something that you can touch. ready and that you can experience your everyday life. you might hope in the your, your was the widest possible over the word with these democracy, real and concrete. that we made a commitment to this democracy. and that is the democracy that we're going to
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to going to fight for with the economical growth rate because the economy is a home. ready for helping people to have a better life than the economy will, will simply been again, you know, go around when a hell families to, to have a better way of spending earning and spending the money for both of those people perceive me with the ability all the project if possible, support you the the micro business though with the development of the country,
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it has also of your leave to put so so important to us to support policies that bring equality to, to women in all the aspects of the work life face to face racism prejudices, so the discrimination so that black white, any indigenous have the same rights and the same opportunities just like that we'll be able to make a country for everyone with their quality, with the priority is the people that most need to get that a come through with their more chrissy an opportunity, my friends from 1st of january 1023.
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i'm going to golf and for the you know about payment, but i can give the population of brazil or the whole population, not just for people who voted for me. but this, this one people, a big nation for movies that i didn't get any doesn't matter to any one of the where there is these agreement in the family had to be just filled up with like, you know, let rebuild relationship when it was all broken by by anger, this country needs a single union. these people don't want to fight anymore. these people is tired to have enemies time to put the guns down
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about you know, without guns kill and we chose life cookies. that would be that way you miss the challenge is huge. you needed to rebuild this country with all its dimensions and politics. economy the for the public that a lot for the phone i organization the international relationship course the risk necessary to rebuild the soul of this country to that, that is that you bring back generosity, respect and love for each other to bring back the happiness to be brazilian and to be proud of of all yellow and green from what they flag


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