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november on al jazeera data, welcome to footballing world is the world cup, kicks off in what promises to be a tournament like no other generation change, returns. showcasing young activists fighting injustice and challenging the status quo. leaders of g 20 nations gather with ukraine's president lensky invited. will he meet vladimir putin for the 1st time since rushes invasion. the trials and tribulations of players from 6 countries, striving to realize their dreams of playing the world cup. americans vote in defining mid term elections. the results could see biden and the democrats lose that congress majority november on al jazeera ah
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exit polls suggest an alliance sled by benjamin netanyahu as secure enough seats to win a narrow majority in israel's connected ah bark. at this, al jazeera life in london, also coming up in his 1st address and sundays election, brazil's president, jaya boston. narrow pledges to abide by the constitution, but doesn't acknowledge his defeat plus bomb hash him are in denmark where voters cast their ballot in an election dominated by rising inflation, climate change anxiety, and the future of the country as well. first, aids, grief, and morning in the wake of souls. deadly crowds, serge. as anger crows, the government had mixed. the response wasn't good enough. ah,
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we begin in israel where exit polls indicate former prime minister benjamin netanyahu is poised to return to power. his alliance, including far i parties looks to have secured a slim majority. netanyahu has yet to make an official statement, but has called the early result. a good start. according to exit polls. benjamin netanyahu is right wing coalition could secure either 61 or 62 out of the classes 120 seats. the official results aren't expected until later this week. tuesdays votes was israel's 5th election in 4 years. for the smiths is that the could had caught is a west jerusalem and bernard. this is shaping up to be national. who's night a. it is name after 60 months in opposition. 60 months reporting has come back and looks like phoebe is back. it's still early to say in the still lots of vote counting going on. we won't actually get the final results until thursday,
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but it's looking like benjamin netanyahu may have the largest block in parliament, allowing him to fall, form a coalition, and getting him back into power. what this election seems to turn down or the results turned on is turn out. you won't find an israeli hasn't got an opinion on netanyahu, and already formed opinion. i love him or they low them. so people's votes were already decided. what was missing? were the people who have voted, recall netanyahu had campaign very, very hard to get out the vote from people who hadn't voted for boy. he estimated his party, estimated maybe 853000 votes to be have that. so he was out 2 or 3 different locations a day in the 2 weeks running up to election day. persuading people to vote, that's what this was all about. it was a bit about the economy. there was a little bit of our security, but all you heard was come on vote, not just from netanyahu from other policies to burnett's the early results of this election also piece open the door, the countries fall. right. well,
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this is it. this will no surprise because it was well trailed, but the far right jewish empower party, the religious scientists look set to be the 3rd largest part in government, king makers. and they will want government positions their leader to my bank of a he's got a whole conviction from 2007, been citing racial hatred. he wants a job ahead of the security ministry. so benjamin netanyahu has been encouraging this party as well. it has to be said in parliament last year he brought the help, bring them together safe, increase their share of the votes, and they will be more than almost certainly in government with benjamin netanyahu. that very changes the very nature of israel government is critic, spare that with them in power. when met now has back in power, he will with the support of jewish power, change the law and help stop or stole the corruption trials. benjamin netanyahu is
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currently facing, and many critics of him see his sole reason, trying to get it back into power is so that he can put these trials behind him, get rid of and get them out of the way. bernard smith in western student, thank you for more this. let's speak to daniel levy. he's the president of the us middle east project and the formats ready negotiator. he joins us live from london . welcome to the program. as we've been saying, 5 elections and 4 years. why does israel appear to keep getting it wrong? well, the, the general school of thought on this is that the problem lies with the person of benjamin netanyahu, such a polarizing figure. now of course with the court case, if not and yahoo would be moved to side, then there would be some kind of a return to normalcy functionality. these frequency of elections, which shit i question that narrative. i think there's something more to it. there's
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something of a systemic crisis which has to do with the logic of direction of travel, of the so called jewish democratic state of israel, which is ever more an f. no nationally state which absorbs ever more extreme opinions and which is now been described by the major international human rights organizations as ruling and apartheid reality of palestinians. and i think there is something to when a state that has this kind of democratic hardware has gone. so far and it's extreme software in the headline tonight, one of them, as we just heard, neve is the tremendous success of this co harnessed, ultra nationalist, overtly racist religious zionist party. i think that speaks to something that is much deeper of a crisis in a system than the person of one benjamin netanyahu. and daniel help us to understand what kind of political environment allowed these far right parties to
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flourish. well, i think that's the key that you've spoken about, the enabling political environment. i think some people attorney rather say what the hell happened. what's going on here that suddenly got 1415 seats in this exit poll, very likely to be borne out in reality, 3rd largest party in parliament. this is constituted by people who are banned from running just some decades ago when the 1st iteration of a co harnessed body. it's all about the permissive environment. it's all about what happens when you maintain a permanent occupation and dehumanization of another people and the logic of that seeps deep into a society. and just as these railey political system, since the turn of the century has absorbed lieberman, he was the guy who said they should be a loyalty test, deeply racist, he served in every kind of government including this, that paid government. it absorbed and made prime minister natalie bennett,
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and he's pro annexation is body. and now it is absorbing this bend via smart rich phenomenon, because that is the logic of the direction of travel, of the supremacist, ethno nationalist line, which we have seen gather ever more momentum. and it's more like seeing steps on the spectrum rather than polar opposites. and one looks at the record of la paid criminalizing palestinian n g o z, a renewing extrajudicial assassinations. you're not overturning the nation state law, which discriminates structurally against the palestinian ab minority inside israel . and you see that's the permissive environment. with of course, a huge helping hand from latin yahoo himself, who bought the leaders of that party together in his home to make sure that they ran on a joint block to maximize this port. of course, we've seen the platform for the far right expand, but what does this mean for arab israelis further antagonize ation?
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i guess. well, you know, one of the headlines tonight may, will end up being what has happened in that vote right now. the thing that fascinatingly many is res, looking at, is whether the ballot party oh, which is a, an overtly equality driven nationalist party of palestinian citizens, vizier whether they cross the threshold that might be the only thing that denies not and yahoo, his majority. and you are seeing air time being given to the lead or that party normally ignored that he could become the most important figure. they. they may not cross the threshold at the moment and not. and he is coming out and saying things which to most israeli jewish he is, will be very hard to hear because he's saying we're not going to do in any government. we don't see a difference. they're all pro occupation. there will races there will discriminating that voice is going to be heard more and it's important. but your point stands, which is the likely main headline as it was going into the election is whoever wins
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the people who lose in terms of the policies of the government will be the palestinians whether they are inside israel in the occupied territories, or indeed continuing to live as refugees in exile, but there are some interesting dynamics playing out here, which i think um we'll, we'll see and we'll pull on those threads in the coming days and weeks. daniel, leave a great to speak to you as always. thank you. ah, i a ball center or brazil's al going right wing leader has spoken publicly for the 1st time since his election defeat on sunday. and a short speech he didn't appear to concede, but said he would follow the constitution. his left wing opponent lula da silva, claim victory and a closely fort run off vote. both on our supporters have been blocking roads across the country and protest over his loss. police have been firing tig asked to move them from the highways. this is a,
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if you that don't as the president of the republic and a citizen, i'll continue to follow the constitution. it's an honor being the later of millions of brazilians near the 5th, even confronting the whole system we, i became a pandemic and awards consequences. i've always been labeled anti democratic, but unlike my opponents, i've always played inside the constitution limits while i k, n a k of has more from rio de janeiro 44 hours to listen to a 2 minute statement in which he did not concede openly. ah the defeat to but ah, he did project himself as a li, a right wing leader, he never once mentioned ah, the name of his adversary at former left his president was in hospital of the silva was just re elected for a 3rd term. but he also are criticized in directly the judicial system
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in brazil he had been, ah, he said that the protests that have been taking place since the electoral results were announced on october 30th the same night that the voting took place that these protests were a fruit of the indignation and feeling of injustice that brazilians had towards the wade, the election was held. and that is a, in that he's making a reference to his accusations that the electronic voting system in brazil could be easily rigged. which is something he has been repeating. ah long before the elections took place, as soon as the poles were showing that he was ah, who was behind last. but although he was not conclusive in awe, in conceding defeat, his chief of staff in a press interview after that said that the transition process will begin on thursday. that is a period a 3 month period where this government of also not has government will start. ah,
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conversations with people from lola's future government and they will be just showing where the files are in and in what state the country is in. so even though he didn't say it explicitly, this transition will take place. he also did not all call for an end of the protest . the truck drivers have been holding, they've been blocking a streets all over brazil, but are because he said, and he said that pacific protests would be a well recei as long as they did not harm ah, people in general. so to come on i will just say we're this new south indian president visits the site where more than 140 people were killed in a bridge collapse. ah,
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warnings are still posted, particularly for the rivers in new south wales. and victoria. it's been very wet as you know, all law firm for the last 18 months, 2 years. but more recently we've had some debbie damsels in these active frontal systems still looks fairly wet, at least the coastal victoria and tasmania. it's warming up nice. you go further west in per square up into the low thirty's. now, it looks as though it will be a sherry, but much dryer day wednesday and particularly thursday, i've enclosed has many, cuz the rain's gone east was and fat that it was exactly amount of rain likely to fall up in the hills of south island, 3 to 500 millimeters. it eases on thursday. if you're in the lee in the shelter, it's relatively will probably quite sunny christ church case in point. now that nasty piece of work now a gay, a typhoon briefly is losing his strength is taking rain to southern china and brief . you may have seen banyan pop up then disappear tropical depression. it will
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increase the rain around the central southern philippines is no longer much of a worry. there are big chows for the west in borneo and potentially malaysian foss . sas of thailand. and now the focus on wet weather in india is down in the southeast corner. i'm sure lanka ah, the 2 active at different stages of their life. she had a high and low following dreams of fame and fortune. thinking me that with a mother, endlessly seeking to filth and ambition. with the ard was struggling with family expectations, volleyball dreams, and i was just either ah
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ah, a reminder of the top stories here when i was a 0. exit polls indicate former israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is poised to return to power. is alliance, including far right parties looks to have secured a slim majority of $61.00 or $62.00. if the connect as a 120 seats jaya both and r o, brazil's outgoing right wing leader has not conceded defeat in sundays election, but says he will follow the constitution is laughing, opponent, former president, do let the silver claim victory in a closely full run off vote, the you end coordinator of the deal to allow the export of ukrainian grain through
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the black sea says he expects loaded ships to depart, ukrainian ports on thursday. the deal brokered by turkey and the un was suspended by moscow on saturday in response to what the kremlin said, where ukrainian drone attacks on its fleet in the naval porter sebastopol, ukrainian president, florida, may zalinski says there needs to be a long term plan to defend the grain corridors, reliability, ukraine's one of the wells biggest grain exporters, ex experts warn any further interruption of supply could cause cat a catastrophic consequences for poor nations already facing acute food shortages. it seems only un nuclear watchdog as a new crane to investigate russia's allegations. the key is working to create a so called dirty bomb. the i. e a says it's expecting 2 sites after a request from the ukranian government. its aiming to detect any possible undeclared nuclear activities. the kremlin says kia could use a dirty bomb containing nuclear material on its own territory as a false flag operation. russia missile strikes have destroyed
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a half an apartment building and a school in the ukrainian port city of mich alive. least one resident believe to be an elderly woman was killed in the attack. strikes come a day after russia targeted energy facilities across ukraine. they cause power outages and a number of cities, a water outages in the capital q. so to rescue teams in the philippines are still looking for bodies in the aftermath of tropical storm. now gay, at least a 12010 people have died with doesn't still missing in the south. an entire community have 200 houses buried in mud. barnaby low reports from the village of christiane. the stench of death. in the sound of a mass muriel for a dozen victims of a landslide in the village of crucial in the southern philippines. this is ground 0 of the disaster left by tropical storm naggie. the trauma is still visible on join
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mistook its face. she recalls very vividly what happened when the storm caused a lance light. you know, i ran a bit though and i got stuck in barked wires and that's when i accidentally let go of my baby. and then if, if that's an i wasn't able to save her, i tried. i tried to untangle myself from the wire, so i could stretch out my hand to catch her nicholas and, but i was unable to. ah, her husband and 6 year old boy also survived. but many relatives did not. 3 years ago, residents here were relocated from their original coastal settlement to keep them safe from storm surges. they couldn't imagine a landslide would kill their loved ones. now they wonder where they can be safe. jerry anton, is jones cousin. he was nearby caught about the city when the landslide happened, but he was one of the few members of their family who laid their loved ones to rest, carving for him, quite young, but her so much. it was like sleeping and then waking up to
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a nightmare. we don't know how we'll be able to start over. on tuesday, president ferdinand marcus visited survivors who were staying temporarily in an elementary school. he assured them his government is willing to help in instruction . i'm gonna, i already instructed social welfare check of the 30 edwin thoughtful to hand out a 100 or $200.00 to each of you. so you can buy construction materials, she began to rebuild your homes. the question, however, is where to fill those hopes. boat survivors and local officials agreed it would be unbearable to have to re live this trauma. warranty. below al jazeera cushion, sudden philippines, poles of clothes in denmark's parliamentary elections. the results are expected to shift the country's political landscape significantly. with a moderate former prime minister last lock rasmussen, set to be a king may kept neither the left who are currently in power or the right wing
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opposition look likely to win a majority. the election comes as energy prices saw and the highest cost of living and over 40 years hits danish households. hard hash barbara has more from the danish parliament. copenhagen. the exit balls are not good news for the 5 minutes a matter for dixon from the social democrats. her coalition has secured $88.00 seats and they need 2 more seats to secure the majority. for the time being. the biggest winner in this election is the moderates, lead by the former prime minister. last local rasmussen. why he is the biggest winner in this election. because for the prime minister to form a coalition, this time she cannot rely only on her traditional ally. the left is parties, she needs to go to the moderate, to form a governance code as much it does understand of the same time. the 2nd only convince the mother is to join her. if you can offer them major confessions and
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give them bigger, say in the government, south korea's interior minister has apologized after at least a 156 people were crushed. death in the halloween crowd surge. please submit the response was not adequate. and the country president, you look, your has called for more safety measures for in slurry. has this report from so lead our young was at 81 on saturday the night of the halloween crowd to crush. if i remember, i told people there was some one on the ground, there was nothing we could do. i wasn't strong enough to move her. i saw the crowd just fall forward. i can't get those images out of my mind. she's returned to grieved those who died always little. i really didn't want to come back, but i felt i'd regret it for the rest of my life if i didn't. so i came to lay flowers and say a prayer. she realizes she could just as easily have been one of the victims and says she feels lucky but also guilty. what for her own?
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i feel like i've committed a sense. i was the only one that got out. they were all like my friends. i only found out the scale of the disaster after seeing it on the news. it was so distressing. the memorial alter at $81.00 is one of many set up across south korea on tuesday, precedent june, securely and some cabinet ministers came to pay their respects. majority of the shops around the site of the accident are shut. as a mark of respect, you get a sense that this is a nation in collective morning. there is to a feeling of collective trauma scenes of the disaster played out in real time on social media and were broadcast repeatedly for days after. the government has extended free counseling services to not only those directly affected, but to the general public as well. the nation's mood is slowly shifting to one of anger. the police chief has faced repeated questions about the forces preparation for and response to saturdays accident,
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apologized on tuesday. single day only formula. there were emergency calls about the danger and urgency of the situation. and that a large crowd had gathered before the exit occurred. however, we think the police response to the emergency calls was inadequate. the president has said south chris crowd control measures will need to be stepped up. an investigation is underway as to how to stampede a cat slightly al jazeera. so the man accused of attacking the husband of us house speaker, nancy pelosi has pleaded not guilty to charges including attempted murder, burglary, assault, and assault with a deadly weapon. david to pat was ordered to be held without bail pull. pelosi was beaten with a hammer inside the couple san francisco home on friday. the 82 year old is recovering from surgery. rob reynolds has more from los angeles on to pops online presence. journalists have talked to some of his associates and they paid a picture of a man who was absolutely obsessed with conspiracy. theories are he believed
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in all the lie that president from one the 20 elect, 2020 election, not joe biden. he also expressed antisemitic, a sentiments, holocaust, denial of threats, a of against journalists who did not support the lie the front one. the 2020 electra said the anybody, any journalist who did so should be dragged out into the street and shot accusations of head ophelia. q and on of space aliens pretty much you name it then the he was into it. arab heads of state and foreign ministers are in algiers. capital for to day arab league summit the 1st since 2019 . the opening ceremony thought unique in present case sire the hand over the council's presidency to algeria,
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delegates will discuss the impact of the war in ukraine or regional, political and security issues. the rising cost of living, inflation, poverty, and climate change also on the blocks agenda saying o'hana has more. mount g is the algerian president, making it very clear that the summit is being held amid exceptional and complex regional and international circumstances. there are a lot of pressing issues that our leaders need to deal with. the region is plagued by conflict by economic crises and the food insecurity. one of the toughest challenges rushes recent decision to suspend its participation in an internationally broker deal to allow grain exports from u. crane will harm the middle east and north africa region. many of the arab countries rely on wheat from ukraine and weight, of course bread being the main staple, the arab league secretary general, calling on arab countries to unite to come up with
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a joint strategy. but it's not just the economy. our leaders have has to make political calculations really caught up in the east, west pensions over the ukraine war. so far, arab countries have opted for a neutral stance. we're going to have to see whether or not the unanimous decision will be taken on, you know, on this neutrality in the ukranian war would, which would be in one way or another, a diplomatic win for russia, due to its isolation. a lot of division differences among our states, uneasy relationships, and this is really manifested by the fact that you've had quite a relatively low level representation. we've heard the speakers talk about the need for unity. the need to overcome the differences. it's easier said than done because in the last 3 years the arab world has been very much polarized because of a decision by some arab states to normalize relations with israel. other states
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found against this. so a lot on the agenda and a lot of challenges that needs to be addressed to mike about this funk of the coast of greece as they tried to navigate strong winds. the 1st went down near the island of area where rescue is now trying to find around 60 missing people. now migrants were rescued from the shore of cape kaffir. yes. and off the coast of samus island, another boat sang with 12 people on board for survivors were rescued from that incident. 8 reported missing india's prime minister, no render, mowdy knows visited the site of a bridge collapse that killed more than a 140 people in good. you aren't state. police have arrested 9 people, including ticketing agents and employees of the firm contracted to maintain the pedestrian bridge. rescue workers resume search operations on tuesday 2 days after the bridge gave way. or we challenge reports from what little remains of the ruined
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bridge mirand remotely could see across the matcher river. and how far the victim spo more than a 100 people died on sunday when a century and a half old suspension bridge collapsed into the river. in the prime minister visited more be good you're at to see for himself below rescue. as an inflatable des, we're still looking for bodies. a job made more difficult, but dense vegetation growing on the river surface. after visiting the site of the disaster modi travel to the hospital, he spoke with some of the hundreds of people who been on the bridge when the cables gave way and thanked the doctors and nurses looking after them as anger among survivors. they say negligence was partly to blame all while okay elaborately what, what he, what the company managing the bridge is responsible for this mishap. the public is also responsible, as they were deliberately swinging the bridge. so many together shouldn't have been allowed. there were 500 or 600 people on the bridge on vendors there. there was
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a deadline to live on the bridge. we were 3 friends. the bridge collapsed for rose . one of our friends died because of this incident. in the capital ne, deli protest is demanded increase compensation for all victims injured and families of those killed. several people were detained footage shows a crowded bridge just before it collapsed. the bridge only reopened last week. after months of renovation, 9 people including ticketing, clarks and contractors were arrested on monday. good route is to render modi's home state. and it's announced a day of mourning for wednesday, where we challenz how to 0. ah, here without a 0. the top stories exit polls suggests former prime minister benjamin netanyahu will be returning to power with his right wing.


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