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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2022 3:00am-3:31am AST

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ah, ah, ah, ah, informed opinions, i believe that armenia and other regions should have bilateral negotiations. we've been holding that for many time. critical did make is the commonwealth still something that king child will take on inside story on al jazeera, ah?
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poised to return to power, exit polls in israel. so former prime minister benjamin netanyahu with a slim need. ah norah carl, this is alan. they're alive from dough also coming up for the last president. job. both scenarios speaks in public for the 1st time to losing his election. but some shorts of admitting defeat. and his prime minister visits the site of a bridge collapse that killed more than 140 people. 9 people under arrest, twitches, new c, l, a mach says you to could have a blue take next to your account for a price. ah, exit polls in israel showing form a prime minister benjamin netanyahu point to return to power with
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a slim majority. it was the longest serving prime minister. it has been out of office for the last 16 months. let me know who shows so strong showing comes despite being on trial for corruption. well, exit polls have math now. his right wing coalition, securing of the 61 or 62 of the connect, it's 120 seats. the far right leader may have been there and his jewish power party will be key to securing nesting. yahoo majority is part of the coalition is projected to wind 15 seats as ready prime minister again. the pizza party is forecast to win between 22 and 24 seats. he's been the head of a can't take a government sent last year. the official results are expected on thursday. ben smith as more from the liquid party headquarters in west jerusalem to baby is back after 60 months in opposition. poor thing is returned to office. it seems that
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netanyahu, let's pull that off. and what happened? what really mattered in this election was getting out the vote than yahoo campaign . very hard in the last couple of weeks in the run to the elections. really trying to get people out to vote because in israel you behalf preston to find any one who hasn't already formed an opinion on netanyahu. they love him or they low them. there were no votes. switching either side to what netanyahu was looking for was voters who hadn't voted last time round. and he thought maybe 852203000 boats. were that to be tapped? and it seems we have quite a high turn out. it seems he's managed to get those people out of other parties. i've done it as well. but of course if you heard earlier on, you'll be in power with jewish power. one of the far right ultra nationalist party's religious scientist parties that co. busy they will be the 3rd party in power, the king makers. he'll need them to make to form a coalition government and in return they will expect seats incompetence
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palestinian prime ministers put out a statement this evening. he said that it shows the rising extremism in the jewish state. he says, he says the rise of extreme religious right wing parties is a result of growing extremism and racism, israeli society. and he says that he proves we have no peace partner in israel. so a very down beat assessment from the palestinians. remember, sharing power with the extreme right wing part is in israel. it's a mob been given the lead of that party. he's got a 2007 conviction for inciting racial hatred about against the arab palestinian israeli minority in israel. the occupation of b on piece with the policy and just barely touched on. and the selection is not an issue in these elections. it's this was about benjamin netanyahu, a little bit about economy a little bit about security. lot before election before it was all around yahoo. the need to resolve the policy initiative to meet the meet,
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to make peace of the policy that are very senior political, unless mom bashaw says the election results could have a profound impact on daily jewish life. in israel amaze, or viewers on the world to know that the secular religious axes are quite as central to many of those who are what thing is rather the. and that's why i just talked about the 1st 70 and orthodox parties and orthodox religious parties are quite so the radical and they're really just the right. so i think what you're going to see is there's going to be a major difference about things like is public transport allowed on the sabbath on saturday? can you or can students eat pork in schools in public schools? these are the kind of questions that are dividing. israel is among the religious and the secular, with the secular saying religious authorities have no business imposing that
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interpretation of, of judah is in, on the rest of the population. and there are those who are saying this is a jewish state. we need to live by the ha ha, we need to live by, by jewish law, or denmark. now we're prime minister, a fredrickson, social democrats have won the most seats in tuesday's election. the sense left block is that to retain its majority in parliament. reflection comes as energy prices soul and the gains faced the highest cost of living in more than 40 years. and other election news, brazil's president has broken 2 days of silence following his defeat and a presidential vote on sunday. charles norris suggested that his supporters hoping blocking roads across the country should not impede transit, but he refused to congratulate his rival president life to let a silver or admit that he had lost the election. they sent newman reports from sao paolo. after 2 days president jade bull sonata
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finally came out to speak in public. but he did not use his address to the nation to clearly and unambiguously concede defeat. rather, he talked about the protests that have blocked many of brazil's roads was advisable roof was the current popular movements are the result of indignation and the feeling of injustice about the electoral process. in a short address, he said nothing about losing the election. although his authorized his chief of staff to initiate the transition process as the law demands waterloo, i will continue to fulfill all the commandments of our constitution. as he spoke for the 2nd day in a row, brazil's main thoroughfares remained blocked by truck drivers who support him. radical very well. i support this movement because we need to get lula out. we need to do something even military intervention. the highway police whose director is close to ball. so mattel has been slow to enforce,
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the supreme court ordered to clear the roads, and so thousands of cars and trucks remain stuck. oh, good store, what would work? some of us are in favor. others not, well, i'm not, but i'm trapped here trying to deliver my cargo and there's a growing belief that the perilous zation of brazil's main roads and highways was not spontaneous. and that the hope was that it would trigger hundreds of thousands if not millions of brazilians to take to the streets, to demand a new election that has not happened. but it is a clear challenge to this country's democratic institutions. and it doesn't bode well for a peaceful transition of power. president elect let the silver has named vice president elected. i'll do i mean to head his transition team, but there's concern after him that i think in him we don't have any side them these more. so now our supporters will remain very organized with the ability to create chaos and not respect to laws. that's very or some here in brazil we are going to
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have to coexist with these events for some time. and judging by both sort of hurdles vowed to keep his dreams more alive than ever. it will be a rocky road to the next government. to see a newman al jazeera south power, water and power supplies have been restored in cave and to be acquainted capital is hit by dozens of russian missiles on monday. ukrainians are being to use as little power as possible during peak hours. these energy commission has promised support saying russia is purposely targeting energy and water supplies. as winter approaches, vladimir putin says russia may consider rejoining a grain export deal with ukraine once and investigation into attacks on ships and crime. it is completed. the russian president held a phone call with the turkish president, jeff type ado on on tuesday to discuss the deal. moscow suspended his participation on saturday in response to what it said. we acquainted drain attacks on at fleet
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and is prime is under andrew moody has been to the size of a bridge collapse that killed more than 140 people in his home state of good europe . he met with violets who in hospital 9 people have been arrested. all employees of the firm contract to maintain the pedestrian bridge where we challenge has more from what little remains of the ruined bridge marines remedy could see across the matcher river. and how far the victims felt more than 100 people died on sunday when a century and a half old suspension bridge collapsed into the river. in the prime minister visited more vague, redirects to see for himself. hello, rescuers and inflatable things were still looking for bodies. a job made more difficult or dense purchase haitian growing on the river surface. after visiting the site of the disaster modi travel to the hospital, he spoke with some of the hundreds of people who been on the bridge when the cables gave way, and thank the doctors and nurses looking after them as anger among survivors. they
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say negligence was partly to blame. all are located with the company managing the bridge is responsible for this mishap. the public is also responsible, as they were deliberately swinging the bridge. so many together shouldn't have been allowed. there were 50600 people on the bridge in the dining room that on the bridge we were 3 friends. the bridge collapsed for roads. one of our friends died because of this incident. in the capital, new delhi protest is demanded increase compensation for all victims injured and families of those killed. several people would attain footage shows a crowded bridge just before a collapse. the bridge only reopened last week. after months of renovation, 9 people including ticketing clocks and contractors, were arrested on monday. good route is no render moody's home state and it's announced a day of mourning for wednesday,
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where we talents how to 0 said i had hair on al jazeera, we hear from one survivor of the sam pete in south korea, which killed more than $150.00 people, police admit their response was inadequate. and the arab lea meets face to face for the 1st time in 2 years internal tensions. and the plane was talking the agenda. ah, anticipation is rising. with my cattle a ways dying typhoon wanted so much damage in the philippines on its way towards the south coast of china. it abuse a huge amount of rain less so much in the way of wind because it is losing its strength. so that rains going to spread up and link up with an existing system
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through the southeastern part of china. beyond that time to come down to where they should be the still on the warm side, it looks fairly dry. if you follow the line up towards japan, it's still quite warm and soccer. 23. tokyo at 22. but that'll probably change because the winter weather is coming down. the rain coming into northern home to eventually will come for the south as well. there's been snow, ne, a, china, and lightest range for the west. chance the 18 degrees. you will notice that we jump down to where the tropical rain is a frequent daily occurrence. banyon, which briefly appeared and disappeared, is not gonna develop. so it will bring increased rain to central subsidies, but nothing like the order that navigate it. otherwise, showers in western side of borneo down through peninsula it probably touching the far size or thailand as wells relying care of the southeast of india. get the rain from this developing ne monsoon, but for the rest of india bank vision pakistan, it is now dry to with sponsored by cats all day ways.
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after world war 2, frances great empire began to unravel and vietnam to most people, and he was throwing themselves into the stream, was bursting with joy kissing each other. and algeria, she lives until she knew. if the indo chinese that managed to beat the french army, why not die? the decline continues and episode 2 of blood and tears, french di colonization on al jazeera lou. the me again, you're watching al jazeera has reminder of our top stories that our brazil's outgoing
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president job. both nora had spoken public people the 1st time since the election defeat on sunday. it didn't appear to concede, but said he would follow the constitution and his prime minister in jamaica and spencer the size of a bridge collapse that killed more than $140.00 people in that time. say to good your, you met survivors who are in a hospital and the exit polls indicate format is ready. and so benjamin netanyahu is toys to return to power. as alliance, including fall right parties look to secure to slim majority. but he's $61.00 of the connect, it's 120 feet of the outgoing prime minister yell up. he says he will wait for the final results. my will carry on for the next 2 days until the last on below has been open. we'll have to wait with patients even if we don't have patients for the final results to come in. i've come here this evening to thank you from the
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bottom of my heart. we have achieved an unbelievable result today. close to 1000000 israeli citizens voted and the mandate was unheard of. the, the style was thinking that daniel levy is the president of the us middle east project. and a former israeli negotiator. he says, nathanael, his coalition has shifted to the far right, showing the direction politics is taking the general school of thought on this is that the problem lies with the person of benjamin netanyahu, such a polarizing figure. now of course with the court case, if not an yahoo would be moved to side, then there would be some kind of a return to normalcy functionality. these frequency of elections, which shit i question that narrative. i think there's something more to it. there's something of a systemic crisis which has to do with the logic of direction of travel, of the so called jewish democratic state of israel,
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which is ever more an ethnic nationally state which absorbs ever more extreme opinions. and which is now been described by the major international human rights organizations as a ruling and apartheid reality of the palestinians. and i think there is something to when a state that has this kind of democratic hardware has gone so far and it's extreme software. and the headline tonight is the tremendous success of this to harness ultra nationalist, overtly racist religious zionist party. i think that speaks to something that is much deeper of a crisis in a system than the person of one benjamin netanyahu. i think some people are turning around to say what the hell happened? what's going on here? they're suddenly got 1415 seats in this exit poll, very likely to be borne out in reality, 3rd largest party in parliament. this is can constituted by people who are banned from running just some decades ago when the 1st iteration of
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a camera body. it's all about the permissive environment. it's all about what happens when you maintain a permanent occupation indeed, human eyes ation of another people. and the logic of that seeps deep into a society to it is new owner has hinted at charging you to use as a fee for having a verified account. it must previously voiced issues with his process of allocating verified uses. a blue check mark mosque who bought twitter for $44000000000.00, says a new subscription service could cost $80.00 a month. the price would be adjusted between countries. as bringing santos ral he is head of research at manhattan venture partners and joins us now from new york. great to have you with us. that's why must take an issue with the blue take. i've know what he wanted to do was open up the whole system. he felt that it was, it can discriminated against. it wasn't
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a fair system. he just wants to script the script rather and open it up. he wanted to be a free speech came and and he wants to verify as long as someone he can verify. anybody can come on board one wild ation and you'll be kicked out, but he's going to have some gadri of around them. but overall, he believes this is the right way to open up the system to everybody, all the very 5 users and get the thing. and his main thing is to just going to get, let it be a free for all town square because what this is what peter is and that's what he wants to do. and he believes that's the right way to do it. but $8.00 a month. i mean, it's not a free for all if it has, it says it's an amount of money that some people certainly will not want to pay. and that's fine. but one of the problems with twitter is it's a great service for everybody except for the company. they're not making money, it has a revenue problem. it has a monetization problem. so i think the money needed to be made somewhere,
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and this is the right approach. he needs to see the work and people will come back . it's a very powerful platform. people who matter people who wants to stay and engage in a dialogue, i think they will come back. so initially the lot of attrition people dropping out coming in there is going to be some clock. there's going to be some movement around in the next few months, call it, but then the dust will settle in the end, the platforms power will come out and he will be now be no longer. but of course, the counselor, the moderation counsel that he's setting up that needs to be effective with a lot of things that need to be done, but the dentist. right. and it was much needed because twitter needs didn't have any problem. and this might help that help doing that. sure. yeah. and he's also said that it's going to spam and scam problem. and that he's thing that the removal of the blue take is essential to this, to fixing that. but it's not exactly what the blue ticket designed to do. yes.
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yeah, and it really cool. hell. yes, he's, he's going to come up. it comes with technology and he's a junior at that. i wouldn't bet against them. i'm sure there technology that will monitor the spam and bought that that was the whole thing that bought him into this . what triggered this? i'll create that means twitter. so he's going to make sure that there's a system to, to monitor all of that and marry, moved back. so, and he's not, he didn't, he didn't spend 44000000000 for nothing and that's what he wants to do. he knows he overpaid, and he's got to go at it aggressively and get what he wants and he will even get it . i wouldn't bet against him. but of course it is today, you know, you have all the political and social ramifications. so he needs to walk the pin line, but make sure he gets his mission of opening it out to everyone and making it an open town square fang square where everybody that really wants to get a dialogue sound like you're very much in favor of this particular change what other changes do you think twitter uses might be saying on the horizon?
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well, i think the biggest thing is going to be there. there's going to be good content. and if you were to pick one of the one of those, the big users, you're not going to see any ads out there. it's going to be going to see long on video. you're going to see the quality of content is going to go up and be invested in twitter way before be with early stage investors ranger capital firm. so we know the issues and twitter had all these beam. it was well documented of any kind of grab that they're better off as part of a bigger media company because ad on its own. there was a revenue issue monetization issue. so i think this one gets a driving they can just get it working. the subscription model along with the advertising model. i think that's a good mix and they can really get it to some, some kind of stability which is lacking at this point. ok santos route. good to hear optimism. thanks very much for joining us. thank you. thanks for having me.
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now the man accused of attacking the husband of us house be, can nancy pelosi have pleaded not guilty? david to pap was remanded in custody. he's charged with attempting to murder poor policy by being with a hammer inside the capital of san francisco. home on friday, the 82 year old is recovering from surgery leave. the midterm elections are just over a week away, inflation, abortion, and police violence, and some of the main issues for voters. but divisions between democrats and republicans, one deep or 0, spoke to people from both sides. hi, i am andy semen ello from poughkeepsie, new york, and i am a democratic voter. hi, my name is deb brown and i am a registered republican here in austin county new york. i live in a small city of kingston. i'm some i retired. i'm in the health care field. i'm actually retired. but i spent a career in corporate development and also
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a small business owner. in recent years, we have noticed which is unusual for our city crime. the riots did not help. and the, and the yelling of defending the police who you think protect them even when you're doing your protest here in your day we have faith and legal access to all we protect the health care services including abortion. that is not the case across the country. it should not be something that is decided upon by the, by the supreme court or by any legislator. it should be just freedom of choice. i'm semi retired and i'm starting to look at our investments, the salary. every time i go to the grocery store here in kingston, i'm usually picked up $3.00 more. we took a step in terms of gun safety in this, in this last term. but it's not enough. if children are still being gunned down in
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classrooms, what we need is a ban on assault weapons. i have an issue with immigration, the bus is coming through must have been a real good wake up call because they were at which and i don't blame them. what do you think was going on at the texas border? climate change is, is something that we all have to recognize. i live in this beautiful hudson valley along the hudson river and i want to know that these resources will always be available for my children, for my grandchildren and my great grandchildren. if you want things changed in your neighborhood in your state, you vote. i do a lot of canvassing here in poughkeepsie and for the most part, i'm hearing about a very motivated electorate. sol as reporting that north korea has launched, a ballistic missile into the sea launch was confirmed by the japanese coast guard.
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that was a statement from pyongyang that the u. s. and south korea would pay a terrible price. should they decide to attack the north? south korea's interior minister has apologize for a crowd surge on saturday that killed at least a 156 people. please submit the response was not adequate and present noun so cule has called for more safety measures for, as lori has more from sole lead our young was at 81 on saturday. the night of the halloween crowd crush. if i am very young, i told people there was some one on the ground. there was nothing we could do. i wasn't strong enough to move her. i saw the crowd just fall forward. i can't get those images out of my mind that she's returned to grieve, those who died. what were we feel? i really didn't want to come back, but i felt i'd regret it for the rest of my life if i didn't. so i came to lay flowers and say a prayer. she realizes she could just as easily have been one of the victims and
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says she feels lucky, but also guilty. what for her own? i feel like i've committed a sense oh, i was the only one that got out. they were all like my friends. i only found out the scale of the disaster after seeing it on the news. it was so distressing. the memorial altar at $81.00 is one of many set up across south korea on tuesday. precedent, june, secure, and sun cabinet ministers came to pay their respects. majority of the shops around the site of the accident are shut. as a mark of respect, you get a sense that this is a nation in collective morning. there is to a feeling of collective trauma scenes of the disaster played out in real time on social media and were broadcast repeatedly for days after. the government has extended free counseling services to not only those directly affected, but to the general public as well. the nation's mood is slowly shifting to one of anger. the police chief who's faced repeated questions about the forces preparation
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for and response to saturdays accident, apologized on tuesday. when they were bullion, there were emergency calls about the danger and urgency of the situation and there's a large crowd had gathered before the exit recurred. however, we think the police response to the emergency calls was inadequate. the president has said south chris crowd control measures will need to be stepped up. an investigation is underway as to how the stampede occurred. florence louis al jazeera so civil society groups in haiti have written to the u. s. president, concerned about plans to deploy military forces to the country. they say well only strengthen prime minister earl andries grip on power and to little to address nation wide unrest. violence in the capital, puerto prince, as for tens of thousands of people from their homes, heads of state and pharmacists are in algeria is capital for a 2 day arab league summit the opening ceremony. so chin is in present case site
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hand over the councils, presidency to the all jerry and leader delegates will discuss regional, political and security issues in light of the war in ukraine. then a hunter has moved from algiers, the algerian president, making it very clear that the summit is being held amid exceptional and complex regional and international circumstances. there are a lot of pressing issues that our leaders need to deal with. the region is plagued by conflict by economic crises and food insecurity. one of the toughest challenges, rushes recent decisions to suspend its participation in an internationally broker deal to allow grain exports from u. crane will harm the middle east and north africa region. many of the arab countries rely on wheat from ukraine and waste of course bread being the main staple, the arab league secretary general, calling on arab countries to unite to come up with
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a joint strategy. but it's not just the economy. our leaders have has to make political calculations really caught up in the east, west pensions over the ukraine war. so far, arab countries have opted for a neutral stance. we're going to have to see whether or not the unanimous decision will be taken on, you know, on this neutrality in the ukranian war would, which would be in one way or another, a diplomatic win for russia, due to its isolation. a lot of divisions, differences among arab states, uneasy relationships, and this is really manifested by the fact that you've had a quite a relatively low level representation. we've heard the speakers talk about the need for unity. the need to overcome the differences. it's easier said than done because in the last 3 years the arab world has been very much polarized because of a decision by some arab states.


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