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tv   Blood And Tears French Decolonisation  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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me sculptures, paintings, and other unique pieces in the nation capital and hundreds of people taking a look. and anesha visual scene was hit hard by the pandemic galleries were closed and had to exhibit their collections online for many celebrate a return to the way things were. this also room for incarnations not seen before, and 60 galleries from indonesia and elsewhere in asia, opportunity painting, eager to meet collectors and artists from around the world with new artist, new modes and new pieces on display. the fare is a dynamic celebration. the resilience of the industry, the tantalizing hymns of what's yet to come, the me, ah, had a domino or a kyle in dough hall. these,
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the top stories on al jazeera exit. polls in israel are showing full. my prime minister benjamin netanyahu is that to return to power with a slim majority. he's the longest serving prime minister and left office, 16 months ago. catholic apartments again la pete says he will still wait for the final results. i will carry on for the next 2 days until the last on below has been opened. we will have to wait with patients even if we don't have patients for the final results to come in. i've come here this evening to thank you from the bottom of my heart. we have achieved an unbelievable result today. close to 1000000 israeli citizens voted and the mandate was unheard of. the. the style that in smith has more from western islam is up to 60 minute position. halting is returned to office. it seems that netanyahu was pulled it off. and what happened really mattered in this election, was getting out the vote then. yeah,
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campaign, very odd. in the last couple of weeks in a row up to the elections, really trying to get people out to vote because in israel you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn't already formed an opinion on netanyahu. they love him or they load him to a no votes. switching either side to what man, yahoo was looking for was voters who hadn't voted last time round. and he thought maybe 852-230-0000 boats. were there to be tapped. brazil, the outgoing present jar bolts, nora had spoken publicly for the 1st time since his election defeat on sunday. he doesn't appear to concede, but that he would follow the constitution truck drivers of sage protests. in support of both scenario, brazil's supreme court has ordered police to clear the roads in denmark. prime minister may say frederickson, social democrats have won the most seats in that tuesday election has sent a left block. it is set to retain its majority in parliament. this selection comes
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as angie price, as saw, and deigns faced the highest cost of living in more than 40 years in his prime and center under moody has visited the site of a bridge collapse that killed more than a 140 people in his home state. of good jurret, he met with survivors who are in hospital police of arrested dine people in connection with the collapse the man accused of attacking the husband of us. i'll speak and nancy pelosi has pleaded not guilty. david to pat was remanded in custody, is charged with attempting to murder pul policy by beating him with a hammer inside the couple of san francisco home. on friday. south korea has ordered the evacuation of some islands after it's at north korea, or 3 ballistic missiles into the theme launch was confirmed by the japanese coast guard and for the statement from sean yang, that the u. s. and south crew would pay a terrible price if they decided to attack the north. civil society groups in
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haiti have written to the us president, raising concerns about a proposal to deploy military forces to the country and say, a military force will only strengthen prime minister. i'll only quit on power and do list whole to address nationwide and unrest. water and power supplies have been restored and keep. the ukrainian capital is hit by dozens of russia, missiles on monday, ukrainians hoping to use as little power as possible during peak hours. they use as russia is purposely targeting energy and water supplies of winter approaches of data. matthew, tim says russia may consider rejoining a grain export deal with ukraine once an investigation into a tax on ships and crimea is completed. most suspends its participation on saturday in response to what it said. we ukrainian drone attacks on its fleet heads of state for in algeria capital for
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a 2 day our big summit. soon as he is present handed over, the councils presidency to the jury and leader delegates will discuss regional, political and security issues in light of the war in ukraine to his new boss in moscow. him to the charging use as a fee for having a verified account. he bought twitter for $44000000000.00 that a new subscription service could cost $8.00 a month. blood and his is next. let me. ready ah, friends once had a vast empire covering over 11000000 square kilometers of the world by
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the 19th thirty's, if comprised over a 100000000 people. but after the 2nd world war, national independence movements rule and pressure mounted on france in asia, africa, and the americas to let go of many of its colonies. pressure that it resisted often violently. uprisings in algeria, the middle east and madagascar were subdued with brutal force travel, also similar in the caribbean and ivory. and indo china, full scale war broke out. how long could france hold out against the tide of history? it was living in a new world now. in which the new global powers of the united states and the soviet
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union were locked in the cold war. and in which old empires, what crumbling this is this story of the collapse of one of the biggest empires the world does ever see. and how the blood and tears shed decades ago, a still felt in the world today. ah, the war in india, china began in december 1946. and after 4 years stuck in the quagmire of vietnam, the french were forced to take stock. they sent for reinforcements from now on half of their troops would come from morocco synagogue. and even algeria,
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as in 1939, the colonies had to come to the rescue of the colonizing power. and as in madagascar, 3 hears before they were forced to fight other colonized, people looked at vital voluntarily. it still, i'm if possible. but to an englishman, lula medusa, to negotiate with volunteers, should be followed you for as long as well as from home for she was long pass along the message long, you call me in will fissile a proper gun defrost it is to come in the for one of buses it's you did our crew when a little gang a news and hopefully ah $100.00. thank you, back to west jurors and breaking into programming to bring you the la could party need a benjamin netanyahu about to address his supporters at the la could head quarters in western wisdom. he was just out the podium of music. go about to speak. his come
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away from it to shake more of his supporters. hans, it's about 3. i'm in the morning the in west jerusalem and people have been waiting for hours for him since it was announced with exit polls that his coalition party had won a slim majority in the canal. it 61 or 62 of the 120 seats there is back on the podium lesson in ah
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ah ah though dot above him though above. thank you. thank you very much. one of the muslim, obvious bill, but i'm not mad. oh, i'd like to sound myself and sarah already we talk, we truly love you alba from with all of our heart and the bottom of our heart from our so thank you. i went to say to my friends
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in godaddy, but um i bought a home thank you. thank you. bye long term. a dime noise by the teeth are gone. they are say, thank you. i haven't yet lost my voice. la, north dakota, philip. i've been pursued that i've got, we've got, we have your voice, mamma. let your wonderful. thank you, thoughtfully good. i want to say to my friends, let us in the liquid yourself. from the members of the can i set the heads of the towns all the represent, all the volunteers will not phone up and the people who have ver gonna from town to town. no neighbourhood to neighbourhood house to house and have
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thought the results. thank you. of a man are gone. now the gone about especially hello, got less, especially i got the one festival to thank the obama people of israel who have come way to vote if i see on the scene and i've seen today, and you've also seen wonderful things. i've seen people should bow like gunfire. tickled with the older than 90, and even a 100 who came to the polling stations waited patiently in queue to vote. but mother can bo, knowing of allah, the importance of these selections. i want to thank you very much. okay, more than welcome a lot to be thought. i feel like we appreciate your support .
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we love you. we love you. of any mccully young zacalo to friends hot m a to day we we achieved her amazing belief. they could a good dog, the down above him about the gun got down on the low mill if i need something to do but a but a small correction. i'm not a king. i have to be voted and i am will be, i have to be elected now be elected. thanks to you,
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bob. the more that it's our dog we achieved to day. sure. jolly called the i'm if the lab relief of the people of israel, how much who again dawn made gone this, the biggest party, the li could the biggest party in israel up all the other parties. and i want to state of that, ah, i can build up those that are from the lumen low mit who also are with us. i think that when they're there within the hug, i did become a hotel. i'm
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a little as i know what i give him, i'm not polite, i've been a fewer elections and i can tell you of that. we still have to wait for the final results. but one thing is sure that our path possibly could, has proven itself one dove in buffalo. oh no. i remind you that in some of the 15 doors, the 52 seats that we had in the last evictions, we have achieved a tremendous was out on albuquerque and not the in the past year and a half the changes that are taken place and i made burgersson with hers the bone accomplish. i would say we come to
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run from the big changes has taken place. the people want another path. they want safety security. they want to bring down the cost of living. they want to steal my strength, not weakness that the food if want. novilla is not the fellow with the one term of galvan, no mass to attack and to do things the they want the a pride, a national pride that was taken from us. and that will also return it once a jewish state. good luck may be no. he once a state that respects all of its citizens, but this is a jewish state for our people that we have dreamed about it in a fort over you been, i thought that we felt lim, emsella. we fed poor tis and blood over it. they want to different government,
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a sealed a steady government. i think that maybe not. oh, law that has experience. not only in israel, i know some other places. and i thought i'm gonna get with him would zoom emsella. leah still on the come in. what semen shall laugh should be ob norman. what's the thought of my heart so think they want a government are not who does only hold about the arm, but what's them into law will support the weak lataya lyn fennel called them kola. they want a government hello himself, prime minister, who love it, takes care of their soldiers of their pay, a fair, our police,
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and not just to throw away life or to take care will only connect slow gold. you go to the on the all the key frame. wish me luck with the haunt yolanda, who, booklet porcelain shall norma. and we have to be very direct your with the security of our country. hundreds, love is lovely. conclude our defense all it from a true me sir. the whole fema above the form in of the alba. the market if he here know it, the bunny mother and father who i'm loyalty was give us i thought so give us that taught sons and daughters. we still don't know how to make the final results and we have to be patient. but in any case, in any case, i know we move up to go up to what my leg is asked to fill a double copy of the for me. michelle one
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a full electron because this is the basis of the democracy and a lot what i thought i met you shop for the thought. i mean if he money, okay, final results should be douglas hall as well. okay. show then i will, the whole are build a government which takes care of every dog nicola person in the country called co. and yes, i will take care of everyone as i've always done jamila. me, me me other sean, but what's the believe? and i think i'm for them to hire out of your pocket from me, from it, which i've always heard from the very 1st days. bob vanny summit. that's me with a you're welcome government. and i put myself in the governor soccer and also my family coverage. so who are sometimes in the line of, of the other line of fire bill. okay. you got them back to sarah and my son's limb
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. did you who love a you also in the line of fire, we will not one of the be to ensure i don't know if you're a balanced and i will not have government. bob got us and we'll bring down the cost of living. it will expand momma, the circle of peace, and we'll put is her back to it standing within the nations of what our 2nd thought. well, what are the dates? we will do all of this. she or son? medina? yes, hon is a deep understanding. they are that we have one state and one blog look, i'm sure. yes, the one was off. 51 aim. and there's one other thing about that i wanted the emissions want to do together with you. was that i intend to do this because i know what it's the correct thing to do know that we will be in school and i know
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lots of other salome up. they may not only for the exposure for exp, widening piece, but also not have him saw that we are having obamacare in gun within ourselves. and in the last months together, that sorrow many of those at her hair, you know, as any. so i have been a lot of them by all over the country a lot. oh no. i thought you came to you came the people came, we've been too many settlements, the voice of the my guy or susan calculus and towns and we met the people and to look at them the guy on, in the face. but garcia, law firm of obamacare were still the, the offices shouldn't have to make the most of it. i've met felton. so if you can, i was very moved by it. i saw your love for how people are good for our country. the film club shiny, but if i can say one thing we thought one final thing that i'm sure about with the
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hope of thought about together together. we will do and we will succeed. thank you. there we were at that look current headquarters in west jerusalem listening to benjamin yesenia met him. yahoo giving his victory speech based on the exit polls which has given him and his coalition, a slim majority in that canal, it in the israeli palm. and this is marking the return of the, of israel longest serving prime minister after an absence of 16 months from the wild stages of the man who is also facing 3 trials for corruption charges as brin, bernard smith. our correspondence is also at the headquarters there. and burners, netanyahu spent a long time seeming rather overwhelmed with joy, just saying,
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thank you. thank you. thank you to his supporters. the at that cause it seemed that at times even he couldn't believe that he's back. he's almost like, is it never been away? he did campaign very enthusiastically and very hard in a couple of weeks running up to be election because every vote really matter. now, he hasn't won yet and he was careful to say there's not a 100 percent sure that he's one. it looks like you will get the majority, but not ever votes is counted yet. many things can change over the next sort of 48 hours, 3 days or so. the official result is on thursday, so he was careful not to say it won't. but if this was a gave every indication that this was a victory speech gotten the stage with his wife sarah a 3 in the morning in the crowd waiting for quite a long time, but a very enthusiastic reception here with hard work, i guess for him now shots,
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if he's got this majority, then he will be sharing power with fall right. culture and nationalism not is what it's been. worry a lot of people opponents of them. yahoo! concerned this ultra nationalist, jewish not wanting to pull jewish power. they want to change the law, a breach of trust and on broad these charges many hours on trial for they believe it might help than yahoo stall or even in the trials. the face is that is what a netanyahu's, a potent sphere is support to say. he's been set up, he says he's been set up and they want him back in power if they get their way and will know in a couple of days. i've been just a little bit more about these challenges that he's facing. and when he's like to be back in power back in court, while the trial is ongoing. so the rivera is out there are various trials on going
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full fraud for breach of trust, and for ex, acting bribes. now, the hope that he says that the chaw, the changes the ruling that the changes, the changes that wants to be made, that the, excuse me, the thank of is part of the religious on it's want to make, will allow them to change the law and allow benjamin netanyahu to put the trials behind them, but they are ongoing. and so how they'll progress now is prime minister. it's not, no, but a prime minister can't be right and as well. so it's not clear what's gonna happen now without carry on, even if, even if you managed to pull a ruling cold or anything times i had okay for the moment then it, i know it's 3 o'clock in the morning that for you we will let you go thanks very much and bring it all the very latest that from western jerusalem. well, we heard from the outgoing prime minister again,
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le pete. he says that he will wait for the final results. i will carry on for the next 2 days until the last on below has been open. we'll have to wait with patients even if we don't have patients for the final results to come in . i've come here this evening to thank you from the bottom of my heart. we have achieved an unbelievable result today. close to 1000000 israeli citizens voted and the mandate was unheard of. the stuff that's bring in mohammed to a wife and washington dc. the policy in american political analysts great to have you with us. that's what it is important to point out. again, it's all correspond a bunch smith just did that. this is not a 100 percent satisfied when for benjamin netanyahu, but a lot can happen before and indeed has on the in the past. yes, i did not hear all the question, but he knows he one. he knows. he knows that it's
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now it's the same before us as well. and for the world there is no difference between the labor party or the left and israel or the right nathan the whole is. it's part of the new wave of the fascist the right wing leader. we see them around the world, we see what the school one around the world and this is not going to serve piece in the middle east and it's not. busy the piece around the world, we all know his what it, what he got from donald trump, during his rule, and how he plotted against the democratic party or the democrats in the united states. but now i think i'm afraid the democrats are going to welcome him, especially the week before the, i mean the, the, the,
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the elections in the united states said they both for congress and senate. there was no mention by name of palestinians in benjamin benjamins. his speech just a moment ago, but he did talk about security. what do you read into that? you know, i mean, this is what the occupation since 1948, they talk about security, even though they are the aggressors. they be, are the colonizer cindy and they are the ones who are studying, acquiring gland against all international norms. and he talks about security. this is to me, this scarecrow, they used to scare the world and talk about security as if the palestinians who are under the patient are the addresses and they don't mention that they are buying
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the land from the river to the see. i don't see, i don't expect anything from the former prime minister maybe they've gotten from minnesota. allow benjamin up at yahoo. he is an extreme right wing guy. he never been interested in peace would be better than yes or that ups. and he is there only to use and abuse any country move all my life that alicia's without forcing to give that i so the so the so the people you say that he's extreme right wing. he's bringing it even more extreme right wing policy into his coalition. it's may have been there is religious zionism block. what do you think? how do you think that is going to change the nature of the israeli government approach to palestinians?
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you know, we had, we had the other so called on the left or the center left who who lost the election supposedly to date. and there wasn't anything on the table for the palestinian wasn't that i think for the 2000 bill clinton left the us administration. and you know, george bush, son a year he did not do anything and he distance from the b stokes and hold on my game 80 or so. so on. did nothing. and donald, from gamma, he did a lot for it and also illegally started giving that we learned that and do tell them on the, on high. so this is without even talking about these. then we see some arabs submitting to the dictates of but who have nothing to do with politics,
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all of his life and giving him what he needs. so i wouldn't expect anything new for developing us or the, or the will be with this election of this guy. well, the do then expect something new from the palestinian leadership. i mean in thing that we've had so far as a statement from the palestinian prime minister saying we have no peace partner. nothing else from anywhere else. yes sir. let me say this about my position on the palestinian leadership. we don't have that as a palestinian american, as palestinian who lost the family be in the aggression of the israelis. we don't have the leadership mode. our boss is committed to his dream or slow signing a piece deal with this release or forcing that effect before that door to sign that deal and accept that deal and achieving nothing. there. equip nice is the right to
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exist. the israel gave them the recognition of the be a low, not palestinian state. so we don't have leadership, we have split leadership thing guys. so we have a hamas and company, and the west bank and the west bank. we have the upper hand more than bus and the p a low or have a cheap nothing. in fact, they run us into the ground and we, but i can't say about both of them, but they are not until the ground because they are main name is they are political party not become senior people who are 7000006 and a half 1000000 inside a sam proper and they are about 6 to 7000000 around the world. we have no representation so they don't get me started about these guys are they are useless. okay, ma'am. as always, thank you very much for taking the time to join us there from washington. d. c. as
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we heard benjamin netanyahu addressing supporters, adds his li could headquarters in west jerusalem exit polls. giving his coalition a slight majority in the israeli parliament. that good news here on out his era. but counting the cost is up next to stay with. ah, ah, i had a long melinda, this is counting the cost on al jazeera, this week president gigi ping's grip on china is tighter than ever before. and he's pledged to cement his country's power and influence in the world. the economy is
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weakening, county fix it. also this week china's leader wants to place his country as a leader in technology bought in his choking off it's access to advanced semiconductors class. china's electric vehicle market is booming to why is beijing so far ahead of the u. s, europe in adopting the technology. ah. when jean ping assumed power in 2012, china's economy walls booming a decade later that growth is being dragged down by strict cove at 19 cubs and a deepening property crisis. now critics of the chinese leader mainly blame the weakening economy on his policies. yes, using ping has given few signs of changing his approach. often consolidating his hold on power. she insists the economy is resilient and has promised to deepen economic ties with all the countries as he begins an unprecedented 3rd term as
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leader of the communist party susie farmland. yet she also and justice china can't develop in isolation from the world. it need one china for its development through over 40 years of relentless reform and opening up. we have created the twin miracles of fast economic growth and social stability. china will open its doors if a wider we will be steadfast and deepening reform and opening up across the board. a prosperous, china will create many more opportunities for the world. we now have one veiled, a new leadership team of loyalists. among them is leach young. on track to become the premier talk with managing the world's 2nd largest economy. now stocks in hong kong slumped and the u on weekend against the us dollar after beijing presented its new policy leadership. investors were also, i'm nerved by economic data showing a mixed recovery in 3rd quarter,
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with unemployment rising and retail sales weakening. now the economy has rebounded at a faster than expected pace during that period expanding by 3.9 percent. but it's still way below the 5.5 percent target for this year. now let's have a look at some of the aging pings. controversial policies are decades of market oriented reforms initiated by the predecessors. the president has been criticized for bringing the economy on the tight state control opponent and say she has prioritized political control and national security above economic growth. he has long sweeping crackdowns to rain and industries, including tech giants, gaming and private tutoring. as part of his efforts to tackle rising inequality, the measure is estimated to have wiped out hundreds of billions of dollars in market value for many of chinese companies. audio imposed boring limits on the property sector, which has led to cash crunches and defaults for many developers. z has also double
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down and 0 cove. it looked downs, mass testing and border controls which continue to cripple economic activity. joining me now as sally, you senior practitioner fellow with the ash center, khalid kennedy school on a visiting senior fellow at the london school of economics. she enjoys me now for washington. d. c. thank you for your time, cindy. what's the recent economic data? tell us about how the chinese academy is doing. hi, good morning, melinda. first say it would be nearly impossible now for china to hit the full year 5 and a half percent of g d. p growth target. chinese economy has achieved out 3 percent growth in the 1st 3 quarters of the year. and so china would need to grow over 10 percent. you order to hit the for your target. and so that's becoming increasingly unlikely. some statistics within the q 3 data is really interesting. one world income grew faster than urban income by nearly 2 percent. so the lifting of income
4:38 am
is a manifestation of she's determination to reduce income inequality you order to achieve common prosperity in the 2nd statistic. so private sector investments grew 2 percent into 3, but they sector investment grew over 10 percent in the same quarter. so the say sector is a bad thing relative to the private sector. in this, a gun validates the seas climb to make the state sector bigger, better, stronger, and he's gonna killer off the chinese economic growth in 3 take high take manufacturing value added to the fastest across all the industrial sectors into 3. and so there is a whole of government approach in pushing the growth off. china saw high tech industries and the number 4 really interesting. they are savings the car to saw a sharp rise in 2021. chinese save the despite cobit over to june. 20 truly in r and bay, almost a 2.3 times the size of china's g,
4:39 am
d p. and on average over $10.00 a us dollars per chinese citizens. any comic on certain g. so chinese citizens are really making choices on the future of, you know, what they see as the future of the chinese economy. they aren't spending, they already invested, they are really saving. and last me, if i may say of the 3 horses of their chinese economy, trade investment and consumption. obviously, china can always fall back to infrastructure stimulus in order to see some short term economic growth. but we haven't seen consumption picked up literally since cold did. and so less we see a very strong consumption recovery. there is no sustainable economic recovery and china, right. okay, so that's why i just want to be clear, sally, because a lot of what you described is positive news. and yet, when you see how marcus of react and the you on depreciation, you wonder how it's being interpreted? is the chinese economy doing ok or not?
4:40 am
oh, you may say that it is a you looking at had that the condition that, that the chinese economy has been weathering in the 3rd quarter with persistent id 0 cobit policy. and the enormous a political certainty which is now cleared. a chinese economy has been rather resilient. if we were to look at a 3.9 percent, the g d p growth in the 3rd quarter by, by all means it is so slow down significantly. and i think god, you know, for china not to hit a project to their g d p growth target for the full year. this is perhaps the most shocking anomaly that i have seen you, my professional lifetime. but we should say that in the 20th party congress, economic security has become a bigger priority over economic growth. and so going forwards, mistress, she did talk about up by 2049. he wants to china to become the leader in terms ofa
4:41 am
comprehensive national strengths in the world. and so that entails rather a lot of things beyond simply g d p growth target. yes indeed sir. let's expand on that because when you take a closer look at some of the people in his new leadership team, it does appear clear that he has chosen loyalty over the experience of some of these people. so is economic growth no longer a priority for shipping. molina, economic growth will always be essential in china, as just have mentioned earlier, economic security now has become a more acute national priority for the current administration over g d p growth. but that's not to say that economic growth is not essential, as mentioned the mr. sci fi mission, a long term target by the mid part of the century. he wants china to lead the world
4:42 am
. essentially every level of strength that entail is a military military modernization requires economic growth. infrastructure building requires growth about and road initiative. this is mr. she contains signatory foreign policy. that requires economic growth. ruth itself, it's already a part of the china's economic security. one of the challenges and you touched on it is the downturn in the property market in china? what are your predictions for the market is a recovery in the 2nd expected, a, china's residential real estate market has sledge a 13 month in a row, a when they 1st started a they started as a supply side issue, primarily risk in the suppliers, the developers side but now it's increasingly become 80 months side issue as we have just mentioned that you've, investors are the regular savers in china, are choosing to put money in the bank rather than barring on mortgages and the
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buying more real estate. the market is not going to recover and the real estate sector, it's roughly about 20 to 25 percent of china, is the g d p. it is a crucial sector in the chinese economy. and so it has a stove, some of its risks over to the banking sector. and so now it's becoming more of a systemic issue that involves a lot of moving parts. thank simply a, just the, you know, to revitalize the real estate market itself. clearly you've studied china very closely, it is something you focus on. where do you see the chinese economy going forward? can overtake the u. s. at some point. i think the chinese economy a will faith a lot of hurdles the head, but the economy that they can on motto itself is transitioning. we have heard in distress. see fish recently that the chinese economy is comprehensively are moving into a different path off development of the past of for decades. and as far as how that
4:44 am
economic model is going to work out, that really is a big test at the world is bearing witness to. so we are looking at the state sector becoming more dominant and the, permeating through every sector off the chinese economy. and we are looking into the future that china is going to focus on a lot of self reliance and including not only supply chain technology, but also china's major push should become a global leader in exporting technology to the developing world. and so we're looking at the various moving parts, but the fundamentally we're looking at the so you can all make philosophy that is embraced on by the car into chinese leader. if it is going to take china to where he wishes china to bay by the mid part of the century,
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that is to lead the world in comprehensive national strength and to offer the world alternative model to modernization. we don't really understand fully at this point . what this chinese style modernization is categorically different from modernization in the universal sense. and so there are a lot of things that we know that from a liberal economic perspective perhaps, or is a lot of data pads where the chinese economy is going to go. but we know for sure that the path is going to become more state centric and is going to perhaps further depart from the liberal economic i ideal. good. the west of cherish. really interesting to talk to you. shelly, you senior practitioner, a fellow at the ash center, poverty kennedy school, and visiting senior fellow at the london school if he can only thank you. thank you . the president gigi in paying once china to
4:46 am
become a state lead and self sufficient technology superpower, but doesn't rely on the west. but it lags behind taiwan, south korea. i'm the united states in manufacturing advance that me conductors used and everything from mobile phones to weapons of the u. s. is making it harder for beijing to acquire and produce the washington has imposed sweeping new cubs against the chinese chip industry. they are tougher than any previous action taken by the u . s. in decades. and the aim to slow beijing military power. american companies would not require licenses to export high performance chips to china, as well as equipment use in advance semiconductor manufacturing. their restrictions also target sales from foreign firms that use american equipment. the measures come as the us post billions of dollars into its domestic chip industry in an attempt to
4:47 am
boost american competitiveness. china has criticized washington's expanded restrictions, saying they will hom supply chains and the world economy. many american firms that produce chips list china as the biggest single market and could face major losses in revenues. to discuss all of this on join now by alicia garcia had at or from hong kong. is the chief economist for the asia pacific at not texas bank an, an adjunct professor, hong kong university of science and technology. many thanks for joining the program . what is the thinking behind the decision that the u. s. is made to place the sweeping controls on sales of semiconductors on basing? i think the main concern from the us side is actually technology and containing china and it's upgrading of the major industry us me, that's the key. of course,
4:48 am
there's no such thing as military industry only and, and need to technology will be hit, which also means that china will have a hard time in moving up the ladder, whether it's artificial intelligence, quantum computing. so basically the tech will be severely affected. this technological decoupling between the us and china it's been going on for some time now, hasn't it? i mean, because of that, we know that the chinese government has invested heavily in its own chip industry in life if that how much are these controlled? actually a blow on china so far, right before this and new ban on on simic factors, i would say that the impact has been limited. we had seen some impact ways, a very good sample. it basically didn't manage to develop it, sign the design of semiconductors through the subsidy. we've had a choir to do so,
4:49 am
but, but yeah, i mean this time around, this is really up to not me. this is a totally different ball game. it is going to be much more painful for china than any other measure which is so far. so this policy of the us to work though it needs its allies, doesn't it to comply with the same controls. i mean, take taiwan, for example, which is pivotal to the semi conductor industry. what is taiwanda ro here? it's, it's close and it's relationship to the u. s, but it's also very much dependent on china in terms of its biggest markets. so how do they play this? they can't play, that's the difference in premium sumption. export controls. entity list, you know, everything we've seen so far. they had a choice. and they could basically, you know, play around with whom they were sell in, or they were not selling this time around. if the m c or a s m l in that, that,
4:50 am
or, or some so not anybody decides not to play around. and it is not defy the end user in a way they are going to be subject to the same export controls because it will not received that the signed for their own production. this is what i mean. so that way it is not choice. 2 factors. first i practicing is going to be hard to deviate. i mean, impossible because you're going to be targeted. targeted 2nd by now. and this has changed since ukraine, you half hot a coordinated export ban on semiconductors to, to russia, which is basically now let me know chinese semiconductors. so i guess ukraine has shown that it can be done. so what does this leave china? what a china, china's options, china has options. i would say i wouldn't say that they are necessarily very effective. so let me start by very simple. they can ban apple or microsoft or,
4:51 am
you know, like be harm to the tech industry as users the other than they can do is to play with critical components to, to supply chain where the semiconductors, electric vehicles, green energy. yes. so, so, you know, they controlled the processing of key rare it tells they can play with that is not a big minor thing. and finally they can just, and this is key, create their own, their own ecosystem, maybe not as advanced. but the point is they could produce that uses less advanced chemical back those bigger semiconductors for purposes that might not be necessarily the same level, but that allow them to continue to upgrade rather than just give up on, on that. and that brings us to, to ecosystems. bifurcation. okay, really good to talk to lithia garcia herrera from hong kong. she's called midst for
4:52 am
asia pacific at in the texas. thank you. gee declared in 2014, the development of electric vehicles was the only way china could transform from what he called a big automobile country to an automobile power. less than a decade later, it's risen to the forefront of the electric car innovation. chinese companies are making high end models that rival tesla, as well as german automakers and china is expected to remain the leading country for electric vehicle sales for decades. or more electric vehicles will be sold in china this year than in the rest of the well combined. the country bought one out of every 2 electric vehicle sold in 2021. and up to $6000000.00 new electric vehicles would be registered in the country. this year will tesla had its best ever month in china in september, selling more than $83000.00 cars. autonomy is by far the largest electric vehicle
4:53 am
selling country norway, germany, the netherlands, and the united kingdom. all had high electric vehicle sales per 1000000 people last year from new york on join. now by daniel i, daniel is the managing direct and senior equity analyst that wed bush securities. thank you for joining us on the program. daniel, how did china ends up dominating the electric car industry? i mean, this really goes back, i'd say to last decade. i mean, they were always innovative in terms of realizing electric vehicles is really going to be the biggest transformation to the auto industry. in the last 4050 years. it started with ip, the domestic players, the near the ex thing b y, d. and then come in like cash or open arms in terms of that, specifically on the giga side, that's really how china isn't years ahead of any other region. and this is largely down to the chinese government, isn't it without its subsidies that it has provide as incentives for people?
4:54 am
would it be as successful as it is shops, these have been key to the success in china. i think of us is starting father model . you've seen some that europe as well, reading china and they do have been too deep in the pool when it came to e. b 's. and this really goes back. if we even think about the last few years, there were some 4 in the road. norman's landing subsidies really came in significant for the domestic players, but the international key as well. i mean, that's why has opening up their giga factory in shanghai. i was, i would tell a watershed moment for chinese, the, the industry the us now to try to catch up on the electrical vehicle market, implementing its own new policies and incentives. but can they catch up to china? massive lead? yeah, i don't never see them catching up. i see them. can they start to get on par with europe? i mean, look, china today we're time 1213 return automotive,
4:55 am
that the us to and a half percent lot of would to chop to get there. you know, i mean, need started to weigh out some initiatives in the, by the ministration a lot more infrastructure building reading. we're seeing signifigant sir. progress, but it's going to take a long time to see any short of, you know, i think improvements. i think we're going to start to see that 20232024. but if the cared and the stick approach, and i think that's really going to be the key, ease in the u. s. how have the friends of the electric cars in china shape the global electric vehicle market? would we see similar investments if china hadn't gone so hard? know that guys, when it comes the e b 's as well as a i. those are 2. com armed races going on between china, as well as the us in the last in the us wants to be as a wagner when it comes to electric vehicles, especially attached to the u. s. company. but i think this really just showed that
4:56 am
they were early. i think it's, we're now that there's a massive transformation raising gm for and others that are really going all over. ready the next decade, but there have been some seminal moments and ultimately it was really china that was the head on even the domestic players, the nears the ex pings and others, there's been shiny objects that they've really been able to, you know, ultimately award. let's talk about the manufacturing of batteries which outside of china and some parts of asia, is pretty much non existent. how big a problem is that if the world is moving to ed's electric vehicles by the, it's a problem in terms of, we'll call from a supply perspective. i mean with the m raw materials that's going to be an issue as we go in 2001 report, 2025. you start seeing more manufacturing builds in the us business. some of the incentives, both china continues to really, you know,
4:57 am
own that battery technology. and i think what we're going to start to see is a balance of power. you'll start to see more in the us, potentially more in europe, but at least for now and why that's going to continue to be in china because that's really where a lot i've been from an e v perspective. and briefly we've talked on this program about the semi conductor controls that have been imposed on china. what impact is that likely to have on china's electric vehicle industry? again, the jury is still out in terms of how that's all going to play are clearly there's, you know, there's a game room going on between us and china, where it comes to the, the semi wars. i think it's going to be contained in terms of what the impact that china. i think more when you start to look at and sat and you look at a terms of from a chip technology perspective, that's where maybe it's more of an impact. but just like china, you know, continues to own the e v industry for now,
4:58 am
that shift. i think that something's been a shot across the bow and there could be some ripple effect negatively as we go in 2023 for china. we're going to get to speak to daniel ives, mother, all right, to senior equity analyst wed bush. securities is also for the we get in touch with us by twisting may at money by 8 am to use the hash tag a j c. b. when you do order up with an email accounting to call out their dot net address movie online at al jazeera dot com slash ctc take you straight to our page, which has looked individual reports linked an entire episode being used to catch up on that is it this edition of counting the cost money inside the whole thing. thanks for joining us. the nice on out is there a ah ah
4:59 am
big thunderstorms in texas are on their way out. what's happening on the pacific coast is probably rather more welcome to be honest. we will drive conditions all the way from western canada, answered california, the mountain states. well, that's all about change completely is a very active frontal system. and that's what it produces. snow for mid to high levels, but all the mountain states and right up into a good part of candor temperatures. they maxim now sub 0, calgary minus 5. just think couple of weeks back and we'll talk about plus 25. there's a huge change back back down to where it should be. most of the states are fairly
5:00 am
warm, plane states up in the middle twenties in. and when he picks also more than that should be so that he is still anomalous. come in the caribbean, a tropical depression strength into a hurricane is on its way just skirting honduras to hit belize. we think wednesday evening be land full of these strongest winds. it'll be a hurricane, probably up that category one, but rain was still petty fairly heavy and this is damaging winds. obviously, big sharon, are prompting warnings of potential flash flooding in amazonia. but also you'll notice it's moving further north of columbia and ecuador. and if you're in rio it could be rather nice ah, ah .


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