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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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to understand why a species of toad, once thought extinct, is still thriving in the coastal mountains of the sierra nevada. first nations frontline, the starry night towed on al jazeera. in these turbulent times, up front returns for a new season. join me, mark them on hill as we take on the big issues. they are literally being turned back. how is this matter contravention of international law? this is exactly the place for us to interrogate people about the issue, but matter from the state of democracy around the world to the struggles faced by the under represented. those voices have to be brought to the table. they have the matter. we have to start to talk about the see here. we will challenge the conventional wisdom. up front. on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that mattel to years. ah,
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a breakthrough in a brutal war. ethiopian government forces, antique brian rebels agree to stop fighting. ah, hello there, i'm laura kyle. this is alex. is there a live from dough also coming up. canyon trip saw deployed to democratic republic of congo to counter armed groups operating in the east. u. s. federal reserve increases interest rates again as it tries to fight, storing inflation and thousands protests to ensure lanka. angry about the government's use of terror laws against demonstrators . ah,
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it's a war that's killed thousands of people, but the ethiopian government and rebel forces from the tig ry reach and have agreed to end fighting. following talks in south africa, lemetre miller reports from pretoria. after 10 days of talks in pretoria ethiopians federal government and the t great people's liberation front, reached an agreement to in the fighting the talks mediated by former nigerian president alyssa gun oper, sonco, and former kenyan president who kenyatta. today is the beginning of the new plan for it's super well the owner of africa. i'm indeed for a few colonel sequel. let me get into some goat. well these newton we are seeing impact juice. i'm of janice fishy. what we are trying to achieve. well, so's over the years i live at now to washington
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d. c. where president joe biden is delivering a speech on threats to democracy in the united carried his backpack, zip ties, duct tape, rope, and a hammer. as he told the police, he'd come looking for nancy pelosi to take her hostage to interrogate her to threaten to break her new caps. but she was there. her husband, my friend paul pelosi was home alone, is sailin, tried to take full hostage. he woke him up, we wanted to tie him up the sale and ended up using a hammer to smash paul's skull. thankfully by the grace of god. paul survived. all this happened after the assault and it just, i tore hard even say tardy even say after the sale on entered the home. asking,
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where's nancy? where's nancy? those are the very same words used by the mob when a storm united states capital. on january the 6, when they broke windows, kicked in the doors burly attacked law enforcement, rome the carters hunting, hunting for officials, and erected gallows to hang the former vice president mike pence. it was an enraged mom that had been whipped up into a frenzy by a president repeating over and over again. the big lie that the election of 2020 had been stolen. it's a lie that fueled the dangers, rise in political violence and voter intimidation. over the past 2 years, even before january, the 6th, we saw election officials and election workers and the number states,
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subject to menacing calls, physical threats, even threats to the very lives in georgia for example, republican secretary of state in his family, were subjected to death threats because he refused to break the law and given to the defeated presence to man, just find him 11780 votes. just find me. 11780 votes. election workers like shay morrison or mother ruby freeman were harassed and threatened. just because they had the courage to do the job and stand up for the truth to stand up for a democracy. this is a to shoot this intimidation, this violence against democrats, republicans in non partisan officials, just doing their jobs. or the consequence of lies toll for power and profit.
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wise of conspiracy and malice, lies repeated over and over the generated cycle of anger, hate victory all and even violence. in this moment, we have to confront those lies with the truth. very future of our nation depends on my fellow americans. were facing a defining moment in inflection point. we must, with one overwhelming unified voice speak as a country and say there's no place, no place for voter intimidation or political violence in america. where there's directed a democrats or republicans no place period, no place ever. i speak to day the or capitol hill, near the us capitol, the citadel of our democracy. i know there's
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a lot has taken these mid term elections from our economy. the safety of our street to our personal freedoms, the future of health care. so security, medicare, it's all important. but we'll have our differences rather difference of opinion that's was supposed to me, but or something else is stake. democracy itself. i'm not the only one who sees it . recent polls have shown an overwhelming majority of americans. believe our democracy at rit is at risk that our democracy is under threat. they to see that democracy is on the ballot this year and they're deeply concerned about it. so to day i appeal to all americans, regardless of party, to meet this moment of national and generational importance. we must vote knowing what to stake and not just the policy of the moment,
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but institutions that have held us together as we sought a more perfect union are also at stake. we must vote knowing who we have been. what were risk of becoming look, my fellow americans. the whole expression freedom is not free. requires constant vigilance. from the very beginning, nothing has been guaranteed about democracy in america. every generation has had defended, protective preserving, choose it for that's what democracy is. it's a choice decision of the people by the people and for the people issue couldn't be clear in my view. we, the people must decide whether we'll have fair and free elections. and every vote counts. we, the people must decide whether we're going to sustain
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a republic where reality is accept it. the law is obeyed and your vote is truly sacred. we, the people must decide whether rule law prevail or there will allow the dark forces to search that thirst for power put ahead of the principles that we have with long guided us you know, american democracy in her attack. because the defeated, former president of the united states refused to accept the results of 2020 election. he refused to accept the will, the people he refuses to accept. the fact that he lost his abused his power and put the loyalty to himself before lord of the constitution. and he's made a big lie. an article of faith in the mag, your republican party minority. that part the great irony. but the 220
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elections is that is the most attacked election in our history and yet, and yet there's no lights in our history that we can be more certain of its results . every legal challenge that could have been brought was brought every re, county could have been undertake, it was undertaken, every recount, confirmed the results wherever fact or evidence had been demanded. the big law has been proven to be just that a big lie every single time. yet now extreme magar republicans aim to question not only the legitimacy of past elections but elections being held now. and in the future. the extreme maga, element of the republican party, which is a minority that parties i said earlier. but as his driving force is trying to
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succeed where they failed and 2020 suppressed the right of voters and subvert the electoral system itself. that means denying your right to vote and deciding whether your vote even counts. instead of waiting until the election is over. there start a well before it they're starting now. they've been ball in violence and intimidation of voters and election officials is estimated at a more than $300.00 election deniers on the ballot all across america. this year. we can't ignore the impact this is having on our country is damaging, is corrosive, and it's destructive. and i want to be very clear. this is not about me. so
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about all of us is about what makes america america is about the durability of our democracy. for democracies are more than a form of government their way of being way of seen the world. way that defines who we are, what we believe, why we do what we do. democracy is simply that fundamental. we must, in this moment, dig deep within ourselves and recognize that we can't take democracy for granted any longer. with the marcus and the ballot, we have to remember these 1st principles. democracy means the rule of the people. not the rule of monarchs are the moneyed, but the rule of the people. autocracy is the opposite of democracy. it means the rule of 1. 1 person, one enters one ideology, one party,
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state the obvious, the lives in billions of people from antiquity till now had been shaped by the battle between these competing forces, between the aspirations of many, the green and power, the few between the people's right for self determination the self seeking autocrat between the dreams of a democracy and the appetites of an autocracy. what we're doing now is going to determine whether democracy will long endure. in my view, as the biggest of questions, whether the american system, the prize individual bends towards justice and depends, depends on the rule of law. whether that system will prevail, this strong, we're now in store before democracy. a struggle for decency indignity,
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struggle for prosperity and progress. astorga for the very soul of america itself. make no mistake. democracy is in the ballot for all of us. must remember that democracy is a covenant. we need to start looking out for each other. scene ourselves as we the people, not as entrenched enemies. this is a choice we can make this union and chaos are not inevitable. there's been anger before in america. there's been division before in america, but we've never given up an american experiment. we can't do that now. the remarkable thing about american democracy is this, just enough of us on just enough occasions have chosen not to dismantle
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democracy, but to preserve democracy. we must choose that path again. because democracy in the ballot, we have to remember that even in our darkest moments are fundamental values and beliefs that united us is americans. and they must united now, what are they? why think 1st, we believe the voted. america is sacred. to be honor not deny, respected not dismiss, counted not ignored. a vote is not a partisan tool to be counted when it helps your candidates and tossed aside when it doesn't. second, we must, with an overwhelming voice, stand against political violence and voter intimidation, period. stand up and speak against it. we don't settle our differences america. with a wry, a mob, or a bullet or
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a hammer. we sell a piece of lead the battle at the battle park ballad box. we have to be honest with ourselves, so we had to face this problem. we can't turn away from it. we can't pretend it's just going to solve itself. there's an alarming rise in the number of our people in this country, condoning political violence, or simply remain silence to silence. his complicity, the stir may rise voter intimidation. the pernicious tendency to excuse political violence or at least at least trying to explain it away. we can't allow the sentiment to grow. we must confronted head on. now. it has to stop now. i believe the voices excusing or calling for violence and intimidation are
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distinct minority in america. but their loud and they are determined. we have to be more determined. all of us who reject political violence and voter intimidation. and i believe that's the overwhelming majority of the american people . all of us was human. i to make it absolutely clear that violence, intimidation, have no place in america. and 3rd, we believe in democracy as we are, as americans, i know it in easy democracy's imperfect, it always has been we are all called to defend it now. now, history and common sense tells us liberty, opportunity and justice thrive in a democracy. not in an autopsy at our vest. america
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is not a 0 sum society. where for you to succeed, someone else has to fail. a promise, america is big enough. it's big enough for everyone to succeed. every generation opened in the door of opportunity is a little bit wider. every generation, including those have been excluded before. we believe we should leave no one behind . is each one of us as a child of god. and every person, every person is sacred. if that's true, then every person's rights must be sacred as well. individual dignity, individual worth, individual determination. that's america. that's democracy. and that's what we have to defend. look, even as i speaker to night 27000000 people already cast their ballot in the mid
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term elections, millions more will cast their ballots in the final days leading up to november. the 98th. excuse me. for the 1st time. this is the 1st time since the national election of 2020 once again we're c record. turn out all over the country. that's good. we want to merge the vote. we want every americans voice to be heard. now we have to move the process forward. we know that more and more bouts are cast in early voting or by mail in america. we know that many states don't start counting those bows. so after the polls close in a memory, that means in some cases we won't know the winner. the election for a few days until i few days after the election takes time to count all legitimate balance and a legal, an orderly manner is always been important for cynicism,
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democracy to be informed and engage. now it's important for citizen to be patient as well. that's how the supposed to work dissolves in the 1st elections since the events of january 6th, when the armed angry mobs, storm newest capital. i wish i wish i could say the assault on and walk. it ended that day. but i cannot, as i stand here to day, 3rd candidates running for every level of office in america for governor congress, attorney general, secretary of state who won't commit. they will not commit to accepting the results of election that they're running it. this a fat, the chaos in america. it's unprecedented. it's unlawful. and it's on american, though, said before, it can't love your country only when you,
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when this is no ordinary year. so i ask you to think long and hard about the moment we're in your typical year, we're often not face with questions of whether the vote we cash will preserve democracy or put us at risk. but this year we are this year. i hope you will make the future our democracy, an important part of your decision to vote and how you hope you'll ask a simple question of each candidate you might vote for. will that person accept a legitimate will of the american people, people voting. his district, her district will that person accept the outcome of the election win or lose? the answer to that question is vital and my opinion is should be decisive. and the answer that question, hang the future, the country we love so much in the faith,
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the democracy is made so much possible for us to many people have sacrificed too much for too many years for us to walk away from the american project in democracy . because we've enjoyed our freedoms for so long, it's easy to think they'll always be with us no matter what that is true today. in our bones. we know democracy at risk is at risk. we also know this is within our power each and every one of us to preserve our democracy. and i believe we will. i think i know this country. i know we will. you have the power, it's your choice, it's your decision afraid of the nation, the fading, the soul of america. why her, it always does, with the people in your hands in your har and your balance. i follow americans
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will meet this moment. we just need to remember who we are. we are the united states of america. there's nothing, nothing beyond our capacity. if we do it together, god bless you all. may god protect our troops. may god bless though, standing guard over democracy. thank you. god speak. husband wise in giving an impassioned speech that on threats to democracy, just 6 days ahead of mid term elections. he said this was a defining moment american needs a unifying voice to peyton to say that there is no place for political violence in the us from either side of the political, dividing that democracy itself is at stake in an overwhelming majority of americans
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. agree with that, let's bring in. kimberly hall kits. our white house correspondent who is also listening to joe biden speaking there. hi that. kimberly. he was calling there was me for you to unity for the sake of the higher power of democracy. but he's talking to a highly divided america to how will this speech be received by americans? well, you know, it's funny. this is very similar to a speech that the president made a number of months ago couple of months ago, and it was highly criticized back ben at where the president said again that democracy was on the ballot. many argued that, well the president was trying to unite americans. he did just the opposite to many alleged that he really portrayed half of america as being disloyal to their country. and in many ways accused them of not respecting the country of
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disrespecting, the election process and democracy itself. and so in many ways this speech was not that much different. and so in terms of uniting the country, i expect it will get a similar reception. there is a lot of criticism that this is a precedent that is behind in the polls and is looking for a way to detract from the fact that right now he is dealing with some high inflation. he's dealing with high fuel and food prices and is really trying to kind of grapple with that and detract from some of those negative headlines. at least that's what his opposition republicans would say, which were the focus of the president's attack through much of that speech. but there's no question that there certainly is those very the certainly i was very powerful images shortly after the presidential election of 2020. they were broadcast around the world on january 6th, where supporters for president donald trump did try to overturn the results of the
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2020 presidential election. as you heard there joe biden saying that there are many of those supporters of donald trump that ers natalie still denying the results of that of 2020 presidential election but laying the groundwork. he says for similar results, i come tuesday for the congressional mid term elections to deter the control of congress and both the house of representatives and the upper chamber. the u. s. senate for the remainder of the jo biden's presidential term, which is another 2 year or so. this the president says as a concern to him, he says it should be a concern to all americans. and that's why he says democracy is on the ballot. come tuesday as americans cast their vote. democracy also as you've just said, control of the congress that will be full most in his mind. do you think this speech is likely to have any impact on the undecided voices?
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you know, looking at the polls, it doesn't appear. that is the case. when you look at the numbers, the number one issue that americans say is on their mind is the economy. and that is what is giving the narrow edge to republicans right now. even those that don't typically vote republican or lean conservative are concerned about these so called kitchen table issues. if you will, worrying about how to pay their rent, worrying about where they're going to get the money to get to work or to drive their children to school, given the cotton, the fuel prices are so high. and so they feel that this is a precedent that almost seems out of touch with the issues that ordinary americans are grappling with right now. and so that's the challenge for this precedent, is that, well, this may be an issue of enormous importance. it may not be the priority for americans casting their ballads on tuesday. very interesting. ok, complete thanks very much for bringing that wrap around the speechless around but
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of as bring in note bob ball. he's a former republican congressman who's represented the state of georgia and he joins us from atlanta. good to have you with us. did it feel like has kimberly said the, for many republicans a telling off from joe biden just now? i don't, i don't know really what to make of the speech. it was rather pointless. democracy is not on the ballot. crime is on the ballot. the economy is on the ballot. immigration is on the ballot. energy policy is on the ballot and the president takes the podium speaks to the nation about something that really is not relevant. there. headline not, and then i can just jump in that because we know they're 20 of election denies people who have refused to come out to say that they will respect the result of the vote if they don't win. that is
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a crucial issue. the president is talking at a time when we've seen a highly political violence attack against nancy. play see husband. he speaking from a point where of the last elections. there was a riot on capitol hill from people who refused to accept that choice. donald trump had lost i know it was a very dark day, certainly on january 6th of last year. but the fact of the matter is the fast, vast majority of candidates at all levels of government will go through election day and will accept the result. what about the, what i've seen that over and over again, but what about the ones who were, you know, there are some very, there are some very interesting people who have refused to accept the results of elections. stacy abrams in georgia for 4 years has refused to accept her defeat as governor, 40 years ago. hillary clinton never conceded and refused to accept the results.
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there are, we have a all know of pensylvania. these are running in governor races in 6 days time. they have also refused to say that they don't accept the results. yeah, yeah i, i know that it's not gonna matter why weren't it matters matter results? no, it doesn't go out the law well prevail. somebody can say, oh, i'm not going to accept the results. but it doesn't matter bed or not, or if they don't feel as simple as that, as we've seen from history just 2 years ago, people refused to accept the result that led to a riots on capitol hill. people calling for nancy police and to be hiring their level asia, mariano or he was certainly part of it. he is now running for governor. he is also not. he's refusing to say that he is going to accept the election result.


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