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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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a pro life i want to sleep. we don't have read them in the study. these are about 2 weeks now. i say 3 days journey to a shelter in question, right? so, and destroys our country. someone needs to rebuild when a military coup over through chiles, marxist president, when stadiums became prisoners and the hunters sole objective was absolute control, one man publicly refused to accept dictatorship. episode for football rebels explored the life of carlos casale. the footballer whose personal story swayed a vote that altered the history of his country. carlos casale, and the demise of a n day on al jazeera ah
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power outages in the russian console. vision of cal san after moscow accuses ukraine of firing missiles at a key damn. ah, monroe. bothersome. this is al jazeera, alive from doha. also coming up rescue operations are underway in townsend eop offshore plane crashed into lake victoria with 43 people on board. 26 have been pulled out. hampton wake up. does the world to world leaders actually need facing calls for action delegates of the urines comp $27.00 summit agree to discuss compensation for developing nations, patient climate driven disasters, plus from 3 meals a day to one people in zimbabwe. a forced to cut necessities with the cost of living, skyrocketing, ah,
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russia media reporting a damn that could cause catastrophic flooding has been damaged by ukrainian rocket attack. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski warned last month that the destruction of the nova cove, a dam in russian held territory, would cause a large scale disaster for nearby in cities. the 30 metre high dam holds back 18000000 cubic meters of water from the new pro river, which cuts through eastern ukraine. or the dam is near the city of cal song, which ukrainian troops have been pushing towards for weeks from the west. in an effort to recapture it from russian forces downstream from the dam is rushing controlled, crimea, it supplies water to large parts of southern ukraine. harry forces joining us live now from keith. if what we're being told about this damage to this would be significant when and harry will certainly both sides have been trading accusations about this dam for some weeks or the ukrainians. at one stage saying that the
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russians had mind it and intended to, to blow it up. the russians saying that the ukrainians were planning to fire missiles at an if, as you are saying, if it were to be breached 19000000 cubic meters worth of water flooding. downstream affecting her son, but more so the area to the south on the left bank, if you think of the flow of the river or to the south and to the east of the riveted pro. and so this would be a major catastrophe. you have to say it would be a big catastrophe for both sides. so there is still a lot of doubt as to whether either one would really wants to do it. but there are all of these concerns about the, the real situation in psych hassan or russia, ordering civilians out of the city, some reports that they're pulling their military out as well. other reports from you training intelligence among others. that in fact, they are reinforcing the situation there and trying to draw ukrainian troops into
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a st battle. so having this extremely large body of water held back by this dam, a short distance up river from this city, it is of course, a major concern. and as well as that, the russians are also saying that ukraine targeted 3 power lines within the area and has cut off electricity and water supply they say, and what they're calling a terrorist act to 280000 people in her son and surrounding villages. yet since the war began in ukraine, algae, it, of course, has been covering the level of damage we've seen across ukraine. a lot of that in cave where you are, but interestingly, rebuilding processes have already begun despite the fact that the war is still going on. that's right, yes, i mean strikes have been hitting heave again in more numbers for the last few weeks . a lot of them, part of this concerted effort from the, the russian military to attack the energy system. but among that apartment
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buildings as well. and there was one apartment building right at the very beginning of the war on day 3, which i think a lot of people will remember being seen strike. it was a real sign of just how much risk civilians in the city or we're going to be brought under as the war began. and we visited that because it being rebuilt already did during the course of the war. and we spoke to one of the residents hoping to resume life in that building, and he told him, told us of his and his family's incredible escape. oh, this is my flat as you see it, if it still doesn't have her hay and adore alexey mar, resolve is looking to the future. one we're a treasured past in this apartment will be rebuilt because it was often not a flat. it was a big all here, and the reason was a lot of daft and lots of for glasses. around on the 3rd day of the war, these images were seen around the world. a shocking demonstration that civilians in
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ukraine's capital were in the firing line. or alexey and his family had moved to a near by bomb shelter, only hours earlier. it's more strange it's, it's more amazing that, and my, my children asked me to move. sorry, my voice her, he's not his fault. and he doesn't understand what as war means. alexey and his wife maria lived here with their daughter and 2 sons. it was the youngest boy micheler who came to them the night before. the strike here went to our bedroom here and ask for parents please. let's go to jail her because the television tells us and that is safe place and we have children and we moved
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of you know, now understand that the gardens is the floor peeled away and hanging in the void was the one that supported his son's bunk bed so if my, if my voice or will i sleep in this romano this night? oh, i'm sure. yeah. he had his fellow residents raised tens of thousands of dollars in the days after the strike to buy supports to keep the building intact. now the key of city government is funding the reconstruction of all the affected flaws. what happened here back in february was a stark symbol of the sheer scale of the war that was coming to ukraine. the efforts to rebuild here are of course pragmatic and required for those who used to live here. but they're also symbolic for a country that wants to demonstrate resilience is still visualize it in your, you know, might wouldn't know. of course, i remember how, how it it,
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it looked for alexi, there are no doubt about returning here. he wants to put his old apartment, his family's life back together as it was. if our angel was so strong to prevent her as for this rocket, we do not carry nothing. we was carrying nothing here. this war may be grinding on into the winter, but for alexi and his family, an important personal victory is in sight. very faucet al jazeera keith bassett, plains plunged into leg victoria and tans any are killing at least 3 people. 26 people have been rescued. the precision air flight from dallas alarm was attempting to land that book, book or by airport and northwest tanzania. lydia from montana, when the aircraft was about a 100 meters at mid air, it encountered problems in bad weather. it was raining on the plane plunged into the water. everything is under control. the armies had
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a rescue. missions and fire fighters from the province of cu get are are on the scene. they are fully equipped to deal with rescues and safety. rescue efforts are currently underway in order to retrieve the aircraft. malcolm wipers more from nairobi. in video from the crash site, we can see the plane in the water of lake victoria tail fins sticking out in the fuselage below the surface of the water. certainly once the plane would have with submerge that would have made it very difficult for passengers to get out or for rescue is to get in. this plane belong to precision, which is tons, and he is the largest privately owned airline. we flown with them before we know what their planes are, like typically they carry few dozen passengers. that propeller powered flights originate from doris alarm, which is tons in a financial capital city on the indian ocean. typically they'll do 2 or 3 or 4 stops in towns and cities around towns in the neighboring countries before
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returning to that bay. and now this flight was due to land africa, which is on the southwest in sure, of lake victoria. it's a small city, just over a $100000.00 people, but the runway runs right up to the shore of the lake. we've learned that the plane was coming into land in bad weather. the overshot the runway old on the daily and ended up in the water in those pictures that we've seen from that. as the us 27th climate conference opens in egypt, the world meteorological organization as just published its latest state of the climate report. and it's made clear that delegates will have a difficult 2 weeks to start. the report says, rising sea levels of rich record levels doubling since 1993 the european obs last a record amount of glass here is i'm talk to see eyes dropped to its lowest level yet and it's september. it rained for the 1st time ever on green lungs ice sheet.
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all that because the last 8 years have been the warmest on record. it's affecting millions and it's costing billions. the horn of africa is experiencing it. longest drought in 40 years, putting nearly 40000000 people at risk of famine. that was widespread flooding in pakistan, killing at least 1700 people and affecting 33000000 others. there were heat waves across china, the u. s. and europe destroying crops and sending wildfires ripping through towns and cities are planned to be sending of these threats signal. the latest state of the global climate report is a chronicle of climate chaos as the walmart and a logic organization so. so clearly change is happening with catastrophic speeds, demonstrating lives and lively woods on every continents. while already delegates a captain, it is 7, have agreed to officially add to the agenda. the issue of who should pay compensation for the impacts of climate change. for 2 weeks,
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representatives from nearly 200 countries will hold talks in the city of shamal. shake expectations for the summit. are high friends. we are not currently on a pathway that keeps 1.5 in reach. and while so, do understand that leaders around the world, her face competing priorities this year, we must be clear as challenging as our current moment is. inaction is myopic, and can only defer climate catastrophe. julia, we spoke with terry talis, the secretary general of the world meteorological organization, and he says, some progress has been made. good news is that the 15 countries have been able to reduce emmy since during the past. the 15 years. a small tv european countries, japan, united states, singapore and maybe have also much better technological needs to be successful
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environment mitigation the pricing so far. i mean it's, you have been dropping, they are cheaper than porcelain. it's is today. and, and also the prices of batteries and electric vehicles i've been dropping. and so, altogether we have that much better means to be successful if so. some parts of the black tower is suffering because the climate stands for example, the horn of africa has seen a drought for 3 years in enroll. and that's, that's a matter of life. and it, well, many people in that, that read so, so if we go to higher numbers of warming and we won't disappear from the planet, then the biased won't disappear. but the living conditions will be much more osh. it's clear that the or the welfare of mankind and also for the global economy. the lower numbers of warming would be the best than that. these negative trending of weather patterns will continue for the coming. the gates anyhow,
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meaning growing amount of disasters and impacts of climate change and if you are successful with the mitigation, we could see these negative trend into better sixty's. i know unfortunately we have already lost the melting of lazy us and sea level rise. a game that will continue for the coming under. so even thousands of the still ahead on al jazeera, we're the only nation of the world come out of every crisis stronger. your commonwealth is being totally destroyed. our country is being destroyed. campaigning frenzy, 2 days ago, president joe by non donald some, make their pitches to us, voters that had a crucial mid term elections and humanitarian groups to say it's inhumane why some migrants in the ship docked in italy aren't being allowed off for health checks. ah.
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with hello, we got some rain in the forecast for the korean peninsula over the next couple days and eventually on to was to pan piece of clap. they're just sliding across yellow sea associated with a little weather systems. some snow on the northern flank of that battle, easiest way out of the far north, east of china. rain coming back in behind and that rain will eventually move across c, r. c of japan, western japan, western honshu kata. seeing some cloud and some rave for a time as you go through choose day. not too bad. on the other side of the mountain stoker at around 20 degrees celsius bits and pieces of sherry ran down towards that taiwan much of central and southern china will be dry and still woman hong kong temperatures around 25 celsius 46 celsius. here as we go on into a wedding, stay more for the south. the showers continue across the u philippines, and live the showers coming through here. nor thessaly winds driving the showers
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down towards malaysia, the malay peninsula. seeing some big and heavy showers, still some larvae, showers there into central and southern parts of thailand. saw the mayors of india seeing some lively showers to over the next couple of days. central parts are dry and has been warm up towards the northwest particularly in go to route. we have got a western disturbance across northern parts of pakistan. tends to snow over the himalayas. ah, this is a region that is rapidly developing, but it's one also that is afflicted by conflict, political upheavals, some of those we talked to elsewhere as saying that they fled after hearing that other villages had been attacked. what we do in al jazeera is tried to balance these stories, the good, the bad, the ugly, tell it as it was. and he's the people who allow us into their lives, dignity, and humanity. asked you to tell their stories.
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lou. oh, you watch about a 0 reminder for top stories. this our russian media reporting the nova cola, dom and russian held ukraine has been damaged by a ukranian rocket attack. last month, the ukranian president won the destruction of the dom would cause a large scale disaster. 3 people had been killed and 26 rescue. dr. passenger plane crashed into lake victoria, the precision air flight from data salaam is attempting to london because by here course in the north west of tons of the delegates of the u. s. 27th climate conference have agreed to add to the agenda. the issue of who should pay
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compensation for the effects of climate change to we call $27.00 meeting. starter egyptian city of shopping will shape us. president joe biden says tuesday's mid term elections. i'm going to be a defining moment for the fate of democracy in america. it made the remark during a democrat rally and pennsylvania biden appeared alongside former president barbara co bomb. i'm the city of philadelphia. the states, a battle grind of the race to decide who controls the senate. well folks, 3 day, 3 day. until one of the most important election. one of those important elections in our life time is good of shape. the outcomes are going to shape our country for decades. the gum and the power to shape that outcome is in your hands. it's a choice, a choice between 2 vastly different bridges of america. vastly different. former
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president, donald trump's also been in pennsylvania campaigning for republican senate candidates nematodes. he took game of tub democrats under vidallo c schumer and the radical democrat congress. your commonwealth is being totally destroyed. our country is being destroyed, biden. and the far left lunatics are waging war on pennsylvania, energy, crashing pennsylvania jobs, gutting, pennsylvania communities, and strangling pennsylvania families with soaring prices. like you've never seen before, unofficially been following the campaigns and has more on their strategies. while donald trump believes that a victory for the republicans in the midterms would be good for him. first of all, if the republicans take over the house, they will stop the january 6th investigations. and also they believe that they will start investigating your bite and who could well be donald trump's opponent. if he decides to declare that he's running for the presidency again in 2024. so anything
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that damages your bite and will be seen as good for donald trump and he would build any electro success on the backs of a good mid term result for the republicans. no spot, as the democrats are concerned, they've changed their messaging in the last week or so, and certainly over the last 72 hours for such a long time. joe biden was talking about the threat to democracy. he was also talking about how abortion was on the ballot because of the decision of the supreme court over the summer. but that hasn't really resonated with voters, particularly as they go to the stores this weekend and find that their food bill is much more expensive because of inflation. and if they go to fill the car with gas or petrol is we knew it and the find out that it's $23040.00 more expensive than it was a year ago. and so he started to talk more about the economy and how he believes he's helped middle class america, and how he believes that with it, democratic majority, he can continue to do that. seeing
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a lot of the steps that he's taken to help ordinary american people would be stopped by the republicans. and that's true if the opinion polls are to be believed . the republicans are heading for a victory in the house and possibly in the senate. and if that happens, joe biden will find that his presidency become shrunken. he won't be able to push through the agenda in the final 2 years from the campaign that he waged 2 years ago . pakistan's pie ministers rejected him on cons. accusations that government figures were involved and thursday's attempt to assassinate him. concert voters came out to show their solidarity in several cities shall actually says con a damaging the country with false and cheap disabilities. he says he'll resign. if there was evidence, he is behind the attack on con, sandra chavo jones is now from law. the governments put a media band on coverage of speeches by amazon. com, but that hasn't stopped and speaking that's
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exactly right. really. him are on fans. popularity is so great. healy, he is able to transcend any of these sorts of bands. they're put in place and then remove the speeches they're put on delay. but his message continues to get out across social media and many other platforms because people are seeking him out. he is incredibly popular. that's one of the reasons he was moved from a cancer hospital where he was in recovery for gunshot. it was moved from there because he was creating a problem with the administrators. the amount of supporters that were showing up in the gates he's been brought here to his residence in regard to one of what is easily the most secure areas in the city right now. usually one of the most secure civilian spaces in the country because behind whose metal barriers and barricade layers and layers of metal fences and armed guards im wrong love or residence where he is expected to continue to put his message out to his supporters beyond high security so he will continue to speak to people through video conferences that
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he says he will make every evening to the rally that will continue to the long march that he says, we'll continue and begin again. this coming tuesday, he announced in his speech the last week he made from the hospital. he said that on tuesday the march will begin on about picking up in was 0 about the same location where you came under attack on that attempt. on his life. he is called for support is another party leaders to pick up where he left off and to make their way fall towards robert kennedy, the headquarters of the military, where he will join them together. he intends to continue marching on islam about in the next to the same. thank you very much. same by solving talking to us from law, italian authorities have stopped 35 people from disembarking from his ship carrying migrants and refugees docked at this cillian port. there were deemed not vulnerable, 144 others on board. the humanity one wire allowed to enter italy,
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a 2nd ship carrying 572 people. rescued from the mediterranean has been told it too . may doc for a similar vetting process. humanitarian groups of called the policy inhumane till woman haul is head of operations at s o. s humanity. he's where the ship humanity one at the port of tanya and he explains how the docking operation of the ship unfolded. thank your manager. one received instruction to enter the board of catania having assigned this board as the rest of which is usually we receive the base of the bypass the rest of the. so we ended the board and basically, which is pretty quickly women, children. and i'm a complete minus were allowed to leave the vest. ready one by one, and then that would be the 30 void and they did one on one adult when we had a board basically decided who it week or not week who is in the
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medical case and who is not. and everyone who was not is still on board this vessel behind me, as soon as people leave the vessel, we don't get any information anymore about where they go and what's happening to them. and so right now, we don't know what happened to them. you may get the necessary protection and find the 18 or 19 day on board without any certainty about the future rate of being returned back to the which we we ought to make. but also we don't receive any information. when right now, we're sitting with them on our ship and trying to protect and support them as much as possible without receiving any information from the italian. millions of people in zimbabwe facing food shortages of high unemployment are coming under more
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pressure as a cost of living source. some families are cutting back on meals, as inflation pushes food prices up, hold on. one tosser has more from hot already. i want to make his honey candles, marcia palazzo and her daughter joyce on a tight budget right now they can only afford to spend $30.00 on groceries. the only buying basics the family can't do without but the price of some essential goods. in some, bob, we have gone up again that music taken homeless this month than they did the last course rosita, synchronous movie ever know a very little could have. so here there is nothing we can do. think things are just too expensive. we think we try and stretch the little money we have, so we can buy a new battery. it's never enough. they're all good. the inflation rate is now more than 260 percent. unemployment is high. many people with jobs have to supplement the income by earning cash elsewhere. rising prices and the we currency mean more,
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more people are being pushed into the informal trade sector, including st. vending to make ends meet, selling anything from secondhand clothes to groceries is above his current economic problems aren't as bad as they were in the early 2, thousands then hyperinflation, research record levels. and the local currency had no value and was completely abandoned. this above a dollar was reintroduced in 2019, but some economists say things aren't looking good bit more to come of stability. we execute anything at the moment. the $1000000.00 question as to what extent can use the 1st thing. that level stability is for marcia and joyce said, bob is economy isn't turning around fast enough. the groceries they bought have to lost them at least a month and they not sure they, well, just like they not sure about the countries economic future harder. matessa al jazeera, how do you about? 30000 runners are taking part in the 1st beijing marathon since 2019. we haven't had been put on hold for 2 years due to the corona virus on veronica. it's the 1st
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major sporting event in the chinese capital since the winter olympics. and february waterfall has more from vision. well, it really wasn't certain of the race a go had even up until today. this is the 1st time since 2019 the beijing math and is taking place has been cancelled of the last couple years because of the pandemic . last year. it was scrapped just 2 days prior to re stay after dozens of cases will actually emerge nationwide. now john is actually in a much worse position with thousands of cases being recorded daily over the last week. but cobit prevention measures are in place only long term resistant beijing and being allowed to compete this year. and they were told they had to remain in the capital for at least 7 days before today. they've also had to take regular covetous, including one just 24 hours before the race began. we spoke to italian, ricardo dow mass is one of the few foreigners living in beijing who was allowed to
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compete this year. and he said that this was an important sign of china trying to open up. i don't think they read they, they want to close to for the want, you know, so i think eventually they always find a way to, to, to open us. and yes i'm, i'm happy to be here in china because they gave me, gave me so much but, but the now it's really, it's really hard to, to keep going with this situation. so i really, really hope that we find a way out of the same time authorities have quashed rumors that china is planning to move away from the 0 curve and policy on saturday, the national health commission said that it would unswerving lead stick with the approach and said that previous practice had proven that the strategy was
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completely correct. speculation had been mounting of the course of last week in particular that china was planning some movements on 0 coven. and that really driven up markets. but authorities did say that they would call on local authorities to remove excessive cove. it controls police and peruse capital. lima have used to gosh against anti government protesters. i demonstrated more to congress to demand the resignation of left as president federal casteel. the attorney general is accused of leading a criminal organization within the government. the field says it's moved by political virus to ah, this is all. these are the told stories. russian media reporting the nova cola, dom and russian. how you train has been done.


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