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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2022 1:00am-1:31am AST

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no employee exhibition that is entering new territory and has been organizing employee exhibits for nearly 100 years. but this is the 1st time one has been open to the public. more than 400 of the met 1700 workers submitted. there are so even the security guards here are artistically talent, especially the security guards demand for me. that's really interesting. it's the people who have jobs that don't seem to be ones that involve necessarily the artistic talent. it felt that exhibition design manager daniel kershaw to organize the works installation, gives you a slice of what's on the minds of more varied types of artists in new york. then you can possibly get anywhere else. the exhibit is a sign of appreciation for the met employees and a fresh approach to art from an age old institution. ah,
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russia accuses ukraine of sabotage after an attack on the nova. a halt, got dam. ah, hello i mary. i'm demising in london. you're watching alger 0 also coming up on the program. who will compensate the world's poorest for the damage caused by climate change? cop 27 begins in egypt. rescue operations continue after a plane crash lands in tanza, near lake victoria. at least 19 people, a confirmed dad to stand off in sicily, the captain of a migrant rescue ship refuses to leave port until everyone is allowed to leave the vessel. ah, we begin in ukraine and moscow backed officials in the harrison regional saying
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they have been power outages. after reports that ukrainian forces attacked a crucial dam. the 30 meter high dam controls a large volume of water along the knee pro river, which cuts through eastern ukraine. since october, both russia and ukraine repeatedly accused each other of planning to breach the dam using explosives. or the nova kafka dam is located near the city of harrison, which ukrainian troops have been pushing towards for weeks in an effort to recapture it from russian forces. downstream from the dam is russian control crimea, which supplies water to large parts of southern ukraine. or president odom is zalinski says that russia is suffering heavy losses in the eastern. danny at squadron is claiming that the countries now prepare a new assault on ukrainian energy infrastructure. as i beg reports from cr v. now we haven't heard anything directly from the ukrainians a back, those elect strikes on the down. but what we do know is that the ukraine have long
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been concerned about the possibility of the russians blowing that down as they withdrew from cosign. now the general stuff of the ukraine on forces has said that they believe the russians want to blow it. they say that the reason for this is that because russia has told residents of the city to evacuate on the 10th of november cycling, the undermining of that done by the ukrainian forces. now the fighting in the round, carson has intensified. we're hearing that the shuttling has been more intense now than it has been over the last week. now they should rushing back to 30 in her son . have said that the ukrainians messing on the vehicles on the 1st on axis. but we also hearing from the ukranian that russia has around 20 to 25000 troops on the west side of the new pro river. so the car sun is still yet to happen. but we all ready hearing information and disinformation claims and kind of claims from both sides at the moment and the east of the country. the better for the mode is still ongoing. we heard from the russians saying that they had managed to enter the city,
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but the ukrainians have been posting, which is of the inside. but i think that the unbreakable that they still hold it back. it's still a price for the russians. they want to be seen as making advances after a month of where they faced the counter offensive from the ukrainians and lost them to free. russia wants to gain control of the strategic hub for them. it gives him access to roads that lead to other parts of the country, but also politically, they want to show back in russia, they are making advances against ukrainians. well, as the u. n. 27, the climate conference opens in egypt. the world major logical organization has just published its latest state of climate report. and it's showing that delegates are going to have a difficult few weeks report says that this sea level rise. is it a record high double since $993.00 european out slots. so record amount of glasses and talk take see i dropped to its lowest level yet. and in september it rained for
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the 1st time ever on greenland ice sheet, or that because the last 8 years have been the warmest on record, affecting millions of people, and costing millions of dollars. a horn of africa is experiencing its longest drought in 40 years. this puts nearly 20000000 people at risk of famine that was widespread flooding in pakistan this year. that's killed of one and a half 1000 people in affected 33000000. others that have been heat waves across china. the us and europe destroying crops and sending wildfires ripping through towns and cities. our plan to be sending the stress signal. the lights, a state of the global climate report is a chronicle of climate chaos as the world methodological organization so. so clearly change is happening with catastrophic speed. devastating lives and lively woods on every continents. delegates had caught $27.00 also gonna discuss this issue of who should pay compensation to developing nations for the effects of
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climate change. the a haunting has more on that the seas have never been this high. the planet has never been this warm, distinguished delegate for 2 weeks representatives from nearly 200 countries. while whole talks in egypt on a continent already ravaged by severe drought in food shortages. the annual un summit is focused on global climate action and how to pay for it. every call is a medical break comp, every comp counts and every call should move us one step closer or multiple steps closer to that target of javion emissions by 2030 natural disasters are expensive costing billions of dollars. developing countries are some of the hardest hit by climate change, and they rely on assistance during heat waves, droughts, and devastating floods. like what we saw in pakistan earlier this year,
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developing countries are, can t continued to invest in the climate action that they need to take in the long term and a short term. they need to see those funds flow from the developed countries who have greater historical responsibility for the causes of climate change. some savvy summits are not helpful and take too long to reach decisions that impact billions of people and are only decided by the world's elite. what do we want? on friday, hundreds of climate activists blocked the departure of private jets at amsterdam sky all airport to protest against the pollution caused by the aviation industry. however, some progress has been made. good news is that the 15 countries have been able to read you is there, i mean, just doing the best but 15 years it's mostly the european countries, sir, japan, united states, sir singapore,
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and maybe have also much better technology got needs to be successful environment mitigation the pricing so far and being that you have been dropping. oh, expectations are high for this climate summit. but after a year of unprecedented natural disasters, action may come too late for some, lia hardin al jazeera. at least 19 people have been killed in a plane crash in tanzania, the aircraft crash in to late victoria, or is it attempted to land in the town of cobra? tanzania, as president, has expressed our condolences to those affective than his call for com. michael web reports. the plane was coming in to land. the small 50 you recovery times in here. that will run way ends on the shore of lake victoria, africa's largest lake. new york. um yeah. when the aircraft was about a 100 meters at mid air, it encountered problems in bad weather. it was raining on the plane plunged into
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the water. everything is under control. the armies had to rescue missions and firefighters from the province of cu get are on the scene. they are fully equipped to deal with rescues and safety. rescue efforts are currently underway in order to retrieve the aircraft. the plane belongs to precision air. townsend is largest, privately owned airline, is propeller powered plains, carrying passengers between tons and in cities and to neighboring countries and a we've already informed the prime minister. also, we have received the condolences from the president of the united republic of tanzania. he has agreed to more resource is for the rescue efforts for the remaining people below. domestic flights or a crucial part of townsend is transport sector. cross country road journeys can take days for those who can afford it. air travel is much quicker and usually safer . malcolm web al jazeera
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ah, there is less than 40 hours to go before the u. s. midterm elections and pressure is building on the democrats are public and efforts to generate fear of the economy . crime and immigration may tip the balance of power in closely 4 seats. allen fisher reports on this now from washington. the big guns are out in the final days before the mid term elections. the democrats won't need to want to generate a big turnout. the selection is not a referendum, it's a choice. it's a choice between true vastly different vision for america. traditionally, the party in the white house can expect to get hammered, and the polls are pointing that way. you're biting more approval. rating doesn't help voters when they can't vote at the top of the ticket. use elections as a referendum on the party in power. and so most of the time the president's party
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loses seats in the house during the term election. losing the high school spell will problems, but you'll biden's agenda and legacy. since he took power inflation, his spiked prices for food and gas have risen. successes in cutting drug prices addressed in climate change. rebuilding infrastructure is not energizing voter. republicans want to end the january 6 hearings, investigate biking for as yet unspecified reasons. reform hope payments are made to us seniors and some are pushing, but a restrictive national abortion law biden can veto some of that. but not all an energized republican party could shrink his presidency as with any president that exists in a divided government, it will be much more difficult for him to get anything done. and as we know in an air of polarization, what we've experienced in the last 30 plus years is that presidents and divided government have a very difficult time passing their agenda. many republicans running this time around, believe the last presidential election was stolen and they won't commit to accept
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the result if they lose. that leaves many expense. what is that this could undermine the whole election process if there is any sort of massive kind of error. there are challenges there are recounts their audits, so to not concede to refuse to accept the results. as long as all of those processes have been gone through is just further rhodes trust in the the system, the pain of the economy remains voters to concern hammering here to leave by not just unable to push his agenda fixer walker girl, but might damage him. so badly the idea of running again in 2024 could be ended right here. alan fisher al jazeera washington john laughing a is a former communications director at the democratic national committee and as fast as the democrat joins us now from wilmington,
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north carolina. i will ask you about inflation in the us. it's running at 8 and a half percent. seems as though cost of living and recession fears a weighing heavily on the minds of many americans right now. how the democrats dealt with this issue, not as well as they should have married him. it is fair to say that there are big economic debates. an economist don't agree exactly what's causing this. we're seeing it globally of course. but domestically what we see is not only 40 your highs and inflation, but 70 year highs in corporate profits. and so a lot of those higher prices that money is flowing directly from consumers into corporations, bottom line, they're buying ac stock, etc. and so the democrats have been talking about that a bit, but they haven't been full throated in making that case, which the public is very sympathetic to them. republicans can basically just sit back here as they can in most mid terms. if things aren't going well, you have a democrat in the white house democrats, at least nominally,
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and control congress and people unhappy. so republicans can sit back and say, hey, this inflation happened on that guy's watch, so you better vote for us. and that's mostly the case that they've been making, and that's despite all the other issues going on here, that is still as you say, the number one thing, especially on the minds of the voters who are not sure which side they want to vote for just yet. so why anything as a demo has not been more effective at picking up on this because we saw already deteriorating economic think as really from before the war and ukraine didn't leave the 0? yeah, yeah, for supply as he's yes, supply chain disruptions off the back of co that why they are you talking about this now? i mean, they have been talking about it. they were talking about better antitrust enforcement. a beginning a little after a year ago. they were certainly pointing to putin's invasion and saying, well that's part of the problem too. and then in the spring, we saw these bills that were going to allow the government to rein in corporate
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price gouging. so in other words, if you charge an arm and a leg when your supply costs weren't going up, we were going to tax you a little bit extra on that surplus to try and beat back some of this price gouging . that's going straight to the bottom line. but that has not been the central theme of democrats talking here, as you heard in the set ups. there are a lot of good numbers there. a lot of good economic numbers here. believe it or not, jobs are up the, the rick coming out of the recession that we had after coated things going much better than expected on a lot of other numbers. and so what you see is democrats who've been working hard on this kind of looking for a gold star opening a pat on the back and saying, hey, there's a lot of good dues here. that doesn't go over really well with voters who are just seen ridiculously high prices at the gas pump in the grocery store. they want to know, 1st of all, that whoever they're going to put in charge going forward gets that and feels that pain. and right now the, it's hard for democrats to resist talking about all the wonderful things they've done. it, whether it's in terms of prices, were raining in the medical prices or the micro chip manufacturing
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there. and they've gotten a lot done, but voters are not looking to hand out gold stars right now. they want to make sure somebody is going to take care of their urgent problems. what are you waiting is going to happen? republicans are enjoying a place in the polls on i think you're a bit skeptical about polling numbers and of course have to be careful how much and how much focus and important to be give them. but it, me, it's looking, i've got better prospects in, in senate races, right in pennsylvania, georgia, arizona, new hampshire. and so at about a month ago, democrats were looking like they were going to defy political gravity. and suddenly they were going to have a great year. and maybe even the house would be close, those polls shifted since then, and the republicans definitely gained or rather eroded a bunch of that advantage. but that if you, if you're tracking these things really closely, like those wasn't politics, do that plateaued a number of days ago now. and so what you're seeing is early vote numbers coming in for democrats higher than people expected. so i think the smartest people i know
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about this, people who spend more time looking at numbers than i do, genuinely, don't know what to expect. it's what they call a jump ball at this point. oh, thank you very much. appreciate you taking time speak to us john answering or not. yeah, thank you. so of course are going to be having special coverage of this story. us mid term elections. 2100 g m t on monday right here on out 0. so do tune and for that with the al jazeera ally from london, more still to bring you after the break. i'm under simmons at nicosia airport in cyprus, abandoned, in the 1974 conflict. i'll be reporting on rising tensions between turkish cypriots and greek cypriots. ah, with how i was there were
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a few showers in the forecast raised possible strider, but with high pressure trying to establish itself, he's starting to settle down as the high just around the tasman little bit as a cloud there into our new southwell say there will always be one or 2 showers in then passively south was a particular sydney, again seeing some showers look spell supplying the showers. they're extending their way into where victoria some warped there for adelaide. that brookfield a wind 30 celsius, $37.00 celsius for alice's central and southern pass statesboro heat over the next couple of days. few showers to sliding outs of w a. some weather, weather, eating across southern parts of western australia in south australia over the next couple of days. easing through the byte. we'll see some rank rash making use white to war satellite. not too bad that was the southeast corner, the showers fewer and farther between us. we go to the middle part of next week, wanted see shouting to new zeta, particularly nor thought of it. nothing too much to speak of. one or 2 showers to coming in to wear japan over the next couple of days. a little bit of cloud sliding
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across the grant peninsula. wet weather, snellville the northern flank, if that had will continue to push his way farther eastward. but she pushing into western parts of japan up towards kado don't allow she try, but we have got some showers now towards central cross. ah canyon. ready journalists in su to press freedom and just a being seen as investigating government corruption in the national health care system, some of the transaction facing out to kill f. b money that is unexplained africa, uncensored, and published those things that people will want to publish. even if it doesn't need to be oscar truth, is it any way on? al jazeera lou.
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ah, ah puck them back and look at the main stories of following. russia says a ukrainian rocket attack is damaged a damn in a russian al region that could cause catastrophic flooding. the 30 meta i, nova kafka dam holds back water from the nip, a river, which comes through east in ukraine. the winds, climate summit is open in egypt with a warning that our planet is sending a distress signal delegate that the 2 week cop 27 meeting a set to tackle. the issue of who should pay compensation for the effects of climate change and at least 19 people have been killed in a plane crash in tanzania. the aircraft crashed into late victoria is it attempted to land in a nearby town? townsend as president is called for. com as a rescue operations continue. well,
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the captain of a charity operated migrant rescue ship is refusing to leave an italian port until all the passengers are allowed to disembark. the humanity one was ordered to vacate the ports of cataneo on sunday. after those who are vulnerable were allowed of the vessel to get medical checks, a novice ship has arrived at the port for the same vetting process. i think barbara reports arriving in catania, viggo, barren search and rescue ship moco activists. this is to the import. welcome the vessel operated by the charity doctors without borders and carrying more than 570 people. they spent a week and a half on board after being rescued in the mediterranean sea. everybody is very close together. there is very easy for diseases to spread like the ones we have respiratory mainly, lot of coughing,
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flu like symptoms. many of them also have skin infection, especially sky beach. then there's the frustration, but they don't have proper food. they don't have proper place for sleeping. and that people, they are wiping c 24 times in our day only because. busy the we are on this board the we can very special was also allowed to don't come to germany and france said they take in some of the refugees and migrants. women and unaccompanied miners were taken off. the officials check the rest to see who needed urgent medical attention . dozens is still on board. after having been so many days that the medical device are running low and the anger and frustration of the people is rising. so definitely not the best in our critical that but the need to place them as soon as possible. on friday, italy's new government said it was closing its ports to humanitarian rescue ships.
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it insists vessels like this will eventually have to sail to the country whose flag they fly. in this case, germany, italy is allowing people rescued by italian patrol boats on shore. 6000 have done so in the last week, but many more desperate people are stuck at sea. nadine baba al jazeera or pakistan's, former prime minister says he welcomes the government's offer to launch investigation and his shooting and was con. was shot in the leg. a protest march in the eastern city of was there a bottom thursday. is supposed to say it was an assassination attempt by shifting barsky judicial commission. i welcome the digital commission above sharif said it will be formed taken. what will the judicial commission do when this investigation is conducted under the 3 people i have? how can we have a fair and transparent investigation? i was able to solve. it brings us long story now from the whole he's been making
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regular speeches. city. yeah. he is broadcasting live on youtube and then those speeches circulate across social media like wildfire. after the last piece she made at the hospital where he was recovering. he was moved earlier today to his residence here in law horror just behind. he is now living here back at home under heavy security because as his supporters and many in the security apparatus guarding him say, the man is an ex prime minister. there was an assassination attempt against him. and there may still be a target on his back, and especially for politicians in this country that put themselves against the military, against other political parties, against every institution, because of nearly as your own fund is done. it does not bode well for him. definitely means that he remains that ris. imran han has announced today that he will continue to march on islam about saying that as of tuesday,
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calling on his party workers calling on 2 orders to go. once again, who was 0 about where the attack on his life happens, where the attempted assassination took place and pick up where he left off. he is encouraging party leaders and loyal party members to go from there to withdraw with cindy protest leaders from other cities to join him in raw bindy in 2 weeks where he says he intends on meeting them. and then continuing to march on his wall, bob, from there, we got his in bob way. now, millions of people who are facing food shortages in high, i'm unemployment to coming on, the even more pressure now as the cost of living continues to rise. some families are cutting back on meals as inflation tips over 260 percent higher on the task as more from our i have once may keys and ne candles, marcia toyota and her daughter joyce on a tight budget right now they can only afford to spend $30.00 on groceries. the only buying basic the family can't do without,
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but the price of some essential goods in somebody would have gone up again. that means they taking homeless this month than they did the last course router's. we think on this movie ever. no variable could have, so we are, there is nothing we can do. things, things are just too expensive. we try and stretch the little money we have so we can buy a new battery. it's never enough. ramos in the inflation rate is now more than 260 percent. unemployment is high. many people with jobs have to supplement the income by earning cash elsewhere. rising prices and the we currency mean more, more people are being pushed into the informal trade sector, including st. vending to make ends meet selling anything from secondhand clothes to groceries. zimbabwe is current, economic problems aren't as bad as they were in the early 2, thousands. then hyperinflation, res, record levels, and the local currency had no value and was completely abandoned visible. doyle was reintroduced in 2019. but some economists say things aren't looking good. bit more
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to come off ability. we execute anything at the moment. the $1000000.00 question as to what extent can use 1st thing that level stability for marcia and joyce said, bob is economy isn't turning around fast enough. the groceries they bought have to lost them at least a month. and they not sure they will just like they not sure about the countries economic future harder matessa al jazeera had at the un peacekeeping operation in cyprus, has been criticized by both sides in the decades on crisis leaders of the self to tie republic of northern cypress say they want more influence on the u. s. actions, but leaders in the cypress government say the you and is already paying too much attention to this. the turkish speaking north of the island, andrew simon spent a dana casea with un forces on buffers on patrol. ah, an island cut in to look to the law than you can see the turkish cypriots side of
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a frozen conflict from 48 years ago. a self declared state only recognized by the turkish government in ankara. its leaders say they want more influence in the mandate of the united nations run buffer zone. that segregates them from the majority. greek cypriots, south of the island, hello to this is through to charlie and their attentions on both sides. the fact that the fides do not talk to each other or creates an opportunity for our insecurity. and that's where the role of the united nations is critical. we have open communication lines with both sides and we work closely with both sides on a daily basis. the buffer zone has an airy stillness. it's a place that bill lies. the clamor of derision between people on both sides of it. time here hasn't moved on from 1974. it's a no go zone giving bygone snapshots of
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a conflict that took homes away from owners and left lives and property in ruins. even what was nicholas is. international airport is caught in the time warp. the structure remains. but little else, the you ens role is to ensure its days as it is. the last time a plane flew out of here was in 1974, like the differences between greek cypriots and turkish cypriots. it's frozen in time, both politically and physically. and now there are new tensions. turkish cypriot leaders are demanding equal rights with the cypress government in negotiating with the un. or they may take undisclosed action. you always get more saber rattling when there are no negotiations going on to solve the cypress problem. and we've now gone a good 5 years plus without any negotiations, but amongst the tension in the buffer zone, there's a glimmer of hope. the village of pillar is the only one of its kind. both
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communities live here. this turkish cypriot woman's father didn't speak to her for a year when she married a greek cypriots. but now he's accepted by most of her family paper. greek, turkish english. take on me. cite same for men, my family. over the road, this shopkeeper says most people get on. my neighbor is tech isabel. we men, we drink coffee together, we together, it don't have nothing with the people. the un is here to keep an overview. it's one of the longest running un peacekeeping operations in the world now into it's 6th decade with no sign of an end. andrew summons al jazeera, nicosia. ah .


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