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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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indecent capital, hundreds of people taking a look. and anesha is visual. i've seen, was hit hard by the pandemic. galleries were closed and had to exhibit their collections online for many celebrate a return to the way things were. this also room for incarnations not seen before. more than 60 galleries from indonesia and elsewhere in asia, opportunity painting, eager to meet collectors and artists from around the world with new artist, new modes and new pieces on display. the fare is a dynamic celebration of the resilience of the industry. the tantalizing hint of wants yet to come over flowing with passion, but desperately under resourced trash. national football team has never qualified for the africa cup of nations. all the world cup al jazeera world asks, what will it take for the squad to find success? paul will retrieve b for ever. sideline judge football,
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dri. on al jazeera. ah, russia says it's completed, it's withdrawal from the southern ukrainian city of her son, but cave remains wary of moscow's surprised retreats. ah, hello, i'm emily. ang, when this is out there, alive from doha, also coming up, the rescue missions dividing europe their ship, carrying more than 200 migrants and docs in france. after being turned away from italy. ah, the mas military rule is there under the spotlight as late as of southeast asia, ne,
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gather in cambodia. and he stumbles mer is charged with insulting election officials, the court case could derail his political career. ah, we begin with breaking news. the russian defense ministry says it's paul, all its troops and the southern ukrainian city of her song. they say the withdrawal was completed early friday morning. russian forces remain on the eastern side of the denay pro river near her son cc. let's go straight to him of mohammed vow, who joins us live from moscow with the details. mohammed, what more you hearing about this troop withdrawal from the defense ministry? yes, the spokesman of the defense minister e gore corner shane co officially announced the completion of the withdrawal. he
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said at 5 o'clock this morning, local time in house on the last troops left to the left side of the river. and he was very happy about in his language, the tone of his language, about the success of the operation. se got no soldier was left behind, no equipment, no piece of equipment was left behind. and the civilians who wanted to leave were also helped to cross to the left side of the river. and this is a different scenario, a different scene from what happened when the russians left some of the cities and locations in north east and ukraine over the last couple of months. so russia at least, can boston that it has done in organized a withdrawal from epsilon. and apparently they have been, as they have been planning for his search for some time because we saw during the last several weeks how they started with the, with the evacuations of civilians,
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then the evacuation of the administrative staff and so on. and this, the last step was this morning when they last soldier left that place. of course, dinner river is for russia now a natural barrier of defense. they are on its other side and they are able to reach her son with their artillery. and also they can monitor what's going on. they say in the statements of the minister of defense to day that they managed to hold their push by ukrainian forces at about 30 to 40 kilometers away from the crossing points on the river. and this is a situation they apparently would like to maintain, they will be on that other side of the river, but continuously bombarding and preventing ukrainian troops from making a on a happy home or a happy place for them to, to be located. all right, we appreciate that update mohammed val live for us in moscow. head straight to
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ukraine now where a bag joins me live from the her on region. i said competing narratives obviously coming from keith and moscow. what are you saying on the ground, and how's that playing out? absolutely. competing narratives are that's been happening since the start of the war. but more so now around the issue for san city and the withdrawal. early on we heard from the ministry of defense next, the risen club, and he said that there was still 40000 russian soldiers in the her son region. and he said that withdrawal to take a week. and obviously the russians are saying that already withdrawn. now we have seen some pictures of russian troops moving across to the east side of the river. we've also seen pictures of ukrainian forces taken towns and villages. but the southern command hair in ukraine has said that they'll make an advances, especially on the west side of the river towards kasan city. and there's also
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a different narrative around some of those bridges over the denito river. the important didn't pro river as your own. we had heard that those are 2 of those bridges had collapsed that the ukrainians are confirming. one of those has collapsed the and 10 of bridge the ukrainians are blaming the russians for that. but also more importantly, what we've heard from russian media or canes that one of the gates to the, the have cove damn. that has the hydro electric power plant further the river is damaged and they're blaming the ukrainians for that. now, of course, running up to this, both sides had been in queue accusing, each other of wanting to blow up that diamond targeting that damn and damaging it. but if that damn was to blow, it would flood the area presidents. lensky said it would be a disaster. but right now, the russians are saying that that has been damaged. but even if the russian forces move to the east side of the river, the still in a position to carry on shelling and talk to ukraine in troops. and that's what the
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southern command has said. they've said that the movement of troops continues, but the russian forces continue to target ukrainian positions and ukrainian troops as their move closer to her san city. now the russian troops have also been accused of damaging or destroying infrastructure, in course, on 16th of blowing up the sewers and television station as well as planting mines. so it's still unclear a leaf from the ukrainian side. the still been skeptical with the old troops of left course on city or not, but they're saying that they advance continues. right. really appreciate you bringing this up to speed aside bag live for us in the us on region. thank you. moving on now and migrant beginning to disembark or rescue ship in the south of france. the ocean viking doctor, the military naval base into long earlier 230 people are on board including 57 children. some have been at sea for weeks. this is the 1st time france has allowed a vessel carrying people rescued from the mediterranean into
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a port. it did so because easily knew far, right. government refused to help. it's ashley butler is in too long and it has more on what happens to the migrants. once they're off the ship, they'll then be taken to a center not far from the city. it will be considered international territory, not yet french territory, and their immigration officials will interview the solemn speakers and try and obtain whether or not they will be eligible to apply for refugee status if they or they will be allowed to stay in the european union. they'll be mainly divided up between france and germany, but other countries say that they will take in some of the asylum seekers if they are not to be eligible to apply for refugee status will. the french interior minister says that they will be deported. now, amongst those $230.00 on board of $57.00 children, young women, men of course, situation for
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a desperate deed. some of them have been or not both for nearly 3 weeks. now we know that conditions on board the very crowded. we also know the just on thursday 3 asylum seekers had to be and lifted off the boat just off the coast of corsica in southern france because their health was so poor. meanwhile, easily as new prime minister says frances reaction taking in the ship has been aggressive. speaking at a news conference, georgia maloney said couldn't be the only destination for migrant student and the migrant situation can continue being handled. the way it is valerie for gone is a professor of politics and european integration at florence university in italy. she says france and italy had agreed on a way to deal with the ocean viking. my feeling is that in fact this, what maloney labels as an aggressive reaction on the side of france in particular. my crown is in fact a reaction to
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a major mismanagement on the italian side. major romantic mismanagement. so as far as i know, the agreement between italian government and the french government over the current issue of the ocean, biting in the other vessels. the agreement was that as soon as the people at the migrants had landed on italy, france would have sent them a plains, took it to take over part of those migrants. so they would have landed in italy, but they would have been immediately transposed it transported to france and all france and also to germany. now, what, instead the official position that came out from the italian government. and i think that the responsibilities basically with the minister of the interior is that france would open its ports. and this wasn't the, as far as we know, because i wasn't sitting in that meeting. but it looks as if, i mean this sudden change of position by france is this definitely due to france being mad about how it italy presented. the issue,
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the ladies in southeast asian nations have agreed to impose a clear timeline for the implementation of the pace plan in me and ma'am, how to address spiraling violence. there has dominated talks at original summit in cambodia. ma'am, as military has carried out a brutal crack down against opposition and armed ethnic groups since seizing power last year. far as louis reports, it's been a year and a half since appeased deal was agreed for myanmar. but little progress has been made. the delusions with another never allowed the process to go forward a number to the support from china or russia and will asserts that india also contributed to strengthening the hunter in law. while russia has been vocal about its support for the military rulers, i reports published by a group of international legislators, says china's support, which mostly happens behind closed doors, as also undermined our scenes capabilities. myanmar student report at the uses
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chinese and russian supplied weapons to launch attacks on its citizens. one human rights lawyer says, understanding how the military works is key to resolving the crisis. it comprises the holy off the bomber ethnic group, combined with the buddhist religion. this is to be understood by the turtle community that they are not dealing with a battle armed forces. they are dealing with a rogue at me armed organizations that has loaded over the other ethnic groups for so many years. writes advocates and diplomat say it's time for us in to look beyond the peace agreement and engage directly with me. i must shadow government, made up of opponents to move to room, or even engage with those outside the block. it might be a good advice to bring other countries on board or other countries. robert success in bridging the gap between video scope video. so people are conflict situations
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like norway, for example, bringing the u. n. for example, into the process who will help speed up the process. one thing is clear, the crisis has to be resolved, and soon this plays out into a possibility of young man becoming a new all area of great power rivalry. russia, china are seeking access to the new notion dead. dispel sir, the disaster for myanmar and the whole of her as young aside from the broader geopolitical consequences. the un special envoy for myanmar has warned the conflict has already taken a catastrophic toll on its people. florence li, algebra and tony chang is imp young pen with more on as ins, ladies division over me and mom. well,
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it's all going on behind closed doors at the moment we knew it was going to be the big gender item ahead of this latest summit. in fact, the foreign ministers met a couple of weeks ago in jakarta to try and break through towards some kind of resolution. i think the hope was that they could come up with some kind of consensus and an agreement could be signed at the end of this summit. none the less when they met to day behind closed doors. nonetheless, it seemed that consensus is still very far away. we know there are 2 main blocks within our sierra maritime asshole, which comprised of the philippines, indonesia, singapore, malaysia, who very much favor a hard line with me on my and mainland su prince sibley thailand. but also backed up by vietnam. a here in cambodia allows as well who a favor, a policy of appeasement and want to quietly bring me on my back into the fold. but we don't know what exactly went on, but when indonesia prime minister came out of that meeting, he said he was deeply disappointed. and that something needed to be done. and
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that's interesting because indonesia takes the chair of asha next year after it's handed over from cambodia. so we may see more being pushed next year. but for the moment it seems that consensus is still very far away. still ahead down our desire a new twitter storm. as a long mask, warn staff. the company's future is on the line and leaving nothing to chance for look at how cats are, has expanded its emergency health care services ahead of the world. ah, anticipation is rising and so is the atmosphere a you read me the way sponsored by cattle aways. winter still there in northern china, just having a job pushing south if it is very warm and south the yangtze. once again,
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the new record in juncture, which isn't for jan province. now eventually i think you to gather the rain and the car behind it and produce significant snow. up in the northeast of china and temperatures behind will come down to where they're supposed to be. this rate will be significant in the korean peninsula and eventually in japan where it will rain in talk of the 1st time in, well, 10 days of november. it's been that dry, that they haven't seen it thus for what 26 years or so. anyway, the range of its way probably welcome behind it when it's cooling down, as far as the anc see, but size of that was still on the high side of where we should be. and as the ne monsoon talks it across the bay of bengal, it every now and again in house is the right for. so the red warning at today from china science, it's through towel now. to rain is likely in carolyn's for lanka. static weather in once again, northern india and all the pac stymies, the air call to new deleon, the whole is pretty appalling and it won't change very much. there are shout
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developing in iraq, afghanistan, and that will bring some snow in, but it doesn't change very much in pakistan to with sponsored by catch all day was a commitment to continuously conserve its wonder is vital in providing break through solutions to renewable energy for an environmentally responsible future with transformation and collaboration. indonesia urges leave the world in moving forward as rich over together recover a stronger with . wow. ah.
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are you watching al jazeera? i'm emily anglin. he's a reminder of our top stories this. our russia says it's finished. it's withdrawal from the southern ukrainian susie of her song. the defense ministry says no soap soldiers or equipment have been left behind. cave is wary of moscow's hasty retreat and expects attacks or continue asylum seekers have begun to disembark. a rescue ship into long from's. easley has refused to allow the ship to access one of its dogs. now the 2 neighbors are at odds after franz suspended, a plan taken refugees currently in each leaf. and southeast asian ladies have agreed to impose a timeline to the implementation of a he still in man mom the m, as military has carried out a brutal crack down against opposition and armed ethnic groups since seizing power . last year,
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a turkish court has adjourned the case against the mayor of istanbul until next month, a crumb in, ma'am? oh lou is facing charges of insulting election officials. he allegedly made abusive comments back in 2019. after defeating a candidate, backed by president rachel type odor, one if convicted, he could be banned from politics for 2 years. cinnamon castiano has more from is temple. this was a 7 try a 7th hearing of even wallace trial and it's, it's again adjourned to december 14 as the defense asked for the change of the judge to requisition. that's why they decided to join into december 14th, inter key, especially these filed against them all. are highly seen as political. there's an election coming up. the opposition still hasn't nominated its candidate. the main opposition leaders seems to be coming up as a candidate,
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but other opposition. the allies do not support his candidacy as he has lost several times against it took his present bridge up. they burned on. that's why among the opposition politicians in law is highly appraised. as a potential presidential candidate and a son journalist a wrote about this story a couple of days ago saying that the former judge who has been replaced earlier, was advised to put a political, been on it, grabbing them all. and again, today, the prosecutor reputed her his request as in the previous hearing asking for some jail time and a political band of. a a criminal molar, they said that he won't be able to become a candidate, he will be nominated and the i ruled and our quality can win the election to electrolyte authority. offices have been set on fire in southwest nigeria. it comes ahead of february's presidential and parliamentary vote. oh,
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it happened a day after the convoy of presidential candidates at the coo abu bakar was shot at as he was leaving a rally in mind to read a number of his supporters and several journalists wounded africa, who is a former vice president and is standing for the opposition people's democratic party and the warner of twitter, a lawn mosque has warned employees the company could go bankrupt. the 1000000000 in the comments in his 1st math coal to staff, he says twitter needs to boost subscription revenue after losing many clients have suspended advertising on twitter. they want to see how the platform deals with high speeds, fake accounts, an online harassment under masks leadership. a u. s. judge has ordered prominent conspiracy theorists to alex joins to pay an extra $473000000.00 to families of the victims of the sandy hook massacre. jones falsely
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claimed the 2012 school shooting in which 26 people were killed. was a hoax. the total damages awarded in the last 30 years, manually one and a half $1000000000.00. john says he can't afford to pay still in the us and we vote still being counted. neither republicans, no democrats have gained control of congress. yes. republicans need 7 more seats in the house of representatives to gain a majority for the party has performed below expectations. it has 49 states in the senate. democrats have 48 votes still being counted in our zona and nevada, or georgia will hold a runoff in december. mike, hannah has moved from washington, dc. there still a massive amount of votes to be countered, but it appears that the republicans are inching towards control of the house of representatives. as to the senate, though that is also a exceedingly tight race. there are 3 key seats outstanding, which is in nevada,
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arizona, and georgia. if they win those 2 seats, they will get control of the senate. however, if the results are split, then it's going to be down to the wire in georgia where a run off election will be held on december the 6th. why is the voting taking so long? while this is largely due to the massive amount of postal votes that were used in california, for example, where postal voting has been traditionally a preferred method of voting a, some 60 percent of the votes have only been counted to date. so this just shows the massive effort that has to be put in to get through those postal votes in particular to get to the turtles. but we are still looking at a number of days, a congress be reforms and sits again in d. c next week. but in all likelihood, they will not know who will be controlling the house or the senate come january
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next year, chili's president, gabriel burridge has condemned violence linked to indigenous groups as he visited a southern region that suffered a wave of ass and attacks a church and school was set on fire before he arrived in raw kenya. that region is claimed by an chili's largest indigenous group that nathan chang march has accused small indigenous groups of driving that violence. protest is in peru marching in support of the president have fought with police. pedro can stay or has been charged with corruption. it's the 1st time a public prosecutor has filed charges against his sitting president to fear nancy, accusations, and thousands have rallied in on container against the rising cost of living. inflation is increasing so fast that economists expect prices to double by december . protest is say they can no longer afford 3 meals a day. they calling on the government to provide jobs and financial aid to
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china now which has eased some of the strict measures against the spread of covered 9 pain. quarantine for close contacts of infected people and inbound travelers has been shortened to 2 days. authorities will also scan back if it's to identify secondary contacts. thousands of fatty supporters in garza have months. the 18th anniversary of the death, the form of palestinian president, yasser arafat. it was a where public show of support for the faction in the territory controlled by how much rivals the latest round of talks to heal a long running river ended without a deal last month. fata is also known as the palestinian national liberation movement. it was thrown out of garza after a month, one legislative elections back in 2006. the fans coming to cut off from the world comp will be able to access emergency and urgent
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care services for free. authorities say health care capacity in the country has increased significantly in preparation for its expected one and a half 1000000 visitors as a tory gate and be report i to logistics hobbs outside the capital, doha ambulance staff prepare hundreds of medical packs for use during the world cup, they'll be sent each day to clinical teams, working at stadiums, fans, zones, hotels and entertainment venues. in crowded areas, mobile teams of paramedics will use golf carts, scooters and bicycles, to get to patients quickly. my advice to any of the funds when you need a health care, please ask for the nearest the clinic. i'm around you because there will be such provision easily accessible for you on these will a provide also a health care to provide free of charge because they will tackle the urgent care
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needs for for the defense counsel's health care capacity has increased significantly in the last decade with 10 new hospitals and 16 additional primary health care centers. it has the biggest emergency and trauma center in the region, and extra staff have been hired for the world cup. for them for such home have expanded. we can accommodate a large number of flat population, in addition to the infrastructure, we have to talk about the workforce. so we have a very highly skilled workforce. gotcha. as in multinational, speaks in many languages to take care of for our patients. i am visitors, kettles, emergency services level, so expanded in recent years and includes specialist teams which are lift patients to hospital. this you are ambulances, wrong call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. they bring critically ill and injured patients here to hammer general hospital, the main trauma center in cattle in preparation for the world. couple 40 say
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they've left nothing to chance. they've invested in state of the art equipment such as this mobile field hospital, if needed, it can be set up in 50 minutes that we want deploy to each stadium or match days. if a major incident does occur, medical staff will examine patients in a blue tent. those who are critically ill will be transferred to a red tent which contains defibrillators and oxygen tanks. seriously ill patients will be moved to a yellow 10. those with minor injuries to a green one alongside each field hospital is a command center from where authorities can coordinate and emergency response. health leaders have prepared for all eventualities, but hope none of this will be needed. they say they have the capability to provide a wall class health service for anyone who needs it. victoria gates and be al jazeera, doha well camp. i'll send this businesses and in ghana, television repair,
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shops are among the winners as vans. make sure they don't miss the national teens matches and interests reports. the count don't is on to kick off. and no one wants to miss the moment. that m m m, i magick, i'm very happy. garner is among 5 african teams playing and could tell 2022 just i'm a big john football fan and i will not miss any of the matches. that's why i brought my tv to be repaired, so i can comfortably watch all the games. i'm confident in the black stars will bring the cup home if they don't play good game, surely they will be part of the fine. albert said, marcia, one is there is a definite trend here. repair shops are seeing an increase in all television sets been brought in. it's no coincidence with the if football team come in. many people feel before i bring in the activities for repairs as it cannot of our go for the nuance dabbling in the,
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at the leverages and we fix in for them. jenny is hope the national team, the black stairs will make it to the semi's. they stand around a very ambitious dream, as no other african country has ever reached that stage. but whether or not they get less, the football wall couple will be a welcome distraction for both government and citizens from the painful economic crisis that going through at the moment. a lesson is a self described gold phonetic. he's cultural talent on the pitch, and of the peach he too is living nothing to charles. among miss anne in the matter thought. um, well profit, a deity with official has been paid. you know half an hour if you 1st come in half from thinking the fridge is going to be really great. then again, it was applying an ice light, a british, whether you contrast it, the have my generator service ready for action. the woman to pull a was off units, accuracy, look, look over the excitement is palpable. allison says the football month will be good .


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