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tv   The World Cup Dream Qatar  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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killer populations to dismantle the sound bites. there are lots and lots of women that are likely agenda a kind of anti feminist agenda and demand the truth. those are signs of fascism. we have to really recognize what we're off of yet. we are determining what is the future of democracy in this country. join me markham on hill for up front on al jazeera and talk to al jazeera. we also do you believe that women of afghanistan were somehow abandoned by the international community? we listen, we have a huge price for the war against terrorism as going on in some money. we meet with global newsmaker. i'm talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. as the world faces a storm of global challenges, indonesia is set to host the most difficult g 20 summit since its inception with the war in ukraine. soaring inflation, the food crisis and energy instability will dialogue prevail over rivalry to solve global problems. the g 20 summit anal juicer. ah
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hello, i'm lauren taylor, london, top stories around his era. he was president joe biden says he's had a blunt discussion with china. need a shaving ping. as the men met for normal way to talks on the eve of the g. 20 summit in indonesia, a disgust taiwan, north korea, and the ukraine war. it was their 1st in person meeting since biden became president. both leaders stressed the need to get relations back on track. despite height and tensions between the super pass was clear. he was clear and i was clear, there will defend american interest and values promot, university human rights, and stand up for the international order and work in lock step with our allies and partners. we're going to compete vigorously for, i'm not looking for conflict. i'm looking to manager competition responsibly and i want to make sure, make sure that every country abide by the international rules of the road. ukraine
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as president has visited, has on and says the liberation of the city marks the beginning of the end of the war. wrote a miss lensky, said ukraine moving forward and is ready for pace. metlife hose and handed out a ward to ukrainian soldiers. and then you need to be taken on. russian troops withdrew from the area on friday. kolinski accused russia of committing hundreds of war crimes. and killing civilians. the beginning of the end of the war was army. and we have gone on to our country to all the temporary occupied territories and was beaten. but it's a long way, difficult the way, because this is war to the best heroes of all our cars. all these
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victoria as possible, went on when all the world. yes, there are great countries, so thank you again. united nations general assembly as cool for russia to be held accountable for its invasion of ukraine. it is approved a resolution recognizing that russia is responsible for reparations. within the country. 94 nation members approved resolutions. russia prefers impunity to accountability. and when it comes to the bruises at the security council, it only knows 2 things, life and veto. and yet we will hear from russia very soon, that the general assembly is not competent to address the matter like this. it will be yet another line. strand is up of the countries of the west, never considered reparations as a way of attaining for their own sins. more than that, for 2 decades,
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they blocked any discussion in the 6 committee of the general assembly, all the development of any kind of international instruments on the accountability of states for international illegal act. israel channel 14 says the united states has informed israel may open a criminal investigation into the killing around here. agenda assuring abruptly report say the investigation could target is ready. soldiers and civilians. terrain was shot dead by israeli forces on may. the 11th while covering an army rage on jeanine in the occupied westbank. israel's military is admitted that is where the gunfire may have tertiary. governor forces and rebels have been exchanging more heavy fire in eastern democratic republic of congo. fighting has taken place about 25 kilometers from the regional capital goma between cuban b and regard and 23 rebels. one string of victories against the company's army and north kiva in recent weeks increasing the territory under that control. the white
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house is expressed concern about reports of mass arrests, sham trials, and a death sentence, and it down to people protesting against iran's government. european union is imposed asset bands and travel phrases on 3 entities and $29.00 people, including the interior minister and senior police and military officials. over the crackdown on protest is the case as imposing similar sanctions of purchase began in mid september after the death in police custody of 22 road mazda mini, arrested for not wearing a. he jabbed properly and well kept. dream is next. looking at how cutter has prepared for the tournament, when is he after that? ah ah.
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the fif of world cup takes place every 4 years. countries have been playing and qualifying matches for the tournaments in cattle since 2019. gradually coming down to the final $32.00 for the past 4 years, al jazeera has followed some of the football is around the world, hoping to play at the world come over the course of this series will meet players from 6 countries. so here's a taste of what's to come. emerging talent like antony, who played in brazil, world cup qualifiers, and has already been named in that school forgets all on an electron. was miss earth impossible to quizzes, but i mean, keep, keep a mark on the road either. yeah, consequence, mother bother. you press this all sort of, you know, pies as in simply sawyer,
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medicinal basic. you don't want as though half a dosing. you've all bunched. neither by learner. bracky, bish messiah jemina. sit on a hurley, dodgy, you get those things to the comfort garden thing, or delphi, to both parties. us to list now is better. a color breeze most final made the loop or equal disaster, so made them f, medicare, stomach or put them on family is important to every player, but especially when they come from a modest background like another brazilian lucas santa. for me to lay out badly. the ok waffle play on this is on the stove now saw the the g fi, sushi football, the vice president we saw college year on this issue called the phil's in their eyes. a cell phone. but what happens when a play a lose is full or gets injured? you don't split a sped on. this is you contact. i spoke to her that she did the idea he and openness as possible, which not on my own, but i mean stop is coming. discolored,
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famish seems missing book such and wanted you know that. and then the keep calling still drop by learn the force footage gulf from a personal estimate group of both count the key comerica here. ok game of all some if to welcome to them into happening. don't look at them said badge yell for complet god, the g h 2 specific armies. so this sub yukon, brazil nozzle to we also traveled to garner to meet 3 players, all of whom are breadwinners for their families, back home like emmanuel la moti, who played in france for 2 years. i got like 4 consecutive from collab to the national team. and i was so excited because when i was growing up on my gym used to play for
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a national team and finally year and saw so much i cited. i got opportunity to play with some of the big guys, which i used to watch and you know, la motor didn't play in gallon as world cup qualifiers, but he's still optimistic about his chances. now people often fall in gala so much top i should go home playing football industries and everywhere. i'm so glad can that's going to want to car. i'm very curious. i don't want it and i hope i'm i will be part of it. remember looking do don't too much to get to meet with me and you have to get out a good one moroccan player with a great chance of making it to catch up is midfielder as the dean who no, i
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didn't know with the massage month. i mean, to feel the more newport news, i need to learn more about the massage therapy and most trusted do a for me and what i so so come, so what i saw the desk, i got the smile book and he's on his book. what i see until i'm on the phone, thought boy, much than what i wanted. it was you so much as was to ah, a while celebrations as a random secured there to get tickets. arm iran qualified for the world
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cup when they bt rock society is that the law he is expecting to play in cat. mm. so but he joomla tardy for connie has so for him. com that needs to show those dogs to live. would you? this is corner and to his arm routine, merely qualified missionary john johnny. if the hurrying 2 are going to iran, you chose the anterior minutia, shanahan's, 1000 mar, loan, and me changing only the one i'm sure. the voice a little bit to johnson chad that went as already gallon has dish. i'm out almost mother. i'm with those. been now a show it to you most all with more than one to the show between very under a 3 young spanish hopefuls like 22 year old,
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one made under. he played at the tokyo olympics in 2021, including in the final when spain last t one to brazil or overly tie the about the town of or olympic oil. and if it is, yeah, only if i'm long enough enough. and i will look for a load on opera and on my did i load domino, though. i see her full will know us both out when they are all but are you oh, hello, get a not i'll moon the alley. it also said, i feel sorry for where i am, they seem a whole lot a i guess head and my heart. i last huddled off. ah, and i need though you rather know how to send you the but our pos, elementary way for that either. i don't wonder how they got that some of those players will make it,
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but some will not. we've captured their highs and lows over the past 4 years as a bull haul. but the ambition of playing in cats are and will reveal who's made the cut to realize that world cup dream. ah, the host country has also been preparing the 1st country in the middle east. and the 1st arab country ah, planning for the tournament has transformed this small country in the space of 10 years and put pressure on its football officials, coaches, and players to deliver ah . so the 1st story in this series is about cattle,
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world cup dream. ah, di monterey, actually jamini arthur. lemme to have your property for custody l m. like in him, the law also dot londoner williams to live in or him a lot, a lot of in the it because a lot of them on sharlena of come, which i did say apartments cost on charlotte levy to buy these exciting forms this moment because is one woman can read important for the account your lawyer for the players. they are so excited to whatever it is moment and make on this in performance to make the country proud of us.
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how to live life. just a lot of a shame on me clear upon you miss really on a sure you can be from a village below you been in lubbock asylum ackerman model for article gianni, because she may have changed 1000 on point one and put it in the office a lot last month when in law and thought it was going on. charlotte nozzle kayla have is to morale. i thought mr. miranda and was stolen wooddale. he got another link one just in the casado infinity nursing ah 5 countries reached the last stage of the bid process for the 2022 world cup australia, japan kat, off south korea and the united states. new in order to organize
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the $222.00 c far valve cup is cut. ha president. latter members of the executive committee and fever. thank you for believing in change. thank you for believing and expanding the game. thank you for giving cats are tough and we will not let you down. you will be proud of us. you will be proud of them in the least. and i promise you this.
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so faith are awarded the right to host the 2022 world cup to cancel in december 2010. ah, to some it was a controversial choice because the country was perceived as having no existing football culture and also has very high summer temperatures. but the decision triggered wild celebrations in the capitol, doha, it was the 1st time the tournament had been awarded to an arab country. and he would also be the 1st world cup in the middle east. but he would also be, by far the biggest event ever to take place in cattle and a huge undertaking for the country as a whole. oh mm.
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mm. building new stadiums and oh, but infrastructure would be a priority. and despite updating its labor laws, cattle has attracted criticism for not bringing in those reforms fast enough. but the country also faced a major footballing challenge as the host nation catalyst national team will be taking part in the world cup finals for the 1st time. the biggest event and it's relatively short history, the team would need to reach another level to be able to compete on footballs. biggest stage cattle herd only ever achieved any success at youth and regional levels. so playing at the world cup would be in a different league engine. emanuel,
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alphabetical to for them, a consillio, who the imminent hail was either my to handle the meliss on more kitty when her cotton for them. the mill, abner, another method, hey mark on a to little more can with the hand of ssl, allow them and want you to long can't have job corps or con, july admin at model worth about a job when i'm in finance shop. abandoned gold. we're a bit high, the lever, remind us of, of the we should be new june come from, would help a thorough and that has a said on all the account was for fun or smart habit indiana a couldn't had how allowed pencil that he would a lot hm, so that now could honor a ship, but if he kept alive, most of it he, it m. i also did a half article of, of properly enough glare. a jemila been at the head of the militia that could have
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had a thought or was on the la that a 100 and some money nuts let the nozzle alums. so shove up with the habersham with a castle allen. her mom and money bottle will make us a tiny welcome melon, monsieur, that be absolute. oops, e not gonna come on to hub, wrap up. no luck. love them. so g, it'll be at, but shall on. okay, so for lead one was so g, it went to matt at l and want to hobble up at the philadelphia a dunlab. hi, jamie lummus towards ede oliver. so at the by let off. but the last year or shotuko football, i get the electrical cook of sort of coffee cobra. really counter austria offer an antique castle, adams official to call you not to let her be like could be a good quote up at the allen was so ally been get her and let the had that her while i am still on the look and i was so lie been said, our ham management menorah will love at our dallas when our class been almost over
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la jolla. pardon? was of alicia that michelle ah, one me the middle of the missouri in the in here or we'll do little sillies else and he'll be able to see in the middle them at the other. fear said, leave along b a the steadily the sofa, one, the headless, said that because it, alum, ha, other a woocommerce that selfish has and a half if has an at the huddled club and company cuts a leech vessel, dollar, lamina cit. maria with italia. physical and put out some some but a fisma has analogous athletes who offer mobile kind of mobile supply. will edge
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men, some small body, lem, butyllithium on my they had us for our mobile cancer. that's it. hosp or cannon one to help her up at the any mesh which the boys will put all that math at them bought by the home on my head, the for i badly candidates in the asset allowable house. we bought lula lem yet mom my lead, or had had the darker that emma to porn be that can keep that, that couldn't possibly be able to do that and we'll keep it other than the coffee and, but will allow that. that is a, it's an official watermark dump. a lot of water will pull that last when i little canada dish upon the and what will happen? he and miniature my here, the a sada, the diet and pulpit, and gossips and his name to see name
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that 1992 gulf cup victory was one of catch alice footballing highlights. as was appearing at the olympics in 1984 in 1992. the youth team also had a surprise run back in 1981 all the way to the final of the fif. a world youth championship. the latest crop of players is probably that strongest ever squad, and one the 2019 asian cup. that cattle has yet to make a mark a toll beyond regional level. the last thought night because i'm talking to miller and you can get into modern i when my got
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a little somebody i knew wasn't too much on. and so when i have a temporary and astonished no bother about dental bob, i'd be on with that. i need somebody knows that i didn't and call us like zoning, talk to him about a young man, how does your body got a lot of you call in the head of the moon? can you call me how they configured them? no, not. i saw them. i mean, john, i'm a lot of them. a lot of so unless turn off, i mean they can, we've got them today. let them mafia lock in while it's come live, but i was kanisha journey not i don't come to them
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was because i've been out of i'm the also that i see not a camera that i still love him. delana can merge, cannot come to me. it's none of us for many good, also been put on the other side. you can either can tell him the misspelling on a lot and stuff and you know, just said i just need to be able to figure out what the need items are. the company is very good and on a 200 and less money in a large me said in the money and the facade must come into her who kind of miss, really oh, my buddy. up and get on and how different than what can i supply the new coming over the
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current catch all squad is the best prepared ever. many of the team that won the 2019 asian cup, graduated through the fire academy and had been playing together since they were quite young. ah ah la la la la la la every day or to her and i've got them jani, dave k, lab deadman is shot,
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a jani gleam, little bit cornish kinetic that african nish, ofen metadata, lucky mar, liam, or them with jeff moore, hefty michelle. out in madison fuller like her to me, its way up a bad time. bon metella and i just said if he has been with nin about the dormitory, aspire when filler. can miss swear them properly or cannot? you are more articles for them. i will be diane ear, i'm will weaken mildly now, couldn't love the cold for them were loved for neither colonel acoustic. i am one to the daughter and i can also do not humbly offer emily supply shuttle so about the center for oh, boy shelf in law. and am, can now civil law bo will now so limited. l'aquila forgot all your directions and should the children have sick fer kundalini?
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meanwhile, dana, an inner net can live recording somehow . la maria, my la i need can issue from bali, ards, and show from lower than i should have said. oh yeah, the countryman, the also live live that if a lower low emerson winter and to help other field cell aaliyah where we're not the said was hello will probably or less. oh yeah, that's my little one. i'm just a flash was enough. he had fin rashaw can bought for the so gone ny me for help. li, nautical montebello. well, also some, been the mailer a been in the lobby in ellicott the double bonnie. and i became fear i'm was that a sinner. con montebello, one ah, coming up in part to inside the a spar academy and it's crucial role in the development of footballing, cattle and legacy. what does it mean for the 2022 world cup and
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beyond? ah, why do people tell stories and take risks to share their experiences? from every corner of the world, binding us together and inspiring us to expand our realities? why? because they most ah. award winning versus telling groundbreaking stories. witness on al jazeera, indonesia, your investment destination, the world's 10 largest economy is busy transforming, ready to beat your business, partner with a robust talent pool,
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politically and economically stable and strong policies being the powerhouse indonesia is confirmed by the g. 20 presidency. bringing opportunities for you. invest indonesia? no. i've lived in cats office. 60 new in 2010. i was live on air in the old seekins . oh hall. when the well cup announcement was made, it's just really great to have the 1st mid least well cut. it unites people from different backgrounds and racism. that's why it's so important and i'm excited that it's finally on my doorstep in castle. this is gonna be an amazing brand new for the welcome. can't white spring. my kids, it kick off is just around the corner and i think we're going to get some really great gang ah, revealing eco friendly solutions to come back. threats to our planet on al jazeera . ah,
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lauren taylor under the top stories on algebra. sh years president joe biden says he's had a blunt discussion with china's lead a shooting ping. as a men met for the long awaited talks on the eve of the g. 20 summit and indonesia. they discuss taiwan, north korea, and the ukraine war. it was the 1st in person meeting since biden became president, mostly distressed. the need to get relations back on track, despite height intentions between the superpowers. ukraine's presence, his visits had hassan and says the liberation of the city marks the beginning of the end of the war. never mentioned that he had. ukraine is moving forward and is ready for peace. he met locals and handed out a war of ukrainian soldiers in the new to be taken city of house from the beginning of the day. end of the war was army. we had step by
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step on to our country to all the temporary occupied territories and was beaten. but as long we difficult to wait because he's, he's war to the best heroes of all our country. all the sweet tory as possible went home. when all the world is grayed out of the country. so thank you again. he noted nations general assembly school for russia to be held accountable for its invasion of ukraine. it is approved a resolution recognizing that russia is responsible for reparations within the country. israel's channel 14 says the united states has informed israel. it may open a criminal investigation into the killing of andrew 0 journalist sharing a work li would say the investigation could target is ready. soldiers and civilians
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showing was shot dead by israeli forces on may. the 11th or cover covering an army rage on jeanine in the occupied westbank. government forces and rebels have been exchanging more heavy fire in eastern democratic republic of congo. the fighting is taking place about 25 kilometers from the regional capital. m 23 rebels to want a string of victories against the companies army in north keys in rich woke up green cutter continues. now i'll be back with a news our straight off for that do join me then if you can. thanks very much for watching. bye for now. ah, staging the 2022 fee for world cup has meant a decade of preparations in cattle constructing new stadiums and urban infrastructure. reforming labels and on the pitch, building
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a team capable of competing at the highest international level. some members of the catch our schools come from abroad. pedro miguel was born in portugal and played league football there. he came to do her in 2011 to play for al alley. 5 years later, he moved to al, sad, and made his debut for his adopted country. and i know her a tougher gresham want will invite me to play in. i shall. there was something amazing. i talked with my firm. everybody was happy also because i went to want to present that in africa, and i'm so happy now my work still to say good scrap my my opinion that in
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this moment plasm isn't right to the oh, it's one of those. meet them. it's different from that all boundaries or i had that very, very 1st. and when he came here i did speak english and now i speak english at least better than a can i make like friends, my friends opened. hello dear. dual glenda called church and everything was like, for me i was very, very easy. when i was like $56.00 is i start to pay for the will be my big brothers. and when the atheist, i start to play one clubbing my street was my motivation, my 1st rubbery, my career, and that then when i start to play that, then i start to like more football. then i put in my mind, i want to be a football player. mm mm. when i lost my mom and i was sweet 16 years, hold on to stop football. that will work well for my family. like my brothers
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always support me. and they say no, no, focusing her football, focusing on studying when you come from the 4 street is difficult to find one affordability, her life and opportunity come to to be for both play and they touch it too. and so when i, you start to be russian of football player, i realize my didn't come through because i have a lot of defaults in my past life. and now thanks god, i smile every day because i'm proud of me. you know, he does love hear what brooklyn as starting a lovely before i come, tulsa del as they're 5 years. then i come to our site. i get docile and 4th, and his coach when i come here to help me a lot me pause or speak the front, the football, the play at that them these with little bit bigger and my man more professional
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players and hook up those with more while it did my teammates me a lot also every training, every game to improve myself with
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even i on i can to have that out of my voice. honestly away 90 cannady worker can oh not but up. oh oh, on a contract, how much did dental was donna's namath? san jetted spectrum and and now we go leash my subjects and i did what caught up by them demand dakota? i don't see a doctor in 11 am. we'll level up. well, we'll level it's helen muscular miss down some also about oh the before the la la la, just the fact that i can and then i'm about out my non did what clock or con, with well off. all be always a good only money by the what i have been like me to have don't mind me shorter
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off me to spoil shake annoyed, if i knew you were filling and we've got to miss even been to spend and i was in the midst of a like a lot, i'm been it's been bad . mommy, let me test my model number that have been a woman with your foot on it off in the, in the last minute or couple of couple shovel and found a lot about him in model. and i look it up
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on my on bad luck on a log in because it on the shuttle bus will leave. no one can vanilla she to be a white happened. she hadn't done that when one of the bottom in the next month when she be of believe she is most of them. and they did not bad at all because it was not bad enough to shake on a stiffened value with tag. been this been going off, but on a lot might be in the middle of the class shaven is really why you want to
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love some you know, remote art can as me and, and nothing about sort of a behind was she like a nickel next nerves because a lot of sob actually cost a lot of money that can be that i didn't understand without him, but the funds to teen that like and how the lay on it. and i don't want to go on.
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and i'm the mom of america. my get moved about it and i've been a j. like in love bob. the way i knew cos gone, just been in the bus and ian and, and i can a minute guys have a lot of the 1000000 a little in the middle. she will not, you can the toner in the new new been a lot going to be based on the show me how many, how modular daniel from the this is what we buy in the mail, a ducking super mine. so mine is
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o l l o get rid of the of another one your home i was so the best on my daughter, my life or something. amazing volley for me and all that god, that it for the on to for the football off. good. that was one moment. when you're when, dash and mark through the cochrane. it's like when i'm start. so what i say is what i was in color color. com decided therefore well blamed my it quite classical dishonor. i know that when her lima and her
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father, you fell brothers. i think where do we leave the isaac? i cup ah ah ah ah. taking physical exercise has not always been at the top of the lifestyle a gendering, cattle. and in a hot country where temperatures can be high for half the year, it's not always easy. the annual national sports day is part of moved to encourage everyone to take fitness seriously. that asian cup victory in 2019 was a major step forward for football and cattle and the players still enjoy it's
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reflected glory. one of the keys to that success was the familiarity of the squad. many of whom had been playing together in the age groups and senior team since they started at the aspire academy. as junior. some pundits said that they played such good football in that tournament because they had an instinctive understanding with one another. progression in football for a country like tar and working with the spies really important because the elements of a place like us for academy is to give them all the resources to compete at the highest level. so if we can continuously have the makeup of progression and a foundation that kids can look forward to having the chance to be a professional. this i think is really special. the national team,
11:46 pm
you see how they're done in the gold. can you say other dominance in their friendly games and competitions is really positive, but now the elements have to be the 12th, the 13th, the fourteen's, all the way up to 20 threes. in my opinion, without as far academy, there is no national to catch as capital. doha has been a giant construction site for many years with roads and accommodation, plus an entire metro network and 7 new stadiums being built. the 2026 world cup will be staged across 3 countries in the americas. but all the matches this year will be played within 55 kilometers of doha. the a was mother studies when i moved to cooper booster cut laugh, fema can. what the hell will mother daddy, elijah,
11:47 pm
he is up like one was about the mac and why the a will mother tardy. the gym wouldn't stop and shop mobil. feel why had nobody on what i've done with it? nothing but he ought to be enough in what i did when the data. yeah. where the miller had the a when model the quote my dad, it's a few as you are in canada to cover the moments that i would look for as a kid. sorry, or someone of bid singatarigus. who's going to be the 1st over katara gall score and woke up this time will never be forgotten. when are they going to get the 1st of a point in their 1st ever woke up, which could be a drug? and one of their going to get their 1st 3 points, which could be a, when those are the 3 things i'm looking for because that's where the hopes, the dreams and the memories that we kept forever. so i feel a privilege to work with the future. could tarry athletes to help them follow their
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drinks. ah, a free big world sporting events like the olympics and the world cup talks in advance about the idea of legacy. what lasting impact will the tournament have for the host nation. and elsewhere. cattle has what it calls a sustainability strategy, which it says is aligned with the country's national vision. 2030 as well as 11 of the un sustainable development goals. with stadium 974 has been built largely out of shipping containers. and the plan is to dismantle it after the tournament and ship it to a developing country for its future use
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without any diet. and in short, no, much in the cut over the brother of paula nathan and gentlemen, he bought on the march with the legina does found the broadness issue due to ensure and pick up check it on the list of offices before the village of if it is for someone about 30 minutes of congress or killing money. managua hedges for benefit. fema showed messages and i had just saw people on the on the is listed on my thinking. and then i need the governor and the deductible schwab model. him to have mom, mom and heis called us, but his simulation of the
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live out of them was how to see about how sentence shelby's mom, michelle johnson. how mr. manish about mr. hodges, about the, even if he doesn't like i thought of the 2nd and then the 2nd quarter let the 10 me, you probably middle of the communication skills or metallica, a docile along with the litany of your messages. a fan by the 100 feet of sidewalk than the stuff, the monthly other, the agile in the nash. how the hidden there. and you ha, up on a diamond and holland and then him chavez. i'm but it and, and shop a hobby. and then and a general general, but i have an engine recollection and heart or do an alignment giblin the door hot for love a bullet to cause a lot of them not alarm sharla, hollis and a fearful, accosted alo, latrina and fickle alessio. he inactive and shot
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a canyon shabbat for poland, the son and body of coral as attend mia. the tournament organizers know that legacy must be local and international. they need to ensure that their own football playing structure is strong enough to enable cattle to qualify for the next world cup in the us, canada and mexico. ah, and that it extends beyond the gulf region to reach less wealthy countries around the world. and that the tournament inspires the next generation of footballers on dusty streets and waste ground and not just on purpose built astroturf. yes. okay. we house to walk up. 20. 20 to advance is that number but what about 2026. we have to qualify for walker. we also
11:52 pm
need to think about the competitions that we can hold to or so the plan is had to utilize the stadium. so this is something that's already thought about by the latest on the higher management. and we're all small conduit towards helping to deliver that vision. but the time is now come for the talking to stop and the action to begin for cattle to walk the world cup walk. and the pressure to deliver is probably greatest on the players themselves. assuming, of course, that they get selected, kill monkey man, dick. so for the corn, jeremiah hon if it was if a condo lump conflict or could sub for you on bottleneck in the collab, allowing
11:53 pm
a corn logic walk on any but to be mighty lim, padgett meta, the catalog usage or so for he said, gillis, my been that he had a silent clean anthem anthem below the co luck. i blank, luckily out of luck, a fee of college in my lab water. and i did a study who will determine what will offer but it will help you with good my lady. ah.
11:54 pm
neither senior guy because mr. jane who what, but on the lovely cost a little let tom she he has says will we for her to live in? i have the will alive, been dorothy while i was figuring out or pin on was reading aloud lee, bloody t customers, tennis interstate. can you go with an analysis? so was clear on, on oil, somehow the hub and we'll count while just have how to look in her nelson till the arguments are, we know we got stuck with global dot, but we shall learn a little island. how will none and corn jordan, i'm showing that or not is because of anime. i've gotten a submarine and mikayla's mom. okay. she talked to kimmy lam, dickerson entered, going minerva dash, i'm logged in to the bar him to on bar. gotta finish. some
11:55 pm
problem. present is phone 3 numbers, the competition, the world. i also feel a lot of responsibility on our door would drop to make their country put out there for us. will be amazing moment. ford of all low friend for the future of the fountain home, close at hand. faculty up and yes and, and he is a lab number. sure. believe center. believe that the men that could not not see their counselor, lynn. how could they send out the wheeler ela matheson well, i can and hadn't better. montoya. he couldn't with him and that not that welcoming hadn't at her as yet called fit. papa had him
11:56 pm
a spy. how could he up and head nicole in an hour, and hence it couldn't elana the old wood shop, but also until open of castilla ah, when the 26 man catch our world cup squad was announced. the 4 players in this film said al she, abdul karim had some, hydro miguel and tonic cell man were all selected. so they will all get the chance to take part in cat world cup dream.
11:57 pm
a new series follows players from 6 countries hoping to make it to catch our 2022 people love football guy. not so much. are playing football industries. tar passion episode 2 features 3 hopefully from governor is so glad can explain to the award. i'm very excited about it. i hope i will be part of it. the world cup, dream john on al jazeera when the news breaks, it's not just personal property, but also infrastructure that now needs fixing from power lines to water. me when
11:58 pm
people need to be heard and the story told they would get punished. they spoke cranium. i'm afraid i won't be able to return home with exclusive interviews. an in depth report south african penguins. one is in heavy al jazeera has teens on the ground to when you award winning documentary and live ah with hello, welcome to look at the international forecasting place to say we have got some slot each roy weather now across eastern part of australia. the main rain bad has pulled out of the way this area of low pressure now easing into the tasman still some
11:59 pm
showers in force and we do still have severe flood risk across parts of new south wales, northern areas of victoria and down into tasmania. quite keen, suddenly wind coming behind as going to be a cold one that is pushing up from antarctica, blustery showers long spells of french than in, placed there in 3 parts of tasmania. victoria c. raw, the wet weather sandy. some cool weather could be a little bit of snow over the high ground 14 celsius, the top temperature in melbourne as we go on into wednesday that we're just not a little further east was less where shall we say, but the shower is still not too far away so the flooding concerns do remain. i noticed quite a rush showers up towards the top and northern parts of the northern territory sinks mother lavish as even alice cassie, a shower or 2. i will the next. i also wanted to shout gathering and making the way into louisiana, but a lot of dry weather in between. it's a bit of a sherry pitcher to into japan over the next day or so, but again, some dry weather coming through. certainly as we make
12:00 am
a way into the middle part of the week, where to where the to coming in to southern pass of china ah ah, revealing eco friendly solutions to come back. threats to our planning on al jazeera, britton's beloved curry houses are in crisis to indian don is shut down every week, due to bricks it financial thrive, and the pad in $1.00 0, any investigate on out you 0. ah, oh, wow. government oh al jazeera where ever you with no ah.


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